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7 tips to Happy Life (Part 2) Ven Thubten Chodron KMSPKS 10000 Buddha Pagoda Medicinal Buddha Hall 25 May

2012 1930 hrs Talk started with q&a The more complaints the more people dun change Be compassion, frank, talk to bosses. Dissociate with people who lie for people 1 remembers and 2 distant People reconcile for those confess come clan they lie, screwed up... Maintain own inner peace... Keep Tab mood swings... Bring attention to breathe... Meditate on Kindness of Sentient beings Face difficulties with perkiness (deal with it, see what can b done Depends on our attitude, response Kindness of others - Architect who construct the shelter/ temple - Farmer who tilt the fields Important meditate kindness of sentient beings In dealing with fears, ghost, take refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and remember their qualities In dealing with anxiety, contemplate on kindness... Example... Buddha subdue drunk mad elephant rushing towards HIM with kindness... on setting Priorities: Good v bad priorities Oneself Others Short Term DIfficult Beneficial Do act Long Term Easy Not Beneficial DUN

Decision Making criteria 1. in which situation will I have pure ethical conduct? 2, in which situation can I benefit sentient beings in the long term? must b not harm dharma practice NOT for financial gain NOT for personal fame, popularity Adhere to values and principles when one discount values and principles, one's respect out the door goes along with one's integrity On question of rejection, depression: It is OK to be rejected Ir is better to come to terms of the match that doesn fit THAN to realized it and suffer in the marriage on treatment/ relating to relative: Accept that there is a limit of ability to love on one's parents: THEY DID the BEST they could GIVEN what they had grown up with Prevent mechanism for Low Self-Esteem: Meditate on (1) Precious Human (re)birth; and (2) BUDDHA NATURE Focus on fundamental of the mind likened to the boundaryless clear blue sky whence at times hidden by thick layers of dark clouds of emotions, afflictions, etc. Strengthening the mind with deity meditation: Chenresig on the top of one's crown having conversation with him/ her having in mind the 4 immeasurables On motivating oneself on performance when depressed: Stop faulting oneself and blowing faults out of proportion, Accept you are more than your faults, Give yourself Encouragement, Lets give it a try, take it as learning something new. Be Open minded On performance: Don't compete, Do what you capable of, Do your best! BE happy with THAT, MARVEL at other excellence On family reaction/ resistance to Buddhism: PRACTICE WELL,,, Touch them in real life situation

Tell/ Share with PARENTS some dharma, chant with them, read to them --------- Teaching proper ---------#3 This is JUST NOT ABOUT ME the world doesn evolve around you... not your gains, pleasures World doesn center on you nor your 2 by 4 iphone Anxiety is overpaying attention to oneself unproductively Send the self-center thoughts on vacation KINDNESS MEDITATION DUN TAKE People for granted Regular manners to people you cared/ close to you Say it, Do it, be it for your family, friends (even bf/ gf) or even bosses/ colleagues Keep your promises and commitments (1) BETTER Say 'NO' in the beginning than SAY 'YES' if can't/ incompetent or act blur/ nonchalant (2) "I am really sorry, circumstances has it I can't do it...I find somebody who can do it..." better than lead somebody having expectation a strictly NO-NO LEARN be TRUSTWORTHY... Keep in confidence for what people confide in you STAY FAITHFUL... keep to your promise/ marital vow ESP for those married or committed partner Evaluate: How can/ may I be good friend? Need/ stop doing what? #4 to #7 its about transition so carried on next day 26 May 2012 2 pm now let do meditation... reflect what been shared... rejoice in the merits... dedicate