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Tracking system skytrap plus

Solar energy Solar heat Mounting system

Tracking system
skytrap plus


plus plus plus lu

an efcient system

Photovoltaic systems can track the course of the sun to increase energy yields. The skytrap plus single axis PV tracking system developed and produced by mp-tec GmbH & Co. KG represents an affordable and efcient alternative to xed PV module installation on rigidly aligned module mounts. By optimising the closely coordinated mechanical and controlling system components, this single axis tracking system generates an average of up to 36 % more yield than xed systems.


+/- 55

Flexible module design and size The exible mount unit allows for both horizontal and vertical modular design. The size of the module platform (up to 30 m) and the types of modules are selectable.

Maximal mobility Module mount surface can be moved rotationally symmetrically on a swivel axis (adjustable angle 110). Stable rotational movement with maintenance-free, low-wear polymer bearings. Module platform innitely adjustable from 10 to 35 to the horizontal installation surface (elevation angle).


Optoelektronic solar sensor React real-time to changing position of the sun. The sensor operates with an accuracy in angle of less than two gred from the position of the sun and thus maximum solar radiation yield.


Astronomical controller React real-time continuously according to astronomical controlalgorithm. shadow-free operation of multiple tracking systems with optional Back-Tracking function.

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Details are subject to change. This presentation of images and descriptions is not exhaustive.

more properties:
Power supply preferably from 230 V AC network (other voltages available on request) or from module feed-in Energy-efcient structural components with minimal power consumption of the sensor (0,1 VA) resp. the control-electronics Integrated control-algorithm guarantee automatic resetting of the module mount when moving from night-time to daytime operation Operating range from -25 C to +70 C High tracking accuracy and maximum system availability Generates up to 36 % more yield dependent on location and module type Suitable for single-user operation and for system operation in a solarpark

15 years*
product guarantee

up to


10 35


Made in

Powerful drive Efcient linear drive with direct control and integrated motor protection on overload can operated in strong winds and under heavy snow loads.

Easy mounting on every ground Suitable for concrete or ground screw foundations. Simple and effective system installation with modular design.

Quick-Line mounting system The stand unit is made from the proven, longstanding aluminium proles from the mp-tec DEKRAcertied Quick-Line assembly system. Support structure in hot-dip galvanised steel (additional paint coating to customer requirements). Premium materials enable system

Guarantee: up to a 15-years on the mounting system, 10-years on all steel components, 5-years on the astronomical controller/optoelektronic solar sensor, 5-years on the drive technology. sensor

operation even in extreme climate zones with long lifetime.

** The skytrap tracking systems conform to relevant guidelines and applicable standards and therefore bear the CE mark. Detailed guarantee terms and conditions as well as the declarations of conformity can be requested from mp-tec or accessed online.

Details are subject to change. This presentation of images and descriptions is not exhaustive.

mp-tec datasheet

OK table/tracking +/- 55

+ ca. 6.978 mm

55 5.5 0 00 mm mm
UE table/tracking 0

+ ca. 5.480 mm


LE table/tracking 0

+ ca. 2.730 mm

LE table/tracking +/-55

+ ca. 794 mm
UE (upper edge) plot

6.746 mm

+ ca. 0.000 mm

with optoelektronic control Module area

Details are subject to change. This presentation of images and descriptions is not exhaustive. Created: 07/11

with astronomical control

30 m 10 - 35 (adjustable in 5 steps) 110 from modules or power supply 230 V AC / 24 V DC 0,1 VA 1 1x optoelektronic solar sensor < 2 free choice of type 18 (dependent on type) 5724 Wp (dependent on type) hot-dip galvanised steel structure with aluminium mp-tec Quick-Line prole -25 C ... 70 C < 118 km/h IP 65 1x astronomical controller according to control-algorithm Back-Tracking function (optionally) mains adapter 230 V AC / 24 V DC

Tilt angle adjust. angle azimuth [] east-west Power supply Standby power [control mode] Number of drives Number of controllers Adjustment accuracy shaddow-free solar plants Module type max. module coverage Solar power [Wp] max. mechanical support structure Operating range max. wind speed Degree of protection

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