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How to Succeed in Social Networking

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Why Do I Need Social Media?

Social media gives you the power to create a connection between your consumer and your company. People use social media to engage. Whether this means engaging with friends, learning more about the personality of a brand, or sharing content, social media offers direct and relatively easy ways to do so. These new technologies are more than a fun way of communicating; they can be powerful inbound marketing tools. Although the rate at which this field is changing can be overwhelming, Wild Frog Studio creates targeted social media

campaigns to channel that interaction into increased business sales for your company.

Key Concepts and Statistics

US Internet users spend 3x more minutes on blogs and social networks than on email.1 93% of US adult Internet users are on Facebook. 2 1 out of every 8 minutes online is spent on Facebook. 3 49% of people use Facebook to share content.4 More than of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks.5 79% of US Twitter users are more likely to recommend brands they follow.5 67% of US Twitter users are more likely to buy brand they follow. 5

Social media amplifies your content, your website and your brand. It allows for you to establish and foster a more personal relationship with your potential customers, and when done correctly, can generate website traffic, inbound links, and leads for you. The field is constantly growing and new ways to interact with consumers are being developed every day. Social media has become a major part of consumer culture, and it is time for you to capitalize on it.

Setting up Your Facebook Page

Facebook has made it easier to create a business page, but with such rapid growth the possibilities for these pages expand daily. With the technology available, Facebook can be more than a social platform and should be viewed as such. When optimized correctly, business pages can be a successful place to generate leads. At Wild Frog Studio we stay up to date on new developments to ensure you get the most out of your Facebook efforts.

Key Concepts and Statistics

People have profiles; brands have pages. Create and treat your welcome page like a landing page. o Push for a like or an email address. Set up Custom Tabs for resources (email newsletters, blogs, etc.) using the FBML application. o Shares company info in a more compelling way. If you are a single location business, set up a places page. o Can use place page deal feature. Add useful applications such as Discussions Boards and YouTube Video Box. o More interactive and engaging.

In order to encourage engagement, Facebook pages must be as inviting as possible. The format of your page should first be focused on creating an engaging environment for your fans, which when executed properly, will result in generating and collecting more information about your leads. Social media still involves a lot of exploration so be as creative as possible. There are countless activities and apps to choose from for your companys brand, and Wild Frog Studio can help make that choice a lot easier.

Gaining Exposure and Awareness for your Facebook Page

Setting up your Facebook page is an important first step, but it will not create results if left unattended. In order to increase awareness of a page and therefore a brand, businesses must distribute interesting content that will encourage fans to share and spread the word.

Key Concepts and Statistics

To increase your Facebook exposure, you need to design offers and content that will motivate people to like or share your page. o 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations.6 Posts with the word video in them are shared 30% more on Facebook than posts that do not.7 Posts that use buzzwords or business jargon like optimize significantly decrease the number of fans for a Facebook page. o These pages have 100 fans, as opposed to the average page with 624 fans.7 Posts with digits in the title tend to be shared more often. Lists using words like top make tremendously successful Facebook posts.

Source: Get Satisfaction, What Makes People Want to follow a Brand, 2011

In order for your customers and prospects to enjoy spending time on your Facebook page and engage with it, they will need interesting material that is shared regularly. Leaving a Facebook page stagnant

discourages fans from coming back and spreading the world throughout their own social networks.

Monitoring your Facebook Page

A Facebook page should encourage the relationships youve already built with consumers as well as create new ones. In order to accomplish this, you need to know what content your fans will respond to, as well as what time your fans are on Facebook. To best understand the behaviors of your Facebook community, you need to closely monitor their actions and react accordingly. Wild Frog Studio knows how important it is to understand what makes Facebook fans tick.

Key Concepts and Statistics

The most frequently used activity for young Facebook users is wall posts.7 o Focus on social aspect (invites, graffiti, etc.) The older Facebook demographic is more interested in using Facebook for themselves. o Most frequent activities: liking pages, using apps, etc.7 Share original content o 60% of links shared on fb are published content. 8 o Additional 36% of shares were embedded content. 8 Put like or recommend buttons at the top of the blog article. o Community will build up a reputation for the article by liking the content. Post articles on the weekend. o 51% of American companies block Facebook at work. 7

Source: HubSpot, The Science of Facebook, 2011

When executed properly, your Facebook page can be the launching point to your home website, blog, and conversion offers. The organic discussions that take place on your Facebook wall will introduce new visitors to your core group of loyal consumers. Through this interaction, your dedicated customers will encourage new visitors to share and interact about a product or brand that they mutually enjoy, and ultimately could impact their purchase.

Setting Up Your Twitter Page

Twitter is much different platform than Facebook and it attracts consumers who want to be the first to know about new products and information. It is important to understand the unique audience available in Twitter, as well as understand what content this diverse audience reacts to in order to maintain an interesting presence.

Key Concepts and Statistics

Use your twitter handle to promote your brand. Twitter users who fill out their bio have over 6x times as many followers than those that do not.9 Use non-diminutive words such as expert or guru that show your authority and expertise for your job description. o People who use these kinds of words for their job description average 100 more followers than those people that use business jargon for job description.9 Set up a page that lists all twitter handles of employees in your company. Those who put links to their blog, company website, and other social networks on their twitter have 6x more followers than those that dont.9

With the direct contact available in twitter, it is important to establish a relatively casual and genuine tone on your account. This will encourage followers to interact with you and feel like level of comfort that will lead them to share your content with others. No two businesses are alike, and similarly Wild Frog Studio knows that each social media presence must be unique.

Gaining Exposure and Awareness for Your Twitter Page

Twitter offers a more direct flow of communication between consumers and thought influencers. That is why it is important to establish relationships with key industry leaders. These individuals will allow your Twitter audience to learn about your brand from a trusted resource and get excited at the chance to share new and trending information.

Key Concepts and Statistics

Connect with journalists and bloggers who cover your industry. o Use

to identify and start following influencers.

Pitch to influencers on Twitter. o Do not pester; be subtle. o Be brief and concise in your personalized pitch. o Leave comments on influencers articles. o Use your original content as an outreach tool. o Help influencers with their research by posting useful content on their twitter page. Do not follow too many people at once. o Your following: follower ratio will look imbalanced. Other useful Tools:
o o o Tweet Grader Muck Rack Journalist Tweets

Twitter has a strong presence of early adopter who tends to be the first to purchase the newest products. They depend on these industry experts to make that purchase

Following and observing thought leaders in your industry will help you understand the type of content that your targeted audience will enjoy. It will also help inspire your own content while also allowing you to connect with active consumers in your field.

Monitoring Your Twitter Page

Twitters direct form of communication allows followers to share any opinion they may have about your business. It is important to monitor all discussion about your business in order to encourage praise and address problems up front while promoting your business.

Key Concepts and Statistics

Star your customers best testimonials and put them on your favorites tab. o Direct people who have questions about your company or product to your favorites page. By answering questions about your industry directly, you increase your credibility. o By answering their questions, they are 59% more likely to follow you.10 Any requests or complaints for support should be responded to promptly and accordingly. You can generate 4x more retweets simply by requesting for them.9 o 50% of retweets contain links.9 Set up a separate event sign-up pages for any events that you want people to tweet-up for. The average twitter user sends out 22 tweets per day. 9 Tweet links to: o Landing pages. o Blog posts. o Promote new tools and apps

Source: InboxQ, Social Medias Loaded Questions, 2010

Your twitter presence should be all about transparency and convenience for your consumers. Your followers should be able to easily share whatever reactions they have about your blog posts, offers, and company news to encourage sharing and buzz around your business. It is important to accentuate this community, while monitoring any complaints to maintain your businesses brand reputation.

Social media marketing should be seen as a new tool in your arsenal. With a combination of honest interaction and interesting content, social media can increase revenue. Wild Frog Studio combines the creativity of traditional marketing campaigns with the new technologies available to create effective social media solutions.

Key Concepts and Statistics

By creating an interactive and entertaining social environment, your social media pages will drive engagement with your current and future customers. Social media amplifies your reach, improving your Internet presence and reputation. When set up properly, your Twitter and Facebook pages can become effective pieces of your lead generation strategy. Social media is one of your most powerful content distribution channels.

Takeaway Social media is a powerful tool, but cannot stand alone as an internet marketing solution. In fact, social media comes last you need to discover your voice through blogging and have a key word strategy first. Once you have established these platforms, social media offers unparalleled ways to spread and hare this information among your loyal core of consumers as well as new potential fans.

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