D.O.B: June 26, 1989 Cellphone: +84934663113 Email:

Position applied: BUSINESS ANALYST

2010  managed 12 volunteers to welcome international guests and do custom clearance  served VIPs during the time they were at the airport Achievement: Certificate for enthusiastic dedication SOCIAL ACTIVITIES WORK EXPERIENCES VINA Hanoi. Vietnam Head of Consultancy and Training Department.CAREER OBJECTIVE TYPICAL CHARACTERIS TICS EDUCATION BACKGROUN D Being a professional consultant that enables me to get promoted and accomplishing MBA degree within next 5 years.  Thoughtful  Good critical thinking  Self-motivated School : FOREIGN TRADE UNIVERSITY OF VIETNAM. Vietnam Leader of Etiquette team at airport 5th – 12th of October.000 candidates for “The golden candidate competition”. 800 participants for “Tomorrow office program” and Research:  Vietnam Government’s policies to surmount the economic crisis 2008  US FED’s monetary policies to surmount the financial crisis 2007-2009  Facts and solutions of transfer pricing in Vietnam HUMAN RESOURCES CLUB – FOREIGN TRADE UNIVERSITY Hanoi.. facebook and wordpress page “HRC skillbox” together with consultancy and training team Achievement:  attracted thousands of students to participate in BECF: over 1.AIG3 1st – 15th of October. Vietnam Director ELECTRIC Assistant and CORPORATION Import staff .000 visitors for “Career day”  reach over 20.2010  contributed in scheming and organizing “the forth Business and Economics Career Festival-BECF” which took place in one year  was leader of media team of the competition “The Golden Candidate” to manage the idea-creating team and organize “Press conference”  established the skill-informing channel of the club at website svjob. Vietnam Manager of volunteer team of the sport in the third Asian Indoor Games . member of managing board May. 2008– Jan.000 search results of our competition in Google SEPAKTAKRAW FEDERATION OF VIETNAM Hanoi. 2011 Bachelor of International Economics and Business Cumulative GPA for 6 of 8 semesters: 7. 2009  Managed 51 volunteers of the sport to assist in logistics for 12 international sport teams  Dealt with unexpected problems that occurred during the Games Achievement: was awarded a special diploma for “Excellent contribution” DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF HANOI Hanoi.

org chúc bạn may mắn và thành công trong cuộc sống ! .Ketoan.

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