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CNI Enterprise Trendsetting Ways of Making Lives Better

Successful would be an understatement if one tries to describe the achievements of CNI Enterprise as a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Company. From its very humble beginnings 25 years ago, it has indeed fully actualized its mandate of Uplifting lives while providing affordable but high quality products in Asia. Amidst this feat, CNI Enterprise continues to soar high by setting trends in the market. This is attributed to its constant drive to improve its means and ways to provide products and services to countless customers in this side of the planet. Because of this strong commitment, CNI has indeed become one of the largest and fastest growing MLM companies in Southeast Asia. Trendsetting is the Name of the Game

CNI Enterprise was established in 1986 by three Malaysian entrepreneurs who have a common vision of setting up a business plan to help those who would want to start up a business with a very small capital. According to its current Executive Director, Mr Chew Boon,MLM is People to People business. It is providing the opportunity for people to start business on their own. While sticking to this principle, CNI goes a bit further by helping them sustain the business supplying its patrons with products of best quality. At the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for all, with both customer and CNI reaping the benefits of the partnership. After a few years from its establishment, CNI set up an office in Indonesia where it became the first MLM Company of the worlds largest archipelago. Now, the company has expanded to eleven countries namely Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Hong Kong and Nigeria. CNI has been applying their traditional business plan ever since. This has been the magic formula of the company. He added that their products play a huge role in successfully running the company, They (always) have to be of higher quality it has always been better, healthier and safer than the other commercial products in the market. The key to CNIs success is Differentiation. Mr. Chew Boon

proclaims that We try to be different, we try not to follow the trend, WE set the trend. CNI currently offers a diverse line of products to its clientele. They have a balanced selection of Food & Beverage, Personal Care, Household and Nutritional goods. As of date, Food & Beverage leads the pack with functional coffee as the best selling product. In fact, CNI was the one of the first companies to offer decant coffee to the Malaysian Market in 1992. Moreover, CNI was the one who have produced the first functional coffee in the world. Aside from F&B, their Nutritional products have also been a popular favorite. CNI was the first company to launch a breakthrough product which has been proven to be good for the digestive and immune systems. This drove CNI to set up their own factories to cater to the demand for nutritional goods. They currently have Pharmaceutical factories in Indonesia, Taiwan and Chiangdao, China. This has opened the doors for CNI to penetrate the Chinese market. The Customer is at the Heart of every Agenda It has always been a priority to be sensitive to the needs and wants of its clients. In Malaysia alone, its clientele consists of Malays, Chinese and Indians. CNI makes it a point to localize their products to suit the requirements of their very diverse market. One concrete example is knowing that coffee in Indonesia and Thailand must be sweeter than the one in Malaysia. It may be trivial to some, but acknowledgement or denial of these facts could greatly affect the performance of a particular product. Currently, CNIs largest market is the family of 4 people. Moreover, it has always been true to its original mandate of mainly catering to middle and lower income market. Low, mid and high-end consumers are in constant need of better quality of products. Goods desired by todays market have to be more natural, organic and environmentally friendly. This demand motivates CNI to regularly improve and innovate their products. Quest for Advancement

It takes months of research, discussions and market surveys to come up with an original and effective product. CNIs Research and Development team was established in early 1990 to accomplish this tedious task. The first major investment on their R&D team cost about 50 Million Malaysian Ringgit. The research team is mainly composed of chemists, microbiologists. The R&D headquarters is in Malaysia but it continues to employ experts from other countries such as Indonesia and Japan. CNI has also forged partnerships for research with leading universities in Malaysia, Taiwan and some parts of Southeast Asia. These exports have been helping the company brainstorm for new products and do trial studies. According to Mr. Chew Boon, CNI is now exploring possibilities of setting up an R&D team in Mainland China. He shared that China remains the second largest economy in the world; they in fact have good R&D people. The company believes that it is important to localize the R&D to be able to explore and understand the demand from the ground. In terms of its food and cosmetic factory and facilities, it is of prime importance to assure high quality of every product. CNI is a pioneer in applying for a GMP license, HACCP and ISO 702 Accreditation. The strength of CNIs cosmetic manufacturing base is powder-line production. All machines are sophisticated and state of the art. CNI is the first company to use the Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) system. This storage system is employed to make sure that powderbased products are kept from any contamination. Throughout this process, there will be no human contact on any raw material. This is now being used by big pharmaceutical companies all over the world. In recognition of its top of the line quality assurance system, CNI was recently selected to be one of the top 3 MLM companies by a leading awards giving body in Asia This is proof of CNIs commitment to making sure that all products are indeed a cut above the rest. While at the top, CNI remains to challenge itself to achieve greater heights in producing fresh and original goods. Mr. Chew Boon shares

that it is not easy to innovate these days. He adds that the flow of information is everywhere. Packaging also plays a big part in a products market performance. Innovation has to be fast and provocative. We have to be daring to come up with new products. At the end of the day, according to CNIs executive, the price must still be reasonable. The company continues to find more effective ways to achieve this end. Towards the Future of Uplifting Lives CNI is very open to future partnerships. Mr. Chew Boon reveals that Chemico Inter Corporation (CMC), for example, did a great job in training and channeling the right information to our customers. CMC has been a source of raw material and lab test support for both companies and consumers. The CNI executive adds that it has been a leader in assuring the safety and quality of products. CNI is indeed soaring even higher. Its annual growth rate is at 20% per annum. Last year, the company earned a total revenue of 130 Million Ringgit. The company is driven to sustain this momentum by increasing its product sales and boosting its market. It believes that there is still big room for market expansion in Asia. CNI will be distributing its products in Thailand soon. The company would also like to strengthen its ties with China in the next five years. Mr. Chew Boon says that they are now doing their best to fully penetrate into the countrys market of 1.8 Billion population. Currently, 70% of CNIs customers are found in Malaysia while 30% of its clientele are in other parts of the region. They are targeting a 5050 share in 2015. Expansion to other countries such as China will make sure that production and distribution can easily be carried out to its foreign markets. CNI has indeed achieved great heights in the MLM industry. It has innovated ways of doing trade and producing quality goods. But most of all, it has truly improved the lives of millions who have benefited from its business and top of the line products.