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2. The first steps with vTiger 3. Lead, Companies, Contacts 4. Activities Calendar 5. Email and Notes 6. VTiger Marketing 7. The sales process: price lists and product catalog 8. The sales process: Lead, Opportunity, quotations and sales orders 9. The process of Post Sales: Customer Care & FAQ 10. VTiger Utilities and Plugins 11. DASHBOARDS and Reports 12. Roles and user profiling

Chapter 1: Installation and configuration of CRM
vTiger 100% Open Source CRM
Version 5.0.4 of vTiger CRM provides the ability to handle most of the commercial activities related to the stages of pre-sales, and after-sales SALE. Everything centered on the STATEMENT customers that vTiger is divided into two main categories: a) potential customers> called LEAD b) the real customers> these holdings and its contacts (individuals who work in companies in various capacities and can be our direct contact or not) vTiger 5.0.4. represents one of the few truly operational CRM solutions without any licensingcosts. This appears to be a major advantage both for those who want to start to engage in the world of CRM is for medium to large enterprises who need to extend these

systems to several tens if not hundreds of users without having to pay license fees for each of the user side.

1.1. What vTiger
It 'a business tool, in that it can be useful to all businesses, regardless of size. This is because the phases of the cycle of pre-sales after-sales-are the same for every business sector. But we need to vTiger? Normally the activities of Marketing, Sales and After Sales are handled with different tools such as Excel spreadsheets, email programs, local databases. Not to mention the paperwork reviews: Post-it on the screens, folder, message boards and more. As a result, customer information are scattered in several archives, with no possibility of recovering a history of activities and make planning serious of visits and the services that we provide to our customers. Good management of the client's need, therefore, that the activities of Marketing, Sales and After Sales are all connected to each other than to a common object that is to say, the customerrecord. This way you can monitor the various phases of the sales cycle, using indicators and reports, process of segmentation is to act in a coordinated manner with specific proposals for our existing customers and / or potential customers. vTiger addition to these activities, has an administration module to configure users, groups, profiles and roles to be strictly defined, the information available for each operator who is managing the customer. The set of tools for customizing vTiger CRM solution make it a highly flexible and adaptable to any need. In vTiger can redesign all the forms by adding and removing fields in the database, by setting appropriate values in the drop-down menu, I can also decide how they should be publishing data for each user defined. vTiger is developed with Webtechnology, therefore it does not require installation of clientand server side, can be placed anywhere on your intranet or internet. The interface of Directors has developed with AJAX technology that enables an efficient and fast access to information. The database is used by vTiger Mysql ensuring high standards of safety and excellent performance even on a large amount of data. Big space between the instruments of vTiger, is dedicated to data backup and updating the system with new releases are essential to ensure service continuity and security. 1.2. How To Install vTiger The minimum hardware requirements to install vTiger on your PC or on a dedicated server are: PC with Pentium or AMD processor 1 GHz or higher 256 MB of RAM minimum, depending on the operating system adopted Hard Disk with at least 500 MB free for full installation on Windows provided by CrmVillage.biz vTiger can be installed on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 and on all Linux operating systems. Since vTiger is a Web browser becomes the only prerequisite to the application layer for using this CRM solution, and the video resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels. Were tested the following browser versions: Firefox 1.5 or higher

so it will appear first on the loading screen setup procedure.2.0. or can be purchased with the self-installing version for Windows with fields appropriate to the Italian legislation including tax invoices and marketing budget ever in the download of vTiger. 1. If you purchased version installer.01 or higher Your browser must allow the use of cookies is to allow the use of Javascript. then a second screen appears that asks confirmation about installing vTiger 5.3: .2 Press the Next> to proceed with the installation.0 or higher Netscape 7.it exactly as developed by vTiger.EXE to start the installation.1.0 or higher Opera 7. VTiger installation on Microsoft Windows If you downloaded vTiger not an installer. as shown in Figure 1. as depicted in Figure 1. you must first unpack the ZIP archive and then perform a double click on vTiger5.1: Fig.MS IE 6. You'll see a third screen accepting the license agreement.it.com with the Italian translation of CRMVillage. It is enough to click on file vTiger5. vTiger ITALIAN language can be downloaded from the download of vTiger. the process is further simplified.-ita-WIN32.1 Wait until the installation program completes its loading.2: Figure 1.4.EXE. as shown in Figure 1.1.0.biz.4-ita-WIN32.

as shown in Figure 1. You'll see a fourth screen where you can enter the name of the folder of the Start menu will be created in which connections of the program.3 Press the accept to continue with the installation.4: Figure 1.4 .Figure 1.

5 The installation process may take several minutes. as shown in Figure 1.6 . as shown in Figure 1.6 Figure 1.5: Figure 1. wait until installation is complete screen appears. You'll see a fourth screen where you can verify in detail the installation of vTiger.Press the Install to continue with the installation.

.7: Figure 1. 5.2.Press the button Next and then Finish to complete the installation.7 Important If you already have installed on your computer or a version of Mysql you already have an active web server. you will notice that will activate your default browser to the URL http://localhost:8050/ presenting the login screen. The program installs on your computer the MySQL database for vTiger and Apache Web Server to allow access to CRM. The user is created by the admin and type "administrator".1. you can notice that the installation of vTiger does not create conflict. copy the file to your webserver 2. then follow the steps for installing a video-assisted (fig. Users> ADMIN PASSWORD> ADMIN 1. You just need to access the vTiger menu Start / Programs / vtigerCRM 5Italian.4ita.crmvillage. By accessing the services panel will already be running Windows Automatic vTiger5Server and vTiger5DataBase their services. so you can try all the features of vTiger. INSTALLING VERSION vTiger Multiplatform (Linux / BSD / MacOSX / Windows) If you purchased the self-installing platform Verione for Windows / Linux / BSD / MacOSX environment with WAMP / XAMP / LAMP / MAMP installed and configured is enough to perform these simple steps: 1.2. run the command 3. tar xvzf vTiger5. as MySQL and Apache are installed in the crmvillage (specially created) and activated on doors other than the default.0.tgz C <cartella_destinazione_wwwserver> 4. as shown in Figure 1. connect to the web folder you just created via web browser. 1.7). To access the data are 1.


Caution Most browsers are able to save your "User Name" and "Password" to speed up access to the system. The goal is to provide the user with basic knowledge to get familiar with this instrument. Since the first access to vTiger is useful to know how to define users specially created to carry out specific functions. for the first time accessing the system. or the button Sign in as shown in Figure 2. from which you can access all the major features of CRM.1. thus allowing you to access all the features of CRM. Can also choose the theme and / or language. the user can press<Enter>. • MyPreferences: area dedicated to the personal settings on vTiger • Searchfunction: it shows the powerful search engine vTiger • Accessprivileges: To start the user access to vTiger is an administrator. which in itself is still very intuitive. For . In the manual associated with this area describes the following aspects: • Login to thesystem: how you access through your browser vTiger • Home Page:a description of the contents of the Home Page • Navigationmode: shows the top area of vTiger.1. if allowed by your vTiger. Figure 2.Chapter 2: Getting Started with CRM 2. The first steps with vTiger This section is a brief introduction to vTiger oriented to those who. 2.1. Login to CRM The user must enter "User Name" and "Password" to access the program. After entering "User Name" and "Password".

2. The contents of your home can be modified. CRM Home The following chapter will explain how to customize the home page and how to use the vTiger CRM. you will find in this box the total number of this type of lead present on vTiger. Estimated best classified on the basis of the amount. you should not allow the browser to save your parameters for access. In this box are the total number of records that fall in the lists created by you as a summary. classified on the basis of the amount.the safety of your data if you're sure that others do not have access to your computer. List of the most important opportunities open. E 'can change the order of these blocks by dragging the mouse in your favorite place (drag and drop). My Quotations important My orders to sell the most important: . Best sales. as explained in chapter 2. if you created a list called "Hot Lead".2. My ticket: Key parameters: List of ticket (Helpdesk) assigned to you or a group to which you belong. as shown in the center of Figure 2. List of main instrument panels and description My main companies: Important opportunities open: List of your best companies. shows the summary of the most important blocks CRM information. Figure 2.2 Most of the area of the Home page. Activities of my group: List of activities and other entities of CRM that have been assigned to the user group to which you're a member. For example.2. The contents of this list is calculated by adding all the opportunities open and connected to the company.4: MyPreferences. This is all the more so if you're using a notebookthat can be lost.

Navigation Mode The "Top Area" as shown in Figure 2. My main open invoices Bills of Sale open.4.3. In the right of the Home Page you can see the list of pending and upcoming activities and the TAG CLOUD: vTiger entities described in subsequent chapters. If you create a new record will be assigned to you automatically unless. you are not assigned to any other user of vTiger.4.4 FIELDS Admin Role and Login If the checkbox "admin" and "on" the user has administrator privileges.3 LoginArea: in the upper right area that allows you to access your display preferences to consult the online help and log out from vTiger. 2. Menu fastcreation: per quickly create entities vTiger CRM (Lead. The Home page displays the data records that you own and not those assigned to other users of vTiger. The owner is defined as "assigned to". it makes frequent use. Role and Login This field shows whether a user is active. ranking based on the amount. clock.. Search: qui can search individual words in the database of vTiger.Purchase Orders My most important: My New Leads Orders Migliori. This field can only be changed by the administrator. a window opens that lets you view and edit user information and set your own preferences. when you access the voice my preferences. etc. Table 2. in general. allows access to different functions: Figure 2. by the way the user vTiger with which it is logged. User This field is the role assigned and can only be changed by the administrator. Opportunity.). Contact.3. Inactive users are not allowed access to . Recently created Lead Pending and upcoming Upcoming and pending activities related to your calendar. activities: My Recent FAQ Important Connecting to the last FAQ posted on vTiger All data stored in vTiger must have an owner. 2. Next to the menu item Exit is explained. Tools: Allows quick access to calendar. a calculator and other tools vTiger which. My Preferences How persentato in Table 2. Navigationarea: allows access to all features of vTiger CRM. ranked on the basis of the amount.

The "User Name". ö. .User: Member More Information Signature: More Information Reports to: - vTiger. The command and the contents of the blocks depicted in the Home Page can be modified for each user. Here is called the supervisor assigned to you. A good password is for example "Dhe4K39b. This field can be changed only by the administrator. to search for two contacts as "Meyer" and "Mayer" you can type "M% yer. Button View User Control works only if the administrator allows vTiger. The use of special characters (like ä." Quick menu The menu of the Home Page allows you to quickly quickly create an entity of CRM. Shows the history of vTiger accesses by different users.5.) Are not allowed. 2. For example. Each user can define and change their password.6. once created. you can still create a new user and transfer all data to the new user.. ß. You can search by entering a single word in the search field and press the[Search]as depicted in Figure 2. Important This button allows you to keep these lists in view or hidden If the user is a member of a group is shown the list of members. Select the[Edit]to change your settings . This defines the signature that is added into your email. VTiger a user can be assigned the following privileges: • Permission to use certain data to CRM. 2. Access Privileges Access privileges associated with the user used to access vTiger are defined by the administrator. ü. can not be changed. It is recommended to use at least 8 characters. etc. Features full search The Home Page provides a powerful search function that allows you to search the entire database of vTiger. - Home Page Here you'll learn that CRM is shown in the user's home page.. We recommend changing your password "User Name" and "Password" must be a combination of uppercase or lowercase letters and numbers.5 Note The character% can be used as a "wildcard" for the search function.%.5. Components: Tag Cloud My Groups: History Login: frequently. Figure 2.

To function optimally vTiger needs to be configured according to the needs of your company. view the chapters devoted to the Calendar and Tasks. When handling contacts on vTiger. it is essential to learn how to realize the sales process with vTiger. As a second step. This entity collects the information received from a request of a potential new customer. Lead. If you follow a lead to the creation of a sales opportunity it will be converted to a contact that can be defined by a natural person and / or company. Permission to delete data in certain CRM modules. Any user with administrator privileges can change all the basic settings of vTiger. Before you put your customers to input the information correctly. To learn more. process that is described in subsequent chapters of the manual. Thus vTiger measure how many records you are transformed into real sales opportunities. • Contact: the amount prescribed for for the the management of of our management existing customers when referring to an individual. Begin to communicate with other members of your business using the share of activities between users of CRM. Chapter 3: The management of the sales process 3.• • • • Permission to see certain data of CRM. enter your products and / or services offered before going to define the lists. Even for users who do not have administrator privileges. • Company: the magnitude expected enterprises. however there are many functions that allow you to configure the presentation of data without changing the basic structure of vTiger. The heart of every vTiger is composed of client data. In this way you will be able to correctly identify your contacts and manage all stages of sale for each contact / company. Because when we interact with a company we always refer to individuals is advisable to first define the company and then the individual contacts related to the company to hang created. companies and contacts The administration and use of effective contacts with customers is the most important element of a system of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) vTiger distinguishes three types of contact: • Lead: represents the size of a CRM system needed to keep track of a contact made by a potential client. After the insertion of your customers have a wide variety of possible functions of CRM. . you can always create links with the various stages of the sales process. In the first instance we recommend you enter your most important and then add more and more complete information. The permit to import and export data in certain CRM modules. Permission to build or change data in certain CRM modules.

Probably many of your Lead not lead to a deal. Email. Phone. If there is an'opportunity to sell. the lead can be converted. Company.1 . If you want to add more information about Lead you can click the tab [Sales]in the navigation shown in Figure: Top Area. presentations.Companies and / or opportunities. Create a Lead that would collect the basic information of the contact potential (eg: Name. You can collect Lead for your marketing activities such as trade shows. etc. • The state of this contact will be maintained lead until it becomes clear whether or not there is a sales opportunity.Example of contact management in the sales process: • a potential customer will contact you to make a request. Using the "+" to open the publication of a new Lead. Description of your request). However. while avoiding to go to the contact list overwinding good. you can always add new companies and / or Contact us directly if you do not fit the steps of Lead. only those contacts and companies that have been created have a chance to be a bargain.1. but this should not prevent you track them. All activities related to this lead will be saved in CRM. Figure 3. Using this procedure. as shown in Figure 3. The lead is then erased on. This will create an'opportunity of tying all'Company and Contact. 3. advertising. All information collected for the Lead are still available but are now presented according to their contents in Contacts. Lead The Lead is the first contact with potential customers.. Last Name. vTiger should not be overloaded with data that are not used.1.

then connect the company to contact you create.2 . as shown in Figure: Top Area or go to[Sales]->[Companies]and click on the "+". it is always advisable to first insert the information of the Company. A new window will open. as shown in Figure 3.2.NB:A field " Fields 3.2. Figure 3. To create a new company click on[company]from the fast creation. Since the information of the Company may contain links to Contacts. sometimes you may need to directly enter the new companies. However. Companies It is better to create a new company from a lead as described in Section: Creating Opportunities to Lead.

.Now you can enter information company. preferably. be removed by the administrator of your vTiger.3. E 'recommended for only the information relevant to your business. or add other information related to the Company by clicking on the label[More Info] as presented in Figure 3. The input fields may remain empty or not material. You can also use custom fields. The figure shows already some entries.

3. A new window will open.Figure 3. click on the [New Contact] from the Quick Create or go to[Sales]->[Contacts]and click on the "+".4. Contact If you want your contact information with reference to the natural person. .3 3. as shown in Figure 3.

as explained in Chapter 13 customize vTiger.4 Your administrator can remove the vTiger standard fields not suitable for your company or add additional fields. .Figure 3.

5. shown in Figure 3.4. you can add other information to contacts. as shown in Figure 3. .If you click on[More Information].

Figure 3.5 It is advisable to pay attention to the following areas that have specific objectives: .

vTiger will automatically create an email and send it immediately to contact. you will find the tools import and export. Section 3. click on[Lead]. Select the box if you want the contacts are not called.4.[Contact] or[companies]in the Sales. The apparatus provides the CSV format via a graphical interface and enables easy and intuitive to map the columns in your CSV file in the fields proposed by vTiger. It is recommended to inform your contact. contacts and companies In areas relating to leads. The customer portal provides limited access to contact customer support functions for practices that relate directly to it. how do you explain the example in Figure 3.4. 3. In general. *. . To export or import data. jpg or *. the master data in your possession may contain items not covered by the basic configuration of vTiger. in this case. Import and export leads. as soon as you click the[Save]. Can list the name of the company to which the upper contact and links connected to or between contacts (eg a contact from another contact generated by word of mouth). contacts and companies introducing custom fields on which to define all the search lists are essential to extract the data you need. If selected. This image must be in the format *. the owner of the contact will be notified via email when the person's information had changed. The email will contain the user name and password to access the customer portal. E 'can load the image counted on CRM. Rearrange registries of vTiger with the inclusion of custom fields you can pass import data. NB If you enable the Customer Portal for a contact by selecting "User Portal". contacts and companies will always find two dedicated keys vTiger import and export data. you must enter the custom fields needed for your master data.4. vTiger allows you to organize master data related to leads. before moving on to the stage of import.Email: Report to: Not call Notification to the owner: Image Contact: The contacts we have selected this box. Manual (Council for CSV and Excel format) is dedicated to the functions of import and export format EXCEL. Above the list of contacts. Export and import functions will help to exchange data between your office applications and vTiger. png. will not receive messages that are sent from vTiger normally when you activate the automatic mode (ie: mass mailing to Contacts).6. gif You can also use this screen to allow access to the portal Contacts Customers (Customer Portal). You will have a list view of all contacts stored in vTiger or companies.

Import Contacts Click on[Import Contacts] in the toolbox as shown in Figure 3.Figure 3. Wait while uploading the inclusion of records.4.7. Other imports and exports of vTiger work the same way. marked with the sign[*]. as shown in Figure 3. it is advisable to split the file into records of 4000 lines. All data to be imported must contain the required fields. each record 500 contains a flash message vTiger loaded.7 NB There are no limits on imports of records.6 and will open a new window. Figure 3. 3.6 A description of the function of import and export for the contacts.1. .

In the last step of import.8 NB: If you have to import multiple vTiger offers you the ability to store the maps you have created for future use.Now you need to map your data to those vTiger. but you must connect at least the required fields. there is shown the result of import. Not need to create links for all areas of your file. as can be seen in Figure 3. When you have entered all references click[Import Now] to transfer your data in vTiger.9 Now you can see your import and accept or reject it. Figure 3. Simply select[Save as customizedmapping] and give a name. whether standard field of fields that custom. NB .9: Figure 3.

file extensions. in fact. The CSV format is often used to Figure 3.4. • The headings of the fields can be the first line.11 shows an example of a file for importing a Lead.4. depending on your version of Excel.3. automatically from a simple comma-separated values." O ". Will open a new window for saving data on your computer.4. Figure 3. 3. If you want to import the data. comma-separated values (CSV). If you must use them must be between round brackets. Each line represents a set of data.2. or justifyingspacing. Tips for CSV and Excel format Excel is an application that uses the CSV format. The data is in ASCII format with values separated by a comma. and CSV. In Figure 3. a window appears as shown in Figure 3. data to be imported must be in ASCII. the import of CSV data can cause some problems. Import Data Format The exchange data between applications. must be between quotes. they must be formatted according to the following rules: • All fields separated by commas.4. With a Windows computer. Unfortunately.10 If you click data on[Download]. Some versions of Excel will not accept.10.all will be exported to your computer. 3. • The fields that contain the quotes cause problems. use 3800 instead of 3. If you find that after .If you import contacts that contain information related to companies. • You must include all required fields (ie family and society to the Lead) • Are not allowed fields that contain "dashes".11 3. Export Data Click the Export icon (arrow pointing up) of any of the menu list. The window loads will depend on your operating system. • The numeric fields must contain numbers without the characters ". the import will also create them in the list of companies." (for example.800).

Check the dataformat: Unfortunately. Do not use special characters. the term "End2222" (without quotes). check Comma. • Open the file with a simple text editor (not MS Word!) Save your data. If you want to import data from a contact from your applicationOffice application.1. VTiger ad and you get an Excel spreadsheet ordered. Create a CSVfile: If you are sure to have good data and good. • Add a column to the end. • Remove all the columns that you do not need in vTiger. you can now create a CSV file that is suitable for vTiger: • For practical reasons to add a column at the beginning. (Import contacts). Fill in each field for each data group. This is important work to ensure that all information is nicely formatted: • Export data to a contact from Outlook into Excel format. for example with a space. Chapter 4: The management of the calendar in CRM .4.the opening data from CRM. in many cases. you can select each column in turn and choose a format. • The second step. choose Import External Data.). • Remove the original column if any. • Save the data as CSV file. You will see a preview that shows how the data were separated. Sure it contains the information which they will have. • The first step. b. • Check the contents of each entry. Scroll through the CSV file from vTiger and click Open. • Watching the column that contains the required fields. Examine any special characters such as commas (. • • Start Excel and open the file of your data. the term "Start1111" (without the quotes). Now you have a good file format that can be imported. This allows you to open the Wizard to import text data. Fill in each field for each data group. Here's how you can use the contact data of MS Outlook: a. Be sure each piece of data has the opportunity to be mapped properly.) and quotes ( ") and replace those that create problems. all fields are listed in one column. the data to be imported must be checked and edited manually before importing. Remove errors later in vTiger could cause a lot of work. select Delimited. you must ensure that they are properly formatted. • The third step. as explained in Section 3. semicolons (. you can follow the instructions below to eliminate the problem: • Import the CSV file. The Data menu. and import your data.

vTiger CRM has a powerful calendar that allows you to enter all the activities that you perform. Viewing time is depicted in Figure 4. Lead or Business. If you want to use the calendar to schedule an event or task. The calendar lists all activities that the program divided into vTiger meeting. vTiger Outlook offers a calendar model. Call (events) and Tasks. or click [Calendar] on the window area of navigation. On the Home Page. vTiger helps not only to the Tasks tab. monthly or annually. a priority and the users or contacts associated with it. This view depicts all the events on file for a particular day. you must click on the calendar in any listprovided. One click to postpone a task that has not been able to begin or update the status of work already begun. Will open a new window that will show the calendar or list view the timetable. or during on-Helpdesk. vTiger structured activities in 3 types: • Call: allows you to define a telephone call and associated with a lead. The calendar can be used directly through the menu faster or creating activities within a sales process related to Leads and Opportunities. company or a sales opportunity rather than an activity of customer • meeting: Defines a meeting with clients or colleagues at work and links to all the entities vTiger • task: to define a specific activity to be performed and links to all its related entities vTiger The sight of all activities included in vTiger can be a daily. VTiger's Calendar allows you to associate your business a due date. contact.1. monthly or annual clicking on the correct icon. but provides a set of tools to effectively manage activities throughout your organization. weekly. a post-it vTiger will alert you of all activities pending. The activities of the calendar can and should be linked with other data stored by the vTiger as a Contact. The operational differences between events and tasks will be explained in the following section. The display can be changed weekly. .

1. A window will pop-up in the calendar.4.2. click on [Add Event] and select the desired type. as shown in Figure 4. . Add an event to calendar To place a call or meeting from the Calendar view.

2 .Figure 4.

Be careful. Enter a name for the event You can add a small description about the event. so a new event created will be shared with other users." If necessary change the setting. (For example: a business trip) At an event you can invite other users by following the instructions depicted on the display. Set a priority level.3 Figure 4. Each event has a beginning and an end. You can change if necessary. An event may extend over several days. the user who creates the event is its owner. (See the section "Sharing Calendar" for more information) The default state is on "planned. as shown in Figure 4. the event so dramatic it goes to the user's calendar invited. You can click on the tab "Warn" to schedule an automatic email reminder.Fields on the form event Event Type: Event Name: Description: Share: Status: Priorities Assigned to: Start date and closing date: Inviting Select a call or meeting.3 . You can mark an event as "Public". By default.

Furthermore.4. as shown in Figure 4.4 An event may also be linked to Contacts.5 ..For the reminder messages must enter the time and a valid email address. the CRM allows you to schedule events that recur regularly. Figure 4.5. As shown in Figure 4. Figure 4. Lead etc. clicking on the tab "Repeat".

as shown in Figure 4. NB The tasks are presented in your calendar and are depicted on the display Pendants and upcoming activities in the Home user. but it can be shared with other users. The calendar will be shown on the display with the language defined by your browser. Clicking on "add task" a window will appear. Tasks vTiger helps to schedule the tasks. a card opportunities etc.6. But the task can be transferred to another user. . changing the owner.5 Notes Each user has their own calendar. You can not invite someone to a task and even connect more than one contact to a task.2.Figure 4. You can add tasks to different positions on vTiger: from a contact card. as described in "Shared Calendar". These are always assigned to a user or a group of users created on vTiger. 4. where you can add information. You can invite other CRM users to call or meeting.

the following shares: 1.Figure 4.6 4. Are possible. Directly from the calendar settings .3 Calendar Sharing E 'can share their calendar or a specific event with other users of vTiger.

Share events related to users in the hierarchy of roles regardless of the settings to share events on the calendar.8. as shown in Figure 4. click the checkbox [Public]. . To make a specific public event. select the list of users with whom you would like to share your calendar. Figure 4. as shown in Figure 4.7. the moment of creation. if an event is made public.select [View Calendar]> click on [Settings Calendar]> settings Calendar (inside the pop-up). all users of vTiger can look at it.7 2.

4 All Activities If you want to see all activities in one list.9. . as shown in the example in Figure 4. you can click on the Tab [All Activities] menu on the calendar.4.

9 The list can be customized based on criteria of your choice. For further instructions on the possibilities to change the display of the list. At this point. 4. Mac or Linux. E 'can also mark a task as closed by clicking the plus sign [X] The display of the list you can click on the name of the activity to see detail.5 Import and Export Activities To import or export tasks from your office applications. Always from the same interface. refer to section "Working with Lists".Figure 4. See Chapter 16 . vTiger provides a set of extensions that you can install on your computer.10. you can add a label (so-called "TAG CLOUD") in reporting to all users of vTiger. This includes the Outlook plugin for Windows or an extension of Thunderbird for Windows. the details may be modified. as shown in Figure 4. or duplicate the work of a new insertion.

• MailMerge TemplateThis template allows you to create Word files compiled automatically with the mechanism of the Press Union for details of the modules Leads. E 'can create a template for each type of communication and use it without having to rewrite every time. see Chapter 17. .Figure 4. There is potential to use the features of Email Template to prepare and save your message templates and then forwarded to all leads.10 Chapter 5: Management in CRM emails and documents You can use the mail client that allows you to carry out massmailing. There are two types of template: • Template forEmail: vTiger created through a simple model to be used for communications to your customers. Contacts. contacts and companies you select. Companies and customer service. To learn more about this feature.

the mail is sent automatically stored in the card details Lead. Companies. or use the Plugin for Outlook and Thunderbird for synchronization.Emails is both a form for receipt of email and the cataloging of email messages sent to users of vTiger.1 1. 5. can. as explained in the last chapter on setting vTiger. You can send emails to your contacts directly from vTiger. See the example in FIGURE5. Figure 5.1. Contact or Business. and business contacts is stored in the respective folder. Send and receive email vTiger offers multiple options for sending emails to customers.2. . came in Figure5. create an email starting with the details screen of one of the Lead. create an email directly from the menu Email. 5. To send email you must configure a common server for access to email. select the recipient from the list view as shown below in Figure5. 2. employees or other contacts.1. Any mail message sent to Lead. Send emailIf you want to use vTiger for sending emails you have three options: 1. In this way. alternatively. Contacts.2.3.

FIGURE 5.2 Figure 5.3 .

The email will be saved and enter into the list by clicking on the menu Home Page> Email Sending mass email If you need to send the mail to a group of contacts in vTiger you operate in the following way: • Create a list of leads. The email will be sent in HTML format. The signature must be inserted from the "My Settings" in the login CRM. Screen will appear"Creating mass email".3. vTiger needs your outgoing mail server. Lets you send the email. contacts or companies. Use the filter function to select the records you want. • Save the list as selected. These templates must be memorized in vTiger. select the contacts you want to send mass mail. "CC" stands for Carbon Copy. You can enter the address of the recipient who receives a copy of the email. The description fields are used for the following purposes: Select Email Template: Send: Save: vTiger offers you the opportunity to work with Template for emails.4. For the composition you can use the input fields based on the following description: To: CC: BCC: Subject: It should be added to the email address of the recipient. The setup is explained in chapter 15 dedicated to the settings of vTiger. as explained in Section "E-mailTemplate". . You can also find more explanations inSection: UserConfiguration. You can add email addresses will not be visible to other recipients. Refer to Section "Customized List"for more clarification. NB vTiger can store your signatures and add them to your standard email messages automatically. shown in Figure5. You can enter a subject for your email Attachments: You can add an attachment to your email Description: Here you can enter your email message.Important To be able to send an email. • On this list. You can save the email without sending it. Click the [Send Mail] as in Figure5. You can use the tools available to change the graphics settings of the email. "BCC" stands for Blind Carbon Copy.

Lead.Figure 5. Important 1. automatically inserts in "More Information" all emails sent using their webmail and which are related to Contact.3.4 Fill in the text of your email and send it. the contact will receive a "mass email" does not realize that this same email was also sent to other people. vTiger manages the blackout lists sending emails to individual recipients. Companies from the To: field (currently does not allow for fields that automatism C: or CCN:) 5. . In this way. vTiger. Refer to "Synchronizing Email with vTiger" for more information. Synchronize incoming emails You can use the plugin for Outlook or Thunderbird to synchronize email on vTiger. 2.

To display the incoming click[My Home Page>Webmail] in the navigation area as shown in Figure5.6. you can see your email directly from vTiger.5. Figure Figure 5.Otherwise.5 Click the[Server Settings IncomingMail] to open the configuration menu of the mail server as shown in Figure5. . provided that vTiger configured on your mail server.

SSL Valid certificates: Timeout Email page Note: The incoming emails are not secure. .Figure 5. The POP protocol is still available through our application. It is currently available as the IMAP mail protocol. IP Username Password: Email Protocol: Username to access the mail server Password you use to access the mail server. It is therefore necessary that the protection occurs on emails received on the mail server. If you wish to use this security system. Use a name or an IP address. If you use an encryption system.biz.. Mail server name or You must enter the address of your mail server.6 Index Fields Display Name Email This name will be displayed in the list of mail server account. Contact us for information at info@crmvillage. Maximum time to update the post You can select the number of emails you want to display per page. The email address used to receive mail. This means that vTiger does not protect against viruses transmitted via email. to access the mail server you have to choose whether or not to validate the certificate.

5.4. Folders Webmail As you can see the mail folders are of two types

Figure 5.6

where you can find in my mail incoming mail, ie mail coming to your mail account configured on vTiger and mode of view (as IMAP) and Post Office in return you can find e-mails sent divided by type of user.

5.5. Notes: The base system documentary vTiger Notes are handy tools to add more contact information, Companies, Lead, Opportunity, Products, Invoices, Orders, but also the sale and purchase. Notes can be created directly from the form in which we, as in a contact card, or from the Notes form. For each note you can attach a document (such as PDF, Image, Spreadsheet, etc.). So that, when used in this way, you can use the form on the Note as a real documentary, where over the document itself own (see 2 in Figure 5.7) we Protocol by a code inserted in the title (see point 1), a description field (see Section 4) and a series of links (see Section 3) for connecting with other modules vTiger . Thus, if for example we make available to the entire business structure to form a compilation of privacy for new customers, just like a mark registered under DP (as documented privacy) and upload it to a new note. It will then create a filter (see Figure 5.8) called "Privacy Documents" where we will take care to include an advanced filter to the field "Title" that requires filtering of all notes that contain DP in the domain. We will then always just a click away all the documents that concern us privacy.

Figure 5.7

Chapter 6: Process Management CRM Marketing
For the management of marketing activities, vTiger offers a range of useful tools both from a practical standpoint, such as sending email marketing, both from a tactical point of view. In this chapter we will see then what are they and how do to use them. EMAIL MARKETING AND MASS MAILING

1 In this way. See figure 6. based on filters you create lists of useful work. Lead form> template for Lead) . So you can do from the selected list of marketing activities.Here are the steps to manage the sending of email marketing to your target (Lead and / or contact and / or companies) a) create lists based on filters vTiger to pinpoint the target. in particular two: 1. send email using the technique of template> preloaded template email marketing via the Settings menu (available only to administrator users see Figure 6.2).1 Figure 6. In the creation of templates you take account of the fields you want to use automated build and always of the form to which they relate (ie: contact form> template for contacts.

2 You can now return to your list filtered properly and proceed with the sending of email marketing.3) .Figure 6. though apparently it seems that the list is sending all visible (see Figure 6. selecting contacts / leads that interest you and clicking the sending of email marketing templates created. mail for mail. Consider that the sending of emails is always in vTiger in single mode.

3 .Figure 6.

Figure 6.1). Outlook. Thunderbird). notified by regular mail to the client> for holders of Office in particular Word and also given the opportunity to do mail merge from the same list you created earlier (see Figure 6. Then create the document template (see Figure 6. Again the steps are first need to download and install the plugin for Office (for details see chapter on PLUGIN Office.4 .The email sent will still be so attached to the card of the customer to understand the historical level communication sent to the customer. 2.4) and save it to your desktop.

5) Figure 6. Windows XP.Load the document using the form vTiger> Settings> mail merge templates You can then proceed using the system to merge (called vTiger Mail Merge) going on the summary screen of your interest form (Contact. Council: .) Select the filter of your interest and the names of your interest. Then click on "Merge" and you will create the Word document with a.5 NB the system to function has the following requirements to the customer user: Interner Explorer IE 5. etc. Lead. Doc for your interest in all the names selected (see Figure 6. Windows NT4 SP6.5 on Microsoft Windows 2000..

The marketing campaign can then be used both positively> for promotional activities and coordinate client lists details> insolvent or have a particularly severe problem (see Figure 6.Experiment before you put it all in production and in particular those who create the Template from Word should avoid doing the mail merge documents with vTiger plugin for Office installed. Can create conflicts.6). In practice. Indeed associated with the Campaign to a contact or lead. MARKETING CAMPAIGNS The main purpose of Marketing is to be able to associate with the names (specifically Leads and Contacts) marketing activities very specific. . any person called to manage the customer can see it from your card. the campaign creates a link between the intentions of marketing (in particular on activities of Customer Marketing) and business destinations.

Figure 6.6 After loading the card as it appears here is the contact: .

Here you can work in two ways: a) Lead and then click on lists of names on which you plan to work. In practice • the operator will display the name with phone number • arrange to make the call. lists purchased from approved suppliers (including unauthorized.Figure 6. and if so opens the card of the Lead and can then proceed to convert the Lead in Contact (1 of Figure 6. You can then start making lists directly from the module to manage the staff of Telemarketing Campaigns. Then proceed with the same mode seen above. but always better not to risk).7) or assign a task of first telephone contact or meeting with an agent (2) or the flagge Lead for aftercare (3) . Web sites. The prepared for loading CSV on Form Lead vTiger and then create a list of related. The lists can come from various sources such as trade shows.6).6. The end result is that the campaign will present a list of names to contact (see Figure 6.1 Another type of campaign is to use the module for the telemarketing (with or tightening integration than a system of Call Center).


.. which is always adjusted by your administrator. The list can always be changed by the administrator. You can define the target to which you turn your campaign. You can include the date on which the campaign will be over . You can include the costs for your campaign. Assigned to: Target Description: NB If you want to track how many opportunities are being generated by your campaign. Expected responses: You can include the level of responses you expect to receive from your campaign. You can add more information to the Campaign. You must select a country from the list. You can enter an amount of profit you expect from the country. you can: a) create them directly from the module Campaign b) create the opportunity and connect it to the campaign in Campaign Source You need to give the campaign to a user or group.7 INFORMATION ON THE FIELDS OF MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Here is the list of the main fields of the form of marketing campaigns vTiger Campaign Name: Campaign Type: Product: Campaign status: Closing date planned: Revenue budget: Budget and actual costs: Name of the campaign.Figure 6. You can select a product from your existing product catalog to connect the campaign to the product / service Select the status of your campaign.

vTiger also allows you to manage the cycle liabilities such as purchase orders and vendors. . The program also allows you to insert a description for future reference. (New Price) To avoid confusion. It 'still a form designed for businesses that have no particular need to manage their suppliers. For those who want to learn how to extend or customize the form to send your report also info@crmvillage.biz 7. A new window will open. Mark the check box[On]if you want to have this list for quotes. You can use a special retail sales. this possibility is also useful if your company has different types of customers that require a different price. a distribution channel. orders and invoices. Defined a catalog of products. you can assign to each product more lists so you can manage different sales channels. as shown in Figure 7.1.Chapter 7: The process of budgeting in CRM To manage the sales process through vTiger is important to define the catalog products /services and its price. it is necessary to assign a unique name to the list.1 Create a list To create a new list click on'[icon +] in the Inventory>Price. price lists for end customers or others.1 Figure 7.

1. From now on you can use the list to create invoices. (List price related to products) below prior view on the form of choice of the price . quotes and sales orders. You can add a product or service to your list by clicking[Select Product].2.1.2 There is therefore a list of products in the catalog.7. Figure 7. as shown in Figure 7.3. you can enter the price linked to that list. Figure 7. Selected. Connecting with products To add a product to your list click on[More Information].

You can enter the phone number of your supplier. New Suppliers You can add the following basic information: Name of Supplier: telephone: Email: You can use the name of the supplier company. You can enter the email address of contact your supplier. . as shown in Figure 7. To enter a new supplier. These suppliers are inserted separately and not part of the lists of contacts or accounts. click on'[icon +] in the Inventory>Suppliers. Will open a new window.4.7.2. Figure 7. Suppliers vTiger can enter an unlimited number of suppliers for the management of your purchases of products or services dedicated to your company or your customers.4.

sales and aftersales service. you can complete the card by adding your vendor mailing address and a description. You can begin to import or export by clicking on the menu Inventory> Products in the navigation of your CRM. In practice. we proceed toward the conversion of the same in contacts and companies and then on to sales opportunities.5 Chapter 8: The sales process (Lead. Here are some points of particular importance: . 7. All product data can be exported or imported always in CSV (fields separated by commas). Accounting category code of the supplier You can connect the supplier with a category. If you close sales opportunities can positively develop other phases of management such as customer care and services provided.Website: Code accountant Categories You can enter the website of your provider.3. You get a list of your products. ie lists of potential customers (the classic case lists are purchased from different suppliers on the market).5 Figure 7. if required. Quotations and Orders of Sale) The sales process is divided into vTiger into three main phases: pre-sales. Use the icons at the top of the list to begin the import or export as shown in Figure 7. Import and export of products The functions of export and import can exchange data between vTiger and a large number of programs in your company. Clicking on "More Information". starting from those leads. Opportunity.

beginning with the first contact and ending with the services of sales and services. Fairs and suppliers of various contacts are handled with the module lead.1. Sales orders and purchase 5. Since a quote is associated with a product / service. during this process. Lead 2. In vTiger first to write a quotation.2. different stages: 1.• creation of a Lead: vTiger in what are usually defined marketing lists from websites. • Estimate: It is the stage where you define the sales offer the opportunity to associate created in the previous phase. it must also define the system of taxation. In practice. products. events. Lead In fact many of these should be discarded with the goods and services that your company offers. 8. So before you go to "dirty" the customer database is a good idea to load all the lists of potential customers on the Lead form and only later. or directly through the form on the opportunity. after verification by the sales force of real interest to convert into a customer (company / contact). when the interest comes from a customer acquired. Quotations 4. The sales order can be created from quote previously created. one must first define the productcatalog. • creating a salesopportunity: This phase is accomplished by converting a Lead. vTiger manages the order of a product / service received by the customer. when the interest shown by potential client. The opportunity can be connected to many entities of vTiger tasks. the Lead is a simplification of the customer record (done in a contact card or card company) just to speed the whole process of management of these names. Introduction VTiger can be used to trace 'sentire sales process. word of mouth. priorities and other criteria) 3. In this way will always distinct activities to be done on potential customers than those on real customers. Customer Service and FAQ 8. vTiger use. if it needs to be applied. In this way the CRM keeps track of the strategy developed in the field to get to arouse the interest of a potential customer or acquired. Invoices 6. • Order ofSale: Through this module. in this case vTiger allows you to manage the differences. notes. Lead . Opportunities (sorted by different levels.

In particular: • Cancellation • sending mass mail • • change of owner status change NB: As with all views module vTiger can change the fields shown in the columns and make some permanent filters that allow you to work on lists suited to your needs (Figure 8. When you create a Lead you can keep track of: • data of the individual and organization • Description Lead • qualitative value of a particular lead for your company These data will be stored as standard fields for your CRM. Opportunity. moreover. For consultation Lead you can view them directly to the list. website. as shown in Figure 8. From here. Consider the lead as the best starting point for the management of your business and marketing. using the command shown in Figure 8.1 Figure 8.1. Lead your company can get from activities such as trade shows.1). At this stage the future Lead includes three entities vTiger: Contact.1.1 with the red square. you can also do the activities of "mass" on the Lead present in the list. Lead-List View This view represents a powerful tool to search and find any information on the Lead.Leads are the first stage of the relationship with potential customers. Your administrator can also change the type and number of data standards necessary for the creation of Lead. Company. word of mouth marketing campaigns. .

2.Figure 8.1 8.A new window will open as shown in Figure 8. Lead Details To get into the details of Lead click[Surname].2 .1.1.

Lead Details .2.Figure 8.

etc. all the emails that are sent to this lead through vTiger are archived here connection with the module calendar with specific activities include closed here You can add notes or attachments to Lead.. An attachment can be any type of file.2. such as data sheets.In particular.The attachments are saved as tab only if you use the Lead on the Note will automatically be included in the module also notes (as a real documentation system) You can add information on products or services related to Lead.2. You can select a campaign which must participate in the Lead Products: Campaigns: 8. To use these functions you need to import and export privileges provided for the system administrator. the connections of Lead to other entities vTiger found: Activities: Email: Historic Activity: Annexes and Notes: connection with the module calendar link with Webmail vTiger. contracts. Lead Import and Export You can import or export the list of all the Lead. .

The opportunities are characterized by the fact that it exists (so it is verified) a real interest for your products / services by the lead and then is time to open negotiations.8. Select your company name already stored in your CRM clicking on[folder icon] at the end of the line. The definition of the type can be freely configured by your system administrator.3. Potential date of termination of business. creating an opportunity can be performed directly from the Opportunity form as for all other modules. Opportunities The opportunity attached to a lead.4.3. can be created when converting from Lead to Contact / Company. Company Name: Expected close date: Type . 8. Opportunities' Vista-Edit The main fields of Expediency can be described as follows: Opportunity Name ': Amount: Give name opportunism.1. comes as shown in Figure 8. see the next paragraph. Select a type of opportunity. The existence or not of interest can therefore be considered as the parameter that typically leads to conversion of a Lead in Opportunities / Contact / Company. Direct Entry Opportunities Opportunity at the time of creation. It is not yet final but logically if this amount is multiplied by the probability of closure is obtained significant value for forecasting business. Additionally. It 'a field that is required for those who want to make predictions on the value of opportunities open.4 Figure 8.

if you want to report the next steps. The source can be freely configured by your system administrator. You can add all the numbers from 0-99. The opportunity to connect to a campaign in place. The definition of the stadium can be freely configured by the system. Select the owner. see Figure 8. the opportunities are linked with other modules of vTiger. This value should then be multiplied by the amount. Select a source of Lead. If the opportunity is created by the Campaign this field is populated automatically To enter additional information on the appropriateness. Like any other module. Additional information on opportunities. CampaignSource: Description: 8.3.5 .2.Next Step: Lead Source: Stadiumsale: Assigned to: Probability (%): Insert the next step. This way you can get an estimate of the probable value of the singular opportunity. Enter the probability of success of opportunism. Default is assigned to the user who creates it.

Attachments: such as data sheets. contracts. To see a list of contacts for the opportunity. etc. An attachment can be any type of file.The attachments are saved as tab only if you use opportunities on the Note will automatically be included in the module also notes (as a real documentation system) .. Notes and You can add notes or attachments to opportunities. To see a list of all products or services that are related to opportunism.5.Figure 8. description of connections: Activities: Contact: Products: Stadium History of Use: To see all activities related to or create new ones. You can select additional contacts already stored in the CRM system. Every time you change the stadium store will be created a new record in the history list Stage of Business.

biz here is the description: The Figure8.it-CRMVillage. you then compile the data for the Company prior to the drafting of the budget. Quotations How to create them? .1. shows the information displayed for the inclusion of a quote. Here you can see a list of all your past activities. The order form is typically a form useful if you practice as a confirmation of order and not the budget. you can use the import and export data 8. the estimates can be created or in-chief to business if you have a kind of business that usually open for business as a negotiation only if you have several open or to open negotiations on the same company then this is the case of creating estimates by form opportunities.4. . you must then load the product catalog in advance (also indicating% VAT) and possibly upload the lists to sell if you have them.Estimate the module takes the data directly from the registrar connected.Directly from the form estimates that are submitted on the tab "Sales" What you need to do first? . you will have an important fact to historical levels ie for a Company> How many opportunities open / closed and for every Opportunities> How many Estimates Order of Sale: To see the list of orders related to opportunism. Historic Activity: NB for sales opportunities.5.From the inside tabs Opportunity Company or at the links with other modules . What contain? > If you use the form with fields Estimated tax by custom vTiger. In this way.Estimates: To see a list of quotes related to the inclusion or create new ones. . Otherwise you can not use it.The module is based on the Estimated product catalog. In practice.

3. 2. if you create a quote from the card company is awarded fields that are filled in automatically when you create the quote from the card automatically and so also the shipping address company .Figure 8. 4.5. displays the subject that is the name for the quote automatic code progressively modified budget company name.1 1.

Figure 8. possibly created by the quote.5. the historian of states in the quote (eg: if we expect that the estimates of the internal approval process can see the stages Historical thereof) NB Be careful if you want your logo and your data appear in the budget (as well as the invoices in PDF format) you have previously entered this information under Settings> Company Details .2.BIZ STANDARD Tab of the budget.5.3. you can find links to several useful things (figure 8. links the form CALENDAR (eg if you call after 48 hours the person to whom you send your quote you just create an activity calendar that will be linked to the estimate itself).2 The PDF you will find the data of your company includes VAT and those of the company to which you are doing the estimate including VAT if inserted. to prepare the budget must first have loaded the products catalog and possibly also the lists of sale (6) Once you save the quote or you can create the PDF on the invoice or order of sale as shown in Figure 8.5.5. notes and links to the attachments (eg: if the estimate you do it always in text format but want to save the numerical values on the form prior to reporting for commercial vTiger can attach to the prior estimate in vTiger actually written in text format). once saved.) Indeed find links to sales orders. For detailed description of the fields used by the module prior product please refer to the description under "RETAIL PRODUCTS" equal for both versions and CRMVILLAGE.

.Figure 8.3 > If you use the module Estimated standard here is the description: The Figure 8.6shows the information displayed for the inclusion of a quote.5.


In the event that a team working on this budget. including local taxes. You can add additional information such as purchasing an approximate date for the shipment (for internal use). you can make a note here. Estimate The information that you can enterare: Subject: Opportunity Name: Stadium Budget: Valid until: Team: Contact Name Courier: Shipping: Inventory Manager: Name the Quotation. Your system administrator can change settings To connect the quote to a company. Product Details Estimates for vTiger treats all types of taxes and discounts that can be applied to offers of products and services. The moment you press the[Save]. state or federal taxes and even special. The CRM offers the possibility to have a quote with different phases. These fees can be calculated on each product / service or on the total. Company Name: Assigned to: Select the user in charge of the CRM budget. E 'recommended to mention the company name (eg "Company Name Name Solution . Here you can select a name of a contact connected. . If you need to send a well you can select a courier. Before selecting the product / service you must then decide which mode to use for taxation. The figure below shows an example to introduce the details of the products calculated with the mode individually. Enter the expiry of the quota.6. To connect the preventive and Opportunities. If you use CRM to manage your inventory you can select here the manager of the inventory. Useful in case someone else has to approve the budget.the inventory manager will receive an automatically generated email from vTiger that will provide information on the budget.Figure 8.Version number"). vTiger supports both the taxation of individual products that this total. This field was added for internal use.

Order of Sale . E 'can add a comment for each item offered. Here. You can use the '[books icon] to select the money from your catalog prices. Fields that can be used for products on Form estimates Products: Quantity in stock: Quantity: Unit price: Price: Before you create a budget. you must have created a catalog of products or services. Figure 2. as defined in the catalog will display. You must select a quantity of goods or services offered. This discount can be expressed as a percentage (%) on the price list or specific figure.31. the unit price. vTiger calculates the taxes based on information passed from your product catalog. In the picture below you can see the details with the inclusion mode Group.8. This is especially useful if you maintain different price lists for different types of customers. After selecting a product you see here the quantity in stock. Figure 8. the amount of taxes to be calculated after the inclusion of all products. Select a discount for every product or service or a discount to the total.Figure 8.edit view for sales orders and Address Information Discount: Taxes: Cargo Ships: Fees for shipping: . E 'can change the fee without changing the insertion of the product catalog. After selecting a product or a service.7. You can also add loads of shipment. To enter the price.

The terms and conditions can be defined by pressing the[More Info].31. 8.5.9) As for quotes. Order of Sale . You can also create a new order of sale click on '[icon +] from the list of orders. Sales Order Sales orders are the orders they receive from customers. In both cases.edit view for sales orders and Address Information You can add additional charges or corrections. An order for sale may be different from the estimate and vTiger can keep track of these differences.Adjustment: Figure 2. You can also create a sales order from a quote by opening the list view of the estimate and click on the button[New Order ofSale]. If you create an order from a quote you'll see that all the fields introduced in the budget are filled automatically (Figure 8. sales orders also have links with other modules to increase the use vTiger as: > Links to activities' > Connection NOTES > Ability to attach files > Link to the invoice (or a sell order generated an invoice) > Historical activity > Historical states sales order . Your CRM administrator may establish the terms and conditions of default. This will automatically transfer your information to new sales orders. it will open a new window as shown in the figure below.

Order of Sale Standard fields for sales orders .9.Figure 8.

This could be useful if you have to order something to complete a sales order for a client or for internal use. Purchase Orders vTiger helps you in the purchase of goods and services. You can link sales orders to opportunities. To connect your order with a quote. Can be inserted here. you can submit it here. Select a state for this sales order. If there are special taxes or other costs related to this order.6. To enter a new purchase order you must click on [+icon] on the menu Inventory> Purchaseorders. You can select a contact connected to your Order. If your company works with numeric codes customer. You can select a courier from your favorite client. Will open a new window as shown in the figure below: . Here you enter a sales commission. Customers have placed an order with an order number to purchase their own. This is a handy tool if orders should be approved.Subject: Opportunity Name: Customer number: Name Budget: Purchase Order: Contact Name Expiration Date: Transporter: Status: Factory setting: Company Name: Sales commissions: Assigned to: You have to give these orders to sell a name. To set an expiration date of the Order. It is recommended to create a unique name and include the company name. Or you can click on[Add New PurchaseOrder] on the display of suppliers Inventory> Suppliers. Select the user vTiger responsible for this sales order. To use this option vTiger will transfer vendor information to the new purchase order automatically. 8. You must select the company that is attached to this sales order. You can select each individual user but not groups.

you can enter it here. please enter it here. Tracking Number: If there is an identification number for tracking.10. Purchase Order NB: the procedures for filling in the address fields for the supplier are the same estimates and sales orders.Figure 8. The same applies to the products and PDFs List standard fields for purchase orders: Subject: Vendor Name: Requisition Number: Name Order You must select the name of the supplier in this vTiger If you use this code. (To learn the status of shipment) .

The system proves very useful regardless of the use of the RFP form. Assigned to: Select the user CRM responsible for this sales order. as shown in the figure below: .Contact Name Expiration Date: Transporter: Sales Commissions: Factory setting: Status: Contact Name You can select a contact for this order. click the[+ icon] menu Sales> Invoices or if you prefer.7. You can enter a date for this order. Invoices (for version CRMVILLAGE. 8.BIZ) The use of the billing system in vTiger is very useful if you want to trace amounts in payment. You must select an account for this sales order. You can enter a sales commission. Sales commission: You can enter a sales commission here. You'll see a new window. This is because companies typically prepare estimates and very very accurate text description of products. included in your purchase order. referring to one of your seller or a person who works with you on this purchase order. use the[Create NewInvoice] on the list view of selling orders. If more than one person works on this order. However contrary to the bills that are almost always only very short descriptions with the sums and means of payment. You can also select the carrier. To create the invoices. You can enter information about fees (a numeric value). This makes it really difficult the implementation of the module estimates. you can use the status field to distinguish between certain levels of completion. the invoices for the company and perhaps solved.

11. however. will be reported only descriptive fields of the company and its VAT number. but if you do the creation businesses from the module. that if you create an invoice from a quote or sell order on this vTiger will be reported in all fields including the products sold and the address of the customer. Subject: Order Sales: No Client: Invoice No Name of the invoice. Invoice You can add the following information to your bill.Figure 8. When connected to a sales order if the customer has an internal code sequence number automatically modified . considering.

You can enter information about the excise if you You can add any sales commission (numeric field) You must select an account for this invoice. you can select it from here.).Invoice Date: Expiration Date: Purchase Order: Factory setting: Sales Commissions: Company Name: Status: Assigned to: NB Each invoice must have a date. Select the account. assign states to the invoice (in shipping. Then build the first fields on the relevant forms and then make the bill. In particular: FOR YOUR COMPANY DATA: SETTINGS> OTHER SETTINGS> COMPANY DETAILS FOR DETAILS OF CORPORATE CLIENTS: in the relevant data including the VAT and the bank support if you use the RIBA Chapter 9: Management assistant in CRM CRM allows you to manage even the phase of post-sale through the form of Customer Assistance is needed for these types of situations: • Manage any problems or requests from customers about products and services • Provide the customer through the generation of a support ticket tool to monitor the progress of work on each specific request • Sales department to provide an overview of the requests made by customers for each product / service offered • Manage project phases subsequent to the sale . down here if the assignee must be someone other than the manager print the PDF always apply the same rules seen for estimates and sales orders. the address field will be inserted automatically. You must enter a date for this bill. paid etc. You must enter information about a purchase order that refers to this bill.

the value should be assigned according to the importance of the customer than the company. This list is generated from common questions made by customers and serves to provide a first level support.. Companies etc. You can also use this menu to change the owner of a ticket or delete the wrong ticket (see Figure 9. this field should be completed by the commercial customers who take responsibility.As mentioned.1) Figure 9. open the menu Help> Customer support as shown in Figure: List Ticket. List View Ticket The fields available in the standard version are highlighted in Figure 9.1. Customer Assistance through the module you can analyze the various ticket originating from customers and manage the most common through the FAQ system.1. The ticket represents the request of a client referred to a product / service purchased and is. associated with various other entities vTiger (eg Calendar. utility areas. . To create new ticket. In this way the two systems work together to provide after-sales service increasingly skilled and improve responses to customer. therefore. In particular.2. the customer support form is based on the TICKET. Indeed. You can use the icon with the magnifying glass on top of the list for research. Some examples: > To make a solution sold we can open a ticket that track the state and the number of solutions to be issued > If a customer has a support contract we can open a ticket of one year about who should manage the client of his right to > If a customer calls us for a complaint or a report of a malfunction can we expect to open a TICKET vTiger offers a system of FAQ where for each product / service creates a list of questions and answers. Create New Ticket vTiger considers the ticket as any kind of service request by the customer after the sale.). 9. for example: > Priority ': indicating the order in which tickets must be performed (it is a field that should be completed by the service representative) IMPORTANT: If the priority field should be completed by customer service.

so you can create filters that let you quickly find out which projects are open or those in other states of interest to you. > ENCLOSURES: how many attachments the necessary you can connect the TICKET to treat documentation for the management of the .> Categories indicating the type of ticket that could be for example: a complaint. warranty etc.. issue resolution. LINKS A is the field that allows you to link the ticket with the company or contact on (if you create a ticket or contact the card company is compiled automatically) > State: need for managing filters.

Figure 9.2. Ticket .

. This mode is also applicable to all the other lists.1. click[New].1. The lists are defined on vTiger can be used not only by their creators but also from other users of CRM. "NOT CONTAINS". content of the columns (fields of the list shown) the time interval in which the data have been created or changed. 2. . etc. From this screen. Create a List The following explains how to create an independent view from a list of companies.1. "contains". therefore. You will. 10. To create a new list of holdings.1: Figure 10. Configuration parameters: 1. the ability to generate ad-hoc search engines. Lists Lists modular structure to facilitate the research data in vTiger. 3. Custom fields that you may use to customize vTiger modules can also be used as filters for the creation of lists. you will have the opportunity to create your customized list. search operators such as "E" or "OR".Capiloto 10: the additional functionality of CRM 10. By USING the listings you can customize views of data based on the needs of each individual user. as shown in Figure 10.1. You can define lists of default for searches and other standards to be used in specific cases.1.1.as shown in Figure 10. Defining a list is to create a search system attivabilie when necessary.

You can use the key parameters to answer questions like: • Ticket on those special clients are open? • How many sales opportunities are the last stage? • • How many customers residing in the province of Milan? Etc. vTiger consider qHIS list of the key parameters and return automatically calculate the data on the display of key parameters in the Home Page. choose the fields of view of the grid of Figure 10.1.1 Section 2.1.2. .Figure 10.1) If in fact you are creating a list box is marked[insert in the keyparameters]. Box Key Parameters The key parameter Box is placed on your home page.2. You can have a comprehensive view of the most important key data stored in vTiger. select the filter parameters in both standard and advanced 10. This quantity for a summary of the number of records contained in the lists you created (Figure 3.1 Where you can: Section 1.

Search the list If you search for information in your lists of leads. Click on '[magnifying glass icon] to open the display of search.3.Figure 10. contacts.2 10. the search function will help you find them quickly. accounts and other entities. as shown in the figure below: .1.

website. vTiger users to search using keywords (labels) with which they are marked.Figure 10. email address and owners of data.4. You can switch between the basic and advanced searches at any time. 10. telephone. you can search alphabetically.2. If you click on[Go to AdvancedSearch] will open a search window that allows a more detailed search based on logical combinations. above. Click on button[Search]to begin. Allow. Advanced Search List View Can be added many search criteria.3 Basic search Through the basic functions of search you can find entries relating to names. last names. Tag Cloud Tag Cloud damage the ability to create heterogeneous groups within the database. in fact. . Also. the entries for individual modules (Lead / contacts / companies). as depicted in FIGURE below: Figure 10. company names.

phrases or expressions can be used combined. 10. 'll See a new browser window as shown below: ..These new groups can be defined freely. "proposal". etc. To mark a form. Tag Cloud To find all entries of vTiger marked with the same period.5. . Figure 10. The private chat instead serves as a platform for communication between two users in confidence. you enter the nessario tab and introduce the term of interest (eg: "Important". in fact. All terms will. To open a chat room click[Chat icon].'s Chat features Chat features offered by vTiger let you enter real-time communication with all users of vTiger connected to your corporate network. Public chat allows all users to vTiger to view the chat room where any user can read and write messages. Insertion tag cloud is depicted in the figure below: Important The tag cloud is always individual words. used the term place on the list in the Tag Cloud.) at the tag cloud with the[Add Label]. put on display in the Tag Cloud Home Page To delete a term you have to go over the word and click the icon "x". "Milan".3. Chats can be public or private.

4. My Sites This area allows you to view the Web sites of interest directly on vTiger. you can provide constant updates and real-time to all users of vTiger. To see an RSS feed you have to enter this address in vTiger. Will open a private chat room. The system is very useful for tracking shipments to connect or communicate with suppliers that rely on the web. 10. . RSS Through the link to RSS feeds available on the web or created specifically by the company. Each RSS feed has a unique URL web address similar to be found on the Internet.7 vTiger offers from the[Tools> RSS] can choose from a list of RSS feeds available for users and display on the display each item available. 10. Vista Chat Note: To open a private chat click on the name.6. Figure 10.5.Figure 10.

8 Chapter 11: Reports and Dashboard CRM vTiger CRM allows you to analyze the data through the graphical tool for dashboards and analytically using the reports. provides important indicators of the data stored by vTiger. S has access to the dashboard by the voice indicators in the main menu of vTiger. create a[New LinkFavorite] clicking [Manage Site]. Figure 11. Click on[My Sites] to see the sites included in the list. The possibility exists to achieve the following reports: .1 Functionality and flexibility are guaranteed by means other than reports which can generate prints on any data stored in vTiger.To see a website. Figure 10. Dashboards are a tool that. through histograms and cakes. Many of the dashboards are available already configured to provide users with the information essential for a CRM system.

Let's see how to move then. Therefore strongly recommend that before starting to create new reports to make a check if what we seek is already available.. REPORT AND DIRECTION Reports over the dashboard are a way of displaying data but certainly less intuitive than more flexible to your needs.• • • • • • • • • • • Companies and Contacts Report Lead Report Opportunities Report ' Activities Report Report of Ticket Request Product Report Estimate Report Purchase Orders Report Bills Report Report of Purchase Orders Campaigns Report E 'can print any report or export it to PDF or Excel. In particular it should be noted that reports of vTiger typically allow you to do the analysis between two modules of vTiger. the easiest way is to locate a report very similar to what we try and then customize it (see below). At most. a) first question to ask: what kind of reporting we want? What kind of data we want to see? Once you have decided the pattern on a piece of paper or a spreadsheet can decide to switch to the second phase. continue to step d) c) the report identified the open by clicking on the name: . b) on vTiger there something similar to what you need? If you then move on to step c) If not. such as sales opportunities with companies or the companies for work in progress etc. However there are already a significant amount prepared for your analysis. Reports on the flexibility offered by the function customize the report that the ability to generate custom reports is summarized in that analytical.

If you choose "customized" the time period you mentioned it. In practice.) Let's assume you choose the path tabular most commonly used."1" you can refine your report by period. By clicking you will see a screen showing (see Figure 1 below) that are already on step "Report Type" This is because once you have created a report you can no longer change their name and / or linking with other modules (see d) below). choose the field of your interest (first box) and then indicate the period in which you want to display that data. Figure 11. "2" you can modify your report. you will find in this screen where you can add or remove fields from the default report .3 You can then choose whether you want it or summarized in tabular form (with the subtotals.

Figure 11.4 Clicking on "next" you can choose whether you want to make riagreggazioni field type "sum" "medium" etc..

Figure 11.5 Finally you will be on the following screen:

Figure 11.6 where to 1) you can choose the time period under analysis (see above) or creating filters, something valuable, which take into account all the form fields being studied as said in reports that are always 2. Note therefore that irrespective of the columns that you choose to display in the report, the fields used for filters are the ones available. You can then matching, in the case under consideration: the report "contacts for companies" you can then filter the contact fields and those of companies. For example we can choose to display all the contacts where the company is based in the province of Verona. d) creation of a new report: the steps are as follows, • Click on the folder below:

Figure 11.7 • choose the form on which you want to create the report:

4. to create the

choose the form you'll get the tool

report itself:

d where you have to choose the report name (which is no longer editable), the folder of the report (where you store the report) and the description if necessary. 1. Now you are on the screen matching that allows you to associate as well as form chosen at the outset (eg contact) also potentially linked to the module (eg: Business, Opportunities, Quotations)

This enables you to extract data simultaneously combining two modules such as contacts for sales opportunities etc..

Managing users and access is a powerful tool that lets you use vTiger also in the event you are working for several companies. Roles. companies. but simply associate one already there. price lists. contacts. This section allows users to define and customize vTiger to ensure the . Once you know the system is suggested to use utility to be defined. vTiger CRM to manage security and access to information of its users throughout its system based on roles." Through the instrument control information user is in fact possible to trace all actions taken by a particular user and possibly go after to make the tuning of the privileges associated with that user. Typically the management of roles is useful to medium-large in which we find dozens of users with different roles hierarchy. the installation package vTiger provides a single user an administrator who gives you access to all features of the system. deletion and reading. Besides offering a powerful tool to use and customize the users access to various modules of CRM. • Those who wish to check the rights of modification. products. Profiles and groups can be defined users can use only specific areas of vTiger. Through the voices Users.Note that the pairings are always available and only those proposed in advance by vTiger. This will greatly simplifies management of users. opportunities. Chapter 12: Roles and profiling of users in the CRM Through the Settings main menu you can access the vTiger section Users confidentiality of data and the ability to define privileges for each user. tickets. for which there is no need to re-create each time a profile. In particular it is useful for: • Who wants to have a large number of people working with CRM simultaneously. We believe it is useful to begin to define the users only when it is decided which business processes are to manage vTiger and not before having familiarized with the system. vTiger tracks usage of the utilities themselves by ensuring the ability to understand "who did what. activities and more. separating each company for leads. • Who wants to meet a particular business organization chart and AccessManagement. For this reason.

the roles. 4. creation / modification. groups and their privileged access. and view the history of log Management CRUD operations * for the data vTiger CRM * CRUD operations are those of reading. thus ensuring the confidentiality of data between users and levels of organizational charts.2.1) The administrator user is able to administer all the entities vTiger CRM as: • Users. based on past claims by those in charge of corporate organization.1 12. User standards User Administrator The standard user has limited access to vTiger CRM and can not access the menu settings (Figure 12. Users There are two types of users for vTiger CRM: 3.The Rolesthrough the profiles and levels of access. deletion of data Figure 12. as mentioned. Change passwords. Each role is based on one or more profiles. • • • Create archives of communication. The administration of vTiger CRM should be expanded. Defining roles The basis of all the security system there are. managing the operations that can be performed by different users and create roles that reflect the company's organizational levels.2): . allowing users to profile vTiger CRM so that everyone can see only the information that is of interest for him. 12. • Customize the user interface. The course typically takes place in this direction (see Figure 12. disable users.1.

3. .3. which profiles are associated c) creation of users. as a role at all area managers. even those Underlying the area manager.a) creation of profiles b) creation of roles. Then there is the possibility to create custom privileged access. who are associated with the role d) change the user-role associations based on organizational needs Roles are also important because they respect the corporate hierarchy. for example. such data are considered private and / or public. This way you can. while those who take the role of sales manager can see only its own information. In fact. who will play the role associated with the Area Manager will see their data. to cater to specific needs. see Figure 12. such data can be modified. to establish per-user: which fields are visible. Figure 12. if we determine that the sales manager is on top. Definition of profiles The profiles are used to define the privileges a user has against the data and views in vTiger CRM.1: Profiling-role-user 12.

shows the classification of types of privilege found in vTiger: Table 12. Privileges TAB Golf privileges Utility 12. • Permission to see the data in certain CRM modules • Permission to create or change data in a CRM module. Table 12. Types of privilege for profile Global privileges: When we create a profile.1. etc.4.1.Figure 12. global privileges allow us to decide on possible common to see or create all the information / forms for CRM: • View all: allows you to view all data in the organization. Convert Lead.3 privileged access personalized The privileges include the following: • Permission to use certain CRM modules. • Edit all: allows you to create all the data in the organization Allows you to decide that TAB see vTiger CRM CRUD lets you decide what features you can do to individual field Allows you to decide on features such as: Export / Import Data. • • • Permission to delete data in a CRM module Permission to export the data from certain CRM modules Permission to import certain data from CRM modules. Managing Users and Access .

then the module that allows us to manage security. Flagged this box if you want to create a user with administrator privileges. Each user has the ability to change your password. .4 View Users List Important When you delete a user.And 'The module connected to the user management and access to them. 12. List fields default in User Create / Edit User Name: Admin: Password: Name: Each user has only one user name.4. regardless of role. User Configuration To create or manage users click on the menu Users.1. You can not delete the standard user and admin present by default in vTiger CRM. The user name. Table 12. once created. you will open the user list. vTiger CRM will ask who you want to be assigned to user data to be erased. roles and access profiles to vTiger CRM.2. can not be changed. as shown in the figure below: Figure 12. When you create the user should be assigned a password that can be changed by the user at a later time. Enter the name and last name.

Important Login and password is not allowed the use of special characters like "-". In this way.5. You can add additional information related to this user Roles> see above Profiles> see above Groups The groups are effective tools to summarize users who belong to the same team. if we take a ticket from a customer. 12. You can see the missing assets and decide what activities are presented to the user's home page. Table 12. For outgoing email. You can define a user as active or inactive.3. Caution Users with administrator privileges can see and change settings and all data users. it will then Management Group Ticket to decide who the members should occupy the resolution. currency.Role: Email: Status: Active view 'Default: Lead View Default: Currency: The role associated with the user must be created before the creation of the user. we can assign it to a Group of vTiger CRM specially dedicated to the management of the Ticket.'s List fields default More About me Title Report to: Other email: Signed Date Format: Notes: You can enter the user's position and holding his unit. Enter the email address for this user. You can choose the currency (language. which is generally defined Global Accessand the Custom. An inactive user is not allowed to login. Are used for function assignment vTiger CRM. For example. You can change the data format for this user. The address will be used by vTiger CRM to send the mail user. you can insert the signature. currency) for this user. Shared access vTiger CRM allows you to set access privileges of roles. The latter can be divided into two blocks. Here you can provide the views of Default Lead and decide how you will be presented Leads the home page. Additional address of the user. You can select the supervisor / manager user. The currencies used by vTiger CRM are defined in "Other Settings"> "Setting Currency". based on a specific request. ."/".

4. You can then cover the most diverse needs of different organizations.5 Priviligi Access Global . will also provide access to private mode. edit and delete all data. it is possible to set access rules valid for all roles and at the same time. Figure 12. purchase orders and invoices. All users can see the data entity. delete and modify data. If you apply the rules of access to specific modules. Delete Important 3. Types of permits shared Kind Private Description Only the owner and assignee of the entity vTiger CRM users with a hierarchical role above that of the owner. given different rules only to certain roles. they can erase the data. ticket. these will be extended to emails .Therefore. edit. Create / All users can view. Post: Read. connected. can read. simply select a shared window on the individualactivities). is set to private (to make public an event or task. by default. 4. When the module companies is set to Private. may edit or delete those entries. Only the owner and Modify users with a superior role. Modify. The form of activity. you must press the[Recalculate]to commit your changes. sales orders. Post: Read Only Post: Read. Only the owner and users with a superior role. create and modify data entity. Important If you enter changes in the shared rules. 5.view list Table 12. Create / All users can view.

all fields are considered visible. You can use this function is to show both to hide the entry fields By default. The rules of the login fields override the rules set by the Profiles.6 Management of fields for the Calendar Note From here you can also make visible or not from your custom fields Important You can not disable the required fields of the forms. You can do it on the settings of the Calendar.7. Note From here you can not change the access privileges to the calendar.related to them. Access fields The function available is used to control the visibility of fields in various forms by the entire organization.6. Figure 12. About User Control Information function User Control allows the system administrator to know what a particular user has done in vTiger CRM. 12. 12. .

.Report Note can avoid control by removing the flag from the check box for a particular user.Figure 12.7 Information User Control . Figure 12-8 Enable / Disable User Control 12. History of user registration As administrator of vTiger CRM. With this menu you'll get the history of records relating to each user. you may need to monitor access to the system.8.

8.Figure 12. Change User Login .

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