Rulebook Coding Dept

1. There will be teams. 2. Each team will be made to select a minimum M number of Modules, or N number of projects. 3. Teams along with supervisors will decide for the deadlines of each individual project. 4. The deadlines must: a. BE realistic and approachable. b. NOT BE IN ANY CASE over timed. c. BE IN ACCORDANCE with the on-going project priorities. d. NOT BE targeted for any unhealthy activity e.g. appraisals, bonus, rewards etc. 5. Once the deadline has been decided it WILL NOT BE IN ANY CASE alterable.

Deadlines and Lost Time
6. Any time lost during the project tenure is the responsibility of the team/individual and will NOT BE CONSIDERED whatsoever the case is. The lost time will have to be recovered accordingly as found suitable by the team/individual and he/they have to take necessary step required to meet the deadlines anyhow. The team can approach the management regarding some genuine routines, force majeure, which might cause any unavoidable delay in their projects. It’s on the sole discretion of the management to approve the modifications in the deadlines based on these genuine facts. 7. The deadlines will not be altered in any case mentioned below: a. Any family function / issues. b. Leave taken. c. Sickness of any of the team member. d. Technical problem faced due to the carelessness / silly mistake / unaware coding / below standard coding procedures. e. Internet Issues.1 f. Office Party / Function / Renovation / other unseen disturbances. g. By the refusal of the Project Manager. 8. If a team misses a deadline, it’s their responsibility to overcome it and ensure that no other projects and their deadlines are getting hampered by it

Rewards and Bonus
9. A team / individual are/is entitled to get a reward if they achieves a PCR greater than 100% which must be 2 more than the prescribed number of projects. 10. If a team / individual exhibits an extraordinary deployment of the project ensuring that the project never revisits the previous phases. (This can happen only if the requirement is well taken, and prototype is fully followed.)

Penalty Clause
11. Failure in meeting the deadlines will result in penalty to the coding team.

3 c. The penalty will result in following cases. Less than 75% PCR (Project completion rate) of any team / individual will result in on rolls deduction of Rs. d. Faking the genuine routine / force majeure. 500 per project being affected.2 b. Any activity which may be termed as unhealthy or is done against the good spirit and / or is a hindrance in the project completion and / or company growth. . If the database structure in not appropriate. a.12.