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Beyond the Cuckoo’s Nest’ The play ‘Beyond the Cuckoo’s Nest’ is a play that explores mental illness

in youth and all the challenges it presents in the lives of the affected. The play focuses on the character’s struggle to accept their illness, their way of coping with their problems, the way they interact with other members of society and the way they interact with each other. The title of the ‘Beyond the Cuckoo’s Nest’ coveys the principal message of the play: to see beyond the illness. At the beginning of the play the characters were principally concerned with how their mental illness affected their day to day life, but by the end they had fully accepted it and began to see beyond the problem, deciding to help other people with their same issues and inform other members of society about it. All the characters were extremely important to the development of the plot and the conveying of the principal message. Jude, who was schizophrenic, was the first character to see beyond this illness. From the very beginning we see that Jude has accepted his illness and does not care what other people think of him. He believes that he should not be ashamed by something that is common within society and that he should not treat his illness as a ‘taboo’ sort of thing like the other characters do. Jude says many times in the play that by embracing his illness he is authentic and unique. While this attitude annoys the other character’s it clearly shows that Jude is beyond being considered ‘Cuckoo’. The technology used in the play was also a very important to the development of the theme. The setting of the stages changed when ever the play was focused on one particular character. This gave the audience not only detailed access into the character’s life but also the opportunity to see the world through that particular character’s eyes and experience the world their way. This enhances the theme of the play by showing that we all see and perceive the world in different ways no matter if we have a

The play shows that not many feel comfortable talking about their illness and prefer to suffer silently and alone instead of getting help because they because they are ashamed of not being considered ‘normal’ and believe they will be judged. yet nobody feels the need to talk about it and is often seen as a minor problem. because mental illness is an issue that is affecting many members of society. ‘Beyond the Cuckoo’s Nest’ is a very entertaining and educating play. . But the play also shows us that there is help for people with mental illness and that we all must help spread the word about this issue so that it will receive the seriousness it deserves. the world is different for everyone.mental illness or not. ridiculed and excluded from society. It is extremely important that youth listen and pay attention to the theme.