To be held on 20-3-2012 at 10:00 am. (Tuesday)
Photograph Compulsory Name (in Capital) S/o, D/o (in Capital) Roll No. Contact No. ________________ Program (Please Tick) Program __________________Session ______to_______ Registration#(only BZU)_________________________

MBA(I)/II Finance Marketing H.R.M BBA(Hons) Finance /Marketing/HRM BBA-IT(Hons) MBA(Executive)

Fee of Rs.____________Bank Challan No._________________Date ___/___/2012 Course Requirement completed on _________________ Chance(s) already availed. 1. 2. on _____________ on _____________ C.G.P.A /

I have cleared all the courses requirement of my BBA/BBA-IT,MBA (I), MBA (II) ,MBA(Executive) Program including internship on dated: _____________/ System Project on dated: ________________ I therefore may be registered for the comprehensive examination.

_____________________ Signature of the Candidate Date:_________________


Incharge Examination

200/. MBA(II). Note: . MBA(IT)and MBA(Exe) students is scheduled to be held on 20th of March (Tuesday) 2012 at 10:00 a. (Account No. BZU Branch on or before 16th of March 2012. BBA(IT)Hons MBA(I). Students are required to submit the Registration Form along with the Fee Voucher of Rs.m.paid in HBL. for morning students is 001 and for rest of the students it is 4266-7). in the Examination Hall. to the Examination Cell.INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES Notice Comprehensive Examination for BBA(Hons). Eligible students are required to register by 16th of March 2012.

Registration Form is available at the library as well as downloadable from IMS Website. 2. No Registration Form will be accepted without clearance slip of the concerned hostel.1. (www.

BBA(Hons).Institute of Management Sciences Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan Comprehensive Examination to be conducted on 20-3-20122 FORMAT Section A – Compulsory Section Marketing / Management Finance / Accounting HRM / O.B. MBA(II). and BBAIT(Hons) Students) Marketing BBA(Hons) Marketing Finance BBA(Hons) Finance HRM 20 MCQs For MBA(I) & MBAII HRM Total Marks: 20 Information Technology 20 MCQs For BBA(IT)Hons 20 MCQs for MBA(I) & MBAII Finance and 20 MCQs for MBA(I) & MBAII Marketing and Section C – (For MBA(Executive) Students) Marketing and Finance Grand Total: 20 MCQs 100 Director . Quantitative/Economics Total Marks: 20 MCQs 20 MCQs 20 MCQs 20 MCQs 20 x 4 = 80 Section B – Specialization Section (For MBA(I).

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