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EOE2505 Ship and Yacht Science

Agenda The need for Rules and Regulations The role of Classification Societies

Certification and Survey for Construction, Safety and Class

Certification required Types of Survey Enforcement - the role of the MCA

Andrew Eccleston


Vessel Design, Construction and Maintenance in class Design and Construction Rules

Why have survey and construction regulations for Merchant Ships and Yachts? If you were a passenger on a Cruise Liner, what sort of issues would concern you about the way the vessel was constructed and equipped? If you were chartering a Yacht, what you be looking out for?

Strength of the Vessel Provision of adequate equipment Reliability of machinery Ensure that vessel is maintained Surveys Certificates


Classification Societies Lloyds Register Founded 1760 Oldest clasification Society Others Bureau Veritas (France) Det Norske Veritas (Norway) American Bureau of Shipping

Classification Society Functions

Design appraisal increase confidence in the future performance of your ship Build helps manage the risks associated with your new ships construction Operate classification of existing ships: manage your assets and help protect your business Marine Training Services helping you maintain competitive advantage and improve business performance

Classification Society Surveys

To retain class with Lloyds Register and as an integral part of the classification process we require our surveyors to undertake periodical surveys. Our annual, intermediate and detailed five-year special surveys all provide a high degree of technical monitoring of hull and machinery, enabling you to comply with classification Rules and international regulations. They also provide a basis for maintaining effective asset management. Our information systems help to ensure our surveying staff are aware of the critical areas, so that they can use their knowledge and experience to detect faults and defects, and to provide solutions geared to improving your business.

Benefits of Maintaining Class Greater confidence in ship condition, safety, environmental and business performance. Uses experience base to focus on critical areas improving confidence in ship condition. Timely identification of potential problems. Flexible and customised solutions. Potential to improve utilisation of ship.


Lloyds Classification Symbols mv Estonia

Built under the supervision of a Lloyds Surveyor


Equipped with anchors and mooring equipment complying with Lloyds Rules

Suitable for seagoing service

Built in accordance with Lloyds Rules

Main Statutory Requirements Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate Load Line Certificate Passenger Ship Safety Certificate


Certification Requirements for British Ships

Certification Requirements for Small Craft

Ship Surveys Statutory Government Surveys

currently carried out by MCA in UK employed by the state

Cargo Ship Surveys Merchant Shipping (Cargo Ship Construction and Survey) Regulations 2000 Merchant Shipping Notice 1751 Types of Survey
Initial Renewal Periodical Intermediate Annual Inspection of outside of ships bottom Additional

Classification Society
fees paid directly by shipowner

Government often delegates surveying responsibility to Classification Society Statutory and Class Surveys are often conducted simultaneously
number of different outcomes from one survey


Cargo Ship Surveys - Annual Survey

Cargo Ship Surveys - Bottom Survey

General condition Watertight integrity Scuppers and freeing ports Guard rails and bulwarks Gangways and lifelines Machinery and boilers Fire protection systems Steering gear, main and auxiliary Freeboard/Load Line marks

Every 2-3 years, depending on age of vessel Structural condition

Corrosion Damage Deterioration

Areas surveyed
Shell plating Stern frame Rudder Propellor and stern tube All openings to the sea and valve arrangments

Cargo Ship Surveys - Special Surveys

Cargo Ship Surveys - Additional Surveys Special types of vessel have additional survey and certification requirements Tankers Liquid Gas Carriers Chemical Tankers

Lloyds Registered ships have Special Surveys every 5 years Surveys get progressively more stringent as ship gets older All normal annual checks carried out, plus:
X-ray, ultrasonic, drill testing of welds and shell plating Internal examination of tanks, cargo hold and deep tanks Masts and rigging Anchors and cables


Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate Valid 5 years Covers

Hull Machinery Equipment

Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate Valid 2 years Life saving Equipment
boats, rafts, launching arrangements life jackets, life buoys

Fire Fighting Equipment

fixed systems: CO2, foam etc. portable equipment: hoses, extinguishers etc.

Shows that vessel complies with

cargo ship construction and survey rules applicable to the voayages on which she is engaged (eg may travel through ice areas)

Navigation Equipment Light and sound signalling Equipment Pilot boarding arrangements

Passenger Ship Surveys Passenger Ship Safety Certificate

SOLAS requirements Valid 1 year Surveyed and issued by MCA in UK Vessel structure and machinery Freeboard Life-saving equipment Communication systems


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