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ENGL 2111.


World Literature
Dr. Gerald Lucas Course Overview
Course Orientation: Tuesday, 1/13/09, WRC-111, 8:15-10:45pm We will focus on textual
studies of the major genres of
this period, epic and tragedy,
how those genres influenced
later literary works, and how
they portray “humanist”
issues throughout the Greek
and Roman national literary
traditions. ENGL 2111 will
show the continued relevance
of just why ancient works are
still paramount to knowing
ourselves as “humans.” Major
works covered will include
Gilgamesh, the Iliad, the
Odyssey, and works by
Sophocles, Euripides, and
Ovid. Since any survey course
has much more
literature than
one semester-
long class can
Textbook Computer cover, we will
Our study of World Literature Since this is an online course, attempt to cover
this semester will use the Norton you must have access to a newer only a couple
Anthology of World Literature, Vol- computer with a reliable Internet works in detail,
ume A, edited by Sarah Lawall. The access. As a part of this require- rather than many
text will be supplemented with ment, your computer should have works only cursorily.
additional, online readings. a current web browser, like Safari
or Firefox, and Adobe Acrobat in-

So, you're thinking about taking an online started in the course on your own. After this first
literature or composition course? Please read meeting, we will not meet in a classroom again. All
the following carefully before committing to a evaluation, discussion, and lecture will take place
very challenging course. online.
The first meeting of this course is Part of the orientation will be getting an
mandatory; if you miss it for any reason, account on LitMUSE. If for any reason you
your final grade will suffer by one letter miss this meeting, all the information may
and you will find it very difficult to get be found there: <>.



stalled. There are computers available for open-use
on campus, but you should not rely on these. The
work for this course is too much for you to accom-
plish in the ARC.
You are required to have an account on Lit-
MUSE (see, the server that will
support all of your work in this class. You should
login to the server at least once a day to receive any
announcements or changes that are made to the
This sever contains all the information
presented in this document. It also
houses resources that go far beyond
this syllabus. I would recommend that
you spend some time familiarizing
yourself with these. They are de-
signed to help you help yourself to
produce stellar work both in this
class and those you will subsequently


Motivation ENGL 1102), you should not begin
Since you will be required to with this one. Literature courses
budget your time, you must also benefit from in-class discussion;
be self-motivated. You will not many find the literature challeng-
have the benefit of having a pro- ing, so without the benefit of a
fessor's presence compelling you professor's in-class guidance, many
to do your work each week; you find the challenge too difficult.
will have to take on the responsi- The bottom line is that online
Time bility. The reality of this is more literature courses are challenging,
You may believe that because difficult than it may seem. Pro- which unfortunately produces
this course is offered online, that crastination will put you behind high attrition rate because many
it will not require as much time as and make it very difficult for you students are just not ready for
a traditional classroom course. to recover. them. I do not want to discourage
Well, you should plan on spending anyone from taking it, and I'm
Course Work
at least twice the amount of time willing to discuss this further with
If you have not successfully
working on your own to make up anyone during my office hours or
completed an online course be-
for what you would not receive by appointment. However, I ask
fore, I recommend that you do not
from class discussions and lecture. that you consider this carefully; do
begin with this one. If you have
This includes doing extra secon- not sign up for the class with the
not successfully completed a
dary research, something you may expectation that it will be easy. If
college-level literature course be-
not be used to doing. anything, it is more difficult than
fore (like making at least a B in
taking the course in-class.


COURSE POLICIES restating an idea in an entirely new WEEKLY PROCEDURE

form that is original in both sen- Every week will follow a simi-
tence structure and word choice. lar procedure for your work and
Your work represents you.
Quotations and paraphrases must reading. Be sure you keep up with
Therefore, I expect everything
be cited to avoid plagiarism. the syllabus and turn your work in
you turn into me to exemplify the
very best of your professional self. If you use ideas or information regularly and on-time. All of your
Please proofread all writing before that are not common knowledge, coursework will be done on the
submission. you must cite a source. LitMUSE Moodle server.
Unsure as to what to cite, Primary Reading
when to cite, and how to cite? Each week you will have as-
Late work is not acceptable
Check your handbook for the best signed reading that you should
and will receive a zero. Technical,
information. complete before doing anything
computer malfunctions are not
acceptable excuses for late work. The professor reserves the else. As you read, take thorough
Weekly work is always due Tues- right to use Turn It In, a plagia- reading notes; be sure you are fa-
day at noon. rism prevention service, to evalu- miliar with the plot, characters,
ate any written work submitted and major concerns of the text.
Email for this course. As directed by the
The best and quickest way of Reading Quiz
professor, students are expected to
contacting me is via email. Only After finishing your reading,
submit or have their assignments
use the email address that I pro- you should take a brief reading
submitted through the service in
vided on this document for class quiz. These quizzes will test you
order to meet requirements for
business: <>. on the facts of the text, like char-
this course. The papers may be
acters, plot details, and other ob-
Grades retained by the service for the sole
vious aspects of the narrative.
Letter grades are based upon a purpose of checking for plagia-
These are just to test your literal
traditional ten-point scale. If you rized content in future student
knowledge of the text(s). There
would like to know your official submissions.
will not always be a quiz assigned.
grade, you should see me during Special Needs
my office hours or make an ap- Secondary Reading
Any student who has special
pointment. Since you do not have the
needs should contact Ann E. Loyd
benefit of class lecture, I will as-
Plagiarism at the Counseling and Career Cen-
sign additional reading for you to
Any time you use ideas that ter (478-471-2714) and fill out the
do each week that concerns the
are not your own — be they para- appropriate paperwork. The stu-
primary text. This criticism will
phrased or copied verbatim — in dent should then see me with the
give you background information
anything that you write, you must documentation so that the neces-
and assist you in getting your head
supply a citation in an identifiable sary accommodations can be
around the various interpretations
citation method, e.g., MLA, Chi- made.
of the text.
cago, etc. Willful plagiarism will Technology Competency
result in automatic failure of this Forum Discussion
Computer competency is an
class and will be submitted to the Finally, you should put what
integral skill in any discipline. Stu-
Dean for further potential conse- you learned together into a forum
dents should be familiar with the
quences. Remember two things: discussion with your classmates.
general uses of a computer, par-
Your total word count for the fo-
If you use the language of your ticularly using a web browser. Stu-
rum should add up to a minimum
source, you must quote it exactly, dents should be willing to put
of 350 words, including threads
enclose it in quotation marks, and forth the effort to learn what they
started and responded to.
cite the source using MLA citation need to in order to succeed in the
style in all my courses. A para- course. Please see me for addi- Each forum discussion will be
phrase employs source material by tional assistance when necessary. worth 10 or 20 points. Each post


(whether beginning a thread or Writing

responding to one) is only worth a To get you thinking more Reading Summary
maximum of 5 points. Therefore, critically about the major works, This is a tentative reading schedule
you should make at least two you are required to respond to summary. Please see the course web
strong posts or comments (or class readings in writing both for- site for specific assignments. Do not
more) to assure that you earn the mally and informally. All writing rely on this overview for your read-
maximum credit. should be thoughtful, refer to spe- ing; consult LitMUSE regularly.
Finally, as a bonus, consider cific portions of the text, use the Week 1: 1/13/09
making an account on eNotes and critical vocabulary, and cite cor- Orientation and account creation
posting a question to be answered rectly using MLA citation method.
Weeks 2 & 3: 1/20 & 1/27
in their public forums.
Forum The Epic of Gilgamesh
See “Forum” under Require-
For all of the major works we
ments below. Weeks 4 & 5: 2/3 & 2/10
study in this class, you are re-
Homer: The Iliad
quired to respond informally in
writing. These responses will be Weeks 6, 7 & 8: 2/17, 24 & 3/3
posted in an online forum on Homer: The Odyssey
LitMUSE, so the entire class can
benefit from reading your Weeks 10 & 11: 3/17 & 3/24
thoughts. The forum will also give Sophocles: Oedipus Rex
you a chance to respond to others’ Week 12 & 13: 3/31 & 4/7
ideas. Your writing in the forum Euripides: Medea
should total at least 350 words per
week. Week 9: 4/14
Your forum entries and re-
There are three major re- sponses should address three Week 14: 4/21
quirements for World Literature 2, things: the primary text, the sec-
Ovid: The Metamorphoses
each of which must be successfully ondary texts, and your interpreta-
completed to pass the course. As- tions of the the former two. The Week 15: 4/28
signments are weighed on a point best forums use specific textual Catch up
system, depending on their impor- evidence, cite secondary texts, and
tance. For example, a reading quiz give original, thoughtful consid- Exam Week
might have 10 points while the Final due by noon, 5/5
eration to these texts. Just repeat-
final exam might have 200. ing the critics or summarizing the
Final Exam plot will not earn you an A. This sy(abus was last updated on
Wednesday, January 14, 2009.
A final cumulative exam will Daily Work
be given that will test your knowl- Regular class attendance, ques-
edge of the subject matter (texts, tion posing, and active participa-
lecture material, and vocabulary), tion in classroom discussions are
your ability to synthesize this ma- required. Participation, effort, and
Dr. Gerald Lucas
terial, and your creativity in going attitude will count significantly in ASSIST PROF OF ENGLISH
beyond the discussion and lecture this course. Quizzes, other class Office: H/SS-117
materials. The final exam will in- activities, and homework assign- on the Main
clude vocabulary, identification, ments not explicitly outlined Campus. To
and interpretation. All exam above will be considered daily contact him,
grades will be based upon objec- work. please use email:
tive knowledge of the material, <>. Please
thoroughness, depth of insight, email if you have any questions.
precision, and originality.


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