Spencer’s retail is one of India’s largest and fastest growing multi – format retailer with over 200 stores

, including 30 large format stores across 35 cities in India.

Spencer's focuses on verticals like fresh fruit and vegetables, food and grocery, personal care, garments and fashion accessories, home and office essentials, electrical and electronics. Established in 1996, Spencer's has become a popular destination for shoppers in India with hypermarkets and convenient stores catering to various shopping needs of its large consumer base.

Spencer's has retail footage of approximately 1 million square feet and over 220 Spencer's stores in 35 cities. The company operates through the following formats:

The Spencer's Hyper stores are destination stores, of more than 15,000 sq. ft in size. They offer everything under one roof. The merchandise ranges from fruits & vegetables, processed foods, groceries, meat, chicken, fish, bakery, chilled and frozen foods, garments and fashion accessories, consumer electronics & electrical products, home decor and needs, office stationeries, soft toys. On an average, a Spencer's hyper stocks 70,000 SKUs across 35,000 items.

The Spencer's stores are neighborhood stores ranging from 1500 less than 15000 sq. ft. These stores stock the necessary range and assortment in fruit and vegetables, FMCG food and nonfood, staples and frozen foods and cater to the daily and weekly top-up shopping needs of the consumer.

Au Bon Pain

Spencer’s Retail, has tied up with Au Bon Pain, the Boston-based fast casual dining and bakery café chain with more than 200 outlets in the USA, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. A joint venture has been formed between Spencer’s Retail and Varin Narula which would be the Master Franchisee of Au Bon Pain in India. Varin is the Director & Promoter of Au Bon Pain, Thailand. The outlets will offer the choicest of healthy and nutritious food, bakery products and beverages in a relaxed and casual environment.

The following milestones speak of his enterprising efforts, and the subsequent growth of the RPG group.

Beverly Hills Polo Club
Spencer’s Retail, has signed an exclusive tie-up with the renowned apparel brand Beverly Hills Polo Club. Beverly Hills Polo Club® evokes casual, relaxed yet affluent and elegant Southern Californian lifestyle. It presents product categories in-tune with its image viz, T-Shirts, polo’s, sweat shirt & sweat pants, casual shirt & trousers, denims, winterwear, eyewear and watches for men and women. Formal shirts & trousers are an added category in the menswear segment. It is strategically developed by The following milestones speak of his enterprising efforts, and the subsequent growth of the RPG group.

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By the 1900s the Goenkas establish themselves in diverse business sectors like banking, textiles, jute and tea Sir Hariram Goenka and Sir Badridas Goenka are conferred knighthood by the Queen of England for outstanding contribution to business and the community

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In 1933, Sir Badridas Goenka becomes the first Indian to be appointed Chairman of the Imperial Bank of India (now the State Bank of India) He is elected President of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in 1945 Keshav Prasad Goenka (son of Sir Badridas Goenka) carried the spirit of entrepreneurship forward In 1950 Goenkas acquire two British trading houses - Duncan Brothers and Octavius Steel After successful acquisitions in the areas of tea, automobile, tyre, jute, cotton textile and electric cables, Keshav Prasad Goenka passes on his business empire to his three sons One of the sons, Rama Prasad Goenka (better known as RP Goenka), establishes RPG Enterprises in 1979 with Phillips Carbon Black, Asian Cables, Agarpara Jute and Murphy India as constituents The 80s see further acquisitions by the RPG group, the first being CEAT Tyres of India in 1981. The group then goes on to acquire KEC (1982); Searle India, now RPG Life Sciences (1983); Dunlop (1984); Gramophone Company of India Ltd, now Saregama India (1986); and finally CESC, Harrisons

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Malayalam, Spencer & Co. and ICIM, all in 1989 RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group formed in 2010 RP Goenka currently oversees the group’s affairs as “Chairman Emeritus” with Harsh Goenka as the Chairman. Today, RPG Enterprises consists of over fifteen companies across key business sectors, with a turnover touching Rs.15,000 cr. Spencer’s for the Indian market with fine product attributes that makes fashion, affordable.


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