ĐỀ LUYỆN THI TUYỂN SINH ĐH-CĐ 2012 Môn: TIẾNG ANH (Khối D) Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút, không kể thời gian phát đề (Đề thi có 06 trang)

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions. Question 1: A. invaluable B. investigate C. intimacy D. intensity Question 2: A. insight B. chemist C. dependent D. substance Question 3: A. subordinate B. competition C. expectation D. irrespective Question 4: A. engineer B. committee C. conversation D. controversial Question 5: A. condition B. genetics C. withstand D. indicate Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. Question 6: – “Could I speak to Susan May, please?” -“ _________________” A. Speaking B. Talking C. Saying D. Answering Question 7: Some people like cream and sugar in their coffee, while __________. A. others drink hot coffee B. others like it black C. milk is good in coffee, too D. sugar can cause cavities Question 8: He tries to _______ himself with everyone by paying them compliments. A. gratify B. please C. ingratiate D. commend Question 9: Luckily, I _______ a new pair of sunglasses as I found mine at the bottom of a bag. A. needn't have bought B. needed not to buy C. didn't need to by D. hadn't to buy Question 10: Thanks to the laser beams, at last, he could get rid of the __________birthmark on his face. A. normal B. abnormal C. abnormality D. abnormally Question 11: Mary: “ Do you think it will rain ? “ Jenny: “Oh ! ________” A. I don’t hope. B. I hope not. C. I don’t hope so D. It’s hopeless Question 12: - “ More coffee?, Anybody?” - “ ______________________________.” A. I don’t agree, I’m afraid B. Yes, I’d love to C. Yes, please D. It’s right, I think Question 13. William is an authority _______ medieval tapestries. A. on B. with C. about D. in Question 14: The stolen painting was ______ a large sum of money. A. worth B. valued C. cost D. priced Question 15: My cousin obviously didn't _________ much of an impression on you if you can't remember meeting her. A. create B. build C. do D. make Question 16: Wasn't it you __________ the door open? A. to leave B. to have left C. that should left D. who left Question 17: She really ________ reading intelligent books. A. catch up on B. go in for C. bring in D. make up of Question 18: The boy was sent to the police because of several ____ that he had taken part in. A. set-to B. set-toes C. sets-to D. set-tos Question 19: -______________, the results couldn’t be better. A-No matter what he tried hard B-No matter how hard he tried C-Although very hard he tried D-Despite how hard he tried Page | 1

expectations D. A. led C. false B.________? A. part and parcel C. so do can Mark the letter A. VAT Question 34: The boy is ____________ to solve the problem. made B. the others B. didn’t he D. WHO C. A. didn’t they B. odds and ends D. mock C. come about D. You shouldn’t look ………………………at everyone else. it is difficult to capture it in a single photograph. Have a nice trip!. A. For the C. The D. A. that you keep C. can do so D. By Question 21: ________ vastness of the Grand Canyon. chalk and cheese B. unreal Question 27: You have a good feeling about yourself and………………. come away Question 33: _________ is the total value of goods and services produced by a country in one year A. A B C D Read the following passage and mark the letter A. A. others Question 28: The _____________ of what computers can do have changed over the years.GDP D. B. do so can C. you to keep B.” A. C. accused B. A B C D Question 38:-Neither of the men arresting as terrorists would reveal information about his group. C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the underline part that needs correction. up your nose B. B. A B C D Question 37: The City Council is planning to take measures regarding to the noise level in the city centre. prosecuted Question 32: Please _______________ and see us some time. such clever Question 35: A semiconductor is a substance that seldom conducts electricity. You ‘re always welcome. Question 30: No one died in the accident. its manner changes and it becomes threatened. A. top and bottom Question 24: He __________________________me to believe that they had left the district. your keeping Question 23: Making mistakes is all __________ of growing up. A. did he C. fake D. Question 36: I strongly object the idea of students in the final year working part-time jobs.when you volunteer. down your nose C. Because of B. expected C. Better luck next time! C.. that you will keep D. the other D. I will write to you when I come to Paris.Question 20: _______ the time you get to the theatre. A B C D Question 40: Little he knows about the surprise that awaited him. A. down on Question 26: The ________ exam in February prepared pupils for the real thing in June. A B C D Question 39: When a lion gets hungry. Page | 2 . convicted C. clever enough B. did they Question 31: The judge______________ the murderer to a lifetime imprisonment. enough clever C. the play will have finished. A. expectation B. confirmed Question 25. unexpected Question 29: Brown: “____________” – Smith: “Thanks. Until D. other C. A. While Question 22: I would appreciate __________ it a secret. A. so can do B. so clever D. In B. On C. or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions. assured D. up to D. A. A. come to B. God bless you! B. but _________ under certain circumstances. sentenced D. come around C. Have a go! D. ASEAN B.

The first step is to reduce garbage. and a bag. For example. filled again and collected. Another way to reduce waste is to buy high-quality products. The motto of the recycling movement is "Reduce. In those places. The second step is to reuse. logical C. Question 47: The word 'motto' is closest in meaning to_________ A. practicing it. When low quality appliances break. Question 46: What does it mean 'Customers can vote with their wallets'? A. The manufacturers of the drinks collect the bottles. Because customers change their ideas all the time. C. Aluminum cans are expensive to make. reuse cups D. they help save one of the world's precious resources. that customer sends an important message to the manufacturers. The energy that is necessary to make new bottles is saved. recycling is big news. North America and Europe. The bottles are filled again after being returned. Recycle". To reduce garbage. Spent motor oil can be cleaned and used again. boxes and expensive plastic wrappings. buy fewer hamburgers Question 45: Why is it a waste and customers buy low-quality products? A. cautious B. Reuse. In some parts of the world. they can tell the producers which products are good for environment by buying them. Asia C. the garbage dumps have relatively little glass and plastic from throwaway bottles. D. People are talking about it. returned and filled again. Question 42: Which is described as one of the most industrialized areas? A. After customers. responding Question 44: People can do the following to reduce waste EXCEPT A. People should try to buy things that are wrapped simply. Because they produce less energy. they can choose the cheapest products B. buy simply-wrapped things C. what is involved in the recycling movement D. buy high-quality product B. The bottles are washed. collected and washed. The bottles are collected. In the same way. they can ask people to choose products with less packaging D. It is better to buy juices and soft drinks in returnable bottles. empty the bottles. Because people will soon throw them away. washed. reference Question 48: What best describes the process of reuse? A. how to live sensitively to the environment. meaning B. Middle East D. they return them to the store. if a customer buys a high-quality appliance that can be easily repaired. The third step is being environmentally sensitive is to recycle. value C. Recycling means finding was to use products a second time. A hamburger from a fast food restaurant comes in lots of packaging: usually paper. It takes the same amount of energy to make one aluminum can as it does to run a color TV set for three hours. The bottles are collected. a box. they can cast a lot to praise a producer. how to reduce garbage disposal B. C. and then fill them again. returned filled again and washed. Page | 3 . C. Because they have to be repaired many times. All that packaging is wasted resources. wash them. particularly in the two most industrialized areas. When people collect and recycle aluminum (for new cans). South America Question 43: What does the word 'sensitive' in the phrase 'sensitive to the environment' mean? A. friendly D. In stores. many customers throw them away and buy new ones .In the world today. the throwaway must stop. and discovering new ways to be sensitive to the environment. Question 41: What is the main topic of the passage? A. if a customer chooses a product with less packaging. the manufacturer receives an important message. what people often understand about the term 'recycle' C. and to reuse cups and utensils. belief D. B. Europe B. retuned. returning bottles for money is a common practice. D.a loss of more resources and more energy. B. a shopper has to buy products in blister packs.

Since D. Question 52: The energy used to make a can is_______ the energy used to run a color TV set for 3 hours. less than C. Aristotle and Plato in ancient Greece wrote about problems of wealth. pull D. A. taught to read two hours a day. It was necessary for a nation to keep wages low and the population large and growing. D. C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the best option for each of the blanks. Reducing waste D. Gold and silver were regarded as an index of national power. each returned bottles is paid. 3 steps Question 55: Which of the followings is not “utensil” A. A. B. were trying to expand their colonies and to (77) _____ the gold and silver mines from there. C. The development of modern nations during (73) _____ 16th century made many people pay (74) _____ to the problem of increasing the wealth and (75) _____ of individuals. (80) _____ and capacity. health D. produced D. and (71) _____ Both of them were against commerce. drill B. an B. Aluminum cans and spent motor oil. Question 56. regarded Question 58. medicine Question 57. Many countries were always ready to plunge into a new war for gold and silver mines. the C. standard B. trade D. Recycling B. Ø D. more than Question 53: The word 'precious' is closest in meaning to_________ A. Although C. While Question 65. A. recover C. During the Middle Ages. A. substantial C. powerfully C. Aluminum cans and plastic wrappings. powerful B. knife B. invent C. B. A. A. as much as B. the better it was for their country's prosperity. chose B. powered D. A.Question 49: The garbage dumps in some areas have relatively little glass and plastic because A. A. ill-paid population (78) _____ more goods to sell at low prices to foreigners. belief Question 51: What are the two things mentioned as examples of recycling? A. deed C. exercise D. and kept fully employed the rest of the time in any of the manufactures of the house which best suits their age. Economic issues have occupied people's minds throughout the ages. rise Question 62. selected C. the economic ideas of the Roman (72) _____ commerce as inferior to agriculture. TV sets and aluminum cans. A. Hamburger wrappings and spent motor oil. fork C. people are ordered to return bottles. inflated C. expression D. not many bottles are made of glass or plastic. C. not worth being compared to D. property. One writer had a plan for children of the poor: "(79) _____ the children are four years old. a Question 59. A large. B. create B. returned bottles are few. Several powerful countries. invaluable Question 54: What can be the title of the passage? A. education C. wondered D. such as England and Spain. vehicle Read the following passage and mark the letter A. D. they should be sent to the workhouse. invest Question 64. feeling that to live by trade was undesirable. power Question 61. natural B. Question 50: The word 'practice' is closest in meaning to_________ A. The Romans borrowed their economic ideas from the Greeks and showed the same contempt for trade. attention Question 60. interest B. restructured B. property C. philosophy B. encourage B. When B. wealth Page | 4 . A. showing C. Protecting the environment C. glass D. research Question 63. first D. A. The economic policy of the leaders of that time was to (76) _____ national self-sufficiency. It also followed that the earlier children began to work. exploit D.

between elite and popular culture. philosophy. all schools and universities have taught classical literature. Microsoft® Student 2008. Cultures evolve or develop. No single alternative focus emerged. historical and figurative meanings D. They are not static. indeed. derives from the same root as civilization does D. conventions. the range of reference is extremely wide. regular C. schools and universities have not taught classical literature. to education. balanced B. There is no single.B. As cultures express themselves in new forms not everything gets better or more civilized. although many attempts have been made to establish one. for example. The multiplicity of meanings attached to the word made and will make it difficult to define. The two words are sometimes treated as synonymous. philosophy. like culture or agriculture. from the soil. affecting kinds of study. It evolves from agriculture. sociological and anthropological meanings Question 70: According to the passage. or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions Culture is a word in common use with complex meanings. like the term broadcasting. classical literature. the use of the word culture has been strongly influenced by conceptions of evolution in the 19th century and of development in the 20th century. including their customs. and history ceased in the 20th century to be central to school and university education.Read the following passage adapted from A. from the treatment and care of the soil and of what grows on it. philosophy. Page | 5 . is related to the preparation and use of land for farming B. The only nonproblematic definitions go back to agricultural meaning (for example. the word culture has come to be used generally both in the singular and the plural (cultures) to refer to a whole way of life of people. develops from Greek and Roman literature and history Question 71: It is stated in paragraph 1 that a cultured person ______. A. Distinctions have been drawn too between culture and civilization. It differs from the word civilization C. There are cultural processes. and history have not been taught as compulsory subjects Question 69: It is difficult to give the definitions of the word culture EXCEPT for its ______. comes from a source that has not been identified C. among them a knowledge of and interest in the arts. A. and most recently digital culture. and mark the letter A. between popular and mass culture. Briggs' article on culture. dense D. agricultural and medical meanings C. philosophy. laws. classical literature. and history have been considered as core subjects B. They have twists and turns. literature. although with computers has come electronic culture. and history C. and is derived. Styles change. A. and history D. culture shock. the word cultured means has changed substantially since the study of classical (that is. and values. the latter is a word derived not. Its use has been considerably changed. It is directly related to cultivation and the adjectives cultural and cultured are part of the same verbal complex. What. B. Yet this is misleading. While civilization and barbarism are pitted against each other in what seems to be a perpetual behavioural pattern. the word culture ______. but from the city. Yet the word culture does not refer solely to such knowledge and interest nor. A person of culture has identifiable attributes. and music. and counterculture. unchanged Question 68: It can be inferred from the passage that since the 20th century ______. unproblematic definition. A. At least from the 19th century onwards. and most recently between national and global cultures. C. philosophical and historical meanings B. Question 67: The word "static" in paragraph 2 could best be replaced by "______". philosophy. Greek and Roman) literature. So do fashions. D. cereal culture or strawberry culture) and medical meaning (for example. Distinctions have consequently been drawn between primitive and advanced culture and cultures. under the influence of anthropologists and sociologists. It is a word that cannot be defined. Since in anthropology and sociology we also acknowledge culture clashes. bacterial culture or penicillin culture). Question 66: Which of the following is NOT true about the word culture? A.

B. C. C. and music Question 72: The word "attributes" in paragraph 1 most likely means ______. are both related to agriculture and cultivation B. takes care of the soil and what grows on it D. Classical music doesn’t makes me happy so I don’t love it. Hoa was kind enough not to send flowers to me on my birthday. do not develop from the same meaning C. does a job relevant to education B. B. Hoa was enough kind to send me flowers on my birthday. he managed to get out of the car before it exploded. or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions Question 76: It was kind of Hoa to send flowers to me on my birthday. fields Question 73: The passage mainly discusses ______. Distinctions have been drawn between culture and civilization. The word culture can be used to refer to a whole way of life of people. A. A. aspects D. We didn’t go to the cinema every year. Despite his broken legs.the distinction between culture and civilization C. have nearly the same meaning D. B. the figurative meanings of the word culture Question 74: Which of the following is NOT stated in the passage? A. B. We haven’t seen any film for a long time. he managed to get out of the car before it exploded. the multiplicity of meanings of the word culture B.A. Classical music makes me happy so I don’t love it. A. C. D. A. literature. Hardly had we arrived when the performance began. C. Classical music makes me happy so I love it. he was able to get out of the car before exploding. A. Question 78: We haven’t been to the cinema for years. D. has knowledge of arts. has a job related to cultivation C. A. The use of the word culture has been changed since the 19th century. C. D. B. Question 79: Although his legs were broken. Question 75: The author remarks that culture and civilization are the two words that ______. qualities C. D. Hoa was kind enough to send flowers to me on my birthday. Classical music doesn’t make me happy so I love it. Despite his legs to be broken. THE END ============================ Page | 6 . B. skills B. We go to the cinema every week. Despite his broken legs. Despite his legs were broken. C. Question 77: I love classical music because it makes me happy. share the same word formation pattern Mark the letter A. the derivatives of the word culture D. B. D. The performance had started before we arrived. A. The performance started sooner than we arrived. C. he was able to get out of the car before it exploded. D. Anthropology and sociology have tried to limit the references to culture. Hoa wasn’t kind enough to send me flowers on my birthday. A. Question 80: No sooner had we arrived than the performance began. When we arrived the performance had already started. We do not go to the cinema unless we have time. he managed to get out of the car before it exploded.

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