Dear Neighbor, .

14, 1984

This letter reports the status of our mutual efforts to oppose Zoning Application Z84-60, which provides for the development of three seven-story office buildings east of I-75 on Mt. Paran Road,which development includes plans for a hotel-type development of approximately 150 units with a restaurant and bar and a four-level parking deck to accommodate approximately 900 automobiles. ~ Despite almost unanimous objection to the rezoning by residents of this area, the developers of the project, Herbert Reese and Guy Carmichael, and their architect Jerry Cooper, have been able to keep their rezoning application from being denied as of this time. A neighborhood planning unit meeting of this area was held at St. Anne's Episcopal Church on Tuesday evening, August 7, 1984. At a vote of that meeting, approximately 237 residents opposed the zoning application, 1 voted for it, and 2 abstained. On August 9, 1984, the Zoning Review Board conducted a public hearing on the rezoning. At the outset of the hearing, the developers sought to defer consideration of the matter. The Chairman permitted all sides to present evidence and arguments on the merits of the proposal. In excess of 200 residents from this area were present at the hearing. A hand vote was taken. Approximately 9 supported the application (1 from this neighborhood and approximately 8 representing the developer) and in excess of 200 residents of this area voted against the application. A petition opposing the application was presented to the Board which included approximately 1,448 names of residents in this area. Despite the almost unanimous opposition to the rezoning matter, by a 5 to 4 vote the Board at the conclusion of the hearing elected to defer decision on the rezoning until September 6, 1984. The timing of the deferral motion in the face of almost unanimous a severe shock and surprise to residents who attended the hearing. opposition came as

The Zoning Review Board again meets on September 6, 1984 at 6:00 p.m. on the second floor of City Hall, downtown Atlanta. It is obvious that the developers are lobbying members of the Zoning Review Board and Council representatives to persuade these officials to permit the commercial intrusion east of 1-75 in the Mt. Paran Road area. You can greatly assist in opposing the rezoning. First, be present on September 6, 1984 at the Zoning Review Board hearing to voice your vote against the application. Second, please send a brief note or letter to members of the Zoning Review Board and the City Council to express your opposition to the proposed rezoning. Only through this means will your voice be heard in opposition to the lobbying efforts of the developers. After the Zoning Review Board makes its recommendation, the City Council ultimately wf.Ll. be responsible for deciding whether this zoning is to be permitted. Enclosed is a listing of the addresses Review Board members for your use. of the City Council members and the Zoning

Please take a few minutes to protect the integrity of our neighborhood and to avoid the overburdening of Mt. Paran Road with commercial traffic. The developers admitted that their project will place an additional 500 automobiles per hour at peak hours on Mt. Paran Road. Support your residential neighborhood. Please write your Council and Zoning Review Board members and plan to be at the Zoning Review Board on September 6 at 6:00 p.m. Yours truly,

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