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Bank of Baroda


Bank of Baroda
Bank of Baroda
Type Traded as Industry Founded Public BSE: 532134 [1]

Banking, Financial services 1908

Headquarters Vadodara, India Mumbai, india Area served Key people Worldwide M. D. Mallya (Chairman & MD) Credit cards, consumer banking, corporate banking, finance and insurance, investment banking, mortgage loans, private banking, private equity, wealth management 25800 crore (US$5.68 billion) (2011) [2] [3] [4]


Revenue Net income Total assets Website

4433 crore (US$975.26 million) (2011)

355826 crore (US$78.28 billion) (2011) [5]

Bank of Baroda (BoB) (BSE: 532134 [1]) (Hindi: बैंक ऑफ़ बड़ौदा) is the third largest bank in India, after the State Bank of India and the Punjab National Bank and ahead of ICICI Bank.[6] BoB is ranked 763 in Forbes Global 2000 list. BoB has total assets in excess of Rs. 3.58 lakh crores, or Rs. 3,583 billion, a network of over 3,409 branches and offices, and about 1,657 ATMs. It plans to open 400 new branches in the coming year. It offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and through its specialized subsidiaries and affiliates in the areas of investment banking, credit cards and asset management. Its total business was Rs. 5,452 billion as of June 30.[7] As of August 2010, the bank has 78 branches abroad and by the end of FY11 this number should climb to 90. In 2010, BOB opened a branch in Auckland, New Zealand, and its tenth branch in the United Kingdom. The bank also plans to open five branches in Africa. Besides branches, BoB plans to open three outlets in the Persian Gulf region that will consist of ATMs with a couple of people. The Maharajah of Baroda, Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad III, founded the bank on 20 July 1908 in the princely state of Baroda, in Gujarat. The bank, along with 13 other major commercial banks of India, was nationalised on 19 July 1969, by the government of India.

The bank has received Reserve Bank of India approval to open offices in The Maldives. It has significant international presence with a network of 72 offices in 25 countries. South Africa. • 1969: The Government of India nationalized 14 top banks. the United Arab Emirates. It also has plans to extend its existing operations in the United Kingdom. Sri Lanka. and Australia. where it seeks to establish joint ventures or subsidiaries. [8] Among the Bank of Baroda’s 85 overseas branches are ones in the world’s major financial centers (e. as well as a number in other countries. 1957: BoB established a branch in London. with the government owning the rest. and Qatar.g. and is establishing offices in Canada. respectively. and Botswana. Dubai. Mozambique. Guyana. • 1967: The Tanzanian government nationalized BoB’s three branches there and transferred their operations to the Tanzanian government-owned National Banking Corporation. BOB also opened a branch in Fiji. New York. 1953: BoB established a branch in Mombasa and another in Kampala. and four representative offices. and Russia. six subsidiaries. and New Zealand. The slogan of Bank of Baroda is "India's International Bank". Kenya. 1959: BoB acquired Hind Bank. 1910: BoB established its first branch in Ahmedabad. Tanzania. especially that of the Gujaratis. This merger helped it increase its branch network in Maharashtra. Hong Kong (which it has upgraded recently). • 1962: BoB opened a branch in Mauritius. The bank is engaged in retail banking via 17 branches of subsidiaries in Botswana. Gujarat. It plans to upgrade its offices in China and Malaysia shortly to a branch and joint-venture. • 1965: BoB opened a branch in Guyana. London.. 1956: BoB opened a branch in Dar-es-Salaam. History 1908-1959 • • • • • • • 1908: Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III set up Bank of Baroda (BOB). . Brussels and Singapore). 1954: BoB opened a branch in Nairobi. • 1964: BoB acquired two banks. • 1963: BoB acquired Surat Banking Corporation in Surat. and Uganda. BoB incorporated its operations in Uganda as a 51% subsidiary. Thailand. • 1964: BoB lost its branch in Narayanjanj (East Pakistan) due to the Indo-Pakistan war. Umbergaon People’s Bank in southern Gujarat and Tamil Nadu Central Bank in Tamil Nadu state. It is unclear when BOB had opened the branch. New Zealand. It is seeking approval for operations in Bahrain.Bank of Baroda 2 International presence In its international expansion. including BoB. 1960s • 1961: BoB merged in New Citizen Bank of India. The Bank of Baroda has received permission or in-principle approval from host country regulators to open new offices in Trinidad and Tobago and Ghana. the Bank of Baroda followed the Indian diaspora. The Bank of Baroda also has a joint-venture bank in Zambia with nine branches. Bahrain. China. Saudi Arabia. The Bank of Baroda maintains representative offices in Malaysia. Kuwait.

• 1975: BoB acquired the majority shareholding and management control of Bareilly Corporation Bank (est.for Broking Business. a major center for diamond cutting. but closed its representative office in Sydney. Apparently this was a response to regulatory changes following Hong Kong’s reversion to the People’s Republic of China. Australia. BoB added a branch in Mauritius. Since then. BoB. The now wholly owned subsidiary became Bank of Baroda (Hong Kong). Nainital Bank has expanded to Uttarakhand State. • 1988: BoB acquired Traders Bank. • 1974: BoB opened a branch each in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Bank of India (20%). • 1979: BoB opened a branch in Nassau. • 1985: BoB (20%). . • 1998: BoB bought out its partners in IUB International Finance in Hong Kong.Bank of Baroda 3 1970s • 1972: BoB acquired The Bank of India’s operations in Uganda. The Brussels branch was aimed at Indian firms from Mumbai (Bombay) engaged in diamond cutting and jewellery having business in Antwerp. • 1993: BoB closed its OBU in Bahrain. • 1991: BoB took over the London branches of Union Bank of India and Punjab & Sind Bank (P&S). owning 66% of the bank's equity. Central Bank of India (20%) and ZIMCO (Zambian government. a restricted license bank. Bareilly had 64 branches. in Hong Kong. 1990s • 1990: BoB opened an OBU in Mauritius. 1928) and Nainital Bank (est. Union Bank of India and Indian Bank established IUB International Finance. 1980s BoB opened a branch in Bahrain and a representative office in Sydney. • 1992 BoB incorporated its operations in Kenya into a local subsidiary with a small tranche of shares quoted on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. which had a branch network in Delhi. • 1999: BoB merged in Bareilly Corporation Bank in another rescue. • 1978: BoB opened a branch in New York and another in the Seychelles. • 1976: BoB opened a branch in Oman and another in Brussels. 40%) established Indo-Zambia Bank (Lusaka). • 1996: BoB Bank entered the capital market in December with an Initial Public Offering (IPO). • 1997: BoB opened a branch in Durban. the Bahamas. but closed its Harrow Branch in London. The Reserve Bank of India ordered the takeover of the two following the banks' involvement in the Sethia fraud in 1987 and subsequent losses. a licensed deposit taker. both in Uttar Pradesh. BoB also acquired Punjab Cooperative Bank in a rescue. BoB incorporated its branch as a subsidiary. including four in Delhi. in 1954). Each of the three banks took an equal share. BoB also opened an Offshore Banking Unit (OBU) in Bahrain. • BoB also incorporate wholly owned subsidiary BOB Capital Markets Ltd. P&S’s branch had been established before 1970 and Union Bank’s after 1980. In Guyana. At the time. The Government of India is still the largest shareholder. Bank of Baroda Guyana.

1934). • 2002: Bank of Baroda (Uganda) was listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange (USE). Business valuation. Indian Overseas Bank and Andhra Bank. private placement of debts. The new bank. BSB was established in 1946 but traced its origins back to 1871 and its function as the treasury office of the Benares state. • 2003: BoB opened an OBU in Mumbai.[9] It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of Baroda. BoB opened a branch in New Zealand Subsidiaries BOB Capital Markets Ltd.397 crores . project appraisal and loan syndication. and its global customer base 29 million people. • 2005: BoB built a Global Data Centre (DC) in Mumbai for running its centralized banking solution (CBS) and other applications in more than 1. India BIA Bank (Malaysia).09 lakh crores. will reside in Kuala Lumpur. and returned to Tanzania by establishing a subsidiary in Dar-es-Salaam.[10] Its financial services portfolio includes Initial Public Offerings. Bank of Baroda financials 2012 • Sales Rs. China. BoB opened a joint venture life insurance company with Andhra Bank and Legal and General (UK) called IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company 2010s • 2010: Malaysia awarded a commercial banking license to a locally incorporated bank to be jointly owned by Bank of Baroda. Maharashtra. Malaysia. with seven branches.900 branches across India and 20 other counties where the bank operates. The acquisition of BSB brought BOB 105 new branches. 24. • 2007: In its centenary year. BSB had acquired Bareilly Bank (est. • 2002: BoB acquired Benares State Bank (BSB) at the Reserve Bank of India’s request. • 2008: BoB opened a branch in Guangzhou. BoB’s total business crossed 2. China (02/08/2008) and in Kenton. corporate restructuring. 3. BoB also opened a representative office each in Kuala Lumpur. • 2006: BoB established an Offshrore Banking Unit (OBU) in Singapore.58.695 crores • Profits Rs. its branches crossed 1000. Andhra Bank will hold a 25% stake in the joint-venture. and Guangdong.Bank of Baroda 4 2000s • 2000: BoB established Bank of Baroda (Botswana). BoB also opened a representative office in Thailand. (BOBCAPS) is a SEBI-registered investment banking company based in Mumbai. Harrow United Kingdom. In 1964. which has a large population of Indians. mergers & acquisition. BoB will own 40% and IOB the remaining 35%. 4. it also had taken over Lucknow Bank in 1968.241 crores • Assets Rs. • 2004: BoB acquired the failed Gujarat Local Area Bank.

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