Basic Training


designed as an

:r ., move on to the

introductory version of RISK Balance of Power. Play this version until you are comfortable with the rules, then



OlI YOUR IURI{ Be the f irst player to complete three
objectives and be in control of your capiial,



. .

Familiarise yourself with the game contents by reading the 0VERVIEW card.

or eliminate the other player. Review the
objectives before you start to play.


of the four

set-ups on the

card. Set up the board and all the pieces as shown. Players choose or roll to determine which colour to play and which
player goes frrst.

At the stad of every turn, you draft more troops kead

Then you attack your enemy's troops and/or neutral troops

After you've finished attacking, collect one objective if you
are eligible (read SftSl$G YS$ft TLtSf4: $ide t

Manoeuvre your troops and draw a card if eligible (read FSSI${G Y$L}R TURN: $ide ?).




2 f. you check for Neutral Resistance (see f. Playing a game of BASIG TRAINING will make this game easier to play.+ OTTTIIIG $TNRTTB Familiarise yourself with the materials by reading the 0VERVIEW card.i .. and who will go first. GAMT i ! . 1 ! ?. .i )::.i: '..: fififfi $[T-[P unlrrr ltl I Itl Place Cities Place Capitals and Troops ' l! Draw nine random territsry cards and place one city on each territory shown. or if you have eliminated your opponent.i.. .. if you are eligible (see EN0INE Y0UR TURN: Side 1).X. you may purchase Combat Service Support (see SrlAftTS Siile I).n.iliues anci pru.: l First. the other player then chooses 1. ne'iri ionilijt oi vijur other player.!tr r r r l? Shuffle the 12 objectives and randomly place I face up ?i on the board.!i After you've finished attacking..t..4: Second.1: which colour army they will play.lllt-ril=i#:eliminate the . iipitti. ..':: OlI YOUR TURI{ 1 .i'oor. The neutral player starts in control of territories containing 5ites.. Manoeuvre your troops and draw a card. Next. Each player gets 27 troops and one capital. i l)j. '. . if eligible (see ENDING Y0UR TURN: Side 2).i r. Familiarise yourself i i i.-l: Rfter all the troops and capitals have been placed by one player. colleci one objective. The neutral player gets 60 troop$. Reshuffle all the cards One player (decided randomly or by consent) sets up the board as follows: rIdLE uUrEUlrVEi :*l Plare objectives "i. ) ii l. a .i . Then you attack your enemies (see . draft more troops (see TR00PS). EverY territory must contain at least one troop. i..t ' . l)t :i: . Return the remaining 4 to the box.: or :i.. i:') '.::i > 1' I jli 3 4 I !{ You win if you have completed three objectives and control your capital at tne end of your turn.. ittj the rules in BASIC TRAINING.liA{ITS: Sioe 1).' .

Capitals have no rl F T troops. The number of cities you control is added to the number of territories you control when drafting Each player will have one Clt capital placed in one of their territories. trr EI :€l . Capitals cannot be moved during the game. territory that contains a city.) GlIllS u lf you control a Cities will be placed on the board inio different territories. military function but are important to hold. and they are also important to achievi ng some objectives. you control that city.

-"f.1 t:".llf."4 i colilRtlr punprr neoiLir T{F i l i{:ii:*.-t"* i -ii.'l[1lfif. :"----.x**xffi 'a .u..r..ffffliJf.

. t Csntrol bsth Satellite Centres Contrsl 6 Territories witlt Rough Terain Control the Green Region o Elininate the Neutral Player The o'...:.y:l!.a # *= & = Capital L&3 '+a€ f*"zz Place these obiectives on the board: '. : !!'y. 'i PIaee cities in the following territaries: ".' 'ControlZComPleteRegions oControl 6Cities o Control the Swiss Vault o Control the Naval Base in Dennark .i i':.. . ': :'".. ....Aernany :j. .:...1'' l.''a-'-. box renaining obiectives go back in the - .. Poland Hungary o ltaly o Eastern Ukraine t. i'. )ontrol the 6 Territories adjacentto a Sea-Line '. Southern Slovenia t France o Lithuania o Latvia *# :"-' @' : .': ) ' ." .j. Northern Russia _J j. .. 'ii oUn.i .t:: :. i: .Prussia cNetherlands ..a-.::I .-.'j .Placecitiesinthefollowingterritories: . . Control the Green Region '"'. t.1.: Slovakia r-:--ti'':.: "a-' a-:":'. ': : it . * 4 &!!!:gy:.l..:.'.itedKingdsn oNarthernFrance o Germany o Sweden o Northern Russia ..''.': :. # '.i l .-:. City = Amount of troops -.. Cantrol the Purple Region The remaining objectives go back in the box"i : : j : t theywill not be used in this game.'".. o Control both Satellite Centres :' # t Control 6 Territories with Rough Terain .{.ltt 9r. .*a Place these obiectives on the board: L e 3 'Control the Swiss Vault '48 . Control the Naval Base in Denmark H t Elininate the Neutral Player #.'.

ltaly o Romania {& WS t.. Switzerland Kingdom o Belgiun o Austria .Control 6TerritarieswithRaughTerrain o Control the Green Region o Control the 6 Territories adjacentto a Sea-Line o Csntral the Purple Region o Controlthe SwissVault o Cantrol 2 Complete Regions The renainingobjectives go back inthe bax- . Ptace cities in the lollowing territories: o United . ! '.: : :... * i ffi i & c Control the Naval Base in Denmark o ElininatetheNeutral Player : Cantrol bath Satellite Centres Control 6 Territaries with Rough Terrain Cantrol the Green Regian Cantrol the 6 Territories adjatent to a Sea-Line Cantrol the Yellaw Region .. ffi | ffi t::?. . :':. Place these objectives on the board: o Controlthe Naval Base in Dennark o Elininate the Neutral Player . .:'. The renaining obiectives go hack in the bax - they will not be used in this game. . .'r.i . t .: : : .t Finland Poland ..:'t 1. 'i : i.


'io.?. starl.o* *unv to ten hand in two i.s Draft one troop for every capital you control.".. u' The number rroops vou stars '" troops Jou BeL.lli"r'.llr".i. s. to tn those troops Add are irrelevant t. . draft troops' F'. nou.t^:.!.'' .l'"'"-ou *t l:"^:ii o..." how many .i'ti.''i'in'no'u"''i"!"!' 1o draft 7 trooPs' YO'JR"lLtRt{ card' one or two cards have two or more ^orrlq... srnos C& il. . o{ l. r..&&pxx&x. including your own.^ containing io nuno in so1.1. and add them to the pile in front of you. tr"n. on the €$sls& get cards is explained l'"1.t:'. Cig=(ril T p.r. of you.'u :::j:"j"}*in.. The territories troops' when drattrng r . on thle cards ."i1i"LY. tn" Refer cards' .'.o to =".

. l.#.. ."'l^nu'un Red ren attackrng iii r. a 6. The frigfr. rnland..:T. is higher than Btt s_ srue o Red rolls 3 dice. y. He cannot send all-3'si'n.. on"'or"t*"o the rolls one.r. or th how many troops will attack. Each side rolls one die for each troop in . . 1]. The loser l tnun your opponent. .to .:T :"ju"l:J ne can only send 2 out to Bul:e^::d:f:nding Fintand and batile.. then ignore that _..orpjr"" yours to. - tffi .:: .7.iil. V.. and the defender wins ties. :!. Compare your second highest dice.. s .. die/dice.'.Choose one of your territories ihat contains at least two troops.) ... ] On your turn.J. . meaning you rolled .. T ore."* send in one..:. a n..::: ":. opponent's highest die...w . th e oi. il ." highest die.O-.:: :t i..n ji'. you car . io*. wins."Z'1... Attacking is optional.. or .nrc^^f troop must stay behind. batile. three dice and the defenderyoff. ! Red re i s.... defend _ one or two troops..rr.lorJ "' : :. one for ea u.. behind and guard your territory.b.:':f l'ffi: nrri.unrorlur. nry . .::1 .u: 10 troops in Sweden and sends / can attack more than this. two. Z oetenders win ties.'u '. Northern Russia and Uu r"rj..:. .uO . This means the attacker . dice. Select one troops can attack the enemy ierritory... t*o .ii' iT : :r. lf there is no die to .iz?.:.r..:opt. fn"a .:: . 3 attack Fjnland..'. two..rr."a to Both sides put their di troops. i . since a m..". irfooi than three can attack. The loser removes one troop..ill". than. u| i i li i n...i::TJr::: I. you can r. ffi i !..U 3.. ''vvvr' Fi n tand.!:t attack y::rt_to.t.vr E U rdr. onu o. The defender chooses how many troops will .1 n. contain more ^41". *rnr.. remivz.*oi -...l :: t. ii't'[ il:TT:. " a ri. removes a troop from their territory.'.Pi has 3 trooos. . troop. a t.:. troops in 1"^1.

:t.r.:. instead. go onlo and chart' Both players have one i* jj] $luiu is one for the neutral player' when :i. either between the same territories or between new ones.r. 1.:.: . ii.:..r.:.. lf the conquered territory contains your enemy's capital.'i 1 * Red attacks Elue's one defending troop in You may attack another territory again are able...:. ii You may attack again if you like and are able.1. You may -q also move in additional troops from the attacking territory. if you like and finUnd from Sweden.. leave the capital in the territory. l::. Red wins the battte and moves his 3 attacking traops into Finland.. H .1i ptacing defeated troops on a chart' fill the i!"cardftm leit to right' tf a chart is filled tn tt'.:.. any further defeaied into the troop pile' rii get placeo directly work is ?:: l"* these defeated trooPs ?i exptainea on the Str{&*T$ Card' 'J :.q..f '. r. you can move more than that into a conquered territory.r ril ::.:. Remember you must leave at least one troop behind .. 4 . troop pile but. version' defeated into the uooot do not go directly back a defeated 1i.j i: . L. i:i ::.:.. .. So even though you can only attack with three troops. sending in 3 troops.:..* COMMAND R00M "*t iii tr0ops *itr't troops.r- :J] .:::. . Move the attacking troops into the territory can ever be left abandoned. He then moves four additional troops fron Sweden :ii: into Finland.:: r). He nust leave at least one troop behind. ili ".i:t r i : al.-.l...


Cost r. two. only the neutrals involved in that attack {sne. and is re-rolled until it is (although the other dice can be). or three) rnove into the new territory. These neutrals may attack the lose at least one troop in combat. you add one to your highest die roll for any battle conducted in that territory or in any adjacent territory. 6ost = 8: Far this turn. f. Gost = 10r Take your Airfield it onto any adjacent Y+ a. As long as you have your Airfield. lf the neutrals enemy territory until they take over the territory or #. into territories you already control. This works on attack and defence but not when you are rolling dice for neutral troops. :t:i = 9: Draw a card and add it to $tarting Manseuvre.. ri. 6r Chaose an enemy territory token and immediately place Build Airfield.j succeed at taking over the enemy territory. You may only have one Airfield at a time. lnsurrection. Sain 3 troops. territory you control. then the Airfield is destroyed (but can be rebuilt later). $6sl = 7: Plaee three troops onto the board.i: to a territory containing at least two neutral troops. Draw Card. lt rnay be not purchased multiple times in order to guarantee i a I $pecial forces. Cost :!P that more dice are not 1s.i . Cost = r:}l ]:-!t: your hand. lf you lose control of the terrilory eontaining the Airf ield. you rnay attack into rough terrain territories with a maximum of three troops instead of the usual maximum of two.?! one die cannot be Caij 2: When attacking a Site.tdl ffi Recon Mission.sst = 3: Make an immediate t!: rnanoeuvre with troops on the board.

."'"'"'l]. r{l4li' 'ffil*--"*. . "hleroN "'ircjlifu-. pURptE THE PURPTE 2 REct0NS ADJAGENT T0 A Cl)NTRBL Control two different tegt0ns.. ..lyllEl li*'lr..i* St.. . .IN DENMARI( ::"I d: _: +i. .1": :-::.'.: :-r..1 "'--' . 'r.IHE GREEN .-*..-.fiI:ii.."'o'l'' -.l C0NTR0L ... (Switzerland) :'.ffii. =* THE i'IAVAL BASE ir" Control the vault..1k.r.t naval base.. $.: C0MPLETF ..l Control the .. ':: (Dennark) ..-. .E-lT.:'= VAUTT CONTR(]L THE SWTSS ': .s!A flE".l .* .