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To Whom It May Concern: The Enterprise Centers Leaders About Business youth program is in gear, and we are announcing

the kickoff of our annual Summer TEC-LAB Camp! Its the top youth entrepreneurship camp in Philadelphia each and every summer! The Enterprise Center (TEC) has served more than 6,000 youth since the inception of its youth program in 1997 and continues its leadership in providing a safety net for the at-risk youth populations of Philadelphia! This years camp, Recipe for Success, will also encourage youth to focus on a healthy lifestyle through exposure to two of our affiliate initiatives; Philadelphia Urban Food and Fitness Alliance(PUFFA), a youth driven advocacy group, which addresses community food access and the quality of meals in local public schools, and our Walnut Hill Community Farm, a community-based urban agriculture initiative in which disadvantaged youth who are currently under-served by fresh produce access, collectively farm and sell affordable produce to the community. Each Summer TEC-LAB Camp challenges youth to explore the world outside of their familiar culture by guiding them as they navigate and learn about other business cultures. We provide youth with relevant skills in networking, sales and marketing and work to improve the outcomes of youth by encouraging leadership and business achievement. By offering youth a safe haven during the summer, our camp provides the city of Philadelphia with a community where children are nurtured and taught to become productive members of the society at large. Our youth are at an age when idleness could become a formula for trouble. Instead, Summer TEC-LAB Camp offers a Recipe for Success. As a sponsor, your organization is sure to receive exposure from all media campaigns and event promotions, as well as from the youth and volunteers participating in the camp. We have several packages for sponsorship and these are detailed in the sponsorship commitment form enclosed with this letter. You can choose how you would want to participate in the event. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about our 2012 Summer TEC-LAB Camp and other partnership opportunities. This years camp takes place Monday, June 25th to Friday, June 29th, 2012. We hope you will join our efforts to fulfill the dreams of young entrepreneurial leaders and promote community-wide education. This year we will host 300 students during our five-day summer encampments, which include meals and snacks. Summer TEC-LAB Camp is not complete without special prizes provided by our gracious sponsors which are used to reward students for their hard work. We invite you to collaborate with The Enterprise Center in sustaining this invaluable experience for our youth. We know that your business is passionate about serving the Philadelphia community through charitable works. We hope that you will support our camp and allow us to equip and inspire youth to pursue entrepreneurial success and develop corporate and individual responsibility. As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, your donation to The Enterprise Center is tax deductible. Our taxpayer identification number is 23-2575-901. We hope that you will make an investment in the next generation of business and community leaders. For more information regarding the 2012 Summer TEC-LAB Camp or The Enterprise Center please feel free to contact Business Education Coordinator Nafeesha Mays, at (215) 895-4051 or or call me directly at 215-895-4071. Thank you for your consideration! Regards,

Malyka Sankofa Youth Entrepreneurship Director

Summer TEC-LAB Camp Summer TEC-LAB Camp engages 100 youth in five days of rigorous training in business, leadership and financial literacy. TEC-LAB also exposes youth to social entrepreneurship through our farming initiatives. Activities include motivational speakers, workshops, and group simulations. Attendees will leave with a wealth of contacts, new friendships, and inspiration to achieve great things in their schools and communities. Summer TEC-LAB Camp takes place annually during the summer at The Enterprise Center located at 4548 Market Street, in our Business Event Center, the original American Bandstand Studio. Each day's speakers and activities will be provided by local and national businesses of interest to youth, and will focus on topics that develop successful entrepreneurship & leadership skills: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Vision Seeing opportunities where others don't, and capitalizing on them. Networking Building strategic partnerships to ensure greater success. Sales and marketing Effectively selling yourself, your product, and your ideas. Technology Being technologically equipped to do business in the next millennium. Give-back Investing in the personal and commercial well-being of your community.

To tie these topics together, youth teams will be assigned to research 3 businesses during the week, to learn about its operations and its industry, and to offer suggestions for the company's future plans. These findings and recommendations will be distributed to each of the businesses.

Summer TEC-LAB Camp is open to all interested rising 7th to 12th grade youth. For more information, call Nafeesha Mays at (215) 895-4051 or email at

Sponsorship Opportunities
Expose your business to the communities and students of Philadelphia
Your sponsorship of youth programming at The Enterprise Center helps in so many ways. With your donation, we are able to provide:
Student Scholarships Trips Student participation in partnership programs Transportation Incentive gifts Business books and software Dress for Success Clothing

Help us make a difference in the lives of our youth. View our sponsorship opportunities. ENTERPRISE COLLABORATOR : $1,000
Company logo on all print media Contributor on marketing materials and website Full page recognition in student and volunteer materials Invitations to events Guest speaker opportunities at events Mentorship opportunities Newsletter subscription


Company logo on all print media Full page recognition in student and volunteer materials Welcoming remarks at events Newsletter subscription


Half page recognition in student and staff materials Newsletter subscription


IN-KIND DONATIONS You may also wish to support us with in-kind donations. Our wish list includes items such as:
Food & Beverage Gift Cards Bag Stuffers Backpacks/Bags Motivational Materials Flash Drives Movie/Theater/Event Tickets Gift Baskets Advertisements Expert Workshops Transportation to Events Laminating Service Zip-Car Membership


(2012 Summer TEC-LAB will be held June 25-June 29)

The Curriculum Book is a color 8 x 11 booklets and will be distributed to all attendees of our summer program. Ads must be submitted in pdf format. Please submit ads by June 1, 2012 to Full Page Ad - $300 Half Page Ad - $150 Quarter Page Ad - $75 Business Card - $60

Ad Size: 8 x 10.5

Ad Size: 8 x 5

Ad Size: 4 x 2.5

Ad Size: 2 x 1.25

Payment Options $_________________ Enclosed Please invoice Pay online by credit card at by clicking on Donate. Name: _________________________ Title: _________________________ Organization: _________________________________________________ Phone: ____________FAX: __________Email:_______________________ Address: _____________________________________________________ City: ________________________________Zip: _____________________ Signature: ____________________________Date: ___________________ Make Checks payable to: The Enterprise Center4548 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19139 * Please note on your check: Education Program

Thank you for your Sponsorship and Support! For More Sponsorship Information, Contact Nafeesha Mays at (215) 895-4051 or via email at

4548 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19139 Tel: 215.895.4000 Fax: 215.895.4001