ARTICLE VI Nursing Practice Section 28. Scope of Nursing.

- A person shall be deemed to be practicing nursing within the meaning of this Act when he/she singly or in collaboration with another, initiates and performs nursing services to individuals, families and communities in any health care setting. It includes, but not limited to, nursing care during conception, labor, delivery, infancy, childhood, toddler, preschool, school age, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. As independent practitioners, nurses are primarily responsible for the promotion of health and prevention of illness. A members of the health team, nurses shall collaborate with other health care providers for the curative, preventive, and rehabilitative aspects of care, restoration of health, alleviation of suffering, and when recovery is not possible, towards a peaceful death. It shall be the duty of the nurse to: (a) Provide nursing care through the utilization of the nursing process. Nursing care includes, but not limited to, traditional and innovative approaches, therapeutic use of self, executing health care techniques and procedures, essential primary health care, comfort measures, health teachings, and administration of written prescription for treatment, therapies, oral topical and parenteral medications, internal examination during labor in the absence of antenatal bleeding and delivery. In case of suturing of perineal laceration, special training shall be provided according to protocol established; (b) establish linkages with community resources and coordination with the health team; (c) Provide health education to individuals, families and communities; (d) Teach, guide and supervise students in nursing education programs including the administration of nursing services in varied settings such as hospitals and clinics; undertake consultation services; engage in such activities that require the utilization of knowledge and decision-making skills of a registered nurse; and (e) Undertake nursing and health human resource development training and research, which shall include, but not limited to, the development of advance nursing practice; Provided, That this section shall not apply to nursing students who perform nursing functions under the direct supervision of a qualified faculty: Provided, further, That in the practice of nursing in all settings, the nurse is duty-bound to observe the Code of Ethics for nurses and uphold the standards of safe nursing practice. The nurse is required to maintain competence by continual learning through continuing professional education to be provided by the accredited professional organization or any recognized professional nursing organization: Provided, finally, That the program and activity for the continuing professional education shall be submitted to and approved by the Board. Section 29. Qualification of Nursing Service Administrators. - A person occupying supervisory or managerial positions requiring knowledge of nursing must: (a) Be a registered nurse in the Philippines; (b) Have at least two (2) years experience in general nursing service administration; (c) Possess a degree of Bachelors of Science in Nursing, with at least nine (9) units in management and administration courses at the graduate level; and (d) Be a member of good standing of the accredited professional organization of nurses; Provided, That a person occupying the position of chief nurse or director of nursing service shall, in addition to the foregoing qualifications, possess: (1) At least five (5) years of experience in a supervisory or managerial position in nursing; and (2) A master's degree major in nursing;

it is much more than that. it is naturally easier for them to enjoy flexibility in scheduling. Nurses can practice independently. management. nurses can pick and choose the type of patients they prefer to work with. Provided. Specializations in Nursing For choosing a nursing specialty. let us first understand which specializations are nurses operational on. Careers in nursing are getting more and more sought after as population in U. So. Skilled nurses who have highly acknowledged education and training adorning their profiles have a wide range of career opportunities in front of them. further. finally. and hence. School Nursing A school nurse is responsible for taking care of students' health in schools. and research. continues to age. A community nurse is responsible for following a treatment procedure proposed by a doctor. Hospital nursing involves a wide variety of medical jobs. Field of Nursing Profile . Doctors prefer hiring nurses for their assistance in their personal clinics and nursing homes. it is essential to understand the nursing scenario. Moreover.000 and USD 75. (b). From hands-on patient care to assisting doctors. Medical Assistance Medical assistance is another specialization of nursing where nurses are responsible for managing patients. it is essential for them to be a critical thinker. Hospital Nursing When you think of hospital nursing. For those who still think that a nurse does nothing but hand over the instruments to the doctor. and a strong background in science or mathematics. or at a renowned hospital on a full-time basis. That for primary hospitals. the maximum academic qualifications and experiences for a chief nurse shall be as specified in subsections (a). The many areas in nursing offer a wide range of opportunities to those interested in health care. From providing focused care and assistance to the patients. It is there that nurses can offer assistance to the clinic on a parttime basis. Community Nursing Community nursing is a better option in terms of specialization as in this field. Nursing is thought of as a fairly challenging career which requires persistence and determination. with fair interpersonal skills. hospital nursing is full of career opportunities for the ones interested in health activities. They deliver medications as prescribed by doctors. administration. priority shall be given to those who have finished a master's degree in nursing and the completion of the General Staff Course (GSC): Provided. even further. All thanks to the health care options which have widened the horizons of the already conventional prerequisites for nursing with time passing by. if one is looking forward to making a career in one of the fields of nursing. and setting up referrals. isn't it? Well. schedule. this section will help us understand the many areas of nursing where nurses can offer services in the above sectors of health care. That for chief nurses in military hospitals. from management of hospital processes to training newbie nurses. They choose to work in the home health care industry. astonishingly.S. That for chief nurses in the public health nursing shall be given priority. furthermore. they also teach students the basics of health care. What's more. and (c) of this section: Provided. That those occupying such positions before the effectivity of this Act shall be given a period of five (5) years within which to qualify. and performing relevant medical methods. a female clad in a white uniform with a tray full of medicines comes to your mind. let me tell you that nursing today involves direct patient health care such as providing medications. what are the various fields of nursing? What are the different types of nursing careers that are highly lucrative? Here's giving a brief layout of the many areas in the field of nursing where a nursing aspirant can work in.Provided. Fields of Nursing Considering the above four specializations of nursing that open gates for numerous lucrative jobs. after working all day in a hospital. Salary of a school nurse can range well between USD 45. In other words. and offer first-aid to those who get injured. responsibilities of a nurse can vary from an entry-level practitioner to a doctoral-level researcher.000.

are called forensic nurses. Anesthetist Nursing Provision of anesthesia to surgical. Ambulatory Care Nursing in this field involves taking care of illnesses in patients periodically.S.Emergency Nursing Nurses in this field work with emergency cases. and trauma patients is a job of a nurse anesthetist. Midwife Nursing All processes associated with childbirth come under this field of nursing. mammography. which can Nursing be outside the hospital. sexual glitches. is the responsibility of a pediatric nurse. While above were some of the most sought after fields in nursing. either at hospital or at the patients' homes is the job of a geriatric nurse. Nursing of little babies. providing them with proper medication and assistance all throughout their recovery. etc. etc. are addressed. teenagers. All specialties such as infertility. dermatology nurses specialize in this field of nursing. Geriatric Nursing Taking care of old people. etc. agency nursing involves a nurse's registration with an agency Agency Nursing where he/she can provide services in flexibility of specialization as well as time preferences. documents. A military nurse can also work in a military hospital. tumor. A Pediatric Nursing master's degree in nursing is one of the most basic pediatric nurse requirements. etc. Nurses providing medication to victims of crime. Dermatology Nursing Women Health For taking care of all problems and diseases associated with the skin. Nurses who take care of patients suffering from heart diseases are called cardiac care nurses. lithotripsy are responsibilities of a urological nurse. A highly sought after job. Military Nursing Cardiac Care Nursing Case Management Nursing Forensic Nursing Urology Nursing Legal Nursing Gastroenterology Nurses working under this field take care of patients who suffer from all problems Nursing associated with gastroenterology. this field of nursing has a wide scope. thereby. This is said to be one of the most lucrative careers in the U. Fields such as reproduction. for attorneys and lawyers. and patients in prison. following is a list of a few more nursing domains that a health care aspirant can browse through: • • • • • • • • • Advance Practice Registered Nursing Clinical Nursing Developmental Disability Nursing Diabetes Nursing Genetics Nursing HIV/AIDS Nursing Hematology Nursing Perinatal Nursing Radiology Nursing . etc. oncology.. A midwife nurse is responsible for taking care of the expecting mother. Nurses who are responsible for treating army personnel are called military nurses. obstetrical. considering the mind-blowing salary figures of nurse anesthetists. Patients who require a long-term treatment for their illnesses like cancer. OB/GYN. seek assistance from case management nurses who regularly pay visits to the patient. Legal nurses make use of the legal system along with nursing to review medical papers. For all illnesses and problems associated with women's health. A neonatal nurse practitioner has a somewhat similar job. etc.

the Board hereby resolved. utilizing the therapeutic process. the promulgation of the said Code as a set of guidelines. the Philippine Nurses Association. Health is a fundamental right of every individual. the Board of Nursing (BON) has the power to promulgate a Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses in coordination and consultation with the accredited professional organization (Sec. yet rewarding environment. when the foregoing are not possible. psychological. prevention of illness. and WHEREAS. ARTICLE II REGISTERED NURSES AND PEOPLE SECTION 4. and ecological aspects of illness. II of R. opportunities will also increase.S. However. decided to adopt a new Code of Ethics under the afore-mentioned new law. NOW. alleviation of suffering. Ethical Principles . as it now resolves.A. nursing is about taking care of all right from their birth to the old age! CODE OF ETHICS FOR NURSES WHEREAS. Art. regulations or measures shall be subject to approval by the Commission (Sec. After all. Inc. in the formulation of the Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses. with increasing experience. 9. 9173. and the members of the community provides the incentive to attain and maintain the highest possible degree of ethical conduct. the terrific salary range of a nursecontributes to one of the highest salaries in the U.• • • • Surgical Nursing Transplant Nursing Perioperative Nursing Vocational Nursing Above was a fleeting glimpse of the different fields of nursing and health care. colleagues. and restoration of health. To assume this responsibility. and other affiliate organizations of Registered Nurses. the Code of Good Governance for the Professions in the Philippines was utilized as the principal basis thereof: All the principles under the said Code were adopted and integrated into the Code of Ethics as they apply to the nursing profession. Art III of (Republic Act) No. SECTION 3. 9. recognizes the primary responsibility to preserve health at all cost. 9173). after consultation on October 23. Cultural diversity and political and socio-economic status are inherent factors to effective nursing care. terse. physiological. However. For aspirants ready to work in a challenging. The desire for the respect and confidence of clientele. THERFORE. (PNA). the Board. The Filipino registered nurse. known as the "Philippine Nursing Act of 2002). assistance towards a peaceful death shall be his/her obligation. nursing is the most suited career option for them. WHEREAS. 2003 at Iloilo City with the accredited professional organization of registered nurses. What's more. No. WHEREAS. SECTION 2. social. co-workers. This responsibility encompasses promotion of health. (g). to promulgate the hereunder Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses: ARTICLE I PREAMBLE SECTION 1. registered nurses have to gain knowledge and understanding of man's cultural. spiritual. believing in the worth and dignity of each human being.

be responsible in providing favorable environment for the growth and developments of Registered Nurses in their charge. Quality and excellence in the care of the patients are the goals of nursing practice. g. Human life is inviolable. ensure that patients' records shall be available only if they are to be issued to those who are professionally and directly involved in their care and when they are required by law. d. Series of 2003. customs. 3. insure that modification of practice shall consider the principles of safe nursing practice. consider the individuality and totality of patients when they administer care. and spiritual beliefs held by individuals shall be respected. c. Guidelines to be observed: REGISTERED Nurses must a. Guidelines to be observed: REGISTERED Nurses must . SECTION 8. take into consideration the culture and values of patients in providing nursing care. be cognizant that professional programs for specialty certification by the BON are accredited through the Nursing Specialty Certification Council (NSCC). Individual freedom to make rational and unconstrained decisions shall be respected. of 2002". f. know the definition and scope of nursing practice which are in the provisions of R. Personal information acquired in the process of giving nursing care shall be held in strict confidence. Ethical Principles 1. 2. their welfare and safety must take precedence. Accurate documentation of actions and outcomes of delivered care is the hallmark of nursing accountability.1. No. 425. Values. SECTION 5. if in position of authority in a work environment. (the IRR). 3. c. ARTICLE III REGISTERED NURSES AND PRACTICE SECTION 6. Guidelines to be observed: REGISTERED Nurses must a. 9173. uphold the rights of individuals. if in position of authority in a work environment. e. the "Rules and Regulations Implementing the Philippine Nursing Act. known as the "Philippine Nursing Act of 2002" and Board Res. b. respect the spiritual beliefs and practices of patients regarding diet and treatment. b. skills. see to it that quality nursing care and practice meet the optimum standard of safe nursing practice. and attitudes to effectively render appropriate nursing services through varied learning situations. i. i. However. in the event of conflicts. if they are administrators. be aware of their duties and responsibilities in the practice of their profession as defined in the "Philippine Nursing Act of 2002" and the IRR. be normally and legally responsible for devising a system of minimizing occurrences of ineffective and unlawful nursing practice. 2. d. SECTION 5. Registered Nurses are the advocates of the patients: they shall take appropriate steps to safeguard their rights and privileges. be normally and legally responsible for devising a system of minimizing occurrences of ineffective and unlawful nursing practice. acquire and develop the necessary competence in knowledge. h. No. Ethical Principle 4. A.

contribute to the professional growth and development of other members of the health team. favor or hospitality which might be interpreted as capitalizing on patients. d. a co-nurse or another health care worker. and legal dimensions. c. refrain from making unfair and unwarranted comments or criticisms on their competence. not allow themselves to be used in advertisement that should demean the image of the profession (i. residence or workplace. SECTION 12. not to pay any commission. They strive to perform their work in the best interest of all concerned. Guidelines to be observed: REGISTERED Nurses must a. rules regulations.e. f. respect the "Patients' Bill of Rights" in the delivery of nursing care. ARTICLE IV REGISTERED NURSES AND CO-WORKERS SECTION 11. 2. not demand and receive any commission. Guidelines to be observed: REGISTERED Nurses must a. measures. c. honor and safeguard the reputation and dignity of the members of nursing and other professions. The Registered Nurse is in solidarity with other members of the healthcare team in working for the patient's best interest. indecent exposure. fee or emolument for recommending or referring a patient to a physician. uphold the patients' rights when conflict arises regarding management of their care. seductive behavior. b.a. SECTION 9. fee or other compensations to the one referring or recommending a patient to them for nursing care.). Ethical Principle Registered Nurses are aware that their actions have professional. or not do anything that will bring discredit to a colleague and to any member of other professions. decline any gift. e. provide the patients or their families with all pertinent information except those which may be deemed harmful to their well-being. actively participate in professional organizations. AND ENVIRONMENT SECTION 13. c. and procedures. SECTION 10. b. maintain their professional role/identity while working with other members of the health team. e. moral. not act in any manner prejudicial to other professions. Ethical Principles . d. ARTICLE V REGISTERED NURSES. violation of dress code. ethico-legal statndards. etc. perform their professional duties in conformity with existing laws. ethical. b. Ethical Principles 1. conduct. SOCIETY. and generally accepted principles of moral conduct and proper decorum. avoid any abuse of the privilege relationship which exists with patients and of the privilege access allowed to their property. respect the rights of their co-workers. conform with group activities as those of a health team should be based on acceptable. The Registered Nurse maintains collegial and collaborative working relationship with colleagues and other health care providers. PRC-BN g.

d. actively participate in programs. b. this 14th day of July. 223 is accordingly repealed or superseded by the herein Code. and international efforts to meet health and social needs of the people as a contributing member of society is a noble concern of a Registered Nurse. and activities that respond to the problems of society. SECTION 19. lead their lives in conformity with the principles of right conduct and proper decorum. assert for the implementation of labor and work standards. c. A.D. Art. Ethical Principles 1. 23 (f). AND EFFECTIVITY SECTION 17. 2. be equipped with knowledge of health resources within the community. ARTICLE VI REGISTERED NURSES AND THE PROFESSION SECTION 15. as such. Guidelines to be observed: REGISTERED Nurses must a. be involved in community concerns.1. and take roles in primary health care. d. This Code of Ethics for Nurses shall take effect after fifteen (15) days from its full and complete publication in the Official Gazette or in any newspapers of general circulation. Rule III of Board Res. national. strive to secure equitable socio-economic and work conditions in nursing through appropriate legislation and other means. be conscious of their obligations as citizens and. 3. projects. SECTION 16. The Certificate of Registration of Registered Nurse shall either be revoked or suspended for violation of any provisions of this Code pursuant to Sec. Series of 2003. 9173 and Sec. Maintenance of loyalty to the nursing profession and preservation of its integrity are ideal. No. Commitment to continual learning and active participation in the development and growth of the profession are commendable obligations. b. the IRR. SECTION 14. 877 and P. e. No. SECTION 18. and promotion of healthy environment shall be a commitment of a Registered Nurse. 425. No. respect for human rights. The establishment of linkages with the public in promoting local. Compliance with the by-laws of the accredited professional organization (PNA). Done in the City of Manila. The Amended Code of Ethics promulgated pursuant to R. project an image that will uplift the nursing profession at all times. PRC-BN c. . No. REPEALING CLAUSE. 4. The preservation of life. strictly adhere to the nursing standards. Contribution to the improvement of the socio-economic conditions and general welfare of nurses through appropriate legislation is a practice and a visionary mission. 23 (f). A. participate actively in the growth and development of the nursing profession. 2. ARTICLE VII ADMINISTRATIVE PENALTIES. e. IV of R. Guidelines to be observed: REGISTERED Nurses must a. and other professional organizations of which the Registered Nurse is a member is a lofty duty. 2004. be members of the Accredited Professional Organization (PNA).

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