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Monday, 11th September 1854


Halifax defies gravity:

Daring Halifax industrialist Elisha Otis shocked spectators yesterday as he demonstrated the efficiency of the revolutionary Elevator by incorporating a safety devise that prevents the platform from falling if the hoisting cable was to break. But it was hardly enough for Otis to merely explain his sensational improvement. In a very New York fashion the persuasive inventor decided to put his accomplishment to the test by gashing the elevator cable and indeed confirming his theory. His little demonstration was carried out with Otis standing on the elevator platform risking his neck as well as his reputation. Fortunately the founder of The Otis Elevator Company was unharmed after the spectacle and descended with the uttermost grace from his marvelous creation. The audience received the inventor with gasps and applauds, most in a state of absolute disbelief. One thing is for certain, Otis really knows how to put on a show.


The York-born physician makes a controversial decision in the battle against cholera
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Silly snow out-pumps Broad Street

John Snow has urged officials to remove the handle of the Broad Street pump in an attempt to combat recent cholera outbreaks
Last Thursday, 7th of September, the handle of the pump on Broad Street, responsible for supplying water to the surrounding Soho area, between Regent Street and Wardour Street, was removed. The action was taken by order of Dr John Snow, who it seems has spent much of his career studying the cholera epidemic. When asked about the motivation behind his actions, Dr Snow responded: As soon as I became acquainted with the situation I suspected some kind of contamination For years now, we have got rid of our waste through top-notch sewage systems, flushing waste into the Thames as far away from the population as possible. Edwin Chadwick, the London sanitation commissioner personally approved the current method which Snow claims is actually contributing to spread the disease further amongst Londoners. Taking into consideration that Chadwick has access to the best physicians and scientists in the country; can we really trust

Paddock challenges Heavyweight Royalty
Former bare-knuckle fighter Tom Paddock fearlessly decided to challenge current English Heavyweight Champion Harry Broome and former champion William Perry to a ruthless British Heavyweight face-off. The confident wrestler argued his invitation would present an opportunity for his peers to prove themselves and their worthy titles. However, it came as quite as shock when both champions bluntly refused Paddocks invite. William Perry stated There are some fights that you just dont want to get yourself into, Ive been blessed to still be alive after all the competitions, and this is just one thats not for me. Harry Broome stated Hes a real good fighter, Id love to go up against him, he would prove to be a good rival, but the timings a little off.

The famous image of the impressive win by Paddock against Sayers three years ago, in September 1851

from the water of Map of the area surrounding Broad Street Mr Snow? After the much- that indicates the households that have all, what proof frequented street reported cases of cholera does he have? pump on Broad Street. He then At present, his endeavours have not added, []within 250 yards of the been greeted with open arms in and spot where Cambridge Street meets around Broad Street. If anything, Broad Street there were upwards of the removal of the pump has caused 500 fatal attacks of cholera in 10 a great deal of commotion with days. Something must have caused hard-working families having to this sudden outbreak, concentrated spend more time fetching water in such a small area. from further away. On top of that, Contrary to common belief, the the closure of the Broad Street British physician claims that cholera pump has put added pressure on is in fact a water-borne disease. those in neighbouring areas causing According to him, the publicly lengthy queues which are becoming accepted miasma theory is complete increasingly unsafe. nonsense, and bad air is not the At the end of the day, it comes cause of this dreadful condition. down to Snows word versus that of The following were his exact words an array of specialists in these on the matter, I believe that the matters. poison of the cholera is either Until any positive results are found swallowed in water, or got directly following the removal of the from some other person in the handle, both public health officials family, or in the room; I believe it is and residents of the Soho area look quite an exception for it to be on speculatively at Mr Snow. conveyed in the air; though if the Lets hope, for all our sakes, that matter gets dry it may be wafted a this isnt all in vain. short distance.

It is unclear what Perry meant by not the right timing. Rumours have circulated which say that both fighters believed Paddocks real intentions were in fact to show off his fisting skills and that it was a matter of pride and not competition. Or, could it be that both fighters are too scared to face Paddocks mighty punch? It seems they have enough bruises already. The decline was not taken well by Paddock who claimed with certain resignation that its all right; there are plenty of good fighters out there, Id be very honoured to fight against any of them.


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