Case Study – Harley Davidson

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110 Anniversary of Harley Davidson .I §  In 2013 Harley Davidson will celebrate “110 Years of Harley Davidson” §  Therefore Harley Davidson is planning to do big Road Shows in their main markets – also in Germany §  With this anniversary Road Show Harley Davidson wants to celebrate the Harley Brand §  The Spirit and the Lifetstyle of Harley come to relive on Germany’s roads §  With this fantastic events Harley wants to say thank you to their awesome clients and to impress new customers §  5 Big cities or city areas © Dieter Jäger EM III – Road Show 17 .

10.000) at the Open Harley days n  Participants n  n  n  Driving experiences for the VIP’s during the road show days n  Harley Village for the Harley Road Show Event n  Invitations. Event Marketing. inkl. Event Concept. PR. Entertaining for the VIP evening and the official road show days. Road Show logistics and timing © Dieter Jäger EM III – Road Show .110 Anniversary of Harley Davidson .II n  Target group: n  n  n  18 Regional Retailers in Germany HOG’s Chapters (Harley Owner Groups) New potential customers VIP Evening (200 pax) on the first evening in each destination Expected participants per Destination (5.000 . Catering Concept.

19 Overview n  Location: n  n  n  n  n  1.2013 29.2013 08. entertaining etc. Event: 2. incl. Event: 4.05. stuff. – 11.05.05. – 18. – 25.06.2013 22. hotel.05. Road Show costs. – 04. Event: 3. Event: 01.2013 Event: 5. please develop budget plan.05. – 01. – full service © Dieter Jäger EM III – Road Show .2013 n  Other: n  n  Tour group of 20 pax will be located in 3* or 4* hotel 5 Mega-Trucks (for equipment and 60 Harley Bikes) n  Budget: open.

25% Presentation © Dieter Jäger EM III – Road Show . n  Supporting & entertaining programme for VIP & Open Harley days. n  Road Show Map incl.20 Now – it´s your turn n  Please set up groups of max.06. 3 group members n  Read the given text and questions carefully n  Your group represents an Event Agency n  Your overall mission is to develop good ideas in an overall story for Harley: n  Claim of the event. n  Draft budget planning and n  Present your ideas and story in PPT presentation at the Harley Management (plenum) n  Hand in your concept: 22. 30% Concept & Concept stringency.2012. 25% Feasibility.06. n  General concept of the event. presentation to plenum 25.2012 n  Evaluation criteria: n  n  n  n  20% Idea. destinations and locations at the different destinations.

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