APUINA Graduates Tokyo Association

Tokyo Weekend Plans
10th June 2007

THEME: Evening in the Stars

Planetarium • 2 Amazing Planetarium Movie

Dinner • Italian Dinner@ NihonBashi

Evening Walk • Peaceful Walk

The Weather


The Location
Nihon Bashi HD-DVD Planetarium

For a limited short term, a special planetarium with the world’s newest technology opens at a corner of Nihonbashi, the town of tradition and innovation. Leaving less than ten days until the end of the term-limited project, the planetarium presenting two spectacular shows of the night sky of 5 million stars created by leading planetarium creator Ohira Takayuki continues to draw more and more visitors each day.

ムウリ タネラプの前越三・町室橋本日 前越三

The Meeting Place

– Mitsukoshi Eki Mae
Take the Ginza Line and Drop at Mitsukoshi eki mae station and meet at exit A2


The Show
“Hoshizora no Okurimono”
1800 hrs ¥800 Word has it that Nihonbashi is looking to revive itself itself—not with pseudo-modern concrete buildings, modern but with the traditional townscapes that the area has always offered. Built in accordance to this spirit of old-fashioned fun is the Nihonbashi fashioned HD DVD Planetarium, which is open only through June. The intergalactic magic comes via two programs: the “Hoshizora no Okurimono” and the two-part “Passport to the Universe,” part a collaborative project of the American Museum of Natural History and NASA. A trip to the universe is always cool, but to launch off from the busy streets of Nihonbashi is definitely out of this world.

Passport to Space ( Optional )
1900 hrs ¥800 We can watch this show if there is time and money . Both shows runs for 30-40 minutes.

The Dinner er
Pizzaria Uno
1F Kyodo Bldg., 1-1-8 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo 8 Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023 Time : Approximately 2000 hrs

Enjoy Italian food at our bright, glassed glassed-in, stylish restaurant. Our menu is mainly "Napoli Pizza", which is made with a special technique called "flying." Families with children, group of friends, anybody can enjoy at our Italian restaurant. We have more dishes, full of variety, for you to enjoy with your talian drinks. Even if you come after work, we will of course make a relaxing and enjoyable space for your meal.

We use a special stone oven to bake pizza so you can enjoy the crispy pizza.

We have counter seats for single guests to come without hesitation.

From appetizers to desserts; everything is homemade.

We have partitions to be separate with other tables so you can relax.

The Evening Walk

Time : 2200 hrs After a nice dinner, walk along a nice quiet park along the echushima island koen . Where we can talk and discuss about a beautiful experience in Tokyo, before retiring the whole day for another hard week at work and school

For More Information please contact : William Widjaja ( william.widjaja@masters.isunet.edu ) 08034875819

園公島中越 園公島中越 園公島中越 園公島中越 園公島中越 園公島中越 園公島中越 園公島中越

Echu Shima Park

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