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49 Uncommon Preliminaries The Uncommon Preliminaries have two parts, [the accumulation of merit and the accumula-tion of wisdom]:

The Collection of the Accumulations of Merit OM AH HUM, HA HO HRIH Bless the inner offering - imagine tasting with the left ring nger. SHRI HERUKA AHAM SHRI is non-dual wisdom. HE is the emptiness of causality. RU is free of accumulation. KA isindeterminability - say and remember. In my heart from AH arises a moon disc, in the middle is the mind the essenceof the ve wisdoms as a blue HUM. From that, rays of light shine forth llingthe inside of the body purifying all sins and obscurations. The body becomes amass of light.From a transformation of that, instantly I become Cakrasamvara together withthe Mother. In the heart, from HUM rays of light shine forth to the Guru and hostof Cakrasamvara deities, all gathered in the sky in front. OMVAJRASAMAJAH Invite the assembly, NAMO GURUBHYAH.NAMAH SHRI CAKRASAMVARA MANDALABHYAH with mudra. OMSARVATATHAGATASHRICAKRASAMVARAMANDALASAPARIWARAARGHAM,PADYAM,PUSHPE,DHUPE,ALOKE, GHANDHE, NAIVIDYE, SHAPDA AH HUM Offer thus. In the Three Jewels I go for refuge,Confessing individually all sins;Rejoicing in the virtue of beings;Holding in mind the enlightenment of buddha.In the Buddha, Dharma and Excellent Community,Until enlightenment, I go for refuge.In order to accomplish the benet of myself and others,I give rise to the enlightenment thought;Giving rise to this thought of supreme enlightenment, I invite all beings.Performing the pleasing practice of the supreme conduct of enlightenment,May I obtain buddhahood for the benet of beings. Recite three times. Think that the collection dissolves into oneself. OM SHRI VAJRA HE HE RU RU KAM HUM HUM PHAT,DAKINI JALA SAMVARA VAJRA VAIROCANIYE HUM HUM PHATS A A V H. Recite the main non-dual essence of the Father-Mother. If desired recite the root and near essence mantras as known from the long sadhana.To nish, pray with folded hands: May all beings and I be blessed with the body, speech, mind, qualities and activi-ties of all the sugatas. May we be blessed to quickly obtain the accomplishment of supreme mahamudra, the stage of Shri Cakrasamvara. Perform the Hundred Syllable Mantra of Heruka to make rm the blessing. For the medita-tion of the Perfection Stage refer to the commentaries. III. Conclusion At the places of myself, above moon discs are: OM OM HA, OM NAMA HI, OM SVAHA HU, OM BOSHATA HE, OM HUMHUM HO, OM PHAT HAM, OM OM VAM, OM HAM YAM, OM HRIMMAM, OM HREM HRIM, OM HUM HUM, OM PHAT PHAT, That is the armor of the Father-Mother. Together with mudras recite twice the Mantra of Four Faces to protect the environment, above and below, with mantra: OM SUMBHA NISUMBHA HUM HUM PHAT,OM GRIHNA GRIHNA HUM HUM PHAT,OMGRIHNAPAYAGRIHNAPAYAHUMHUMPHAT,OMANAYAHOHBHAGAVANVIDYARAJAHUMHUMPHAT. Know the three - appearance, renown and conceptuality as the state of the deity, mantra and pristine awareness. Through this merit quickly may I attain the stage of Cakrasamvara and placeupon that stage all beings without exception. At the time of death, with a hostof lords and viras, owers, parasols and banners held aloft, with the offerings of pleasant music, cymbals, and the like; may I be led to the Realm of Khecara. By the real goddess, real commitments and also the real words of Dharma, by thatexcellent truth; may those goddesses take care of me. Between sessions enter into the path of daily activities.

85 From my heart rays of light shine forth to the Five Families of Consecration Dei-ties and the Sixty-two Deity Cakrasamvara having arrived in the sky in front. OMSARVATATHAGATASHRICAKRASAMVARAMANDALASAPARI-WARAARGHAMPRATICCHASVAHA,PADYAMPRATICCHASVAHA,VAJRA PUSHPE AH HUM, VAJRA DHUPE AH HUM, VAJRA ALOKE AHHUM, VAJRA GHANDHE AH HUM, VAJRA NAIVIDYE AH HUM, VAJRASHAPDA AH HUM, Offer as from before. I request you bestow consecration upon me. [The tathagatas say:] Just as [Buddha] was bathed by gods when he was born, likewise, with pure waterof gods we will consecrate you. Say: OMSARVATATHAGATAABHISHEKATASAMAYASHRIYEHUM. Water from the consecration vases lls the entire body purifying obscurations.The excess water overows and Akshobhya adorns the heads of both the Father-Mother. Meditate upon that. Then perform the ancillary offerings. OMSARVATATHAGATASHRICAKRASAMVARAMANDALASAPARI-WARA ARGHAM, PADYAM, PUSHPE, DHUPE, ALOKE, GHANDHE,NAIVIDYE, SHAPDA AH HUM. Consecrate the Inner Offering: OM SHRI VAJRA HE HE RU RU KAM HUM HUM PHAT, DAKINI JALASAMVARASVAHA,OMVAJRAVAIROCANIYEHUMHUMPHATSVAHA. Think of the Father-Mother in a blissfully ecstatic meditative state and say: O S R AAH G T A U A AA AR S A H V AM K HAM. M A V T T A AA N R G T V J A V B A A T A O Say thus - the secret offering. The view of the divine pride of the deitys body is to apprehend with the mind, single pointedly, the nature of clear appearance. II. Mantra Recitation From the heart of the Father the mantra garland arises. It passes from the mouthinto the mouth of the Mother, and descending through the body it exits throughthe lotus and enters the vajra of the Father. Passing through the body it dissolvesin the HUM - ceaselessly circling. Rays of light shine forth inducing and stabiliz-ing the pristine awareness of great bliss. The Collection of the Accumulations of Wisdom O S A H V S U D A A V D A M S A H V SHUDDHO HAM.OMSHUNYATAJNANAVAJRASVABHAVAATMAKOHAM. MVB AA H D HSR A H R A VB A A Meditate on all dharmas included in subject-object as the nature of emptiness and clear light. Main Practice The Main Section has two parts, I. Deity Meditation and II. Mantra Recitation. The rst has four parts: 1. Approximation, 2. Near Attainment, 3. Attainment and 4. Great Attainment.

I. Deity Meditation 1. Approximation From the state of emptiness, in the sky in front, is the essence of mind asa nada, from that a bindu, from that a moon, from that the head of HA,the trunk and U, the syllable HUM is established. From underneatharises a lotus, in the middle, from RAM, comes a sun, in the middle of that are Yama and Kalaratri together as a seat.In the middle, circling to the left, is the essence of the thirty-two major marks of the Buddha: A A, I II, U UH, RI RIH, LI LIH, E AI, O AU, AM AH, Repeated twice. From the dissolution arises a moon as the mirror-like wisdom. In the middle,circling to the right, is the essence of the eighty minor examples of perfection: KA KHA GA GHA NGA, CA CHA JA JHA NYA, TA THA DA DHA NA, TATHA DA DHA NA, PA PHA BA BHA MA, YA RA LA VA SHA SHA SA HAKSHAH,YARALAVADADHA, Repeated twice. From the dissolution arises a sun disc as the wisdom of equality.Between the two, from HUM and AM arise a vajra and curved knife,as the wisdom of discrimination, marked with a HUM and AM. Gathered in 67 From a complete transformation of that form, the essence of the wisdom of the dharmadhatu, I arise as Shri Cakrasamvarawith a body blue in color, four faces and twelve hands. Themain face is blue, left face red, back face yellow and right facewhite. Each face has three eyes and four bared fangs. The rsttwo hands hold a vajra and bell embracing the mother. Thelower two hold an elephant skin out-stretched; third right adamaru, fourth an axe, fth a trident, sixth a curved knife. The third left holds akatvanga marked with a vajra; fourth a vajra lasso, fth a blood lled skullcup,sixth carries the four-faced head of Brahma. The right leg is straight and presseson the breast of red Kalaratri; left bent and pressing on the head of black Yama.The hair is tied in a topknot on the crown of the head; on the crest a wish-fulll-ing jewel ornament and crescent moon. The soft spot at the top of the head ismarked with a visvavajra. Each head has a crown of ve dry human skulls; a neck-lace of fty fresh heads and six bone ornaments; wearing a lower garment of tigerskin; possessed of the nine emotions of dancing; grace, fearlessness and ugliness;laughter, ferocity and frightfulness; compassion, fury and peacefulness.In the lap is the Mother Vajra Varahi, with a body red in color, one face, two handsand three eyes. The left holds a blood lled skullcup embracing the Father andthe right a curved knife in a threatening gesture pointed in all directions. Thehair is worn piled on the head; a crown of ve dry human skulls and fty dry as anecklace. The left leg is straight and right bent, embracing the Father. Both Father-Mother stand in the middle of a blazing re of pristine awareness. Then, concentrate on the four faces, circling from the left. OM SUMBHA NISUMBHA HUM HUM PHAT,OM GRIHNA GRIHNA HUM HUM PHAT,OMGRIHNAPAYAGRIHNAPAYAHUMHUMPHAT,OMANAYAHOHBHAGAVANVIDYARAJAHUMHUMPHAT. The mantras proceed from the four faces and then concentrate on the entire body. OMDHARMADHATUSVABHAVAATMAKOHAM. Recite. 2. Near Attainment Place each upon moon discs. In the Fathers heart is OM OM HA white Vajrasattva;on his head OM NAMA HI yellow Vairocana;on his crown of the head OM SVAHA HU red Padmanartesvara;on his two shoulders OM BOSHATA HE black Heruka;on his two eyes OM HUM HUM HO red Vajra Surya;on the eight main joints OM PHAT HAM green Asvaparam.At the Mothers navel is OM OM VAM red Vajra Varahi;on her heart OM HAM YAM blue Yama;on her mouth OM HRIM MOM white Mohani;on her crown of the head OM HREM HRIM yellow Kshobani;on her top of the head OM HUM HUM green Bhairavi;on her eight main joints OM PHAT PHAT green Candika. Say: Non-dually at the Fathers place is the Mother and at the Mothers place the Father. 3. Attainment At the Fathers heart above a moon disc from a blue HUM is Cittavajra;at his throat OM HRIH HA HA HUM HUM PHAT red Vagvajra;at his forehead OM SHRI VAJRA HE HE RU RU KAM HUM HUM PHAT DA-KINI JALA SAMVARA SVAHA white Kayavajra.At the Mothers heart is OM SARVA BUDDHA DAKINIYE VAJRA VARNANIYEHUM HUM PHAT PHAT SVAHA blue Cittavajra;at her throat OM CAURI HUM HUM PHAT red Vagvajra;at her forehead OM VAJRA VAIROCANIYE HUM HUM SVAHA white Kay-avajra.Both the Father-Mother have at the top of the head as OM white Vairocana; throatred AH Amitabha; heart blue HUM Akshobhya; navel yellow SVA Ratnasamb-hava; secret mark green HA Amoghasiddhi. 4. The Great Attainment Say while doing the aming mudra: PHAIM! From my heart rays of light shine forth to the natural abode of all buddhas, bod-hisattvas, viras and dakas in the aspect of Cakrasamvara Father-Mother. PHAIM!VAJRASAMAJAH.OMSARVATATHAGATASHRICAKRASAMVARAMANDALASAPARI-WARAARGHAMPRATICCHASVAHA,PADYAMPRATICCHASVAHA,VAJRA PUSHPE AH HUM, VAJRA DHUPE AH HUM, VAJRA ALOKE AHHUM, VAJRA GHANDHE AH HUM, VAJRA NAIVIDYE AH HUM, VAJRASHAPDA AH HUM. Offer thus. JAH HUM BAM HOH. Dissolve. Perform the lotus circling [mudra] and embrace. OM YOGA SHUDDHA SARVA DHARMA YOGA SHUDDHO HAM.PHAIM!

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