Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Summer TEC-LAB 2012! Please review the information below, and let us know if and when you can help out. OVERVIEW Summer TEC-LAB 2012 will consist of four days of intensive training in business and social entrepreneurship for middle and high school students. We expect 100 attendees at this year’s Summer TEC-LAB, to be held from June 25th to 29th, 2012.

Position Team advisor Description Students will work in teams of 8-10, and you will sit with them. Your job is to manage the group during speakers, guide them through activities, and advise them during work time. Each day, they will be working on at least one portion of their business presentation; we need you to facilitate discussions and focus their attention on the task at hand. All 100 attendees need to check in every morning between 9am and 10 am, to pick up their binders, nametags, and other materials. We need you to help distribute resources and record their attendance. Running a camp for 100 people, we’ll need lots of help distributing resources for activities, preparing and serving food, and setting up and cleaning up the event hall. Time(s) needed M-F 10:00am3:00pm M-F 9:00am10:00am (as needed)

Registration Miscellaneous logistics

MISCELLANEOUS INSTRUCTIONS  Adults who work with students need to make a nominal $20 donation to go toward clearances. All adults working with students are required to have PA child abuse (CY-113) and PA state police (SPF-164) clearances. You may apply for those clearances for a nominal fee of $10 each. Clearances take 2-3 weeks to be received. Forms may be obtained on line or by calling our office.  Please volunteer for as much or as little as you are available. If you can only give a half-day, we’ll take it. Obviously, the longer you stay, the better it is, especially for team advisors; those who have stayed the whole week in the past have developed great relationships with their teams. We will be conducting an orientation before the event, but if you are unable to attend, we will be orienting you on the day(s) of your time with us, therefore we ask that you please be prompt. The dress code is business casual, however, we will be providing you with a T-shirt that we ask that you wear during the event, to identify yourself as a volunteer.

SUMMER TEC-LAB 2012 VOLUNTEER INFORMATION  Let us know if you require directions to our facility, or if you have any special needs. We will be serving lunch and snacks, and will try our best to accommodate your dietary needs. We would appreciate your help in recruiting other volunteers, as well as interested high-school students, who would like to be a part of Summer TEC-LAB 2012. Contact us or have them contact us for more information. We welcome any financial or in-kind (pens, T-shirts, et al) contributions in support of Summer TEC-LAB 2012. This camp costs us $200+per youth to run, and we only charge youth $50. Any financial or in-kind donation you make is tax-deductible and will be recognized with a donor confirmation letter, which you will receive shortly after the event.

Thank you for volunteering and we’re excited to be working with you!

Malyka Sankofa YES Program Director (t) 215.895.4071 (f) 215.895.4001 (front desk) 215.895.4000


Contact: Nafeesha Mays 4548 Market St. Philadelphia, PA 19139 Phone: (215) 895-4051 E-mail:
Name: _______________________________________ D.O.B. __/__/____

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________ City: _______________________________ State: ____________________ Zip: _______________ E-Mail: ____________________________________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________ Do you have Active Child Abuse and Police Clearance that is valid thru July 1, 2012 (YES/NO) Have you applied for Child abuse and Police Clearance Forms? (YES/NO)

Circle Areas of Interest: Team Advisor (Business or Youth Experience Preferred) Registration Miscellaneous Logistics

Prior Related Experiences/Skills: ________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Why are you interested in volunteering for Summer TEC-LAB 2012? ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

List Available Days and Times: June 25th to 29th Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: ____ to ____ ____ to ____ ____ to ____ ____ to ____ ____ to ____

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