1. 1) Transmitter: This is the remote control you use to lock and unlock your car with.

This is also known as a "clicker" to some people. 2) Valet Button: This is a little black button under your dash that was installed with your alarm system. It's usually on the "kick panel" which is to the left of your foot while driving. Sometimes this button is a "switch" silver in color. 3) Ignition On: This is when you put your key into your ignition and turn it "On". If you look at the switch on your steering column this position will be represented by "Run" and sometimes a roman numeral "III". You do not have to start your car for it to be considered "On", just turn the key as far as it can go before crank. Also notice your climate controls will be on in this position. 4) Chirp: These are the little "beep beep" sounds your siren makes. Sometimes it's a "honk honk" if the alarm was wired to your horn. 2. Step 2 First lets get the simple things out of the way: Try honking your horn, turning on your headlights, blasting your radio, etc to ensure that the problem doesn't have to do with your battery. Your alarm cannot disable any functions in your car besides starting. Your climate control, radio, lights, etc. should still work fine. Sometimes when a battery gets really low the alarm system cannot function properly, and simply giving the car a jump start will allow you to disarm your alarm with your transmitter and start your car. In another article I will explain "jump starting" but one of your neighbors can most likely help you with this if they haven't killed you already from the alarm noises! If your battery is fine: First take your transmitter and press the "unlock" button. Now try and start your car. If this does not work check your transmitter battery! You may just have to go down to your local drug store and buy a new battery for it. Most of the time your transmitter simply pops open with a penny, or comes apart after removing a small phillips screw in the back. If you cannot start the car after changing the battery or you do not have access to a battery, go on to the next step. Valet Switch and Valet Button How to manually disarm an alarm system using the valet button or switch: If you have a button: Start with one hand ready to push the button, and one hand ready to turn the key in your ignition. Start with the key in the OFF position and your drivers door open. If your door has been open for a long time close it first and then open it again. Ready? Ok now turn the key to the ON position (NOT crank, just ON) and then push the valet button ONCE. To review; 1. Key on 2. Push button (Like stated earlier your button may be a light on the upper dash in some cases.) These steps have to be done as listed or you must start over with the key off and the door open. Hopefully you should hear some chirps and your vehicle will be allowed to start! If you have a valet SWITCH:

. If your button or switch is screwed up you must go on to the next step! 3. Try doing it again but with the switch starting in different positions. If you have a CLIFFORD alarm: Call a tow truck . so jumping the slots that terminal 30 and 87 go into on the starter relay under the hood will engage the starter if your key is in the ON position.. An alarm system just kills the wire feeding the starter relay. and cars out there.Very similar to the last paragraph. (Do not put wires in your mouth). Step 4 If your button or switch is damaged: You have to be semi-handy to do this next part. touch the two wires together for a moment after turning the ignition on and then pull them back apart. but I'm sure there are articles on here. If you can pop your head under the dash and the switch is labeled. Step 5 Still no good? Here are a couple of final resort for more advanced users: If you have a manual transmission car you can push start it. I will explain in as simple of terms possible because there are a lot of different switches. The alarm usually does not look like it came with the car though so anyone who knows a thing or two about cars should be able to identify it. 4. Keep in mind you absolutely can NOT get an electrical shock from these wires. If this does not work you may have done this step with the valet switch starting in the wrong position. Sometimes one or both of them broke off in which case they may be dangling. and sometimes the wires break off the back of it. These wires are black and grey in color 90% of the time. No NOT twist them together this will do you no good. Once you have stripped both wires do the following steps: Do step 3. Key ON 2. You must strip the insulation off the wires so they can be touched together. even if you put them in your mouth. start in the OFF position. Get to the two wires on the back of the switch or button. Sometimes the button pops out making it impossible to push. Start with the drivers door open. 1. buttons. Jump out the starter relay. just pull all the plugs out of it! Only do this if you are SURE it's the alarm or else you're just pulling plugs out of modules. Have one hand ready to turn the key and one hand ready to flip the switch. Get under the dash and disconnect the alarm! It's going to be a little black box with tons of wires coming out of it. but instead of pushing the button or flipping the switch. Flip Valet Switch Now try to start your car. I cannot be responsible for explaining how to push start a stickshift car.

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