Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) impo
That's all about to change as Honda's Indian venture, Honda Siel Cars India, is about to become the first company to offer a hybrid car in that market. HSCI will shortly start importing the Japanese-built Civic hybrid for sale in the sub-continent.

Time table appendix
'63 Honda’s automobile business begins with the release of its first sports car (S500) and light truck (T360). '67 Front-wheel-drive minicar, N360, released. '68 N Series of minicars tops Japanese sales. '69 Automobile production in Taiwan begins (first overseas production of Honda automobiles). '70 N360 top seller in Japan for its first three years. Z and Vamos minicars released. '72

Civic released. CVCC low-emission engine first to comply with 1970 U.S. Clean Air Act. '75 Automobile production in Indonesia begins. '76 Accord released.

'82 Automobile production in the U.S. begins (a first for Japanese automobile manufacturers). '86 Acura brand launched in the U.S. (first Japanese luxury automobile brand). '88 Total automobile production reaches 15 million units. '89 Accord becomes best-selling car model in the U.S.

'92 Worldwide automobile production reaches 20 million units.

'06 Sales of Bioethanol-compatible Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) models for Brazilian market begin. Worldwide sales of Honda hybrid vehicles reach 100. '05 Leasing of FCX fuel cell vehicle for home use begins. '99 Insight hybrid released. '09 Insight hybrid vehicle released.gii.hondacarindia. Fit and Civic Hybrid released.S. 2000's '01 Automobile production reaches 10 million units in the U.businesslink.hondacarindia. Worldwide automobile production reaches 30 million units.000 units.S. '10 CR-Z hybrid vehicle released. Fit achieves No.6 S . http://www. '08 Leasing of FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle begins in Japan and the U. '02 Leasing of FCX fuel-cell vehicle begins in Japan and the U. Leasing of EV Plus electric vehicle begins in the U. Acura brand launched in China. '97 LEVs (low emission vehicles) Civic Ferio and Partner 1.html http://www.1 annual sales among domestic registered vehicles.S.aspx http://www.'95 Worldwide Civic production reaches 10 million units. '03 Worldwide automobile production reaches 50 million

( environmental policy and hybrid cars .honda.

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