Chapter One: You Want Me to What?

I couldn't believe that I was sitting across from my best friend of twenty years as he talked about the shit he'd been up to the weekend before. His face was beaming as he talked about all the vile things he'd let someone do to him. It was hard to imagine Emmett, who was a body builder type-of-looking mother fucker, on his knees letting a woman dominate him but I guess whatever floats his boat. "So…let me get this straight? You found out about this group of women who all have regular jobs and then on weekends they like to moonlight as dominatrix's. They're like the weekend warriors of the kinky persuasion. How long has this been going on?" He grinned so fucking wide, I was certain that his dimples would create actual holes in his face. I was a little pissed that he'd been keeping shit from me, but I'm not sure I would tell him something I knew he'd rag on me about. "Dude, I've been seeing Rose for the last six months. I know I told you that I've been getting new projects that took up my weekends. But the fact of the matter is, I've been having a really, really good time and trust me, I definitely get worked," he said, wiggling his eyebrows. "So you've kept this a secret for the last six months and you decide to meet me for beers and spill your guts? What brought this on? Too many dildos in the ass got you questioning your sexuality?" "Okay first, fuck you. I never said anything about dildos in my ass, that's not how we roll. And second, fuck you for just being you," he laughed. "So here's the deal. I guess one of the girls is losing her sub at the end of the month. He's moving or some shit and she'll be looking to replace him, I'm sure of it, since she is insatiable from what I've heard from Jake. There's no way that she'll stay alone for long. Plus, she's fucking hot. I was going to suggest that you meet with her. She's like literally your dream woman." He was practically rubbing his hands together. "Fuck Em, I'm not sure about that. I like taking charge and I don't think that I could just hand the reins over and let some woman have fun humiliating me." "You don't get it. Even if they are in control outwardly, you'll have all the control. I'm telling you it's the hottest thing I've ever fucking done. And if you get involved with it and decide it's not for you it's as easy as saying 'I'm out' and she can't stop you. Take some time; research about it a little bit, and then get back to me, okay? If you decide you're down, then I'll let Rose know and she'll talk to Bella." Her name alone intrigued me. I decided that I would at least do some research and check out some sites about male submissive. If Emmett says that she hot then she had to be because his taste in women was pretty fucking good. The idea of a woman in a leather corset and knee high boots was hot but I wasn't too sure about her tying me up and spanking me. Women get spanked, men do the spanking. At least that's how it was in my bedroom. I spent a couple days looking over a ton of sites online. I'm not going to lie; some of the shit that I saw freaked me the fuck out. There was no way I could let anyone use any kind of plastic dick in my ass and the idea of it made me unconsciously clench my ass cheeks together. The thought that Emmett might let Rose do that shit to him made me want to vomit in my mouth a little bit. He said that he didn't get down like that but I wouldn't admit that shit either. Then I found some stuff about the paper work involved. I laughed at the idea of signing a contract about what I would and wouldn't do to get laid by this woman. My mind went to the movie Bedazzled that my ex made me watch. I imagined a hot chick dressed as a sexy devil trying to get me to sign my soul over to her. All-in-all, it sounded kinda hot.

Just the thought that I was almost talked into doing this scared me. I didn't know how hardcore she was but from what Emmett said about Rose she was a normal chick who liked kinky sex and treated him like a slave. I figured, what the hell, and closed my laptop. I pick up my phone and dialed Emmett's' number. It was Thursday so I knew he wouldn't be tied up, pun-fucking-intended. "Edward, so did you decide?" I hadn't called him since we had beers so he must have been waiting to hear from me. "I'm in… but I'm only going to meet her, no promises." "Great, I'll call Rose. They are having a party at Bella’s on Saturday night and I'm assuming that Bella’s sub, Jake, will be there but I'll see if I can get you an invite. It will be the perfect time to meet with no pressure." "Alright man, just let me know what's going on." After we got off the phone my nerves turned into excitement. This was by far the craziest thing I'd ever done and oddly enough, I was fucking excited. Emmett called the next day to let me know that I had a personal invite to the party courtesy of Rose. She'd seen a picture of me that Emmett had on his Facebook and decided that if Bella wasn't interest someone might be. I guess there were a few girls that would be there who were in the market, so to speak. Thinking that made me feel cheap and dirty. I knew that these chicks were really girls but I was hoping that I wasn't going to end up in a cold shower like in The Crying Game. If I did, I hoped that I'd at least do it Jim Carrey style. I got my suit pressed and made sure all my shit was tight. I needed to look good since I'm sure the first impression was all I'd get. As I walked out the door Saturday night I checked the mirror. I had just got a hair cut so it was messy but not out of control. My light grey suit, white shirt, and skinny black tie all looked straight. I had to resist the urge to wink in the mirror like one of those douche bags on The Jersey Shore because I was looking fucking good. I opened my phone and checked the address one more time. This chick definitely had money because it was a Hollywood Hills address. Em and I grew up in a small town in Washington but we decided that UCLA would be the place to head to for college. We both worked our way through school doing the typical jobs of waiters and valets. We both had some money from family and scholarships but we needed beer money. What's college without a sufficient amount of beer money? A few times people would think we were aspiring models or actors but neither of us was interested. We had a good time partying and hanging out while somehow keeping our grades up. We graduated three years ago, both with degrees in business management. Em currently ran a local auto detailing shop that specialized in customizing, since he also completed an auto program. He'd worked with cars his whole life anyway so he pretty much ended up with his dream job. Now he looked like one of those guys you'd see on the covers of a car magazine. He was ripped and tattooed. The kind of guy chicks in LA fawned over. The tough guy exterior was definitely a show because he was the biggest sap I knew and apparently someone's bitch in the bedroom. It took me forever, with all the traffic, to get into the Hills from the east side of LA where I stayed. After getting a job writing commercial jingles I had enough of an income to move out of Emmett's' place. It was nice being on my own and not having to deal with Ems' nasty ass all the time. I swear he lives in filth so I very rarely go to his place anymore. Maybe I should ask Rose to demand him to clean his place.

My GPS told me that her driveway was less than a mile down a windy ass road and when it told me to turn I pulled up to a gate. I looked to see a house but all I could see was tropical trees and plants. I pressed the intercom and a heavily accented voice asked my name. When I told her there was a buzzing sound, and then the gate started to open. As I rounded the corner of the curvy driveway I saw that the entire area in front of the huge house was filled with cars. The house was big but then at the same time it looked more like a bungalow than a mansion. It had a ton of plants and shit so it was hard to see the entire face of the house. The tall trees blocked what looked like a second floor. All the cars that were parked along the driveway were nice, shiny and new. I was glad that the Audi my dad bought me for my graduation present was still in good shape. I was too emotionally connected to the car to buy a new one, even if I had the money to do so. As I walked up the path that led to the front door I could hear the music coming from inside. There was no way that anyone would have heard me knock but I would try anyway, not wanting to just walk into a perfect stranger's house. The door opened as I lifted my hand to do it. "Welcome Mr. Cullen, won't you come in," the woman said, stepping off to the side. I could tell by her voice that she had been the same person to answer the gate buzzer. She offered to take my jacket but I declined and followed her into the massive living room. There were people everywhere. I scanned to room and saw Emmett standing next to a very leggy blonde. I made my way over after stopping at the bar to get a drink. If I was going to throw myself into this I might as well have a good time doing it. I noticed when I got closer that Emmett had on a thick black collar with a ring on it and bare feet. Other than that he was in a loose white button up and a pair of distressed jeans. As I looked around I noticed that a lot of the guys were dressed pretty informally, with some exceptions. All the women were dressed in sexy dresses and heels. I assumed that the guys had on whatever their fem-dom wanted them in. Their mistresses? I was so fucking out of my element. "Hey Em." They both turned towards me. "Hey man, glad to see you made it." Before I could say anything Rose jutted her hand out at me so I took it and shook. "Rose. Nice to meet you Edward. Emmett has told me lots about you." "So happy that you decided to come." She pulled her hand back and stroked down Emmett's cheek. It was affectionate and threw me off, big time. We stood chatting for awhile about some of the guests. I was introduced to fucking hot Italian chick named Gianna and a strawberry blonde named Tanya. They were both unattached at the moment but Rose seemed to scare them off. I was also introduced to a bubbly, tiny woman named Alice who was hanging on her sub. Their relationship seemed odd because from an outsiders' point of view Jasper seemed more like her boyfriend than her sub. As Rose talked I noticed that she was the opposite of Em except for the eyes. Where he was tall and broad, she was thin and average height. His dark cropped hair was the opposite of her long, naturally blond hair. But when looking at them both they had the same piercing blue eyes and in both their eyes you could see something when they looked at each other. Rose had a hot body but all the women in the room did. It was like the beautiful peoples club. As I looked around, checking out all the eye candy that filled the room, my breath caught in my throat. The first thing I saw was long, pale legs that had the hottest fuck-me-shoes attached to dainty feet. With all that aside, the most noticeable thing was the ivy that was tattooed and running from her

ankle all the way up into the bottom of her dress, twisting around her leg. Her back was to me so I could see her long, dark hair that almost hit the top of her tight little ass. Her deep blue dress hugged every curve and it fell just short of the bottom of her ass. I swear I almost drooled on myself and took a step forward. But as I did Rose shouted from behind me. "Bella!" The woman I had been staring at turned around and I could finally see her face. She had big, expressive brown eyes and pouty red lips. Her hand was thrown over her shoulder as she walked forward and I saw that she had a leash in her hand. Trailing behind her was a kid who looked no older than twenty-one. He was just a tad taller than her but looked pretty buff under his suit. He was dressed similar to me but had the same type of collar on that Emmett was wearing. The leash was attached to it. He had dark hair and eyes. From what I could tell he was also naturally tanned. He was very much the opposite of me. "Hey, Rose." She smiled and looked over at Emmett who was looking at the floor. I noticed that Emmett wouldn't look her in the eye but looked over at Rose. She nodded her head at him. He then looked at Bella and she smiled. "Good evening, Miss. Swan. How are you tonight?" It was weird that he was talking so formally but I didn't say anything. I was too busy eyeing the kid attached to the leash. I towered over him and I was tempted to ask if he wanted a box to stand on. "I'm fabulous. Thank you for asking. Who's your friend?" she asked, gesturing towards me. "This is Edward." Her eyes got big for just a moment and then she regained her composure. "It's nice to meet you, Bella," I said, holding out my hand. She looked down at my hand then back up at my face, not even attempting to shake it. "So you're Edward. Interesting," she said looking me up and down. Without another word she walked away with her 'dog' in tow. I saw her lead him to a corner and whisper into his ear. He nodded a few times and then she pressed a soft kiss to his lips. My body jerked forward, the urge to hit him in the face taking over. I held back as I watched her walk to a door near the stairs and opened it, peeking in only for a second. When the door closed and she walked away I lost her in the crowd, so I turned back to talk to Emmett. "Edward, come play with me," she whispered in my ear. I knew it was her by her voice and her smell. She smelled like sex and heaven so I didn't even think twice in turning around and walking behind her. She led me to that same door and opened it, gesturing for me to walk in first. There were stairs that lead up which threw me off since there were stairs that lead to the second floor right next to it. There was a dim light coming from the top. I walked up the short flight of stairs and turned when I got in the room. In the center of the room was a huge four post bed, draped in white sheer fabric. It was the only piece of furniture that filled the large space but there was a large wall filled with toys, hanging off of hooks. There were also double doors that led somewhere that I was sure held a lot more stuff. I felt her walk pass me and into the room, while I stayed at the top of the staircase. "There are lots of surprises in this room Edward. You are here on your own free will so if I say or do anything you don't like please tell me or go back to the party." I nodded at her and walked forward, watching her run her hand across the edge of the bed.

"Please take you jacket off, get comfortable." I couldn't help but comply watching as she crawled onto the bed. Her body slinking forward and then she lay on her stomach with her feet kicked up behind her. Her heels were clicking together as she moved her feet back and forth. "I was so troubled when I found out that Jacob was leaving me but then Rosalie said she had found the perfect replacement." I scowled a little when she said replacement. "But the fact of the matter is, you are completely opposite of everything I usually like. That would be like trying to replace a riding crop with a flogger. It's the same general idea, but a completely different experience." I was about to ask what the hell a flogger was when she lifted her finger to her lips, signaling for me to be quite. "Don't say anything until asked. And when I ask a question just nod yes or no when it's t all possible. I'd like you to take your clothes off, Edward. Don't feel any pressure to do it but I like to know what I'm getting, if you get my drift," she laughed. "I'd test drive the car if I could but I have my loyalties. Well, for the next four weeks anyway." I nodded and started to strip down, then and there, not giving it a second thought. I knew that if this was reversed, most girls would be shy about a guy watching her undress, but I was a man. When a hot chick says get naked, you get fucking naked. "Just so you know nothing will happen between us tonight. I'm still in a relationship of sorts with Jacob and I don't share. So how could I ask my subs to do it? You should know that I will not tolerate you being with other women, if something comes of this." She looked up and smiled wide at my naked body. Slowly she crawled back off the bed and curled her pointer finger at me. I started to walk forward and when I was about ten feet from her she held her hand up. "Stop right there. Stand, feet shoulder width apart and put your hands behind your back with your fingers locked." I did as she said and watched as she walked over to the wall. She pulled off a long stick that had a handle at one end and a triangle of leather on the other. "I don't know what you expected when you came here tonight but I don't have a dungeon and I'm not a fan of chains. This life is very much about pleasure and pain. I'm not into the shit you see in those S&M porns. I have my style and I like the way I do things. This is a riding crop," she said, running her hand up and down the shaft. "I use it but I also like it used on me. It's all very much about give and take," she cooed, as she walked forward, running the leather down my chest. "You have virgin skin, no tattoos and no piercings, a blank slate. With the way Emmett looks I'm surprised to see you so clean cut looking. I like my boys pretty but with a little edge. Do you think you can be a little edgy, Edward?" I nodded and watched as she walked around me and dragged the leather over my back as she went. "You have a beautiful body. Your ass is pretty much perfection and that says a lot since Jacob is like a statue. What do you do, Edward? How do you have so much free time to keep your ass looking so good?" She walked around so that we were face to face. She was tapping the leather of the crop against her leg. "I write music for commercials and things of that nature." My voice sounded foreign to me. "So you go into a studio to work?" "No, I have one at my house." "So, you're your own boss then?" I nodded my head and she smiled.

"I love that you didn't answer that yes or no question with words. Words can be so unnecessary sometimes. I think you have some potential but there is one thing that is a must." She looked down at my very noticeable hard on. I mean, he was basically staring her in the face, so it was hard not to notice it. She walked back over and hung the crop up where she took it from. She sauntered over, looking at me with sex filled eyes. She was definitely sexy and I didn't think she was trying all that hard. "You have a beautiful dick, Edward. It really is, by far, the best I've ever seen. However, your dick is a deal breaker." I looked at her like she was fucking nuts. I mean I wasn't packing a ten inch dick but it was above average in length and thick. I'd never had one complaint before. Well, until now. "I like my men pierced. It's a must. It shows me that you are willing to do anything to please me and after the pain comes lots of pleasure. Jacob will be leaving in four weeks. It takes a little while for healing. I suggest a fermium piercing since that is the least painful and heals the fastest. It's up to you. I'll get your number from Emmett. When Jacob leaves I'll text you. When I text, you come here if you're in. If you aren't don't worry about me. You'd be surprised how many men would love to fill Jacobs' shoes." She leaned in and kissed my cheek, then ran her tongue over the line of my jaw. "Get dress and enjoy the party. You'll be hearing from me," she whispered into my ear. With that she slipped down the stairs. I heard the noise from the party as the door opened and then as it closed I was in silence again. I looked around pretty sure that this room was sound proof. I pulled all my clothes back on and draped my coat over my arm. There was no way that I could have stayed and hung out with everything that just happened. I basically ran down the stairs and headed toward the front door. When I got there, the same tiny woman handed me a large manila envelope. "Have a good night Mr. Cullen," she said in her thick Spanish accent. After finding my car in the sea of vehicles, I drove back to my house. It wasn't small but was definitely modest. I got it for a good deal since the widow that lived here with her husband for thirty plus years just wanted to get out of it. The best part was the sound proofed shed that I had built in the back. Having a studio at my house was nice because it gave me the ability to work from home. I pulled into the driveway and opened the envelope. Inside was paperwork with a small note attached. Edward, Please have this all filled out when or if you decide to come back. It was a pleasure meeting you regardless of what you choose. And don't forget about the little 'addition' that's a must. -MB This woman was hot as fuck and sex in heels but was I willing to sick needles in my dick for her? Chapter 2: Let the Games Begin As soon as I got home that night I looked over all the paper work. There were lists of positions, types of sex, and toys that I had to check if I had used them, not used them, or if I was willing to do those things. Some of the shit I wasn't even sure I knew. I never did get to ask what a flogger was so I knew if I was going to agree with this shit I'd have to spend some time on Google researching. There was no way I'd walk into her house not knowing the shit she planned on using or doing to me. Of course that brought me back to the biggest request, poking a needle into my dick. Just the thought of it made him want to tuck back into my body like a turtle's head. I couldn't help but picture my dick

growing arms and legs, packing my balls up in a red bandana on a stick, and running away. Even if everything listed on these papers was cool with me that was the one thing I was very unsure of. I spent two days looking up sex toys and pierced cocks on Google. I'm pretty sure if someone looked at the history on my laptop they would think I was a pervert, gay, or possibly both. None of the toys scared me; some even looked like they'd be a lot of fun to use, but the pictures of the tortured dicks sure as fuck did. I never realize how many fucking ways a cock could be pierced but I did now. Every single picture that showed a barbell through the head of a random cock was a no go, that shit just didn't look healthy. The healing time was ridiculous and I didn't have that much time nor did I feel like going through that much pain. But more than that, I swear those dicks looked sad. How would you feel if someone drove a piece of metal through your head? I decided that if I was doing this I'd stick with Bella's idea, it seemed the least invasive. Also on her list of demands was a STD screening. She provided hers and she was clean across the board. It seemed so grown up to do this and I was kind of impressed that she didn't just jump in bed with someone without knowing this kind of shit. There was also a spot to list sexual partners. FUCK! I was about to look like a man-whore since some of the chicks I only knew as Nurse Sexy - that was Halloween last year. I filled it out to the best of my ability, leaving a few blank, since I would need to discuss some shit with Bella. That was when I realized that I was actually going to do this shit. I was going to get STD testing and shove a needle in my dick. I really hoped that she was fuck hot in bed or I was going to be pissed. I called and made an appointment the next day for my testing and then called Emmett. It had been a few days since that party and I hadn't said anything about Bella's request. "Fucker, how's it hanging," he said. "Long and strong dickhead. I have a favor to ask of you." "Oh yeah, this doesn't have anything to do with a certain inked sex Goddess, does it?" I could hear the smugness in his voice. "Fuck you Em, she asked me to do something and I feel a little fucking gay talking to you about it but I need you to go with me." "Just fucking spit it out." "She wants me to get my dick pierced and I need to you hold my fucking hand because I'm scared as shit!" It came out fast and Emmett started to laugh his ass off. I was about to hang up but I knew I'd need him there because I'm a pansy bitch and the thought of sharp things near my most prized possession freaked me out. "Oh my God, that's so fucking awesome," he laughed. "Fuck yeah I'll go. I wouldn't miss that shit. You're going to scream like a girl. Can I video it for YouTube?" He was still laughing. "Fuck no you're not putting it on YouTube asshole. We'll go Friday if that's cool. I need to get this shit done so I have some healing time." "Alright, sounds good. We'll go to where I get all my ink done." After getting off the phone I looked at my calendar. It had only been four days since the party and I already made up my mind. I'm sure the crazy, kinky sex dreams I'd been having helped a little. Bella was so hot and she didn't even get naked. I was wonder how far that tattoo went up, what piercings she had, and what the hell was hiding in that closet. The only way to get answers was to do what she

wanted. Plus, if it didn't work out at least I'd have a sex toy attached to my dick. I bet girls would fucking love the idea of that. I went to the clinic the next day to get my tests done and I told the nurse I was trying to get my break in the porn industry. She seemed to dig that and asked if I was going to use my real name or a stage name. I told her I'd be Eddy Muffmuncher and she thought I was fucking serious. I had a hard time keeping my laughter in when her eyes lit up. Bitches go crazy for a man who gets down on going down. She walked out, after taking my vitals, wiggling her ass a little more than when she walked in. The doc did a physical, the turn and cough kind, and then they drew blood. They said they would send the results in seven to fourteen days. I knew my shit was straight but I guess it never hurts to make sure. I woke up on Friday morning not feeling too good. My stomach was in fucking knots and I decided that I need to get this shit done so I texted Emmett. B by at 12. Need to get this shit over with I waited to see if Em was still game and it didn't take long to get a reply. Fuck yeah, can't wait! I’m bringing popcorn for the bitch show :) God, he was being such a fucking asshole about this. He was lucky that I've known him since kindergarten or I would beat his ass. I showered and had some alone time with my dick. I felt like maybe I should give him a little pep talk or some shit. What if they hit something and then I could never get a hard on again? I'd kill myself, no joke. That shit would be like cutting off all my limbs. I reassured myself that it was just a little skin, it's not like they would be shoving that shit into my dick meat. I met Em at his shop and he had that smug ass smile on his face. We jumped in his flashy fucking Range Rover that had twenty four inch rims on it. I swear he looks like Jesse James but rolls like he's 50 Cent or some shit. The ride was quiet and every once in a while he'd laugh for no fucking reason. I was about to punch him in the throat if he didn't quit that shit. We walked into the shop and I looked around at all the guys that were in there. It was a sausage fest and I didn't see any chicks that looked like they worked there except the chick answering the phone. "Mike!" Emmett yelled and I saw a lanky ass dude with blonde hair walk towards us. He had a sleeve of cartoon characters and spacers in his ears. You could tell that at some point he was one of those straight laced kids but now he looked like a punk. "This is Edward, Edward this is Mike, he does all my ink." I shook hands with the guy but I wasn't going to be nice. This fuck was about to stab my dick. "Alright, let's get this shit done. You ready?" Mike asked. Was he fucking serious? "Fuck no I'm not but let's go." After filling out the paperwork, we walked back to the small room and he closed the door behind him. I watched as he pulled out all the shit he'd need. My palms started to sweat and looking over at Em, who looked far too happy, I wanted to throw up. "So how are we doing this?" Mike asked turning back to me. "Umm… I think it's called a fermium. That what she said at least."

"She?" "Yeah the chick I'm getting this shit done for." "Sounds like a dominating woman to get you to agree to this," he said, raising his eyebrows. Emmett started to laugh. "You have no clue bro, no… fucking… clue." "Okay well, drop 'em," he said, pulling on latex gloves. This looked like a bad gay porn movie. I dropped my pants and then pulled my dick out of my boxers. I saw online about people getting hard and then they can't do it but there was no way with Emmett laughing and this Mike dude touching my shit that I'd fucking get a hard on. And if I did then I would total start questioning my sexuality. There was no way my dick was getting hard since I was convinced my dick got even limper. I think I scared him so much he went into a cock coma or something. Maybe Bella would give him some mouth to head resuscitation or something. I thought it would be weird whipping my cock out but I didn't give a shit about this Mike guy and I've been naked in front of Em more times than I care to mention. Skinny dipping with chicks in high school was, by far, our favorite weekend hobby. Mike rubbed some shit on the underside of my dick and then I felt a metal clamp closed onto the skin just below my head. I looked up at Emmett with panic in my eyes. I was tempted to actually make him hold my hand but that might have been over kill. He stopped laughing and turned his head. Fucker didn't even try to give moral support. I couldn't look either so I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. "Okay, when I say three you're going to breathe out," Mike said. I heard him say two and then I pushed the air out of my lungs as he pushed the needle in. "FUCK!" I screamed. Emmett's shoulders started to move from his silent laughter. The underside of my dick was on fire and then I felt the needle move again. I grabbed the arms of the chair trying to contain another scream. "All done, what do you think?" Peeled my eyes open to see that I now had a barbell running horizontally under the head of my dick. It made my cock look tough, even though I just screamed like a bitch. I was surprised how much I liked it. What I didn't like was the burning sensation that was pulsing through my dick. "Okay well make sure to keep it clean and dry. Use Dial soap to clean it for the next month or so and put some triple antibiotic cream on it for the first week. I'll give you a sheet with the aftercare instructions." He walked out and I very carefully got back into my jeans. Emmett still had his back to me and when he heard my zipper he turned around. "Oh shit kid, I was supposed to hold your hand wasn't I? I couldn't even look at that shit, just the clamp thing looked sick. How does it feel?" His eyes were huge.

"It fucking hurts. This was a stupid idea!" I was pissed that I was actually doing this for a chick. I could get laid anytime and here I am with metal in my dick for a pussy. I mean it was a hot pussy but pussy none the less. We walked out to the front of the shop and I knew I was walking funny but it was hard not to. I paid and thanked Mike which was weird since he'd just traumatized my dick. "We never speak of this shit again, you hear me Em! This goes in the fucking vault and stays there. I don't want people knowing you came with me," I said as we got into the car. "Dude, no worries. Like I'm going to tell people I watched my best friend get his dick pierced. That shit sounds kind of fruity." I liked that Emmett was cool with keep this our little secret because all I needed was for word to get around that we were like that. The good thing about a lot of LA Tattoo parlors is that they see celebs all the time so little old me isn't shit to them. Plus, I get hit on enough in West Hollywood as it is. I guess you could call me metro sexual since I like to make sure I look good, but I definitely have a bit of a gay following. I'm not a celebrity, by any means, but I have worked here and there in music and there is even an Edward Cullen website that has all my commercial jingles on it and a few videos of bar performances from when I first moved down to LA. The website is run by a nice guy named James and his husband Laurent. I've sent them signed stuff in the mail because for some reason they think I'll be somebody someday. I got home and kicked my shoes off. The burning sensation from earlier was scorching. My dick hurt so fucking bad. I striped off my clothes as I walked down the hall to my room and grabbed a pair of tighty-whities that I would wear when I ran. I can't stand running and having my shit bouncing around. I like my nuts and cock hugged and cradled while I workout. After pulling them on, I grabbed a sandwich bag and filled it with ice. I sat down in front of the TV for the rest of the night in my underwear with ice on my dick. I swear this chick better let me put my balls in her mouth when I get there or I'm going to be pissed. The three weeks after the piercing incident fucking blew ass. I dreamt of Bella every night in different sexual positions. I worked my ass off trying to take my mind off of her but even little shit like seeing an attractive brunette walking her dog would trigger the vivid thoughts of her with that crop in her hand. I wasn't sure, even after adding an extra hole to my little Big Man, that I was actually going to go back to Bella's. The whole 'speak when you're told' thing would be hard for me to do. I was sitting on my couch on a Friday night; four weeks post Bella and three weeks post cock ring, flipping though the TV. It seemed crazy to me that the cable company offered like five hundred channels and there was never shit to watch. I was used to going out and having a good time on Friday nights. VIP sections in LA clubs had been very kind to me but since meeting Bella I couldn't care less about that scene. I was just about to say fuck it and drive to the nearest bar to get a beer when my phone alerted me to a text message. Play with me? She was asking? My stomach flipped like I just went on a rollercoaster. She was already making me her bitch with just one single text message. In that moment, my mind was made up. I grabbed my papers and the bag I packed the week before. You couldn't really blame a guy for being prepared. I

may or may not have already been wearing jeans that I'd been told make me look like a denim covered God and a tight V-neck black t-shirt. Maybe I was fooling myself in thinking I didn't have my mind made up but shit, it's not easy saying 'I'm about to go get dominated by a chick'. When I hit those familiar curves of the road leading to her house I floored it, not wanting to wait any longer. I pulled up to the gate and hit the button on the little box. "You came," she said. I heard excitement in her voice which made my dick a little hard. The gate buzzed and started to swing open. As I pulled up in front of the house I noticed that there wasn't a single car in the driveway. The house looked dark and when I walked up to the front door she was already waiting in the open doorway. "Please, come in," she smiled. I walked past her and couldn't help myself as I brushed past her half naked body. I leaned in and kissed her cheek. "Thanks for having me," I said back to her with a wink. She was wearing a light purple, silky dress that barely covered her ass. It looked more like a night gown than a dress. She had a glass of wine in her hand and the house was filled with light, airy music. I handed her the papers and walked in. I could feel her eyes on me and I wondered if she was as nervous as I was. She seemed pretty fucking calm so I was guessing not. "Would you like something to drink?" she asked. She was playing hostess and that threw me off since I was supposed to be the bitch in this, right? "Shouldn't I be asking if you need a refill?" She smirked and looked down at her almost empty glass. "Yes, I guess you could, but do you know where to find it?" She raised an eyebrow and I shook my head. "Didn't think so," she giggled. "I'm going to get some more wine and then we can go over these papers. Can I bring you anything back with me?" "Scotch, straight up," I replied. She smiled, sat the papers on the coffee table, and walked out, leaving me alone in her dimly lit living room. I thought that she would be colder towards me. She seemed at ease and sweet. Not the strong, fierce woman I met four weeks ago. I looked up when I heard her heels clicking on the hardwood floors. She had her glass in one hand and a short tumbler filled with amber liquid in the other. She walked up, handed me the glass in silence, and then sat down in the plush couch. "So let's get started," she said putting her wine down and picking up the papers. She pulled them out and scanned over them. I sat down across from her and waited for her to get pissed that they weren't done. "There are some blank spots. Would you like to explain why?" Her voice was that hard, tough one again and I couldn't help but comply with what she asked. "Well I thought we'd go over some things together. If you don't mind that is, Bella?" Her eyes snapped up to mine when I said her name. "Well let’s start with what I need to say first. You will get a collar, when that collar is on you follow the rules. When it's off you are free to be you as long as you are respectful, call me bitch or woman and I will have you by your balls, are we clear?" I nodded my head, a little fucking scared of what she could do to my balls, especially if she had me tied up or some shit.

"Okay well let’s see, why anal sex isn’t filled in. You seem to be open to every other type of sex?" "Yeah well… I wanted to be sure I knew what I was agreeing to. I'm totally in if it's me getting all up in you, but if I see Anal Ease and a dildo I'm out. That is a no go; nothing is getting in my ass. I'd like to die a butt virgin if you don't mind." She started to laugh and checked the box then wrote something next to it. "Okay well what do you have against nipple clamps?" Again her eyebrows raised but this time so did the corner of her mouth. She liked nipple clamps; it showed all over her face. "Nothing, I guess, just wasn't sure about them so I thought I'd wait that one out too." "Well nipple stimulation is just as arousing for men as women. Not many women take the time to pay attention to that area of a man. There are plenty of spots women usually avoid that could be touched and the man would become putty in their hands. Trust me Edward, I would never do anything to hurt you." "Alright well when you put it that way how the hell could I say no." She smiled and checked the box. "Okay, so just look over what I added and then sign," she said. She handed the papers back and I noticed next to anal she wrote 'prefers to stay a butt virgin'. I looked up to see her smirking. I liked that she wasn't an all serious Dom chick. "I have one more question, if that's okay?" I asked. "Yeah, ask away," she said, leaning back into the couch and taking a sip of her wine. "I read a lot online and did some research. I have to ask because I don't want to be something I'm not and I'm kind of an asshole but in a fun, light way. You don't have like 'daddy issues' do you because I just can't get down if you're going to get all angst, emo girl on me." She started to laugh hard. She had a hard time catching her breath and when she finally did I noticed she had tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry… I just never had anyone actually come out and ask that before. My parents are happily married, even after thirty years of marriage. They are now living in sunny Florida and I think my dad might even wear socks with his mandles. No worries Edward, I'm in this because I like it, not because I have to do it for some issue about sex. So if you are ready, I'm going to go slip into something more comfortable. Meet me upstairs and I'd like you naked and standing the way you did last time. The only new rule is that you won't make eye contact until I tell you to. See you soon," she said, blowing me a kiss. I watched as she walked up the stairs. After she disappeared I practically ran to the door, flying up the stairs. The room looked the same as before and I quickly got rid of my clothes, throwing them in a corner. I stood in the same spot and waited, looking at the floor. I stood there for a long time, or at least it seemed like a long time, before hearing the door open. Her heels clicked on the stairs and then she was behind me. She wrapped her arms around my waist and I could feel lace on my back. She had a black leather collar in her hand. Only this one wasn't like the dog's collar, there was no ring which meant I wouldn't be put on a leash, thank fucking God. "It's nice to actually be able to touch you," she said. It was fucking nice to have her touching me and I was sure when she was in front of me she'd know how nice I thought it was. She ran her free hand up my chest and then back down again. I wanted her, really fucking bad. She pulled the collar around my neck and snapped it in place.

"This means you're mine now and I'm yours. This weekend will be about learning more about each other and understanding what this relationship will be about. Think of it as training. I'm your Mistress now and you will refer to me as such if you have this collar on. If you don't have it on I'm Bella. Now, walk over to the bed, lie down, and close your eyes. I'm going to blind fold you. I have a game I'd like to play," she whispered into my back. Before I walked away I felt her press her lips between my shoulder blades. As I lay down, I took a quick peek at her. I knew it was against the rules since she didn't say I could look at her yet but how could I resist? She was walking across the room in a black lace corset, tiny lace panties, knee highs with garters, and tall black heels. Her ivy tattoo disappeared into her panties. Behind the lace corset you could see a massive tattoo that covered her side and part of her stomach. The lace covered it enough that I couldn't tell what it was. I saw her grab a piece of black fabric that was hanging on her Wall-O-Sex, as I liked to call it. I snapped my eyes closed before she turned around and felt her crawl onto the bed. "I'm going to put this on you. Anytime you feel like you'd like me to slow down all you have to say is the word 'less'. If you want me to speed up say 'more'. And of course if you'd like to end what we are doing just say 'stop'. If you say 'stop' then I go to my room and you go to yours. Most Dom's use red, yellow, and green but to be honest, having a guy scream 'more' is a turn on." I could feel my lips turn up. I was pretty sure at some point I would get her to scream 'more', over and over. She put the black silk over my eyes and then I felt her straddle my waist. "I see you listened to my request. It looks great," she said leaning down to my ear. "I can't wait to find out how it feels," she whispered. "I'm going to cuff you to the bed." I felt her hands run over my arms lifting then over my head. She wrapped padded cuffs around my wrists. I thought she'd do my legs too but didn't. Then I felt her move off the bed and heard her heels on the floor, moving across the room. "I'm going to touch you with things. When I ask you, tell me what it is. If you get it right then you get rewarded, if you get it wrong, well… then I get to have a little fun." Her voice was kind of far away but then I heard her heels again. I felt cold leather run down my chest. It was thin strips. She ran it over my dick and down my legs. "What is it, Edward?" Thank fucking god I did my sex toy homework. "It's a flogger, Mistress," I said with certainty. "Good boy." The bed moved again and then her lips were on mine. She was straddling my waist again. She sucked my bottom lip in her mouth, sucking hard. As I slipped my tongue out she moved away from me. I heard her shoes hit the floor. Then something light and smooth ran over my face. I was fucked because I wasn't sure what the hell it was. She continued to run it over me and my heart raced because I was scared what the punishment would be if I got it wrong. "What is it, Edward?" I thought for a second and figured I should just fucking guess. "Umm… a thigh high, Mistress?"

"Are you sure? That came out more like you were asking me what it was," she said. You could hear the amusement in her voice. "Yes." "Good boy." I was getting a little fucking annoyed with the good boys because I was not a dog like that Jake guy. She moved onto the bed again. She started to kiss my chest, and then she sucked and bit my nipple, moving up towards my neck. She licked and sucked on my neck and I pulled on the restraints, wanting to grab her hips. She kissed up my jaw and then her lips were on mine again. This time she wasted no time kissing me hard. Her tongue met mine and she moaned into my mouth. I thrust up at her and she moved her hands down to my waist, digging her nails into my sides. "One more," she whispered into my mouth, panting a little bit. I was about to burst at the seams and I could tell by her voice that she was feeling it too. I'm pretty sure that this game was getting cut short because she only used one toy before the stripping started. Again, she moved off the bed and within seconds I felt something run up my leg. I knew instantly what it was and I was excited to see what my reward would be. "What is it, Edward?" she cooed. It was obvious that I knew by the massive smile on my face. "Those are your lace panties, Mistress." There was no good boy, instead, silently she straddled my hips and ran her naked pussy along my rock hard cock. Her tits ran over my chest and that was when I realized that she was completely naked. I could feel something cold and hard running over my chest. She definitely had her nipples pierced and I wanted them in my mouth. She was wet and smooth, running herself up and down my length. I wanted to grab her hips and push her down onto me but I was still tied down. "Does that feel good?" she asked, kissing my neck. "Yes," I whispered. "Yes what, Edward?" she asked. I could hardly think of an answer because she was rubbing all over me. My dick was wet with her and I wanted to shift my hips and push into her. she kept enough distance that I couldn't but continued to run her lips over my neck and cock. "Yes, Mistress," I finally answered, realizing that was what she wanted. She moved over me, teasing and touching but never giving me what I wanted. Everytime she moved over my dick she would spin the barbell. It would send shivers down to my toes and felt so fucking good. I was ready to flipped her over and sink into her. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore she moved off of me. I heard the closet door open and close. After a few minutes she took the cuffs off of my wrists and then removed the blind fold. She was standing on the side of the bed in a black, silky robe. "I'll show you to your room now, Edward. You can take the collar off and put it on that hook over there," she said, pointing to the wall. I know I was pouting because I wanted to get laid but I walked over and hooked the collar on the wall anyway. I turned to see her holding a pair of black pants. "Here, you can wear these," she said, handing me the pants. I slipped them on and had to admit they were pretty fucking comfortable pajama pants. I still had a semi hard dick and knew that I was definitely going to have to rub one out before bed. Bella smiled at my obvious tented pants. "Follow me, I'll show you to your room."

We walked down the stairs just to walk back up the ones that lead to the second floor. It was weird that she had that room secluded but I guess she liked having it like that since it seemed like its own little world. "My room is there," she said pointing to double doors, "and yours is right here." She stopped and opened the door to a room that was all black and white, except the red lamps. The bed was black wrought iron with white bedding. "Maria will be here in the morning, so breakfast will be at eight. I don't expect you to wait on me like a slave. Maria is sweet and already knows all about you, so be nice, since you are a self described asshole," she said with a wink. "Good night, Edward." She started to walk down the hall. "I'm free to speak, right?" I asked, causing her to turn around "If the collar is not on then you can say whatever you want. I like the idea of people having a free will and an opinion." "Well I'd like to thank you for the blue balls then, Mistress. And I'd also like to let you know that I have every intention of getting inside you tomorrow, even if I have to wait until that collar is off. Good night, Mistress Cock Tease." I closed the door, waiting for her to come in and yell at me but it never happened. I looked down at my hand and thought about how pathetic it was that I had to get myself off when I hot, sexy woman was right next door. I snuck down the hall after lying in bed for about fifteen minutes debating on whether jerking off in Bella's house was creepy. It was well after midnight and my collar was off so that meant I was going to get inside of her sooner than I thought. As I got to her door I heard moaning. She was panting and humming. My hands fisted and I was tempted to walk in and ask if she needed a hand. I couldn't even come up with my own lines, I was so fucking turned on, I had to steal them from cheesy movies like American Pie. Just then I heard her moan my name. It was a long, drawn out moan and I could tell she was saying my name during her orgasm. I smiled and walked back to my room content in waiting until tomorrow. She was thinking about me, which meant what I said must have got to her, even just a little bit. I wouldn't be in her playroom or have a collar on at breakfast, which meant I could say or do anything I wanted. That night I jerked off to the thought of her moaning my name while I was deep inside her, a thought that would soon be a reality. Mistress Cock Tease had teased the wrong cock. Chapter 3: Two Can Play That Game

I woke up the next morning in an excellent fucking mood. It might have been from all the nasty dreams I had about Bella, in various positions, screaming my name over and over. She was totally getting off to the thought of me last night and I was definitely going to make sure that was a nightly thing. Only, I was going to make sure that it was more than just thoughts of me. My dick and I had a pow-wow and figured if the imaginary Edward was 'name calling' worthy then the real deal will be a million times better. I hurried to the bathroom and showered, knowing that I had to meet Bella for breakfast at eight o'clock. I had half a mind to show up to the table in nothing but a smile but instead I threw back on my low slung pajama pants. Eating naked may be cool when you're at home with a giant bowl of

Captain Crunch but I wasn't sure if Bella would be down for naked breakfast. Note to self: Find out if naked breakfast is a possibility. Shirtless, sockless and definitely far from cock-less, I walked down the stairs and into the dining room. She didn't hear me walk in so I stood in the doorway and watched her. Bella was sitting at the head of the table in a light pink, silky robe eating a bowl of fruit. I watched as she popped a blueberry into her mouth. Her tongue flicked over her plump, pouty lips. She didn't have any makeup on and I thought she was sexier without it. I bent a little to see if she was wearing those fluffy high heel shoes you see in the movies. I was met with her bare feet and they were sexy as fuck. It was much better than looking like you had poodles chillin' on your toes. "Morning baby," I said as I walked into the room, winking at her when she looked up. "Do I look like a diaper wearing, drooling toddler?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. "Morning sweetie?" I said more like a question, sitting down next to her. "Try again, Edward," she said, rolling her eyes. "Pumpkin?" "You've got to be kidding me right? You can do better that Edward. You have a cocky mouth, I'm sure it can come up with something a little less mundane. Are you really that unoriginal?" she asked. The look on her face was priceless. I was getting to her. "Good Morning Mistress Isabella, Queen of Sex and Sin," I said in a serious tone. She smiled, fighting back a laugh, and took a bite of a strawberry. I could see a little bit of the juice run over her bottom lip. Mistress Cock Tease was about to meet Master Pussy Charmer. I pictured Bella's pussy coming out of a basket while she used my cock as one of those flute things, like in India, to lure it out like a snake. Then I pictured my dick wearing a turban while all this was going down. It took a lot not to laugh at the mental image. I needed to get the fucked up shit in my head out and get back to what was going on at the moment. I took advantage of the fact that she wasn't really paying attention and leaned forward. She looked up just in time to meet my eyes as I ran my tongue over her bottom lip. I pulled it into my mouth and tasted the strawberry on her lip. It took all my will to pull away. "Mmm… I'd like some of those strawberries. They're very sweet." She blushed but quickly shook it off, looking up as Maria walked into the room. "Good Morning Mister Edward, what can I get for you?" she asked in her heavy Spanish accent. "I'd like some of that fruit that Bella has and maybe an omelet with whatever you want to put in it. I'm not picky. Thank you Maria," I replied. I smiled at her and she giggled before asking Bella if she needed anything else. After she was gone I looked back to Bella who was trying her hardest to pretend that I wasn't in the room. Avoidance wasn't going to work with me. "How did you sleep?" I asked, trying to break the silence. "Like a baby," she said, and then she fucking winked at me. Bitch!

"How did you sleep, Edward? Was the bed comfortable?" she asked with a huge smile. Thanks for the opening my lady. "I slept great, the bed is very comfortable. I woke up a couple of times though; I swear I heard someone saying my name. I'm sure that I was just hearing things," I said. She choked on the coffee she had just taken a sip of and quickly excused herself. I watched as her perfect ass swayed in the light fabric of the robe. I'm so hitting that shit later. Maria walked back in not much later with my food in her hands. The omelet was fucking perfection. It was filled with cheese, sausage, bacon, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and spinach. I was in the middle of an omelet orgasm, which was the best one I had in this house so far, when Bella walked back into the room. "Sorry about that. I decided to inhale my coffee instead of drink it." She sat back down and picked up her BlackBerry that was sitting next to her bowl. I hadn't noticed it until then and I wished I had. I could have set her ring tones for me to appropriate ones. She probably had something like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga set for me, as if being her sub wasn't emasculating enough. "Do I have a special ring tone? Maybe a little Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Bloodhound Gang?" I asked. As cheesy as it is, Marvin and Barry are still, by far, the best when it comes to music you can get down to… hands fucking down! "The Bloodhound Gang? Why the hell would I have them as your ring tone?" she asked. "You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals. So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel," I sang with a laugh. I may have even danced along with the singing or more just thrust my hips a little in my seat. She rolled her eyes and continued to eat her fruit. "So I don't get an answer?" "No…" she said with a pause, being kinda mean about it too. "I have a few things to do today. You can look around, take a dip in the pool, do whatever you want but at three o'clock I expect you in the playroom. You better be naked, kneeling, eyes on the floor, and your mouth closed," she commanded, getting up and walking out of the room. I had officially got to her. I might have even pissed her off. I was kinda regretting pissing off a dominatrix in that moment. I was in for a world of hurt, I just knew it. After finishing the badass food, I put my plate in the sink, thanked Maria again, and headed to my room. I threw on a pair of swim trunks and looked to see that it was only ten o'clock. I had five hours to do what I wanted. I wondered what Bella was doing but then shuttered at the thought. She was probably lubing up a massive black dildo to torture me with later. I spent most of the morning swimming in the massive, heated pool she had in the back yard. Her yard was very reminiscent of the Playboy mansion minus the grotto. After getting completely water logged and slightly burnt, Maria brought me out a sandwich and chips. This whole housekeeper slash maid thing was pretty fucking sweet. By the time I showered off the pool smell and got dressed it was quarter to three. The whole getting dressed thing was pointless so I took my clothes back off walked out of my room. I was met with a very shocked looking Maria, who had fresh towels in her hands. "Oh… I'm very sorry Mister Edward," she said not making eye contact with me. She did, however, make eye contact with my one eyed sea monster.

"No worries Maria, and please call me Edward. Mister makes me feel old," I said with a grin, walking past her. I made my way into the playroom and about pissed all over the floor when I saw what Bella had been up to. There was a rope thing hanging from the ceiling, right over the spot I was supposed to be kneeling. It looked very dungeon-ish and I was a little fucking scared. I fucked with the wrong bitch… SHIT! I dropped to my knees and I assumed the position, clenching my ass cheeks together in fear of an ass raping. Why am I so scared of something that she's never even brought up? I heard the door at the bottom of the stairs but didn't look up. I wasn't about to look at her and give her one more reason to beat the ever living shit out of me. Her heels clicked on the hardwood floors and then I heard the doors open to the closet. She took a few minutes to emerge. "So I was thinking before you came down this morning that I'd let the cock tease comment go. I like a challenge and you seem to be one, but then we had breakfast," she said, walking up behind me. "Put your hands in front of you, please," she commanded. I moved my hands to my lap and felt her lean over my shoulder. Her tits rubbed on my neck and back. She clicked a pair of handcuffs around my wrists, and then lifted them to hook then rope to them. I was now kneeling with my hands bound over my head. "That mouth of yours will get you in trouble in here so you better watch what you say once you pass that door. I know I said that you had the freedom to say what you want out there but I also have the freedom to do what I want in here. I think that I have much better uses for that mouth than how you use it," she said. I could hear in her voice that she was fully enjoying what she was about to do. "I still don't want you to talk; actually, I don't even want to hear a sound out of you. But I do want to see your eyes, so you have permission to look at me." I looked up to see that she was in a black lace bra and panty set. She seemed to have an affinity for black lace and not the leather I was hoping for. The bottoms were boy shorts and the bra was tiny and pushed her tits up perfectly. She was in the same fuck-me heels as the night before but she wasn't wearing thigh highs so I could see all off her creamy, mile-long legs. She walked over and hooked one of her legs over my shoulder, holding onto the rope near the spot my hands were. "Kiss me from my knee to the top of my thigh, and make it worth my time," she said, sounding annoyed. I turned my head and kissed the inside of her knee, darting my tongue out. I licked and sucked all the way until I reached the seam of her underwear. I ran my tongue over the sensitive skin below the seam and my nose skimmed over the wet spot that formed on the lace. I could smell her fucking arousal and that only made the raging hard on I had pulse that much more. I heard a slight moan escape her lips as she moved her leg from my shoulder. "Stand up," she directed. It was kind of a pain in the ass standing from the position I was in with my hands bound together. I managed to do it without looking like a complete fucking idiot, thank God. I was now standing in front of her with my hands in cuffs down near my dick. If I wanted to I could

have reached out and grabbed her or at least played with her pussy since my fingers weren't restricted. "Don't think for a second that you can use your hands without permission," she said. Fucking mind reading, sexy ass woman! She reached around and unhooked her bra. I watched as it fell to the floor and she took her heeled foot to kick it off to the side. My guess was right, her nipples were definitely pierced and it was hot as hell. "I shouldn't have to tell you want to do all the time Edward. I know you want to touch them but you… will… not… use your hands. Understand?" I nodded, my mouth practically salivating. She walked forward until she was right in front of me and she moved her hand around my shoulders. I leaned down and kissed the side of her neck, resisting the urge to grab at her. I slowly ran my tongue down her neck, over her collar bone, and down the top of her tit. I ran lazy circles around her nipple, never actually touching it. I felt her body shudder and her chest started to rise and fall a little more rapidly. After a few minutes of teasing her I sucked one of her hard nipples into my mouth. The hardness of her nipple, mixed with the metal of the barbell that was running through it, felt like heaven in my mouth. The harder I sucked the more she moaned. I started to pull slightly on the little balls causing her hands to shoot up into my hair. She pulled my hair and pushed my head into her harder. I could feel my fingers moving; wanting to touch her, make her cum all over them. She pulled her hands out of my hair and then stepped back. I sucked a little harder on her nipple as she moved away causing a loud popping noise when she pulled it from my mouth. Her face was flushed and pink. She walked back to the Wall-O-Toys and grabbed the riding crop. FUCK! "I know that you heard me last night. I'm not stupid. That little comment this morning was cute, in a way. It caught me off guard that you decided to call me out on it, actually. I've introduced the crop to you already. Now it's time that you got to know it a little better. This isn't a punishment, per se, but more a lesson. When you decide to be a smart ass around here, I get to get to take it out on your ass in return." She didn't say anything else, but instead brought the crop down on to my naked ass. It made a loud slapping noise and I couldn't lie, it stung a little bit. "Usually I like to hear my men… moaning, grunting, and sometimes even counting if it's a punishment but I think I like your silence. It's refreshing to be able to look at your body, your face, without having to hear your smart mouth. You're beautiful, Edward. But you need to learn when to shut the hell up." Then there was another smack, a little harder than the first. "You can use your safe words at anytime; no matter if I tell you to not say anything. Those three words can be used anytime. I should have told you that before the first smack," she said bringing the crop back down on my ass. I had never been spanked before and I was surprised at how much I liked it. I didn't want her to stop but I wanted her to hear my voice so I said the only thing I could. "More." It came out in a whisper but she took the word and ran with it. She brought the crop down again, harder and faster, a few more times. Shit, that fucking hurts! I heard her heels move from behind me. I looked over to see her hanging the crop back on the wall.

"I liked hearing that. You sounded sexy saying 'more'. You took that like a man. I've had subs ask me to stop. Most of them had never been spanked before. Was that your first time?" she asked. I nodded my head. She walked over and took the cuffs off. I rubbed my wrists where the metal dug into them a little bit. She walked over to the bed, pulling her panties down as she moved. She slowly crawled over the large, white comforter in just her shoes. I watched from my spot as she turned and lay on her back. She bent her knees slightly and propped herself up on her elbows. It was the first time that I had seen her completely naked. She was perfection, wrapped in sin, covered in fucking porcelain skin. "Come over here, Edward. Let's see if you can make me yell your name," she said with a smirk. She didn't have to ask me fucking twice. I walked over and settled myself between her legs. I ran my hands over her legs and up her sides, pulling her down so that my dick was hovering over her pussy. "Use only your mouth Edward." I really wanted to get my dick wet and it would have been easy to just sink into her but I knew that shit wouldn't fly. So, I sucked and kissed on her neck, moving down her body. I didn't spend much time on her tits because, to be honest, I wanted to get to know her kitty a little better. I sunk down the bed, kissing her stomach as I went. I slowly sucked the skin just above her clit, causing a faint purple mark. I was impressed that it was in the shape of a heart. That's pretty fucking badass if I do say so myself. I moved my hands up her thighs, then back down, hooking her knees over my shoulders. I kissed up her exposed skin, running my nose along the juncture of her thighs. Her knees tensed around me and she hooked her feet together behind my head, trapping me against her very wet pussy. She smelled like a fucking meadow filled with flowers, sweet and inviting. I licked slowly up along her lips, avoiding her clit. She didn't like me teasing her but I just couldn't help myself. I did that a few times, running lazy licks up and down her wet pussy. Painfully slow, I ran my tongue over her clit, flicking it. She bucked her hips at my face. I used my hands to keep her hips in place. I dipped my tongue into her folds, feeling the inside of her for the first time. She was wet, hot, and sweet… pretty much the fucking perfecta trifecta of a turned on hot chick. As I was making out with her lower lips, she moved her hands down into my hair. She pulled and tugged, which only spurred me on more. The harder she pulled the more I sucked and licked. "Oh… Mmm…" she moaned. I needed to get her to scream my name so I decide that I would break the rules. I moved one hand around her hip and before she could stop me I plunged a finger into her, adding a second almost immediately. I sucked on her clit and pushed my fingers in and out of her rapidly. I slowed my movements, turning my hand and giving her, what I like to call, the 'cum hither'. My finger tips brushed her g-spot and I could feel it jump. She started to push herself into my hand and face, moaning louder. "Oh... my… God… Edward!" There it is; my job is done here, well almost.

Her walls tightened around my fingers and she chanted my name over and over. It was much hotter in person, rather than hearing it through a door. She rolled her hips, working her way through her orgasm. Slowly, she moved her hands from hair, coming down from her 'Edward made me cum like a rock star' high. "Mmm… you are much better in real life," she said, sitting up in the bed. Her hair was slightly messed up and her skin has a fine sheen of sweat and blush. She looked all sexed up and I was the reason for that. I was just about to ask her for a condom so I could really sex her up, when she slid off the bed. I could feel the pout on my face, but thought that maybe she was just getting one without me having to ask. She walked into the closet and came back out in a short, black robe. "I'll meet you in the dining room at seven for dinner," she said walking towards the top of the stairs. "Oh, by the way, no masturbating. You wanted Mistress Cock Tease, you got her. I get to decide the next time you get an orgasm. Consider your balls and everything in them Property of Bella and don't think I won't know if you break that little rule because I see all. See you at dinner," she said with a wink, walking down the stairs. Well dinner should be interesting. Chapter 4: Game Fucking On

I walked back into my room after getting dressed, on a fucking mission. I searched all the obvious spots in my room looking for hidden cameras. Her whole 'I see all' bullshit was making me go crazy. I looked inside the flower arrangement she had sitting on the dresser more than once. I've watched fucking movie - I knew how shit worked - but I was wrong. I didn't find anything but leaves and petals after digging around. After about an hour of searching I gave up and jumped in the shower. I was a little sweaty and wanted to be all fresh and clean for dinner. I was going to try hard not to say anything stupid during dinner. As I stepped in, under the hot spray, I closed my eyes and grabbed a hold of my semi-hard dick. It had a pup-tent going in my disregarded boxers during my search and needed to release the tension. As I started to stroke my hand up and down my hard dick, Bella’s words rang out in my head. "Don't think I won't know if you break that little rule because I see all." I stopped what I was doing and looked around. Nothing seemed out of place, there were no little red lights anywhere. I was still too nervous about her seeing so I stopped, half tempted to go into the closet and jerk off but that would make me look like a fucking freak if she could somehow really see me. I decided to be safe and just shower, washing my head a little too hard out of frustration. As I was stepping out, something caught my eye. In the center of the shower head was a shiny glass lens. As I got closer I could tell that it was definitely a fucking camera. 'That bitch was watching me in the shower! Don't call her a bitch Edward, she'll never let you in her panties if you accidentally say that to her'.

I figured that she was hiding those damn cameras in crazy places, so I threw on a pair of boxers and started looking again. I found a lens in the headboard, the candle sitting on the dresser, and another one in the closet light. 'So much for my private masturbation room!' She had all the angles covered and could see everything that I was doing. I got nervous that she was watching me, so I started act cool, like I didn't know they were there. I looked over at the alarm clock to see that I had only minutes to get down stairs. I rushed around pulling on clothes, worried that if I was late I'd never get laid. Well… I could get laid if I wanted to but not by the hot piece of ass I'd been feigning for. I made my way down stairs to the dining room to find Bella sitting in the same spot as she was for breakfast. "Hey," I said, sitting down in the seat next to her. She looked over and there was something in her eyes. It was a mix of happiness, fear, and lust. I almost threw her on the table right then and there but tried to control myself… for now. "Good evening, Edward," she replied smoothly. I could tell that she was trying to sound neutral, hiding any emotion that might come through. "So, did you like the show last night?" I asked with a smirk. Her eyes widened a little, and then she returned my smile. "Actually, I did. So, I take it you found them?" I knew that she was referring to the cameras, not even trying to deny it. "Yeah, I figured I'd take a look around my room and lo and behold, there they were, hidden all over." She smiled wider. I wondered if she didn't say that shit on purpose so that I would look for them, so that I knew they were there. Then I realized that she was, most likely, watching as I looked for them. 'Bitch! And that one she deserved too!' "Is my room the only one decked out in spy equipment?" I asked, unsure if she'd actually answer the question. She surprised me. "My room is the only one without cameras actually," she said coolly. I thought about that a little bit then it fucking dawned on me. "Fuck, you even have the sex room bugged?" She laughed aloud at my tone. I sounded like a pubescent boy, all squeaky and high pitched. "Yes, and you should know I watched the footage from last night before I came down here. You, Mr. Cullen, are a rule breaker through and through, aren't you?" I tried to think of what she might have saw on the tapes, going through a mental check list of the time we'd spent in there. I was actually getting a hard on thinking about the fuck-hot-game she played with me the night before and the oral lovin' I had given her that afternoon. "Your face is all scrunched up," she said, running her fingertips over the space between my eyes. "Don't think so hard, Edward. It causes premature wrinkles. I'll tell you what I saw… you peeked at me. I told you not to look and then you raised your eyes when my back was turned. No wonder you didn't have a problem identifying my panties when I rubbed them all over you." Her tone didn't seem too angry but she still had a hint of annoyance in it. I was immediately worried that she was going to send me to bed with no supper or maybe spank me as I lay over her knee. 'Okay, now I'm having Mommy fantasies. That's fucked up, even for me!'

I'm sure she could see the worry on my face but just then Maria walked in with dinner. I had to hand it to Bella, her house woman, maid, servant, person could fucking cook. We didn't say much as we both scarfed down the badass glazed salmon. Maria even cooked asparagus as a side, which I loved, even though it made my pee smell really funny. 'I bet you didn't know it's a genetic thing that does that. I swear the shit you learn while watching the Game Show Network.' We talked about stuff that didn't have anything to do with sex and I found out that Bella was a baseball fan. She was actually very educated in the game and I was impressed. So was my dick. There seemed to be a lot to her that I didn't know but was really fucking excited to find out. She wasn't like any other woman I had ever been with. One second she was tying me up and bossing me around and the next she was cracking jokes and talking baseball. She was pretty much a man's dream girl. Or at the very least, my dream girl. Maria came to clear the dinner plates, slipping out of the room after just a few minutes. Bella started to mess with her cell phone, frantically pressing the keys. I couldn't help but wonder who she was texting but instead of asking I just sat there and stared at her like a total creeper. She didn't say anything to indicate that she'd noticed so I never looked away. She was wearing a pair of tight, skinny jeans and a basic black t-shirt. With no shoes or socks on her feet and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She looked good dressed down and it was the first time I'd seen her in something other than lingerie, a robe, or a dress. Maria walked back in with dessert, which was a fucking awesome looking piece of cheesecake with raspberry stuff on the top. I watched as Bella slid the fork into her mouth, sucking the creamy cake from the silver tines. It was the single most erotic thing that I had ever seen. Her tongue darting out over her bottom lip to clean off the left over raspberry sauce. My dick did a little dance in my pants. I needed to get my mouth on her so I went old school with my tactics. Of course, there was always the possibility that I'd ruin it with my damn ridiculous actions and shitty sense of humor. I ran my finger over the top of my cake and when she wasn't paying attention I covered her nose to her chin in the white filling and red sauce. She looked at me with big eyes, her face in utter shock. She even let out one of those annoyed sounds, huffing and rolling her eyes. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that," I said with fake regret. "Yeah, I'm sure you are," she complained, reaching for her napkin. She didn't seem very amused but it wasn't done yet. I put my hand over hers, stopping her from grabbing it. "I made the mess, why don't you let me get that cleaned up," I said, leaning over the table. I pulled her face closer to mine and kissed the tip of her nose, licking the sweetness from it. Her eyes closed for just a second and then she opened them again. Looking me directly in the face she smirked, waiting to see what else I would do. The chair made a loud screeching noise as I pushed back from the table. I moved around and pulled her chair out, so I had room to stand in front of her. I walked in front of her and pulled her up to me, spinning her around so her ass was at the tables' edge. Pushing on her hips, I guided her back so that she was sitting on the table, as I moved between her legs. I ran my finger over the cake filling on her chin and ran it down her neck. She leaned back slightly and her head tilted. 'Hell yeah she wants this shit!'

Her chest was moving up and down rapidly. I slowly leaned in and licked from her collar bone to the cake on her chin, cleaning up the mess I made. She let out a slight sigh. I could tell she was holding back, trying not to moan. That was when it hit me that Maria was still lurking somewhere. I tried to put that aside as I licked, sucked, and kissed everything clean except her lips. She started to press herself against me, looking for friction that I really fucking wanted to give her. I pulled back and slid her hips back a little further, causing her to be basically lying on the fucking table, only the bottom of her legs hanging over the edge. I crawled up her body and pressed my whole length against hers. "What do you think you're doing?" she asked, cake still around her mouth and a little on the bridge of her nose. Her voice was shaky and I knew I had her where I wanted her. "I'm cleaning you up Mistress, I'd hate for you to be all sticky and dirty," I said, sliding my tongue out to run across her bottom lip. She let out a slight moan letting me know she liked it, so I kissed her, plunging my tongue into her mouth. She tasted like the cheesecake, so sweet and soft. Her hands moved from the limp position that they were at, roaming up my back. She made her way to my neck and pulled my hair, pressing into my mouth with her tongue deeper. I slid my hand down her side, to her thigh, hitching her leg over my hip. I started grinding myself against her, feeling the heat even though the jeans she had on. She was moaning into my mouth and I was dry fucking her like I was a porn star when Maria walked through the door. I didn't hear her come in until she let out a little yelp. Both of our heads whipped over to the doorway when we heard the noise. "Oh my, sorry Miss Bella, umm…" she said, lifting her hands to her mouth, before running from the room. I looked back down at Bella just in time to get a face full of cheesecake. She had even managed to get it up my nose. "Oh, I'm sorry… I didn't realize that would hit you in the face," she said in a mocking tone. I pulled her hands up over her head, pinning her to the table with one of my hands while I grabbed my cake off the plate. "Don't you dare! If you do it I swear I'll make you pay for it!" Her words rang in my head like a fucking bell. 'That's not your head dumbass, it's the fucking phone.' Bella pulled away from me quickly, grabbing her cell. She answered it and then jetted out of the room without a word to me. I sat down in her chair, covered in cake and dealing with a massive fucking boner. I used the napkin she was going to use to wipe the shit off my face. I could feel the sticky sauce in my eyebrows. 'I guess I'll be taking shower number three for the day.' I stood up to leave the room when Bella walked back in. She had what looked like a wet washcloth in her hands. "Here, I'm sure that's a little uncomfortable," she said handing me the rag. I wiped my face, feeling pretty fucking refreshed. It was a little bit of a lust kill that we were interrupted, not only once, but twice in a matter of minutes. I was pretty sure that she'd flip her shit if I tried getting her on the table again. "So… I just got a call about work," she started, taking a pause. She was fidgeting around a little and I wanted to laugh, never really seeing her nervous before.

"I have to leave… tonight. It's a dumb, last minute business thing in New York. I feel really shitty since we still have tonight and tomorrow together, but I couldn't get out of it." I couldn't lie that I was a little bummed. I hadn't even had the chance to stick my dick in anything. 'At this point I'd take a pocket pussy, a hole in the wall, a warm grapefruit? Anything that would stop my balls from throbbing.' "No worries, I understand. Business, your job… it comes before this," I said, pointing between us. I didn't even think about what I was doing until she looked at me strangely. Her expression was one of a freaked out person on the verge of a fit. "Not that this is anything, I mean you're not my girlfriend or anything. I'm totally not saying that. You know, I mean, I'm not opposed to the idea of monogamy or anything, but I'm not your boyfriend…" I stumbled out the words. She shook her head with a small grin on her face. "No, you're not my boyfriend. I don't really do them anyway," she said, waving off my yammering. "Well maybe that's why you're still single. A lack of putting out will do that," I said, not even thinking about what I was saying. Her face turned beet red and she laughed a little. "You know what I meant. I swear that mouth of yours…" she said, pointing her finger at me. "Anyway, I have to pack and get ready to go. I have a ten o'clock flight so I don't have much time. You can stick around if you want but I won't be much company for you." "Do you need a ride to the airport?" I asked, not wanting to leave her yet. She stood for a second thinking. "They usually send a car for me but if you really want to," she said, sounding unsure. "Well, then consider yourself dropped off." She smiled before excusing herself to go pack. I also went to my room to grab the bag that I had brought with me. When I went into the bathroom, to get my shit out of the shower, I noticed that my toothbrush was still sitting on the sink next to the toothpaste. I left it there, figuring it was like marking my territory. 'That's right guys; this is my room now so back the fuck off my girl!' I was pretty fucking sure she'd like that better than me pissing all over the room. I waited in the living room while she packed. I noticed that she didn't have any family pictures around, all the picture frames were filled with people who looked like friends. Most seemed to be taken while at parties or the beach. There were even a few with celebrities. After an hour or so she descended the stairs, holding a small black bag. She was wearing black, dressy looking pants and a light pink, silky blouse. 'Blouse, really Edward? Where are your balls, in her purse or is it called a satchel, you tool!' "You look nice," I said hoping it would make her smile. She looked really sad as she came down the stairs. "Thanks," she said, giving me the smile I was hoping for. "So, are you ready?" I asked. "Ready when you are."

We rode in awkward silence most of the way to LAX. On occasion, she'd comment on a song or something that we'd passed. When we got to the airport I was unsure if I should park in the short term parking or just drop her at the curb. I was raised right and didn't want her to think I was a dick so I picked the parking. After parking the car, I grabbed her carry-on out of the trunk. She insisted that she didn't need me to carry her bag in but I wasn't about to watch her walk away yet. I was feeling a little cheated since I was pretty fucking sure I would have gotten hot table sex if it wasn't for the multiple cock blocks. I didn't want to lose another second I had with her. I was actually starting to get a little fucking clingy and I hadn't even had sex with this woman. 'Maybe everything in Bella's house was designed to give me black balls, because I know those bitches are way past blue by now.' "So thanks for dropping me off," she said as we got to the ticket counter area. "You're very welcome." We both stood there like fucking idiots, not knowing what to do. 'Just hours ago I had her pinned to a table, dry fucking the shit out of her and now look at us.' "So, I'll call you when I get back," she said, turning to get in line. I couldn't stand the distant, formal goodbye so I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards me. I pressed my lips against hers, kissing her a few times. I didn't try to fuck her mouth with my tongue or anything since there were families and shit around. They were sweet, soft kisses that made me get little fucking butterflies in my stomach. 'Who's the bitch now?' I rest my forehead to hers, still holding onto her arms. "See you later, Bella," I said, kissing her one last time. I was walking on a fucking cloud for the rest of the night and after a very aggressive jerk off session in the shower, I fell asleep in my bed thinking about tables and cheesecake. X~X~X~X Since my Sunday plans had been blown I went to the gym and spent most of the day with my finger over the call button, Bella's number highlighted. She had said she'd call me so I didn't want to seem pushy. But fuck if I didn't want to talk to her, hear her voice. I spent most of the week having the same little battle with my BlackBerry. "So, how was your weekend?" Em asked when he walked into my house on Wednesday afternoon. It had been four days since I had last seen Bella, four days with no phone call. 'Yes, I was that bitch sitting by the phone!' "It was good but she had to take off Saturday night for a business thing. It kinda sucked because I was totally about to give it to her on her dining room table!" I was frustrated and my poor dick was taking all the punishment. No matter how much a jerked off I couldn't get the damn tension to go away. I even tried the whole switching hands and pretending I t was someone else. My hands here too fucking big to fool my dick into thinking it was Bella's hand. 'Obviously he was a little more intelligent than me.' "God, you're so pussy whipped already and you haven't even hit that shit yet!" he yelled. I was almost about to defend myself, but then remembered that I didn't say shit about not getting laid at some point during the weekend. "I didn't tell you that shit! Who did you hear that from?" I asked, shouting a little. He automatically got a guilty look on his face.

"Well shit… Rose will fucking kill me if you tell Bella anything that I say to you. I swear to God Edward, if you say anything I'll chop your dick off, get it stuffed like a deer head, and have Bella fuck you in the ass with it, you hear me?" he yelled, poking me in the chest. I was a little scared that he might do all those things, so I agreed, no questions asked. "Okay, so I was hanging out with Rose yesterday…" I cut him off almost instantly. "You were hanging out?" I asked skeptically. "Well shit, we were fucking in the office at the shop but after that we hung out for a little while. So, yeah, we were hanging out. Anyway, we started talking about you and Bella's arrangement and I could tell by her face that she wanted to say something. Like she knew something huge that I didn't know. Well, with my powers of persuasion, a.k.a. my amazing pussy-eating-skills, I got it out of her," Emmett said smugly. "From what I gathered, Bella was not her normal Dom self with you this past weekend. Rose said she was really freaked out by it all. I guess Bella didn't do the normal punishment stuff that she would have done if someone else would have fucked with her like you did. She also said that she had more fun with you outside of the room than in it, which she never does. Bella is very stuffy and uptight normally. Always the perfect picture of control, so Rose was fucking shocked to see her so strung out. You got to her bro, you got to her hard. I bet if you wanted to she'd even do a role reversal thing with you someday. Like I said from day one, you and Bella are the shit together. She must really want to suck on your nuts if she's getting all girly about it. Rose said she even bought a bunch of new lingerie in New York, even though she has a shit ton all ready." I thought about that for the rest of the week. I knew that I could make her blush or giggle if I wanted, but I could also piss her the fuck off at the drop of a hat. I didn't realize that she wasn't always like that. The night we met, she seemed very controlled and in full Dom mode but this past weekend she was less ridged. I knew I was breaking the rules, fucking with her, seeing how much I could get away with but it never dawned on me that she wasn't on her game. She let a lot of shit slide and now I knew why. She fucking liked me, like, really fucking liked me. She liked me enough to gossip to her friend, buy new panties, and get all freaked out. And I liked her enough to say the word like a million times knowing this shit wasn't love but thinking that maybe it could be. She didn't do the boyfriend thing but I was on a fucking mission to change that shit. I would play sub for a while and I would try to be a damn good one too. But there was no way I would stop there, it wasn't enough. Mistress Cock Tease was going to be mine and I was going to get my dick inside her as soon as possible, damn it! Chapter 5: Subward, meet Domella

I was sitting on my couch, staring at my phone. It was almost six o'clock on Friday night and I still hadn't fucking heard from Bella. To say I was irritated was a goddamn understatement. I got my dick pierced for her and I had yet to use it for anything but jerking off. And that was even getting a bit fucking old. Finally, my phone beeped and I clicked open the text. play with me :) The smiley face was fucking mocking me. Yeah, I was bitter but damn, what did she expect? She went all week without speaking to me and now she sends a fucking smiley face!

I yanked my pants down and stroked my dick a few times, before taking a picture with my phone. I sent the picture and my own little message back to her. why don't you play with me? ;) I waited, knowing that she would be pissed that I was being shitty with her again. I promised myself that I would play the role of model-fucking-sub this weekend but I couldn't stop myself. Plus it wasn't the weekend yet and I was in the privacy of my own home, so the rules didn't apply… right? It didn't take long for her to reply. well, r u coming or not? idk, will I be cumming? get your ass over here edward! I took that last text as a yes, so I sent a quick okay, before heading to the Hills. I broke about every driving law made on my way, wanting desperately to see Bella. I realized quickly that my need to just be near Bella was over shadowing my dicks need to be inside of her. 'Well, that's new?' I pulled up to her house, cut the engine, and walked to the door. Of course, I had to buzz the gate to get on her property, so Maria was waiting in the doorway for me. She had her purse slung over her shoulder and a light jacket over her forearm. "It's nice to see you again, Mist- I'm mean, Edward. Miss Bella would like you to bring your bag upstairs and then meet her in the room," she said, blushing a little when she said 'the room'. I knew what she was talking about so I didn't say anything. Although, I did wonder why the hell Bella wasn't meeting me at the door? I nodded and walked passed her into the house. I knew I was being rude but fear and panic filled my body suddenly. "Anyway, have a nice evening, or weekend really since I won't be here," she said, walking past me. "You too, Maria," I yelled as she retreated down the stone walkway. I wondered for a second who the hell would cook for me, as I watched Maria walk away. 'Fuck, Bella's going to starve me to death for being a pompous ass. Smooth move fucker, real smooth!' I brought my bag to my room and headed for the torture chamber. I was pretty sure I was fucked and not in a good way. I was fucked in the I-might-fuck-you-in-the-ass-with-a-giant-black-rubber-cock kind of way. I would say that's about as shitty as it could get. But staying a butt virgin was a hard ass limit that I knew she wouldn't mess with. Hopefully. I knew the whole time I was messing with her last weekend I was testing her, pushing her. She played along so I didn't think I was doing something completely wrong. But now, I was worried. She had sent Maria home, didn't meet me at the door, and I was now headed straight to the playroom. 'Fucked, I… am… fucked!' I walked into the room, shed my clothes, and got into position. I was kneeling for a few minutes when I heard the door open. Bella’s heels clicked on the stairs. I lowered my eyes, looking at the grain of the hardwood. 'Play by the fucking rules and you might get laid, jackass!'

"I'm sorry that I didn't call this week," she said, walking around me, circling me like I was prey. "You have to understand that I wasn't myself last weekend. I allowed things to get out of hand. I should have handled you differently but I didn't. This weekend will be about remedying that little problem. I can't blame you for what you did; I sort of spurred you on at times. I will, however, not be dealing with you being mouthy, at all, this weekend. If you act up, you will be dealt with accordingly. You will follow all the rules that I have put into place in this room, and remember I will see it even if my back is turned." She walked around me so that I could see her feet where I was looking at the floor. She had on black heels that laced up her ankles. I didn't dare look up at her knowing I'd catch hell for it. "When we are not in this room you will act respectful. No cunning little jokes or purposeful teases. I will do the teasing if I choose to, not you. I want you to do what it is that you read on those sites. I want you to act like a sub, a real sub. If you fuck up I will let you know what you did wrong and I expect you to learn from it the first time. I do not give second chances, at least not this weekend. You will be doing the cooking so I hope you're prepared for that. Make what you know will be edible, I'm not that picky." She moved back to the wall with the toys. I was only sure of this because I could hear her shoes clicking, which were like a Bella GPS. She walked up and made me stand. She proceeded to cuff my hands and lift them above my head, much like the week before. Once I was secured and collared, she walked around to face me. "You can look at me now," she said in a low voice. She was wearing a deep blue, lacy bra and panty set, with garters hanging over her thighs loosely. I had the urge to ask if it was new but kept by big ass mouth shut knowing it would expose Emmett for what he was… a big, meathead gossip. "I decided that today I'd use a paddle," she said holding up a leather paddle. It was much larger than the crop and I knew that this shit was going hurt. "You're going to get ten for that picture you texted me. Well, not so much the picture but the cocky little comment you sent along with it. Learn your manners, Mister," she said walking around so she was behind me again. "You're going to count these, okay?" she asked. I nodded my head. "This is a punishment, so you can say stop but you cannot say less or more. I run this shit," she said as she brought the paddle down. It stung like a fucking son-of-a-bitch. "One," I said, trying to sound calm. She brought the paddle down again on the other cheek. I was both grateful and pissed, since now my whole ass was on fire. "Two," I shrieked out. She didn't waste any time hitting me again and again. Every slap hurt worse than the previous one but I was going to take them like a fucking man. Finally, I got to ten and I screamed like the little bitch I was because, well, that shit hurt. There was no fun, playful slapping like with the crop, that paddle meant fucking business. "Now that we are done with that, I'm starved. Get dress and go to the kitchen. I don't care what you make, surprise me," she said as she pulled the cuffs from around my wrists. She started to make her way towards the stairs and turned back to me. "Oh, and clean up our mess and leave the collar on. You'll wear it the whole weekend." With that she walked down and out of the room. 'Shit just got serious! Like quick, fast, and in a hurry this shit went from fun to frightening!'

I hurried to hang the cuffs and paddle on the wall, making sure nothing was left out. She even sat the crop on the bed, which she didn't even use. I guessed it was there as a setup to see if I'd notice it. I picked it up and put it in its place, then got dressed. It hurt a little when I pulled my boxers and jeans over my ass, I was sure there was going to be welts. I was pouting a little that I had to leave the room since I had yet to try out my new piercing. 'She had better give it a test drive or I was taking it out just to spite her. Okay, not going to happen. I didn't go through that shit to take it out before I see if it's fuckawesome yet or not.' I hurried down to the kitchen. I had never been in it but I knew it was off the dining room since Maria always came from that direction with food. The kitchen was massive but didn't have that sterile feeling. The walls were a warm red color and the cabinets were white. The counter tops looked like they were made of a cutting board and the whole place just felt homey and warm. I looked in the fridge to find the stuff to make a salad and some chicken that was already sitting in marinade. 'You better thank Maria and kiss her fucking ass when you see her next!' I looked a little harder and saw that there was a bunch of stuff already prepared for meals. I was totally getting fucking help from the help. I started the grill that was on the stove and threw the chicken on. While that was cooking, I got all the shit for the salad cut up. It was pretty fucking simple; cook the chicken, cut shit up, put it together, and serve. 'Thank you Maria!' I had dinner ready just in time to hear Bella walk into the dining room. I hurried to grab both the plates and met her in there. She was sitting on the furthest side of the table, so I could sit next to her or in front of her. She was dressed casually in jeans and a tight t-shirt. I put the food down and went back into the kitchen to grab a bottle of wine and two glasses. I sat down so I could face her, needing to talk. I knew that if I was going to try and make her fall for me I should try and act like I wanted more than just getting in her pants. Okay, not act like it because I really did want to know her better. "It looks great," she said with a smile. It was the first time she was speaking to me like I was Edward and not her sub. I also realized that I hadn't said anything to her since walking in the door. "Thank you, Mistress," I said coolly, trying to play the role. She smiled at me, knowing what I was doing. I poured the wine and we both started to eat. "So how was your week?" she asked, taking a bite of her chicken salad. She let out a little moan when she started to chew. The noise did wonderful things to my dick and bad things to my head. I was trying to stay focused on the whole 'getting to know her better thing' but noises like that didn't help. "It was okay; I had a couple jobs to do, so I was working on the melodies for those. I was actually spending most of the week thinking about you," I admitted. She blushed slightly before turning back to her dinner. "How was your week?' I asked. I knew it was the easiest way to get her to talk about her job. "Meetings for about three days straight, then I did a little shopping. I spent the rest of the week recharging, trying to get my head right." I looked at her wondering what could have been bothering her. 'Gee, I don't know? Maybe it was the fact that her sub was being all cocky and shitty with her. Maybe she spent the week deciding on how she would torture you. Don't think too hard because I'm

sure she bought more than panties. Maybe they make special dildos with the sole purpose of deflowering asses. Why the fuck am I always thinking about ass sex?' "How did your meetings go?" She thought for a second. "It was okay, I hate going to them. I try hard to avoid it at all costs," she said being very careful with her words. "What is it that you do, Bella?" I asked. She took another bite of her food before answering. "I'm a silent owner of a club and I also run a film company." She was looking around a little like she was hiding something. I could tell she was nervous about her job. I bet she's a super hot assassin. Or maybe she's in the FBI and can't tell you. God, I bet that's why she likes cuffs so much! "That sounds cool, what kind of club is it? I'm assuming it's in New York?" She shifted in her seat and then pushed her plate away. The mood got serious fast and my heart started to thump heavily in my chest. "Okay, I don't usually say what I do for a living because all I ever get is judgmental looks but I have a feeling you wouldn't take that as a good answer. The club I own is a high end Gentlemans' Club in the Upper East Side of New York. I don't go there often, I funded the money to a friend of mine and I get a cut. As for the film company, it's for adult films. They aren't the cheap, nasty ones. I'd like to think of them as high end also. It's called EPIC Entertainment. Maybe you've heard of it?" she asked with raised eyebrows. I had heard of her company, I even owned a few of their films. She definitely got the hottest chicks and the dudes asses weren't in the camera the whole time like in most porns. Actually, you didn't even really pay attention the guys because the chicks were perfection. Well, close to perfection. Perfection was sitting across from me. 'She likes kinky sex, owns a strip club, and is in the porn industry… marry her NOW!' She watched me as I took it all in. I was impressed that at… wait. "How old are you Bella?" I asked, realizing that I didn't know that. She had my paper work with my birthday so she'd know I was twenty-seven. "Ummm… shit… okay, I'll be thirty in September. God, saying that out loud makes me feel really old," she said, putting her hands over her face. I couldn't let her feel that way. She was only two years older than me, since I'd be twenty-eight in a few weeks. "Didn't you hear, thirty is the new twenty, babe," I said, smiling like a fucking idiot. She smiled back and pulled the plate back towards her. "Thanks, for not thinking I'm old and not freaking out about my job," she replied. "Shit, I think you have the coolest jobs ever… free lap-dances and an unlimited supply of porn… that's pretty badass Miss Swan." She smiled again, looking almost blissful. We ate and talked about her meetings. She had to fire the manager of the club and usually the guy, Tyler, who she loaned the money to, would do it but it involved money being stolen so she had to go. It was nice to know more things about her other then the size and shape of her nipples.

We also talked about our families a little which was nice since we both came from very normal homes. Our parents were still together and we were both only children. ' A.K.A. we were both kind of spoiled and bratty.' She pushed back from the table and walked out, plate in hand, after she was finished eating. I followed behind her quickly. We did the dishes together and I almost forgot that I was wearing a giant, black collar, it felt almost normal. "It's getting late; I'm going to head to bed. Have breakfast ready by nine o'clock please and then after breakfast I'd like to spend some time in the play room," she said, moving back from me. I hadn't realized that we were standing so close. "Umm, okay, I'll see you in the morning. Sweet dreams, Bella." She nodded, returning the gesture and walked out of the room. I could tell that she was distancing herself. I went to bed that night frustrated, since there was no way I was jerking off in the 'room of a thousand cameras'. 'That shit sounds like something from Harry Potter: Cheaters Addition. Fuck I love that show.' I hadn't even kissed her since the kiss in the airport. She was doing this shit on purpose and I was going to figure out why. When I woke up the next morning I made my way down stairs to see a note hanging on the fridge. I have some work I need to get done. I'll be in my office if you need me. It's the room next to my bedroom. You're free for the day but I'll see you at two o'clock. Be ready. ~Bella I was left to my own devices for the whole day, which wasn't a good thing since I'm like a child with ADD. I got some breakfast then headed out to the pool. I swam for a little while before getting utterly bored. I knew where Bella was but I didn't want to be pushy, so I didn't knock on her door. I did, however, stand in front of the door with my fist lifted more than once but I always chickened out. 'Maybe this whole being her bitch thing would come easier than I thought!' After a couple hours I started to wander the house. Everything was so nice, all her furniture looked like it was barely sat on. My couch had a perpetual Edward ass mark where I always sat, yet hers still looked brand new. Her living room was much like the kitchen, warm colors and homey feeling. It looked like something in the Martha Stewart magazine. 'Yeah, I've looked at that shit. You gotta find a lesbian that can fashion a homemade basket out of twigs and has been to prison kinda fucking hot. In a cougar, butch kind of way.' After looking over the living room, I found a door that lead to a down stairs I didn't know about. I walked down to find that it was a home cinema. There were rows of plush leather couches and chairs and a huge white screen. On a table near the front there was a giant computer looking thing. It was touch screen so I touched it… duh, and watched it illuminate. All her movies were digitally uploaded and separated into categories. There really was only one that I found at all interesting… Adult. I clicked in to see that she had a shit ton of porn listed, which I was sure was from her company. I would definitely try and get her down here to watch one with me one of these days. As much as I wanted to sit and watch a porn or fifty, I needed to get to the playroom so I put the remote-o-porn down and headed back upstairs.

I did my usual positioning and kept my head down. 'You can do this shit, Cullen! Be the master sub! Okay, that didn't make any fucking sense but you get my drift.' She opened the door and walked in silently and I was surprised by her feet, which was the only thing I could see from where I was. She didn't have any shoes on and you could see her jeans grazing the floor. "You can look at me, Edward," she said. I lifted my head to see that she had on a white tank top and loose fitting jeans. There was no bra under the top so I could see the outline of her nipples and the barbells. Her hair was wavy and flowed around her shoulders and down her back. Her face was flawless and makeup free, which only proved that she really was sensational. She looked so fucking hot that I would rather see her like that, then all dolled up. "I'd like our time in here to be about pleasure today, but I need to ask you a few things first," she said. "Stand up, please," she ordered. I did what I was told, not taking my eyes off of her as I did it. She walked forward until her body was pressed to mine. "How much do you want me, Edward?" she asked, pressing against me a little more. I could barely form a sentence. "More than I should," I answered honestly. I knew this was supposed to be about sex but fuck if I wasn't falling for her a little bit. "What would you do to be with me?" she purred, running her hands down my chest. My dick decided that he was going to join the party and he gave her stomach a little nudge as he stood at attention. "Anything," I said, knowing I'd probably regret saying that later. "I'm going to remember that you said that," she said with a smile. "Please go lie on the bed, face up," she ordered. I walked over to the bed and lay down. I watched as she pulled the jeans down her legs so that she was only in the tank and a pair of pink, lacy boy short panties. She moved to the closet and walked in; grabbing something I couldn't see in her hand. She crawled onto the bed and straddled my thighs. I could see that she had a clear, rubbery looking thing in her hand. In the other was a tiny bullet shaped thing that was attached to a corded box. "This is a cock ring and a bullet vibrator," she stated. She reached into the night stand and pulled out a condom, sitting it on the bed. "I'm going to put it on you, okay?" she asked. I nodded my head. She leaned forward and took my entire dick in her mouth, which fucking caught me by surprise. On her way back up she left a little more saliva than I've ever had a chick leave on my dick. She didn't suck hard or anything so I knew that she wasn't trying to give me head. When she got to the head, she flicked the barbell with her tongue. She almost made me splooge in her mouth like a fourteen year old. She pulled herself back up and then slid the rubbery ring down my hard dick. It was kind of tight but not in a bad way. She smiled at my expression, which I was sure was a mix of lust, confusion, and frustration. "Natural lubricant," she said with a shrug of her shoulders. Then she slid the little bullet shaped thing into the top of the ring. I was so fucking naïve about this whole sex toy thing. Then she hit a button on the little box and my dick started to vibrate. She just turned me into a human vibrator. I wonder if

I should rename my dick now. 'Maybe "The Hulk" because he gets all big and veiny when he gets excited, and vibrates with repressed rage.' "Does that feel good?" she asked. I nodded my head and closed my eyes, letting the feeling take over. I felt her hands on me again. I opened my eyes to see her rolling a condom on. "Sit up and take my clothes off, Edward," she commanded. I instantly had my hands at the hem of her shirt lifting it over her head. She laid back, allowing me to pull the pink lace down her legs. She looked like a goddess sprawled out naked on the white bedding. Her tattoo was completely visible, the ivy running up into a garden of flowers and more ivy. I wanted to tell her how beautiful she was. I needed to let her know that I wanted more than sex but I didn't speak because I wasn't told I could. 'See, I could be a good sub if I really tried.' She pushed me back and crawled over me. She moved so that her warm pussy rubbed just right over the head of my cock. The barbell shifted slightly and I moaned. 'Best… purchase… ever!' She started to rub herself up and down my length and I was impossibly hard like I could cut glass my dick I was so hard. She was starting to pant out breaths and I was pulling at her hips trying to get her sink down onto me. Every time I thought she would impale me she'd pull back slightly. I was going to spunk in this condom and I haven't even been inside her. I could tell that she was getting sick of the teasing too because she started to writhe a little harder. "Speak, say something to me," she commanded in short breaths. "Fuck me, Mistress Bella, please," I pleaded, not knowing what else to say. I was the sub and here I was telling her what to do. She lifted slightly and then slid down onto my dick with ease. I dug my finger tips into her hips as she lifted up and down. I moved one hand up and cupped her tit in my hand, rolling and pulling at the barbell. Her tits were perfect, just the right size that they bounced around while she was riding me. But not too big that I might get a black eye if I got too close. The room was filled with the sounds of slapping flesh and moans. Bella reared back and it caused her chest to push out towards me. I lifted off the bed and took her hard nipple into my mouth, flicking the piercing with my tongue. I focused on the warmth of her pussy, the vibrations of the cock ring and the fucking awesome sensation of her movements, which were doing all the right things to my barbell. We were both in the moment and it felt like seconds turned into hours as we caressed and touched each other. As I sucked on her tits, she wove her hands into my hair and rested her cheek on the top of my head. She moved up and down me with gentle force that was indescribable. I could feel that familiar warmth in the pit of my stomach. I knew I was close so I moved my mouth up and started to suck on her neck. She was avoiding my mouth from touching hers and I knew that kissing was something she did want to do at that moment. "Mmmm… God, Edward," she said as she continued to move. She moaned loud and then I felt her tighten. I tried to pump up at her but the position wouldn't allow it. She was still moaning when I came hard, wishing there was nothing between us. 'Not because I want to knock her up, crazy fucking people - sex just feels good without a condom.' "Fuck," she muttered, as she slowed her movements. She pulled herself off of me and turned the vibrating thing off. She rolled on to her back, looking up at the ceiling. I heard her say something that

sounded a lot like 'tired of staying away' but when I asked what she said all I got was a quick 'nothing'. We lay there in silence for a few minutes until she abruptly got up, sliding her clothes back on. "Umm… I need to use the restroom. I'll meet you down stairs for dinner in an hour." She walked to the stairs and out of the room like her ass was on fire. 'What the fuck?' I pulled the used condom off my semi-hard dick and realized that I didn't know where the fuck to put it. I laid it on the night stand, and then pulled the cock ring off. I knew she'd want me to pick up so I grabbed everything she had taken out and walked to the closet. When I opened it I gasped. Inside was an arsenal of toys and clothes. She had a sex swing hanging on the back wall and more dildos and vibrators that you could shake a stick at. 'I never understood that expression but fuck if I didn't say it all the time.' I saw that there was a bottle of something called Come Clean and I picked it up. I sprayed the stuff we used with the flowery smelling spray and put the stuff where I thought it would go. After I was done, I closed the doors, not wanting to be a snoop. Plus I was being watched. I grabbed the nasty condom and headed to my room where I disposed of it in the trash can. I took a quick shower and went down stairs to start dinner. After the stir-fry was cooked, much thanks to Maria, we ate in relative silence. She was being fucking weird, like there was something going in her head that I was unaware of. It looked like I was going to need my boy Emmett to pull a little recon if I didn't get her to talk. "That was really good," she said, patting her stomach. I smiled at her and gave a quick thanks, feeling bad for taking credit for something I didn't really do. "So, I have to make a phone call, if you'll excuse me?" she said standing up and walking out of the room. I did the dishes and tried not to think about the fact that she was having major fucking mood swings. You'd think she was on her period the way she's acting. After a while I got bored of looking at her kitchen so I headed to my room. As I passed her door I could hear her talking to someone. I paused just long enough to catch what I needed to hear. "No… Rose, I'm not Alice… I don't know if I can do this anymore, it's too hard… I'm not sure how to balance the shit out. Last night felt fucking wrong with him. What's happening to me?" She paused for a minutes before sighing really loud. I didn't want her to catch me on video standing outside her door so I started to walk down the hall. I was tuning my doorknob when I heard her door open. "Edward," she said and I turned to see her standing in her doorway. "Can I talk to you a minute?" she asked. I started to walk towards her, excited and nervous at the same time.

Chapter 6: You Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine

I walked into Bellas' room after having a bit of a staring contest in the hall. I'm sure I looked like a fucking idiot just standing there so it was best to move. I seem to go into statue mode around Bella and it freaks me the fuck out. Why does this woman make me feel like a fourteen year old boy with a constant boner? I watched as she closed the door behind me and then leaned on it. Looking around, I noticed that her room was the exact opposite of the playroom. It was a lot like the rest of the house, since it was covered in earthy colors and antique furniture. Unlike the playroom, her room was filled with stuff but not overly cluttered. Her entire house, with the exception of the playroom, had a homey feeling. Not to self: find new names for the playroom since its fucking annoying saying it over and over. I'll need to get some suggestions from Emmett or maybe just Google that shit. I sat down on the bed and patted the spot next to me. There was a small couch in the corner but for some reason, I needed to sit on her bed. Okay, I can't lie; I just wanted to get her on the bed more than anything. I patted the spot next to me again and smirked. She grinned, walked over and sat down, fiddling with the hem of her shirt. "Okay, well… I think we need to talk. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to act around you," she said, barely looking at me. "Am I free to speak, Mistress?" I asked playfully, winking at her when she finally looked up. "Of course, but I'd like to say what I need to say before you talk, please," she said. I nodded my head, trying to bite my tongue. In all reality I wanted to throw her into the middle of the bed and fuck her until she decided to stop being so fucking bi-polar. Maybe I could fuck her into submission and then I wouldn't have to deal with this whole 'trying to be a good sub' thing? "First, I need to say that I don't love you. I just want to put that out in the universe so that there isn't any misunderstandings. Plus, you and your smart mouth might try and misconstrue what I'm about to say." I laughed for a good five minutes while she watched my little fit. "Jesus fucking Christ, that's awesome," I said through chuckles. She folded her arms and gave me a stern look. I'm sure she had no clue why I was laughing. "Shit, I don't love you either. I mean, I love your tits, ass, and your ability to make my dumb ass take an order or two, but I don't love you. I like you a lot, don't get me wrong, but love just isn't me. I don't do the falling in love at first sight thing," I said through chuckles. "Okay, good now that we understand that you don't love me and I don't love you, we can get back to what I was trying to say," she said, sounding kind of annoyed. "I don't know how to be with you," she started repeating what she already said. She looked at me through her eyelashes. I was confused as hell since it didn't seem that hard. Cock meet pussy, pussy meet cock… now shake hands, hug, and kiss… over and over and over again. "You are by far the worst sub that I've ever had. Yet, I felt like shit last night when I punished you. That was a long time coming and I basically ran out of the room in shame, like a rookie. That's not me… I don't do things that would make me feel that way. I always think everything through fully. You're worse than Jake was in the beginning and he was so bad that I had to bring Rose in to teach him a few things," she said with a smirk.

"Well I don't give a fuck how bad I am, there's no way in hell I'm banging Rose. Emmett might kill me if that shit went down!" I yelled, thinking about how fucked up that would be. Plus, Rose wasn't my type at all and she scared the shit out of me. If she could dom a guy like Emmett I'd be scared what kind of crazy things she could do. I wonder if she lifts weights or drinks those protein shakes? I couldn't help laughing to myself a little thinking about protein shakes. Em probably gives her protein shots all the fucking time. "I never said anything about Jake and Rose fucking, there's a big difference between training and sex, Edward. Plus, there is no way I could sit by and watch you with someone else," she admitted, looking like she suddenly regretted it. I smirked realizing that she would be a little jealous. I knew that we needed to talk but I couldn't stop my hands. I ran my hand over her thigh and pulled her closer to me. She let out a little gasp when I flipped her around so that she was lying on her back. I moved in between her legs, pressing my body against hers slightly. I started to kiss slowly up her neck, grinding my hips slowly. "I'm sure you're not done talking but I have a few questions of my own, if you don't mind?" I asked, still running my lips over her exposed skin. She nodded her head, taking a deep breath and swallowing hard. Swallows, that's good to know… and she does it hard… NICE! "Why wouldn't you kiss me earlier?" I asked, the tip of my nose moving to the space under her ear. She thought for a few minutes while I kiss and sucked on her neck. "I… I… Mmm," she moaned, pushing her hands up my shirt and running her fingernails down my back. I wanted to put all my body weight on her, but knew if I did that, we'd go from dry fucking to wet fucking in about six seconds. She wasn't answering me so with one last long, hard suck on her neck, I moved off of her. I sat up and looked down at her. Her hair was sprawled out around her face and her cheeks were flush. "Are you going to answer my question?" I asked, grinning at her since she looked so thoroughly turned on. She sat up and straightened her clothes. "Okay, here's the whole story, from start to finish…" she took a long pause before she started, what I liked to call, the confession of a lifetime. Usher doesn't have shit on Bella. "So, after the first time I met you, I was pretty much in lust over you. I even stopped seeing Jake early because it didn't feel right, I would think about you when I was with him. Then, that first weekend I let you get away with things that I would have never let Jake get away with. I felt like a failure because I've been in this lifestyle for about five years and I never let my feelings play a part in this. If I liked someone in that way I would date them and if we meshed in the playroom then that's where it would stay." She paused for a minute and I rolled my finger in the air, signaling for her to continue. I knew I needed to let her get it all out before I could say anything. "I have never wanted to spank someone and then make, well not love, but you know, have meaningful sex with them at the same time. It's always black or white but you… you are definitely a grey area for me. I didn't kiss you thinking that if I just fucked you, I'd see that it could work out, but I don't think it will. I like you, a lot, and I know this seems weird but I want to dominate you but I can't because the punishment is too much for me. You are such a fucking smart mouth and I know that if I'm your Dom that it will be necessary to have punishment involved." She stopped talking and looked at me. I was guessing that she wanted me to say something but instead I climbed back on top of her. Conversations are always better when lying in sexual positions.

"So, what you're trying to say is that you like me, you want to continue to see me naked but that you aren't sure if you can do the Dom, Sub thing with me?" I asked while running my nose along her jaw line. She nodded her head as I peeked my tongue out and ran it over the shell of her ear. I leaned in and whispered. "Well… Miss Swan, it seems to me that you might be asking me out," I joked. She pushed me on my back and straddled my hips. "Oh Edward, you're so cute. I won't do any asking, trust me. Women like to be wooed you know," she said, rolling her hips over my very hard, frustrated dick. Then she leaned forward and sucked my ear lobe into her mouth, causing my toes to curl a little. "Plus, if you're a good boy and play nice I might bring some new toys out," she whispered in my ear. "So you don't need the Dom shit to bring out the kinky toys?" I asked with raised eyebrows. She lifted off of me and shook her head. She patted my cheek like I was a naïve child and laughed. "Oh sweetie, I have a whole arsenal of toys in this room that I use with my non-sub men, lucky for you, I might try giving you the best of both worlds." I adjusted my dick in my pants, worried I would be banished back to my room so she could watch me squirm while I think about jerking off. "I need a bath, why don't you come along?" she asked, but it sounded more like an order. Opening the door that lead to her bathroom, she slipped inside the brightly lit room. I got up off the bed and followed her. She started the water in a huge, claw-foot tub. Her bathroom was huge, the walls painted a light blue. There were candles everywhere and the whole feel was kind of like a spa that Emmett dragged me to last year. He was on a kick that even though he looks like a gearhead, hardass that he is, he still liked his hands and feet to feel soft. I know right, I called him a pansy ass bitch until I went. Now I have a membership and even get coupons in the mail. I didn't know what to do, so I stood there like a dumbass and watched as Bella poured some bath stuff in. She walked over and took a towel out of the cabinet, then turned the water off. She didn't even turn around to look at me before she started to peel her clothes off. Slowly everything fell to the floor, shirt… jeans… bra… panties. She twisted her hair into a knot on her head, securing it with a big clip. Slowly, she got into the tub and sank down into a sea of bubbles. "Well, are you going to just stand there and stare at me or are you going to help?" she asked, looking up at me, her hands stretched out around the lip of the tub. I pulled my shirt off before walking over to her. You know, I didn't want to get it wet or anything. I still had my collar on, so I was clad in just jeans and the leather around my neck. I knelt next to the tub and grabbed the pink puff that was hanging on the faucet. She handed me the body wash, which smelled like sweet pea. I was pretty sure that I would need to buy Bella some new shit since I dated a girl that used to work at Bath and Body Works. She always smelled like that shit and it brought back not so great memories, but she could swallow my dick without even flinching. That's what I call an upside. The problem with her was that it was the only thing she knew how to do properly with her mouth. Talking and kissing… well pretty much anything else she sucked at, so I only saw her when I was drunk and desperate. Yes, I was kind of an asshole but I'm trying to change that shit… sort of. I squirted the pink liquid onto the puff and dipped it into the water, rubbing it until it was all sudsy. She lifted her leg up and I ran the puff down her creamy skin. She slid down the tube a little further as I washed her legs. I moved around the tub so that I could wash her arms and shoulders. I was

kneeling behind her now and she tilted her head back so that the top of her head rested against my chest. She let out little moans as I moved down her chest, playing with her nipples more than doing any actual washing. Plus, I didn't want to get the puff stuck on her barbells. I made that mistake a few weeks ago. Needless to say, I threw my puff out and I've stuck to a washcloth or my hands. And yes, I use a puff. They are great at exfoliating. Blame that shit on Emmett too. She moved forward so I could wash her back. I leaned into her and kissed the back of her neck, right at her hairline. I watched as goose bumps rose over her skin. I kissed her a few more times down her spine and then ran the puff along her back. After rinsing the soap off, I rested on my heels and pulled her so that she was laying back. I grabbed the shaving cream and razor that were sitting on the little shelf next to the tub. I moved around to the side of the tub, next to her legs. She looked up at me with a worried expression. "I may be into Bondage and Domination but I don't play in the whole inflicting injury thing, so please be careful," she said sounding stern at first. "Yes, Mistress," I said, trying to sound like the sub that I wasn't. Even though she had just said that she couldn't see me that way, I still wanted to be what she wanted. A small smile played on her lips as I reached into the tub to pull her leg out of the water. I smoothed the cream onto her skin, kissing the inside of her foot. She laid her head back and watched as I slowly moved the razor up her leg. In long, soft strokes I shaved all the way up to where the water touched her thighs. Her legs were already smooth but I had seen this shit in a movie and always wanted to try it. She watched with hooded eyes as I moved to the other leg, kissing and rubbing like I did the first time. After I was done with the second leg she sighed and I looked to see that she really had been watching me the entire time. "That… was by far the sexiest thing I've ever had anyone do to me," she said, pulling her bottom lip into her mouth. "Oh yeah," I replied, running my hand down her thigh and into the soapy water. I ran my fingers over her, feeling the silkiness of her skin. She moved her hips so that I was pressing harder against the very hard area of her clit. I still find it funny that women get little baby boners. You know, because the blood flow makes the clit all hard, it really is the woman's boner. I don't find it funny that they can make that shit into a teeny tiny winky if they wanted to, though. That just freaks me out a little. I tried to get the image from the Discovery Channel out of my head, looking into Bella's eyes. She had her lip pulled into her mouth and she was running her fingers over her nipple. I slid a finger into her, moving a second one in within a thrust or two. She circled her hips and grinded into my hand. The water sloshed around the tub and she moaned out loud. The noise echoed in the large room as she tightened around my fingers. Her head lifted from the edge of the tub and she smiled. It was a huge 'I just got thoroughly pleased' kind of smile. She stood up, on what looked like shaky legs, and I watched as the bubbles slid down her body. They moved over her perfect tits, over her tatted-up stomach, and gathered in between her legs. "Help me dry off," she ordered. I grabbed the towel that was sitting on the vanity and watched as she stepped out of the tub. I dried her hair first, kissing her shoulders as I moved the towel down her back. I carefully dried everything, down to her toes, paying special attention to certain areas. After she was relatively dry - some places just couldn't be helped - I wrapped the towel around her.

She didn't say anything as she grabbed my hand to lead me into her room. I couldn't take not touching her so I spun her around and walked her backwards until she fell onto the bed. She let out a little yelp, caught by surprise by my sudden movement. I stood between her legs and unwrapped her like a present on Christmas morning. The towel fell open to her sides and I scanned her body. It really was fucking perfection. Everything was that perfect- not too big, not too little- thing. The tattoo that ran from her ankle to her side was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. I bent forward and kissed her stomach, tracing the lines of the flowers and ivy with my tongue. She dug her fingers into my hair, pulling me up her body. I rested my forehead against her chin, feeling her body against mine. Her fingers moved down my neck and I felt them grab on to the collar I was still wearing. I was waiting for her to take over and start barking orders but instead I felt the tension of the leather loosen. Her fingers unsnapped the metal hooks holding it to me. She pulled the leather away from my neck and tossed it on the floor. "This is just Bella and Edward," she whispered, pulling my face to hers. I kissed her deep, our tongues battling for dominance. I had been wanting to fucking kiss her for a week, so I put all my need into it. She thrust her naked hips at me, rubbing on the seam of my jeans. I pulled away and pushed her hips up so that she was completely on the bed and off of the wet towel. I threw the towel on the floor next to my collar and unhooked the button of my jeans. She watched, propped on her elbows, as I slid down the zipper and dropped my jeans. I had decided to go commando after the playroom, so I was as naked as she was now. I brought my knees up to the edge of the bed and crawled over her. The closer I got to her the more she back down onto the bed. I moved back to kissing her neck, as she rubbed our naked bodies together. One false move and I could have easily been balls deep but I knew if I tried that shit she'd freak. As if she could read my thoughts, she reached over and pulled a condom out of the nightstand. I slipped it on knowing that we were definitely about to fuck and I was nothing but a boy scout at heart. Always prepared, always safe, and always fucking horny. What? It's true, I went to camp for a few summers, those boys have more porn than Hugh Hefner. She seemed to get annoyed with my ADD because suddenly she had her legs wrapped around my back pulling us together. I could feel the tip of my dick brush against her wetness. It was like a fucking wet, hot heaven… even though when I think of wet and hot I think of hell. Maybe I could get her to dress up as a sexy devil! I think I've even had this thought before, seems like fate, right? She ran her fingernails down my back, tightening her legs around me. I sucked and licked her neck and shoulders, teasing her with the head of my dick. She let out a few moans and then a few desperate sighs before I pushed forward, burying myself inside her. I swear this woman had what I like to call 'vacuum pussy'. Every time I pulled out, she'd suck me back in. I should call the authorities and tell them that I found the Eighth Wonder of the World. I pumped in and out of her, while she writhed and moaned my name. We both started to get a little sweaty; her skin almost shimmered from it. I moved over her, our chests rubbing, our legs tangled. I was close but I needed to get her off so I pulled out for a second, flipping her onto her hands and knees. She didn't put up a fight like I had expected. Instead, she grabbed me from between her legs and sunk back into me. She started to push back, taking charge of a position that I should be in charge of. I grabbed her hips and used them to drive myself into her. The harder I fucked her the louder she got. I leaned forward and started biting her back. Not hard enough to hurt her but enough to get her attention and leave little marks. I reached my hand up and took the clip out of her hair, twisting her

long brown locks around my knuckles. I pulled a little and she let out a deep gasp. She moved a hand between us and worked her clit with her thumb as she rubbed her fingers over my dick. As I slid in and out of her I could feel her fingers around me. Suddenly, her legs started to shake and her hand dropped back to the bed. She lowered her head against a pillow and cried out, chanting my name and a few fucking hot curse words. Satisfied that she got hers, I pumped into her a little slower, feeling every inch of her. While women love and get off on the hard and fast thrusts, I much preferred the slow movements. As I came, I leaned forward, kissing the marks I had made not long before. She sighed and panted as we both dropped into the bed. At the same time we looked over at each other, lying on our backs. "That was so fucking great," I said with a stupid grin on my face. She returned my smile and nodded in agreement. After a few minutes we both got up to head to the bathroom. She opened a door and I noticed that her toilet was in a tiny closet. So while she was in there peeing I disposed of the condom and headed back to my room to get ready for bed, realizing that was where all my shit was. After I brushed my teeth and got into a pair of basketball shorts I heard a small rap on the door. I opened it to find Bella standing there in a pair of tiny blue silk shorts and a matching tank top. "Do you want to watch a movie or something?" she asked, almost as if she was unsure. I thought about the giant room in the basement with all the porn immediately. I nodded unsure of where she wanted to do the movie watching, but hoping it would be down there. "I have a TV in my room if you want to lay in there instead of the living room." "Sounds good," I said. Her bed was way better than the couch. I followed her into the room and sat on the bed as she put the movie in. I was surprised when The Boondocks Saints came on. I looked over at her with a shocked expression. "What, this movie is kick ass, too bad the second one was shit," she said, crawling over to cuddle up to my chest. "I could easily fall in love with you," I said. I meant it to come out as a joke since we seem to have a lot in common and we'd already discussed the whole love thing but the tone was way too fucking serious to pass it off. It freaked me out that the words even left my mouth. "Well, don't go getting any ideas," she replied calmly, running her hand over my chest. Chapter 7: The Happiest Place on Earth

I was grumpy as hell and in no fucking mood to be walking into Disneyland. Especially since I was walking next to Emmett and he was more excited than a fucking fat kid in a Twinkie factory. It had been almost two weeks since I'd seen Bella and I was feigning for just a taste of that woman. We talked on the phone a few times and I may or may not have touched myself while listening to her get off with one of her vibrators. But that shit wasn't cutting it.

Everything was left kind of up in the air and I had no clue where the hell we stood. I knew we'd be boning but other than that I didn't know. Emmett told me to chill the fuck out and just go with the flow but for some reason I was all in my god damned head about her. I had to go out of town for a week, business reasons, and I missed our last weekend. She didn't seem mad about it but I could hear the disappointment in her voice when I called. I had my keys in my hands about ready to head over to her house to say goodbye when I realized that was shit a boyfriend did. So instead, I headed to the airport two hours early and drank in one of the bars. I still wasn't sure if seeing each other during the week was something that we did so I waited, very fucking impatiently for the weekend. I had been back from San Francisco for only a few days when Emmett called and begged me to go to Disneyland with him. "Dude, you know you want to go!" he pouted, jutting his lip out at me. He was seriously fucking lucky that he was my best friend or I'd think he was a pansy ass bitch. "Last time you dragged me somewhere, I ended up at Sea World and the only hot chick that looked at me wanted a fucking shopping buddy and a new gay husband," I argued. I swear that chick was a fucking eleven and she totally thought that me and Em were like together, together. As if he'd even be my type, I could get way hotter than him. See even my thoughts were a little gay when I think back on that day! "Fuck Edward, I want to go and I need my wingman!" he shouted, throwing a fit like a two year old. I was waiting for him to hold his breath or throw himself down on the ground and kick his legs. He's done both before, so I wouldn't put it past the big fucker. He'll stoop to any level to get his way. "Fine, but I swear if people think we're together this time I'm done with these little family trips you insist on. And no mouse ears! I know you, you'll have one of those bitches on my head before I know what's happening," I said. He agreed and we made plans for the next day. So that's how I found myself walking into the giant courtyard area of Disneyland with Emmett at my side. I tried to get him to go into California Adventure instead, since it was right across from us but he insisted we go to the 'Happiest Place on Earth'. We paid for our tickets and headed in, stopping only so Emmett could get a picture at the gate with the Queen of Hearts with his BlackBerry. "Dude, she's so hot," Emmett said without a bit of sarcasm in his voice. "Really?" I looked at him with raised eyebrows. The fat queen from Alice in Wonderland? Really Em? "Fuck yeah, she's all angry and mean, bossing people around and shit. I bet she'd be a tiger in the sack. All kinky and freaky," he said, slapping me on the back. I wanted to throw up a little bit. "Okay, enough of my childhood fantasies, lets go," he shouted, turning towards the main area of the park. I could see the castle but that was quickly a forgotten sight when I met her brown eyes. She looked just as shocked to see me as I was to see her. Before I could say anything Emmett started to yammer. "Oh shit, would you look at that. Rose and Bella are here. What a strange coincidence," he said, walking over to where Rose and Bella were standing in front of a round garden of flowers. He picked

Rose up and kissed her neck, showing more affection then I was used to seeing from him. They seemed 'sweet' together. That that threw me for a fucking loop. I walked up and kissed Bella on the cheek, giving her a little smirk. "What are you guys doing here?" Bella asked, genuinely surprised to see us. "Emmett decided to make a day trip and dragged me with him, what about you?" I asked. "Same here, only Rose didn't tell me where we were going until we got in the car. Somehow, I want to say that we've been set up," she said with a grin, looking over at Rose and Em, who were making out while parents looked on in disgust. Well, the moms were, the dads seemed to be enjoying the view. "I think I'd have to agree, Miss Swan," I replied, whispering in her ear. She blushed which I loved but moved away from me a little which I fucking hated. "Okay, well lets get this show on the road," Bella shouted, clapping her hands together. Rose and Em broke apart and slipped their hands together, walking towards the castle. I grabbed Bella's hand, knowing it was a little forward, since it was our first official date. But then again, I've seen her girly bits up close and personal so I think we are past all the formal shit anyway. Walking hand-in-hand through Disneyland with Bella would have felt perfectly normal if it wasn't for Emmett. As soon as he found one of the little shops that sold those stupid ass ears, he got a pair. "They really should only let adults get their names put on these," he said, pointing to the yellow 'Emmett' scrawled across the back of his tiny hat. "Why's that?" Rosalie asked, stifling a laugh because he looked pretty fucking ridiculous. "That's a kidnapping waiting to happen. Kids trust people when they know their names. I know I won't let my kids walk around with their names plastered on a hat for all the pervs to see," he said with a serious look on his face. I couldn't miss the way Rose squeezed his hand a little tighter and then leaned into him. Who fucking knew that kid's safety was an Emmett priority? The mood lightened almost immediately since we were now walking around with a six foot three, 230 pound man wearing mouse ears. To say that we were getting a lot of looks would have been a giant understatement. I was kind of hoping that someone would try and kidnap his ass, actually. Bella was wearing tiny jean shorts and tight black tank top, with those ballerina-looking shoes that all the chicks seem to like all of a sudden. Rose on the other hand was in a skin tight blue dress and four inch heels. She looked every bit the Dominatrix that she was and my Bella, well she looked like the girl-next-door. But the kind that would sneak in your window and give you head at three in the morning.Not that I'm saying my chick looks like a cocksucker. She just has that sexed up look. Fuck, I need to pull my foot out of my mouth. Wait? My Bella? Where the hell did that come from? "Lets go on It's a Small World!" Emmett said, far too excited for a twenty-eight year old to be over a slow moving park ride. After waiting in line for forever, we all got situated, with me and Bella at the back of the ride. The thing started to move and the song started to play. I was about ready to shot myself with all the singing and dancing characters when I felt Bella's hand rest on my crotch. I looked over into her very amused eyes. She leaned into me and I wrapped my arm around her.

"I'm going to make this world a little bigger," she whispered as she rubbed the front of my pants, pulling a little harder when she said the word 'this'. Then her fingers deftly moved into the front of them, undeterred by the very PG surroundings. "Oh, commando… nice, Cullen," she said, wrapping her little hand around my very hard dick. She was working me over as It's a Small World played over head. I got lost in the moment and was only brought out of it when her hand shot out of my pants. We had reached the end of the tunnel and I had to find a way to get rid of the tent in my pants. Baseball, puppies, Emmett's naked ass, Grandma Cullen… Betty White. Shit! That made it a little worse. I love me some Betty White. By the time I had to stand, there was still a bit of pressure in my pants but I thought it was rather controlled. "Nice semi, Edward," Emmett joked, walking out of the ride exit. "I love knowing you look at my dick Emmett. Is there something you're not telling me?" I joked back. He gave a little huff and then grabbed Rosalie's ass, just to make a point. We rode the Tea Cups and browsed the shops that lined most of the park. They seemed to be more of a mall than a theme park but I guess that's how they make their money. We split up for a while, I was sure that Emmett just wanted to drag Rose into a bathroom or something. Bella and I walked hand-in-hand through the park and stopped when we finally found The Haunted Mansion. "Oh, lets go in there," she said, dragging me up to the line. Like everything else, we stood in line for what felt like hours. We talked about work which seemed funny since her work included dropping in on movie shoots. She tried to talk as vaguely as possible since we were surrounded by little kids and their parents, but dirty talk and jokes slipped every once in a while. I talked about my work trip which was really just a bunch of meetings and studio time with a band that wanted me to try and figure out some hooks and baselines for them. They wanted to try and find a beat that would translate well to radio but still have an edge. It was a small local band in San Francisco that knows me because I went to school with the drummer, Mike. We weren't that tight in school but he seemed like an okay kid. It wasn't until I saw him at a music festival a few years back that I realized that we had a lot in common, so we exchanged numbers and I had been up to see his band play a few times. They needed someone to help with their first album, getting sick of playing at local bars for a few hundred dollars a show. They also needed someone to do it for cheap and I agreed. The ride wasn't scary at all - even though it moved a fuck lot faster than most of the ones we'd been on - and to be honest this whole park was a little lame for an adult but Bella seemed to be having a good time. She was laughing and smiling almost the whole time. It was a side of her I had yet to see and it made her a little hotter. Not that she really could get much hotter but somehow it happened. As we started to walk out of the building I pulled her to the side and let the group pass us. She gave me a weird look but stood with me, silently. After everyone was out of view, I pulled her towards a staircase that led to a second floor. I found a door that actually opened, since most were locked, and realized that it was some sort of storage closet. I quickly pulled her inside and shut the door. I couldn't see shit but I found her hips and pinned her to the door.

"Edward, what are you doing?" she asked, while I sucked on her neck. She threaded her hands into my hair, pulling my head back. "I'm going to fuck you in The Haunted Mansion, what does it look like I'm doing?" I replied, moving my hands down to her ass. I lifted her until she was wrapped around my waist. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her deep and hard. I missed her so much over the last week and I put it all into the kiss. She pulled back, breathless, and I moved my lips down her throat. I was thrusting up at her as she moved her hips, swirling them over me. I moved back from the door and dropped her to her feet. Without another word I trailed my hand down her body and pulled the button and zipper of her shorts, dragging them down her legs, along with her panties. Spinning her around quickly, she braced her hands on the door, stopping herself from falling over. The only noise that filled the quiet, dark room was my belt clinking as I undid it and our panting breaths. I grabbed my wallet out of my back pocket and then let my jeans hit the floor. Pulling out a condom, I dropped my wallet and I slipped it on. I leaned into Bella and brushed her wet pussy with my dick, running my head up and down her slit. I kissed up her back and over her shoulder. Her hands were still against the door and her head was dipped forward between her arms. Her ass was jutted out towards me and in one fast motion I held her tight to me, my arms wrapped around her waist. "Do you want me to fuck you?" I asked, realizing that she'd be handing over control to me. She let out a sigh-moaning sound. "Yes… fuck me, Edward," she whispered. I grabbed her hips and thrust deep into her. She was fucking ready for me because I sunk right into her. The sound of our skin slapping filled the room and I could feel my balls hitting her clit. She started to push back at me, still bracing her arms on the door. I moved my hands from her hips across her back, running my short nails over her delicate skin. She started to moan louder and all I could think was that we were going to get arrested in Disneyland. I wrapped my fingers over her mouth, shutting her up. Note to self: Next time go to her house and grab her gag ball, I'm sure she owns one. That seemed to spur her on more as she moaned into it. The muffled moans were so fucking hot, causing me to fuck her even harder. With my other hand I held onto her shoulder and pushed into her faster. I could feel her start to tighten around me and in a few more hard strokes she was cumming on my dick. I pulled out and spun her around, pinning her to the wall again. Lifting her back up and on to my dick I started to thrust into her again as she sucked and bit at my neck. She was moaning my name and running her nails down my back, and then she leaned back against the door. I started twitching and in a few jerky thrusts, I shot my load into the condom. I made a weird strangled noise since she was pretty much crushing my windpipe with her hands. Somehow, her hands moved from my back, to my shoulders, and around my neck and I swear she was trying to kill me. I think she realized what she was doing because she moved her fingers quickly into my hair and started to kiss where I was sure there was a few finger marks. After kissing her for a few minutes and going limp inside her, I pulled out. I had no clue what I was going to do with the spent condom so I felt around for the wrapper and put it inside, sitting it on one of the shelves that I could make out in the nearly black room. We both quickly pulled our pants back on and snuck out. By the time we met back up with Rose and Em, our shit-eating grins were gone and we both looked very relaxed and calm. We all ate, and I watched as Bella pretty much deep throated a hot dog. It was pretty pornographic and I laughed when she realized that I was watching. She was so wrapped up in her food she didn't even realize it until her last bite.

"Work up an appetite?" I asked, and in return she blushed and punched me in the shoulder. We rode a few more rides and made out in line, making me feel like a fucking high-schooler again. Then I noticed a photo booth, which was something I hadn't done since high school. I filled it with money and jumped in, the flashes starting after a few seconds. I wasn't really thinking of anything else except getting my hands on Bella. We laughed, smiled, and kissed for the camera. At one point I pulled her top and bra up, flashing her tits. We step out and waited for the machine to process the pictures. Emmett and Rose were across the way, sitting on a bench eating cotton candy. The pictures popped out and I snatched them before she had a chance to see. There was a strip of four pictures. The first was just us smiling for the camera, the second was her struggling to keep her shirt down and the third was the one of her perfect tits. Her face was flush and she was laughing hard. All you could see of me was my hands holding her shirt up. The fourth was by far my favorite though. My hands were covering her boobs and she was leaning in to kiss my nose. It was a good mix of sexual and sweet, kind of like my girl. "Let me see!" she yelled and I handed them to her. She started to laugh and then shoved them into her purse. "I'll keep those, God knows I don't need those getting into the wrong hands," she said, looking over at Emmett. "Yeah, God know I don't want your tits to end up in Emmett's hands," I joked. She blushed like always and smacked me. She really does like to hit me doesn't she? We started to walk away, but then I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see one of the Disney rent-a-cops standing in front of me. "If you and the lady would come with me, sir," he said in a very authoritative tone. Bella gave me a worried look and then glanced over at Rose. Rose just nodded her head at Bella in some sort of signal that I didn't quite understand. Then we followed behind the cop. I took Bella's hand, wondering what the hell we did wrong. You did a lot wrong today, jackass! We followed him to the front of the park and entered a door that was marked 'Security'. He led us down hallways until we were brought to a little area that looked like a tiny jail cell. He opened the door and we both walked in. The door slammed shut and he walked away, telling us that he'd be back in a minute. Bella started laughing uncontrollably at the fact that we were in Disney jail. It was infectious and before I knew it I was laughing too. We didn't stop until the guy came back. "I'm so glad you two think this is funny," he said with no amusement in his voice. "We were getting complaints about two people fitting your description doing inappropriate things in the park. Several parents said that they saw…" he lifted the paper in his hand to read over the report. "Lets see… lewd touching, inappropriate talk of a pornographic nature, and of course public exposure in one of the photo booths to which I was a witness of. You do realize those booths have a screen on the outside that shows what's happening inside, don't you?" He closed the folder and looked at us both in the eyes. Neither of us said anything because I knew if I opened my mouth I'd regret it. I was just about to add the romp in the Haunted Mansion and the lack of knowledge about the screen on the booth.

Bella just looked mortified. Plain and fucking simple. "I'm going to let you go without contacting the police but I would like to let you know that neither of you are welcome back to Disneyland," he said, unlocking the door. We walked out behind him and noticed that Rose and Em were waiting for us. He escorted us out of the front gates, all the other guests looking on as he did. "Oh my God! You guys just got kicked out of fucking Disneyland. That's beyond badass!" Em laughed. We walked into the parking lot and realized that our cars were at opposite ends. "You two are lucky I have a way with security," Rose said, giving us a little wink. Her and Em started to walk away, giving Bella and I a moment alone. "So that was fun," I said sarcastically. She laughed, agreeing with me by nodding, and pulled me towards her. "I'll see you this weekend?" she asked, pressing her body against mine. Her eyes boring into me. "For sure," I said before kissing her softly. X~X~X~X "Dude, get on Perez Hilton like now!" Emmett shouted into the phone. I powered up my computer and logged in. As soon as the site loaded I saw a picture of the four of us being escorted out of fucking Disneyland. "Oh shit," I yelled. "Fuck yeah, oh shit… read it and call me back," he said, hanging up the phone. The picture showed a very embarrassed looking Bella and a very happy Emmett, still wearing his mouse ears. Me and Rose both looked bored but damn if he didn't put jizz coming out of my mouth. Fucking bastard! Porn and Disney Don't Mix Isabella Swan, owner of Epic Entertainment, was seen being led out of Disneyland on Wednesday afternoon. My source says that she was engaging in very Rated M activity within the park. She was with long time friend and well known party-girl, Rosalie Hale and two unknown men. I'm looking into who the men are since the big one is too hot for words (I wouldn't mind pulling on those ears) and the little one is packing a monster in his pants. It's good to see that Miss Isabella has come out of hiding after her very public break up with long time boyfriend, Riley Biers, who is a well known actor and playboy. Riley has been seen around town with fellow playboy Brody Jenner lately. It's been three years since the breakup, good to see you jumping back into the game! And with Mr. HottieHugeinthePants at that! I sat looking at the pictures for a while. There was the one of all of us and then a close up of my crotch. I was actually pretty impressed with how hung I looked, even though I was pretty sure it was

my cell phone. I mean I have a big dick but this picture made it look gigantic and all weird and cocked to the side. And where the hell are my balls? The last picture was one of us kissing in the parking lot. She looked lost in my eyes and I looked like I was in love. We are both fucked! I picked up my phone and called Emmett back. "I'm fucked," I said as soon as he picked up. "Oh come on man. That shit's funny. Plus we are 'unknown men' and Perez Hilton has a thing for me. That's pretty awesome. Did you know that Bella dated that Riley guy? I never heard anyone mention it before. I don't read gossip shit," he said. "No, I didn't know that. We haven't really done the roster talk yet. I fucking hate that pretty boy. He's a pretentious dick! And you're gay if you're excited about Perez thinking you're hot. How the hell did you even hear about us being on his page if you don't look at gossip?" "Rose called me and fuck you, I can be hetero and still like it that a dude thinks I'm hot. I'm secure in my manhood, fucker! Are you going to call Bella? I'm sure she knows about this," he asked. I could hear the sound of heels clicking in the background all of a sudden. "Oh shit, I gotta go, Rose is here," he said before hanging up on me again. I saved the picture of me and Bella kissing to my computer because for some reason I liked it, even if it was taken by the parasites that roam the LA area. I was nervous about seeing Bella the next day but I knew that she was expecting me, since it was Friday. I never realized that with her line of work she'd be a pap target. I mean most of the people who were in the porn business were old men, so a hot porn company owner would make for good gossip. Plus, she dated an actor which would also put her in the spotlight. I picked my phone up and texted her. See you tomorrow? :) I waited for a text back. I was nervous that I was just a fling and I could feel myself getting caught up. It was pretty easy to see her as Bella, a hot chick that let me put my dick in her. Now she was Bella, chick who makes me look at her likes she's the sun and sends me into a jealous rage over an ex-boyfriend. My phone beeped and I opened the text. Why wait? See you in thirty? Fuck Disneyland. Fuck Riley. Fuck Perez. I'm gonna go fuck my girl. Chapter 8: Is My Toilet Clean?

I took a quick shower, getting ready for Bellas' house. It was a Thursday night, not the typical night to be going to her house, so I felt a little out of my element. I wasn't sure if we'd be doing a normal couple thing or if she was planning to beat me into submission in the playroom. I was also unsure if

Bella even wanted to do what I considered a normal couple thing. I was thinking a certain room in her basement needed to be visited and a certain collection of movies needed to be watched. What couples watch porn together? It's not my fault her porn is warehoused in a theater room. I got out of the shower, after thinking that a quick jerk off would definitely be a bad idea, since I was already running a little late. Plus, for some reason, my hand was a lot less fulfilling since meeting Bella. As I walked into my room, running the towel over my wet hair, I noticed my phone flashing red. I figured it was Emmett since he had gotten yet another tattoo earlier in the day, I think he said something about skulls and roses, which sounded kinda lame, but who am I to judge what he puts on his body. I checked, and I did in fact have a missed call. It was Bella. I dialed my voicemail and pressed the code in, waiting to hear her voice. 'Hey Edward, I'm trying to catch you before you leave. I hope you're not on your way here already… I wanted to let you know that I'm on my way over to your place. I realized that I've never seen your house and I'd like to see where you sleep when you're not with me, so be ready. See you soon' I checked to see that the call came in five minutes earlier. She'd be at my place in twenty minutes or so. I got dressed, throwing on a t-shirt and jeans, and walked back in to the bathroom to see that it looked… well, to be honest, it was fucking filthy. I hurried around, trying to make shit look presentable. I threw some of the blue cleaner in the toilet and even sprayed the tub down with it, since it was the only cleaner I had in the bathroom. My house wasn't dirty but I always avoided the bathroom like the plague. I let that shit sit for a minute while I gathered the dirty clothes that were lying around my room. The rest of the house looked fine, so I went back in to scrub the shit out of the toilet and tub. It was gross and I gagged a little, but it could have been the overwhelming smell of bleach. It even stung my eyes a little, so I cracked a window. I needed to start cleaning it more because I realized that these little drop-bys might start happening more often. I liked the idea of getting Bella in my bed. It made shit seem more real. I had just taken off the yellow plastic gloves when there was a knock on the front door. I hurried to answer and opened it to find Bella standing in front of me in a tiny, itty-bitty red dress. It was microscopic and I loved every single inch of it. What I loved more was the miles of skin that were showing, so creamy and smooth. "Hey," she said coolly, as she walked passed me and into the house. I shut the door and watched her ass as she strolled into the living room. No panty lines… no panties? Fuck I hope so! "Its not much," I said gesturing around the room. She turned and perched herself on the back of the black leather couch, crossing her feet in front of her. "Its nice," she said looking me directly in the eye. She started to walk forward and grabbed the front of my shirt, pulling me to her. "Show me the rest," she said against my lips, brushing them slightly. Then she stepped back, waiting for me to take the lead. I walked her through the kitchen and dining room, which were both very minimally decorated. Pale blue walls, black countertops, white cabinets… everything else in the rooms were stainless steel or glass, including the table.

She followed, with her hands tucked into my front pockets, as I led her down a long hallway, showing her the different rooms. Her body was pressed to my back and I could feel her heart beat, as we walked in rhythm together. I had a gym, an office, a guest room with a bathroom, and at the end of the hall was my room. "Here's where the magic almost never happens," I said with a smirk. She walked passed me and sat on the end of my bed, which thankfully I had made this morning. "Somehow, I find that really hard to believe, Edward," she said, running a hand through her long, dark curls. Fuck, I need to get my fingers tangle in her hair, maybe from behind… I walked up to her and pressed my body against hers, lowering her to the bed. Slowly, I ran my hands over her calves and up her thighs. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my face to hers. Gently sliding her tongue across my bottom lip, she pulled it between her teeth and sucked. I swear my dick almost kung-fu'd its way out of my jeans. I pulled her body up the bed, sliding her across the smooth fabric, kissing her deeply. Her hands moved down my body, slid under my shirt. They were hot and soft and felt like fucking heaven. Her little moans and movements killed me slowly. I was fucked. I was royally fuck. It was in that moment, making out like a pair of fucking teenagers, that I realized there was nothing in my life like her. There never had been anything like her and there would never be anyone who could be. I couldn't even think the words in my head but I… was… fucked. I pulled back and looked at her. Her eyes were glazed over and her lips were a little swollen. She smirked a little and lifted to kiss me. It was a short, sweet peck on the lips and it almost made me say shit I would regret and that would send her running scared. "Do you want to see the back yard?" I asked, trying desperately to get out of the room since apparently it had been doused in some sort of truth voo-doo. "Sure," she replied, sounding a little disappointed. I stood up and watched as she kicked off her heels and straightened her dress. "Those were killing my feet; I've been in them all day." "You went to work in that dress?" I asked, not feeling very comfortable with her walking around in public looking so fuckable. "Yeah, why?" she asked, with raised eyebrows. "No reason." I tried to act cool about it but the jealous caveman that hides deep in every man was beating my brain, begging to be let loose. She walked forward and kissed my cheek. "Trust me, when you go to work everyday where I do, this dress is actually a lot of clothes. Plus I wore a blazer over it, silly. I'm not a total skank. I leave that to the professionals." She smiled at me and kissed my chin this time. I just rolled my eyes, annoyed that she seen through my mask. I took her hand and walked out to the kitchen, opening the patio doors for her. As she walked out, I flipped the switch on the wall. The entire back yard lit up. The trees had lights strung in them and the pool had red, green, yellow and blue bulbs that made it look like a rainbow. I bought the house from a gay couple and they liked to entertain a lot. I actually kinda liked it so I didn't take any of it down. It was a far cry from the minimal decorating inside the house.

"Your pool looks like a gay pride flag, that's pretty awesome," she said with a giggle. I watched her from the doorway as she admired the lights. Her eyes sparkled and it made her skin look that much more flawless. I'm tuning into a pansy. "Do you throw parties, because this yard was made for it," she said, walking around the pool. "Most of the people I know would rather be in a club than at someones' house, but then again none of them get the attention of the tabloids." She blushed and sat down on one of the lounge chairs, kicking her feet up. "So you saw the Perez bullshit I take it?" I sat down next to her and pulled her feet into my lap. I slowly rubbed circles into the arch and she laid her head back and closed her eyes, moaning slightly. I was so caught up in her face that I had almost forgotten to answer the fucking question. "Yeah, Em called and told me about it. I guess it's a good thing that they don't know the extent of the reasons for our sudden Disney departure." She laughed but her eyes were still closed as I massaged her feet. "It kinda sucks though, now if we ever want to take our kids to Disney we'll have to shell out a bunch of money to take them to Florida," I said, waiting to see her reaction. Her eyes flew open and she was about to say something when I busted out laughing. "Very funny, asshole. Don't talk about babies, it freaks me out!" she yelled, smacking my arm. "Damn woman," I yelled back, rubbing the spot that was now throbbing. She didn't know her own strength. "God, with my luck the kid would try killing me on the way out. I'm totally a baby when it comes to pain so even if it didn't try to kill me I would think it was. That shit just isn't right… maybe I'll pay someone to have my babies for me," she said with a smirk. "Okay well now that I have officially ruined myself for the night with all this baby talk, do you want to see where I work?" She rolled her eyes and groaned, not wanting me to stop the fuck-awesome massage I was giving her. "Oh come on, if your good I'll finish that later, maybe even work over your whole body," I said with a wink. She giggled and held her hands up for me to pull her out of the chair. We slowly made our way towards the guest house that was at the back of the property, hidden by trees and shrubs. I opened the door and ushered her in, flipping the lights on. It was a simple living room, kitchen area that the door opened up to. There was one bedroom, which was converted into the studio, and one bathroom. Pretty much perfect for what I was using it for. She looked around as we walked through and made our way to the back. The bedroom had a closed off glass booth that was sound proof. Inside were my piano and the microphones I used, along with some guitars. Outside the booth was my mixing boards, a couch, and a couple leather chairs. I usually worked alone but on occasion friends would record demos and shit at my place. She walked forward and ran her hands over all the controls, moving them up and down every once in a while. I rested my hand on hers and she looked up at me. "I don't go into the playroom and rearrange your whips do I?" I asked, trying to act all domineering and mean. She smiled and pulled her hand back.

"So sorry, Mr. Cullen… it won't happen again," she replied in a sultry voice. She sat down in one of the leather chairs and kicked her feet up on the desk. "So, show me what it is that you do." I sat down next to her and flipped everything on. I explained how I had been working on music for an Indie film that a friend of mine was shooting. It was very low budget and would most likely never been seen by anyone huge but I liked the idea of doing film scores, it was my ultimate goal in the business. Plus, if it happened to make it to Sundance then it would be huge for my career. "Here's an opening piece I'm working on." I turned the play back on and the sound of my piano filtered into the room. She closed her eyes and listen to the mellow tones. There was a light flow to the notes and it almost had a whimsical feeling. The movie was going to be very light and uplifting so the score very much so matched the plotline. After the last notes faded out she opened her eyes and turned her head to look at me. "That was beautiful." "Thanks." "I know this is going to sound weird but I want to let you know that Riley and I broke up a long time ago and I have no clue why Perez would bring him up after all this time," she said quickly. I was shocked by the sudden confession but I would have been lying if I said that it didn't bother me a little - okay maybe a fucking lot - that the guys name was brought up in the internet post. "No worries, Bella. It's really none of my business anyway," I said, trying to avoid a heavy conversation. "He was my first and last 'Hollywood' relationship and he really did a number on me. It was the typical asshole, actor bullshit so that's why I stayed away from the scene for a while. I don't have feelings for him anymore and I haven't for a long time," she reassured me. I just nodded and smiled, knowing that it didn't really matter because she was with me at the moment. "Will you play me something?" she asked, changing the subject yet again. I nodded and led her into the booth, closing the door behind us. She sat down next to me on the bench and I pressed a few keys, trying to figure out what to play. "What do you want to hear?" I asked, unsure if I should play something that I had been working on, something that was inspired by her. I figured that I should stay away from anything emotional and shit. "Whatever, I just want to see you at work," she said with a toothy grin. I started the opening notes, she smiled instantly. Then I started to sing and she couldn't hold back the laughter. "What do tigers dream of, when they take a little tiger snooze. Do they dream of mauling zebras, or Halle Berry in her catwoman suit." She was laughing uncontrollably at that point but I continued to sing because I loved her laugh. "Don't you worry your pretty stripped head we're gonna get you back to Tyson and your cozy tiger bed. And they we're gonna find our best friend Doug and then we're gonna give him a best friend hug…

Doug, Doug, Oh, Doug Douggie Douggie Doug Doug. But if he's been murdered by crystal meth tweekers, well then we're shit out of luck." I played the last few notes and Bella was wiping the tears from her cheeks. "That was great, unexpected, but great. You have a much better voice than the guy in the movie," she said through her giggles. "Well, what can I say, I'm a romantic guy. And thanks," I joked, pulling her into a kiss. Within seconds of my tongue sliding into her mouth, she was straddling me on the bench. I moved my hands down her back and over her hips, pulling her dress up to her waist. My hands skimmed her ass, and I pulled her hips into me. "I knew you didn't have any panties on," I said against her throat. I sucked and licked down her neck, working her hips over mine. She lifted off of me, pulling her lips and body away. "This might work better with no clothes on," she said, pulling her dress over her head so she was standing in front of my piano completely naked. So no panties and no bra. And she was at work all day. I better buy her some more so that she knows that they need to be on when she's not near me. I stood up and I pulled my shirt off and undid my belt, not being able to work fast enough. I needed to be inside her now and my pants were stuck on my feet. After fumbling around I pulled them free and was left in just my boxers. "Let me help," she said, leaning down to pull at my boxers. I stepped out of them and she pushed me back to sit on the bench, climbing back on top of me. She moved slightly and I felt her very warm, wet pussy slid over me. I was feeling like a fourteen year-old kid at the moment, hoping I didn't have an American pie moment and bust a nut before I was even inside of her. "I love feeling you like this," she moaned, sliding her lips over my hard dick. It took everything in my power not to throw her down on my piano and drill into her but she was being sweet and slow and it felt so fucking good. Her hips rolled and rocked. The head of my dick skimmed her clit with every pass and the barbell spun slightly, sending shivers up my back. "I want you inside me," she whispered, kissing my neck. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her deep, rolling my tongue with hers at the rate that her hips rocked. It was slow and sensual and it was fucking perfect. "I don't have a condom in here," I said against her mouth. She just nodded her head, thrusting her tongue at me. "I could go get one," I said, pulling back from her for a second. She held me tighter, stopping me from moving. "I don't care if you don't," she replied, looking me deep in the eyes. I was taken aback by the comment since she was the one that seemed to be all about safety and rules. I think it was even in the contract that condoms were a must. "You're clean, I'm clean, and I'm on birth control. I want to feel all of you, Edward." The way she said my name was too much and without thinking about it for another second I lifted her up and slid her down onto me. We both moaned at the feeling because it was so much more intense and amazing. With out the barrier I could feel my cock piercing move and shift with each one of her movements.

She slowly rocked her hips, pressing her pelvic bone against mine. I held her lower back as she shifted over me, holding herself up with her palms on my knees. The way she was bent back slightly caused me to fall deeper into her and I could feel the little spot inside her jump against the ridge of the head of my dick. I was definitely hitting her G-spot and she was moaning and panting with every thrust. Her body fell back a little further and she propped her elbows on the keys. The disjointed notes filled the air. I held her hips and thrust up into her as she slammed back down onto me. With each movement, more notes filled the space. It was loud in the room and our bodies colliding together made a slapping noise. Both of our breaths were uneven and her moans grew louder and louder. It was all hands, mouths, tongues… touching, caressing. I felt the familiar feeling, knowing I was going to go soon. I was pretty sure Bella was working on orgasm number two so I circled my thumb over her clit and working her into her second one. "Shit… Oh baby, that feels so good," she moaned, lifting back up to me, kissing my neck and shoulders. "I'm gonna…" I started to pull out but Bella held her hips tight to mine and looked me straight in the face. I twitched and spurted into her, looking into her deep brown eyes. She never looked away as I orgasmed, running my hands up and down her back. After a few minutes of sitting together, my limp dick still nestled inside her, she pulled away. "I can check that off my list," I said, watching her sit down next to me. "What list?" she asked. "Sexual fantasies. My parents put me in piano lessons at five. When I hit puberty and started to like girls I always thought about getting one on, near, or around my piano and doing what we just did. It was pretty fucking hot and totally worth the wait." "You've never had a girl on your piano? I find that pretty hard to believe," she said, looking every bit as freshly fucked as she was. "My last girlfriend was a bit of a traditionalist. We never even had shower sex. I was with her for a while so…" I cut myself off. "I'm sorry," she said, looking at me like I was the saddest thing in the world. "Well, not all of us can have the crazy sex life that you have, Miss Swan." "Very true, Mr. Cullen." She smiled and looked over at the door. That's when I noticed that the red light was on. "You turned the recorder on?" I raised my eyebrows and she shrugged her shoulders. "I figured if something happened in here it would be interesting to hear what it sounds like out of the moment. I always wondered what I sound like anyway," she said with grin. Before I could say anything she was up and out of the room, I followed close behind. I hit the stop and shut everything down, running out of the room, completely naked. My dick was bouncing all over the place and my balls were being jiggled a little too much so I stopped and just

walked fast. Before I even made it out of the doorway I heard the sound of her jumping into the pool. Note to self: treat pool because now my spunk is in it and I don't think that swimming with my little swimmers is all that cool. Of course, as soon as I saw Bella, floating naked on her back in the middle of the pool all thoughts of sperm and chlorine were gone. I jumped in and landed not far from her, pulling her body down into the water. When we came back up she splashed me in the face. "I got water in my nose, jerk," she yelled, trying to hold back her smile, as she coughed a little. "Oh I'm sorry baby," I said with a pouty face, pulling her towards me. She twisted her legs with mine and wrapped her arms around my neck. I kissed her nose and then her lips. "Better?" I asked. "Much," she said, kissing me again. We floated around the pool, wrapped around each other. The lights were all still on and she kept making fun of me even though I knew deep down she loved it. "So what's the plan for this weekend?" I asked, pressing her against the side of the pool. "I was thinking that tomorrow you could come over and we could play. And then Saturday, maybe we could invite Rose, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice over here and we could make use of your very awesome, very hetero back yard," she said with a giggle. "So we will play Dom, sub tomorrow and then the next day we'll have a pool party?" I smirked at her and pressed into her a little more, making her pull her legs up and around my waist. "Sounds like a perfectly normal and healthy relationship to me," she said, kissing my neck. "So this is a relationship? Like a Dom, sub with extra benefits or something more?" She pulled back and looked at me, running her hands over my back. "Something more," she whispered. It was all I needed to hear, I leaned forward and pulled her bottom lip into my mouth, sucking on it and tugging with my teeth. She adjusted her hips and sank down onto me. With her body pressed flush to mine, I slowly worked in and out of her, taking my time and feeling every inch of her body. My hands never stopped moving, my mouth never stopped kissing, and time stood. For a second I wondered if my neighbors could see or hear us but that all went away when she leaned into my ear and said something that rocked me to the core. "That feels so good… don't stop, don't ever stop. Never let me go." She was panting and moaning my name as she came. I pulled away from her neck and brushed her hair away from her face. "Stay with me tonight?" I asked, wanting to wake up with her in my arms. She nodded her head and kissed my mouth as I picked up the speed of my thrusts. Chapter 9: Can I Get an Amen?

I rolled over to find miles of soft skin, covered in just my sheets. As I kissed up her back and over her shoulders I couldn't help but think of all the ways I had my dick in her the night before. I know it sounds so romantic when I put it that way, right? She decided to stay over and we fucked in the pool for awhile. Then in the shower, before making it to the bed where we tried a bunch of shit I'd never done before. Bella was real 'bendy' so it was easy to hit that shit from just about every angle. After a few hours of off-and-on sexin' we passed out from sheer exhaustion. There had been a few times when I wanted to say those three dreaded little words. I didn't want to start shouting craziness in the throes so I kept my mouth shut. The few times I slipped a little I was able to recover by telling her I loved her tits, or ass, or even her knees. I was pretty sure the knee thing threw her for a second but then I sucked her clit in my mouth and all was forgotten. "Don't even think about it," she mumbled into her pillow, rolling away from me. I scooted closer and continued to kiss her back as she whined. "Seriously… there's no way you're getting near me this morning, Edward. I have to get to work and I need time to recoup." I didn't even think about the fact that she'd be sore. But as soon as she brought it up my dick did start to feel a little chafed. We'd done it countless times –with no rubber- and he was feeling the effects of it. Maybe an Epson salt bath and a little TLC is what the little guy needs. It was a rough night. She popped up out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I had pulled out an extra toothbrush for her and I could hear her brushing her teeth. I checked my breath and about fainted since I was a wee bit busy the night before so worry about dental hygiene. I followed suit and went in to brush mine. As we stood, side-by-side, I watched her tits jiggle as she brushed. It seemed weird to brush naked but she was doing it so I didn't feel the need to throw my boxers on. I saw her look at my junk a few times so I figured that she didn't mind that I was in the buff. It was very 'couply', brushing our teeth together, getting coffee, eating cereal, and kissing her at the door as she left for work. "Don't forget, tonight's my night so be at my house at six, in position and ready to go, mister," she said kissing me one last time before heading to her car. I watched as she backed out of the driveway and waved when she looked over at me. After she was gone I closed the door and crawled back into bed because I was fucking exhausted from all the fucking. The bed smelled like sex and Bella so I was having a hard time falling asleep, but after a few minutes I drifted off. I woke up to my phone going off. It was Em's ringtone –that he'd set- and it made me laugh every time. 'People let me tell you 'bout my best friend, he's a warm-hearted person who'll love me till the end…' "Fucker," I answered, hearing him laugh at the other end. "So how'd you do it?" he asked, still laughing. "What did I do?" I asked, unsure of what the hell he was talking about.

"Rose has been super strict about our weekends but apparently we are going to your house tomorrow for a barbeque and I'm off the hook. I get to be regular Em and not Sub Em. She usually doesn't let me do that around other people on the weekends," he said, sounding kinda nervous about it. "You sound like she controls your life," I laughed now. He didn't find it that funny. "Dude, you know how it is. I'm sure Bella is a completely different person when you're over there for the weekends." I thought about it for a minute and other than the one time she 'punished' me, it wasn't that bad. She had even apologized for running out of the room after it and not giving me the proper aftercare. I had no fucking clue what kind of aftercare is given after a shit ton of whacks to the ass with a paddle but it did peak my interest. Not that I wanted her to beat me with that paddle again just to find out or anything. "I've actually had sex with Bella more outside the playroom than in it," I said, just realizing that shit myself. "Really? Weird, I thought you guys had a contract and shit? It took Rose months before she'd touch me outside the playroom. She said it made the lines too blurry," he asked, sounding really fucking confused. "We do have a contract, but I'm not sure about it now. I think we're more than that now. I don't fucking know." I was frustrated that even though she said she wanted 'something more', I still had no fucking clue were I stood. "How do you feel about her?" He sounded all serious and was getting into his Dr. Phil role. This was what Em would do when he was all about 'feelings'. "I'm not doing this with you Em. No wonder everyone thinks we're together, we have some pretty fruity conversations. I think I'll tell Bella how I feel about her first, if you don't mind." "Well, soooorrry… I didn't mean to pry. I was just wondering." He sounded like he wanted to say something else but I wasn't sure. I was going to have to do something I hadn't done since high school. "Em, is there something on your mind?" I asked, knowing I was opening the flood gates. Where I usually didn't talk about this kind of stuff, Em was all about talking about feelings and shit. "I'm in love with Rose and I have no fucking clue what to do. I think about her all the time but I know that she doesn't want anything serious. At least that's what I get from her anyway. I'm fucking lost, man." I swear I heard a sniffle but I ignored it because thinking about my tatted up best friend crying over a girl was too much. Plus, grown men crying for some reason fucked with my tear ducts. I think I need to seek treatment for it. After a little pep talk - me tell him to just tell her even though I couldn't take my own advice - I jumped in the shower to get ready for Bellas. As I pulled up to her house, I took a deep breath. I wasn't sure what to expect but I made my way inside and up to the playroom. Of course, I pulled off my clothes, folded them into a neat pile, and kneeled. It didn't take long before I heard the clicking of heels on the steps. I kept my eyes trained on the floor but as she got closer I saw that she had on leather, knee high boots. It took everything in my body not to look up because I was almost positive that Em spilled some secrets to Rose, who in turn, told

Bella. I'm going to kiss that fucker on his lips the next time I see him if she's wearing what I think she is. "Let me see those beautiful green eyes," she ordered and I complied with bated breath. When I looked up my fucking fantasy was standing in front of me. She was in the boots and a leather corset that made her waist look tiny as fuck. She also had on tiny black lace panties. The tops of her tits were pushed up and basically hanging out. I nearly came on the floor at the sight of her. "I've been a bad Dom to you Edward. I haven't been myself and for that I'm sorry but that's all going to change. A new contract is in order, since this," she gestured between us, "is different now. I promise to be everything for you in here, as long as you promise to be everything for me out there." She pointed to the stairs. I nodded my head, which made her smile. "Great, so lets get this party started, shall we?" She raised her eyebrows and waited for an answer. It was one I was more than happy to give her. "Yes, Mistress," I answered. She started to walk over to the closet and I watched as her ass swayed side-to-side. She walked in and grabbed a few things, shutting the door behind her. "I'm going to make you feel so good, Edward," she cooed, walking back towards me. She had something that had a chain hanging from it in her hand. "Get on the bed," she commanded. I did as I was told and laid down on my back. I watched as she moved towards me, crawling over my legs from the foot of the bed. She slithered up my body and stopped when her fucking hot pussy was pressed firmly against my very eager cock. Very slowly, she leaned forward and rubbed her half covered tits up my stomach. She parted her full lips over my nipple and sucked it into her mouth, biting a little. I hissed at the sensation but tried to stay quiet, since she didn't tell me I could talk. She sucked and bit until my nipple could cut fucking glass and then moved her mouth to the other one, rolling the wet nipple in between her fingers as she worked. I closed my eyes and got lost in the feeling of her mouth and hands on me. "Open your eyes," she said, pulling away. I met her brown eyes and couldn't look away. She was so fucking beautiful. "These are nipple clamps, they will feel tight at first but then they'll just feel good, okay?" she said, dangling the two clamps that were held together by a chain. I nodded my head and watched as she hooked the first one on my nipple. I fucking hurt but then she hooked the other one on and that took my focus off the first. After the pinching feeling went away I noticed that they got super sensitive. Then Bella pulled the chain, which nearly made me come up off the bed. It was a weird mix of pain and fucking amazing pleasure. Kinda like when she used the crop on me. "Do you like that?" she asked. I moaned a response as she rolled her hips over mine. She smiled down at me and then started to unhooked the front of the corset. One-by-one the little hooks came apart and more of her creamy skin started to show. Her beautiful tits were now in full view and her nipple rings were different. She had spider webs around them. I wasn't sure how I was going to suck and kiss on them with all that metal in the way but it looked pretty fucking cool. She tossed the leather over her shoulder and moved down my body, kissing my stomach and hip bones. V marks the spot, baby.

Her hair kept brushing my dick and it tickled a little, so I had to stifle a laugh. I stopped laughing internally when she started to tug gently on my cock ring with her teeth. It felt fucking fantastic but one false move and my little man would be forever scarred. She slowly licked me from base to tip and then plunged her mouth down on to my dick. She worked me up and down with the most perfect pressure. Her tongue would flick over my ring and head of my cock with each pass. I looked down at her full lips around my dick and her ass in the air. As I watched her skillfully take me into her mouth over and over, my hands moved down the bedding and I grabbed the blanket with tight fists. I wanted to twist my hands in her hair but I knew girls hated that shit. It made them feel like they weren't doing it right and at this present moment Bella could do no fucking wrong. She was fucking my dick with her mouth, not the other way around. She had one hand wrapped around the base of my dick and the other moved from rubbing my balls, up to my stomach and pulled the chain still hooked to my nipples. The dual stimulation caused me to bust a nut in her mouth without warning. I'd usually give a heads up but there was no fucking time. She didn't seem to mind, even though I knew that shit had to taste nasty. With a few more sucks and a kiss on the head she moved up my body. I had a feeling that she was going to kiss me and I knew that my spunk was in her mouth just seconds ago so I did what any man would do. I panicked and rolled her on to her back and started to kiss her neck. As I worked down her body I avoid the nipples–since I had no clue how to get around the new jewelry-and kissed over her wet underwear. She was moaning and writhing as I pulled them down her legs and over the boots she still had on. "Lick my boot," she ordered, hooking one of her legs around my shoulder. I could smell the leather and it tasted pretty weird. But the look she gave me as I was licking up it was worth it. Her eyes watched my mouth as I moved from the leather to the soft skin of her thigh. Her mouth dropped open and her chest was rising and falling in heavy breaths. I was just about to suck her clit onto my mouth when she grabbed me and rolled me over. She had fucking Hulk strength in the sack. She kissed my lips chastely before turning so that she was facing away from me. I could only watch as she took me in her hand and placed the head of my dick at her entrance. I sat up slightly as she sunk down on to me. She rolled her hips when I was completely inside her and her ass looked like perfection sitting on my lower stomach. She threw her hair over her shoulder and looked at me from the corner of her eye as she started to ride my dick in reverse, controlling every movement with her hips. My moved my hands over ass and up her back, hooking one hand into her hair. I pulled her back a little and kissed the back of her neck. Her back arched and her ass jutted out as she continued to ride me. After I let go of her hair she leaned forward and put her hand just above my knees, really working. Her ass was clapping with every thrust and my fingers dug into the soft flesh of her hips as I pulled her down harder. The rocking motion of our bodies caused the heavy clamps to pull at my nipples and I had to admit that it felt pretty amazing. I could feel her fingers graze my dick as she rubbed her clit. I love a girl who loves to touch herself, just to let that be known and shit. After what felt like just a few minutes–even though I was pretty sure it was more like tens' of minutes-and a few orgasms-on Bellas' part-I came hard. I loved that we had forgone the whole condom thing because she felt so good without anything in the way.

Being the good woman she was, she took the clamps off slowly and I think that hurt more than putting them on. She kissed them gently and applied some sort of cream that would make the stinging go away. Apparently this was what she referred to as aftercare. Would she have rubbed cream on my ass? Since our relationship was still undefined, we took a shower together that night and slept in her room, only because she asked. I was expecting to get sent to my room. It really was a weird mix of kinky ass, Dom type sex and then normal couple stuff. We went through the same routine as we did at my house, except she wore a tank top and underwear while brushing her teeth in the morning. I was a little bummed that I couldn't ogle her boobs but at least I could see her nipples through the thin fabric. "I'll see you later?" I asked, even though I knew I would. I had to get the shit ready for everyone to come over and I needed to make sure the pool was clean since I had forgotten to put the cover over it the night before. I was a little distracted by the crazy sexy woman running around my house. "Yep, I'll see you at like two-ish," she said, kissing me at her front door. I hurried through the store, grabbing stuff for burgers, some chips, and lots of beer. I figured I'd keep it simple since it was going to be just the six of us. I hadn't spent any time with Alice and Jasper, aside from the first time I met them, so I was interested to see how they make shit work. From what I understood, they went from Dom/sub to boyfriend/girlfriend quickly. As I was cutting up the tomatoes and onions for the burgers the doorbell went off. I hopped off the stool in the kitchen and opened the door to find Emmett standing in nothing but board shorts and flipflips. He was shirtless at all possible times. I'm surprised that he wasn't flexing when I opened the door. "What's up fucker," he greeted me, walking in with Rose in tow. "I gotta tell you something later," he leaned in and whispered, turning to grab Rosalies' hand. She looked pretty hot in a tiny white bikini top and a small skirt. Of course she was in heels. I had never seen the girl flat footed and I wondered if she had some sort of medical problem going on with her feet. I didn't even have time to shut the door before I saw Bellas' sleek blue Benz pull up, followed by a bright yellow Porsche. It was flashy and too showy for my taste. "Hey baby," I greeted Bella as she walked up. She was wearing a deep purple bathing suit that was too tiny to be seen by any other eyes but mine. It was covered by a sheer white dress that didn't do much covering in my opinion. Alice bounced up the driveway, hand-in-hand with Jasper. He looked like a surfer, all tanned, toned, and blond. Alice on the other hand was very pale and had stark black hair. She had on a black dress and I could see the strings to a black suit at her neck. She kinda looked like a vampire but I wasn't going to tell her that, just in case. "Hey Alice, nice to see you again," I said, pushing my hand out to her. She huffed a little and pulled me into a hug before kissing my cheek. "Nice to see you too, Edward. You remember my boyfriend, Jasper," she replied cheerfully, completely bubbly and bright sounding. It was a huge difference to what she looked like. She had the personality

of a cheerleader and the look of gothic chick. Me and Jasper did the man hug thing, greeting each other with casual hellos. We all walked in and headed out back. It was pretty chill and the girls immediately striped down to there bikinis and jumped in the pool. I sat with Em and Jasper at the table while watching the girls splash around. "So what do you do Jasper?" I asked. He seemed really quiet and didn't say much since getting to my place. Most of the conversation was Em taking about his tattoos or his shop. I talked a little about my recent project when he asked, but other than that he hadn't said anything. "Oh, I work in finance. It's pretty lame but it pays the bills. I play gigs on the side but just for fun and a little pocket change. I don't plan to try and make something of it. Most people in this town want to be somebody, there are too many wanters and not enough wanted if you ask me. Seems like every waitress is an actress," he said with a laugh. You could tell by the way he talked that he wasn't from Cali so I asked and his face brightened a little. He talked about his family back in Texas and how someday he'd make his way back. He just had to get the 'Cali out of the girl', hoping that Alice would go with him at some point. "What do you play?" Em asked as he shoved a handful of chips in his mouth. "I play a little of everything, but I mostly play guitar," Jasper answered, taking a drink of his beer. "I have to start the grill but I have a studio out back if you want to check it out, Em could show you around. There's a ton of instruments in there," I said, getting up. I watched as they both headed back towards the guest house. "Yeah, while you're back there put some music on," I yelled. Em waved his hand behind his head, signaling that he'd heard me. I had a system set up that would play from the guest house. I could play anything I had on my computer in the studio and even the stuff I had been working on. I would, on occasion, play my music over the speakers to test the sound and shit. I started the grill and went in the house to grab the food. The girls were still in the pool but I didn't see Bella. Suddenly I felt cold arms wrap around my waist and she kissed between my shoulder blades. "I have a present for you," she said into my back. I spun around and lifted her so that she was wrapped around my waist, slowly backing her up so she was sitting on the counter. "Oh yeah?" I asked, kissing her neck. She giggled but didn't stop me as I continued kissing her. "Yeah, I have a new contract for you." I stopped and looked at her. She looked nervous, biting her lip… it was so fucking cute. "What happens to the old one?" "Well, its null and void now, I shredded it this morning." She hopped off the counter and went over to her bag, pulling out a manila envelop. She handed it to me and waited. I felt like I was just handed a bomb, unsure if I should accept it or not. I pulled out the single piece of paper that was inside. The last contract was long and specific. Not this one, apparently. I flipped the piece of paper around to see that there was a single sentence written on it.

'Be my sub (for all intensive purposes) in my playroom and my boyfriend in my bedroom, we'll figure out the rest as we go' I looked up at her and she had her bottom lip between her teeth again, shifting from one foot to the other. It kinda looked like she had to pee but I knew she was just scared as shit. I dropped the paper on the counter and pulled her to me, using my thumb to free her lip from her mouth, and kissed her a few times. "I'm not sure how good of a sub I can be," I said honestly. "I'll teach you," she responded, kissing my chin. "So you're my girlfriend now?" I asked with raised eyebrows. "As long as you want me to be," she said softly. "I always want you, Bella," I said, grabbing her ass with one hand. She squealed and shoved me away. The moment was then interrupted by the very loud sounds of disjointed piano notes, then a very long, loud moan that sounded very familiar. Me and Bella both looked at each other and then outside. I could see, through the window, that Jasper and Emmett were both outside of the guest house laughing their asses off. I headed for the door and opened it, the sounds of our piano sex filling the back yard. "Hey, Edward, do you think that Gillette will let you use this in their next campaign?" Em asked through his laugher. I wanted to be pissed but it was hard when I looked back to see Bella laughing with them. "Why are you laughing?" I asked her in a high squeaky voice, wondering how she wasn't mortified. "Why not, it's funny. Plus, we sound pretty hot, Edward." I listened a little longer and realized that Bella was right. Her soft moans were very sexy and somehow my grunts were endearing and not all weird sounding like they always were in my head. The piano sounded like death but that would be expected. "Okay, well now that you've had your fun Em, can you please go put some music on?" He nodded his head and headed back into the house. Jasper walked up and patted my back. "Sorry man, it was all him though, I swear," he said, holding his hands up in surrender. "Trust me, I know. I'd be worried if he found that and kept it to himself, actually." The sex sounds were cut off and replaced by Bob Marley. I cooked the burgers, with Bellas' arms around my waist, and then we all ate, laughing and joking around. "So, how was work yesterday, I didn't have a chance to ask," I said to Bella in between bites. "Oh, it was good. We had a shoot so I had to drop by and check things out. Make sure the guy we hired looked like he did in the head shot that was put on my desk. Some of these guys will use pictures that are like fifteen years old just to get into an audition. I mean I know the films are mostly about the girls but I will never, ever let a guy that looks like Ron Jeremy on one of my sets. Eww!" I

had a mental image of her checking out another guys' dong in her tiny little dress with no panties on, and the caveman started to bang at the walls. "Oh, that's nice," I commented, sounding just as irritated as I was. Bella ran her hand over my thigh and pressed her lips just below my ear. I was probably turning green from the jealousy and Hulk rage inside me. The beer and cocktails started to flow a bit faster after dinner and before I knew it my pool looked like the playboy mansion. I knew that all the girls were 'sexually free' and had no issues with nudity but I was surprised to see that Em and Jasper were also joining in on the skinny dipping. I tried hard not to look at Rose and Alice naked but it was pretty impossible. They both had banging bodies. Even Bella was looking, so I didn't feel too bad. I chugged my beer and pulled my shorts off, going balls out-literally-jumping into the deep end of the pool. When I came back up Alice and Jasper were both starring while everyone else was laughing. "How could you do that to your dick man?" Jasper asked, holding his junk in his hands. That caused Alice to start laughing so hard she choked on some water when her head when under slightly. "Talk to her, she made me do it," I said, pointing to a very naked Bella, who was trying to look innocent. She just shrugged her shoulders. "I didn't think he'd really do it, but I sure am happy he did," she said, swimming over to me. She wrapped her nakedness around my nakedness and I was tempted to give everyone an acoustic version of our sex noises. A few more beers and a shit of tequila more and it might have happened. The rest of the night pretty much went as follows: More beer and liquor. Emmett showed everyone the goat. Rose punched Em in the gut for showing everyone the goat. Em threw up in the bushes after the punch because he showed everyone the goat. The mood was ruined by the goat and the stench of hamburger throw up, so everyone went home in cabs, fully clothed. Em reassured me as he got into the cab that he liked when Rose hit him. I was totally grossed out by it and hurried to close the cab door. Before they pulled away I swear I saw Rose's lips say 'I'm sorry' and her hand ran down his face. "So, that was fun," Bella joked as we climbed into bed. I was still pretty drunk and I was sure she was since I saw her sway slightly walking into the bedroom. "Yeah, Em is always a good time," I said, pulling her to my chest. I wondered for a second what Em wanted to talk to me about but figured he'd call me in the morning or afternoon, depending on his hangover. "So…" she started but then paused.

"Emmett told Rose he loved her today, well this morning before they came over. I think Rose is going to ask him to move in. Please, don't say anything to Em. I just needed to tell someone," she said, looking up at me. I pushed the hair out of her face and kissed her nose. "I'll take it to the grave," I said, crossing over my heart. She smiled and sighed, laying her head back down on my chest. It had been like two months that I'd known Bella. Emmett and Rose had at least six months on us. Would I have to wait that long to say what I wanted to say? The little four year-old kid inside me laid down on the ground and flailed his arms and legs, throwing a full on hissy fit. Chapter 10: I Have the Best Girlfriend EVER!

"Are you almost ready, babe?" I yelled up the stairs in the direction of her room. The pet name had stuck since she didn't shoot it down the first time I used it. Apparently, babe is okay, baby makes her feel infantile. Who knew? I had been waiting in the living room for about an hour and was told, via text message, that my ass better not step foot in her room. She had some grand plan for the night and I was left fucking clueless. "Just a few minutes, damn! This shit takes time! I don't just wake up gorgeous," She yelled back. I wanted to comment but I wasn't about to piss her off. She didn't seem to be in the mood for my smartass comments. But she did usually wake up with a rats nest for hair and the weirdest look on her face, like she smelled something fowl. She was still beautiful but not the bombshell she was when she got all dressed up. I plopped back down onto the couch and flipped the TV on. We were slowly falling into a normal relationship, which included some bickering and hot make-up sex. She had some new framed pictures on the shelves around the TV that I hadn't noticed before. A few of us at various parties she dragged me to. Bella had officially started using me as arm candy for stuff and I wasn't going to complain. Most of the time it involved porn stars and free booze. Oh, and naked women, lots and lots of naked women! It had been a few months since we'd become officially 'boyfriend and girlfriend'. Somehow, the transition was pretty fucking easy. If she was in a mood – aka being a bit bitchy – we'd play in the playroom so she could work off the tension. I didn't mind so much because she was totally into making sure I was well taken care of no matter what. The best part of it all was that if I wanted to throw her down on the kitchen table and fuck her into the next day, I could without worrying about her 'rules'. Even though she wore the pants most of time, since her personality was so dominate, she'd at least let me decide which ones she put on and when they came off. It was always my choice whether we played or not. It was her choice how rough or gentle the play was, since I wasn't a fan of the safe words. I just let her do her thing and hoped that it didn't hurt too badly. We played a lot with bullets, crops, floggers, nipple clamps, cock rings, various bondage toys, and blindfolds. She had even started to direct me at using stuff on her, which was hot as hell. For my twenty-eighth birthday we spent the night in, eating fantastic food, drinking expensive alcohol, and fucking on every surface of her kitchen. Maria used extra cleaners before making breakfast the next morning. It was by far the best birthday I had had so far.

Over the last few months it was hard not to utter the giant little words that had been in the back of my mind. Okay, I'm lying. It's been in the front of my mind. I'm surprised that it wasn't stamped on my fucking forehead by now. I heard the door close and then her heels on the wooden floor of the hallway. I stood up and watched as she walked down the stairs. She was all legs, ass and tits. She wasn't even wearing fucking clothes. She had on a deep purple lacy corset with very tiny boy short underwear that matched, holding a scrap of silk in her hand. Her shoes were black, tall and fucking hot. When I asked what to wear she told me dressy casual, so I put on a white dress shirt – sleeves rolled to my elbows – a pair of grey slacks, chucks, and black suspenders that hung around my hips. Oddly enough I felt very over dressed all of a sudden. "Where the fuck do you think you're going dressed like that?" I asked, sounding very much like a jealous, controlling boyfriend. She looked down at her half dressed body like she didn't know what the fuck I was talking about. "What, I thought you liked this one?" she asked seductively, turning slowly before walking towards me. I threw my hands up to stop her since I knew exactly what she was doing. "Don't even try it. You can't come over here and rub your fucking hot ass on me and get me to forget this shit. Seriously, where are we going that you need to wear that? Or rather, not wear actual clothes?" She stopped in her tracks and then ran her hands up and down the lace of the corset, giving me a shy smile. She never fights fair, EVER! "You don't like it?" she asked. I rolled my eyes. She knew damn well I liked it, that was the fucking point. If I liked it so would everybody else. "Just trust me, we'll get there and you'll understand. Are you ready to go?" "I guess but I still can't stand that other people will be staring at your ass and tits all night," I whined. "Don't worry, I'll be a dime a dozen tonight," she said, as we walked out the door. Thankfully, she pulled on a tiny silk robe as we walked out. It at least covered a little of her exposed skin. She drove, since I had no clue where we were going but we made our way through the streets of Beverly Hills and I saw that the traffic was nuts. We waited in the line of cars until finally reaching the gate. Bella handed the security guard a slip of paper and her ID. "Welcome back Miss Swan." The guard said, motioning for her to enter. She drove up the drive until she reached the valet. She got out, after the man opened her door, and handed over her keys. I walked around the car and looped my hand around her waist. I needed to make sure the guys around here knew she was taken. "Welcome back?" I asked into her ear, kissing her cheek. She rolled her eyes and started to walk towards the tent. As we walked up I notice the house. I had seen this house many times, always on TV, never in person. "You brought me to the Playboy Mansion?" I asked a little overly excited. She just laughed and took my hand. "I figured you'd get a kick out of it," she said, walking through the main entrance of the tent. The entire place was covered in ivy, lights, smoke, and white fabric. There were half naked and very naked people running around the tent. The music was loud and drinks seemed to be flowing like water.

"It's the Mid Summers Night Party. It's the biggest of the summer," she said into my ear. We stopped at the bar to get a drink and I looked around spotting people that I would have never thought I'd be in the same room with. Tito Ortiz was chilling with Jenna Jameson in a corner, her tongue down his throat. Paris Hilton was near them, trying to dance even though she looked like she was having a fucking seizure. There were countless athletes and their trophy wives. Actors, actresses, Politians, and a bunch of nobody hot chicks. I still couldn't picture Bella being in this circle but it was cool that she used to frequent these kinds of parties. I wonder if she ever got into the grotto action? We mingled a little and every time Bella said, 'this is my boyfriend Edward' I could feel my chest puff out slightly. It was all going well until I heard someone shout Bellas' name and turned to see his face. "Oh, hey Riley," Bella said, hugging him one armed when he swooped in. I fisted my hands and walked forward, pulling Bella closer. This is where you hike your leg and piss, Edward. He had that actor feel to him, perfect hair, perfect teeth, and a perfect fucking face. I would have liked to punch him in his perfect fucking nose. "Riley this is my boyfriend Edward, Edward this is Riley," she introduced. I held my hand out and shook his, firmly. "Nice to meet you man," he said, never taking his eyes off Bella. "We've met before at a club opening I think. It was last year sometime. You left with those two blondes that were making out in your booth, if I remember right?" That got his attention and he took his eyes off my girls' tits long enough to meet my eyes. I wasn't pissed that he didn't remember me, I only remembered him because he was such a douche. He looked at me a bit closer and then something flashed in his eyes. I could tell that he was irritated that I brought up his little three way action. "Oh yea… you had that really tall, tattooed guy with you, right?" I nodded and pulled Bella a little closer, kissing her temple. "So how have you been?" Bella asked, snaking her arm around my waist. "Good I guess, Victoria and I broke up a little while ago, but its better that way. We were always off and on but it's off for good now. She was a bit of a drama queen." I heard Bella snort a laugh. I had no clue who Victoria was but I could tell that Bella didn't think much for her. I knew that Riley cheated on her and I wondered if Victoria was one of the girls. "So how long have you two been together?" he asked, looking down at our embrace. Bellas' hand was resting across my stomach, with her other arm around my lower back. "I guess like four or five months, but it seems like I've been with Edward my whole life," she gushed, pulling me a bit closer. I wasn't sure how I felt about what she said since it was in the presence of her ex-boyfriend. I hoped it was true and not just a way to make him jealous. "Well, it was nice to see you again, Riley, but I think it's time I danced with my girl," I said, pulling Bella into the sea of moving bodies. He shouted a quick goodbye and Bella merely waved back at him. As I pulled her into my arms the music slowed slightly, giving us the perfect beat to be close and basically dry-fuck on the dance floor. I wedged my thigh between hers as she started to grind her hips into me. "Sorry about that, I didn't think he'd be here," she said into my ear so I could hear over the music.

"I didn't' think he'd get an invite after the break up." I wondered how well she was known around here if the security knew her and she could get exs' uninvited if she wanted. "No worries, I figured I'd run into him at some point anyway," I replied, pulling her closer. "I meant what I said too, just so you know." She pulled back and looked me directly into my eyes before leaning in and kissing me. We spent the next hour dancing and making-out. I excused myself to take a piss, making sure she was with a group of girls that she knew from the work stuff. I quickly pulled out my phone and texted Emmett on my way to the head. Dude, I'm at the playboy mansion! As I was washing my hands my phone buzzed in my pocket. No shit! Get a pic with Hef and you better have sex somewhere in that fucking place or I'm pulling your man card first thing in the morning. I shook my head, knowing damn well that I was planning on getting Bella naked at some point. It's the Playboy Mansion for fucks sake. Got it covered, no worries Emmett and Rose ended up moving in together not long after the pool party. They seemed to be doing great and I wouldn't have been surprised if they ran off to Vegas and eloped in the near future. They were booth head over heels. I slid my phone back into my pocket and walked back out to the party. I had left Bella at the biggest bar area so it would be easy to find her. When I walked up I noticed that her flock of girls were gone and replaced by new ones. Yes! The painted ladies! We took a few pictures with the girls and I complimented them on their outfits which got me a sock in the arm from Bella. I love seeing the jealous side of her. Just as we were making our way back to the dance floor I heard the unmistakable voice of my personal fucking hero. "Bella darling, I'm glad to see you made it out for my little get together," Hef said, as he walked towards us. Bellas' face lit up as she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him like he was her father. "It's so good to see you Hef, it's been too long," she said as she pulled away. She immediately pulled my hand forward. "This is Edward, my boyfriend." He extended his hand out and I shook it. He had a businessmans' handshake, firm and short. He was still pretty fucking strong for an old guy too. He gave me a look that I thought I wouldn't see until I met Bella's dad. He was definitely sizing me up. "It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Hefner," I said, all of a sudden really fucking nervous. He smiled and said a short 'you too' before turning his attention back to Bella. "So how's your dad been?" he asked, looping his arm around his number one blonde. "Oh, he's good. Him and mom live in Florida now. You know living the retired person life," she laughed.

"I miss them. These parties aren't the same without them. You mom was always the life of the party and your dad, well, he was Charlie," Hef said, looking a little misty eyed. "Your parents used to come to the Playboy Mansion?" I asked, shocked that Hef knew Bellas' 'mandles with socks' wearing dad. "Oh, are you kidding? Bella was practically raised here. Her dad and I were good friends. We've lost touch since he retired but they're like family around here," Hef said. I looked over at Bella to see that she started to look nervous. "So Charlie was in the business?" I asked. "Yeah," Bella said, "why do you think I run the company? I inherited it when my dad retired." She was desperate for a subject change, I could tell, and Hef gave it to her. "I remember like it was yesterday, Bella running around in nothing but pig-tails, jumping into the pool to see how big of a splash she could make." Bella laughed. "Shh… he thought I was at work yesterday, Hef," she joked slapping him lightly on the arm. They talked a little more about work stuff as my eyes wondered around the room. Finally after a few minutes Hef excused himself, saying that he had work to do. I wondered for a moment if that work included getting more panties added to the chandelier in his bedroom. "So, your dad was in the business?" I asked as we slowly moved around the dance floor. The music slowed to give the couples an opportunity to dance. "Yeah, he worked for I think forty years. He started in the business in the sixties and then retired seven years ago. I took over since it was thriving and I hated to see him hand it over to someone else. Plus, I went to school for business so it seemed like the right thing to do." I pulled her closer, soaking in her scent. "So your company has been around a long time then?" I asked, genuinely curious. "Oh no, he started the film company in the 80's. Before that he was an actor," she said, not looking me in the eyes. "Have I seen him in a movie?" I asked, obviously filled with a million fucking questions. "Oh God, I hope not," she said, sounding a bit embarrassed. Then it hit me just what kind of movies that her dad did. "Holy shit, your dad was a porn star?" I shouted, totally shocked. She started to laugh nervously. I figured that she didn't like to think of her dad that way. I know the thought of my dad boning some big-boobed woman would make me a bit queasy. "Yeah, he did that until the late 70's. Then he met my mom, fell in love, got married, and they had me not long after. He decided that he needed to do something a little less risky and a little more legit since he had a family. But there was no way he could walk away entirely. He was big back then I guess. Just as popular as Ron Jeremy or Long Dong Silver. He used a stage name so being Charlie Swan right now works for him. Plus he's in his seventies so he doesn't look like he used to. He likes his life now with my mom, they're so happy. I hope to have that someday."

I kissed her softly. The idea of fucking her in the mansion was long gone. I needed to get her into my bed and make love to her because I was pretty sure that I hadn't done that with her yet. I might not have been able to say the words but I could fucking show her how I felt. "Lets go home," I said against her lips. She nodded her head, kissing me one last time before we headed to the valet. I hadn't had a drink for hours so I could drive. I had to adjust Bellas' seat before I could even sit down since she was so tiny. It made her giggle watching me from the passenger seat. We drove through the Hills and out into LA. She looked over at me, probably wondering where I was going, but didn't ask. I pulled into my garage and cut the engine. We made our way inside, not saying a word as I followed her back to the bedroom. She dropped her purse, started to pull off the robe she was wearing, unhooked the corset, and kicked off her shoes… leaving a trail of clothes that lined the hallway. I watched as she slid the lace underwear down her legs and crawled into the middle of the bed, completely naked. She flipped onto her back and leaned back onto her elbows, watching me. I unbuttoned my shirt, as I toed off my shoes. Once my shirt was gone I worked on my pants and socks, trying to do it as smoothly and sexy as she did. I might have failed a little because taking socks off is not that sexy. I'd have to figure out a way to do it better next time. Standing in just my boxers I moved to the bed, nestling in between her legs. "Tell me what you want," I whispered against her neck, sucking and kissing my way down to her shoulder. The room was quiet except for Bella's heavy breaths. I could feel her heart racing against my chest. "Just you, Edward," she said, running her fingers into my hair. I worked my way down, kissing her shoulders and her collar bone, biting slightly on the space between her neck and shoulder. I kissed over her heart, running my nosed down to her nipple. I sucked it into my mouth, pulling on the barbell with my teeth. She let out a hiss and then a moan, as I tugged and sucked on the metal and sensitive flesh. Cupping her other tit in my hand I used my thumb and middle finger to roll her nipple, pulling slightly on the barbell. The dual nipple stimulation caused Bella to buck her hips up at me, pressing her naked pussy against the front of my boxers. I could feel the heat of her through the thin material and the wetness started to seep into them. As I worked her nipples, she pressed her pussy into me, giving us both the friction that we craved. My boxers were soaked with her wetness and I could smell the sweet fragrance of her. I started to kiss down her stomach, running my tongue over her tattoo. I pulled back, sitting on my heels, and hooked her knees over my shoulders, lifting her ass off the bed. She liked being manhandled from time to time so I had no problem putting her where I wanted her. I looked down to see that her hair was fanned across the bed and her eyes were barely opened, watching me as I kissed down her thigh. With the flat of my tongue, I took one long, hard swipe all the way up her slit and then flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue. That caused her to moan loudly and fist the pillow above her head. "You like that baby?" I asked, knowing that this was the only time I could call her that. "Yes… god yes… so much," she panted, as I continued to work her clit. I licked and sucked on her until I could feel her legs start to shake. That was my cue to get inside her. As much as I liked her to cum on my tongue it was even better to feel her cum on my dick multiple times. I unhooked her legs from my shoulders and leaned into her, running my hands up her arms and linking our fingers together. I looked deep into her eyes and opened my mouth to say what I've been dying to say, only to get cut off by her.

"I love you," she said softly, knocking the wind out of me. I could see her eyes fill with tears and I kissed her deeply, not wanting her to cry. She slid her hands out of mine and into the top of my boxers, pushing them down my legs. Then she hooked her toes into them to get them all the way off. "Don't cry," I said as I slowly pushing into her. Her mouth went slack and I started to push in and out of her slowly. Her hands wrapped around my ribs and her nails scratched at my back. "Say it back, please," she begged. I didn't realize that I didn't until that moment. She looked up at me vulnerable and nervous. Did she think I didn't feel the same? "Shit, baby, I'm sorry… I love you, so much. I've wanted to say that for a long time," I said, kissing her again. I could feel her lips curl into a smile under mine. "How long?" she asked, using her legs to speed up my movements. "I think as long as I've known you I've felt it but I didn't want to scare you off, I love you, Bella. You're it for me," I said, kissing her neck as I rolled my hips into her. "That sounds so good… you feel so good, Edward," she moaned. I started to press into her hard and fast, only to pull out slowly with each pass. "Roll over baby," I ordered, pulling out of her completely. She flipped onto her stomach and I pulled her ass into the air, pushing back into her. I worked her with slow, deep movements, my cock ring sliding over her G-spot from this angle with each thrust. I kissed her back and shoulders, trying to make the position a little more intimate. She started to moan and shake again and I could feel her muscles start to hug my dick. As she came I pumped a little faster. The wetness from her started to seep out over my dick and I love to see it glisten in the dim light of the room. After I got her off, I turned her back over and linked our hands over her head, pushing into her with force. Her breath was hitting my face and her nipple rings were brushing my chest with each movement. Our lips touched but we didn't kiss, just breathed each other in, savoring the moment. As I came, I chanted her name and said I love you over and over, knowing I could say it now, anytime I wanted. She kissed my neck when I collapsed onto her, feeling heavy all over. I finally rolled off of her, after kissing the tip of her nose, and watched as she walked into the bathroom. I closed my eyes and was almost asleep when she crawled back into bed. "Condoms make cleanup so much easier," she said, resting her head on my chest. "We could go back to using them," I replied, not really wanting to do that but I figured I'd offer to be nice. You know, because I'm a gentleman. "Hell no, I love feeling all of you," she said, kissing my chest. We both laid there for a long time, in the dark, in silence. "I love you," I said, knowing I need to tell her again before I could fall asleep. "I love you too." I passed out after hearing those words. The next morning I was woke up by the ring tone of Bella's phone. She crawled out of bed and made her way into the hallway where she had dropped her purse the night before.

"Hey dad," I heard her answer. She walked back into the room and plopped down onto the bed. I could hear a mans' deep voice on the other end talking but I couldn't make any of it out. She listened as he talked and then a smile spread across her face. "That sounds great. I've been wanting to come out there anyway. I'll book a flight today sometime and call you back… okay… love you too, dad," she said as she ended the call. She moved back over to me and I wrapped her in my arms. "Going to see your parents?" I asked. "Yeah, they want me to come out to visit for my birthday next month. Since I'm turning the big threeO they think it's cause for celebration." "Well I couldn't agree more but I'd be lying if I said that I'm excited for you to go. I'll miss you." "Then come with me," she said, sitting up to rest her elbows on the bed with her fists under her chin. Her naked tits pressed against her forearms, making the most beautiful cleavage. "You want me to meet the parents?" "Of course, unless you don't want to," she said, looking at me with her big doe eyes. "Hell yeah, I want to meet Daddy Swan, he seems like he might have some cool stories to share," I said with a laugh. "If you talk to my dad about sex, make sure I'm not there please, it's bad enough that he walks around naked all the time." I raised my eyebrows at the comment. "Oh… did I forget to mention that they live on a nudist colony?" Everything is done from Edward's point of view, so I thought I'd sit down with my girl Bella and ask her a few questions. Because I want to know what readers are wondering I had a lovely reader of mine, Monique, send me a list of things that, as a reader, she was curious about… Let the games begin :)

Key: Regular for questions from Monique Bold for Bella's answers Italics for anything that I, as the author, might want to ask or say. Plus, I'm conducting this thing (it's good for my multiple personalities HAHA)

Angela: Okay, so Bella readers have been wondering, for a while, what's going on in your head. So I'm pretty happy that you've agreed to let them in a little *smiles* These questions were given to me by a reader so remember that they want the truth and all the dirty details!

Bella: *smirks* Why do I feel like this could get interesting and very invasive? Angela: *shrugs* I don't know but you said anything was game, so are you ready? Bella: Ready as I'll ever be I guess, shoot! Q: Tell us how you got into the D/s lifestyle? Bella: Oh God, well… I guess when you grow up around sex it's not all that taboo like it is for some people. I dated a guy when I was twenty-three that was a Dom but didn't push it on me. I tried the sub thing out with him, hated it. We switched roles one night and I was hooked. I did the club scene for a while and then got Rose into it too. Between me, Rose and Alice, we started our own little Domme club *giggles* Q: Why'd Jake leave as your sub? Bella: It was time for him to move on. He wanted more and I didn't. I ended things between Jake and I the night I met Edward. *looks around uncomfortably* Angela: Hold up! Why didn't you play out the rest of your time with Jake? And no passing! Bella: *glares* It didn't feel right, next question *rolls eyes* Angela: *glares back* watch it lady, I control you orgasms *winks* *Bella laughs* Q: Does your tattoo have a special meaning? Bella: No, not really. I got a few flowers on my side when I was younger because I thought it was pretty. Then started adding little stuff. A butterfly here or a lady bug there. Eventually I added the ivy and it turned into a bit of a monster, as far as tattoos go. It definitely wasn't planned to be a huge piece. Did you ask Rose/Emmett to help find you a new sub? Bella: No! That was all them. Rose went on and on about this guy I had to meet and so I agreed. Apparently, it was all Emmetts' idea. He's like that chick from the Millionaire Matchmaker but with muscles. I think he was a woman in a past life. *laughs* Q: When Em introduced you to Edward at the party you seemed surprised. What was your first impression? Bella: I wasn't expecting Edward to be so… *taps chin* fuck hot! *grins* He's beautiful so I was surprised that he was single, let alone willing to get into a D/s thing for the first time with a complete stranger. He seriously makes Jake look like puppy chow. Sorry Jake *tilts head and makes a sad face* Q: You ask Edward to pierce his peen, saying that was a deal breaker. So, was Jake's pierced the same as Edward's? Bella: *leans in* That was a test. I have no clue why I said it but I did. Jake didn't and I never asked him to. I should probably apologize to Edward about that one but fuck if I don't love it. It's amazing. From behind I swear it hits the G-spot over and over and over *leans back and looks to be in a daze*

Angela: Alright Bella, snap out of it! Q: How'd you feel about Edward's cocky mouth at first? Bella: Honestly, I wanted to make him shove a dildo in it and put it to better use. I actually thought about having him do it, show me how good he could suck on something like that, but then decided against it. I didn't want to scare him away. He seemed so scared of anything that had to do with dildos or vibrators. Having him perform fellatio on a fake dick might have been a little too much for the poor guy. But if I'm being really honest, it made my panties wet. He was the first guy that could talk back like that and still be sexy and not just an asshole. Plus, he always smirks after saying cocky things and I forget that he was even talking. Q: Were you surprised that Edward seemed to like being punished, that he even asked for 'more'? (the first time) Bella: He sure has surprised me a lot hasn't he? *laughs* He's a newbie so I was shocked. But I mean, come on, a hot guy like him… bound up, naked, and asking for more… how hot is that? Q: Edward busted you out at breakfast, telling you he heard you moaning his name while you played with yourself, you left the room and came back in a stronger Dom mode. What was going on in your head? Bella: I needed to regroup because, first, I couldn't believe that he called me out and, second, he heard me and that meant I was fucked. It was apparent to everyone that I had 'feelings' if I was doing that thinking of him. I was in denial about how I was feeling so when I came back I tried to regain some control. It didn't last long obviously. *sighs* Q: Be honest, how long did you laugh watching Edward frantically searching for the cameras in his room? Bella: *laughs for a few minutes* Sorry but that had to be the best thing I had ever seen. I watched for a long time. He looked like a lost puppy but then when he found them *pauses* he looked so pissed. It was hilarious. I turned them off after that night. I figured that he wasn't going to steal shit, he wasn't a total weirdo, and he would be good for a while thinking I was watching. Angela: Why'd you put them in up the first place? Bella: I had an issue with a sub stealing from me, so I put the cameras in. It was when I first started in the life and he was gone fast. *mutters jerk under breath* Q: What are your thoughts on raspberry cheesecake? Bella: It's my favorite dessert but I can't eat it unless Edward is within feet of me because usually I have a physical reaction to it *winks* Q: You talked to Rose about your relationship doubts, what was her advice? Did it help? Bella: She had been holding back from telling Emmett how she felt so she was very empathetic to how I was feeling. She basically said that it's hard to have a relationship that is so sex based turn into something more but if it does, even better. I just needed to let things happen. She needed to take her own advice but it all worked out in the end for all of

us. Rose's advice always helps. She's a straight shooter and tells you the honest to god truth, no matter what. Q: Why did you have to go out of town for work? Can we get some details? Bella: We had some drama at the strip club that I co-own. A manager was stealing a lot of money, skimming it off the top over a long period of time. I had to go deal with that bullshit. I like to deal with stuff like that in person. It was a lot of money so charges were pressed, cops were involved. It was a mess. Q: The first time you and Edward had sex you left almost immediately after. What was going on in your head? Bella: I panicked. It was the single most intense sexual encounter of my life. I knew that night I was very much in love with him. Hence the freak out. Q: Disneyland? Really? Bella: Yeah… I can't look at the Disney Store at the mall anymore. We officially defiled that sweet, family friendly place. If I could do it all over again, though, I would… all day. Unfortunately, I have been told, in a strongly worded letter, that if I am seen on the Disney property again I will be arrested. Who knew that they had security cameras in the halls of the Haunted Mansion? *shrugs* Q: Piano sex? Recorded sex sounds? Thoughts? Bella: Edward is a very talented musician *winks* Q: What happened between you and Riley? How was it seeing him at the Playboy Mansion? Bella: We dated for a few years. I thought I was in love with him. We even lived together. It was all very Hollywood and fake, in the end. He was a player and a cheat. The break up was nasty. I threw most of his stuff in the trash while he was on location filming a movie with his fuck of the month. It was very Diary of a Mad Black Woman. So when I saw him at the party it was a mix of emotions. It was the first time I'd seen him since the breakup but I was okay. I looked hot, had Edward next to me, and he was there alone and looking pathetic. It was sweet, sweet revenge. Q: Charlie was a porn star and you spent a lot of time at the mansion growing up, do you think that has anything to do with your D/s lifestyle? Bella: Oh yeah, I met Ben, the guy that got me into the lifestyle, at an industry party. It's easier to look at sex as a good, natural thing when it isn't looked at as a sin. My parents have always been open with me. I never had to hide my sex life from them and they have always made sure I made good choices in life. My dad used to try and scare guys away just like everyone else's dads. Q: Do you ever wish you didn't grow up in that type of atmosphere? Bella: No way. I've met really amazing people and I have a pretty fucking fabulous life. I'd never change that. When we were at the Mansion it's not like people were hooking up in the grotto and running around naked. Usually when I was there so were Hefs' boys. Family barbeques happened there just as much as orgies did *giggles* maybe even more.

Q: You told Edward you loved him, and asked him to say it back. How'd it make you feel to say it and hear it in return? Bella: I didn't know I was going to say it until it slipped out. When he didn't say anything I panicked… hard. I thought that he didn't love me back for a second. I was waiting for him to laugh in my face. Then he said it and kissed me like his life depended on it. It was the best night of my life, so far at least. Q: Nervous about Edward meeting the parents? Bella: Not really. My mom will love him and I think my dad will too. My dad isn't the easiest person to please but Edward's humor will win him over. Edward is the first person I'd bring to them, since they live in Florida. Riley met them but only when they visited me. He was always too busy. Angela: okay well… thanks for answering all those. Hopefully the readers will get something from it. Have fun in Florida! Bella: Thanks! It was fun. *smiles* *pulls out phone and texts a message* Angela: *looks at the phone* so going to see Edward? Bella: Yep, I'll see you later *winks* *gets up and walks out* Chapter 11: Happy Birthday Baby: Part I

The moment Bella told me that her parents would be walking around naked I was instantly wondering what her mom looked like. Call me a pervert, call me an asshole… but if she was even remotely as hot as Bella, I was going to have some issues not staring at her… naked form. I looked up the rules of Nudist Resorts, Colonies, Communities –whatever people call them now- they all said the same thing. Staring was not appreciated… at all. I was going to have to be very careful to keep eye contact at all times. Between work and our friends, the month flew by. And of course, we became tabloid fodder since that fucker Perez was at the Playboy party and saw us talking to Riley. He reported that it looked as if Riley and I were having some sort of pissing contest. I knew I should have punched him in the fucking face. Riley, not Perez. Maybe I should have punched them both and called it good. At least then the reports would have been worth something. Bella didn't seem to care about it at all since she said that she didn't care about him and loved me so much. That's another thing that had changed over the month. We had officially become 'those people'. We said I love you all the time… getting off the phone, saying goodbye, in the beginning, middle and end of sex, before bed… I was becoming a pussy bitch. "So, what do you want to do tonight?" Bella asked, cuddling further into me on the couch. It was the night before our trip and we decided to stay in. I was currently sporting wood while Bella rubbed her body against mine, spooning me. For some reason she liked to wrap around me, rather than the other way around. I felt like a woman the first few times she did this but then got over it. She would twist her legs into mine and kiss between my shoulder blades. I had to be shirtless during cuddle time, it was a rule. It was nice lying with her all wrapped up… fantastic even.

"We could watch a movie," I suggested. We had been flipping through the channels in her living room for an hour and there was nothing on. How the fuck can she have like five hundred channels, yet, we weren't interested in anything on? "Okay," she said, kissing my back one last time before we headed to the theater in her basement. The room had huge, overstuffed couches and dim lighting, perfect for movie watching or making out. We didn't even bother flipping the overhead lights on as we walked in and got comfy on the couch. The only light in the room was the small track lights that lit up the edges of the ceiling. I spooned her since she couldn't see that well over my shoulders. Usually when she spooned me, it lead to sex because all she could focus on was kissing my back and shoulders. She started to mess with the controller and I took it from her hands. We hadn't broached the subject of the porn yet but since we were in the basement I thought it was fair game. I immediately went to the Adult section on the screen and browsed the titles. The Devil Wears Nada, Cum Get Me, In and Out… all the titles made me laugh a little. Whoever comes up with these titles needs a fucking Oscar or some shit, I'm sure the porn industry has some type of Oscar like award. She giggled a little but didn't say anything as I selected a title that caught my eye. "Wax on, Whacks off… it has to be good with a title like that," I said with a laugh as I hit play. The women on screen start to play with themselves and each other, the two Asian women were finger servicing the other woman. Bella shifted slightly, rubbing her knees together. She watched the screen, wiggling a little more every second, as the women's fingers disappeared and reappeared rapidly. I moved my hand down between her legs, rubbing roughly against her heat, and watched the screen. I didn't watch their faces just the actions, keeping in rhythm with them. "I want to watch you do that, baby," I whispered into her ear, sucking the lobe into my mouth. I pulled it slightly with my teeth while I pulled the string on the top of her yoga pants. She knew that the tight black pants killed me and made my dick ache so she started wearing them as sleep attire or lounge wear. Apparently, Bella was also into torture. As I trailed kisses down her neck I pulled her pants and underwear down her legs. I moved to sit up in front of her and pulled her knees up so that her legs were bent and spread apart. "Sit up," I ordered and pulled her tank top off after she complied. She lay back down and sprawled out naked on the couch. I sat back on my heels and took in the site of her, knees apart and already wet.Fuck, I need to marry this woman. "Show me what you were doing that night I heard you. When you were thinking of me and touching yourself," I said in a whisper, the noises of the movie filling the room. Their orgasms sounded fake and unattractive compared to the sounds that Bella makes when she's with me. She moved one hand to her hard nipple and the other skimmed her stomach, moving to her pussy. She tweaked her nipple as she rolled her fingers in her wet folds, working her clit. Her eyes closed after they rolled back a little. She started to pant and moan. I moved my hands to her legs and ran then over her soft skin, unable to stop from touching her. She started to finger fuck herself hard and was making all kinds of sexy noises, opening her eyes and then never taking them off me. I ran my hands over her thighs, spreading her even more. "I want to see you, Edward… please," she moaned. I was naked with my dick in my hand in seconds. I think her words may have vaporized my clothes, maybe even my brain. I started to stroke my dick, watching her pump her fingers in and out of her pussy. My balls tightened and I wanted to blow my load all over her because that shit is hot. I tried to cum quick so that I could

see her covered in me when she stopped what she was doing. She sat up and pushed me so my back was against the arm rest. In one quick motion she was straddling me and had my dick enveloped in her warm wetness. "Fuck… you feel so good… you feel so much better than anything I could do to myself," she moaned as she rode my dick. It was all bouncing tits and moaning of my name. I would always go into a state of brain block when I was inside of Bella. My brain would get slow and I swear I would almost lapse into a coma. Maybe my impressive dick takes too much blood from my system? Thanks to the epic amount of sex that Bella and I have, I was able to last long enough to make her cum twice before I got off. We didn't watch too much of the movie but that wasn't really the point anyway. Quite honestly, I thought the porn would be a bigger part of it but all I really wanted was Bella… her noises, touch, and taste took over my body and soul. Not bothering with anything but crawling into bed, I curled up to her naked body and fell into a postsex coma like sleep. I didn't dream, wake in the middle of the night, or even move because my whole body ached when I opened my eyes. I rolled over in Bellas' massive bed to feel cold sheets… no Bella. I opened my eyes to see that there was a faint line of light coming from the bathroom and the shower was running. The sun wasn't even up yet but we had an early flight to catch. To say that I was a little nervous about meeting Charlie and Renee was pretty much bullshit. I was a lot nervous. Google had become my enemy because it taunted me every time I got online. That little fucking search bar screamed for me to type in it. A few times I had 'Charlie Swan' in there but closed out fast. I didn't want to see her dad having sex or anything but I was curious about what kind of shit he did. She said he had a stage name and that made me wonder too. After a couple weeks of this, I hit search – with the setting on safe since I didn't want any naked pictures- and was shocked. Most of it was business stuff but his wiki page was chocked full of information. Apparently, Charles Swan… aka Bill Burke… was the star of hundreds of films over his ten plus years in that side of the industry. He was best known for his role in 'The Long Dong of the Law' series, and mostly did cop fantasy porn. With the epic porn-stache he rocked and uniform on the box covers he looked like a Chips extra. I also found out that he was seventy-two and married Bellas' mom, Renee, when she was only twenty. He was thirty-eight at the time. They had an entire high school kid as an age difference. Apparently, on top of being a porn star, Charlie was also a pimp and a ladies man. He might have been my own personal hero. I rolled out of bed, dreading the plane ride. If a plane crashes, it really doesn't matter if you're in first class or not. And the fact that the seat cushion is a floatation device, are you kidding me? If a plane crashes into water, do I really need the seat cushion to help my dead body float? I swear that people who make planes are dumb fucks when it comes to safety shit. I really wanted to bring my own parachute but I doubt they would even let me. I can see it now, 'Sir why do you need a parachute?'… 'In case the plane crashes'… 'Do you think that will happen Sir?' and then the fucking TSA will swarm in, arrest me, and then I'll do ten to fifteen for trying to blow up a plane. I refuse to be someones bitch, I'm too pretty for prison. I popped my head into the bathroom to see Bella washing her body, the water running over her perfect body. "Morning baby," I said, making her snap her head in my direction. Her hand went to her chest, basically gripping her tit in her hand.

"Fuck, you scared me. Did you get your bag packed?" she asked, going back to rinsing the soap off her body. I nodded my head and watched her finish her shower, like a creeper. I don't think I'll ever get over seeing her naked… like ever! We spent the next hour getting everything ready to go. I took a shower, knowing if I jumped into the water with her we'd miss our flight. I can't physically be in there with her without bending her over and fucking the shit out of her. Once the bags were loaded into the car, we headed to LAX. Of course the paparazzi hang out there so pictures were taken as we made our way to the line. We kissed and cuddled, waiting to get our tickets. I popped a Xanax and a sleeping pill before the flight, knowing that I don't handle that shit well. You can judge me all you want but if I'm going to fall a million miles to my death at least I'll be in a happy place! We settled in and the plane took off. Bella was nice enough not to give me a hard time about my shaky hands. The carts came around and the movie started. Bella leaned into me and we cuddled while watching the shitty movie. "Baby, we're here," Bella whispered into my ear, pulling the lobe into her mouth. I didn't even realize that I had fallen asleep. We walked off the plane, hand-in-hand, and headed to the car rental counter. Bellas' mom, Renee, offered to pick us up but Bella didn't want to be stuck at her parents' house and wanted her own car. "Welcome to Tampa Miss Swan," the lady behind the counter said, getting the car arranged. Bella ended up getting a deep blue convertible G6. She looked to fucking hot behind the wheel, her hair blowing in the wind, the sun hitting her face. "Fuck, its hot here," I said, shouting over the radio and wind. Bella looked over and smiled, taking my hand in hers. "It's the damn humidity, I swear the fish could swim in the air sometimes," she said, kissing my knuckles. "I'm a little nervous," I admitted. I could feel my hands shake slightly. This will be a first for me, I've never done the meet the parents thing before. "Oh babe, don't be. Trust me, they'll love you." Her smile was enough to calm the nerves I built up. We pulled up to the gates of the 'community' and Bella spoke with the guard. He looked over her license and then buzzed us in. All the houses looked very typical of Florida. Stucco houses with red-ish clay roofs. The yards and streets lined with palm trees. It looked like a pretty bad ass place to retire. Most of the driveways had golf carts, not cars. I kept an eye out for naked people but never saw any as we pulled into the driveway of a big two-story house. Bella hopped out and dragged me to the front door, knocking excitedly. The door swung open, answered by a very attractive woman wearing nothing but a bikini bottom and a wrap thing around it. Don't look at her tits, don't look at her tits, don't look at her tits.Renee was Bella, just a little more aged. Dark hair, dark eyes, very beautiful. I could see why Mr. Swan snatched her up when she was young. "Mom, I told you to wear clothes. At least at first, you're going to scare him away," she said, hugging her half naked mom. Oh my God, her naked tits just touched Bella. I'm officially having a motherdaughter fantasy!

"Whatever, I look hot for fifty-four. He should be so lucky if you look this good at my age," she said, pulling away from her daughter. I heard Bella whisper something about not talking about stuff like that.Did she think I didn't want her forever? "And look at you, you're one good looking kid," Renee said, shaking my hand. "It's so nice to meet you Mrs. Swan." She shook her head and called me silly for being so formal. I guess with her boobs hanging out, formalities of Mr. and Mrs. were a little too much. I did really well at looking her in the eyes, despite the fact that I really wanted to look down. Then I heard a throat clear. The man that I had been Google stalking for the last couple weeks walked up behind Renee. Charlie was in a Speedo-thank God – but that was it. I was just thankful that he was wearing clothes, since Bella said that she wasn't sure if he would or not. She asked him not to be naked, so this must be dressed in his world. "Hello Mr. Swan," I greeted. He looked me up and down and then looked over at Bella, smiling brightly. I was getting a slight brush off from him but it didn't bother me because Bella looked so happy to see him. Plus I was sure that this was his way of saying 'my daughter comes first fucker'. If he only knew that was also my own personal motto. I just have more than one way of making sure she comes first. "Bella baby, I missed you. It's been way too long," he said pulling her into a hug. Then he extended his hand out to me. I shook it and smiled, trying not to look nervous. "Nice to meet you too, Edward. Bella talks about you all the time," he said, looking over at Bella. She had a beautiful pink blush covering her cheeks. "Okay, well, me and Mom are going to the pool. You two can tag along if you want. There are a bunch of people that want to meet you doll," Charlie said to Bella. He looked much older than all the pictures I saw of him. His hair was salt and pepper gray and so was his moustache. But for being in his 70's, Charlie looked fucking good, his face only had a few wrinkles. Maybe it's all the sex? Maybe he gets Botox?Charlie and Renee each grabbed a beach bag and headed out. I watched as they walked over to a golf cart that was parked in the driveway and drove off. "Your dad drives a golf cart?" I laughed. It was so funny to see an old man in nothing but a Speedo, driving a pimped out golf cart with his half naked wife riding shotgun. This will be Emmett in thirty years, without a doubt. "So do you want to go to the pool?" Bella asked. I could see her wheels turning. Maybe she wanted me to say no so we could fool around. "Do I have to get naked?" I asked, wiggling my eyebrows. She moved towards me and wrapped her arms around my waist, kissing my neck. "Only if you want to," she whispered against my skin. I had half a mind to pick her up and fuck her against the wall. "Are you going to be naked?" "Hell no, I may be okay with my parents living like this but I would never let my dad see my goodies." I laughed against her hair and we walked to the guest room. Everything in the house was decorated in a beachy look. Soft colors with lots of natural light. It was all very Florida.

We changed into bathing suits. Bella looked fucking hot in a light blue, tiny, barely there string bikini, while I opted for a pair of long, black board shorts. "I have a surprise," Bella said slipping her feet into flip-flops, running from the room. I followed and watched as she opened the door to the garage. Inside was what I would call the most badass, pimp golf cart in the world. It was an exact replica of the bat mobile. "Your dad is badass," I shouted, running to jump into it. The five-year-old inside me pissed his pants with excitement. "Actually, it's mine. My dad got it for me when he moved down here. He doesn't drive it." "You like Batman?" I swear every single second I was with this woman she got hotter and hotter! "Yeah, I was never into Barbie as a kid. I had the complete bat cave, all the action figures, and the vehicles. I was a bit of a nerd," she confessed. I leaned in and kissed her. "I bet you were a really hot nerd though," I said against her lips. I started the cart and backed out of the garage, heading in the direction of the pool. Everything was really easy to find since the streets were lined with signs. It was like a resort, arrows pointing in the direction of all the hot spots. "There's the club, that's where Mom and Dad are throwing my party tomorrow night," she said, pointing to a giant club house that was in the heart of the community. I pulled into the parking lot and parked next to Charlies cart. I took a few breaths, knowing I was most likely going to see Bellas' dad naked in a few seconds. Don't look down! "Ready baby?" she asked. I took her hand and headed to the gate that surrounded the pool. When we walked in there was just a sea of flesh. Naked people everywhere. I kept my head down as we approached the spot that I was sure her mom was. I looked up to see Renee, completely naked, lying out in the sun. I tried to look at her face but I couldn't help but scan her body. She was in great shape and definitely took care of herself. Bellas' tits were a little fuller and her moms' hips were a little wider but fuck if they didn't have a lot on common. Okay, stop checking out your future Mother-in-law. What? I shook my head and looked around at all the people, looking at the pool just as Charlie was getting out of it. To say that the dude was hung was an understatement. Bella's dad was packing a fucking uzi down there. It was hard for me- a very hetero, pussy loving man- not to look. "Okay, so I just looked at your dads' dick and your moms tits. This is officially the weirdest meet the parents in the history of the fucking world," I whispered into her ear. She started to giggle, turning to kiss my jaw. "I know, I'm sorry but it's better to just get it out of the way. Nudity is second nature to me now, I barely even notice it anymore," she said with a shrug. We chatted with her parents by the pool, lying in the sun, drinking fruity drinks. After a while I didn't even think about the fact that I was surrounded by naked people. A lot of her parents' friends came over to see Bella. We talked with everyone and I tried to imagine them in their underwear. It was easier that way. My eyes kept looking towards the gate, waiting on Bella's surprise. I texted to see where they were and then finally I got the text saying it would be a few minutes. I hoped that she liked my surprised, since she thought it would be just us this weekend.

"I hear that someone is going to be thirty tomorrow. Lets get this fucking party started," Emmett shouted as he walked into the pool area. I expected him to make a big scene but what I didn't expect was for him to be butt ass naked while doing it. Rose was behind him, fully dressed, shaking her head. Emmett ran, dick flapping in the wind, and jumped into the pool, doing a cannon ball. "I'm sorry, but as soon as we hit the gates he was naked. He said that he wasn't getting dressed again until we got ready to leave," Rose said walking over. I leaned into Bella and whispered in her ear. "Happy Birthday baby." She smiled and jumped up to give Rose hug. I knew that inviting Rose and Em would make Bellas' birthday even better. It's going to be an interesting weekend. Chapter 12: Happy Birthday Baby: Part II

I rolled over and pulled the blankets down the bed, thinking I would find Bella there, possibly naked. Instead, I ended up hooking my arm around her pillow. The bed was cold, so she had been gone awhile. I hated waking up alone, she had gotten me so used to her being there in the mornings. I could hear the TV down stairs and noise from the kitchen, so I threw on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, heading down to see what everyone was doing. I took them two at a time, wanting to get my arms around the birthday girl. She had freaked out the night before, saying that she'd wake up looking like a hag and that I wouldn't want her anymore. I knew that one day couldn't change how she looked so much that I'd find her hideous but I didn't say anything. I just fucked her in her parents' house, in her parents' guest bed, until she passed out from exhaustion. I have a really hard life, I know. I had to wrap my hand over her mouth to keep her quiet and at one point I shoved a pillow behind the headboard to keep it from hitting the wall. I missed her bed, I even missed the playroom. Luckily, Renee and Charlie were cool with Rose and Em showing up, making up the guestroom that was down the hall from ours. Bellas' parents slept downstairs and on the other side of the house but I was still paranoid they'd hear me defiling their daughter. I really wanted Charlie to like me and having loud, kinky sex with her within earshot wouldn't be fucking cool with him, I was sure of it. When I reached the bottom of the steps I heard the unmistakable sound of Wii bowling. As I rounded the corner I wished I had an ice pick, screwdriver, or metal nail file, anything that I could have used to gouge my eyes out. Charlie and Emmett were both completely naked, holding those tiny white controllers, and in a full on bowling battle. I was just in time to see Emmett bowl his third strike in a row. His celebration dance caused everything to jiggle, and I mean everything. He was acting like a turkey, even making a gobbling noise as he flapped his arms. "You're a cheater you little bastard, how dare you take advantage of an old man. Didn't your parents teach you to respect your elders?" Charlie shouted, obviously being a poor sport. Luckily, just his ass was facing me. Man ass was easier to be around than dick, that's just a simple fact. "Don't use your age as an excuse Charlie, you know I'm winning this shit fair and square," Em shouted back, trying to hold back his little fit of joy. I snuck passed them and into the hallway, trying to avoid being dragged into that fuck fest of phallic proportions. I scurried down the hall trying to be as quiet as possible so that I didn't alert naked Dee

and Dum. I'm not sure when it happened but Em and Charlie had become best friends. I think that Charlie appreciated the fact that Em is, quite literally, a balls out kind of guy. I could smell the bacon and sausage cooking and my stomach almost blew my cover, grumbling loudly. Bella was sitting at the high-top bar area of the counter, watching her mom cook and sipping coffee. Renee was flipping bacon and tending to French toast that was cooking on a huge, flat griddle. She was fully dressed and my expression must have given me away. I pretty much looked her up and down. It was the first time I had seen her in more than bikini bottoms and a wrap since I got there. She was in normal looking pink, flannel shorts and a tank top. It made her look really young, much younger than the fifty-four she claimed to be. I still think she's lying and that she and Bella are really sisters or something. No mom should be that fucking hot. "Good morning, Edward," Renee said with a wink, "don't look so shocked, I wouldn't dare cook bacon naked, do you even realize the damage that could cause," she laughed. Thanks Renee, now I have an image of your tits covered in bacon grease. That's an awesome way to start the day. I walked over and wrapped my arms around Bella, hugging her from behind and burying my face into her neck. "Happy Birthday, love," I whispered, kissing her neck softly. She giggled a little and turned her head to kiss my cheek. "Thanks," she said, taking another sip of her coffee. I walked over grabbing my own cup and then sat down next to Bella. "Is there anything I can do?" I asked, watching Renee move quickly around the kitchen. I hated watching people do stuff when I was just sitting there do nothing. "I've got this under control. You just enjoy your coffee, sweetie," Renee replied, going back to the stove. I wrapped an arm around Bella and we sat like we do most mornings, drinking coffee in comfortable silence. Usually we fight over the paper because Bella is one of those rare people that still subscribes to one. "What's the big plan for the day?" I ask, knowing there's no way I'll get to have her in bed all day. I'd love to let her know all day long how much I love that she was born thirty years ago. "Rose, my mom, and I are going to do lunch and bit of shopping after breakfast. My dad called and made a tee time for you guys to go golfing this afternoon. Then we'll meet back here and get ready for my party," Bella said sounding more excited about her party than she did the day before but not looking me in the eye when she brought up the golfing. "You know I hate golfing, I suck at it… like I really suck. If you think I'm a shitty sub, you should see me golf, it's embarrassing," I whispered, not wanting her mom to hear me. It was bad enough they couldn't get me naked, now I would disappoint her dad even more with my horrid golf skills. I don't think they were disappointed about the lack of nudity, but more the fact that I have been an uptight douche since Em arrived. Apparently, I can't hang in a setting like this. We all ate breakfast, luckily Rose made Em put on boxers since she thinks it's rude to eat with your bits hanging out. Charlie followed suit so it wasn't as awkward. Rose was that type of person who could get what she wanted, it was terrifying. She's probably a hardcore Domme. I kissed Bella about fifteen times before she finally pushed me away so she could leave. I can be a little clingy, is that such a bad thing? They were heading to the mall, so for all I knew they wouldn't be back for weeks.

"Okay fellas, lets get this shit started," Em bellowed, clapping his hands together. "So, you don't plan to golf naked, do you? That could be a bit scarring for my eyes," I said to him, scrunching my face up a bit. "No worries Ed, Charlie said he has stuff for us to wear, he's getting them put on our beds right now," he responded, bounding towards the stairs. I passed Charlie on the steps. "Get ready boys. Our tee time is in fifteen," he said, patting my back. He really was a sweet man. It was hard to believe that his entire life has been based around something like porn, which is usually looked at as seedy. I walked into the room and saw what was lying out on the bed. It was old school golfer, all the way. Plaid pants, polo, funny socks… there was even one of those hats with the puff on top. I wasn't wearing that shit. I slipped everything on and threw the hat back down onto the bed. I walked out of my room just as Emmett was hitting the top of the steps. I busted out laughing as soon as I caught a glimpse of him. He was in the same type of outfit as me, except his was pink and way too fucking tight. This grown ass, tattooed man was in a pink polo and mint green plaid pants. "These are fucking awesome. I feel like that one golfer guy that always wears shit like this. What's his name?" he asked, pointing at the hat on his head. I shrugged, having no fucking clue who we was talking about. Charlie was waiting at the door in a deep blue polo and khaki pants, he started to laugh. "I knew you guys would look good, not bad, not bad. You look a bit like John Daly" he said, still laughing a little. "Shit, that's his name!" Em shouted. "Well at least mine are normal colors. Em looks like he's wearing girls clothes," looking down at the deep green pants and cream color shirt. "Well, that was the only thing I had that would fit Emmett," Charlie said with a shrug. We headed to the garage to grab his clubs and hopped in the golf cart. The course was only a few minutes down the road. "You guys are going to have to rent clubs," Charlie said as we pulled up. After paying and picking out a set to play with, we headed for the course. Of course Charlie was fucking awesome, always hitting the green and making his putts look easy. Em and I, on the other hand, sucked donkey balls. Most of the time I had to drop near the water hazards because my balls loved to go in those damned tiny ponds. Emmett spent most of his time in the woods, determined to find the balls that he crushed and sliced hard. They always went far but never in the direction he would be aiming for. "So, you love my daughter?" Charlie asked as we were standing around waiting for Emmett to come out of the woods. "I do Sir, a lot actually. I would do anything for her," I replied. He nodded his head and made a sound of approval.

"Okay, well… all I have to say about the matter is that if you hurt her, I kill you. And I'd like some grandbabies before I die and I'm not getting any younger. If you don't want her for the long haul, get out now and please don't waste her time. She's been with too many assholes." He patted me on the back and walked away, not giving me anytime to respond. The man was talking babies with me. I wasn't even sure I wanted them at all, let alone in the near future. How could I be a good dad? I barely know how to take care of myself. We finished our round, ate some lunch in the clubhouse, and headed back. The girls were all giggling about something when we walked in. "Speak of the devil and he shall appear," Renee said, getting up to give Charlie a kiss. "We're going to get ready, dinner is at six and then the party is right after," she said, pulling Charlie from the room. "You look ridiculous," Rose said, pointing at Emmett. "Oh come on, you know this is sexy," he said, shaking his ass at her. She laughed as he picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder, and running up the steps. We followed behind, in a very boring way, walking like two normal people. "How serious were you and Riley?" I asked, as Bella was getting ready. The theme of the party was Greek and everyone was going to be wearing togas. Most likely the togas would be see-thru or barely there. "Why?" she asked, pinning the strap of fabric over her shoulder. "I don't know. I was just wondering. Did you guys talk about kids and marriage, stuff like that?" She walked out of the bathroom looking gorgeous. Her hair was pinned up in curls, some small pieces falling around her face. There were bits of leaves nestled into it and bands of gold wrapping her head. The deep gold fabric covering her was sheer and the bra and boy short underwear were clearly visible underneath. "You look amazing," I said, getting off subject all of a sudden. She crawled into my lap and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. "We talked about all those things but I'm glad that it never happened with him," she whispered, kissing my nose. I slipped my hands under the bottom of her toga and gripped her ass. "I love you baby," I said against her lips. "I love you too," she replied, kissing me deeply. XxXxX An hour later we were both ready to go. We piled into the golf carts and headed to the party. It looked like a biker convention but instead of men in leather and big, bad, motorcycles it was old people in togas and gold carts. Maybe Bella liked the idea of being around all the old people because it made her feel young. Dinner was interesting, to say the least. Most of the people had on half a toga, if they were even wearing one. I guess as long as your hair looked the part it didn't matter if you were wearing clothes. The women all had their tits out. It was rather distracting.

"Here's to my baby girl, who, thirty years ago today, took her momma and me from being just a couple and turned us into a family. Happy Birthday, Bella," Charlie said, raising his glass of scotch. Bella blushed and raised her glass of wine. She had been pounding them since arriving and I could already see that she was completely hammered. I tried to force her to eat as much as possible, hoping it would absorb some of the wine. I sipped my Captain and Coke slowly, knowing I needed to stay some-what sober so I could watch out for her. A cake was wheeled out from the kitchen, after we were done with our food, and everybody sang happy birthday while I played the song on an upright piano they had in the corner. Bellas' eyes lit up when she saw the cake. The thirty candles filled the top tier. She blew them out and said thank you to everyone. She was a vixen in private but I loved the shy side of her when she was around a lot of people. "What did you wish for?" I asked, whispering in her ear. "A new flogger," she joked. "Here's your present, sorry it's not what you wanted," I said with a grin, handing her the small box. She pulled the paper off and lifted the lid. Inside was a bracelet, filled with little charms. She ran her fingers over the charms. Each one had a meaning; each one reminded me of her. Apparently, Pandora has made charm bracelets the 'It' thing again. "It's beautiful," she said, tears forming in her eyes. "I'll explain each one when we get a moment alone," I said. "Sounds great, thanks so much," she replied, kissing me sweetly. I could taste the wine and the shot of tequila she had just taken with Rose on her lips. The music started up after everyone ate desert and Rose dragged her out onto the dance floor. I sat with Charlie and Em and watched as the girls danced around. She started to loosen up and every time a song would come on she didn't like she'd go to the bar for a shot. "I'm thirty," Bella shouted like she was excited about it or something. She was completely fucking drunk. "Come dance with me baby, please," she pleaded, pulling on my arms. I huffed a little and followed her out onto the dance floor. She immediately wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my body flush with hers. "I wanna fuck you so bad right now," she whispered against my ear, grinding her front into mine. "Me too," I said back. "When we get home I'm gonna tie you to my bed and tease the shit out of you. I'm gonna make you feel so good it will be painful," she slurred. She was starting to get sloppy. "I'm looking forward to it." "Good, because one of these days I'm gonna get you to let me do whatever I want, and I mean whatever I want. You're going to see how Domme I can really get," she laughed. I was pretty sure she was talking about my ass virginity and she'd need to get me fall down drunk and basically rape me for that to happen.

"Why don't we get you a glass of water," I suggested. She followed me to the bar and sipped the ice water as we watched the people on the dance floor clear out. "Time for the limbo competition. Can I get all the competitors to the stage please," the DJ announced. I heard Emmett let out a giant howl and then rushed the stage. His toga was barely hanging onto his body, so he ripped it off and flung it in Roses' direction. She laughed and watched as other people joined in; stripping off their togas to play naked limbo. Emmett surprised me with his limbo skills, but his size worked against him. He was beat by a lady in her sixties, at least, because she was tiny and quite flexible. "I guess you can't beat all the old people, can you boy?" Charlie teased as he walked off the dance floor, looking like a kid that was just sent to timeout. I looked over at Bella who was sitting next to me and noticed that she was looking a little green. "You okay?" I asked. She rolled her head in my direction, her eyes glossy and red, and then she covered her mouth with her hand, running in the direction of the doors. I followed her out and found her puking in the bushes. "Go away, I don't want you to see me like this," she yelled, trying to push me back. "Lets get you home," I said, picking her up after she was done throwing up and putting her in the cart. I ran back inside to let someone know what was going on. Her mom laughed, saying that it was the curse of turning thirty. The drive back to the house was interesting. Because there were no windows or anything, Bella leaned over the side and I was worried she was going to fall out. I carried her into the house and brought her into the bathroom. She puked a little more, her face was all shiny and her hair was a mess. As she threw up I pulled the pins out of her hair and ran my fingers through it, before throwing it up into a ponytail. It was messy and slightly off center but it was my first time so all-in-all it wasn't bad. "I just want to lie down," she said after a while, her forehead resting on the seat. I lifted her and put her under the covers, crawling in next to her. "I'm sorry I drank so much," she said against my chest. "It's your birthday you can do what you want," I said back, playing with her hair. "I'm thirty now. I'm thirty and what do I have? I'm not married, I don't have kids, I'm not even fucking engaged or on my way to that. I'm gonna be an old cat lady and I don't even have a cat," she sighed. We laid in silence for a few minutes. "I'd marry you tomorrow," I said, waiting for her to say something back. She let out a light snore and I realized that she had fallen asleep. XxXxX "Oh my god, kill me," I heard Bella moan next to me. The bright sun was filling the room. She pulled the covers over her head and rolled over facing away from me. "Drink a little too much?" I asked with a laugh, she just groaned and rolled back to me, throwing her arm over my chest. I started to play with the bracelet on her wrist.

"Tell me what they mean," she said, her head buried under the blankets. "Well the heart is for love, I put an 'E' on here for me and 'B' for you, there are a couple with each of our birthstones, palms trees since you love my backyard so much, there are some with flowers and ivy because they reminded me of your tattoo, and this one,"-I pulled on a charm-, "this one is the symbol for eternity." She lifted her head, pulling the covers back, to look at it and then kissed my hand. "You're too good to me you know that right?" she said, covering her head back up. "I know," I joked, which earned me a smack on the stomach. "I'm so embarrassed, did I do anything crazy last night? The last thing I remember was Emmett running on stage and then it gets a little blurry." "Nothing crazy I promise, you threw up in some bushes and I brought you home. It was pretty uneventful actually." "Thank god," she sighed. We lay in bed for another hour and then had to get up to pack and make our flight. After getting some coffee and toast, Bella was looking much better. "I promise we'll be back soon, Mom," Bella said hugging her mom tightly. Her mom was going on and on about moving, saying how much she wanted Bella to move to Florida. Charlie walked over and gave me a one-armed, man hug. "Take care of her for me," he said, patting my back once. I nodded and pulled her mom into a hug. They really were the coolest people I'd met in awhile. Emmett nearly cried saying goodbye to Charlie, they even exchanged numbers. It was a full on bromance. "Ready to go home?" I asked as we walk out to the driveway. "Very. Ready to get back to the playroom?" she asked, smacking my ass. "Very," I said, wiggling my eye brows. Chapter 13: Things That Go Hump in the Night

It seriously took me an entire month to figure out Halloween costumes. Bella sent out the invites as soon as we got back from Florida for her yearly Halloween party. Only, this year, she threw in a little twist. All the D/s couples had to abide by one rule… the subs would get to do the costume deciding. This wasn't like her traditional D/s parties. There would be a mix of people in and out of the lifestyle. So in other words, porn stars, directors, crew members… all the people in her line of work would be filling the rooms of her house. Emmett told me the very next day that he already had a plan for him and Rose but wasn't telling anyone anything. He didn't even tell Rose, which - because she's suck a control freak - pissed her off. He showed me the welts on his ass that she put there out of pure frustration over it. The worst part was that he liked them… these are the things that are best left unsaid.

Okay, some of that's a lie… he told one person his plans… Charlie. He called him to see if it was lame because they now talked on the phone weekly like fucking housewives planning weekend get togethers. Not that I'm jealous or anything, I just think it's weird. The morning of the party I walked into the costume shop, being greeted by the woman behind the counter. She was dressed in a very impressive Vampire costume and her fangs looked pretty fucking real. The Vampire craze lately was a little surreal. I didn't even get it. The ones on that HBO show were kinda gross, the other TV ones looked like little pussies to me, and don't get me started on the million and one books that seem to be taking over the New York Times Bestseller's list. I mean seriously, that one guy doesn't even have fangs and glitters like an Elton John jacket… how is that sexy at all? Plus he's a little bitch. If a chick throws herself at you then you do it… what kind of man turns down sex? Especially when it's sex with a hot chick that loves you and shit? I'll tell you who… a gay Vampire. But that's just my opinion. "I have a pick up for Cullen," I said and watched as she walked to the back room. A few minutes later she walked out with two garment bags, one much larger than the other. "That will be three hundred and fifteen dollars please," she said, her nails clicking on the register. Apparently, if you want the real deal for costumes the cost to rent them is ridiculous. I loaded them into the car and headed to Bellas' house, already running a little late. She had hired a company to decorate everything inside and out. The drive way was lined with what looked like graves and the entry way of the door was covered in fake spider webs. There was also some strobe lights and ghosts hanging from the trees. As I opened the door I could hear the people milling around the rooms. There were decorators, caterers, and the Deejay was setting up in the corner of the living room. All of the furniture was moved and the entire place was transformed into a haunted house. They even put shit on the walls to make it look aged and cracked. It was actually pretty fucking impressive. It also looked pretty fucking expensive. I headed up to our room and dropped the costumes on the bed. I could hear the shower running and slid into the bathroom, jumping up to sit on the counter. "I don't like that you're naked in here, with all the doors unlocked while there are a bunch of guys running around downstairs," I said, watching my girlfriend shave her legs through the foggy glass. "Oh God, I hire them every year, they all know that the upstairs is off limits… are you going to turn into a caveman on me?" she asked looking up and winking. "Would you like it if I knocked you over the head and dragged you off to my cave?" I played back. She smirked and then shrugged her shoulders "Maybe… depends on the cave. Does it have a pillow top mattress or a whipping bench?" "What the fuck is a whipping bench?" I asked, confused and intrigued all at once. "All in good time my dear, all in good time," she cackled like the Wicked Witch of the West. I was strangely turned on and almost decided to change our costumes. "I know you won't tell me what I'm going to dress up as but can you at least let me know how I should do my hair and make up?" she asked as she dried herself off with a towel. She made a face and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"You okay, baby?" I asked. "Yeah, I'm fine… just a little head ache. Are you going to answer my question?" "Slick your hair back into a low bun and do your eyes dark and your lips red," I said, pretty certain that's how it's supposed to be. "I'm not going to be one of those guitar playing chicks from that 80's music video, am I? If that's the case I might just tie you up and not let you out of the playroom at all tonight." I just laughed and walked out of the bathroom, grabbing my costume so that I could get ready in the guestroom. Yeah, you heard that shit right… I said guestroom. Did you also catch the 'our room' comment? I might-as-well live here. I pulled everything on, feeling like a fucking stud. I knew as soon as I turned to the mirror that Bella was going to destroy her panties when she saw my costume. I was equally excited to see her in what I picked out. I could hear people starting to file into the house, the Deejay started the music, and the bass filled my ears. It was time to make my grand entrance. I stopped at the top of the stairs, and because I'm a four year old trapped in a grown mans body, I slid down the banister on my ass, my cape flapping in the wind. It was actually badass and a few people cheered at my little entrance. I walked around the party looking for my girl. Most of the women were in various versions of slutty. Slutty nurse, slutty cop, slutty maid, slutty Disney character. As I rounded the corner into the kitchen I caught the sight of leather. An entire body covered in leather. Her boots hugged her legs all the way to mid thigh, the leather cat suit was so fucking tight I swear you could almost see the lines of her tattoo. She had long black nails attached to her gloves and the leather mask that covered half her face with the pointy ears on top. I thought Halle Berry and Michelle Phiffer were hot as Cat Woman… they didn't have shit on Bella. I walked up behind her and grabbed her hips, putting my lips against her ear. "You look fucking puuurrrfect," I cooed into her ear. I know, it was corny but damn if she didn't push her hips back into mine and smile. She turned around and her mouth dropped open when she saw that I was not only Batman, but the George Clooney version, which she thinks is the hottest one. "Holy shit," she said, running her hands over the rubber abs on my costume. "I could fucking eat you up, right here in this kitchen, surrounded by all these people," she said, moving closer to me. Within seconds, her tongue was in my mouth and my hands were frantically groping her leather covered ass. The only thing that stopped me from pinning her to a wall was the loud clearing of a throat, one that belonged to Charlies' new bestie. Yeah I just said that shit. I turned around with a full on scowl on my face only to burst out laughing at the fuckery that was Emmett. He was a card. Like a serious, no joke, playing card. He had on silly little bootie things on his feet and red gloves, with a large king of hearts on his chest.

"Don't tell me that you and Rose are a set of cards dude, that would be so lame," I laughed. Just as Emmett was about to explain Rose walked in. I stopped laughing. She looked fucking hot. She was dressed in a red and black dress that was so tiny and tight I could almost count her pubic hair. She had hearts arranged all over and a head piece that looked like a tiny little crown. Not to mention, her legs were covered in white, thigh high boots. "Emmett decide to live out his sick Alice in Wonderland fantasy, so here I am, dressed as a slutty Queen of Hearts, while this one," –she jerks her thumb towards him- "keeps trying to get me to scream 'off with her head' like an idiot." This made both Bella and I laugh because she looked beyond annoyed. "Oh come on babe, just once… if you do it just once then I'll stop asking," he pleaded, sticking his lip out and everything. She rolled her eyes and then firmly planted her hands on her hips. "Fine… Off with her head!" she screamed, causing more than a few people to look our way. "I think I might of just cum in my pants," Em said, practically drooling. "Don't you mean tights," Jasper said, looking down at the red tights that Emmett is rocking under his card, as he walked into the room. "You know what I mean," he replied, rolling his eyes. Jasper was leading Alice into the room, who was practically naked. They were doing the Adam and Eve thing, Jaspers dick and ass covered in a single, large fig leaf. Alice had her tits, ass, and pussy covered in small leaves. "The house looks great, Bella," Alice said looking around. They started their own conversation about the company that Bella used and I took the time to nibble on some of the food sat around the kitchen. Once the girls started talking about yoga, which I learned Jasper taught at a local gym, Em got bored. "I'm going to get a drink." He grabbed Rose and headed to the bar. "That reminds me, no drinking… I have plans for you later. At one o'clock you need to meet me in the playroom. I want you in a loose fitting pair of jeans and that's it," she commanded. I nodded my head. It sucked that I couldn't drink but if it meant some playroom fun times it would totally be worth my while. The party was filled with people dancing, drinking, and having a good time. I got a few dick rubbing sessions in with Bella on the dance floor. Not that it really mattered, since my dick was encased in a rubber prison, all the friction was pointless. Bella enjoyed herself though. I spent most of the night watching the clock. I hated that I was going to have to take off my costume that I spent too much money on but at twelve fifty-five I raced up to our room and changed into the jeans that were requested of me. It had been a good half an hour since I had last saw Bella so I was anxious to see what she was doing. The party was still in full swing but I moved from the end of the staircase to the door to the playroom unnoticed. I clicked the lock behind me, closing off the party noise from the room. With each step I took, I wondered what was going to happen, what would be waiting for me at the top of the stairs. When I reached the top I lost the breath in my lungs. Bella was kneeling, in position… completely fucking naked.

"What are you doing?" I asked, unsure how I was supposed to act. I'm not a fucking idiot, but did she really want me to play Dom? "I'm here to please you, Master," Bella said, looking only at the ground. "I don't know what you want me to do," I said. I didn't know if I was just supposed to pretend like I knew what I was doing. I really wanted her to give me some direction. "I want you to do what feels right, Master. I'm here to serve you, make you feel good," she cooed, still looking at the ground. "Look at me, Bella," I said, my voice faltering a little. It didn't feel right telling her what to do when we were in this room. She looked up and her big brown eyes looked so sure, so reassuring. "I need you to tell me what to do," I said in almost a plea. She slowly moved forward, crawling on her hands and knees towards me. Her ass wiggled back and forth, her tits bounced slightly with each movement. I stood stock still and watched as she bent down in front of me and kissed the top of each foot. "I've been a bad girl, Master. I think I need to be punished," she said seductively, crawling over to a table looking thing that had been placed in the center of the room. It was about the height of a countertop, only about two feet wide and maybe three feet long, there was a flap at the end that looked like it would make the table longer. It was padded and covered in leather, metal studs lining the sides. At all four corners there were leather cuffs. I watched as she lay across the table on her stomach and placed her wrists in the cuffs, turning her head in my direction. It was pretty simple, she wanted me to dominate her. I was unsure why but I knew that if I kept asking questions it would ruin the game. I just had to keep telling myself that she wanted this. I walked over and slid the buckles shut on the cuffs. She pulled her arms a little, testing that they were secure. Wordlessly, I walked over and grabbed the crop off the wall. When I turned back to the bench, Bellas' eyes were locked on mine. She looked amazing, naked, bent over the table with her ass in the air. She moved so that her legs were apart. I could see everything from where I stood. "Tell me how much you want me," I ordered, trying to sound confident, even though I was feeling very uncomfortable. "I want you so much, always, Master," she sighed. Her voice was barely above a whisper and her body was relaxed. It was weird seeing her like this, demur… defenseless. I walked behind her and ran the crop between her legs, rubbing it over her clit. She moved slightly, moaning just a little. "Do you like that?" I asked, wondering if she really did like it or if this was all a show. "Yes, Master," she sighed, pushing her hips back towards me. I lifted the crop and brought it down onto her smooth ass. It made a loud smack sound and Bella let out a low, deep moan from her chest. There was a little red mark that was left in the crops wake. I

ran my hand over it and then leaned forward kissing the spot. I had my lips apart, about to apologize for hitting her when she said one word. "More." She was using her safe words. She wanted me to do it again, maybe even harder. I massaged the spot a little more and then carefully brought the crop back down. This time it was sharper sounding because I was surer about what I was doing. She pulled at the cuffs and groaned, rubbing her legs together. I slapped her ass with it a few more times, eliciting more moans. I used my pointer and middle fingers to feel how she was reacting to me. "You're so wet," I stated in a whisper, mostly to myself. It was fact that we were both in the know about. I continued to run my fingers over her as I lightly patted her ass with the crop. It was way fucking harder than it looked but as long as the crop was in my right hand I could work her over with my left. I needed more control of the crop so I used my dominate hand, I didn't want to be a clumsy mess. Her ass was a nice pink color and my dick was trying to kung-fu its way out of my pants. "Do you want me to fuck you hard or make it gentle and slow, it's your choice," I said, throwing the crop over my shoulder. I was rock hard and ready to go. "Fuck me, Master… please," she said, pressing back at me. I dropped my jeans and kicked them off, pulling her hips back at me. She was so wet and I was fucking hard, easing into her. Her feet were still on the ground so I picked her legs up and wrapped her calves around my thighs. I thrust into her moving the table a little each time. "Talk to me," I ordered, wanting to hear her voice. "I love this, I love you taking me like this… you feel so good… so good," she moaned, pulling at her cuffs again. She was using them for leverage. "Even like this I feel loved… love me, Edward… please," she panted. I pulled my hand back and smacked her ass. "What did you call me?" I chastised. "Master, I called you Master," she shouted, fixing her mistake. I leaned forward and kissed her back, biting and nibbling at all the skin I could. I could feel her starting to tighten around me so I pressed harder. Soon she was coming undone, moaning my name over and over. Calling me Master. Telling me I owned her. It was all very ego boosting. "I'm going to make you cum again, Bella," I leaned forward and whispered into her ear. She tried to pull her hands to touch me but was still restrained. I ran my finger across her clit as I continued to thrust into her. Her legs shook, my balls tightened and I spilled into her as she came for the second time. I felt like the fucking man. I leaned into her and kissed her shoulders, moving my hands to unhook the latches on the cuffs. When her hands were free, she reached back and grabbed my head, pulling me down onto her back even more.

She kissed me, her head turned at a crazy angle, my dick still inside her. "That was amazing," I said against her lips. She nodded and started to get up. Since I was lying on top of her I was pushed back. "We should get dressed," I said, looking around for my pants. She shook her head. "Party's over, I made sure that Rose shut shit down at two." "How about a bath? You might want to soak that ass, it's a little pink," I said. She leaned back and looked over her shoulder, smiling a bit. "I didn't think you had it in you," she smirked. I followed her down the stairs and then up to the room. She started the bathtub and sat on the edge, waiting for it to fill. I climbed in first, resting my back on the cold tile. She rested her back to my chest and I wrapped my arms around her. "So what was that about?" I asked, knowing that I was supposed to be getting a lesson out of it. "I wanted you to see it from my view and I wanted to see it from where you are. Now you know how I feel when I hit you, when I make your ass pink… it's different when feelings are involved. I've never really liked being dominated but with you it's different. I actually forgot that I was supposed to be in charge. I just wanted to do everything right for you." We sat for a long time in the hot water. Holding her felt right, loving her was what I was made to do. She eventually turned and straddled my hips –in a non-sexual way- hugging my neck, and resting her head on my chest. "I dream about you sometimes… it's always the same dream. I've been having it since my birthday," she said against my chest. I was running my hands up and down her back, feeling her muscles relax under my touch. "What's the dream about?" She sat up slightly so she was looking at me. Her face was flush and her eyes glossy looking. If I didn't know better I'd think she had been drinking. "It's dark and I can't see you, I can only hear your voice. All you say is 'tomorrow' over and over… sometimes I hear 'I would tomorrow'. They didn't make sense to me. The whole time I just want to find you and ask 'what about tomorrow' but my body doesn't move. Then I wake up and you're there and I feel better. I hate having them on nights you don't stay with me." I wanted to tell her what I said that night at her dad's house, what I think might have started the dreams. I was worried that she would take it as a proposal and I wasn't going to do that shit naked. She deserved more. So instead, I pulled her face to mine and I kissed her. She smiled against my lips right before it ended and rested her head against me again. "I'm not feeling well," she said. I could feel her body shaking slightly. The water was still warm but her skin was hot, too hot. I pulled her out of the tub, dried her off, slipping her into my sweats and tshirt, then I put her into bed. I went downstairs and got her a glass of water and some Tylenol, stepping over the mess that was left over after the party. There would be people coming in the morning for clean up. When I walked back into the room she was sound asleep. I put my cheek to her forehead to check her fever. She was burning up and she was shivering in her sleep even though she was fully dressed and bundled in blankets. I spent the rest of the night watching her sleep, making sure she was okay.

Chapter 14: Antibiotics are the Devils Candy

I was convinced that I broke Bella. She woke up the next day looking like death after sleeping like the dead all night. All day she was sneezing, coughing, sniffling, and complaining about dying. Of course, in my head, I thought that I somehow did it from my Dom play the night before. The entire time I was doing what she wanted me to do, i.e.… dominating HER in HER playroom –or trying to at least- I knew it was a bad idea. I hated it, every second of it. Okay, I didn't hate every second but you get my point. I felt like a fumbling fool, which I'm sure I was. I was way out of my element when it came to bossing her around. "I'm dying, I swear it… please, just put me out of my misery," she grumbled from somewhere under the pile of blankets. All I could see was her moving around, she liked to fidget and move when she whined. It was almost like she was trying to exercise the demons out of her body. This had been an argument we'd been having for two days. I would tell her she wasn't dying, she would say I didn't know what the fuck I was talking about, I would tell her to go to the doctor, and then she'd pretend to be asleep or start a coughing fit that would eventually change the subject. Its been a pretty productive couple of days. "Bella, please… let me take you to the doctor. They have an appointment in an hour all set aside for you. Do this and I'll do anything you want," I pleaded, desperate to get normal Bella back. This weird, whiney Bella isn't my Bella… she's actually kinda annoying. "Fine, but the next time I want something, no matter what it is, I get it," she huffed and got out of bed. I heard the shower start up, thankful since she hadn't done that since the morning before and she was getting a little gross from the fever sweats. I waited for her to finish, changing the sheets on the bed while I did, and finally after twenty-five minutes she walked out of the steamy room, covered in head to toe black. Yoga pants, black t-shirt and chucks, her hoodie was lifted up over her damp hair. "Are we going to commit a couple B and E's on the way?" I laughed, trying to lighten the mood. It was corny, using our initials in the joke but I thought it was a very cute little joke. She didn't think it was funny at all. We sat in the waiting room of the doctors office and I watched people go in and out. There seemed to be a massive amount of people sick lately. She was told that it was a bad case of bronchitis, on top of a nasty sinus infection. She was given massive amounts of pain killers, antibiotics, and an inhaler. After a few days she was starting to feel better, but still sounded like a Muppet since her nose was all stuffy. We were lying in bed watching a movie when I felt her hand cup my junk. And no, it was a normal movie, not porn, a chick-flick actually. She's still in the 'I'm sick' mode and gets everything she wants "What are you doing?" I asked, knowing that she was still not feeling great. "What does it look like I'm doing? Or rather, what does it feel like I'm doing?" she said, scooting closer, gripping harder. I moved away from her, trying not to hurt her feelings but I knew she was still not feeling great. "You're still sick baby. I don't really feel like catching anything." She kept coming at me until I was right on the edge of the bed. It was either fall off or let her basically climb on top of me.

"I've been taking antibiotics for three days now. I'm not even contagious anymore. At least I don't think I am." Her hand was still rubbing my junk through my thin pajama pants. It was getting harder and harder… to say no. "Come on, its been ages," she said, kissing my neck. It was hard to resist when her hand was where it was, doing what it was doing, but then again her nasally words were almost laughable. She wasn't going to try to talk dirty like that, that was for sure. "Fine," I huffed, "but we're having stranger sex, I'm not getting sick." I rolled over and huffed like I didn't want to have sex, even though my dick was tenting the sheets. She gave me a shitty look and sat up. "What the fuck do you mean 'stranger sex'?" She even did the little finger quotes and everything. "No kissing, no face contact, and usually you, the sick person, would face away from me, the not sick person. So I guess doggie style or reverse cowgirl. Giddy-up?" Needless to say, that pissed her off. Her tongue was in my mouth within seconds and just to prove a point she kissed me deeply and didn't stop until I came inside her. I was sick for the entire next week, it wasn't anything like what Bella had but it was bad enough that I made her baby me right back. I only went home for clothes and work, spending every night at Bellas' house. Lets face it, her place is much more badass than mine. By the time we were both healthy again it was Thanksgiving. Emmett walked into Bellas' with a pie in each hand, followed by Rose, Jasper, and Alice. Everyone brought a little something, while Bella and I made the turkey and mashed potatoes. I was stuck with turkey duty until it was safely in the oven since the smell of raw poultry turned Bellas stomach, causing her to go running into the bathroom. Pulling the gizzards and shit out of a turkeys' ass wasn't really my idea of a good time but I did it for her. Plus, I knew for certain she'd puke right in the middle of the kitchen if I refused. "I'm fucking starving," Em bellowed as he sat the pies down on the counter. Bella was busy mashing the potatoes but stopped to hug the girls. We all got the food ready and out on the massive dining room table that was last used when Bella and I had the sexiest food fight in the history of food wars. None of us planned to go home for the holidays. Instead, we wanted to spend our first major holiday together like the big, fucked-up, kinky family that we were. "So, I know that I'm a guest but it was always tradition to go around the table and say what we're thankful for back home, so I thought maybe we could do that before we eat," Jasper said, linking his fingers with Alice's. "I'll go first," Em said, clapping his hands together, "I'm thankful for my girl, my family, and my friends. I'm also thankful for Jamarcus Russell because his parents were awesome enough not stick to one first name so they decided to combine Jamar and Marcus to create a super name and he got arrested for 'purple drank' which just sounds funny," he finished with a smirk. Everyone looked at him weird, myself included. It was the most random thanks ever. Rose laughed lightly, shaking her head. "Ummm… that was…" I said, completely at a loss for words. "Special, Edward. I think that's the word you're looking for," Bella joked. "I was going to say random," Alice chimed in.

"Well I guess I'll go next," Rose said, looking at Emmett with a big smile. "I'm thankful for all of you and the fact that I will get to boss this guy around for the rest of my life," she said pulling her hands out from under the table. Gracing the fourth finger of her left hand was the biggest diamond I'd ever saw in real life. "I'm thankful I didn't have to pay for that rock," I blurted out, which got a laugh. It felt like a fucking sitcom. There was a bunch of Ooh's and Ahh's from the girls, they all squealed and made a big fuss over the ring. All the thanks were forgotten and the food started to disappear after that. It was one of the most relaxing Thanksgivings that I'd had in a long time. But it did make me miss home a lot, and as a self-declared mamas boy, I needed to get back to Chicago soon. Plus, I needed to introduce Bella to my parents. There was only so much I could say over the phone, they needed to see her and know her because I planned on spending my life with her. "So, I was thinking that we could go to Chicago for Christmas," I said as we crawled into bed that night. I was in a turkey coma and had to fight not to fall asleep during the conversation that I started. "That sounds great, I'm excited to meet your mom. She sounds so sweet on the phone. Anything I should know that I don't already?" she said, snuggling up to my chest. I had already told her, many times, that my parents were normal people. My mom was a teacher and my father worked at a factory as a shift manager. Very middle class, all American people. "No baby, they're going to love you, just like I do." I kissed her head and rolled into her, holding her close. "That could be weird, but I do have a father/son fantasy I have yet to fulfill." I cut her off by tickling her and she screamed that she was going to pee and then, seconds later, jumped up holding her mouth. I could hear her retching in the bathroom. "Bella, you okay?" I asked, leaning against the door. She said a muffled 'yeah' so I went back to the bed. It took her fifteen minutes to emerge from the bathroom. "I think it's just residual tummy bullshit from the flu," she said, climbing into bed. She drifted off to sleep quickly and we both slept late the next day. I woke up before her and slipped out of bed, grabbing my cell phone off the bedside table. "Hey sweetie, I was wondering when I would hear from you," my mom said as soon as she answered the phone. "Sorry Ma, we had dinner here last night and then Bella wasn't feeling well." I could hear her shuffling papers in the background. "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope she starts to feel better. It seems like you two have been sick for ages now," she said in a distracted voice. "Are you grading papers on your long weekend Mom? You need to take a break every now and then," I said, peeking into the room to make sure Bella was okay. I couldn't help but be concerned for her since she seemed to be getting sick again. "This is catch-up time for teachers, you know that honey. Did you call just to give your mama a hard time?"

"No, I wanted to see if you guys had plans for Christmas, I was thinking that Bella and I could come see you for the holidays." She was ecstatic and talked about needing to invite my grandparents, cousins, and my aunt and uncle for dinner. It was going to be a full house of Cullens and I hoped that it didn't overwhelm Bella. She came from a small family and mine was anything but small. Of course her parents walked around naked so I think this visit would be much more normal in lieu of my 'meet the parents' visit. I started to make breakfast after setting up plans with my mom. I had just gotten the eggs into the pan when I heard footsteps on the wooden floors. "Hey, why didn't you wake me," Bella said, wrapping her arms around my waist. Her head was resting on my back. I was mentally checking for a fever as her forehead rested against my bare skin. Her lips pressed lightly in the middle of my back. "How are you feeling this morning baby?" I asked, stirring the eggs in the pan. "I'm okay, a little nauseous still I guess. I hope it goes away soon." We didn't dwell on it and she seemed to be fine as the day went on. I did start to notice that she was getting sick off and on. It wasn't a regular thing but it was starting to bother me. She just blew me off saying that it must be a hormonal thing since she was getting old. I knew that was a shit excuse but she didn't seem worried so I tried not to be. I walked into the front door of Bella's house a couple weeks later to complete silence. I moved into the living room but she wasn't there. "Bella!" I yelled. I didn't get a response so I walked up the stairs to the room. I heard her sniffling in the bathroom attached to the master bedroom. When I walked in, she was sitting on the toilet holding something in her hands. I walked over to her, wrapping her in my arms. She flung her arms around my neck, dropping what was in her hands on the floor. "Why are you crying?" I asked which just made her cry harder. I looked down to the floor to see what she had dropped and my brain stopped working. There was a little white thing, with a little window, with a single word inside. "You're pregnant?" Chapter 15: Eager Beaver

Pregnant. Having a baby. I'm going to be a dad. "Edward, please say something," Bella said, wiping the tears from her face. She was still sitting on the toilet and I was still kneeling in front of her. "We need to get married," I blurted out, not thinking. She moved back from me, her mouth dropping open slightly. "I wasn't expecting you to say that," she whispered. "I think we need to figure out our next move and it definitely won't be that." "How did this happen, I thought you were on the pill? Wait… you don't want to marry me?" I couldn't help but wonder. I knew that I was taking a risk not sheathing my sword but I thought that Bella was

taking her pill regularly. Then after wondering that I realized that she had just turned down my proposal. Shit, did I just propose marriage in a bathroom? While she's sitting on a toilet, even if her pants are pulled up, it seems wrong. "Well, I called Alice when I thought it was a possibility and she said it was a combination of things. I was on antibiotics which can cancel it out and I wasn't taking them like I usually do. I missed one day completely but I took it as soon as I remembered. Ugh, this is all my fault." She stood up and bent to grab the test off the floor. She leaned against the counter and looked down at the white stick, completely ignoring my marriage question. "I can't believe that I'm going to be a mom," she said, looking up at me with tears in her eyes. It broke my heart because she seemed reluctant to be happy, like she was waiting on me to go first. To tell her it was okay to be happy about the baby. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. "Why didn't you tell me when you thought it was a possibility, why not come to me instead of Alice? And I think I'm just as much at fault with this, I did stick my dick in you," I said, resting my forehead against hers. "Honestly, I wasn't sure what you would think about it all. I mean, we haven't even been together for a year, what has it been like seven or eight months. We don't live together, we've never even discussed it, and now we're having a baby. I just don't want you to run for the hills or feel like you're stuck with me." She started to cry again and I wanted to cry with her, which was a very un-manly thing to do and I still didn't have my man card back from Emmett yet. "First of all, you're an idiot. Second of all, I love you and you can tell me anything. And third, I practically live here so I didn't think a discussion was needed but apparently I was wrong." This earned a very small smile from Bella. "It's not nice to call the mother of your child an idiot," she said with a bigger smirk. It was surprisingly nice to hear those words together, coming out of Bellas mouth. "You're going to be a mom," I whispered against her lips before kissing her. We stayed in front of the sink in the bathroom kissing for a good fifteen minutes before she started to do that girl bouncing thing. Her smile radiated happiness and she squealed a little before shouting that she needed to call and make an appointment. We both agreed that we wouldn't tell anyone until we knew for sure. ~X~X~X~X~ "Why did you call Alice?" I asked, sitting in the waiting room of Bellas OB-GYN. It didn't cross my mind till just then that she was calling Alice for pregnancy stuff and I was pretty sure that Alice and Jasper didn't have kids. "Oh, she's a mid-wife. Its always been the plan that when Rose and I had kids that Alice would deliver them, so she was the first person that I thought to call," she said matter-of-factly. I didn't ask any more questions because I wasn't sure what I mid-wife was and I didn't want to look like a total goober by asking a million questions. I was going to need to go to Barnes and Noble and get some literature. The nurse finally called us back and I waited in the hall, holding Bellas' purse, while she was in the bathroom pissing in a cup. After she did her business, we were escorted back into one of the rooms to wait for the doctor. I looked around the room at all the posters. There were the typical ones about

breast health and uterus diseases. I was disappointed when I didn't see the kitty one that said 'hang in there' because it ruined my images of places like these. I know, you're shocked, right? I've never been to a gyno before. I don't think that that's hard to believe. There was a light knock on the door and a dark haired woman with glasses walked in, smiling brightly at Bella. "Nice to see you again, Bella," she said, pulling out a stool with wheels. Did all doctors use those? "You too, Dr. Webber," Bella said, wringing her hands together. "This is my… Edward," she introduced, gesturing to me. I held my hand out. "I'm the baby daddy, nice to meet you," I joked. Bella shot me a nasty look. Apparently it wasn't as funny out loud as it was in my head. "Okay, well you are most definitely pregnant, congratulations. When was the first day of your last period?" she asked Bella. They started to discuss dates and then she told the doctor that she was positive that she conceived on November fourth, the infamous stranger sex turn make out session. Dr. Webber took out a white, paper-ish circle and started to turn it. Then she announced that our baby would be due on July twenty-eighth, give or take a few days. "So you're about eight weeks along, I'm surprised that you didn't notice that you missed a period, Bella," Dr. Webber said, making notes in Bellas file. "I guess I just figured that my birth control mess up was what did it. I think I might have been in a little bit of denial," she explained with a little giggle. "Wait, if it was six weeks ago that she got pregnant, why are you saying that she's eight weeks along?" I asked, the dates confusing the hell out of me. "Well, we count from the first day of the last period, so at conception you are considered two weeks along," she explained. I was positive that she could see the confusion in my face but I nodded my head like I understood. In truth, that shit just didn't make sense to me. They talked about baby stuff and on the way out Bella made an appointment for the second week of January, so that we could hear the heartbeat and do the first ultrasound. "So are you going to call your parents?" I asked as we climbed into the car. She rolled her eyes. "Yeah I guess so. At least we can tell your parents when we go there next week. I hate that I have to tell mine over the phone. I think I'll wait until we get back from Chicago. It would be a good New Years gift." She started to look sad and turned her head towards the window. I noticed that she wiped a tear before looking back at me, trying to give me a reassuring smile. "I love you baby, more than anything," I said, taking her hand. Her smile reached her eyes a little more. "I love you too," she sighed, resting her head on my shoulder, squeezing my hand tightly.

~X~X~X~X~ We called everyone to come over on Friday night for dinner. I wasn't expecting it to be a big deal but Bella wanted to tell them all at the same time. But when the doorbell rang that night I wasn't expecting to have to field shit from the jump. "Lets get this started," Rose shouted, holding out two bottles of wine. I was tempted to pop the top and down one of them but Bella and I were in his together. Alice and Rose immediately went to the kitchen and pulled out some glasses. I could see the panic in Bellas eyes because they would definitely hand her a glass. "We have some news guys," I shouted, trying to fix the issue. They all turned and looked at me and Bella. We were standing like a united front, hand-in-hand. It was a rather odd feeling since we weren't protesting knocking down a forest or anything, it was just a baby announcement. "So… Umm…" Bella stammered and then in a weird, high pitch voice she said, 'we're having a baby'. At first everyone was dead still and then Alice and Rose screamed at the same time. This erupted in a fit of 'oh my god's' and 'holy shit's'. The girls were so excited and the guys patted me on the back, we man hugged… it was nice that they were supportive. "So when's the wedding?" Emmett said, clapping his hands together. Bella and I just looked at each other awkwardly. Good fucking question Em, I'd like to know that myself. ~X~X~X~X~ We settled into our seats on the plane. Because I changed our plans, we had a layover in Atlanta. The flight from California was a little rocky. Bella was having bad morning sickness so when the turbulence started she was up and out of her seat and in the bathroom, seatbelt light be damned. I did a good job of not letting Bella know what was going on, making sure she had her ear buds in and her iPod on blast anytime they said what flight we were getting on from Atlanta. I was positive that she would notice the Tampa sign as we were boarding but her stomach kept her distracted. I was thinking I would have to tell her where we were headed when we got to our gate in Atlanta. I felt like I needed a pointy mustache to run my fingers through and an amazing evil laugh, my plan was going flawlessly. "The skies are sunny and there isn't a cloud in sight. We should be landing in Tampa in approximately an hour and forty minutes," the pilot announced before Bella had her iPod turned back on. Her head whipped around and a huge smile crossed her lips. "Oh my God, we're going to see my parents?" she asked, yelling a little too loud, causing the old lady across the aisle to glare. "Yeah, it's just for a night. Our flight leaves tomorrow for Chicago. I just wanted you to be able to tell your parents in person." She hugged me tight and was in a blissful, nauseous state for the rest of the flight. I didn't call Charlie and Renee to warn them we were coming, so I hoped that they would be home and partially dressed when we showed up.

To my surprise, Renee answered the door wearing a sundress. "What are you doing here?" she asked, pulling me and Bella into a double hug. "What are you doing dressed?" I asked. I know, random question but I was honestly curious. "We just got home from grocery shopping, again, what are you doing here?" "We're headed to Chicago to see Edwards parents and thought we'd make a detour," Bella said, acting as if she was in on the plan. "Well, come in," Renee said, moving out of the doorway. Charlie had clothes on too and I was hoping that it was going to stay that way. He seemed just as surprised to see us as Renee and even gave me that look. It was the look that a dad would give when they knew that their daughters boyfriend knock them up. It's a very scary look. They sat down on the love seat and Bella and I sat across from them. I swear I heard the Wild West showdown music when I looked at Charlie. "Spit it out, you don't just stop in Florida on your way to Illinois. Whats the news?" he asked in a no bullshit kind of way. It was like at fucking sitcom. Bella and I both said at the same time that we were having a baby. Renee gasped and put her hand over her mouth and Charlie was stoic. Then her mom broke into tears and stood up to hug Bella. While they were having their moment Charlie walked over and extended his hand and congratulated us. I reluctantly took it, he shook and squeezed at the same time. It hurt but I kept that to myself. "We'll talk later," he said in a whisper with a fake smile. "Okay, well lets get Bella and the baby fed," Renee said, as she passed me and patted my cheek. She looked genuinely happy. We all sat around the kitchen as Renee cooked, talking about plans and names. I never realized how much stuff needed to get done in nine months. Well I guess we only had seven really, since the OBGYN was taking two weeks away from me. That shit still doesn't make any damn sense. "Edward, come with me, I want to show you the new rims I put on my golf cart," Charlie said about a half hour later. Bella and Renee smiled, unaware that I was about to get murdered in the garage. I followed him out and he closed the door, effectively cornering me. "I'm not angry," he said quietly. I started looking for an exit because that was what killers would say before they cut your heart out. "I just want to make sure your going to do right by my baby. I'd like for you to make an honest woman of her, Edward. She deserves that." He was seriously trying to strong arm me into marrying Bella.

"I was actually going to ask you for your permission, Sir. I asked her right after we found out about the baby but I don't think she took me seriously. I want to do it right," I said, pulling the box from my pocket. It had been my plan to ask Charlie for Bellas' hand while I was in Florida. It was something I didn't want to do over the phone. He held the small ring between his fingers. The band was thin, white gold with a single princess cut diamond. It wasn't the biggest or the most expensive but I had a baby I needed to think of now. I wanted to buy the ring with my own money and take care of Bella and the baby without her help. I wanted to do what a man should, even if she made a shit ton more money than I did. And yes, that sounds sexiest but look at it from my point of view. Doing these things is an ego boost. "I think she'll love it. You have mine and Renees blessing, son. I'm going to keep this between you and me though, Renee can't keep secrets." I curled up in bed that night with Bella, after a long dinner and more baby talk. I put my hand on her flat stomach, willing it to show signs of life, even though I knew that wouldn't happen. "Thanks for today, babe," Bella said, turning her head to kiss my chin, she moved back further into me and I held on to her a little tighter. "Anytime," I replied. "Can we not tell your parents what I do for a living," she whispered. "Why, they won't care, I promise." She shook her head and then turned into my chest. "Please, I really want them to like me. Lets just keep it between us for now." "Fine, but I'm telling you that they won't care, they'll love you just as much as I do," I said, lifting her face by her chin and kissing her softly. We feel asleep quickly. ~X~X~X~X~ "Edward!" my mom yelled as soon as she was out of the front door. She was definitely waiting at the window for us. I grew up in a little suburb, in the outskirts of Chicago. Our house was a two story, brick colonial but it was far from huge. My life was very middle income until I moved to California and got my first big break. Everything was covered in a thick layer of snow since they had just gotten a huge storm. Bella had never seen snow so she was amazed, looking out the window the entire ride from O'Hare. My mom didn't even stop to hug me, going straight to Bella. "Oh My God! She's pregnant!" my mom yelled as soon as her arms were wrapped around Bella. Bella stepped back from her and my mouth dropped to my feet. "What!" I shouted, unsure what else to say. She just nodded her head and smiled. "Lets get this one out of the cold," she said, pulling Bella towards the house. "Esme, Umm…" Bella started to say but my mom cut her off as soon as we reached the front door.

"I couldn't be happier, I'm so excited to be a grandma," she squealed and opened the door, shouting my dads name. "Carlisle, get your butt down here, these kids have news," she yelled. My father came running down the stairs like a five year old, his smile reaching the crows feet that formed in the corners of his eyes. His blond hair had a little more grey in it than the last time I'd seen him. My mother must have been dying her hair because I couldn't spot a single strand of gray in her auburn locks. "We're going to be grandparents!" she exclaimed. Neither Bella nor I had confirmed her strange psychic revelation. I guessed our silence was conformation enough. "Welcome to the family, Bella. It's a pleasure to finally meet you," my dad said, pulling Bella into a hug. They gushed over how pretty she was, how much her skin was glowing, how they didn't know how I pulled a chick like Bella… typical parental stuff. We visited with them for a while, drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace. It was like a fucking hallmark card. It was even Christmas Eve, which made it that much more ridiculous. "Well you guys must be exhausted, you know where your room is Edward," my mom said, pulling my dad off the couch and heading to bed. I held my hand out to Bella and lifted her from the floor, grabbing our bags. "I love you so fucking much," she said when she spotted my Batman sheets. I wasn't really a ladies' man in high school and my parents didn't allow girls in my room so I never got rid of them. Plus, they were flannel and it gets fucking cold in Chicago. "I told you I had an affinity for Batman. That's why I love your cart so much." I smirked. "You better rest up for tomorrow, the Cullen Clan are an exhausting bunch of people." She dismissed my warning with an eye roll but got ready for bed. ~X~X~X~X~ "Wake up!" my cousin Riley shouted as he dove, head first, onto the bed. I let out a grunt when I caught an elbow to the ribs. Bella was lucky enough to be pressed against the wall, away from the flying limbs. "Damn Riley, that hurt! What are you doing?" I asked, still half asleep. His innocent ten year old eyes made me laugh. He reminded me of Puss in Boots, but less hairy. "I want you to wake up, everybodys here. Your mom said you have ten minutes," he said before running out of the room. "Welcome to your life in a few years," Bella joked as she climbed over me and padded to the bathroom. We both got dressed quickly and headed down for the big breakfast my mom always made for us on Christmas morning. "Morning kids," my mom said when we walked into the kitchen. "Bella, dear, this is my mother Liz and my father Ed. Mom, Dad… this is Edwards' Bella," she introduced. My grandparents both swooned over my pretty girlfriend and the baby, which my mother had already announced. I didn't really expect any less from her, shes wanted to be a grandparent for as long as I could remember.

"Look at that face, Ed… you two are going to make beautiful babies," my grandma Liz said holding Bellas face in her hands. My Aunt Charlotte and my Uncle Peter walked in, trailed by my cousin. Riley was beaming up at Bella, obviously harboring a little crush. "This is my little brother and his wife, Charlotte and Peter. And I'm guessing you've already met little Riley," my dad said, putting his arm around Rileys shoulder. "Where's Bree?" I asked Peter. She was their oldest and I hadn't seen her in years. "Oh she'll be around soon, she had to go to her boyfriends house for a little while." Peters' face got all weird when he said 'boyfriend'. I leaned into Bella a little. "I hope we have a boy," I said, making her laugh. After breakfast Bree and her boyfriend, Diego, showed up. When she turned sixteen years old, I had no fucking clue, but it was definitely not right seeing her with boobs and a boy. She'd always be six years old in my head. "Present time," Riley shouted as soon as he saw his sister. He tore onto all the presents that everyone got him. My grandparents had stepped in as Grandma and Grandpa to my cousins, when my dad and Uncle Peters parents died years ago. Somehow my two families had morphed into one. My mother decided to buy Bella and I gifts even though I urged her not to. I got the usual pajamas and slippers, a new wallet, Bose headphones, and a charging station for all my electronics stuff. I looked over to see Bellas' eyes filled with tears. "Oh Esme, it's beautiful," she said, lifting the necklace from the box. It was a heart shaped pendent with our family crest on it. The edges were brimmed with small sapphires. "I hope I wasn't being too presumptuous, but I thought that you'd like a little piece of the Cullen family to take home with you, well besides Edward anyway," my mom said, laughing nervously. I knew for a fact that my mom got Bella a gift card to Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works, so I was a bit shocked to see my Grandma Cullen's necklace. "Thank you so much," Bella said, handing me the necklace to put on her. After the emotional gift giving, the real cooking started. The girls hung out in the kitchen, talking babies and shit, while all the guys watched A Christmas Story. After a while Bella plopped down on the couch next to me, playing with her necklace. "I'm in love with your mom," she said, kissing my neck. "Oh really, and why's that?" "She's so funny. She was talking about school with your aunt. Charlotte asked how she was handling High School over Middle School and your mom said, 'Oh, Char, those kids are just so promiscuous, they have sex with anyone and talk about it in the halls like we can't hear them. Poor kids think that oral sex isn't sex. Well, I'll tell you one thing, they'll think its sex when one of them get's herpes on their mouth.' I about died laughing, I even choked on my ginger ale," she said, doing a pretty good impersonation of my mom. "That's my mom," was all I could say. Dinner was normal, everyone talking over each other. Neither one of my parents asked Bella about her job which made me think that they might have known

already. I said good-bye to my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins, heading in the direction of my room with Bella in tow. I closed the door behind us and suggested that Bella go get ready for bed. While she was getting dressed I removed the ring from the box and slid it into my pocket. Before I even had time to panic, Bella walked out of the bathroom. "Come sit," I said, gesturing to the bed. She sat down and I kneeled between her legs. "You know how much I love you." She nodded and looked around the room like something was going to jump out at her. "You're my life, Bella. I need you always, will you please marry me," I said as I pulled out the ring. It wasn't the most thought out plan but I knew I didn't want to do it in front of my whole family or in a public place. I wanted it to be just Bella and I. "Oh my God," she said, covering her face. I wasn't sure what to think when she started to shake her head, but I knew if she said 'No' Emmett would never ever give me my man card back. He might even burn the fucking thing. "Edward, I'm so sorry." Ch 16: Sea-Monkey Previously… "Edward, I'm so sorry." (Even though I doubt you forgot where I left off) "I can't say yes," she said, looking at me from under her eyelashes. Umm… if you can't say yes, I'm going to take that as a no. Why don't you kick me in the nuts, and go tell my mom about our sex life, so that you can officially make this the worst day of my life? "It's not a no either, so please stop looking at me like that," she pleaded. I didn't even realize that I was staring at her with pain in my eyes. She probably thought I was going to smack her or some shit. Either that or start crying; which was a real possibility. I stood up from my knee because I wasn't about to stay like that while she rejected me. I sat down next to her on the bed, and she took my hand in hers. "I just don't want to be 'that girl'. I don't want people to think that it's because of the baby. I don't really care what people say, but I see it all the time in the business. It's such a cliché to get pregnant and then start rocking a big engagement ring. Can we please just hold off on this for a little while? I'm still trying to wrap my head around being a mom, I can't really add wife to that right now. I'm so sorry, Edward. I love you so much and I promise one day, you'll ask me and I'll squeal and cry and give you the yes you deserve." I turned and looked into her eyes. It was breaking her heart to say no, I could see that. I didn't want Bella plastered on gossip sites. It was going to be bad enough that she was pregnant out of marriage with a guy that she's been dating for half a minute. We didn't need to add a shotgun wedding to the mix. But I wanted to marry her before the baby, and I wouldn't stop wanting that. "I'm not going to stop asking," I said with a smirk. She smiled at me and leaned in, resting her forehead to mine. "And one of these days I'll say yes."

X~X~X~X In the following weeks I had asked Bella to marry me about fifteen times. Of course, I never fucking told anyone I proposed in the first place since Emmett finally agreed to give me back my man card. He said that if I was man enough to knock a chick up, I deserved to be a card carrying member of 'Men Around the World'. Yes, he said it like it was some kind of secret society. "What time do you guys go to the baby doctor?" Em asked as he helped me lift the weight back onto the rack. I had started to work out more since I was freaked out when everyone said I would get fat due to Bella's pregnancy. Something about sympathy weight or some shit. "The appointment is at three, so I have to head out soon," I replied, switching spots with him so that I was spotting his lifts. He added extra weight since he could lift about a hundred more pounds than me. "What are they going to do?" he asked, grunting slightly when he picked the weight up. It was kind of odd talking about babies in a place where a bunch of juiced up meat-heads were flexing in mirrors and shit. "I guess an internal ultrasound and then we'll hear the heartbeat and stuff. It should be pretty cool." "What do you think it's going to look like?" Em asked as he lifted for his seventh rep. Working out with him was starting to make me feel like less of a man. He was a freak of nature. I'd never seen anyone who could lift like him. He barely broke into a sweat. "I don't know. Probably like a Sea Monkey or something. At least that's what it looked like online in a picture." I wasn't ashamed to say that I signed up for a baby site that sent weekly emails about what the baby was doing that week. It made me feel a little better that I wasn't a complete idiot when Bella would say something random, like, the baby had finger nails now. Which it does, just so you know! "Dude that sounds weird as fuck," he said, finishing up his set. We decided that babies weren't the most gym friendly conversation; since a few guys seemed to think that we were talking about the surrogate mother of our love child. I could tell by the looks thrown at us, that we were getting checked out, and not just merely looked at. I love Em like a brother, but there was no fucking way I would ever be his baby daddy. I hurried home after my workout and showered, knowing I had to meet Bella at the baby doctor. She was in meetings all day so we couldn't drive together. As I locked my door and turned towards the driveway, I suddenly had a weird sense of dread. I had just thought of this place as my home. This was my first house in California, but it was in no way my home anymore. If Bella wouldn't say yes to my proposals, maybe I could at least get her to move in with me. Actually I would move in with her because, let's face it, her house is fucking awesome. She has a porn theater and a playroom! I honestly couldn't tell you how long it took me to get to the hospital, since I was all in my head about how to ask her to move in together. It probably wasn't very safe - driving on mental auto-pilot and all. When I pulled up, I saw Bella standing outside the main doors, looking fucking perfect. She had the tiniest little bump that she thought was huge. She insisted that she looked fat, or that it looked like she had a big lunch. I could totally tell that it was a real baby and not a food baby. As I walked up, she smiled… glowing. Another thing she thinks isn't cute. She says that the 'glow' is because the hormones are making her skin greasy. Whatever the fuck it is, she looked radiant.

"Ready to meet our baby?" I asked, kissing her softly, and rubbing where our little one was. I was turning into a fucking sap, but I couldn't help that shit. We started walking into the building, and Bella lifted her hand to her mouth like she might puke. She took a few breaths and then smiled, obviously battling down her nausea. Thankfully, Bella's morning sickness was starting to calm down now that she was heading out of the first trimester. She wanted nothing to do with me or my dick for a while since she was throwing up morning, noon, and night. That shit was more like all day sickness if you ask me. "Bella Swan," the nursed called, holding a chart in her hands, not long after we signed in at the front desk. Bella stood, and locked hands with me as we made our way back to the room. We had to stop to get Bella's weight, which she grimaced about. She had only gained a few pound, so I didn't see what the big deal was. The nurse checked her vitals, and then handed her a paper gown to change into. "Everything off except your bra, please, you can cover your lap with this. The doctor will be in, in just a moment," the nurse said, handing Bella a paper sheet, and then walked out of the room. I sat back and enjoyed the strip show. Bella wiggled out of her pencil skirt and button-up blouse, turning away from me as she slipped her panties down her legs. She quickly pulled the paper gown on. "I don't know why you do that," I said, watching her adjust the sheet on her lap. "Do what?" she asked, playing dumb. She knew exactly what she was doing. She was hiding her body from me like I would find it gross or a turnoff. When, in fact, I was more turned on by her. I gave her that look that said, 'you know what I'm talking about' and she sighed. "Whatever, you try going through this and not having body issues, Mr. 'Lets go to the gym with Emmett five times a week all of a sudden'." I shut up because she had a point. There was a knock on the door just then, and Dr. Webber walked in with a huge smile on her face. "Are we ready to see and hear this little baby?" she asked, getting everything set up. She opened Bella's gown first, measuring her belly and feeling around a little bit. Then she pulled out a probe thing that was attached to a machine with a TV on it. I'm sure she saw my eyebrows rise because she smiled at me. "This is a transducer or an internal probe," she said, then turned to talk to Bella. "I'm going to insert it into your vaginal canal and use it to see the baby. It helps to get a better picture since at twelve weeks the baby is only about two inches long from the top of the head to its bottom". "Bella I need you to slide your bottom to the edge of the table, and let your knees fall to the side. Edward, can you turn the lights off for me, please?" she asked as she squirted the probe thing with some lube. All of a sudden shit felt serious. Anytime lube gets pulled out it's serious. I watched as Dr. Webber probed my girl with a huge vibrator looking thing. Of course, Bella barely flinched since she was used to being probed by something much bigger. And yes, I did just stroke my own ego, can you blame me? Suddenly the room was filled with the loud sound of a racing heartbeat. It sounded like the damn thing was going to explode it was going so fast. "Damn, is it supposed to be that fast?" I asked, worried that something was wrong.

"Yep," Dr, Webber said before looking at her watch. After a few seconds she announced that the baby's heart was beating one hundred and forty-five beats per minute. Then the baby came into focus and I could actually see the little guy or girl hanging out in there. "There are the arms and legs. The spinal column and the profile of its face," she said, pointing at all the various parts. She also showed us the heart which was fluttering like crazy. I could see the entire baby on the screen. I looked down at Bella who was staring intently at the monitor. She had tears in her eyes and I couldn't help but lean down and kiss her forehead. It was, by far, the most intimate kiss I had shared with her since I'd met her. I was glad that Em wasn't around to see me tearing up like a little bitch. "That's our baby," Bella whispered, grabbing a hold of my hand. Dr. Webber printed us some pictures and set up another appointment for twenty weeks, so that we could have another ultrasound and find out the sex of the baby. "Do you want to know?" I asked Bella as I helped her into the car. "Yeah, I hate the idea of not being able to buy stuff for the baby unless it unisex. How about you? Do you want to find out the sex?" She looked so fucking amazing all of a sudden; like, she was more pregnant, more mine. Seeing proof that there was something that was half her, and half me growing inside her was fucking amazing. "Hell yeah! I want to know," I said with a little bit too enthusiastic. In just eight weeks we would find out, and then we could start making a room for the baby. We headed out of the parking lot and Bella started to complain that she was hungry. "I'll call everyone and we'll meet at Ketchup. I know you've been craving their lava cake for days," I said, making her smile. She didn't think I paid attention to all her little comments, but I did. That was why I bought Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream, or why there was a sudden appearance of cinnamon graham crackers in the pantry. She jumped on her phone to call Alice and Jasper, while I called Em and Rose. I made it my plan to ask her about the living situation when we got home after dinner. "Let me see!" Alice squealed as soon as we walked up to the doors. They were all waiting when we showed up. We had to swing by Bella's since she was still in her work clothes and her skirt was uncomfortable. Bella handed her the envelope of the sonogram pictures. Alice and Rose looked through them as we made our way to a table. "Look at the little, tiny hands," Rose gushed, sounding a lot more girly than I had ever heard her. She dropped the hard shell and turned to mush looking at my baby. My baby! Emmett leaned over to look and then laughed. "It doesn't look like a Sea Monkey at all, you douche. It has little arms and legs and shit… holy shit!" –he paused- "You're having a baby!" He said it like he just found out. It was like watching a calf walk for the first time, watching Em realize that Bella was really pregnant. We ordered and Bella decided that she was just going to get the lava cake and a fry appetizer. She had been craving Wendy's frosties with fries to dip in it, so it was right on track with her usual. Watching her eat that shit made me want to gag, but she swore it was heaven in her mouth.

"Interesting choice, Miss Swan," Jasper remarked after the waitress walked away. Bella just shrugged her shoulders and took a sip of her Sprite. The conversation was baby obsessed, until the food got there. After that, Bella stopped talking. "Mmmm," Bella moaned as she ate her fudge and ice cream covered fries. The fries came with three different gourmet dipping sauces and my girl was dipping them in her dessert. I'm pretty sure if the chef had seen her he'd be insulted. "That's a little disturbing, Bella," Em said, taking a huge bite of his burger. "It's also disturbing to see the food half chewed in your mouth, but you don't see us complaining," Rose piped up, and Emmett gave Bella an apologetic look. The girls planned a spa day, Alice insisting on a prenatal massage. They also said something about a birthing plan, but at that point I was completely zoned out of the conversation and talking to Emmett about the Super Bowl. Poor Jasper was stuck talking with the girls since he wasn't into football at all. "So, why were you and Alice talking about a birth plan?" I asked on the way home. Alice had been the first person Bella called when she thought she was pregnant and now they were talking about the birth, I felt like I was missing something. "Oh, well, she's a midwife, so we need to make the plans and stuff for the delivery. I have to order a birthing ball, make sure that I have all the supplies that we'll need, stuff like that," she said matter-offactly. I didn't realize that you needed to bring all that shit to the hospital. "You don't, sweetie. I'm going to do a home birth," she said with a laugh. I didn't realize that I had even spoken out loud. "You're going to give birth in our house?" I said, completely confused. "Our house?" she said, her eyes all big and doe like. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! "I wanted to talk to you about that. I mean, we're having a baby, you said that one day you'll marry me. I figured that we should probably move in together officially." She looked at me for a long time and I couldn't read her expression. Then all of a sudden she flung her arms around my neck and kissed the side of my face, almost making me cause an accident in downtown LA. "Of course I want to move in with you, silly. It feels like you live with me anyway. Plus, we have to be in the same house if you're going to take midnight feedings, right?" she said with a smile, kissing me again. We decided that we were going to keep my house, since it was paid off, and I would still use it for work. I thought about renting it, but the idea of someone living in my house grossed me out, so we came up with that plan. There was only one room in Bella's house that would work for my studio, the playroom, and that wasn't an option. I was not allowed to put any of my stuff in that room. It was hers and I respected it. So, on the first week of February, on a dreary LA day, Bella and I became live-in boyfriend and girlfriend. I asked her to marry me again, thinking she'd be nice and mushed up from all the happy move in feelings… it didn't work, but now I could bug her every day until she says yes. It seems like a good plan to me.

Chapter 17: Jasper's my Hero

"Now breathe in deeply and as you let it out, slowly lift your bottom into the air and keep your arms and legs straight," Alice said from down stairs, her voice was soothing and soft. I could totally see why someone would want her to deliver their children; she had this calming effect when she was around. I'd been hiding in our room for the last twenty minutes while the girls worked out. Bella had taken to yoga and other breathing exercises so that she could have a drug free delivery. She was dead set on having the baby in our tub, doing a home birth, and there was really nothing I could do to change her mind. I wanted doctors, nurses, and a sterile environment but I wasn't the boss so I didn't get a vote. I planned to stock up on a ton of bleach cleaner; it was the one thing I could control. It was lunch time, Maria was off for the day, and I was a little hungry, so I decided to make my way down to the kitchen for a sandwich. When I hit the bottom of the staircase I saw one of the hottest, most sensual things I'd ever seen in my short life and since I have sex with Bella, that's saying something. Alice was not only holding Bella's hips so that Bella's ass was pressed against her pelvic bone, but Alice was rocking slightly, making Bella's tits jiggle in her little sports bra. Basically it looked like doggie-style sex except Bella was in the shape of a V and her hands and feet were the only things touching the floor. Where's a video camera when you need one? "Should I pull out my ones, start making it rain money?" I asked, reaching for my wallet. I was pretty sure most people would have to pay to see shit like this. "Jesus Edward, grow up. It's called the downward-facing dog pose. If I apply some pressure to her hips while she's in this position it will help stretch her out better. We need to make sure that her pelvic ligaments are nice and limber so that she'll delivery easier. Her body is going to do amazing and stressful things when she has your baby." She smiled and went back to woman-handling my girlfriend, and my baby for that matter. I had to stop for a moment to check out my girl, all sexy in tight yoga pants, sports bra and a messy pony tail. Her feet were bare, and her cute little toes were painted bright yellow. It was her happy color. Bella was a little over twenty weeks along and completely over her whole feeling 'fat' thing. The bump was out and proud and little old ladies were always trying to touch it when we'd stop for a Pinks' hot dog. Bacon chili cheese hot dogs were the new craving but she only let herself have one a week. She didn't want to gain an entire person like a lot of chicks did with their first kid. The whole eating for two was really a myth, even though Bella's hunger was doubled. I don't think she was ever full for long. After the girls were done doing their sexual positions practice we decided that some water aerobics was in order. My girl still looked fucking hot in a bikini so I was all about jumping in with them. "How excited are you to find out the sex of the baby?" Alice asked as she treaded water in the deep end. I was currently behind Bella with my hands on her belly, as she kicked her legs up and down. The baby liked to move around the most when she was in the water. I had a feeling that we had a little water baby on our hands. He or she was currently kicking my left hand. The first time I felt it, I couldn't lie, I'd almost cried. It was weird to see and feel my baby moving around in there. The strength of the movement had just gotten harder over the last couple of weeks and now it I could feel it. it was only Bella that could at first. It always moved first thing in the morning, which would cause Bella to run to the bathroom so she didn't piss herself. The baby used her bladder as a punching bag. "I can't wait, then we can really start planning," Bella said with a huge smile on her face. We had removed all the furniture from the guest room next to the master with hopes of being able to decorate it soon. Everything was resting on the baby not cock-blocking the goods so we could see its bits on the ultrasound.

"I actually wanted to talk to you about that, Alice. I was thinking that all of you guys could come with us. I talked to Dr. Webber about it and she said it was normal to have the grandparents or aunts and uncles come for the twenty week ultrasound since that's when you find out the sex. I figured since you, Rose, and Jasper are like family to me and Emmett is basically Edward's brother, you all could come. We really are our own little family." As soon as Bella finished Alice was swimming towards us, flinging her arms around mine and Bellas necks. "I'm so excited," she squealed. ~X~X~X~X~ "Why don't we see Jasper that much, its been just Alice coming around?" I asked as we crawled into bed. It was the automatic for her to press her ass into my dick so I could hold onto the baby. "He's usually busy with work. He's an accountant for a large pharmaceutical company, so that keeps him busy. Plus, they're into the whole yoga lifestyle. They even practice Tantra which is very time consuming," she said, curling her fingers around mine. We laid for a long time like that but my curiosity got the best of me. "What's Tantra?" She paused for a minute, thinking, and then sighed a little. It was like she didn't want to explain it to me. "It's all about finding inner peace through yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, and stuff like that. It's complicated and I never really asked too much about it. I'd never even done yoga until Alice started making me do it." The next day when Bella was at the office I Google searched Tantra and about shit myself with all the information and pictures. The pictures were my favorite part but that's because I search with the filter off like a pervert. No wonder Bella didn't want to tell me, she's probably scared I'll want to do this shit. Even my girl has limits. "Dude, get your ass over here, NOW!" I yelled as soon as Emmett answered his phone. Within an hour Emmett was standing over my shoulder and looking at everything that I had found. "Oh my God, Jasper is into triathlon sex. That's fucking crazy. How the hell does Alice walk around normally and not like she just got fucked for hours and hours?" he asked, breaking into a fit of laughs. Apparently Tantra was not only a spiritual, yoga thing but it was also very sexually based. There was no such thing in Tantric sex as foreplay; the whole fucking thing was foreplay. It wasn't about busting your load or getting off but more about feeling and shit. The site also said that tantric sex could last upwards to half a fucking day. Twelve hours of boning. Twelve hours sounded a lot like a chafed dick and a blown out pussy to me, but who was I to judge. "They seem so normal," I said, staring at the screen that was currently breaking down the ritualistic process of yoga poses and mediation. "We all seem normal, Edward but are we really that normal? I was just gagged and tied to a whipping bench last night. How fucking normal is that?" he laughed. If I really thought about it, none of us were normal and my child would grow up in this nonsense. The week went smoothly; Bella was doing the yoga thing with Alice more often so I got a free show, which was nice. I still had a lot on my mind about how the baby would react to the lifestyle that its mommy and daddy were involved in. I figured that we'd just tell the little one that the door to the

playroom had monsters living behind it and then it would never want to go in. Scare tactics are a legitimate child care technique, right? "So… I was thinking that we could have a little playroom time tonight," Bella said as she ate her yogurt and granola. She was trying to eat healthy for the baby but the graham crackers were still disappearing from the pantry on a fairly regular basis. I loved the fuller, curvier Bella anyway. "Sounds good to me," I said with a smile, happy to see that Bella was feeling normal enough to get into Domme mode. It was a new thing for her to ask me, rather than tell me, that we were going to use the playroom. I think she still felt a little weird doing that with a baby inside her. She finished getting ready, kissed me goodbye, promising a fun night, and headed to work. She hated maternity clothes, and because she had the money, hers were all specially made. She still wore her tight skirts and button up shirts, only the baby was on full display now. And her shoes were a little lower in the heel and not as sexy but she still tried to look like her normal self. She said they were grandma shoes and she hated them but she didn't want to get varicose veins. I never remember my grandma looking like that in heels. I went by my house to do a little work, or as Bella called it, 'the office' since I would only go there to work. By six o'clock, I was in the playroom, naked, kneeling, and ready for my Mistress to do what she does best. I was getting a little bored waiting, so I started to hum to myself quietly. Bella had gotten into a show called Glee and I was forced to watch it every week. I secretly like it but I'd never tell anyone. The damn songs on that show were so catchy and I couldn't help but get them stuck in my head. Halfway through Don't Stop Believing, I got a little worried that she wasn't ready yet. I knew that it was well past six o'clock and she was always on time. I slowly got up and walked down the stairs. As soon as I opened the door to the playroom I could hear Bella's soft cries. My first thought was that she or the baby was hurt, so I took off in a dead run. My dick bounced painfully against my stomach as I took the steps two at a time. I held him down while I ran and almost tripped up the last step. I rushed into the bedroom to find Bella on the floor in just a sheer black camisole and tiny lace panties. She had every single fuck-me shoe she owned on the floor around her. "Baby, why are you crying?" I asked, walking over to her. She looked up at me and her face was covered in makeup, her cheeks were flush and her eyes were all red. "None of them fit, my feet are too fat," she cried, throwing one of the shoes across the room. It hit the wall with a loud thump and then she cried even harder. "Just because you're feet are a little swollen doesn't mean anything. You were on them all day baby. It's completely normal for your feet to swell," I said, lifting her to the bed. She laid back and I lifted her foot to my mouth, kissing the side of her arch, rubbing it in between my fingers. "Oh, Edward, that feels fucking perfect," she moaned. I smiled at her and continued to rub her foot. Once I was satisfied that she was good, I moved to the other one, eliciting another moan that sounded a little too close to her O-moan. As I rubbed her foot I started to kiss up her calf. "Marry me," I whispered against her skin. She shook her head and closed her eyes, relishing in the feeling of my mouth on her leg. "Marry me," I said again, kissing the inside of her knee. She whispered a no and then shivered.

I quickly forgot about the massage and the rejection, kissing the inside of her thighs. She was pulling my hair and wiggling around so I knew I was getting her worked up. I quickly got her out of the clothes she was wearing and pushed inside her. The bump got in the way so I had to press back onto my heels and lift Bella's legs over my shoulders. "Shit, that's so deep," she moaned. I pressed a little harder, making her squeal in a very sexy way. "Flip me over," she ordered, pressing her legs against my shoulders. I pulled out and helped her turn, lifting her ass in the air. Once I was inside her again, I ran my hands over her back and twisted my fist into her hair. I used the other hand to press into her harder, griping her hip, feeling her bump under my fingertips. Her moans grew louder and I knew that she was close so I wrapped my arm around her to work her clit a little. Just then the baby kicked my arm. "Fuck!" I yelled and jumped back, effectively ending any and all penetration. "What happened?" Bella asked, rolling over onto her back. She looked hurt that I jumped away from her. "The baby touched me, while I was doing that to you. Do you think it knows?" I asked in a whisper, suddenly worried that it could hear me. Of course, she started to laugh at me. It was a completely rational thought. I was pretty sure that it was some kind of child abuse to have sex with your children in the room and mine was close enough to touch me. We were having sex while my baby was awake, kicking, and moving. It really was all kinds of fucked up. "You realize how typical this is right? It's like being in a cheesy sitcom with you sometimes. No, the baby has no clue, Edward. Now will you please get back over here and finish what you started." She spread her legs a little and ran her hands up her thighs. How the fuck do you say no to that? We spent the rest of the night in bed and I avoided touching the bump. All-in-all, it was a good time and I quickly forgot about the little person that was between us the whole time. ~X~X~X~X~ We all looked a little odd sitting in the waiting room. The six of us were being stared at by all the moms in the room. Emmett was getting the most looks but that was because his fully tattooed arms were on display. I was currently looking at Jasper, wondering if he had just gotten out of a twelve hour fuck-fest. I was definitely going to have to ask him about that shit someday. "Your boobs look great, Bella," Em said, breaking the silence. I looked over to see Bella looking down at the little cleavage that was peeking out of her top. Her boobs had definitely gotten bigger. "Umm, thanks Emmett," Bella said awkwardly. I looked up and gave him a nasty look. "What? It was a compliment. Plus, it's true," he argued. I knew that Rose was itching to smack him but since we had an audience she held back. Instead, I saw her pinch his side hard, making him squeak. "Bella Swan," the nurse called and we all got up to follow her back. It was a little hard to fit the six of us into the room, since it wasn't that big, but we did it. Rose and Alice both stood next to Bella, while Jasper and Em took a seat in the chairs that were against the back wall. "Hello gang," Dr. Webber said as she walked in. She smiled at everyone and said a quick 'hi' to Alice. They apparently had worked together in the past, since Alice was the delivery mid-wife for a few of Dr. Webbers other patients .

"So, we do want to know the sex of the baby, right?" she asked as she set everything up. "Hell yeah!" Em shouted. "I was talking to Mom and Dad, but it's nice to see that you're so excited," she replied, making him blush a little. "Yes, we do," Bella said calmly, putting her hands on her tummy. Dr. Webber put the jelly stuff on her stomach, after covering the top of her jeans with tissue paper, and started to move the wand thing over her skin. I don't think I'll ever know the names of this shit, no matter how many kids we have. She went through, just like last time, and showed us all the parts. Everything was so much bigger and didn't fit on the screen all at once like it did just eight weeks ago. The girls all swooned a little when we heard the heartbeat and the baby looked like it was sucking its thumb from one angle, which I even got a little girly over. "Okay, so it looks to me like it's a… boy," she said, pointing at the monitor. I could clearly see that my baby was most definitely a boy. "Are you sure that's not the umbilical cord?" Bella asked. "No, I don't think so. See, there's the cord and here's the penis. You can tell by the blood flow," Dr. Webber said, pointing everything out. "Oh, okay, it just seems… big… you know for a baby," she responded. This caused everyone to laugh. Like father, like son, bitches! "I didn't think you had it in you," Em said as we walked out of the hospital. "What's the supposed to mean?" I asked, punching him in the arm. "Well, anyone can dig a trench, but it takes a real man to erect a sky scraper. Good job, buddy." Leave it to Em to take a perfectly sweet moment and make it about dicks and erections of some sort. "Now we can start planning the by shower," Alice said, garnering a full on, devilish grin from Rose. They had been waiting from day one to start planning the shower and they insisted that it be co-ed which meant all the guys would be there too. Bella wrapped her arms around me as we made our way to the parking lot. "You ready to introduce the Cullens to the Swans, sweetie?" she asked, giggling a little. "Yep, as long as your dad wears pants I think it will be okay." I mean, what could go wrong? Chapter 18: Party at the Mansion

"What time does your parents' flight land again?" Bella asked as she was curling her hair in the bathroom. It was almost to the top of her ass, pregnancy hormones had a huge affect on its growth. She also grew a happy trail right up the center of her stomach. We didn't talk about that because she was a little sensitive and waxed that shit every couple weeks.

"They'll be here in a couple hours, we should be able to pick them up, get some lunch and then make it back home before your parents," I said, buttoning up my shirt. Bella's parents were going to get a rental for their time here, but my parents couldn't afford one and were too proud to accept money, so we were going to pick them up from the airport. I was a little scared to get them all together since they were at opposite ends of the spectrum. My parents were very much middle class, 'cookies and milk' kind of people, whereas Bella's folks were upper class nudists with a past in porn. I'd like to think that my parents have only had sex once in their lives and that was to conceive me. Okay, twice, since I can't begrudge my dad wedding night sex. Other than that they could have the parts of Barbie and Ken, completely anatomically incorrect, and I would remain blissfully oblivious. Bella was wearing her most modest outfit, maternity jeans and a flowy top that made her bump look sexy. She was spending too much time making her hair look extra innocent, curling it into big full curls. She even did her makeup lighter than normal. We knew that her job and lifestyle would be obvious to my parents when there were here, since Hugh Hefner was so nice as to invite Bella to have her baby shower at the Mansion. So, she was doing everything in her power to make sure she didn't look like she ran a porn company or was close friends with a man that ran the biggest adult magazine. I am pretty sure that she has sexy-as-fuck panties on under those jeans, maybe she'll let me get a little peek before we have to leave? "Get that look off your face, we have to leave soon," she scolded. It was like she could read my mind, either that or she could see the drool rolling down my chin. "What?" I said, shrugging my shoulders. Playing dumb was becoming an important part of being the baby daddy. I think that it had become one of Emmett's man rules, saying that it's the only way for a relationship to make it the long haul. After Bella looked over herself for the millionth time, we headed to LAX to get my parents. I was actually pretty excited to see my mom and I knew she was itching to get her hands on Bella's' bump. It was all she talked about for weeks, calling every damn day at six in the morning. I didn't know how many times it would take me telling her to stop calling so early for her to realize that she was ahead of us by two hours and calling during her coffee time was not cool. Bella was pretty fidgety in the car and I knew she was nervous but she never really showed it much until we pulled into the parking garage. "Deep breaths, baby. It's not like you've never met them before," I said, getting out, opening her door. She took my hand, lifting herself from the car bump first. As you can tell I'm always aware of the bump. "I know it's just that when they met me over Christmas I was the sweet, innocent girl that was dating their son. Your mom loved me. Now I'm going to be the CEO of a major adult film company that is corrupting their sweet, innocent son. I don't want our little guy to ever date a girl like me. I would kill a bitch if she hit my kid with the stuff I've used on you, even if he liked it," she babbled as we walked across to the elevators. "I think you'd be surprised how well my parents handle stuff. I don't think you'll scare them off and we both know I'm not that fucking innocent. As far as little man goes, while you're beating the chicks' ass, I'll be giving him a pat on the back because if he snags a girl like you he's a lucky guy," I said with a smirk. "Cheesy flattery will get you everywhere, Mr. Cullen," she replied, kissing me as the elevator doors closed.

"Well then I'll keep doing it over and over, The Future Mrs. Cullen," I taunted. She rolled her eyes but I saw a small curl in the corner of her lips. I was definitely wearing her down. ~X~X~X~X~ "Oh my God, look at you!" my mom screamed as she ran down the hall towards the baggage area. We had made it into the airport without the paparazzi noticing but my mom was definitely trying to alert the entire fucking airport of our presence. "It's so nice to see you again, Esme," Bella said, pulling my mom into a hug. They both touched her stomach and talked about the baby as my Dad and I got the bags. "Having a baby agrees with you," he said, looking at me from over his glasses. He didn't wear them all the time but when he did it made him look like a professor rather than the blue collar man that he was. "I'm happy, like really fucking happy. I'm not even sure it's legal to be this happy in California. I might have to go get something to make me a little more depressed before they send me to rehab or something." This got a full gut laugh from my Dad, the LA lifestyle was so foreign to him. During lunch my mother's hands didn't leave the bump. She barely touched her food because she was so excited to feel him move. "Do you guys have a name yet?" she asked, finally taking a bite of her salad. "We do but we're going to announce it at the shower," Bella stated with a lot of excitement in her voice. She was letting Rose and Alice take care of everything but I knew deep down she was very anxious about the party. When Hef offered to have it there she cried, then blamed it on hormones. I couldn't help but think, 'fuck you hormones' and I laughed out loud, getting weird looks from the other three people at the table. We finished up lunch and headed back home, pulling in to see a yellow Porsche parked in the driveway. Charlie really was his very own special kind of person and I hoped one day to call him Dad. Bella and I took a deep breath at the same time and got out of the car, followed by my parents. Renee and Charlie were standing in the doorway when we rounded the corner. Bella's mom had a key to the house because when they were in California for anything they stayed with Bella. "Hey baby," Renee squealed. She had come to see Bella a few months back so she had seen the bump before, but that didn't stop her from putting her hands there immediately. It really was like its own person. Well, it is a person in there but the bump itself was like a person separate from the baby and Bella. Its own little entity. "Renee… Charlie, these are my parents Esme and Carlisle. Mom… Dad these are Bella's folks," I introduced. They all immediately started the hugging and handshaking, calling each other Grandpa or Grandma. It was kind of a surreal moment and I was fucking stoked that they were getting along so far. But just as he reached the front door my Dad leaned over and said, "Why does he look so familiar?" I was both grossed the fuck out and terrified at the same time. ~X~X~X~X~ "Come on, we're going to be late," Bella screamed from the front door. I was slipping my shoes on and zipping my pants at the same time. This is the reason I don't go commando often. One false move

and you'll have your dick over run with those little teeth. That shit happens in real life, not just in movies. I shutter every time I think about that one time it happened when I was twelve years old. "I'm carrying around a thirty week old baby inside my body and I'm ready. What always takes you so long?" she scolded when I reached her. She was going to be a great mom because she was scary sometimes. I was not about to tell her that I was on my X-box with Emmett most of the morning. She'd rip my head off. She hates when we play from our houses through the internet connection but Em likes any excuse to wear a headset. He wanted to be a telemarketer when he was a kid for that very reason. "I couldn't find my pants or my tie, I'm sorry, baby," I leaned in and kissed her, softening her up a little. "Okay, well lets go, our parents are already there," she said, locking the door behind her. Nothing had come out about Bella or her Dad to my parents. Charlie was well aware of where the party was taking place so I suggested my parents go with them to help with the set up. It was just a lame excuse so that when they pulled up in front of the Playboy Mansion, Charlie could tell them. Call me a chicken shit but I think this plan was genius. Who better to break the news than the man that started it all? "Name please," the gate guard asked as we pulled up. There was about a hundred cars, it look like, parked along the driveway. We made our way through them and parked in the spot that was reserved for the Guest of Honor. I helped Bella from the car and noticed for the first time how amazing she looked. She was in a cream colored dress that hung low in the front, showing off her beautiful additions, thanks to a little added weight. It fell mid-thigh and made her skin look flawless and bright. "You look amazing, by the way," I whispered against her temple, kissing her softly. She sighed and hugged my waist. "Thanks, maybe later we can sneak off to the Grotto," she giggled. I would for sure be holding her to that promise. "Oh great, you're here. Alice has been waiting!" Rose squealed, running up to Bella. It wasn't like her to be bubbly so I could tell that Alice had been rubbing off on her. We separated immediately, Rose pulling Bella one way and Em pulling me another. It didn't take long for my father to find me and the look on his face said it all. I mean, the man was surrounded by Playboy type women and porn stars. It was a mix of shock and something else I was going to ignore. "Edward Anthony, why didn't you tell us? I thought your mom was going to have a damn heart attack. And poor Charlie, he thought we knew everything so he just starts rambling on and on about stuff that would warrant an extra lifetime in confessional. I know more about that man than I ever wanted to know and I've seen him naked for Christ sake! You're mom about shit herself when she realized that we'd seen a few of his 'movies'." He even air quoted which was funny since they were movies, whether they had sex in them or not. "I'm sorry Dad, it's just… well, Bella was really nervous and I figured that there's two ways to get into the pool, either pussy around and tip toe in or cannonball. I just gave you a little shove. I hope you and Mom aren't too pissed off or think that Bella is some pervert because she's not. She's just running the family business," I tried to explain, poorly but I tried. He started to laugh and I wasn't sure if I should be relived or not. "While it would have been nice to hear all this from you, your mom and I love that girl no matter what. She's carrying our first grandchild and you love her. A little porn never hurt anyone, anyway. Your mother and I used to have quite an extensive collection before you were born," he started but I

suddenly heard my name being called and ran like my ass was on fire, chanting 'eww' over and over in my head. I saw my mom talking to Miss January, which was comical. I'm sure my mother had no clue who she was discussing current events with. Bella was chatting with Kendra Wilkinson and I was surprised to see her there but I guess she would have good advice for Bella since she was balancing her career and a baby. "There's my girl," I heard and looked over to see Hef walking towards Bella, with his girlfriend in toe. I knew he wouldn't be around too much since he was a very secluded type person but it was nice to see him. "Hef," Bella sighed and hugged him as I walked up. "Thanks so much for this," she said gesturing around. The party was set up near the pool, tall round tables lining it, covered in light blue table cloths. The food was first class and there was even an open bar that everyone was enjoying, everyone but me. I wasn't going to drink if Bella couldn't. "It was no trouble at all. You know you're like family and that baby better have his first swim experience in this pool, missy. Now, where's that old man of yours, I need to say hi." Bella pointed him in the direction of the bar and he headed that way. I noticed that Emmett was hanging out with Charlie and my Dad, they were both red in the face from laughing so hard. Em better not have been telling stories about me. We opened presents, took a shit ton of pictures, and ate some cake. It was all very girly so I was glad to have the guys around to help keep my balls intact. It would be easy to lose a man card in that kind of crowd, even if we were at the Playboy Mansion. There were too many three tier diaper cakes for any of this to be manly. The women all huddled together, leaving the men to gawk at the ladies as they talked. It was a damn good looking crowd. But, of course, it didn't take long for Charlie to meet eyes with me and with a nod of his head, I followed. He didn't say anything to me as we walked the winding paths around the animal cages. It was making me pretty fucking paranoid. "Why is Bella's hand missing a ring?" he asked quietly. "Well, she hasn't called you guys talking about an engagement, I figured that you would have known that we're not," I replied shortly. He was acting very mafia, godfather-ish. I didn't like this Charlie. "So what? You chickened out?" he sneered at me. He totally thought I didn't want to marry Bella. He was also the only person, besides the girls and Emmett, to know I had the ring. They all figured I was waiting for the right time and never brought it up. I couldn't lie to her dad. "I asked her but she said no," I whispered, not wanting to say it too loud. Charlie started to laugh and I started to fume. What… a... dick! "Sorry… sorry," he said, calming his little fit of girly giggles. "Damn, she's her mothers' daughter. It took me about fifteen times to get Renee to say yes. Every time I asked, it wasn't the right time, or someone else had just gotten engaged… any excuse to delay the inevitable. Women!" he laughed and patted my back. "Well, I think I'm at the hundredth time and Bella is still saying no." I was pouting like a little bitch but it was nice to vent.

"Swan women are stubborn as bulls. Just give her some time, son… she'll come around." We started back towards the party and I noticed that Bella was standing on the outskirts, looking around. I smirked at her and she winked, nodding her head in the direction that she started to walk in. I was hoping that this head nod would be a little more interesting than the last. I almost jumped with glee when I realized that we were headed into the grotto. Bella walked into the barely lit cave and leaned against the far wall at the edge of the hot tub. "I believe that I made a promise to you," she said seductively, pulling me by my shirt to press against her. Wall fucking a thirty week pregnant woman was not as easy as I had thought. It started great, kissing and groping, pulling panties off and pants down, but when the actual penetration started it was almost impossible. "Harder, baby, please," she pleaded as I tried to press into her harder but every time I did my stomach would bump her bump. The baby was completely in the way. "Turn for me," I ordered and she slid down the wall and turned, bracing herself with the palms of her hands. I was back inside her the moment she bent over. She let out a loud moan that echoed in the cave, drowning out the soft music from the party for a moment. We were going to get busted having sex in the Playboy Mansion. My life is complete! As long as it's not my mom, that would be scarring. One of Bella's arms dropped and I thought I'd feel her touch me while rubbing her clit. Instead she used her arm to hold her bump still. Now I was worried that I was hurting her or the baby, which had me all distracted. She was making all the right noises and saying all the right things, coming hard, so I knew she wasn't in pain. Once she had gotten hers I ran the "Bella highlight reel" and finished inside her. She lifted her panties back up and I felt bad that she was going to have that mess in her knickers now. "I thought that would be a lot sexier than it was," she giggled. I nodded in agreement. "We really need to get that baby out of you so we can get back to just being us," I said, kissing her forehead. "Agreed, I want my body back." We snuck back out to the party, mingling a little more, and it seemed like no one noticed our disappearance. Everything was winding down and I knew that I'd be able to take my girl home and properly lay her. "Bella, you still have to announce the baby's name," Alice shouted from the crowd. Bella looked at me and I gestured for her to go on and tell them. We'd talked a lot about names and we were pretty happy with the one we picked. "The baby's name is going to be Benjamin Dale Cullen. Edward wanted to honor his best friend and give the baby Emmett's middle name," Bella announced. I saw parting in the crowd and Em ran into my arms, giving me a full on hug. I heard him sniffle. "Dude, are you crying?" I asked, pulling back from him. "It's sympathy hormones, I blame Bella," he said, wiping a stray tear. "That's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, I love you man, for real," he said, pulling me back into a hug.

"Love you too, Em," I said, fully embracing the very womanly moment I was having with my best friend. "Okay, well… if these two are done with their make-out session, lets get back to the party and celebrate the upcoming birth of our little Ben," Charlie announced, lifting his beer into air. ~X~X~X~X~ "It's been such a nice vacation, thanks so much for having us," my mom said, settling into the couch. Bella's parents had left that morning to go home so we had a night alone with my parents. Bella was currently schooling my dad in Wii golf. "We've loved having you, Mom. I'm just happy that everything went so well. What do you think of Bella's parents now that you've met them?" "Oh they're great. We made plans to go see them in Florida over my Christmas break this year. It will be nice to get away from the Chicago winter." "You realize where they live, right?" I questioned. "Of course, it will be an eye opening experience. Maybe me and your father will want to move there after we retire," she said, completely fucking serious. "You know that I have no plans of ever visiting you if that ever is to happen, ever," I replied, trying to hide the fact that I was feeling a little queasy because my mom was contemplating the idea of being a nudist. I didn't grow up like Bella, I prefer my parents in pants and turtlenecks. "You and Bella should come down there too. We could spend the holidays in Florida this year, all of us together for the baby's first Christmas. He'll be five months old so that's not too little to fly." I nodded, giving her the 'I'll think about it face' when I was really thinking 'I don't fucking think so'. "If your parents invite you for Christmas this year, say we're not going to be able to make it and that we want to have the baby's first Christmas at home," I said to Bella as we got into bed that night. She gave me a questionable expression. "My parents are going and it's one thing to see your parents naked, but it's a-complete-fucking-nother story seeing mine naked. That's not going to happen, EVER!" She laughed and crawled closer to me. "Don't worry sweetie, I'll figure something out. Heaven forbid your dick stops working from the trauma, then I'll have to trade you in for a working model." That earned her an attack from my very completely functioning, well-oiled machine of a dick. I had to prove that everything was in working order.

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Rec of the moment: It's A Mad, Mad World by cmaus1216 for this very reason…

"You whip out Tiger," she continues with a small smile, "and you're the male version of Buffy the Vampire Slyer mixed with that kid that plays one type of character in all those movies." "Michael Cera?" I know that's who she means, but I ask anyway. People just love telling me that I remind them of this scrawny ass kid. "Yeah, you're Michael Cera and the male form of Sarah Michelle Gellar from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but with zombies." "So, what you're telling me is: I'm a scrawny nerd, but I wear hot pants while beating the shit out of zombies?" I say, cocking my eyebrow and giving Bella a smirk. "Finally!" She laughs throwing her hands in the air. "Someone gets me," she drops her hands and continues laughing as I join her. Her Edward and Bella crack my shit up! So funny and the chapters aren't a million words so it's a quick read to catch up to her updates :) Chapter 19: It's Fucking Magic

I was sitting in the living room staring at the door that hadn't been opened in weeks. Bella decided that she was too big, too pregnant, too tired, too a lot of things to play Domme. She didn't feel sexy, no matter how much I said she was, and it was a lost cause to make her think otherwise. The end was in sight and I couldn't wait to get my girl back. Then again, I'd been having a ton of dreams about the playroom being turned into an actual playroom, Lego's, Matchbox cars, and everything else a little boy could want. It was strange though, the images didn't bother me, not even the slightest. I could go back to having normal, couple, vanilla-like sex in our bedroom for the rest of my life and be completely happy. Okay, I'm a fucking liar but these are the things that a guy tells himself when his baby's mama is about to pop and his whole life is going to change. "Hey, whats got your face all scrunched up like that?" Bella asked, walking into the living room in one of my t-shirts and knee high socks that reminded me of Rainbow Brite. I could see her little butt cheeks hanging out of the bottom of boy short underwear when she turned to sit down. "Nothing much, just thinking about how much things are about to change around here," I said, putting my hand on her stomach when she settled between my legs on the couch. Her hair brushed my naked chest. I pushed it to the side and kissed her neck. "It won't be just us in a few weeks, Ben will be here and then our sleepless night won't be as much fun anymore," she said with a smirk, looking back to kiss my jaw. We both sat there in silence for a while, I was thinking about the five or six inches of thigh I could see but I was sure Bella was thinking of other things. Like the fact that a child was going to have to be pushed from her body without the benefit of pain medication in a few short weeks. It was her choice but I was a firm believer that a person shouldn't feel pain if they didn't have to. "We need to be ready in an hour. The class starts at noon and I want to grab a bite before we have to be there," Bella said, rubbing her stomach. Alice advised that Bella take a one-time Lamaze class that they gave at the hospital. It was a crash course into child birth and would give helpful advice without having to go every week. Alice also said that it would help with the bonding of the mother and the father. I was pretty sure that Alice pinned me as the dad that would pass out and the class was really for me to prepare. She probably stocked up on smelling salts just in case.

As I walked to the top of the stairs to throw some clothes on, I looked to see that Bella had left the nursery door open. We decided to decorate in vibrant boyish colors and put a bunch of musical stuff in his room. Our little guy even had his own set of bongo drums that he would drive us crazy with, in a couple of years. Bella even found a border that ran in the middle of the room with musical notes and piano keys. She was set on the thought that Ben would have my musical abilities and her tenacious business sense. I smiled at the thought of Ben Cullen, CEO of Epic Records, Partner Company of Epic Entertainment. We didn't have high hopes or anything. After Bella got her fill of Burger King, eating a giant Whopper like it was the last thing she would ever eat, we headed to the hospital. As we were walking into the room Bella stopped suddenly, causing me to run into the back of her. I steadied myself by grabbing her hips. I looked up to see Riley standing in the middle of the room holding the hand of a tall redhead. "This isn't happening," she whispered, looking into the room in utter shock. Jealousy raged inside me. Why the fuck would she care about her ex being here? Who gives a fuck if he's in that room! "Why'd you stop?" I asked, playing dumb. I tried to keep my voice level but I could hear the irritation so I was sure she could too. "Um… Riley's in there with Victoria. I don't care or anything, I'm just a little shocked to see that he's here. I didn't even realize they were having a baby." She started into the room and grabbed my hand like it was a fucking life preserver. It made me feel a little better that she clung to me the way that she did. "Bella, nice to see you," Victoria said with a fake smile plastered in her face. "Hi Victoria, how have you been," Bella replied, pulling me closer. "Oh you know, living the dream," Victoria replied, putting her hands on her not so huge baby bump. She couldn't have been more than six months along which made me wonder why they were in this class, since it was set up for the third trimester. I sound like I know what I'm talking about, impressive, I know. I read every book Alice gave me cover to cover. "This is my Edward. Edward this is Victoria, Hollywoods number one home wreaker. I take it that you and Riley hooked back up, that's lovely." I had never seen this side of Bella before. The side that was catty and like all the other girls that lived in LA. "He got bored with the little girls and came back, like he always does." She smiled and looked like she could sprout horns. This chick was evil! "How far along are you? You look like you're about ready to pop," Victoria said as Riley walked up behind her. "Hi Bella, Edward," Riley greeted, shaking my hand. I shook back and squeezed a little too tight. Bella just smiled at him and nodded. "Umm… I'm due in a few weeks actually. When are you due?" Bella asked. Riley piped in, cutting Victoria off. "Next month, so we have seven weeks left now?" he said, ask more than telling. Victoria nodded. That moment was broken up by the lady heading the class, calling everyone to their mats. We went to the opposite side of the room as them, so instead of sitting near them, we were facing them.

"How the fuck is she so skinny?" Bella complained as soon as her ass hit the mat. I kissed her neck and nuzzled in a little closer. "I'm sure that the stress of having a dipshit for a baby daddy has a lot to do with it. Plus, being a hanis bitch burns a lot of calories from what I hear. Look how skinny Paris Hilton is," I whispered into her ear. That made her giggle so I knew I'd said the right thing. Victoria had been mentioned a few times, whenever Riley was mentioned, since she was the other woman and the reason that Riley and Bella broke up. The instructor started, making it easy to forget the other people in the room, having the women sit in between the legs of the men with their legs bent at the knee. Bella was soon panting as I was counting down from ten, getting us ready for our roles in real labor. She had been having contractions over the last week but from what I understood they were just "practice" ones. She said that they didn't even hurt. "You're doing great baby. It's almost over," I joked in her ear. We were lost in our own little world when I heard the distinct shrill of what I like to call a "nagger" voice. I looked up to see Riley and Victoria fighting over the way he was counting. Apparently, he wasn't doing it at the right speed. The rest of the class watched as they argued over everything from how tight he held her to him breathing on her neck. The instructor and the other people in the class giggled a little when they weren't paying attention. I couldn't really see picket fences and Labrador retrievers in their future. But I could also see alimony and child support. "Well that was educational," I mused as we got into the car. With as much grace as a nine month pregnant woman could, Bella launched herself into my lap, kissing me. I kissed back because, for whatever reason she did it, I was grateful to have her lips on any part of my body. "Thanks for being you," she whispered against my mouth. I smiled against hers and kissed her one more time before heading home. ~X~X~X~X~ "You know that baby will have my Edward eyes, I just know it," my mom gushed to Renee. Renee and Mom decided to fly in the week of Bellas' due date so that they could be around for the birth. It was July, so my mom was off for the summer and Renee had time on her hands since they lived off of Charlie's royalties from DVDs and products. Yes, you could be the owner of your very own Billy Burke, life size dildo. Just $89.95 plus shipping. "Could you just imagine, Bellas' dark hair and Edwards' bright green eyes. He's going to be a little knock-out. I can't wait to meet him," Renee squealed. The grandmas were sitting on the couch drinking a glass of wine while Bella took a nap. Okay, it was more like a couple bottles but I wasn't going to judge. They were acting like teenagers gossiping and I was just trying to stay out of the way. They had been at it all week and it looked like our moms were becoming best friends. "Edward, Sir, I'm going to be leaving for the weekend. If you guys need anything, please feel free to call," Maria said, coming out of the kitchen. I thanked her, knowing full well that I was going to have to figure out some sort of bonus to give her, maybe a car or a small island. I was going to need a lot of help once the baby came and she would probably quit. "Edward!" Bella yelled from the bedroom after I closed the door behind Maria. I jogged up the stairs to find my girl on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed. Her head was resting on her forearms so her ass was in the air. She was breathing heavy and wiggling around a little.

"Baby, what's wrong?" I asked, sliding onto the bed. I started to rub her lower back, making her let out a little moan. "Oh, that feels good. Can you call Alice for me? I think I might be having contractions. They've been pretty consistent and I want her here, please." "Why didn't you tell me sooner, how long has this been going on?" I asked, reaching for the phone on the night stand. "Off and on since this morning, but it's been worse the last couple hours. I didn't want to worry every one if they were just Braxton hicks. My lower back hurts so much," she complained. I continued to rub her back as I dialed Alice's number. "I'm on my way," she said the second she answered the phone. I was silent for a second to collect myself. "How did you know what I was calling about?" I asked. "Oh sweetie, I just know these things. Why do you think I like your mom so much? We are on a different level that you normal people. Plus, you never call me so I figured when I saw your name on the screen, it was go time. I'll be there as soon as possible. Keep her happy and make sure she's breathing," she said, hanging up on me. "Alice is on her way, baby." I moved to sit behind her. It looked like I was trying to hit it from the back but it gave me the best angle to massage her lower back and support the weight of her hips. I pulled her so that she sat her butt on my thighs. "Hey, Mom… can you come up here!" I shouted. I could hear them rushing up the stairs and then they stumbled into the bedroom. "Oh Jesus, Edward. I'm your mom for Christ sake. What do you want?" I laughed knowing that our particular position looked bad but brushed off my mom's outburst. "I think Bella is going into labor, I just thought I'd let you two winos know so you can put a cork in it and sober up," I said, with a laugh. Both of them gulped down the last of what was in their glasses and pulled out their cell phones. "We have people to call, we'll give you guys some space," Mom said, walking into the hallway. Renee walked over to the bed and kissed Bella's forehead. "I'm here if you need anything sweetie," she whispered against her daughters temple. It was a very sweet moment if you took the fact that I was still pressed against Bella's ass rubbing her back out of the equation. "We'll be downstairs," Renee said as she walked out. I was bummed that my dad and Charlie weren't around but my dad couldn't get the time off and Charlie said that he would fly out after the "blood and guts" part of everything was over. Within a few hours Alice and Jasper were there, as well as Rose and Emmett. They were in and out of the room, coming to see Bella but letting her labor without a ton of people in her face. She had changed into a long t-shirt and put a sports bra underneath; since that was what Alice said would be easiest for a home birth. Once we moved to the tub she could take the shirt off. Alice also brought over plastic sheet things to put on the bed so that any of the fluids involved with child birth didn't fuck the mattress up. Our bedroom was converted into a labor and delivery room within fifteen minutes of

Alice's arrival. Alice even had an oxygen tank and a bunch of IV stuff in case the baby or Bella needed it. To say that she was prepared was a huge fucking understatement. "I'm going to check you now," Alice said, putting a latex glove in her right hand. As much as I was trying to look at Alice as a professional, which she was, it was a little weird seeing her stick her fingers in my girl. Bella's face scrunched up and she moaned, but it wasn't a good moan. I held her hand and watched Alice, who was looking off into space as she tried to go elbow deep. Or at least that's what it seemed like by Bella's reactions. "Okay, you're at a four now, your cervix is close to being all the way thinned out, we'll check you every little bit to keep track of the progress. Let me know when you want to move to the tub or maybe you can get up and walk around a little, it will help move the labor along." I stayed with Bella as much as possible, walking around, holding her has she sat on a giant yoga ball. It wasn't at all like in the movies. There was no rushing around. Bella's water didn't break to signal that the baby was coming. But the worst part was that it didn't happen in minutes like I thought either, it felt like the clock was moving backwards so after hour seven I got hungry. "I'm going to go down stairs for five minutes, I'll be right back, okay?" I said, kissing her cheek. She smiled slightly and kissed my lips. "Okay, I'll be fine. It's not as bad as I thought it would be," she said quietly. The entire room was filled with just candle light and there was soft music playing. It was supposed to create a calming environment and seemed to be working. "Hey dude, how's it going up there?" Emmett asked from the couch. He and Jasper were playing Call of Duty on my Xbox. "Good, she's a fucking trooper," I said, passing them to grab a sandwich. After I ate a PB&J in four bites I made my way back up stairs. I walked back in to Bella panting through a contraction, leaning over on the bed while sitting on the yoga ball. "Where the fuck were you!" she yelled, giving me the evil eye. I wasn't even gone the full five minutes I said I was going to be. "I was grabbing a bite to eat, I'm here now," I said calmly, sitting down next to her. "I lied, this sucks so much, it hurts… ouch, ouch, ouch… Can I have drugs? I changed my mind, I want drugs!" Shit, a lot changed in the few minutes I was gone. "That's not in our birth plan, baby," I said, trying to calm her down. The only way she would get drugs is if she went to the hospital, which I knew she didn't want. "Fuck you and our stupid mother-fucking birth plan!" Another seven hours later we were in the bathroom and she was in the tub. Bella's water had to be broke and Alice used a thing that looked like a knitting needle. It freaked me out a little bit. Her contractions were stronger now so I was the fucking devil and everything was my fault. Bella was resting with her forehead on the back of the tub, squatting so the Alice could apply pressure to her lower back. Apparently Bella was having back labor and it was a more painful way to labor.

"Six weeks won't be long enough. I swear to god if my vagina doesn't go back to normal I will maim your dick, Edward. I hate to say that but it will happen. Oh my God, Alice how is my crotch going to ever be normal again," Bella whined. Alice smiled, since Bella's back was to her and shook her head. "This is what your body was made for. I promise, you're doing great. You were almost ten centimeters when I check you last. Any time you feel the need to push, just let me know." Alice's voice was calm and sweet. Renee, Rose, and my mom were in the corner, leaning on the countertop. The bathroom was huge so it was easy to forget that they were there. Bella flipped around so that she was lying in the tub with her knees apart. She was wearing just a black sports bra and was ass out to the entire room. "I need to push, there's so much pressure," she moaned with her eyes closed. Her head was back on the ledge of the tub. I kneeled behind her and held her hands as Alice got into position. Bella pushed, I counted, and Alice ran her hands around Bella's opening. I'll call it an opening because the further along in the pushing process the less it looked like a vagina. "Oh shit! Sorry." I heard from the doorway and looked up to see Emmett standing there, staring directly where Alice's hands were. "Em, what the hell dude?" I asked as Bella pushed again. She didn't even bat an eyelash at Emmett standing there so I started counting down her push. Em counted along with me, probably unsure as to what else he could do. "Damn, it's fucking magic. Like 'now you see it now you don't. Was that the kids head?" Emmett asked Alice. For some reason no one told Em to leave so he walked further into the bathroom. "Yes, the baby is starting to crown. Bella, you're doing great," Alice cheered. Bella tried to smirk but it looked more like a grimace. "Is it okay that he's in here? I can tell him to leave," I whispered into Bella's ear. It wasn't like he hadn't seen Bella naked when we skinny dipped but I didn't want her uncomfortable. "I don't care if my dad, Elvis, or the fucking pope walks in here right now. I just want this kid out of me!" she seethed between clenched teeth. She pushed until her face was purple and then final the baby was out, floating around in the nasty water. Alice lifted him so that his face was out of the water and sucked a bunch of stuff out of his mouth. He started to cry as he was passed to Bella. He was a little red, slimy and wailing like the world was ending. I was crying like a bitch, tears running down my face. Everyone was gushing and saying how perfect he was, everyone but Bella. She was quiet, just looking at him. Alice had rested him on her stomach and she cradled him in her arms. She looked down at him and silent tears fell down her face. "You look like your daddy," were the first words she spoke to our son. We stayed there, in our bubble for a while, Bella sitting in nasty water and Ben was still covered in whatever the hell that shit was. The moment was pretty fucking perfect. ~X~X~X~X~ "Look at your little toes," I said to Ben as I changed his diaper. Bella was resting and everyone else was downstairs. Ben started to fuss and he smelled a little raunchy so I took it upon myself to fix that. No one told me that his shit would look like tar and was almost impossible to get off. I was thankful

that he was a boy because I wasn't sure I could handle changing a little girls' diaper. Girls had a lot of folds and crevices that I really wasn't inept to take care of. We had to bring him to see Dr. Fisher, the pediatrician, the next day for a checkup and he would be circumcised at the hospital too. Plus we had to file all the paper work for his birth certificate and stuff. "Okay buddy, I need your help. I figured that you're my only hope," I whispered as I slipped an onesie over his head. I hooked the pacifier holder onto the top of the white t-shirt and re-wrapped him. Alice was proud of my swaddling skills and I puffed my chest a little about the fact that I was better at it than Bella. I took a deep breath and walked into the bedroom where Bella was sleeping. She opened her eyes when the latch clicked on the door. "Hey," she said with a sleep-filled voice. "Hey," I smiled, sitting down on the bed next to her. She took Ben from my arms when she sat up and looked over at me. "He's pretty perfect," she said, looking back down at him. I still couldn't tell whose eyes he'd have because they looked grey but he had a full head of dark curls. Emmett joked that he got that from him. "You should see his feet, they're so cute," I said, hoping that Bella would unwrap him. She took the bait and started to unfold the blanket from around him. After he was completely undone she stopped breathing and looked at me with tears in her eyes. On the front of Bens' shirt I had written 'Marry my Daddy' in blue marker and hooked the ring on the end of the pacifier holder. She sat silent so I walked around the bed and got down on one knee next to her. "I know I've asked you this question a million times but I thought once more wouldn't hurt. You and Ben are my family, you're my everything. You're the mother of my child and my best friend, but don't tell Emmett I said that," she laughed through her tears, "and I will die a little inside if you don't say you'll be my wife, so, Isabella, will you please say yes and end my suffering. Will you marry me?" She smiled huge and leaned forward to kiss my lips softly. "Yes," she said barely above a whisper. I slipped the ring off the baby and onto her hand before she could change her mind. "Finally," I replied, kissing her hand where my promise of forever sat. "Too bad it won't count for another six weeks. Engagements need to be consummated just like marriage does," she laughed. "Well, hopefully I'll get that second ring on you soon," I said against her mouth, kissing her as she held our son. I knew that seeing the little person we created together would soften her up. "You should have two rings too then. Maybe I'll have a specially made cock ring for the occasion." I laughed at the thought since I could picture Bella designing it herself. It would probably be diamond encrusted, then I really would have dick bling. "I don't think our wedding would be complete without a cock ring," I said, crawling into bed with her. I watched as she feed the baby and burped him, looking like a goddess. Motherhood looked like perfection on her.

"I love you," she said, Ben was lying between us with a full belly, fast asleep. "I love you, too," I whispered back. A smile spread across her face as she fell asleep. This is what it feels like to be content, settled, and completely fucking happy. I never want to lose this feeling. I never want to lose Bella and I will spend the rest of my life trying to make her happy. I know I won't always succeed but the make-up sex will be great so that will be worth the fights. I may even start a few on purpose just for the hate sex. I smirked to myself at the thought and picked up my phone off the nightstand to text Bella's phone. Play with me (in six weeks) :) -E I heard the beep from across the room and smiled, thinking about her reading it when she woke up. No matter what, we had to keep shit fun and light, we always had to be the Bella and Edward that we started out as. I closed my phone and fell asleep holding Bella's hand, twirling her ring around her finger. The End The Epilogue

"Edward, everyone's going to be here in a few hours, I need to finish this," Bella complained as I was running open mouthed kisses down her neck. She had been busy all day getting the house ready for our annual New Year's Eve party. It became our thing, the year that Ben was born, to host one at our house. Now, three years later, it was the place to be if you didn't want to deal with crammed clubs and bars. "How can I keep my hands off of you when you're wearing that?" I whispered into her ear. She had on a tight silver dress that hit just below her ass. The back was completely bare so the dimples on the small of her back were teasing to be touched. "We can make it quick," I said, running my nose down her back, kissing those fucking dimples. She spun around and pushed me back into the tiny half bathroom off the kitchen, locking her mouth to mine. I grabbed her hips and pushed her dress over them, pulling the tiny bit of fabric she called panties off. As I trailed kisses over her throat and chest I lifted her to sit on the edge of the sink. Her hands went to my pants, pulling the belt, button, and zipper almost at the same time. They dropped to my feet and she used her hands and feet to get my boxer briefs down. "Fuck me hard, baby," she purred as I slammed into her. I was relentlessly thrusting into her as she moaned loudly. Her hands moved from my back to the edge of the sink, trying to stabilize herself. I felt something shift, and then shift again. Suddenly, I heard the sound of water rushing. I stopped, still balls deep and realized that the sink was leaking. "Fuck!" I yelled, pulling out of her to open the cabinet doors. I was met with both hot and cold water spraying directly at my face. "Oh my god," Bella yelled jumping off the sink. I tried to turn the shut off valves to stop the spray but realized that the pipes busted behind them.

"Where's the water shut off to the house?" I yelled. "In the basement, near the furnace," Bella said panicking. I yanked my pants up and ran out of the bathroom. I made it to the utility room near the theater and quickly shut the water for the whole house off. "What are we going to do?" Bella said in a near sob when I made it back upstairs. Her dress was soaked, hair a mess, and she had makeup running down her face. "We can't have a party with no water, Edward!" she screamed. "This was so dumb, so fucking stupid. Didn't you feel the sink move? You fucked the sick right off the wall!" "I'll call Emmett. He worked with a plumbing company in college for like two weeks. He was shitty but I think he could fix it." I called Em and told him that the pipes burst and I had no clue how it happened. He said he would stop by the store to grab some stuff and he'd be on his way. Bella went to the bedroom to change and fix herself up. I cleaned up the water mess, throwing the towel in the washer and tried to figure out how to turn the thing on. I gave up quickly. I also called the babysitter to make sure that Ben was okay and to check on what time he'd be home the next day. Bella didn't want a nanny but there were times that we needed someone for Ben so we hired Bailey, who we found through an agency. She had been our go to girl for the last three years and Ben loved her. "I'm here to fix some shit!" Em yelled as he walked in. He had a toolbox in his hand. I directed him to the bathroom and when he looked at it he laughed. "Dude, the hot and cold pipes are fucked. The drain pipe is even busted. What the fuck happened?" I stuttered out bullshit, none of it making sense and he rolled his eyes. I went upstairs to change and noticed that Bella was almost done getting ready, again. "I'm sorry baby," I said, wrapping my arms around her waist, after I pulled my wet clothes off. "It's okay, I'm just bummed that my dress is all wet and we didn't get to finish… you better fix that later," she said with a smirk. She looked just as hot in a little black dress and I told her so, promising to make sure she had many orgasms later. We both finished getting ready and walked downstairs to see Emmett packing up. "Hey, I capped off the pipes so you can turn the water back on but that sink is out of commission until you get a real plumber here to fix it." "Thanks Em, you're a lifesaver," Bella said, kissing his cheek and headed back to the kitchen to finish prepping everything. Bella did the entire party herself, since we paid for Maria to fly home to see her family for the holidays. "Who has Erica tonight?" I asked Emmett. Rose and Em had just had a baby a few months ago and this was the first night that Rose was going to be away from her. Rose got pregnant on their wedding night, which was exactly what Emmett wanted. He had been itching for a baby since Bella had Ben. "We have a sitter coming to the house. Rose isn't drinking since she's breast feeding and we have to leave right after the midnight kiss. I think she's going to be worried all night. I doubt she'll have much fun. She'll probably just hang out with Alice." Alice was very pregnant and about to pop. She and Jasper were expecting twins, a girl and a boy, in a few weeks. They eloped in Vegas a few weeks after

we had Ben. It was a spur of the moment thing and they couldn't have been any happier than they were that day in a cheap chapel on the strip. Emmett left to go get Rose and not too long after the house started to fill. It was a good mix of people, but I mostly hung with Jasper and Em. We hired a DJ that was out back in the yard, with a glass dance floor covering the pool. Drinks started to flow and Bella's champagne glass was never empty. By eleven thirty she was shitfaced and leaning into Emmett shaking her ass. Rose and Alice both had that look that said, 'good luck with that one' and I knew I'd be holding her hair back later if I didn't take the glass out of her hand. "Emmett, I have a secret to tell you," she said, trying to whisper it to him but failing hard. "Me and Edward fucked on the sink until it broke," she said loudly, laughing and slurring her words. "I knew it!" Em yelled, pointing at me. After a lot of jokes and a few low blows about how Emmett would have pulled the sink completely off the wall, the DJ announced the midnight countdown. "Happy New Year, baby," I said to Bella pulling her close to me. "Happy New Year to you too," she said back. I pulled her close, counting down from ten against her lips. Then I deepened the kiss when I hit one. "I can't wait until May," she said after our kiss ended. "Me too," I agreed. We were getting married, finally, just outside Chicago. My mom had found a spot that was secluded and beautiful since Bella wanted an outdoor wedding. It was going to be small and intimate, just close friends and family. Bella and I fell into bed a little after three in the morning. By the time we actually fell asleep the sun was starting to come up. I was dead to the world until I felt a weight pressed to my chest. I opened my eyes to see Ben's big brown eyes looking down at me. Even after four years I still got a flutter in my chest when he'd wake me up. There was something that felt perfect about him being there. "Good morning buddy. Is Bailey downstairs?" I asked. "Yep, come on daddy! Wake up and play with me!" he yelled, jumping up and down on my chest. I smiled at the three little words that started it all, never more grateful for the simple request to play. EPOV It's not good when you can't find your four-year-old, especially when he's as mischievous as Ben. In his four short years I had managed to lose him eight times. Once was even at DisneyLand and I was too scared to ask security for help since I was worried that they'd realize I was banned and kick me out. Luckily, I found him. Funnily enough he was in the same photo booth Bella and I had taken pictures in years ago, sleeping. I looked all over the house and I still couldn't find him. Bella was in the office going over some new contracts for the current film they were working on. I didn't want to bother her, aka piss her off by telling her that I lost the kid…again, so I kept searching.

I was worried that he'd somehow gotten into our play room so I went there first, but he was nowhere to be found. So I started going room to room, opening every door along the way. When I opened the bathroom door, on the main floor, I found Emmett sitting on the toilet, reading a Good Housekeeping magazine. I wasn't even aware that he was in the house. I had no idea why Bella found it a good idea to give him a house key, but she gave one to everyone that babysat Ben so we didn't have to worry about anyone getting locked out. "Shit man, sorry," I apologized, moving to shut the door. It was then I saw my son, pants at his ankles, pissing in the bathtub. "What the fuck?" I yelled, startling him slightly. He just smiled back at me over his shoulder and kept peeing in the tub. "Emmett, why the hell would you let him do that?" I asked, not giving a fuck in that moment he was taking a shit during the conversation. "Well, he came running in here, bouncing around like a tiny, little crazy person saying he had to pee. I told him to go to another bathroom, but he said he wouldn't make it, so I said to go in the tub. It seemed like a perfectly acceptable compromise," he said shrugging, then flipping the magazine to the next page like I wasn't there "Ben, pull your pants up and go play, please. Emmett, wipe your ass and meet me in the living room," I said, shutting the door after Ben walked out. It took Emmett another ten minutes to meet me. I wouldn't be surprised if he died on the toilet later in life. "What was with all the yelling?" Bella asked as she descended the stairs. She asked the question just as Emmett walked into the room. "Oh, he's just mad that Ben peed in the tub," Em replied, plopping down on the couch. Bella looked at me in confusion, he eyebrows pulled together tightly. "What Em means to say is that he told Ben to pee in the tub," I replied. Her ears turned bright red, but other than that her face was calm. "Do you even realize how disgusting that is, Emmett. Now I'll be scrubbing the tub everyday because he will probably start doing that all the time since I'm sure he thinks it's the coolest thing in the world," she said, turning on her four inch heel and stomping away. "It's not like you don't pee in the shower, Bella. Everyone does it even if they don't admit to it. I read that Madonna does it during her tours because it combats athletes' foot and her boots make her feet sweat like crazy," he yelled at her retreating form. I rolled my eyes and started to question Emmett's reading habits. "Well…it's true. You know you do it, too," he defended. A few minutes later she came back, the maids cleaning bucket clutched in her hand. "Go clean it out right now, Emmett. And I want your key back; you've lost it until you can prove you can make good decisions."

She sounded like a mother scolding a child. Then again, Emmett was an over grown child so it was rather fucking fitting. He took the bucket, tucked his proverbial tail between his legs, and walked back into the bathroom. "It's kind of sexy when you get all motherly," I commented, pulling her into my arms. She laughed and threw her head back. "That's a good thing since I am a mother." I kissed her, stopping the laugh immediately. About ten minutes later Emmett came back out smelling like bleach, with a big frown on his face. "Sorry, Bella," he said sadly. I just laughed at his crazy ass. Bella got a pouty look on her face and hugged him. "Fine, I won't take the key away, but this is strike two, mister. You fuck up around here again and you can consider yourself keyless." Their relationship was so funny to watch, since Emmett reacted to Bella much like Ben did. The first time she threatened to take the key away was when Emmett decided that it was a good idea to teach Ben how to scream, "You don't know me, fool," at random people. He yelled it in the middle of a grocery store at an old lady who was commenting on how cute he was. She just looked at us in disgust and walked away. It took a few months to break him of that little saying. Later that night as I was tucking Ben into bed, I tried to explain that the tub wasn't a potty and that Uncle Emmett was an idiot. It fell on deaf ears. "I don't think Uncy Em is an idiot, daddy. He a smart guy. Told me that when I growed up, he take me to see boobies and stuff. I say that I already see mommy's before, but he say it's different when they not your mommy's," he said, half asleep. He let out a big yawn and rolled over, covering his head with the blanket. The next day Emmett's key was tucked safely in an office drawer and he was no long allowed to babysit, which bummed him out since he looked like a child molester at Chuck-E-Cheese by himself.

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