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Princeton Review Word Smart for GRE

1.ABATE: to lessen in intensity or degree 2.ABCISSION: act of cutting off or removing 3.ABERRANT: deviating from the norm 4.ABEYANCE: temporary inactivity, cessation 5.ABJECT: miserable; hopeless; horrible 6.ABJURE: to renounce or reject solemnly; to recant; to avoid 7.ABRADE: to wear off or down by scraping or rubbing 8.ABROGATE: to abolish or annul by authority; put down 9.ABSCOND: to depart clandestinely; to steal off and hide 10.ABSTAIN: to refrain from an activity 11.ABSTENTION: the trait of abstaining (especially from alcohol) 12.ACCOLADE: an expression of praise; an award 13.ACCRETION: growth, increase by successive addition, building up 14.ACERBIC: having a sour or bitter taste or character 15.ACQUISITIVE: eager to acquire and possess things especially material possessions or ideas 16.ACUMEN: quick, keen, or accurate knowledge or insight 17.ADJURE: to command solemnly, as under oath 18.ADJURE: solemn urging 19.ADMONISH: to reprove; to express warning or disapproval 20.ADROIT: adept, dexterous 21.ADULATION: excessive praise; intense adoration 22.ADULTERATE: to reduce purity by combining with inferior ingredients 23.ADUMBRATE: to foreshadow vaguely, intimate, suggest, or outline sketchily 24.ADVERT: make a more or less disguised reference to 25.ADVOCATE: to argue for or support a cause 26.AESTHETIC: dealing with, appreciative of, or responsive to art or the beautiful 27.AFFABLE: diffusing warmth and friendliness 28.AFFIDAVIT: written declaration made under oath 29.AGGRANDIZE: to increase in intensity, power, or prestige; to make appear greater 30.ALACRITY: cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness 31.ALCHEMY: a magical or wonderful transformation 32.ALLOY: to commingle; to debase by mixing with something inferior 33.AMALGAMATE: to combine several elements into a whole 34.AMBIGUITY: uncertainty in meaning 35.AMBIT: circuit or compass; also, sphere of action or influence. 36.AMBIVALENCE: the quality of having opposing ideas or feelings 37.AMELIORATE: to make better or more tolerable 38.AMENABLE: agreeable; responsive to suggestion 39.ANACHRONISM: something or someone out of place in terms of historical or chronological context 40.ANATHEMA: a solemn or ecclesiastical (religious) curse; accursed or thoroughly loathed person or thing

41.ANCILLARY: subordinate, assisting 42.ANIMUS: strong dislike or enmity; animosity 43.ANODYNE: soothing 44.ANOMALY: deviation from the normal order, form, or rule; abnormality 45.ANTAGONIZE: to irritate or cause hostility 46.ANTEPENULTIMATE: third to last 47.ANTIPATHY: aversion, dislike 48.ANTITHETICAL: diametrically opposed, as in antithesis 49.APATHY: lack of interest or feeling 50.APHORISM: a terse saying embodying a general truth, or astute observation 51.APLOMB: self-confidence 52.APOCRYPHAL: of dubious authenticity or origin; spurious 53.APOGEE: farthest or highest point; culmination; zenith 54.APOPLEXY: a sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain 55.APOSTATE: one who abandons long-held religious or political convictions, a betrayer of a cause 56.APOTHEOSIS: deification, glorification to godliness, the perfect example 57.APPOSITE: appropriate, pertinent, relevant, apropos 58.APPRISE: give notice to, inform 59.APPROBATION: an expression of approval or praise 60.APPROPRIATE: to take for one's own use, confiscate 61.ARABESQUE: complex, ornate design 62.ARCANE: mysterious, abstruse, esoteric, knowable only to initiates 63.ARCHAIC: outdated; associated with an earlier, perhaps more primitive time 64.ARDUOUS: strenuous, taxing, requiring significant effort 65.ARRANT: impudent; in every way, being completely such, bare-faced, utter 66.ARREST: to suspend; to engage 67.ARROGATE: seize and take control without authority and possibly with force 68.ARTICULATE: to enunciate or pronounce clearly; to express oneself clearly 69.ARTLESS: completely without guile; natural, without artificiality 70.ASCETIC: one who practices rigid self-denial, especially as an act of religious devotion 71.ASPERITY: severity, rigor; roughness, harshness; acrimony, irritability 72.ASPERSION: an act of defamation or maligning 73.ASSENT: agreement with a statement or proposal to do something 74.ASSEVERATE: to aver, allege, assert 75.ASSIDUOUS: diligent, hard-working 76.ASSIDUOUS: persistent, attentive, diligent 77.ASSUAGE: to ease or lesson; to appease or pacify 78.ASTRINGENT: to ease or lessen; to appease or pacify 79.ATTENUATE: to rarefy, weaken or make thinner, lessen 80.ATTRITION: a reduction of strength in numbers, a wearing down 81.AUDACIOUS: daring and fearless; recklessly bold 82.AUGURY: omen, portent, the reading of omens 83.AUGUST: majestic, venerable 84.AUSPICE: protection or support, patronage

BLANDISH: to coax with flattery.BURNISH: to polish. yokel 109. or ascribe a virtue to.AVOCATION: a hobby 90.BOISTEROUS: loud. begin to talk about 110.CACOPHONY: harsh.AUSPICIOUS: favorable. to confirm or support 89.BENIGN: favorable.AUSTERE: without adornment. blatant.BOOR: a rude or insensitive person. humorous and provocative stage show 114. make happy.CALLOW: immature or inexperienced 122.AVER: to state as fact. rough. dissonance 118. or mooch 119. wheedle. pernicious.CADRE: a group of professionals capable of training and leading others 120. endure. ascetic 87.BURLESQUE: ludicrous parody or grotesque caricature. warlike 100.BANE: cause of injury. lout. lacking restraint 106. festoon. ominous 94.AXIOM: a universally recognized principle.BELEAGUER: to surround with military forces or with troubles 98.BLITHE: carefree. tendency 102. primary 129. merry 104. successful.BUCOLIC: rustic and pastoral.BELIE: to give a false impression of.BROOK: to tolerate. to misrepresent 99. a group of plotters 117.CARDINAL: of basic importance or consequence. sweet-talk 121. discordant sound.CADGE: to sponge. showy manner.CANON: an established set of principles or code of laws. calculated to confuse or entrap in argument 128. countenance 111. caparison 97. often religious in nature 125.BOLSTER: to provide support or reinforcement 107. severely simple.CABAL: a scheme or plot. rub to a shine 115. beg.BURGEON: to grow rapidly or flourish 113. grandiloquent 108. proclivity. unpredictable 127.CARET: an insertion mark (^) used by editors and proofreaders .BEATIFY: to bless.CAPITULATE: surrender under agreed conditions 126. characteristic of rural areas and their inhabitants 112.BOMBASTIC: pompous. source of persistent frustration 95. harmless 101.BROACH: bring up. toady or fawn 103.CAJOLE: to inveigle. possessing self-evident truth 92.BODACIOUS: thorough. especially for wealth 88.AVARICE: greed.BENT: leaning.CANDOR: the quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech 124.AXIOMATIC: taken as a given. source of harm. erratic. unmistakable. pugnacious. complex 116. jarring. coax. bare.BADINAGE: light. announce. propitious.CALUMNIATE: to slander. make a false accusation 123.85.CAPRICIOUS: inclined to change one's mind impulsively. noisy. prosperous 86.BELLICOSE: belligerent. playful banter 93.BYZANTINE: labyrinthine.BALEFUL: sinister. remarkable 105.CAPTIOUS: disposed to point out trivial faults. to regard as saintly 96. inclination. a generally accepted or common saying 91.BEDIZEN: to adorn. especially in a cheap.

CERTITUDE: total certainty or greater certainty than circumstances warrant 141.CONFOUND: to cause to be confused. to fuse or unite 156. subdue 145. avoid.CAUSALITY: the relationship between cause and effect 134. accord 168.CONFLAGRATION: a very intense and uncontrolled fire 171.COLOR: to change as if by dyeing. disdainful.CONCORD: harmony. prudent 154. difficult and intractable 151. amount. something that concludes or completes 157. get around 155. talk over. or honor 170. exchange opinions.130. draw a line around 153.CHICANERY: trickery or subterfuge 148. or other property 161.CASTIGATION: severe criticism or punishment 132.CONFER: to consult.COALESCE: to come together.CAVIL: to find fault without good reason 137.COMPENDIOUS: comprehensive and succinct 163.COMPLAISANCE: the willingness to comply with the wishes of others 164. the act of blaming or condemning 139. confine. a person or thing that causes change 133.CHAOS: a condition of confusion or unpredictability 143.CIRCUMSCRIBE: limit. size. loutish.CHIC: stylish and fashionable. to officially rebuke 140.CHAUVINIST: one blindly devoted to a group of which one is a member 146. outsmart. baffle.COGNOSCENTI: an expert able to appreciate a field 159. to present as a gift.CEDE: relinquish possession or control over 138.CIRCUMVENT: outwit.COMMENSURATE: corresponding in size or degree or extent 162.CAVALIER: haughty. cautious. vulgar.COMPUNCTION: a feeling of deep regret (usually for some misdeed) 165. distort.CHAGRIN: embarrassment 142.CONDIGN: fitting or appropriate and deserved 169.CIRCUMLOCUTION: an indirect way of expressing something 152. sparing 144. unceremonious 136.CARNALITY: something relating to the body or flesh 131.COMMENSURATE: matching.CHIMERA: an illusion 149.CONCOMITANT: following as a consequence 167. defeat by behaving more cleverly.CENSURE: to criticize severely.COGENT: appealing forcibly to the mind or reason.CHARY: wary. favor. or gloss over 160.CENSURE: a judgment involving condemnation. corresponding.CIRCUMSPECT: cautious. convincing 158.CAUSTIC: burning or stinging.CHASTEN: to chastise or correct. causing corrosion 135. influence. to frustrate 172.CONCLAVE: a confidential or secret meeting 166. or proportionate in degree.CHURLISH: boorish. sophistication in dress 147.CODA: concluding section to a musical or literary piece.CHOLERIC: tending toward anger 150.CONGENITAL: present at birth but not necessarily hereditary .CATALYST: a substance hat accelerates the rate of a chemical reaction without itself changing.

competition 177. sully. lacking any courage 192.CRAVEN: contemptibly fainthearted.DAUNT: to intimidate or dismay 198.DEPORTMENT: (behavioral attributes) the way a person behaves toward other people 211.CONTEMN: to scorn or despise 176.DEARTH: smallness of quantity or number. gullible 193. touching.CORRIGIBLE: capable of being set right.DESUETUDE: disuse .DECLAIM: speak against in an impassioned manner 201. to make dry or dull 217. correctable. scorn. self-important 175. having fun together. the unraveling of a plot 210. aspersion 183. pamper 189.COZEN: to deceive. lack 199. belittle.DEFRAY: to bear or pay all or part of 204.DEFERENTIAL: showing deference 203. particularly in music 194.DEMAGOGUE: a person who gains power or popularity by arousing strong emotions. disparage 209.COUNTENANCE: to approve of or tolerate 190.DEBACLE: rout. beguile. hoodwink 191. obtained from another source 216. ridicule.CONNOISSEUR: an informed and astute judge in matters of taste. struggling.CONVOLUTED: complex or complicated 187.DERIVATIVE: unoriginal.DAMP: to diminish the intensity or check something. to exploit in a predatory manner 213. rebellious 182. quarrelsome.CONTUMELY: insult. violate 180. scarcity.CONTRITE: regretful.173. adjacent 179.CONSEQUENTIAL: pompous.DEPRECATE: to disparage or belittle 212. oppose. sociable. thesis. ravage or destroy.CONTENTIOUS: argumentative.DEPREDATE: to plunder. complete failure 200.CONTRAVENE: to contradict. pusillanimous. reparable 188.DECORUM: politeness or appropriateness of conduct or behavior 202. claim. defame. contemptuous treatment 215.CONTENTION: assertion. fiasco.CONVIVIAL: festive.CYNICISM: an attitude or quality of belief that all people are motivated by selfishness 196.COSSET: to coddle. passions and prejudices 207.DENIGRATE: blacken.CREDULOUS: tending to believe too readily.DESICCATE: to dry out or dehydrate. harmful 206. seeking forgiveness 181.DERELICT: abandoned 214.DEIGN: do something that one considers to be below one's dignity 205.CONTIGUOUS: sharing a border. penitent.DEMUR: to question or oppose 208.DERISION: scorn. causing controversy or disagreement 178.CONVENTION: a generally agreed-upon practice or attitude 184. such as a sound or feeling 197. pillage. expert 174. genial 185.CRESCENDO: a gradual increase in intensity.DENOUEMENT: an outcome or solution.CONTUMACIOUS: insubordinate.DELETERIOUS: injurious.CULPABLE: deserving blame 195.CONVOKE: call together 186.

DISABUSE: to undeceive.DICTUM: an authoritative saying. unassuming. conflict 247. to set right 234.DISCRETION: cautious reserve in speech. looseness in morals 246. especially due to anxiety 248. forceful.DUPE: one who is deceived 256. unbiased 238. energetic person 258.DIGRESS: to stray from the point. gloomy.DISPORT: to divert or amuse oneself 242.DROSS: slag. dissonant or harsh in sound 236.DIAPHANOUS: transparent.DISINTERESTED: free from self-interest.DOUR: stern. harmonious. which often cannot be proved. ill-humored 252.ECLECTIC: composed of elements drawn from various sources . put down 235. absent-minded.DIDACTIC: intended to teach or instruct 225.DIALECTIC: any formal system of reasoning that arrives at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments 221. aspersion 220. thoughtless.DETRACTION: slandering.ECCENTRIC: departing from norms or conventions 260. mellifluous 255. a maxim.DISPARATE: fundamentally distinct or dissimilar 240.DIVULGE: to disclose something secret 249.EBULLIENCE: the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts and feelings 259.DILETTANTE: one with an amateurish or superficial interest in the arts or a branch of knowledge 231.DISTRAIT: distracted.DIFFIDENT: reserved.DIE: a tool used for shaping 226.DISSEMINATE: cause to become widely known 244.DIN: loud sustained noise 232.DIATRIBE: a harsh denunciation 223.DISSONANCE: lack of harmony.DISSIDENT: a person who dissents from some established policy 245. verbal attack. to go off on a tangent 228. unyielding.DIRGE: a mournful song or poem for the dead 233. an adage. a proverb 224.DESULTORY: random. waste or foreign matter.DOGMATIC: authoritatively and or arrogantly assertive of principles. impurity. surface scum 253.218.DISCORDANT: conflicting.DILATORY: causing delay.DULCET: melodious. procrastinating 230. to mislead 243.DISPASSIONATE: unaffected by strong emotion or prejudice 241. stubbornly opinionated 251.DISSOLUTION: disintegration.DURESS: compulsion by threat or force 257.DILATE: to become wider or more open 229.DOGGEREL: trivial.DYNAMO: generator.DUCTILE: capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out 254. marked by a lack of plan or purpose 219. shy. gauzy 222. poorly constructed verse 250.DISPARAGE: to slight or belittle 239. ability to make responsible decisions 237.DISCOMFIT: to defeat.DISSEMBLE: to disguise or conceal. lacking in self-confidence 227.

EFFETE: exhausted.ENNUI: dissatisfaction and restlessness resulting from boredom or apathy 287. panegyric.ENORMITY: excessive wickedness. excessively demonstrative 272. making less harsh.ESCARPMENT: steep cliff 301. expressive. produce. short-lived 290. composure.ERRANT: traveling. attempt. adopt or embrace.ESCHEW: to shun or avoid 302. pertaining to all of Christianity 262.EQUABLE: level.EFFUSION: a pouring out. itinerant. mollifying 280. not flowing logically.EQUIVOCATE: to use ambiguous language with a deceptive intent 297. to reduce in vitality 284.EFFUSIVE: gushing.ERUDITE: very learned.EPICURE: one devoted to sensual pleasure. fleeting. indigenous 283.EPISODIC: loosely connected. an uncontrolled display of emotion 271.ESPOUSE: to make one's own.EPITHET: disparaging word or phrase 293.EQUANIMITY: calm.ENCOMIUM: glowing and enthusiastic praise.EMOLLIENT: soothing. esp.EDACIOUS: voracious.EPHEMERAL: brief. experiment . self-indulgent. not able to be easily disturbed 295.ELOQUENT: well-spoken. one that is noxious 269. devouring 263. gourmand. restricted to or peculiar to that region.ENSCONCED: settled in 289.ENIGMATIC: mysterious.EMEND: to edit or change a text. correct 279. occurring at intervals 292.ENERVATE: to weaken.ELOCUTION: an expert manner of speaking involving control of voice and gesture 277. specific group 303. articulate 278. any mournful writing or piece of music 276.EMPIRICAL: based on observation or experiment 281.EGREGIOUS: conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible 273.EPITOME: embodiment. informative 264. particularly in food and drink. eulogy 282. evilness 288.EGRESS: the act of coming (or going) out 274.EFFICACY: the ability to produce an intended result 267.ENDEMIC: characteristic of or often found in a particular locality. quintessence 294.ENGENDER: to cause. obscure.EFFRONTERY: extreme boldness.EFFACE: remove completely from recognition or memory 265. region. peripatetic 298. give rise to 285. as in a cause 304.ERRATIC: without consistency 299.261. sybarite 291.ELEGY: a mournful poem. infertile 266.ESSAY: to test or try.ELEEMOSYNARY: charitable 275. presumptuousness 270. or people. scholarly 300. difficult to understand 286.ECUMENICAL: universal. especially to the skin.EFFLUVIUM: slight or invisible vapor. especially one lamenting the dead.EDIFYING: enlightening. self-possession 296. tribute.EFFLUENCE: the process of flowing out 268.ESOTERIC: intended for or understood by a small.

FLIP: sarcastic. humorous. well chosen.EXACERBATE: to make worse or more severe 311. suitable for the occasion 337. take 312. purify. working. done without preparation 325.FILIGREE: an ornamental work. paradigm.EXONERATE: to remove blame 318.FAWN: to flatter or praise excessively 335. vanishing 309. formidable 306. having a heavy bad smell 341. to range freely 319.FECKLESS: ineffectual.FALLOW: untilled. call for. resembling such a pattern 345. pressing. requiring immediate action or attention 317.FALLACY: an invalid or incorrect notion. censor 323.EXTANT: existing. to represent as less serious 327. to decline 347. a mistaken belief 331.FANATICAL: zealous. exterminate.EXPIATE: to atone or make amends for 320. dormant 332.FIDUCIARY: a person who holds assets in trust for a beneficiary 343.305. irresponsible 336. suitably expressed. or proceeding with ease. swindle or cheat 346.EXACT: to demand. fluent 330.EVANESCENT: tending to disappear like vapor. ruddy. to become spiritless. restrain 342.EXTEMPORANEOUS: improvised.EXPATIATE: discuss or write about at length.EXIGENT: urgent. apropos.FACETIOUS: playful. impertinent 348.FELICITOUS: apt. put in chains. especially of delicate lacelike patterns. single-mindedly obsessed with one thing 333.EXTIRPATE: to destroy. pull out by the roots 328.EXHORT: to incite. not serious 329.EXTENUATING: partially excusing or justifying.ESTIMABLE: worthy.ETIOLOGY: the study of causation 307.FELICITOUS: apt.EXCULPATE: exonerate.EVINCE: to show clearly.FLAG: to sag or droop.EXCORIATE: to censure scathingly. inanely foolish 334.EXEMPLAR: typical or standard specimen. to make urgent appeals 316.FLORID: flushed with color. require. delightful 338.EULOGY: a speech honoring the dead 308.FETTER: to shackle.FERVENT: greatly emotional or zealous 340.FINAGLE: to trick.FETID: stinking.EXPURGATE: to remove obscenity.FATUOUS: silly.FACILE: acting.FELL: a barren or stony hill. cut out. inactive. model 315.EXTEMPORANEOUS: with little or no preparation or forethought 326. to indicate 310. ornate .FILIBUSTER: intentional obstruction.EXPOSITION: a systematic interpretation or explanation (usually written) of a specific topic 321. to upbraid 313. an animal's hide 339.EXPUNGE: remove by erasing or crossing out 322. usually using prolonged speechmaking to delay legislative action 344. to clear of blame 314. not destroyed or lost 324.

unruly. state.GOSSAMER: delicate. awkward. enjoying the company of other people 381. rouse 352.GAUCHE: crude.FORAY: raid 354.HACKNEYED: rendered trite or commonplace by frequent usage 384.FORBEARANCE: patience. nonchalant. brawl 361.FULMINATE: to attack loudly or denounce 365.HALLOW: to set apart as holy 386.HETERODOX: unorthodox. to sink 360.FORD: to wade across the shallow part of a river or stream 356. frolic 370. willingness to wait 355. unwarranted 380.GENUFLECT: bend the knees and bow in a servile manner 375.GERMANE: relevant to the subject at hand. store up. covert. heretical. lacking in depth.FORESTALL: to act in a way to hinder.GAINSAY: to deny.GALVANIZE: to stimulate. dispute.HERMETIC: airtight.FLOTSAM: wreckage of a ship floating in water 350.GARRULOUS: pointlessly talkative. disallow. stubbornly disobedient 363.GUILE: trickery.GROUSE: to complain or grumble 382. rebellious. duplicity. especially to the pleasures of the senses 389. to collapse . not called for by circumstances.HALCYON: calm and peaceful. to startle into sudden action 369.FRACAS: noisy fight or quarrel.HEDONISM: devotion to pleasurable pursuits. insincere 378. to circumvent or thwart 357. outgoing. repudiate 358.HARROW: to distress. appropriate in subject matter 376. insubstantial or tenuous. prosperous 385.GREGARIOUS: sociable.GLIB: marked by ease or informality. talking too much 372. iconoclastic . or ideology over others 390.GRATUITOUS: freely given. superficial 377.FORTUITOUS: happening by fortunate accident or chance 359. create stress or torment 388.FLOUT: to demonstrate contempt for 351.HARANGUE: to deliver a loud. exclude or prevent an action.FURTIVE: marked by stealth.349. transitory 364. pompous speech or tirade 387. incite.FRACTIOUS: quarrelsome. impervious to outside influence 392. tasteless 374.FOOLHARDY: recklessly or thoughtlessly bold 353.FOMENT: to stir up. usually temporarily 366. oppose 368.HERETICAL: violating accepted dogma or convention.FURLOUGH: to lay off from work.FOUNDER: to fail . surreptitious 367.HETERODOX: characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards 393.GRANDILOQUENCE: pompous speech or expression 379.GASTRONOMY: the art and practice of choosing and preparing and eating good food 373. cranky 362. unorthodox 391. cunning 383. not willing to yield or comply.GAMBOL: to skip about playfully.GARNER: to gather and save. acquire 371.FUGACIOUS: fleeting.FROWARD: intractable.HEGEMONY: the consistent dominance or influence of one group.FORSWEAR: to renounce. contradict.

HIRSUTE: hairy. censure.IDYLL: a carefree. penalty or harm 421. a platitude 397. apathetic. giving off heat or light 426. not fully formed 427. ignoble. torpid 438.INDUBITABLE: too obvious to be doubted .ILLICIT: illegal 405. execrate. insolent.IDOLATROUS: given to intense or excessive devotion to something 402. showing no bias or prejudice 434. deny 419. light-hearted pastoral or romantic episode or experience.IMPUNITY: immunity from punishment.INCHOATE: in an initial stage.IMPUNITY: exemption from punishment or loss 420.INCANDESCENT: brilliant.INDITE: produce a literary work 436.HINTERLAND: the wilderness 395. domineering.INADVERTENT: unintentional 423. laziness 437.HOMOGENOUS: same throughout 398.IMMUTABLE: not capable of change 409.HUBRIS: arrogant presumption or pride 399.INDOLENCE: inactivity resulting from a dislike of work.INDIFFERENT: having no interest or concern.INCURSION: an attack or raid.IMMINENT: about to happen. a literary or musical piece describing such 403. assign as a characteristic 422.INDOLENT: lazy.IMPUTE: to attribute to a cause or source.IMBROGLIO: difficult or embarrassing situation 406.INCIPIENT: beginning. dogged 432.394.INAMORATA: a woman with whom you are in love or have an intimate relationship 425. undignified.ICONOCLAST: one who attacks or undermines traditional conventions or institutions 401.IMMOLATE: to kill as a sacrifice 408.INCIPIENT: beginning to come into being or to become apparent 428. shaggy 396. listless. masterful.INDICT: accuse formally of a crime 433. arrogant. in an early stage 429.HYPERBOLE: an exaggerated statement.INDEFATIGABLE: not easily exhaustible.INALIENABLE: cannot be transferred 424. not cautious 417. the act of entering another's territory 431.IMPLACABLE: not capable of being appeased or significantly changed 415. often used as a figure of speech 400. impulsive and vehement 414. ascribe. dishonorable.IMPETUOUS: hastily or rashly energetic.IMPERTURBABLE: marked by extreme calm. without money 411.IMPORTUNE: to ask incessantly. haughty 412. impassivity and steadiness 413. tireless.IMPUDENT: shamelessly bold.IMPUGN: attack or assail verbally.IMPECUNIOUS: lacking funds. beg.IMPROVIDENT: lacking foresight. disgraceful 404.INCISIVE: having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions 430. impending 407. nag 416.IMPERIOUS: commanding.INDIGENT: poor enough to need help from others 435.IGNOMINIOUS: shameful.HOMILY: a sermon or morally instructive lecture.IMPASSIVE: revealing no emotion or sensibility 410. impertinent 418.

lively.INVOLUTE: complex 474.INTIMATE: to imply. active 482.INTRACTABLE: not easily managed or directed.IRASCIBLE: easily angered.INGENUOUS: artless. lethargic.INUNDATE: to cover or overwhelm.INSULAR: parochial.INELUCTABLE: certain.INEXORABLE: unchanging.INVEIGH: to attack verbally. injurious. lacking in sophistication 445. causing no damage 451. mysterious 452.JETSAM: goods thrown overboard deliberately to lighten the load 479. energize 450. not reactive chemically 442. obstinate 465.INIQUITY: wickedness. uninteresting.INGENUE: an artless girl. unaffected. inevitable 441. courageous 467. to be in accord 480. forbid. lacking in spirit. peerless 448. ban. deprecate 470.439.INVIDIOUS: tending to arouse envy or ill will in others 473.INHERENT: ingrained within one's nature.INTREPID: steadfast.INIMITABLE: one of a kind.INSENSIBLE: unconscious. treacherous 455. sluggish.INTERDICT: an official prohibition or restraint 460.INSIPID: without taste or flavor.INTERLOCUTOR: a person who takes part in a conversation 461.INTERNECINE: characterized by bloodshed and carnage for both sides 463. lacking nutrition 478. unstable .INNOCUOUS: harmless.INIMICAL: damaging. firmly established.ITINERATE: to travel from place to place 477. an actress who plays such parts 444.INURED: accustomed to accepting something undesirable 469.INTERDICT: prohibit.LABILE: readily open to change.INTRANSIGENT: refusing to compromise 466. narrow-minded.JOCOSE: given to joking.JIBE: to agree. sly.INSENSATE: without compunction or human feeling 453.INNERVATE: to supply with nerves. numb 454.JEJUNE: vapid. ingrained.INEFFABLE: defying expression or description 440. habitual 472. prone to temperamental outbursts 475. nonchalant 457. denounce. harmful. stubborn. like an island 458. immature.INVEIGLE: to obtain by deception or flattery 471.INSOUCIANT: unconcerned. unfriendly 447. hostile.INTERLOPER: someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission 462. unaware.KINETIC: having to do with motion.INSIDIOUS: intended to deceive or entrap.IRIDESCENT: varying in color when seen in different lights or from different angles. dull 456. carefree.INSCRUTABLE: incapable of being discovered or understood. unresponsive. frank and candid. halt 459. unyielding 443. suggest or insinuate 464. childish. gross injustice 449. having rainbow-like colors 476.INVETERATE: deep rooted. essential 446. humorous 481. to flood 468.INERT: unmoving. intrinsic.

usually used to describe words or sounds 525. slippery 501.LASSITUDE: listlessness.MARTINET: a rigid disciplinarian 517.483. spite. languor. or hatred 512.MARTIAL: associated with war and the armed forces 516. weariness 487.LIST: to tilt or lean to one side 499.LETHARGIC: characterized by sluggishness 492.LACHRYMOSE: causing tears.LIONIZE: treat as a famous person 497.LIEN: legal claim until a debt on it is repaid 494.MATRICULATE: someone who has been admitted to a college or university 518.LUCID: intelligible. terse 486. wanton.LUBRICIOUS: lewd. supple 498.MACERATE: to separate into parts by steeping in liquid 506. outline in detail 495. easily influenced 515. clear 505.LAUD: to praise highly 489.MAVEN: expert 521.MELANCHOLY: tending toward sadness 523. or determination.MAGNILOQUENT: lofty in expression.MAGNANIMITY: the quality of being generously noble in mind and heart. pompous 508.LIBERTINE: someone unrestrained by morality or convention or leading a dissolute life 493.LATITUDE: freedom from narrow restrictions 488.LEGATEE: someone who receives a legacy 491.LIMN: to draw.LUMINOUS: characterized by brightness and the emission of light.MALLEABLE: capable of being shaped or formed.MALINGER: to feign illness so as to avoid work 514. serene. especially in forgiving 507.LAVISH: extravagant 490. sound.LUGUBRIOUS: overly mournful 503.MENDACITY: the condition of being untruthful. showing sorrow 484. greasy.MAUNDER: to talk or move aimlessly. lithe.MELLIFLUOUS: sweetly or smoothly flowing 524.LOQUACIOUS: extremely talkative 500. enlightened. clear and simple in style. mutter 520.MALCONTENT: a person who is discontented or disgusted 511. vigor.LUMBER: to move heavily and clumsily or with a rumbling sound 504.LACONIC: using few words.MAVERICK: an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party 522. untroubled 496.MALAISE: physical discomfort (as mild sickness or depression) 509.MELLIFLUOUS: sweetly flowing.MALEVOLENT: having or showing often vicious ill will.MALFEASANCE: wrongful conduct by a public official 513.LISSOME: flexible. lazy 485. dishonesty 526. clear 502. tearful.MALAPROPISM: the unintentional misuse of a word by confusion with one that sounds similar 510.MAUDLIN: overly sentimental 519.LIMPID: transparent.MENDICANT: a beggar. supplicant .LACKIDAISICAL: without interest.

subservient 569. high-spirited 531. hardheaded. the creation or use of new words or senses 555. hardhearted. lavish 549. especially to one's sense of smell. to squeeze every last ounce of 536.MONOTONY: tedious lack of variety or change 544.MOROSE: sad. center or focus 558. or link. novice. uncompromising . reduce in emotional intensity 542.MERCURIAL: characterized by rapid and unpredictable change in mood 528. in a quandary. or usage. inflexible 565. attentive to detail 530. to make confusing 567.NOISOME: offensive.MUNIFICENT: extremely generous.MINCE: pronounce or speak affectedly or too carefully.NONPLUSSED: baffled.MONOLITHIC: characterized by massiveness and rigidity and total uniformity 543.OBSTINATE: stubborn. sullen. dapper 552. tie. expression.MERETRICIOUS: tawdry.MINATORY: menacing.MULTIFARIOUS: varied. such as a bow or curtsy 566. questionable remedy 562.OBEISANCE: gesture that expresses deference. to argue (against) 535.OBSEQUIOUS: exhibiting a fawning attentiveness.NICE: exacting.MILITATE: to have weight or bearing on. showy.MOLLIFY: to calm or soothe.OBFUSCATE: to deliberately obscure. pretentious.NOSTRUM: cure-all.OBSOLESCENT: becoming obsolete 570.NESCIENT: lacking general education or knowledge 557.MILIEU: the social. moderate 541. tyro 556.NASCENT: coming into being.NOXIOUS: harmful.OBLIQUE: slanting.MULTIFACETED: having many aspects 546. take tiny steps. greatly diversified 547. placebo. indirect. devious. euphemize. tiptoe 538. motley. perigee 550. do or think 561.METTLESOME: courageous. fetid 560. lacking clearly defined form 553.MISOGYNIST: one who hates women 540.NEBULOUS: vague. cultural surroundings 534.MITIGATE: to make or become less severe or intense.527. typical of or concerned with the ordinary 548. done with delicacy or skill 559.NEXUS: a connection.MISANTHROPE: one who hates humankind 539.MICROTOME: scientific instrument that cuts thin slices of something for microscopic examination 533.NUGATORY: of no real value.NADIR: low point.MILK: to exploit. injurious 563. attractive but false. melancholy 545.METICULOUS: characterized by extreme care and precision.MIASMA: a noxious atmosphere or influence 532. evasive. cloudy.MUNDANE: of the world. a beginner.NEOLOGISM: a new word.NEOPHYTE: a recent convert. extremely or even excessively precise. misleading 568. threatening 537. at a loss for what to say. having to do with prostitution 529.OBDURATE: unyielding.NEFARIOUS: wicked 554. trifling. in early developmental stages 551. worthless 564.NATTY: trimly neat and tidy.

mitigate 595. or value 606. accepted. or customary. contempt.OCCLUDE: to obstruct or block 578. professed 589.OBTUSE: lacking sharpness of intellect. the framework of assumptions and understandings shared by a group or discipline that shapes its worldview 599.PANEGYRIC: formal expression of praise 598.PARRY: to block.OBTAIN: to be established.PALLIATE: to make something appear less serious.OROTUND: having a round. concealed.PAROCHIAL: narrow-minded 607.OSSIFIED: changed into bone.OPPROBRIUM: disgrace.ONTOLOGY: the study of the nature of existence 583. arousing strong feelings of dislike 580.PANDEMIC: widespread. appearing as such. a seemingly self-contradictory statement that seems true nonetheless 600.PANDEMIC: an epidemic that is geographically widespread 596.PARAGON: something regarded as a model of excellence or perfection in some way 601.OBTRUDE: thrust oneself in as if by force 575.OBSTREPEROUS: noisy. prevail 574. example.PARAMILITARY: noting or pertaining to an organization operating as.PARAPSYCHOLOGY: phenomena that appear to contradict physical laws and suggest the possibility of causation by mental processes 604. burdensome 582. resonant quality.571. gloss over.PARITY: equality. beyond comprehension 579. or pattern.PARALEGAL: a person with specialized training who assists lawyers 602. uninterrupted rhythm 587.PALAVER: idle talk 594.PARADIGM: something that serves as a model.ODIOUS: hateful. not clear or precise in thought or expression 576.ONEROUS: troubling. loudly stubborn.PARIAH: an outcast. inflated speech 586.OFFICIOUS: meddlesome. as a blow 609. or as a supplement to a regular military force 603.PARADOX: a contradiction. immoderate 591.OCCULT: hidden. evade or ward off. status.OPAQUE: impermeable by light. pushy in offering one's services where they are unwanted 581. boisterous 573. scorn 585. in place of. dense in mind 584.OBVIATE: to anticipate and make unnecessary 577.PARODY: a humorous imitation intended for ridicule or comic effect. especially in literature and art.OSTENSIBLE: seeming. occurring over a large area or affecting an unusually large percentage of the population 597. miserly .PALADIN: hero 593.OBSTREPEROUS: boisterously and noisily aggressive 572.OSTENTATIOUS: characterized by or given to pretentiousness 590.OSCILLATION: the act or state of swinging back and forth with a steady. overbearing. also something so bad as to be potentially mistaken for an intentional mockery 608.OVERWEENING: presumptuously arrogant. made rigidly conventional and unreceptive to change 588. a rejected and despised person 605.PAEAN: a song or expression of praise and thanksgiving 592. as in amount.PARSIMONIOUS: cheap.

PINE: to yearn intensely.PERSPICACIOUS: acutely perceptive. irritable 643. happening repeatedly 628.PETULANT: impatient. literally. easily irritated and upset 642. a liking 622. stoic 649.PERMUTATION: act of changing the lineal order of objects in a group 632.PERORATE: to conclude a long discourse 634. hold up to public scorn 652. a lacking of 615.PECCADILLO: a slight offense. having keen discernment 637.PERCIPIENT: characterized by ease and quickness in perceiving 625. trite.PAUCITY: scarcity.PHILATELIST: a collector and student of postage stamps 646.PHLEGMATIC: calm. imperious 627. benevolent 645. attractive 636.PERIPATETIC: itinerant.PERENNIAL: recurrent through the year or many years.610. excessively thrifty.PHILANDER: to engage in love affairs frivolously or casually 644.PERSONABLE: pleasing in appearance.PELLUCID: transparent.PENULTIMATE: second to last 623. potentially causing death 633. putting an end to further debate.PEDESTRIAN: commonplace. biased or prejudiced 611. easy to understand 621. treachery 629. unremarkable 620. hard. nomadic 631. done without care or interest 630.PARTISAN: one-sided. traveling.PHILANTHROPIC: humanitarian.PERTINACIOUS: resolute.PEREMPTORY: not allowing contradiction or refusal 626.PIED: multi-colored.PERUSE: to examine with great care 639.PETULANT: peevish.PATRICIAN: belonging to or characteristic of the nobility or aristocracy 614.PHILOLOGY: the humanistic study of language and literature 648.PECULATE: steal. usually in botches 651.PERFUNCTORY: cursory. teaching. haughty.PENCHANT: strong inclination. unimaginative 619. unemotional.PASTICHE: artistic piece which consists of many different styles 612. to languish. stubbornly unyielding 638.PHILISTINE: a crass individual guided by material rather than intellectual or artistic values 647.PEDANTIC: ostentatious display of learning.PETROUS: like a rock. stony 641.PERFIDY: intentional breach of faith. committed to a party.PATERNALISM: the attitude (of a person or a government) that subordinates should be controlled in a fatherly way for their own good 613. embezzle 617. a minor sin 616. or instructing 618.PICARESQUE: involving clever rogues or adventurers 650. sluggish. a perk 635.PERVADE: to permeate throughout 640.PEREMPTORY: admitting of no contradiction.PILLORY: to punish. to lose vigor . ungenerous 624. excessive attention to minutiae and formal rules.PENURIOUS: penny-pinching. annoyed by trifles.PEDAGOGY: the art or profession of training.PERQUISITE: a privilege that goes along with a job .PERNICIOUS: extremely harmful.

babble 672. or extent.PROCLIVITY: a natural predisposition or inclination 694. in animals. to clean fur or feathers 683. stimulating 655. to calm by making concessions 659.PRESCIENCE: knowing of events prior to their occurring 685. sorrowful 660.PRESUMPTUOUS: overstepping bounds. feeling of irritation due to hurt pride 656.PREVARICATE: to deliberately avoid the truth. profuse. emotional 669.PRESENTIMENT: a feeling of evil to come 686. force. uprightness 693. thundering.PLATITUDE: a superficial or trite remark.PIRATE: to use or reproduce illegally 657. groom oneself with elaborate care.PRATE: chatter.PRECARIOUS: uncertain.PLETHORA: an overabundance. resounding 661. declare 679. pliable. spicy.PREDICATE: to proclaim.PIQUE: resentment.PRECIPITATE: acting with excessive haste or impulse 676.POIGNANT: distressing. as of propriety or courtesy.PLAINTIVE: mournful.PREEMPT: to replace. especially one offered as meaningful 663.PRIZE: to pry.PROBITY: adherence to highest principles.PLUCK: courage.PRIVATION: lack of usual comforts or necessaries of life 691.PLASTIC: moldable.PRODIGAL: recklessly wasteful.PLANGENT: pounding.PRECURSOR: something that precedes and indicates or announces another 678.PRESTIDIGITATION: sleight of hand. preference 681. a surplus 664. primp.PLUTOCRACY: a political system governed by the wealthy people 668. taking liberties 688. argumentative 670.PREDILECTION: a predisposition in favor of something 680.PREDILECTION: a disposition in favor of something. spunk.PRECIPITOUS: very steep 677.PROFLIGATE: excessively wasteful.PIQUANT: agreeably pungent. risky. a doctrine that is taught 675.PLUMB: to measure the depth. legerdemain 687. to appropriate 682.PRATTLE: to babble meaninglessly.PRECEPT: rule establishing standards of conduct. extraordinary 696. to supersede. press or force with a lever 692. mislead 689. fortitude 665. recklessly extravagant .PRISTINE: pure. extravagant. to talk in an empty and idle manner 673. to examine critically 666.PITH: the essential or central part 658.PRESAGE: a sign of something about to happen 684. not rigid 662.653.PRODIGIOUS: abundant in size. dangerous 674. melancholy. lavish 695.PRAGMATIC: practical rather than idealistic 671. pertinent.POLEMICAL: controversial. clean 690.PLUMMET: to plunge or drop straight down 667. touching.PIOUS: extremely reverent or devout 654.PROFFER: present for acceptance or rejection 697. uncorrupted.PLACATE: to appease. stimulating.PREEN: to dress up.

conformity with standards of acceptable behavior 710. given to fighting. become gangrenous 723. motionlessness. one who gives opinions 718.PUNCTILIOUS: very careful and exact.PROPITIOUS: presenting favorable circumstances 708.PROPINQUITY: nearness in time or place.RAREFY: to make or become thin. sharp smell or taste. kinship 706.PROSAIC: dull. looking to the future 713. less dense. quarrelsome.PUTATIVE: reputed. quality of being at rest 730.PROPENSITY: a natural inclination or tendency.PROLIX: long-winded.RAPACIOUS: voracious. penchant 704.PROGNOSIS: a prediction of the course of a disease 700. immature 714.RAILLERY: good-natured teasing or ridicule 734. long-lasting resentment 736.RANCOROUS: characterized by bitter.RAFFISH: low. plundering. inquiries.PUSILLANIMOUS: cowardly. causes for hesitancy 727.PUNGENT: characterized by a strong.PUERILE: childish. vulgar.PROPITIOUS: auspicious. attentive to fine points of etiquette or propriety 717. supposed 722. especially in regard to etiquette 716.RECALCITRANT: obstinately defiant of authority or guidance. decay and give off a foul odor. lose courage 725.QUERIES: questions.PUNDIT: an authority on a subject.PROMULGATE: to declare. penetrating. a representation of words by pictures or symbols that sound like words 740. make known publicly 703. especially a previously held belief 742. to repeat concisely 743. verbose 702.PROPITIATE: to appease or pacify 707. greedy.QUIESCENCE: stillness. reservations 728.PUNCTILIOUS: precise. productive 701. quarrelsome 729.RECAPITULATE: to summarize. extravagant 699.QUOTIDIAN: occurring or recurring daily.QUALIFY: to limit 726. craven 721.REBUFF: a blunt or abrupt rejection 739. branch out 735.PUGNACIOUS: contentious. base 732.QUALMS: misgivings.PROPENSITY: a natural inclination 705. reservations. subsisting on prey 737.QUAIL: to shrink back in fear. favorable 709.PROLIFIC: producing large volumes or amounts.RECANT: to retract.PROFUSE: given or coming forth abundantly.PUNITIVE: inflicting punishment 720.RAMIFY: to be divided or subdivided. refine 738.REBUS: riddle.PROVIDENT: frugal. commonplace 731.RECIDIVISM: relapse into antisocial or criminal behavior .PROSCRIBE: to outlaw or prohibit 712.QUAFF: to drink deeply 724.PUTREFY: to rot.RAIL: to complain about bitterly 733. unimaginative 711. belligerent 715.698. difficult to manage 741.PROPRIETY: appropriateness. affinity of nature. to the point 719.QUERULOUS: prone to complaining or grumbling. paying attention to trivialities.

RESOLUTE: adamant. causing improvement 782. split.SALACIOUS: appealing to or causing sexual desire.RELEGATE: to forcibly assign. apart. or unprincipled person.RENEGE: to fail to honor a commitment. wise 778.REGALE: to delight or entertain. repeal.REDOUBTABLE: that is to be feared.REPOSITORY: a facility where things can be deposited for storage or safekeeping 766. corrupt. highly relevant 780. or category 776. pierced as by a sound 764. disown 768. protruding.RUE: regret.SANCTION: authoritiative permission or approval.REDOLENT: fragrant. wholesome.RETICENT: quiet. brilliant 756. go back on a promise 763. feast 758. in the posture of one sleeping or resting 750. successfully argue against 757. suggestive or evocative 752. vicious. satisfy to excess . perceptive.REFRACTORY: stubbornly resistant to authority or control 755. heading. scoundrel. a penalty intended to enforce compliance 784.RISIBLE: hilarious.SANGUINE: cheerful. lying down. pretended piety 783. confident. optimistic 785. shiny.RHETORIC: the art or study of effective use of language for communication and persuasion 774. commanding or evoking respect 753.RENT: torn. wicked.REPINE: to feel or express dejection or discontent.REGRESS: returning to a former state 759.RECUMBENT: in a reclining position. especially to a lower place or position 760.RECRIMINATION: the act of accusing in return. or unprincipled. conspicuous.RUBRIC: authoritiative rule. opposing another charge 749. to disapprove of.REVERENT: marked by.SALUBRIOUS: promoting health or well-being 781.RESCIND: to invalidate. condemn 767. object 762.RECONNOITER: to engage in reconnaissance. or expressing a feeling of profound awe and respect 773.RECOURSE: a person or thing turned to for help or advice. prone 751.SANCTIMONY: self-righteousness.REFERENDUM: a legislative act is referred for final approval to a popular vote by the electorate 754.REFULGENT: radiant. feel remorse 777. steadfast.REPROBATE: a depraved.RECUMBENT: leaning. determined 770. provoking laughter 775. difficult to understand.REMONSTRATE: to protest.SALUTARY: remedial. title.RECREANT: cowardly or craven 748. retract 769.RETRENCHMENT: the act of cutting down.744. feeling.REPUDIATE: to refuse to have anything to do with. bawdy 779. make a preliminary inspection of 746. long for 765. the act of seeking help or protection 747.REFUTE: to disprove.SALIENT: prominent. especially expenses 772.RECONDITE: hidden. reluctant to express thoughts and feelings 771.SAGACIOUS: having sound judgment. reserved.SATIATE: to overindulge. obscure 745.REMISSION: an abatement in intensity or degree (as in the manifestations of a disease) 761. resting.SAP: to enervate or weaken the vitality of 786. concealed.

quench. devious 802. to say something with a silly.STOLID: calm.SERE: withered. grime. dark.SOLOPSISM: the theory that one's self exists 808.SHARD: a piece of broken pottery or glass.STATIC: not moving. fuse or join.SPECIOUS: seeming true.SOLICITOUS: concerned and anxious.SPENDTHRIFT: one who spends money wastefully 817. coy smile 799.SEDULOUS: diligent. low.SIBILANT: hissing 798.STRIATED: striped.SINUOUS: winding. eager 807. unimaginative.SIMPER: to smirk. morose 789. or squalor. arid 796.SEMINAL: like a seed. or in scattered instances 819. lessen the intensity of 803. active or in motion. sullen.STYMIE: to block.SINECURE: position requiring little or no work and usually providing an income 800.STEEP: to saturate or completely soak 825.SODDEN: soaked or drenched. wretched and dirty as from neglect 821.SOPHISTRY: fallacious reasoning.SOCIOPATH: one who is psychopathic and antisocial 804. not dense. pretentious 812.STINT: to restrain. counterfeit 820. false.SQUANDER: to waste by spending or using irresponsibly 822.SLAKE: to satisfy. foul 814.SCURRILOUS: vulgar.SINGULAR: exceptional. originative 795. moving lithely.SPURIOUS: lacking authenticity or validity. unusual. indecent 791. tending to induce sleep 813. assiduous 793.SORDID: characterized by filth.SPARSE: thin.STENTORIAN: extremely loud and powerful 826. plausible but faulty logic 811. but actually false.SATURNINE: gloomy. arranged at widely spaced intervals 815. curving. or banded 830. misleadingly attractive 816. steadfast 828.STRUT: a sturctural support used to brace a framework 831. dull 805.SEINE: a large net hung out and dragged in to catch fish 794. persistently maintained.SOLVENT: able to meet financial obligations 809.SPLENETIC: bad-tempered.SPORADIC: occurring only occasionally.SATIRE: a literary work that ridicules or criticizes human vice through humor or derision 788. irritable 818. constituting a source.SOPHISTIC: apparently sound but really fallacious 810.SQUALID: sordid.STANCH: to stop the flow of a fluid 823.SAVANT: genius 790.SOLDER: to weld.SCURVY: contemptible. baffle. despicable 792.787. grooved. be sparing or frugal 827. any small piece or part 797. or amaze 832. odd 801.STOIC: indifferent to or unaffected by pleasure or pain. lack of judgment. as with a soldering gun 806. thwart . impassive 829.SOPORIFIC: causing drowsiness.SOPHOMORIC: exhibiting immaturity.STUPEFY: to stun. at rest 824.

a civil misdeed requiring compensation 877.SUPINE: inactive.TERSE: brief and concise in wording 870.SUPERFLUOUS: exceeding what is sufficient or necessary 844.SUPERCILIOUS: having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy 843.TENACIOUS: holding fast. weak 869.TENDENTIOUS: biased.SVELTE: slender.SUCCINCT: brief. silent 856. a circular argument 860.833.SUBTLE: not obvious.SUNDRY: various. separate 841.SUPPLIANT: asking humbly.TORPID: lethargic. diffident 871. passionate. supersede 846.TENABLE: based on sound reasoning or evidence 863. harsh denunciation 872. holding together firmly.SUFFUSE: cause to spread or flush or flood through.SUPPLICANT: beggar. to drive in or down by a series of blows 858. one who prays or begs for something 848.TORRID: scorching. arrogant. yes-man 873.TORT: in law. or across 840. relief in time of distress 839. twisting. hurried 876. showing marked tendencies 867.TENUOUS: having little substance or strength. apathetic. lying on one's back. dormant 874.SUBPOENA: a court order requiring appearance and/or testimony 834. tacky. sluggish.SYCOPHANT: someone who tires to flatter or please for personal gain. in figure 852.TEMERITY: reckless boldness 862.TENACITY: the quality of adherence or persistence to something valued 865.SUBSIDIARY: a company that is completely controlled by another company 835. characterized by haughty scorn 842.TORTUOUS: winding. flatterer.TIMOROUS: timid. indecent 861.TALISMAN: something believed to have magic power or bestow good luck 857.SURREPTITIOUS: by stealth 851. mentally or morally slack 845. showy.TENDER: to offer formally 868. miscellaneous.TIRADE: a long and extremely critical speech.TAWDRY: cheap. esp.SUPERCILIOUS: disdainful.TENDENTIOUS: having or marked by a strong tendency especially a controversial one 866. ardent. beseeching 847. parasite 853.TORQUE: a force that causes rotation 875. excessively complicated .SURFEIT: to feed or supply in excess 850. gaudy.TAMP: to plug.TAUTOLOGY: a repetition.SUPPLANT: to take the place of.SYNTHESIS: the combination of parts to make a whole 854.SUPPOSITION: something that is assumed or taken for granted without conclusive evidence 849. crafty or sly 837. fearful. difficult to discern. a redundancy.SUBTERFUGE: something intended to misrepresent the true nature of an activity 836. over.SUCCOR: assistance.TANTAMOUNT: equal to 859.TACITURN: not talkative.TABLE: to remove (as a parliamentary motion) from consideration 855.TOADY: sycophant. elusive. flimsy. haughty. concise 838. persistent 864.

real. unseemly. having sediment stirred up.VISCOUS: thick. passing quickly. not false or hypocritical 897.USURY: charging an exorbitant or illegal rate of interest 902. beginner in learning 891.TURPITUDE: depravity.VILIFY: to defame.VAUNT: to brag or boast 908.TYRO: novice. esp. elegant 901.VACILLATE: to waver indecisively between one course of action or opinion and another.TRAVESTY: mockery.VIGILANT: alertly watchful 915. widespread 892.VAGARY: unpredictable act or idea. genuine 913. baseness 889. honesty 911.UXORIOUS: overly fond of one's wife 903.UNTOWARD: troublesome.TRENCHANT: sharply perceptive. uninhabitable 898.VAPIDITY: dull or lacking in taste 906.UNTENABLE: indefensible. resentment 893.VENAL: capable of being bought or bribed.UNFEIGNED: genuine.VITIATE: to reduce the value of. chastise 900. domineering woman 917. adverse 899.VIRAGO: a loud. bloated.VOCIFEROUS: conspicuously and offensively loud . irritation 914. sticky 919. refined. unruly.VIRULENT: extremey harmful or poisonous. characterized by a variety of patches of different color 907. scathing.VERITABLE: authentic. biting.VEXATION: annoyance.TRADUCE: to cause humiliation or disgrace by making malicious and false statements 881.URBANE: sophisticated.TUMID: swollen 886. bitterly hostile or antagonistic 918.UBIQUITOUS: existing everywhere at the same time.TRUCULENT: fierce. debase. rebuke.TURBID: muddy.VENERATE: to revere 910.TUTELARY: being a guardian. in an affected manner. brief 882. fluctuate 896.VITUPERATE: to use harsh condemnatory language. pompous.VARIEGATED: multicolored. in a state of turmoil 887.TOUT: to publicly praise or promote 879. caprice 905. easily led 880. excessively ornate 888.VERISIMILITUDE: appearing true or real 912.UNCTUOUS: excessive piousness or moralistic fervor.878. censure. adviser or protector 890. make ineffective 920. spoil. not viable.TURGID: swollen. keen.UMBRAGE: offense. oily 895. parody 883. obedient. sway from one side to the other 904. abuse or censure severely 921.TRANSIENT: fleeting. eager to fight 885.UPBRAID: to scold.VERACITY: truthfulness. clear cut 884.UNCONSCIONABLE: unscrupulous.TRACTABLE: docile. clouded to the point of being opaque. mercenary 909. characterize harshly 916. shockingly unfair or unjust 894.UNDULATE: to move in wavelike fashion. penetrating. caricature. constantly encountered.

the spirit of time . to sway. to be unsettled in opinion 928.WAVER: to move to and fro.WAGGISH: roguish.WEND: to go. jocular.WHIMSICAL: imaginative.VOLATILE: readily changing to a vapor. changeable. ravenous 924. to be in turmoil 929. to toss about.VORACIOUS: having an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit. witty 927.WELTER: to writhe.WHET: to sharpen or stimulate 931. proceed. a puff 926.ZEALOUS: fervent. walk 930. fickle. impassioned 933.922. unpredictable 932.ZEITGEIST: the general trend of culture. ardent. explosive 923.WAFFLE: talk vaguely and without much result 925.WAFT: a light breeze.

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