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Introduction What is Shingles? What causes Shingles? Who can suffer from Shingles? What are the symptoms of Shingles? What are the complications caused due to Shingles? More pictures Diagnosis Treatment (Natural Remedies) Simple Shingles Cure Herbal Remedies Homeopathic Remedies Ayurvedic Remedies Flower Remedies Traditional Chinese Remedies Relaxation Reflexology Diet & Nutrition Allopathic Remedies

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Hi! I am going to tell you all about Shingles, a very painful condition, and some useful remedies that will help you get rid of the pain and blisters that appear when you are infected. You will soon learn about its causes, symptoms, prevention, cures and everything that you need to know.

Listed later in this book are a few natural and herbal remedies to treat or cure Shingles that are highly affordable and easy on your pocket. You will also find information on allopathic treatment administered by doctors but more significantly you will find information about preventing Shingles and dietary discipline that you need to follow.

This book is addressed to adults who are most vulnerable to an attack of Shingles, especially to those adults who are over 60 years of age. Parents of children affected by Shingles will also benefit from the information in this book for getting the appropriate treatment for their child.

What is Shingles?

Shingles, also known as Herpes Zoster, derives its name from Latin and French words for Girdle or Belt. It is so called because the skin eruptions that occur as a consequence, usually on the body trunk, appear like a girdle. This condition is caused by the Varicella Zoster virus, which is the same virus that causes Chickenpox. This virus thrives in the nerve cells during an

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outbreak of Chickenpox and then remains dormant for several years before emerging as Shingles, usually in adults. It is accompanied by rash in red patches on the skin initially which then transform into blisters. The virus moves along the nerve towards the skin causing damage and inflammation of the nerve in the process. This causes intense pain, which is commonly associated with Shingles.

What causes Shingles?

Shingles is caused by the reactivation of the Varicella Zoster virus that usually affects individuals during childhood causing Chickenpox and then remains dormant in the nerves for several years until it re-emerges in its new manifestation as Shingles during adulthood.

Shingles on the Back

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The exact reason for this reactivation is not yet clear, but there are several explanations such as the success of the Chickenpox vaccination or suppression of the immune system caused due to advancing age, stress, fatigue, chemotherapy, medications or diseases like Cancer, HIV etc. In HIV infected individuals, an outbreak of Shingles can be an early indication of a deteriorating immune system. Shingles erupts along the sensory nerve usually originating from the spine and migrating towards one side of the body producing lesions on any part of the body. But the most vulnerable areas are the face and body trunk that are also the high concentration areas for Chickenpox rash.

Who can suffer from Shingles? Any person who has suffered from Chickenpox can be afflicted with Shingles. It usually affects adults though children are also vulnerable, but the incidence is usually directly proportional to the age. Most people affected by Chickenpox are likely to develop Shingles at some point during the course of their lives. Usually, newborns, organ transplant recipients or persons with a weak immune system caused by drugs or disease are highly vulnerable to an attack of

Shingles. But in most cases the Shingles victims do not suffer from any underlying malignancy or any kind of immunosuppressive condition. An adult or child affected by the Herpes Zoster virus and not suffered from Chickenpox earlier is likely to get an attack of Chickenpox instead of Shingles.

What are the symptoms of Shingles infection?

The infection begins from the nerve tract emerging from the spine and spreads along the nerve tract causing fever or body ache or discomfort. In the next two or four days the affected person may experience acute pain, itching, numbness or tingling sensation or extreme sensitivity to touch. The lesions usually form along a solitary dermatome (body portion supplied by a lone spinal nerve) affecting only one side of the body. This is usually the trunk, though hands, legs or other body parts are also vulnerable to the infection. However, if the lesions are widespread then this indicates an underlying weakness of the immune system due to diseases such as leukemia, Hodgkins disease, atopic dermatitis, HIV, Cancer etc.

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The pain associated with Shingles can be intermittent or continuous, but usually lasts anywhere between one to three weeks. This usually occurs during eruption but sometimes much prior to eruptions causing difficulty and confusion in correct diagnosis. These eruptions are in the form of rash consisting red patches of the skin accompanied by small blisters. The rash appears when the virus reaches

the skin through the nerve tract; hence some people may experience pain even before any visible signs. This condition worsens over the next 3 5 days. The blisters then break to form small ulcers, which then dry out forming crusts. After 2 - 3 weeks the crusts fall off exposing pink healing skin.

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Close-up of Shingles lesions Typical symptoms of Shingles infection could be; Intense pain, severe itching or tingling sensation restricted to some specific part of the body Redness of skin in patches that develops into blisters subsequently Concentrated clusters of deep and small blisters which ooze and crust over a certain period Fever, Chills General feeling of weakness or discomfort Swollen lymph nodes Headache Vision and Taste abnormalities Abdominal pain Joint pain Hearing loss

Drooping eyelids Restricted eye movement Genital lesions (male or female)

What are the complications caused due to Shingles?

A Shingles outbreak usually subsides in two or three weeks, but it could give rise to a number of associated problems such as Nerve Palsy caused by infection of motor nerve. This can be temporary or permanent Neuralgia (continuous nerve pain) occurs, especially if the trigeminal nerve in the face is affected, in about 50% of infected persons who are over 60 years of age Post Herpetic Neuralgia, a condition where the pain persists for months or years even after the Shingles is cured. Recurrence, which is rare Permanent blindness due to eye lesions Loss of taste Facial paralysis Deafness Secondary skin disease (bacterial) General infections Encephalitis or sepsis

More Pictures

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Shingles lesions on the Neck

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Shingles lesions on the Arm

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Shingles lesions on the Chest

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Shingles lesions on the Back

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Shingles lesions on the Hand

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Shingles lesions on the Hand & Fingers



Diagnosis is also based on the history of the patient. A person must have been affected initially by Chickenpox for suffering an attack of Shingles. In children, differentiation between chickenpox and shingles is very important and this is possible since chickenpox vesicles are spread across the body whereas Shingles blisters are restricted to a particular area of the body, commonly the body trunk.

Shingles is often misdiagnosed in the early stages and can be easily mistaken for some other disease or illness as the early signs are usually very vague. Correct diagnosis is only possible once the lesions appear, based on their location, pattern and cell damage, which are characteristic of the affliction.

Herpes Simplex virus produces similar vesicle eruptions as the Herpes Zoster (Shingles) virus making visual differentiation very difficult. This problem can be resolved by culturing the virus sample from the patient.

Tests are not necessary and rarely done but may include; Viral Culture of skin rash Tzanck test of skin rash Complete Blood Count (CBC) may show increased white blood cell (WBC) count, a non-specific indication of infection Specific antibody (immunoglobulin) count may indicate increased varicella antibodies


Shingles cures by itself and does not need any medication, yet the excruciating pain associated with Shingles can be incapacitating and you may need medication for the complications caused by this disease. But do not despair! Enumerated below are some simple yet highly effective natural, herbal and allopathic remedies that alleviate your pain and suffering really fast and cure you from the pain and blisters caused by Shingles. You can select from the various remedies and options that suit you best, from those listed below.

Natural Remedies

Remedy # 1: Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Option 1: Take a brown paper bag. Cut it into strips to cover the affected areas. Soak these strips in ACV and place them over the areas affected with Shingles. Cover the complete affected area with cling wrap. This will keep the paper strips from drying. You will be amazed by the almost immediate relief from pain and drying of the smaller blisters offering you a night of painless and peaceful sleep. But you must do this treatment atleast twice a day for short durations and must not leave it overnight.


Option 2: If you want to reduce weight along with treating Shingles with ACV in a very short time, then mix 2 Tbs of Vinegar with 6 Oz. of water and consume this concoction twice daily. Taking it after lunch and supper will make it more effective. You will most likely to reduce considerable weight after undergoing this treatment, making you feel light and healthy overall.



Option 3: Vinegar can also be applied externally in the area where you experience pain, instead of consuming it. You will surely find maximum relief from pain, much better than using any other usual medical treatments such as Zonalon ($85 for a tube), Empi ($45 per Oz.), Capsascin or Aspercream. Your Shingles may not blister on treating with Vinegar but you may end up with Posthepetic Neuralgia, which can be terrible.


Option 4: Take 1 tsp ACV and mix it with 1/4th cup water. Apply this mixture with cotton balls on the affected area. Mix 1/4th cup ACV with a gallon of warm water in a large vessel and bathe your feet in this solution twice a day for three consecutive days. This will rapidly heal the blisters caused by Shingles and also provide you quick relief from the intense pain.


Option 5: Beginning the ACV with water treatment even when you are a few days into a Shingles outbreak can rid you of this condition within a much shorter time than the usual medicinal creams. The ACV treatment can also act as a preventive remedy. Taking the ACV + water solution in the initial stages when you experience an itch or small bumps can prevent the breakout of shingles altogether.


Option 6: Mix 2 Tbs of ACV with a quart of water. Sip this solution throughout the day. This can make you feel energetic and offer additional benefits such as efficient bowel and kidney functioning in addition to about pound weight loss per day. Any outbreak of Shingles will be reversed, if this treatment is taken in the initial stages.


If none of the above options works for you then dont be disappointed some of the other remedies below will surely get rid of the pain and lesions of the Shingles conditions.

Remedy # 2: L-Lysine Cure

Shingles can be cured if L-lysine is consumed immediately upon affliction. People, who have tried this treatment on several occasions, when suffering from Shingles, will vouch for its effectiveness. In addition, you must also follow some dietary guidelines for maximum effectiveness. Consume food rich in lysine and very low in arginine. Managing or avoiding stress is also important since stress increases the arginine levels and this can speed up the appearance of blisters or lesions. James & Phyllis Balch, in their book on Nutritional Healing suggest taking Llysine along with Vitamin C, B complex + B12 A - + regular medication. You can even try this remedy. But proper diet along with maintaining a positive attitude and avoiding depression will act as a catalyst in the recovery process.

Remedy # 3: Cayenne Pepper & Aloe Vera Gel

Mixture of a small amount of cayenne pepper and aloe vera gel, when applied on the infected area multiple times daily, helps in relieving the pain brought on by Shingles and also prevents the formation of blisters. (See Herbal Remedies below for more remedies using Cayenne)

Remedy # 4: Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is a fast action cure for Shingles. Consuming 3 tablespoons of Coconut Oil in a day can rid you of Shingles quickly. Also, you must apply it on the affected area daily. This will accelerate the recovery process. The acute pain associated with Shingles could remain permanently or the blisters formed could cause permanent scarring if misdiagnosed or ignored not treated


early. But it has been observed in some cases that even two weeks into an attack of Shingles; the use of Coconut Oil can provide considerable relief and rid you of the pain and blister scars. Hence this is one of the most effective remedies for Shingles.

Remedy # 5: Corn Starch and Chiropractic adjustments

Applying Corn Starch on the lesions caused by Shingles, after a shower or whenever the pain and irritation increases, can rid you of the condition. It was observed that Chiropractic adjustments in addition to the corn starch therapy can also help in quickly recovering from Shingles though some redness of the skin may remain for a longer period.

Remedy # 6: 90% Alcohol, Distilled Water, Fastum Gel

Mixing equal proportions of 90% alcohol, distilled water and Fastum Gel, a nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory solution, can be a quick fix remedy for Shingles. It can rid you of Shingles in a week though some pain in the nerves may remain for a longer period.

Remedy #7: Chemical & special Oil treatment

I am going to tell you an unusual but highly successful and proven remedy for curing Shingles affliction. If followed strictly this can be the fastest cure for Shingles. Getting supplies of the medication required is the biggest problem here. a. Add 5% Zinc Chloride with 5% Magnesium Chloride to form a solution. Apply this solution on the affected area after every 15 minutes for 6 hours b. 2% Copper Chloride solution. This must be applied after every 30 minutes for 6hours c. Mix Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil and Geranium Oil in equal proportion (1:1:1). Apply this solution every 15 minutes for the next 6 hours continuously. You may add Rosemary Oil if you find it or use any other Oil as replacement if not found


The Simple Shingles Cure

Note: If your rash is gone and you are still suffering from Shingles Nerve Pain (PHN) then you need to follow my recommendations on page 22 for Postherpetic Neuralgia.

Below is the three step program I used to eliminate my shingles in days. You will need: 1 Bottle of MMS (See step 1) 1 Bottle Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Braggs is good. One jar of Cayenne Pepper One Tube of Aloe Vera Gel One Bottle of Coconut Oil


Step 1: Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS)

When most people hear the word "miracle", alarm bells go off and they run the other way... However when it comes to Shingles we believe that this one supplement is the most effective treatment we've ever seen... AND... the best thing is that it's also the cheapest we have ever come across!!

In fact, a lot of sufferers who have started this plan have been a bit lazy. You see they have just done this ONE step, and they completely healed their Shingles using MMS only... Not even doing the other steps.

MMS is available from several websites for around $25 a bottle (this lasts a year).

You can get it cheaper from ebay, but we highly recommend not to get from there as the MMS they are selling on ebay is of poor quality, and you will only save a few dollars.

I get my MMS from a really reliable site who sell high quality MMS, best of all I know it works, heres the site below:

The bottle you will buy will last you about a year and only costs $25!! (bargain!).

It is so cheap because it is not a commercial supplement it is a natural mineral these guys just bottle it and sell it therefore it is dirt cheap.

Anyway here is the protocol that we use:


1. All protocols for taking MMS start with one or two drops. Never start with more than one or two drops. People who are very sick and/or sensitive should start with drop. Add Lemon/Lime Juice 5 Drops for every 1 drop of MMS. Then leave it sit for 3 minutes (no less). Then add 2/3 glass of water and drink it down. 2. If you do well and do not notice nausea on the first dose, you can increase by one drop for the second dose. If you notice nausea reduce the amount of MMS for the next dose. You can do two doses a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Continue to increase by one drop each time you take a new dose.

3. Work your way up to 3 x 6 Drops per day. This should be sufficient to kill the pathogens. Note: If you notice diarrhea, or even vomiting that is not necessarily a bad sign. The body is simply throwing off toxins and cleaning itself out. Some people say they feel much better after having diarrhea. You do not have to take any medicine for it as it will go away as fast as it came. It will not last. It is not caused by a bacteria or virus. When the "poison" is gone, the diarrhea is gone.

Note: Base your diet on good nutrition. Your body will then be able to easily absorb vitamins and minerals and many other nutrients it might have been missing up to this time. You should feel better as time goes by.

For more in-depth info you can get a free ebook from


Step 2
1) Get some Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) make sure it is organic the most available one in the US is Braggs. 2) First you soak your feet in Cup ACV and enough hot water to completely cover your feet doing this 2 times a day for at least an hour. 3) Now, three times a day, you need to drink 2 Tablespoons of ACV in a glass of warm water.


Step 3
1) Complete this step after step 2. You may want to premix the solution below. 2) Mix up 1 Tablespoon coconut oil, 1 Tablespoon Aloe Vera gel and 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper. 3) Mix it up well and gently rub it in with a cotton ball.


The above treatment will cure you of Shingles in days leaving only some dry red scars that will disappear eventually. Going beyond, this treatment will also prevent future re-infection. But you must take the following precautions for faster cure and prevention. Launder the clothes you wear in bleach Avoid consumption of sweets, tea, coffee and food made from white flour during the treatment Take teaspoon of sea salt with water during the treatment will help reduce the fungus infection

Herbal Remedies

Herbs used for treating Shingles include; Red Pepper, also called Capsicum or Cayenne is highly effective in treating Shingles. It is approved by the US FDA for use as an ingredient in some commercial ointments such as Zostrix and Capzasin-P. Since Red pepper is hot, it must be applied on healed blisters only. It is also very useful for treating Post Herpetic Neuralgia (PHN). Lemon balm, Licorice and Peppermint can be brewed as tea and then consumed internally or applied externally to the affected area. These are effective in reducing the intense pain and blistering brought on by Shingles. Seductive herbs like Passionflower are also brewed as tea and used for treating Shingles. This is also very useful for treating PHN. Herbal antiviral, Echinacae, is very effective for fighting Shingles infection and strengthening the immune system. Calendula cream or lotion is a good tool to counter the virus. Vervain helps alleviate pain and inflammation. Lavender, Marjoram, St. Johns Wort and Chamomile are also useful in relieving inflammation.


Homeopathic Remedies

Shingles affected persons may consult homeopaths for specific treatments. Homeopathic remedies include Ranunculus that is very effective for treating Shingles affecting the body trunk. It also considerably reduces itching. Other useful homeopathic medicines are Rhus toxicodendron for treating blisters specifically and Arsenicum album or Hypericum for treating acute pain.

Ayurvedic Remedies

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of healing that dates back over 5000 years. The basis for treating any illness is creating and maintaining a balance between two entities, your body and the world. Shingles treatment in Ayurveda involves applying turmeric paste to the affected area of the skin.

Flower Remedies

Flower remedies involve soaking flowers in spring water to create liquid concentrates, also called flower essences. Edward Bach, a homeopathic physician, created 38 remedies in the 1930s. This remedy involves placing several drops of the liquid concentrate under your tongue four times everyday. You may also mix the drops with water and drink the mixture throughout the day.

Traditional Chinese Remedies

Acupressure and Acupuncture are two methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that practitioners generally recommend for alleviating pain, especially that caused by Post Herpetic Neuralgia. Chinese gentian root, used for treating liver problems is one traditional Chinese remedy that you may use. Another traditional Chinese folk remedy effective for treating Shingles is the mixture of Chinese Skullcap root with water, also widely used in China. You may use a few other traditional Chinese remedies for treating specific symptoms and causes of Shingles such as Huang Qin Gao, which can be applied to the infected area


when damp painful lesions erupt on the torso or Long Dan Xie Gan Tang that helps suppress the buildup of toxic heat within the liver.


Relaxation can be an effective treatment for Shingles, especially the acute pain accompanying it. Practicing Yoga or Hypnotherapy can provide complete relaxation diverting your mind from the painful Shingles condition and also substantially increase your pain bearing capacity.


This involves manipulating your foot to bring a balance to your body. Reflex points on our foot correspond with specific parts of our body. You can address those painful parts of your body by manipulating the corresponding points on your foot which can provide considerable relief from pain. You may treat yourself at home by following instructions from a reflex chart or approach a reflexologist, who can help you with pain relief.

Diet and Nutrition

You must supplement your diet with Vitamin B during the first couple days of a Shingles outbreak, to improve your immune system. Then continue to supplement with Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Calcium and bioflavonoids until your health returns to normalcy. Consuming foods rich in amino acid lysine such as soybeans, black bean sprouts, lentils, parsley and peas can provide relief from pain

Allopathic Remedies


If you prefer to visit your local doctor instead of using any herbal or natural remedies then the following information and knowledge of allopathic treatment for Shingles infection could be helpful to you.

Antiviral drugs are primarily used for treating Shingles. Acyclovir has been traditionally used for treatment but more recently Famcyclovir and Valacyclovir are preferred. Such drugs help shorten the duration of illness. Drug therapy, when started within 3 days from the appearance of blisters results in rapid healing. Early treatment helps stop the incidence in the initial stages.

Headache and Nausea are some minor side effects of such oral drug treatment observed in about 8 20% of patients. Antiviral drugs are administered intravenously to immuno-suppressed individuals. Inflammation can be reduced by administering Prednisone, a corticosteroid, but this may adversely affect your immune system. Combined with antiviral therapy, corticosteroids help reduce severe pain and are used for treating severe cases such as eye infections.

For chickenpox a live attenuated-virus vaccine was licensed in 1995 and has been used successfully since then. This vaccine was developed for children suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment, to immunize them, since Chickenpox causes severe complications in such children.

The acute pain brought on by Shingles and associated with Post Herpetic Neuralgia is best treated with a combination of topical treatment applied directly to the skin, antivirals, antidepressants, morphine and corticosteroids. Famcyclovir has shown favorable results for treating PHN, but if all else fails for reducing pain then a permanent nerve block is the only option.



I am sure by now you may be well enlightened about Shingles and its various Cures. If you have not suffered from Shingles yet then you could take preventive measures mentioned in this book above. If you are in the initial stages of a Shingles then some of these remedies will help you get rid of the problem before it aggravates this shortening the life of this infection and saving yourself a few more painful and depressing days. If you are in advanced stages of a Shingles infection then you can start the treatment right away and rest assured that your days of agony will soon be over.

In any case, you can recommend this book to your relatives, friends, acquaintances or someone you know who is suffering from Shingles so that they too can benefit from the remedies suitable to them, mentioned here.