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Issue No. 08 December, 2007 /Dhul Hijjahl1428
An Internal Bi Monthly publication of Mahdi
Muslim Community

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HAJJ – An opportunity to the wuqoof (standing) in the ihram (white cloth-
regain the lost unity of the ing) at Arafa to the day when we will be
Muslim Ummah. By Farooq Khan brought forth from our graves in white shrouds.
Editorial Team “Allah has made the Kaaba, the The lesson we learn from all these is that one
Mohammed Ole sacred house, a place of standing up needs to be aware of the deeper significance
Sekenkei (qiyaaman linnasi (Al Quran 5:97) of the

llah the Almighty blessed us with Hajj be-
Saqib Louw Islam a complete way of life - a fore one
which is founded upon six funda- e m -
Yusuf Umer mental pillars, one of them is the Hajj. barks
Each of the other pillars touch upon on this
Saumu Bakari separate facets of a Muslim’s life; for in- journey
stance prayers deal with spiritual con- of a life-
Mohammed tact with the Creator, Zakat and Khums time.
Abubakar deal with the economic aspect of one’s There is The Holy Kaaba in Mecca
life, Fasting deals with the physical the of t
Ramadhan Rajab needs. Hajj is unique that it combines all quoted tradition of the Holy Prophet (SAWW)
these aspects in one seamless ritual. that “Take from me the rituals of Hajj” i.e. do
Athman Farsi You need to have financial independence what I did at Hajj. It has often been argued
to be able to go for the Pilgrimage. You that this tradition points to the ritualistic as-
CONTENTS have to deny your body physical needs pects of Hajj and provided one performs those
Hajj 1 while in Ihram (the sacred garb). Mecca requirements, his Hajj has been fulfilled. But
with its Holy Sanctuary is the focus of all is that all that the Holy Prophet and the Imams
Editorial 2 spiritual devotions. It is an experience of did at Hajj?
a lifetime and deserves great sacrifices. It is reported that the Holy Prophet in his
MMC interview 2 The Almighty has therefore only enjoined farewell sermon at Hajj seated on his Camel
it upon us once in our lifetime. Qaswa, reffered to the following amongst many
other things: relationship between Muslims -
Family life 3 It is instructive that our Holy Imams
the social aspect, banning of usary - the eco-
looked at Hajj beyond the mere ritual to its
nomic aspects, appointment of his succes-
It is Devolution no matter deeper meaning. Imam Sajjad (A.s.) asked sor- the political aspect, women’s equal treat-
what! 3 his companion al-Shibli whether when he had ment - gender issues, the equality of black
performed Hajj and when he had recited the and white and fair treatment of slaves - human
What is Majimbo and talbiya (“Labbaik Allahuma Labbaik”), was it rights,and, family ( husband /wife) morality -
Devolution? 3 recited with full knowledge and respect and reproductive health. The whole sermon encom-
had he heard the command of Allah and passes many lessons for humanity.
New findings puts evolution obeyed it as the prophet Abraham (A.s) had His illustrious grandson, Imam Hussein
theory to question. 4 obeyed it? When he Al-Shibli had pelted the (A.s), also used his speech, which he deliv-
Jamarat (stone effigies representing the ered at Mina for awakening the Ummah to the
Scientist loses job for shayateen [devils]) with stones, whether he danger of corrupt leadership and the role of
believing in creation 4 had in his mind the thought that those were the scholars in society. The Imam used the
evil and that he would henceforth avoid all Hajj time to make a political statement by leav-
The Muslim would like to have ing Mecca at a time when normally people
wrong deeds; and that when he had offered
your thoughts and comments
the sacrifice had he also killed his selfish- would be heading towards it for Hajj.
in all areas ranging from article
ness? when the pilgrim replied “…” to Hajj is a unique opportunity to network with
content, layout and design.
We seek your articles for future all his questions, the Imam ordered him to Muslims and get first-hand information about
publication. go and perform his Hajj again as he had not their countries, particularly at this time when
Write to the Editor fulfilled the requirements of Hajj. the international media exercises a selective
The Muslim, P.o. Box Imam Ali (A.s) reminds us that when we policy on which news to report (anything nega-
10706-00100, go for Hajj we stand in the places where the tive on Islam) or to black out (anything against prophets of God stood; and when we do the their interests) But the Almighty has called it
The views of the writers do not tawaf (circumbulation) round the Kaaba we an opportunity “to witness benefits for them”
necessarily reflect those of the resemble the angels around the Throne of the This could be extended to the realm of inter-
Editor, Editorial Team or of Almighty. national trade and relations and cultural ex-
Mahdi Muslim Community. Dr Ali Shariati in his book “Hajj” compares change and education opportunities and … and
>> cont’d pg. 2
The Muslim 2007
from pg 1 << Interview. By Athman Farsi
… This would give true meaning to qiyaman linnasi. Indeed a
truly unifying force.We are commanded to take from the Holy
Prophet (SAWW) his way of Hajj - rituals and all; we must also
Mahdi Muslim Community (MMC)
take from him and his progeny the philosophy and the deeper The Muslim: Could you please in-
meanings and purpose of Hajj. While strictly not part of Hajj, it troduce yourself?
is highly recommended that the pilgrim visit the resting place of Chairman MMC: My names are Al
the greatest benefactor of humanity, the Prophet Muhammad Haj Farah Namaswa a teacher by
(SAWW) in Medina. There is a tradition, which states “Who- profession, the current Chairman of
ever visits me it is as if he had visited me in my lifetime; and I Mahdi Muslim Community (MMC)
will intercede for him on the Day of Judgment” and pursuing a Bachelors degree in
Oh Muslims, let us all strive to bring back Hajj to its original Education.
spirit and values so that it becomes a springboard of develop- The Muslim: When was MMC
ment for the Ummah and its relations with the outside world. started? Al Haj Namaswa
Chairman MMC: Mahdi Muslim com-
- Editorial munity (MMC) was started in the
early eighties and through the efforts of the members.
Let this be a decisive year for We have 70 registered members who practice the
madhab of Ahlul Bait (A.s). Membership is open to all
Muslims followers of Ahlul bait (A.s) of good character. Registra-

M uslims constitute about 30% of the population
of Kenya, however, this proportion is not re-
flected anywhere in the management or distribution of
tion fee is Kshs. 200 and a subscription of Kshs. 50
per month.
The Muslim: Why MMC initiated?
the national resources. Chairman MMC: Our members are scattered all over
Nairobi and its environs creating the need for members
More than 40 years after independence Muslims
to come together for a common purpose hence, MMC
have all through been victims of historical and official inception. Reasons for the formation of our organization
marginalization, discrimination and injustices of all was to propagate the madhab of Ahlul bait (A.s), bring
sorts despite being genuine citizens of Kenya and en- Shias together to improve their religious, social, political
titled to equal rights with the rest of Kenyans as en- and economical welfare as one community.
shrined in the constitution. The bitter truth is, in the The Muslim: What are Communities’ major activi-
current regime, Muslims in Kenya have been completely ties?
stripped of their constitutional rights under the guise Chairman MMC: MMC comprises of sub committees
of the infamous war against terror. with different functions, which include Tabligh (all religious
Listen! This is the most opportune time for Mus- matters), Youth affairs, Women affairs, The Muslim bi-
monthly newsletter (publicity), and, welfare (relief and lo-
lims to reclaim their rights and enjoy like other Kenyans.
gistics) committees. Our activities involve, general reli-
With 2.5 million registered voters we certainly can make gious guidance that is imparted during various religious
a difference through the barrel of the ballot. functions and special classes are conducted covering,
All we need to do is to properly identify the presi- fiqh, Seerah and Tawhid. A revolving fund is available for
dential candidate who is sensitive to our concerns and our members, which is repaid in monthly installments
aspirations and vote for him as a bloc. Whether he wins and a bursary funds for members who have constraints
or not, it is still a win-win situation for Muslims. After in paying fees for their children’s education who are ei-
all the NAMLEF declaration to support one candidate ther in secondary or tertiary levels. We distribute relief
has already sent shockwaves to all political parties and food, clothes and financial assistance during the Holy
Muslims have started gaining in areas where they would Month of Ramadhan. A step further has been taken to
initiate a co-operative society to enhance members’ sav-
never dream of. It is this time or never. Let 27th De-
cember 2007 be our defining moment. The Muslim:What kind of challenges would you be
experiencing Mr. Chairman?
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. First and fore most, MMC lacks financial resource base.
Most of our members are unemployed leading to low
contribution in terms of subscription. The fore going rea-
EID UL GHADEER is scheduled son highly contributes to the inability of our members to
to take place on Sunday, support their children’s education and medical expenses
30th December,2007 at the Park Road and dependency on donations. We lack premises of our
Complex starting at 10.00 am to Dhuhrain. own since what we are using is on temporary basis. To
All are encouraged to attend add on, we’ve received criticism because of soliciting
food and clothing for our members but I assert that this
has been a success for we have not neglected our low
class members.
The most pleasant and blessed marriage is >> Cont’d pg.2
that in which there is least expenditure The worst enemy of man is his own self
(Holy Prophet S.A.W.W) (Imam Ali A.S)
The Muslim 2007
CALL IT. By Ole Sekenkei

s majimbo and devolution the same thing? The an
M ajimboism has been deliberately smeared with tribal
connotations, civil war and balkanization in order
to create skepticism among the masses. The opponents
swer is an emphatic NO. Let us observe the follow
Majimbo system of government was first introduced
of majimbo are doing this not because they disagree in this country at independence and lasted a very short
with the system but rather because they think they will time. Official opposition at the time KADU dissolved it-
be denied the opportunity to continue exploiting Kenyans. self and joined KANU Government to consolidate Na-
Kenya attained independence through a majimbo tional Unity. Why was this system rejected and why the
system of government but Kenyatta frustrated the local clamor for it now? This is a difficult question and proper
authorities by denying them funds until two years later research and analysis will be required in order to arrive
they could no longer sustain themselves and had to at a proper understanding. However, we wish to state
succumb to the centralized system which Kenyatta pre- the following:
ferred in order to consolidate his own powers. If this system is introduced, taxes will go up because
Devolution is enshrined in the Bomas Draft 2004 and there will be taxes for each region and also for the Cen-
Wako’s Draft 2005 but its current opponents are those tral Government not forgetting cost of education, admin-
who opposed it at Bomas though they lost the debate istration security and all types of development will be the
and subsequent referendum. Majimbo would be intro- responsibility of each jimbo (region); due to lack of re-
duced through a constitutional process. sources poor regions will not be able to contribute to the
So what are the merits of majimbo system? Politi- central Government; the region that will be contributing
cally, it empowers the people at all levels to participate will never agree to share equally with non contributing
in governance, it is a system where people have an ef- regions and this in itself will create rift between commu-
fective say and way in the manner they are governed; it nities and people from poor regions will flock to work in
offers potential for leadership to all parts of the country the wealthy regions where they will be mistreated, paid
( a country like Nigeria would have been dominated by peanuts in the form of take it or leave it, inhabitants of
the North had it not been for federal rule); provides po- the wealthy region will resent these poor who have come
tential for extreme unity in diversity, in other words posi- from poor regions, they will also demand to be given prime
tive ethnicism. Economically, distributes national re- jobs and this in the end could create ethnic cleansing
sources equitably and spurs national wide development while at the same time promote tribalism.
through positive competition - a country like Rwanda We wish to conclude that although majimbo may be a
which is still emerging from the ashes of genocide is noble idea, it is not the proper time to introduce it in this
now an economic success story because of devolved country. Citizens need to be thoroughly educated to make
system of governance. an informed decision. The debate should therefore start
after this election because in the end the referendum
FAMILY LIFE By F.W.Chevai Kakai. will be the deciding factor and not parliament.

o prepare for marriage does not mean only to pre Meanwhile, devolution already started by President
pare for the ceremony of matrimony. It means to Kibaki in the form of CDF should be expanded and im-
be ready to face the new life that marriage brings, proved.
and/or to be informed and be aware of the changes and
From pg.2 <<
challenges that occur in life and get ready and prepare
The Muslim: How do you intend to tackle these prob-
to deal with them. Many young people entering marriage lems?
have idealistic expectations. They believe it will be simi- Chairman MMC: It is a heavy task upon us however; we
lar to the romances they have read about, or movies intend to initiate an income generating activity to alleviate
they have watched in cinema halls or TV screens in the our financial problems with supplementation of funds from
four walls of their rooms. Surely reality is quite different. our development partners. This project will create employ-
Marriage is a giant step forward in the progress of ment to our members thus improving their livelihood. We’ll
human life. A child is transformed into an adult, with all also seek employment for our members through contact-
the responsibilities and duties that marriage brings. It is ing brothers and sisters who own companies and other
also the beginning of what could become a very satis- institutions and will work towards owning permanent pre-
mises by purchasing a piece of land.
factory and fulfilling life. Marriage helps one transcend
The Muslim: Could you outline some achievements
from the restrictive world of one’s own selfish ego, to a during your term as Chairman?
real friend and well-wisher of another person (s), or team Chairman MMC: The welfare department of MMC has
leader or decision maker. Both partners have the desire managed to assist the needy families of our members in
to create a home where there is love and happiness, terms of food and clothing from our brothers and sisters in
and both have equal obligation to that goal. One of the faith. MMC is paying secondary school fees for 3 students
underlying secrets of marital life is that there is great for the entire course in addition, to paying partial second-
power in unity unlike the modern desire to be alone and ary school fees for 5 other students and we shall work
independent which brings along with it a lot of loneliness closely and tirelessly with our well-wishers and philan-
and despair. Careers, material wealth and success are thropists towards this cause. Inshaallah, we’ve been prom-
>> Cont’d pg.4 >> Cont’d pg.4 3
The Muslim 2007
From pg.3 << THEORY TO QUESTION. By Yusuf Umer
ised ten sponsorships next year.
The Muslim: What is the way forward for MMC?
Chairman MMC: We look forward to a community with
full capacity to educate (religious and secular), provide
T he theory about the origins of mankind was put
into question when a Kenyan palaentologist was
reported in our local dailies in August 2007 to have
concluded from fossil proof found seven years ago at
Iliret, on the shores of Lake Turkana that modern man
health facilities and economic support to its members.
may not have evolved from his “ancestor”, the homo
The Muslim: What would be your parting shot for erectus, as claimed by evolutionists for many years.
our readership? Evolution Theory popularized by Charles Darwin
Chairman MMC: I would like to thank ‘The Muslim’ for proposes a mechanism called the Theory of Natural
offering me this opportunity. I wish to recognize the Selection as a method of explaining evolution. Accord-
efforts of our well-wishers, philanthropists and devel- ing to this theory all species including humans, evolved
opment partners for their continued support. May Al- by gradual change over great lengths of time making
mighty Allah Bless you all. << those changes not easy to perceive. These changes
are inherited by succeeding species making them
Family Life from pg. 3 more advantaged to challenge the vagaries of nature.
all shallow substitutes for the deep joy that a happy This process also called survival of the fittest results
family life can provide. in the evolved species to supplanting the parent-spe-
cies which becomes extinct.
In recent years the institution of marriage has un- The theory despite its popularity has had a num-
dergone unprecedented changes. Attitudes towards ber of questions one of which Darwin himself queried
the roles of men and women have been transformed, in his book Origin of Species , where he asks “why, if
and along with, the roles of husbands and wives. The species have descended from other species by fine
world today is notably different from that of previous gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable
transitional forms?”
generations and many of us have hurled ourselves Paleontologists, who study plants and animals of
unsuspectingly into this rapidly changing trend. Mus- the past by examining fossils have been hard at work
lim families need to know how to make the transition, to give credence to this theory by linking modern man
the transition that will lead them into the future without who appeared on earth some 40,000 years ago by
risking their values and principles as Muslims. They lineal descent to his ancestor who according to the
evolutionist is the Homo erectus who appeared on
need to learn how to make their marriages and their earth some 1,000,000 years ago.
families even stronger than before, so that the on- Homo Erectus was preceded by another species,
slaught of modernism does not shatter and relegate the Homo habilis of 2,000,000 years ago and prior to
us as a community into oblivion. that, the Ramapithecus of 8,000,000 years ago. Ri-
The tensions of modern life can strain a marriage. chard Leakey the world famous anthropologist in his
book ‘Origins of Humans’ speculates the
Even with the best of intentions a married couple has Ramapithecus, an ape- like creature “may have been
to strive to keep their marriage happy. After the initial the ancestor of the homo (human) family.”
excitement and novelty wears off, many couples run The irony of the Iliret find by Dr Kyalo Manthi, an
into problems. To avoid unhappiness in marriage, the anthropologist with the Museums of Kenya, is that the
couple must learn problem solving tactics as well as fossil belongs to the human family and more impor-
tantly that it co-existed with so-called ancestors, put-
methods of enhancing their married life. ting the Evolution theory into question.
In this page therefore, I would like to make a small Theists believe that God created everything and that
contribution towards attempting to help “that young Man descended from Adam. From the smallest of mat-
couple” . If you think that you can benefit, then watch ter to the galaxies, the moon the solar system all work
out for this page on family life. May Allah (SWT) give in perfect harmony. Yet again when one goes to sleep
confident that his heart or respiratory system will not
us success that it is in your interest. May Allah (swt) relax as does his brains, because a second’s halt of
give us tawfiq. his system will cost him his life, one cannot help but
Scientist loses job for believing conclude that all this cannot have happened by coin-
cidence but surely the work of the Designer.
in Creation Harun Yahya an ardent critic of Charles Darwin’s
theories says that one of the reason the theories were
A Christian biologist is suing the prestigious Woods given wide berth in society and politics was not only to
Hole Oceanographis Institution in Massachusettes, oppose religion but gave succor to materialist philoso-
claiming he was fired for refusing to accept evolution, phies. statements like the ‘strongest and best survive,
lawyers involved in the case said. became commonplace. These thoughts not only fu-
Nathaniel Abraham, an Indian National who de- elled Hitler’s Nazi movement which was greatly influ-
scribes himself as a “ Bible-believing Christian,” said enced by Darwin’s thoughts but also gave the Euro-
in the suit filed in boston last week that he wasd fired in pean nations moral to carve the world and enslave
2004 because he would not accept evolution as a sci- people.
entific fact.The zebrafish specialist, who is seeking $ It is however hoped that with this finding that sci-
500,000 in compensation, said he told his superior he ence will wxpand its narrow sensory materialist ba-
did not accept evolution because he believed the Bible sis.
a true account of human creation.