To register, please mail this form along with your $50 check or money order to: TEC-LAB c/o Nafeesha

Mays The Enterprise Center 4548 Market St. Philadelphia, Pa 19139 or Register online at:
(Please print all information)

The Enterprise Center 4548 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19139 (215) 895-4051 Fax: (215) 895-4001

Name: ________________________________ School: ________________________________ Date of Birth: ___/___/______ Age____ Grade: _____ Gender (Circle one): M F T-Shirt size: S M L XL Address__________________________ Apt.____________ City____________________________ State_________________ Zip________ Phone (______)________-__________ Email__________________________ Medical Issues____________________ Emergency Contact_________________ Relation to Youth__________________ Phone (______)________-___________ Email____________________________

June 25th - 29th 9am-3pm

A 5-day business & leadership camp that hosts up to 100 students ages 1318 interested in maximizing their earning potential. Summer TEC-LAB exposes students to informative speakers, case studies, group presentations, and fun interactive activities.

Meet Business Leaders in Various Lucrative Industries Learn the Benefits of Understanding the World of Finance and Business. Gain Leadership and Business Skills thru Workshops & Fun Interactive Games Experience the Value of Community Service on Walnut Hill’s Community Farm

Waiver of Liability & Release
Your child is applying to participate in the Summer TEC-LAB at The Enterprise Center, 4548 Market Street in West Philadelphia. In signing up for this event, your child is acting according to their free will and will act under their own free will during the event. We agree to abide by The Enterprise Center’s Code of Conduct and further understand that if your child violates any of its provisions they can be immediately dismissed from the facility, after which The Enterprise Center will not have any responsibility for their care or conduct. I hereby release The Enterprise Center and its partners from all liability for any injuries incurred while my child is engaged in activities associated with this event. To promote, evaluate, or otherwise describe the above mentioned parties educational programs and activities, I give permission to The Enterprise Center and its agents, to use in connection with any publication (including but not limited to brochures, booklets, videotapes, reports, press releases, websites, and exhibits) any image or recording in which my child, a minor, appears, to use and cite any comments, verbal or written, made by said minor about the program, and to use said minor’s name in connection with any publication and in such manner as determined by the above mentioned parties.
Parent/Guardian Name:__________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature:_________________________ Participant’s Signature (if 18):_______________________

Start Leading Now!!
Are you a middle school or high school student? Would you like to explore careers in business & leadership? Do you have a strong interest in community involvement? Are you ready to network with business leaders?

$50 fee includes lunch, t-shirt & prizes

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