FADE IN: INT. WOODS - LATE NIGHT A boy sits, slightly, fear etched on his face.

He’s ADAM GREY, 17, fragile and kin d. He has black hair that rests over her eyes casting a shadow. His eyes black a s the night. It stares off into space. His skin pale as a ghost. He wears a blue t-shirt and khakis. He sits on a log, silently holding an shiny green apple. CRUNCH. He takes a bite of it. Sucking on the juice as it fells his mouth, fresh and sweet. He lays down on the log, staring deep into the sky. He closes his eyes and tries to sleep. CUT TO: INT. WOODS - TABLE - SAME A small diner table, Adam sits at the end, with nine another boys, a few on each side. All of them look sick. One has their skin burnt all the way off. Another, soaking wet, a part of their face is gone, revealing their skull. Another has long claw gashes on their chest, back, and face. All look gruesome a nd dead by Adam. They all turn to him. Adam slowly starts to whispering. ADAM Ten little Indian boys went out to dine; one choked his little self. Then there were nine. Focus on one boy, who smiles. Clearly Adam’s talking about him. He hacks up bone a fter bone, blood trickles down his lips, his smirk never leaves his face. Adam stares at him -- not at all effected by it. ADAM (cont’d) Nine little Indian boys sat up very late; one overslept himself and then there were eight. Adam turns to another boy. Who stares back, his eyes dead and droopy. ADAM (cont’d) Eight little Indian boys traveling in Devon; one said he’d stay there and then there were seven. Adam looks at another boy. Who stares back, silently. Adam continues on. ADAM (cont’d) Seven little Indian boys chopping up sticks; one chopped himself in halves and then there were six. Adam turns to another boy, who’s barely kept together. His bones and limbs are sti cking out. Half of his body bends one way, the other another.

Adam coughs silently, a bit weak. Continues on. ADAM (cont’d) Six little Indian boys playing with a hive; a bumblebee stung one then there were five. Adam turns to another boy. A BIG wound swelling up on his neck. And many more. S wollen badly. He can barely make a face expression, let alone move. ADAM (cont’d) Five little Indian boys going in for law; one got chancery then there were four. Adam turns to another boy. Sad. Wearing what seems to be a suit. ADAM (cont’d) Four little Indian boys going out to sea; a red herring swallowed one and then there were three. Adam turns to another boy, wet, bloody, teeth wounds all over their body. Adam gulps, coughs louder this time. Slowly getting sadder as he realizes that h e’s losing them. ADAM (cont’d) Three little Indian boys walking in the zoo; a big bear hugged one and then there were two. Adam looks at the boy with the claw gashes on his body. Hesitates to go on. BOY Go on Adam. We’re almost done. CUT TO: INT. WOODS - LOG - SAME Adam continues to rest on the log. Stands. ADAM (o.s.) Right. Okay. Adam continues chewing on his apple. He makes his way through the woods. INT. WOODS - CLIFF - MORNING - FLASHBACK Adam stands over his friend. Who is BURNING on fire. BOY Adam.. Adam barely shows any sign of sorrow. Besides a small tear rolling down his chee k. ADAM No. You’re the only friend I have left. Don’t leave me. The boy purses his lips. Looks up at the sky, goes silent as the flames rise. An

d crumple him into blacken ashes. Adam stares at his friend’s dead body. All he does is drop to his knees, as he str uggles to take everything in. ADAM (cont’d) Why..? (beat, looks up) Why? Adam realizes he’s being foolish. Looks down at his friend, who is almost nothing but burnt ashes. Adam stands, walks towards the woods and plucks a flower. He then walks back over to the boy’s body, bends down. And lays the flower down in the ash. ADAM (o.s.) Two little Indian boys sitting in the sun; one got frizzled up and then there were one. Adam pauses. Knows what’s next. INT. WOODS - LOG - EVENING Dawn is softly coming. It is still night, but the sun is barely seen rising over the horizon. A light black, with a slight orange. Adam stares at it, never seen anything as beautiful. ADAM I have to don’t I? Adam speaks to himself. Or clearly someone. ADAM (cont’d, o.s.) But, I’m nothing without them. (beat) Without them..I can’t reach my goals. Without them..my world starts to crumble. Without them -- without them. -I feel. Lonely. Very lonely. CLICK. FLASH TO WHITE. Return to: Adam holding a picture. The other nine and himself. All laughing, seemingly havi ng fun. FADE TO: INT. WOODS - TABLE - SAME Adam sits at the silent, staring at the picture. Slowly one by the one, the boys fade away from the table. The sun becomes orange, the sky pink and purple.

The boys fade from the picture too. BOY Goodbye. The burnt boy touches Adam’s hand, then fades away. And all left in the picture is Adam. Suddenly it’s night. And Adam is now crying. Sobbing heavily. ADAM (o.s.) I know what I have to do. (beat) To--to see them again. Adam looks up and notices something. He stands and walks towards at. Jars of Hearts plays. Who do you think you are? Running around leaving scars. Collecting your jar of h earts. And tearing love apart! You’re gonna catch a cold. On the photo, showing Adam smiling alone. But suddenly, flashes of the other nin e appear. Then fade away. From the ice inside your soul.. Jars of Hearts fade out as Adam silently, sadly moves, holding something in both hands. Adam shuffles over to a tree. ADAM (o.s.) You can only live once. (beat) After that, there are no second chances. Adam reveals a rope. He pushes the chair against the tree and stands on it. Adam takes the rope, and wraps it around the tree. Then makes a knot big enough for a neck. ADAM (cont’d, o.s.) I’m the tenth Indian boy. Adam puts his head through the knot. ADAM (cont’d, o.s.) (coughs) One little Indian boy left all alone; Tears run down Adam’s face. Adam struggles to continue to talk, o.s. ADAM (cont’d, o.s.) He--he, he--h-.. Adam continues to cough, and choke in sorrow, o.s. Adam closes his eyes, slowly moves to the end of the chair. ADAM (cont’d, o.s.)

He went and hanged himself.. Adam steps off the chair. Tears runs down his pale face. FADE TO: INT. HEAVEN - WOODS - TABLE - SAME Adam appears, healthy and gorgeous-looking as ever. He sits around the table wit h nine other boys. All turn and smile at him. BOY Welcome, Adam. The beautiful orange morning glow from the sun -- shines upon Adam’s face. He looks up at it. Smiling, a tear trickles down his face. ADAM And then -- there were none. FADE OUT. OBJECTIVE #2