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A Convergence of Eschatological Information...

1. Mayan Calendar 2. Galactic Synchronisation 3. Sunspot Cycles 4. Crustal Displacement 5. Solstice/Galactic Centre Conjunction 6. Mayan Tribal Prophecy 7. Hopi Tribal Prophecy 8. Inca Prophecy 9. UFO Flaps 10. The Bible Code 11. Photon Belt 12. Channels (1 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM

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13. Clow 14. DMT 15. ET Contact 16. Crop Circles 17. Timewave Zero (TW1) 18. Critical Mass 19.Information Doubling 20. Pi In The Sky 21. The Tarot 22. Seers 23. Boustrophedon 24. Montauk 25. Crystal Skulls 26. The Hall of Records 27. The Return of Nibiru 28. The Return of the Phoenix 29. Peak of Monthly Earth Energy Cycle 30. Gordon Michael Scallion 31. Quincunx = Aztec Calendar 32. Magnetic Field Reversal 33. 2012 as Next Precessional Age 34. The Pyramid of Kukulcan 35. Birth & Death of Venus 36. Remote Viewing (2 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM

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37. Alchemists & Masons 38. The Dendera Zodiac 39. Star-Map-to-Ground Correlation at Giza in 2012 40. Blue Star Kachina 41. Other Astronomical Phenomena in 2012 42. Radio ham Discovers Sunspot-Linked Geomagnetic Reversal 43. The rattling of The Pleiades 44. The Eye in The Pyramid 45. Great Pyramid of Giza as 2012 Indicator 46.Re-birth of Osiris 47. Adrian Gilbert - Signs in the Sky 48. Sphinx Stargate ADDENDUM

1. Mayan Calendar; the Great Cycle started in 3114 BC and ends in December 2012. (3 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM

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The Tzolkin, or Mayan Sacred Calendar

The Tzolkin is a 260-day calendar based around the period of human gestation. It is composed of 20 day-signs, each of which has 13 variations, and was (and still is) used to determine character traits and time harmonics, in a similar way to Western astrology. The Maya also used a 365-day calendar called the Haab, and a Venus calendar, plus others. They measured long time periods by means of a Long Count, in which one 360-day year (a "Tun"), consists of 18 x 20-day "months" ("Uinals"). Twenty of these Tuns is a Katun; 20 Katuns is a Baktun (nearly 400 years); and 13 Baktuns adds up to a "Great Cycle" of 1,872,000 days, ( 5200 Tuns, or about 5125 years). Mayan scholars have been attempting to correlate the Long Count with our Western Gregorian calendar, since the beginning of this century. There has been massive variation in the suggested correlations, but as early as 1905, Goodman suggested a correlation only 3 days from the most popular one today. Known as the GMT correlation, or "correlation # 584283", this was finalized in 1950, and puts the start of the Great Cycle ( day on 11th August 3114 BC, and the end-date (known as as 21st December 2012. (4 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM

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Jose Arguelles has pointed out that the Tzolkin is a harmonic of the Great Cycle, and can be used to map history, as if it is measuring not individual gestation but species gestation, since 5 Great Cycles add to exactly 26,000 Tuns; the "Grand Year" or precession of the equinoxes - a higher harmonic of 260. (For an explanation of why this diagram says 3113 BC see ADDENDUM).

2. Galactic Synchronization; Jose Arguelles says in his book The Mayan Factor, the 5125-year Great Cycle marks Earth’s passage through a “ resonant frequency synchronisation beam”, which will prepare Earth and humanity for an ascension, or evolutionary leap to the next dimension. (5 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM

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The Tzolkin as Great Cycle , mapping history - from The Mayan Factor

3. Sunspot Cycles; Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell, in their book the Mayan Prophecies, say that the end of the Great Cycle is the culmination of a series of long-term sunspot cycles which will flip the sun’s magnetic field, causing earthquakes and flooding on earth. Moreover, the changing magnetic field will alter the endocrine production of the pineal gland. John Major Jenkins has pointed out that the detailed graphs of the cycles do not actually show significant termination points at the end of the Great Cycle; click here for Jenkins' full unabridged review of The Mayan Prophecies. However, generally speaking, scientifically accepted records of sunspot activity do seem to be heading for a climax in the near future.

(See also item 42) (6 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM

Crustal Displacement. if we are due for crustal displacement. which is the date given by Frank Waters in Mexico Mystique as the end of the Great Cycle. that an unusual planetary alignment at the end of the Great Cycle will cause a gravitational effect on the crust of the Earth. Since the end-point has now been confirmed as 21 December 2012.htm (7 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM .diagnosis2012. wiping out most of the life on Earth as a result of colossal tidal waves.Beyond 2012 page 1 The yearly average (mean) of daily relative sunspot numbers from 1851 to 1980 When the sunspot numbers are graphed. The crust will which is topheavy with polar ice. Graham Hancock has suggested in his book Fingerprints of the longer cycles are evident 4. this planetary alignment is due on 24 December 2011. However. this alignment will probably NOT be the trigger (see addendum). http://www.

Beyond 2012 page 1 5.000-year Precession of the Equinoxes. Solstice . http://www. John Major Jenkins has finally decoded the meaning behind the Mayan Great Cycle. the Crocodile Tree being the Milky Way itself.htm (8 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM .diagnosis2012.Galactic Centre Conjunction. the Solstice sun will align with the Dark Rift in the Milky Way. he shows that the Great Cycle is a fifth and final cycle in the 26. In his book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. except that the Mayans measured it from the Winter Solstice instead of the Spring Equinox. (or jaguar-toad). which the Maya called the Mouth of the Crocodile. On 21/12/

Beyond 2012 page 1 Milky Way as Cosmic Tree compared with caiman-tree. 2012 The movement of of the Milky Way towards the December solstice sun between 6000BC and This is the widest part of the Milky the Maya called Creation Day. This will be the completion of the human spiritual embryogenesis which is measured by the Mayan Long Count calendar. http://www. and corresponds to the direction of the centre of the galaxy. culminating in a “pole shift” in the collective (see esp. As the alignment occurs.htm (9 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM . and the birth of our Higher Selves.** causing a “ field – effect energy reversal”. the Earth will align with the plane of the galaxy and pass onto the other side. **The alignment is discussed. (including the idea that the solar system is "north" of the galactic plane) at Time wave Zero 2012 posts 1126 . allowing us to resonate with the source of the field. This last day of the Great Cycle. posts 1147 & 1169 ) Jenkins' essay "The True Alignment Zone " also clairfies the alignment issue.

...htm (10 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM . Hunbatz says we should visit sacred sites to correct the outcome of a flaw in human DNA. A: 8000 years ago. This will strengthen our energy bodies for the coming transition at the end of the Great Cycle. B: 4000 years ago C: 2012 6... a modern Mayan Daykeeper.. http://www...diagnosis2012. .Beyond 2012 page 1 First Father (December solstice sun) emerges from the mouth of the jaguar-toad (dark rift) The convergence of the December solstice sun with Galactic Center:.. Mayan Tribal

Beyond 2012 page 1 7. Inca Prophecy.htm (11 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM . The Star in the Thoth Tarot 8. and in that and says "it will be marked by the appearance of a new star".uk/1. See News Flash http://www. (see also. Wi1laru Huayta. addendum). Oh Shinnah says the "Great Purification" will be over by 2011 (ref: Profiles in Wisdom on 2012 Books page). a Peruvian "spiritual messenger" says that 2013 is the end of the Inca calendar (see addendum). causing cataclysms that will kill off most of humankind.Hopi Tribal Prophecy.a "huge asteroid" 3 times larger than Jupiter will pass close to earth.

Beyond 2012 page 1 Sounds like Nibiru .Sitchin's 12th Planet see item 27 & 35 9. just as an Israel flap brings in the biblical prophecies. the world s biggest ever UFO flap started in Mexico in 1991 and continues to this day. This has helped focus world attention on the Mayan calendar and prophecies.diagnosis2012.htm (12 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM . UFO http://www. A recent UFO flap over Arizona may also point to the Hopi prophecies. click here). (For Harley Swiftdeer's prophecy.

co.Beyond 2012 page 1 UFO over Palenque. some just object for religious reasons. click here. http://www.htm (13 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM . The Bible code continues to be challenged. The Bible Code. As for the future. a comet is predicted which will crumble into pieces and/or ‘annihilate’ the earth. The Bible Code. in 2012. some think they are real.when comet Swift-Tuttle is predicted to return to the solar system. Michael Drosnin's book. However. just as astronomers have already predicted. which has now been verified by mathematicians and code-breakers. but cannot predict the future. some think the codes are imaginary. The date of the collision was found to be encoded months before it happened. tells the story of a code apparently discovered in the torah. the last encoded date is 2126 -seventh month . including the collision of the Shoemaker-Levy comet with Jupiter. 21st March 1991 10.diagnosis2012. predicts all major news items from the holocaust to Hiroshima. for a selection of views. More recent events have been decoded before they happened.

Upon exposure to excess photons the most common transformation of your being is sunburn. it now transpires that the original article was probably a hoax. UPDATE: However. Photons in any case are merely particles of electromagnetic energy. or gas cloud.diagnosis2012. (2) There's no "anomaly" near the Pleiades star which we commonly experience as light. and that there are at least 3 major errors involved in the story: 1) No photon belt or other such region of increased energy has been discovered. This cloud is http://www. and. in 1961.500 years. according to several by new age sources. and will next be fully immersed in it in "2011-2012".htm (14 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM . Photon Belt.Beyond 2012 page 1 11. our solar system passes through it every 12. we are The Pleiades are surrounded by a nebula. Paul Otto Hesse discovered a "photon belt" circling the central sun of the Pleiades.

Beyond 2012 page 1 composed not of photons but of dust and hydrogen gas. for more detail on the origin of the story. it just so happens that the Maya used the Pleiades to measure precession. Other scientists such as Alexey Dmitriev have also developed theories that relate to this issue. http://www. In the 1850s it was conjectured that the earth orbited the Pleiades. the photon belt myth can be seen as an analogy for a galactic superwave (see item 48).000-26.htm (15 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM . and our proximity to the 2012 end-point (see item 34). (diagram at item 31) but the 25. but this has long since been discredited. (3) The earth isn't heading toward the Pleiades but away from them. which suggests that although it is wrong in many ways. HOWEVER. It is also an analogy for precession. Paul Galactic Center Disinformation. Dmitriev has analysed solar system changes and concluded that the solar system is entering an "area of magnetised plasma" see HERE for more. not the solar system around the Pleiades. and an archived article by astro-physicist Dr. See also HERE.000 . (4) Paul Otto Hesse is a German author of a book on Judgement Day and is unknown to astronomers.year movement is the movement of the equinoxes and solstices around the See this site for more information on the truth behind the photon belt myth.

which will trigger an ascension to "fourth-level density". attaining a "parallel universe". The greys are in league with governments trying to abort the process. says we will enter the belt in December Peter O. In 2012/13 our whole solar system will travel down a wormhole in the direction of the Sirius system.Beyond 2012 page 1 12. The photon belt will alter DNA and chakras allowing us to use our inter-dimensional soul body for existence in a timeless higher dimension. Erbe.the Photon belt story is seriously faulted! http://www. The Sirians (via Sheldon Nidle) say we should have entered the belt in 1996. Germain (via Azena).htm (16 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM . St. says we will enter the photon belt in 2011. UPDATE: See item 11 above . chanelling the great white brotherhood.

(Contactee Alex Collier agrees about the latter. unifies all the others.the Photon belt story is seriously faulted! See: a) The Photon Belt : Dr. the galactic synchronization beam reacted with the photon band as we entered it. this will be the In 2013 “the 3rd dimension will dissipate on Earth”. to modify our DNA and emotional bodies. The Pleiadian Agenda).htm (17 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM .Noel Huntley gives the case FOR the Photon Belt. but calls it a "third density implosion"and says it will occur on December 3 2013. Earth’s entire orbital path will be engulfed in the band. b) The Straight Dope: Is The Earth About to Enter the Photon Belt Causing the End to All Life As We Know It? : "Cecil"gives the case AGAINST the Photon Belt c) Galactic Center Disinformation: (ARCHIVE UPDATE) Astrophysicist Dr. In 1987.) Nibiru (see item 27. Paul LaViolette sorts out the truth behind the Photon Belt (see also item 48) d) Exploding the myth of the Photon Belt http://www. item 35) and Sirius (see item 40) are also involved UPDATE: See item 11 above . We must prepare by meditating at sacred sites.diagnosis2012. Barbara Hand Clow’s version (in her book.Beyond 2012 page 1 At Winter Solstice 2012. Clow.

co.htm (18 of 18)9/28/2005 11:00:45 AM .uk/1.diagnosis2012.Beyond 2012 page 1 e) The Original Photon Belt Story in Nexus Magazine Feb/Mar 1991 is halfway down this page. repeated from a 1981 article NEW!! http://www.

...... DMT...... This can also be extracted from some plants and is closely related to tryptamines found in fungi. such as Pinoline Mushroom stones that resemble psilocybin-containing mushrooms Pineal gland Mushroom stone from from . * at advanced stages of meditation..... and it facilitates communication with extra-dimensional life-forms known as "self-transforming machine-elves"....Guatemala circa 300 BC These creatures have stated that the "laws of physics will be transformed around 2012"...................... the pineal gland produces a hallucinogen according to Terence McKenna.. * plus hallucinogenic beta-carbolines..htm (1 of 11)9/28/2005 11:01:12 AM ................................Beyond 2012 page 2 Page 2 14...................................DMT or dimethyltryptamine........................................................

would be receiving "energy codings" to prepare humanity for ET contact between 1998 and 2013.. Jon King . had several "contactee" experiences between 1980 and Schedule (from UFO Reality's TUMI column) (2 of 11)9/28/2005 11:01:12 AM .. issues 4... See News Flash. 7. by which * (Growing Needs still have some copies ...Beyond 2012 page 2 15.editor of the late great UFO Reality magazine*.& 8) time the dimensional shift will have occurred...................see esp.. centred on Barbury Castle.diagnosis2012...... They told him that a large triangular area of South-West England...... ET Contact.. in which he encountered humanoid ETs in a parallel dimension... Jon King's Aquarian Triangle..........

this is a pictorial representation of a complex equation to describe systems with a hierarchy of repeating patterns. (*ref: Robert Anton Wilson's Trajectories Newsletter No.diagnosis2012. Barbury Castle had a stunning triangular formation which looked like the Aquarian Triangle.7) The Barbury Castle Pictogram 17/7/91 http://www. see next item. which arrived at Ickleton. They would seem to be Jon King's "energy codings".Beyond 2012 page 2 16. area full of sacred sites. we had the Mandelbrot set itself. Crop Circles. and their numbers began to accelerate in 1985. within a month. In July 1991. since they definitely clustered in his "Aquarian Triangle" . crop circles started being noticed by the world at large in 1980. as it has been identified as the terminal point in a Mandelbrot-fractal* timewave system. and was described by Brian Grist as "an alchemical Mandelbrot set". in Cambridgeshire. The Mandelbrot-fractal formations indicate the significance of The original fractal.htm (3 of 11)9/28/2005 11:01:12 AM .uk/2.

When converted into a single fractal wave. but it was checked by another mathematician and nuclear fusion specialist – John Sheilak . The Ickleton Mandelbrot formation.diagnosis2012. This was first discovered before the McKennas had heard of the Mayan Great Cycle or its end It has since been criticized by a British mathematician named Mathew Watkins. the graph peaks in 2012. View Mandelbrot crop formation: 1 2 Three interactive Mandelbrot fractals: 1 2 3 3 4 5 6 17.htm (4 of 11)9/28/2005 11:01:12 AM . and terminates on December 21 2012. Timewave Zero (now TW1).uk/2. the fractal timewave system in question was discovered by Terence McKenna and his brother Dennis. A complex computer analysis of the I Ching revealed a hierarchy of 26 timewaves. Sheilak confirmed that there was an error. and the result is a timewave which fits history even better.Beyond 2012 page 2 The Mandelbrot Fractal (see Chaos by James Gleick) .using vector analysis. and mapped against history. (each one 64 times larger than the one below). which govern the unfolding of events in the universe. http://www. but it was correctable.

co.Beyond 2012 page 2 .htm (5 of 11)9/28/2005 11:01:12 AM .uk/2.. The King Wen Sequence of the I Ching produces a timewave with repeating patterns at various levels of thehierarchy (see below).. http://www.diagnosis2012..

Peter Russell says that as world population approaches the critical number of 10 thousand million. we could suddenly find ourselves functioning on a new level. http://www.Beyond 2012 page 2 The complex I notices the coincidence between the end of the Mayan Great Cycle and the end of the timewave of McKenna. He analyses the acceleration of human knowledge. showing its fractal nature 18. Critical Mass. (there are ten thousand million atoms in a neuron and ten thousand million neurons in the human cortex).htm (6 of 11)9/28/2005 11:01:12 AM .diagnosis2012. and sees it as a likely consciousness wave and Timewave that is derived from it. as cells in a global brain.

.................................the last 2000 years is the layer of paint on the top . Evolution as the World Trade Centre skyscraper ..............................................................Beyond 2012 page 2 Evolution as a series of sudden transitions the field of inner development Projected growth curve of population working in ......................showing evolutionary acceleration (7 of 11)9/28/2005 11:01:12 AM

000 years. but is loath to say more than that. He says that it seems to be a fractal and admits that McKenna’s fractal fits his own survey data quite well.htm (8 of 11)9/28/2005 11:01:12 AM . By 1990 it was doubling every 18 months.diagnosis2012.Beyond 2012 page 2 Evolution as an inward-turning spiral in which each successive circuit is accomplished in a shorter time 19. http://www. The first doubling took Information Doubling. Robert Anton Wilson's analysis of history involved graphing the time taken for information to double. up to the Bronze Age.

..................22 over 7 ................ and they used the value of pi ............. ....... to communicate via crop circles.......Beyond 2012 page 2 Information-doubling-time acceleration 20............. and manipulate the Earth’s energy grid..Gold Druidic collar with 2 x 11 dots (2 x 11 In 3114 BC.htm (9 of 11)9/28/2005 11:01:12 AM the layout of many sacred sites... This is a book by Michael Poynder in which he said that the Stone Age priesthood used to work with.................. They knew about the 22-year binary sunspot formation of a magnetic sunspot loop ............................................... the Winter Solstice sun entered the cairns through polarising crystal windows............................... .diagnosis2012.... Pi in the Sky........... and creating an extra-dimensional UFO...=sunspot cycle) over 7 semicircles (22/7 = Pi) http://www.. The priests have time-traveled in their UFOs to the present time.. that we should raise our consciousness for 2012........................... at the end of the last Great Cycle.... accelerating the “auric body” of the cairn..

Beyond 2012 page 2 Auric body of cairn becomes a UFO http://www.htm (10 of 11)9/28/2005 11:01:12 AM .uk/

uk/2.Beyond 2012 page 2 http://www.diagnosis2012.htm (11 of 11)9/28/2005 11:01:12 AM .co.

Leo. and 22 chapters in the book of Revelation. and Scorpio. or a circle.htm (1 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM . having realised that there are 22 Tarot "trumps". and the 4 creatures of the apocalypse occur on the wheel of fortune. which are conspicuous on 18/8/99 when the Grand Cross planetary alignment occurred in the signs of http://www. the wheel of fortune.diagnosis2012. The Tarot is represented on trump 10. (sometimes symbolised by an eagle). which becomes ROTA as the wheel turns. the Tarot represents a cycle of time. I looked up "trumps" in the dictionary. where TARO is spelled out on the wheel. one week after the solar eclipse.Beyond 2012 page3 Page 3 21. So. Tarot. and found it means "trumpets of Armageddon"! This was a clear indication that the Tarot could be a key to Revelation.

Beyond 2012 page3 Trump 10: Wheel of Fortune Trump 20: Judgement Trump 21:The World Trump 0/22: The Fool Trump 20. trump 21. corresponds to chapter 20 (the Last Judgement).diagnosis2012. the Fool. corresponds to chapter 22 (beginning and end: alpha and omega). corresponds to chapter 21 (a New Heaven and a New Earth).co. Judgement. http://www.htm (2 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM . the un-numbered trump 22/ the World.

T. and key to Revelation.. http://www.htm (3 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM . Mann's click on picture for link to A. Using these numbers.Beyond 2012 page3 Although this is the chart for 11/8/99. there are 4 seasons of 13 x 7-day weeks in the 52-week year. There are 52 x 7 in the 22 chapters. 1992. we can see the planets are already in a cross format. UPDATE 3rd Jan 2002: DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!!.there are actually 53 sevens in the Book of Revelation. Element.T. Mann's Millennium Prophecies. In other words. on 18/8/99 when they were to be in the "fixed signs related to the four beasts of the Apocalypse". the solar eclipse of 1999.diagnosis2012.. Image from As Tarot is a rota. we apply pi (22 over 7) to Revelation and see how many sevens are in the 22 chapters. we calculate as follows: 13 (364 + 7 + 4) = 4875 Counting 4875 days on from the grand cross of 18/9/99 takes us to December 21 2012. and will be in the Grand Cross formation one week later. 52 x 7 = 364.

He calls it an event that is simultaneously alpha and omega. during which we will all experience full consciousness of who we are and why we have incarnated. as “reflective cells” of the Star 2012 page3 (not counting "seven thousand"). If we choose to return to human form. Seers. we will do so in an awakened state.diagnosis2012. Ken Carey is the only channel I know of who has given a detailed description (The Third Millennium: Living in the Posthistoric World) of what we can expect at the moment he dates as winter solstice 2011 (see addendum). a moment of quantum awakening. so the tarot has NOT unlocked revelation after all! Click here for complete quote http://www. A nanosecond will be stretched into infinity and become nontime.htm (4 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM .

uk/ are ("In Lake'ch" as the Maya say) http://www. quantum awakening. when "U R I" .Beyond 2012 page3 Thanks to URI (Carl Sullivan) Alpha and Omega .diagnosis2012.the Fool reintegrated . third eye opened.htm (5 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM .

I found other 2012 indicators. ( item 1) or 260-day Mayan sacred calendar. There were two formations next to each other. a 780-day cycle was important to the Maya (in the Dresden Codex there are tables giving multiples of 780 days) because it is the synodic orbital period of Mars. and the 780-squared grid is divisible by exactly three Tzolkins . In fact.diagnosis2012. this is a term applied by Michael Glickman to a crop formation that appeared on 8/9 August 97 at Etchilhampton. the direction of lay alternates from line to line). The number of units in the grid could also be http://www. Wiltshire.2012. Boustrophedon.Beyond 2012 page3 23. Noticing that there are 26 weeks in six One was a six-pointed whirling star. and the other was a grid pattern of 30 x 26 The Tzolkin. Glickman thought the formation was signifying a point 15 years from the formation . It means "as the ox ploughs" ( in other words. Photo: Steve Alexander Photo: Steve Alexander On further study.htm (6 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM .is a grid of 15 x 20 squares.

Beyond 2012 page3 taken as 781. including the large rectangle which contains the grid. 781 is the number of "bits" in Maurice Cotterell's 187-year sunspot cycle. See also item 42 Tzolkin. the Mayan Sacred Calendar The Sun's equatorial and polar magnetic fields http://www. that cause the sunspot cycle.diagnosis2012. which Cotterell has related to the Mayan great cycle ending in 2012 (see item 3).htm (7 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM The six-pointed whirling star would then represent the six rotating magnetic fields of the sun (two polar & four equatorial).

12th August 1983.Beyond 2012 page3 At bit 781. They had time-travelled to a point where the government was conducting a similar project. through a hyperspace loop between the experiment dates. The scientists working on the project have been able to time. but can’t go beyond 2012. Montauk.diagnosis2012. New York.htm (8 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM .co. connected by planetary magnetic fields that peak every 20 years on 12th August. but on Long Island. Cotterell's sunspot cycle starts again. two American seamen jumped off the USS Eldridge during the Philadelphia Experiment on 12th August 1943. called the Montauk They found themselves not in the harbour. Could this be because time stops in 2012? Steven Gibbs says that there was a barrier the http://www.

Bob Frissell says in his of the 2 seamen who jumped off the Eldridge . however. his brother). but not beyond one million years ago. however. Photo: Mike Hubbard What have these images got to do with 2012? You'll have to click on Montauk Project (above) to see. but they went round it and found "all life on this planet had been wiped out".. the un-named interviewee (presumably Al Bielek. since this was the date the Greys did their first time-travel experiment. who claims to be Edward Cameron . other versions differ: The Sixties TV series "The Time Tunnel" 15/7/95: The Time and all the experiments are interconnected. in an on-line transcription of part of a 9-hour series of interviews gives a slightly different version: What is the furthest anyone has traveled in the future? http://www. Cissbury Ring..htm (9 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM . But Its Exactly How Things Are". "Nothing In This Book Is True..the other was Duncan 2012 page3 time-travellers couldn't go through. Drunvalo Melchizedek was the source of Frissell's information.. that the reason they couldn't go beyond 2012 was that the last time travel experiment will be in 2012. Frissell says they could also travel into the past..

The second coming is a state of being. Even to the time machines. Curious. There is a very abrupt wall there with nothing on the other side. [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ Many people have been discussing the idea that we are going into fourth density. So everything is locked in until That doesn't mean there is nothing beyond that. It's a dreamlike reality. There are a lot of people wondering whether they are going to retain control over humanity beyond 2013. Psychics have said that there is a barrier around 2013 that they can't go through. not an individual arriving and establishing a power hierarchy. Why was it mentioned at one time that 2011 was the last year that they could see anything tangible? It was mentioned in the Mayan calendar that 2011-2013 was a barrier of some kind.diagnosis2012. There seems to be a quickening of consciousness right now as we are beginning to go into fourth density.000AD? Yes. It's just blocked from view. isn't it? [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ What is your prognosis for the future of the human species? It will survive. There seems to be some evidence of this. It is that kind of spectrum which has been called by the Christians as the "second coming". (10 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM . It also relates to the realization that one is not separate from the creator. Right. No one has picked up a tangible future beyond 2012 AD. No.Beyond 2012 page3 10.000 AD. What does that mean? Basically another general vibratory rate. Prophecies speak of earth changes around then.

Polarization can be positive or negative. Full conversion to fourth density will occur between 2003 and 2013." http://www. Nothing will be the same on Earth. whilst the skull beneath the Pyramid of the Sun . The Avenue of the Dead. or it will be harder to do so. entities on this planet should make the attempt to polarize in terms of what excites them no later than 1993. Yes. It is also a density where compassion. Entities must still care for their physical vehicles.the whole layout of Teotihuacan was like huge clock-face.htm (11 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM . the fourth density is much more full of life. in the Mystery of the Crystal Skulls. Its interesting that according to the mathematics behind the I Ching. Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas interview North and South American Indians. What we are seeing is basically the death of the third density way of life. pointed at where the Pleiades would have set on the Southern horizon on the 12 August 3114 BC. It is changing right the other hand of the clock. Crystal Skulls... of which the Maya had 13. centred around the Pyramid of the Sun.. like one hand of a clock. who claim that there were originally 52 crystal They were brought to Earth in the distant past by extra-terrestrials. do it now. everything goes jackpot around 2012. understanding and love are more predominant. Generally.Beyond 2012 page3 When will this be completed? Well.diagnosis2012. but fasten your seat belt! (See also item 36. having been encoded with information from 12 different planetary (Back to Time Tunnel) 25. pointed at the place on the horizon where the Pleiades set today. If you haven't already clicked on Montauk Project & you want to see more. Morton and Thomas discovered that : ".

Beyond 2012 page3 The stellar clock at Teotihuacan They also found that the 3 pyramids of Teotihuacan were a reflection of Orion's belt. but can be accessed by http://www.diagnosis2012. and the Pleiades. The information is held in the molecular crystal lattice. just like the Giza pyramids of Egypt. (strangely enough. They were told by elders of the Hopi Indian people that the extraterrestrials that brought the crystal skulls were from Sirius. and concluded that it would have taken 300 man-years to make. who could find no tooling marks on it. Orion. these are the three most common sources given by channels today). The Mitchell-Hedges skull was tested by Hewlett-Packard.htm (12 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM . as in the silicon chips we use today.

with a thirteenth skull. showing love and respect for each other." Now is the Time of the Warning. and the time of the 13 Heavens. The crystal skulls were left here to help us in this time of transition . and the planet. "the skulls were kept inside a pyramid in a formation of tremendous power. This thirteenth skull represents the collective consciousness of all the worlds. also called Time of the Awakening. the largest.Beyond 2012 page3 The belt of Orion at Giza: also at Teotihuacan " Ebmnagine". http://www. life. placed in the centre of this formation.htm (13 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM .known as the It connects up the knowledge of all the sacred planets.diagnosis2012. The Ark was composed of the 12 skulls from each of the sacred planets kept in a circle. Elmera's (Vikki Cunningham's) alien-esque crystal skull which begins "after sunset on 21 December. or Time of the Quickening.we must change before the year 2012". which is the transitional period between the end of the 9 Hell Cycles. which ended on 17 August 1987. or we shall be cleansed from it by cataclysms. This will happen at a pre-destined time known only to the Mayan 2012 page3 A section of an Aztec codex showing destruction of previous ages (gods) by a skull-headed Venus god The modern Mayans are arranging a series of meetings for elders from indigenous tribes of North and South America and other countries. to culminate in a reunion of all the crystal skulls.htm (14 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM .

the position of Sirius will overlay the Hall of Records. (there has been controversy about Appleby's book.. as opposed to just a pyramidion.. based on the Edfu texts and books of the duat.. The Gods of Eden. crucial information to prepare us for 2012. after studying the Edfu Texts. and in the central 13th chamber was the "Bnnt-embryo". and by a study of the much overlooked Edfu Texts. Nigel Appleby simultaneously (but perhaps not as independently as he'd have us believe). Inside should be information concerning the history of mankind. says Appleby. or capstone.." This is such a similar idea to the ‘Ark’ of the American Indians (see item 25). also known as a "seed". http://www.diagnosis2012. that it implies a 2012 connection. Appleby concluded from his study of the Edfu Texts. when he says the “fifth age of man”. if the image of the Orion constellation was superimposed onto the pyramids. This connection HAS been made… by Nigel Appleby…. Since the Giza pyramids correspond to the belt of Orion. that the Hall of Records is a central chamber surrounded by 12 in his 1998 book. Andrew Collins has followed up legends of an undiscovered underground complex at the Giza plateau. and says that in each of the 12 chambers were kept "Iht-relics". The embryo.". or crystals. but we need not discuss that here). has concluded that the complex takes the form of 12 chambers surrounding a 13th! Andrew Collins' plan of the probable arrangement of the Chambers of First Creation. Collins imagines to be "a large conical-shaped omphalos or ben-ben stone. "smaller-. And the Iht-relics. hand-held sacred will begin. The Hall of Records. though he differs in his prediction of the Hall’s location.htm (15 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM . came to the same conclusion as Collins. plausibly a crystal-like structure.Beyond 2012 page3 26. and even conjectured that the central chamber contains a small pyramid. or "egg of creation". and. He calls the complex the Chambers of Creation.

uk/3. http://www. to survey the proposed site. 10/8/97 Appleby has provided the next two items as evidence that it is 2012 that the Hall of Records is to prepare us for.Beyond 2012 page3 The plan of Appleby's "Operation Hermes" team. was announced in the Sunday Times.htm (16 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM

However. Appleby quotes the Washington Post (30/12/83). says Appleby. is due to “become visible to Earth and appear as a new star.Beyond 2012 page3 since it broke in two. will be less severe than previous ones.Nibiru. 7 = Nibiru.diagnosis2012. Hidden Mysteries. The websites covering Nibiru are many and varied . 1= Sun. any cataclysms as it comes close to Earth again. 2= Mercury. 3= Venus.satellite of Saturn).htm (17 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM . Phoenicians An Akkadian cylinder depicting the solar system as the Sumerians knew it. 5 = Moon. The Return of Nibiru. 11 = that Nibiru (“a heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter”) has been spotted by the IRAS satellite in the direction of Orion and. 10 = Pluto (previously a . and Newsweek (13/7/87). 9 = Saturn. according to the http://www. 4 = Earth. 12 = are 4 that say it will return in 2012: Apollonius. including an extra planet . as described in Babylonian myths. (this somewhat contradicts the NASA statement about it being the size of Jupiter!) Thus. 8 = Jupiter. sometime between 2012 and 2036 ”. 6 = Mars. Nibiruan Council. it is now near the size of the Earth.

Beyond 2012 page3 research of Zecharia Sitchin Some Nibiru sites are (18 of 18)9/28/2005 11:01:35 AM . some are batty See also items 35 and 40 http://www.

This magnetic reversal is due in 2012. Mandeville says it will be in 2000 or 2001 See item 45) See letter from Zyzygyz of Time Wave Zero 2012 for why crustal displacement or axis shift is not due) The BC.htm (1 of 13)9/28/2005 11:01:56 AM . or shift occurred (but not a "full reversal") . which predicts the fifth flight of the Phoenix on December 22 2012. Appleby says that the Phoenix myth relates to the periodic reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field due to the long-term sunspot cycle which culminates in a solar magnetic reversal.* This happens to agree "with extraordinary exactness" with the date that Edgar Cayce’s visions revealed as the time the Great Pyramid was built (actually 10. determined that the date of the most recent magnetic reversal. Thus the Sphinx and Pyramid were designed as clues to last http://www. ( On his website. It is also the date which alternative Egyptologists and geologists have determined as the construction date of the Sphinx. when we are due for a crustal displacement moving the lithosphere as much as 30 degrees of BC).Beyond 2012 page 4 Page 4 28. The Return of the Phoenix. says Appleby. Appleby quotes Michael Mandeville’s self-published book The Return of the Phoenix. or Bennu bird Swedish scientists 10.

(item 48) other sources say 12. and that it occurred 13. see item 32. that "a reversal of the Earth's magnetic field had occurred 12. and is aligned to a point on the horizon which gives us a clue as to the meaning of the Phoenix legend. and is Zep Tepi – the First Time of Osiris (Orion). the Sun in Leo. http://www.700 years ago (10.the Swedes reported in New Scientist 6/1/1972. 10. but on p.Beyond 2012 page 4 12. says 12. while Orion's belt culminates at the meridian . He says that the pattern will repeat in 2012.7. and Orion was at its lowest point in the sky. (*Source was probably Alan Alford's Gods of the New Millennium.500 BC. Alford thinks the Phoenix myth is about an exploded planet) At vernal equinox. and occurred 12.225 & 625 .500 years ago and 12.500 BP .428 BC. Zep Tepi. lines up with the years ago. which indicates that it WAS a 180 degree shift. This event is known as the Gothenburg Magnetic Flip.a pattern mimicked on the ground by the 3 pyramids The Sphinx was designed as a Phoenix (man + bull + lion +eagle). was in Leo.600 years ago There seems to be disagreement as to whether this event was a magnetic reversal or just a local flutuation. due to new evidence from the southern hemisphere. Gregg Braden quotes a later Swedish paper.diagnosis2012. p. LaViolette calls it a "substantial geomagnetic disturbance". This occurred in 10. The Sphinx faces the point on the horizon where the vernal equinox (Appleby disputes this and says it was the cross quarter sunrise). is ALSO due in The “Last Time” of Osiris.before present). or the “First Time” of Osiris was in 10. when Orion was at its lowest point in the sky.htm (2 of 13)9/28/2005 11:01:56 AM . p.362. Appleby says that the movement of Venus at that time was very specific and is a pattern that is only repeated every 12. Appleby gets the dates right on p.500 BC. and lead us to the Hall of Records. when Orion is at its highest point.700 BC) according to Dr Paul LaViolette.500 years and help warn us of the coming changes in 2012. says Appleby.500 BC. when he meant 12.500 years. 400 years ago" which gives 10.500 BC. (For anyone who has read The Hall of the Gods.363 & 364.

(below) may have lead to some confusion.diagnosis2012. give the date of the Last Time variously as 2450 AD and 2500 AD. who must be Appleby’s primary sources. not 10. Appleby may have made an error here. At least Appleby got his chapter heading right. Dates in Turmoil ! http://www. but has over-corrected it by saying that Bauval’s date for Zep Tepi should have been 11. Robert Bauval and his co-authors. since at first glance it seems to give the future highest altitude of the star Al Nitak (Zeta Orionis) but actually gives its altitude circa 2000 AD ( 58 degrees 6 minutes).co.500 BC.500 BC.htm (3 of 13)9/28/2005 11:01:56 AM .uk/4. The text under this diagram.Beyond 2012 page 4 However.

This is a coincidence which would have been of significance to the Celts.htm (4 of 13)9/28/2005 11:01:56 AM . so that somewhat negates this item. Needles of Stone. but is also 6 days after the new moon*. The cycle appears to control the release of this energy in a sine-wave form. and remarked that the months in the Celtic calendar had started on the 6th day after the new moon. and the top band at. following that (sic) lunar cycle. are tapping points into a spiral release of some kind of energy that moves up and down the stone. in Tom Graves’s classic book. an astronomy website gives 13th December 2012 as the date of the new moon. or very close to. following the lunar and were divided into two fortnights.diagnosis2012. the zero-points of the cycle occurring on the 6th day after new and full moon. just above or below the surface.Beyond 2012 page 4 29. and feeds from the sky to the ground during the other that standing stones have 7 narrow bands of double-strength geomagnetic field running horizontally across the stone at various heights. These bands move up and down the stone a little. Two bands are usually below ground. Peak of monthly earth energy cycle. http://www.499). in which the spiral feeds energy from the ground to the sky during one half of the cycle. The Celtic calendar was obviously based on this energy cycle. I have just realised that the 21st December 2012 will not only be the winter solstice. These cycles have now been monitored and found to repeat to an accuracy of within seven minutes per fortnight. the third. according to several researchers I’ve talked to." The pioneering dowser Guy Underwood had also noticed the lunar connection. the top of the stone. *I got this information from Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods (p. However. he reports the findings of dowsers. "all seven bands. (It may be that the bands act like chakras). where he quotes Michael Coe.

as we adjust. Scallion says that human consciousness is triggering the earth changes.750-year solar-magnetic reversal cycle. electrical sensations in the limbs and spinal column. Our "subtle bodies" will change.htm (5 of 13)9/28/2005 11:01:56 AM . Scallion .Beyond 2012 page 4 30. This is the time of the tribulation. flu-symptoms. by six or seven degrees each time. In his recent book. and will cause Earth s frequency to double to over fifteen cycles per second. and intense dreams. and we may experience palpitations. or "futurists". Solar flares and sunspots will precede a reversal of the sun’s magnetic field. plus the facts of what actually occurred. possibly implicating the 99 eclipse and the May 2000 alignment. Between 1998 and his earth changes report nine times per year. which he made in 1993. traveling towards Arcturus. This will be the result of the interaction of a 11. It is an eight-page newsletter focusing on his most recent visions. migraines. The "Blue Star Kachina" of the Hopi Indians will appear from behind the sun. Gordon-Michael Scallion.who has been compared to Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus .diagnosis2012. and like the native Americans. one of the most prominent modern prophets. the sun and other planets".600-year "critical-axis-tilt-point" cycle and a 3. he records an impressive list of uncannily accurate predictions that he made for the years 1991-1997. This blue star is a "companion to Sirius B". This sounds uncannily like the radio-ham discovery in item 42! The magnetic polar shift cycle is caused by "the interaction between earth. (1997). Notes From The Cosmos. the Earths magnetic field will begin to shift two or three times. Is this why I got a 7 degree discrepancy for North in the "Magnetic Field" crop formation this summer? http://www. and published in ECR. He is most famous for his prediction of the epi-centre of the 1994 Northridge earthquake in California. ready for a new

and now occurs earlier. Phobos spirals towards the Earth’s orbit. causing hurricanes and tidal waves. however. But knowing these cycles can enable shifts to occur in your to move in a Scallion says that in a vision.htm (6 of 13)9/28/2005 11:01:56 AM . which causes its smallest moon. 5 degree tilt of the earth's axis. pushed out of its orbit by the approach of the Blue Star.Beyond 2012 page 4 Precession of the equinoxes is caused by the 23.occur at the eleven thousand six hundred year interval. before preparations are completed. the cycle has been modified. new species. now like a second sun. Some investigators. so that the cycle can be corrected. http://www. then earthquakes and volcanoes. and indeed. due to the expansion of thought forms and nuclear activity in your-world. The effects of such a solar reversal brings great changes to our combined worlds. he saw the planet Mars wobble on its axis. A full magnetic reversal would regularly occur on the sun in the year 2012. with lesser cycles occurring at harmonic sub-junctures in the greater and have been less than satisfied. However. and ricochets off our atmosphere. making for new seasons. Phobos The culmination point of these earth changes was to be 2012. saying he's "cooked the books". but the cycle has been affected by humanity: "Solar-magnetic cycles -pole shifts . Phobos. "snake-like motion". have checked up on Scallion's claims.diagnosis2012. He seems to have covered it all here! See News Flash Mars' moon. preparation will be facilitated in our combined worlds. In doing so." This information comes from the "Etherians". then a melting of the ice-caps and global flooding. who go on to explain the meaning of crop circles in relation to the earth changes.

diagnosis2012. of 5.000 Tuns . The Aztecs had forgotten the Long Count and Great years. where the four previous Suns surround the fifth Sun. adding to 26.. Teotihuacan is actually laid out in the shape of a quincunx. A quincunx is "an arrangement of five things at the corners and centre of a square". usually interpreted as the Sun of Movement.htm (7 of 13)9/28/2005 11:01:56 AM . These forms are hieroglyphs for Venus. and was transformed into Venus.Beyond 2012 page 4 31. indicating that the cycle's end will be marked by an earthquake. (Chambers’s 20th Century Dictionary). but this possibility implies there may be some forgotten knowledge hidden in the Sunstone. But reconciliation of the bipolar opposites during this era must take place within the human heart." The quincunx can be seen at the centre of the Aztec Sunstone. meaning that 2012 will be the end of the last of the series. More on this soon. Quincunx =Aztec Calendar. Some researchers think the 5 Suns represent a series of 5 Great Cycles. "that the quincunx is the most frequently occurring symbol throughout Mesoamerica".200 Tuns each. in which we are living Precession of the and the end of a full cycle of 26. Frank Waters says archaeologist Laurette Sejourne has demonstrated (in her book Burning Water). In Mexico Mystique. So the quincunx also symbolises Quetzalcoatl who by penitence and self-sacrifice made a final ascent out of matter into spirit. due to its 5-fold cycle "It symbolises the four previous worlds or suns and the present fifth sun as their unifying center. http://www.

........Beyond 2012 page 4 The Aztec Sunstone in the Museum of Anthropology.. (e...... Beckhampton.htm (8 of 13)9/28/2005 11:01:56 AM ... Wiltshire................. 1997).................. Terry Wilson reveals that the first known appearance of the quincunx was in the 1950s in Heytesbury...Photo: Steve Alexander http://www..... Hampshire. Mexico also had its own quincunx in Milbaheta in In a newly published book (The secret History of Crop Circles............. compare to figures above (Photo: Lucy Pringle) Apart from a simple circle.. some versions of which.......................g... Hampshire. about the time of the first recorded crop circle in Mexico (in sweetcorn!)....... Morestead.. Mexico City above.. Morestead......... 1998) the quincunx is the most enduring crop formation........ Wiltshire. 3/8/88 (Photo: Terence Meaden) Arguably the most impressive quincunx ever! 19/7/2000 .............diagnosis2012............. are almost identical to Mexican forms shown in Mexico Mystique......... The Maltese cross........... 1997.

And will level out at 13 hz -the next number in the Fibbonacci series. allowing entrance to cosmic rays. geologist Gregg Braden has pointed out that Earth’s magnetic field has dropped 58% in the last 2000 years. Science Frontiers says the Steens mountain volcanic record indicates that a 180 degree reversal took 4. http://www. and the last one was 250. (He says the last polar reversal was 13. and takes 5. The whole process is connected to the Mayan calendar. though they differ in details . so the jury is still out on this Geological surveys of the mid-Atlantic ridge shows that this has happened many times before in the history of the Earth. is decreasing at 0.6 . The Answer Man says the average is every 500.000 years.close to half a precession cycle see item 28).uk/4.000 years. and that it is currently resonating at between 8.07% per year and will be at zero in 4. Braden says that the declining magnetic field is causing the Schumann resonance of the ionosphere to increase. and the last one was 700. the global magnetic field is dropping at an accelerating rate towards a "zero point" at which the polarity of Earth will general. that would cause mutations. and that the rate has risen to a further 6% in the last 100 years. The situation regarding Schumann resonance is harder to answer.diagnosis2012. An update on Steens mountain in Science Frontiers says the field moved at 6 degrees per day.000 years. but included 3 periods of very rapid change. The Los Alamos National Laboratory has done an interesting computer simulation to help understand this cycle.000 years Brittanica says the average time between reversals is 300. Dr Paul LaViolette says in Earth Under Fire (see item 48) the Steens mountain info shows that a reversal would take only 2 months (based on the earlier 3 degrees per day figure). Various scientific websites confirm these claims .Beyond 2012 page 4 32. and that the field strength has dropped 8% in the last 150 years Ask the Space Scientist says it reverses every 250. which is when the Harmonic Convergence occurred. Magnetic field reversal.200 years ago .000 to a million years. American Scientist says it was 780.of a declining magnetic field . In other words. Andrew p.htm (9 of 13)9/28/2005 11:01:56 AM . the reversal can take less than 100 years.9 hz.000 years to reverse.000 years ago.500 years.000 years ago. the largest increase being recorded in 1987. Roberts suggests that confusion arises because people fail to differentiate between "polarity transitions and excusions of the geomagnetic field". but it does shrink to zero during reversal. yet the Climatology department of Arizona State University is using changing Schumann resonance values as an accurate measure of global temperatures. Scientists in USA & Western Europe are mostly saying it hasn't changed (Braden got his information from Russia and Norway) .

The process of adaptation is blocked by negative emotion...... would this trigger the mass of humanity to have an out-of body experience? http://www... says Braden. Bob Monroe. Shortly before Earth Shift.. see Places of Power by Paul Devereux).htm (10 of 13)9/28/2005 11:01:56 AM ... a pioneer.counter-posed tetrahedronal fields we must allow our bodies to alter their resonant frequency to match that of the earth.diagnosis2012..... Sacred sites are places of a low magnetic field. so we must become compassionate. and generate unconditional love.. and their "mer-ka-ba fields" ..Previous geomagnetic reversals In order to This is the Rapture.alteration of frequency.... the body’s polarity or electromagnetic field reverses itself. This has been witnessed by Michael Hutchison. (for confirmation of this.... I have found an interesting piece of information that may corroborate the above theory....Beyond 2012 page 4 Geomagnetic Zero Point coincides with zero rotation.. carrying those people into the fourth dimension.....of techniques to induce out-of-body experiences.... states that when an OBE is occurring....will counter-rotate and merge to form a saucer-shaped light body.. observing experiments at the Monroe Institute.... allowing an easier.. If the Earth’s magnetic field reverses.. some people may achieve resonance in advance of the mass of humanity..

uk/4. http://www. in his book Gods of the New Millennium.htm (11 of 13)9/28/2005 11:01:56 AM . The next one began 2. Combining "the latest scientific estimates" of the length of a precessional age (2. as quoted by archaeo-astronomer.148 years later. has studied ancient Babylonian and Sumerian mythology. with biblical and Babylonian information. counting forward another 2. 2012 as next precessional age. Alford concludes that the precessional age of Marduk began in 2284 BC. brings us to the next one in 2012.Beyond 2012 page 4 More on Ba and Ka and. Jane Sellers).148 years. which is a twelfth of an entire precession of the equinoxes. and concluded that the gods of Babylon each ruled for one precessional age. 33. says Alford.148 years. Alan Alford. in 135 BC.diagnosis2012.

as some have speculated. maybe Stonehenge is a 2012 predictor.000-year cycle of precession which ends in 2012. He also thinks that Stonehenge was designed to measure precession.Beyond 2012 page 4 Alford does not think the planet Nibiru will return in 2012. like the pyramid of Kukulcan in Chichen Itza (see next item). http://www. This implies that they are lurking somewhere in the vicinity of the solar system. see the start of the next precessional age as a likely time for the return of the gods. He does. and since John Major Jenkins has now discovered that the real purpose of the long-count Mayan Calendar was to track the as predicted by Robert Temple in the latest edition of the Sirius Mystery.htm (12 of 13)9/28/2005 11:01:56 AM . however.diagnosis2012. (see item 27) but predicts it in AD 3400.

uk/4.Beyond 2012 page 4 http://www.htm (13 of 13)9/28/2005 11:01:56 AM

and the result was the Pyramid of Kukulcan. the zenith passage of the sun takes place over Chichen Itza. When the Toltec people moved to Chichen Itza.Beyond 2012 page 5 Page 5 34. It is a ‘PRECESSIONAL CLOCK WITH ITS ALARM SET FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY’.diagnosis2012. This has been designed so that every However. the plumed serpent).htm (1 of 12)9/28/2005 11:02:14 AM . John Major Jenkins shows that the pyramid is much more than an equinox indicator. on May 20. The Pyramid of Kukulcan. they merged their own zenith cosmology with the Mayan system. The Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza The shadow-play can be seen here Jenkins says that Kukulcan. (or Quetzalcoatl. was the symbol of a sun-Pleiades-zenith conjunction. a Precessional Alarm Clock. the afternoon sun causes a shadow play so that it appears that a huge serpent is descending from the sky. down the pyramid. The Crotalus rattlesnake. has a marking on it which is identical to the http://www. Exactly 60 days after the Spring Equinox. whose pattern is constantly used in Mesoamerican art. on Spring Equinox.

On May 20 2012. the Sun was depicted as a feathered snake http://www. and 3 Kankin in the Haab calendar. below). Right at the centre of this time window is the year 2012. and its rattle was called ‘tzab’. but this is an event which will only occur during a 72-year time window. Quetzalcoatl. From John Major Jenkins' essential book.Beyond 2012 page 5 Solar ‘Ahau’ glyph of the Maya. meaning Lord/Sun. The winter solstice end-point will be 4 Ahau in the Tzolkin which is the same word used for the Pleiades star cluster (see Fig.htm (2 of 12)9/28/2005 11:02:14 AM . when the Great Cycle ends. the zenith passage combines with a solar eclipse. from 1976 to 2048. which means serpent. which means ‘snake-day’.co. the feathered serpent In Egypt.diagnosis2012. Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 The moving snake on the Pyramid is an annual reminder of a conjunction of the zenith sun with the Pleiades over Chichen Itza. on the Tzolkin day 10 Chichan.

Birth and Death of Venus. Venus sinks below the western horizon. on 12 August 3114 BC (where he dates the beginning of the Great Cycle). to the Maya. as the Pleiades rise over the eastern horizon. indicating the start of a new precessional age. he thinks. just before sunset. This he took to be the mythical “Birth of Venus” associated with the start of the Great Cycle. the Sun was preceded by Venus as the morning star. and found that. and the meridian transits of Orion correlated to the First Time and Last Time of Osiris. the dawn rising of Sirius heralded the flooding of the Nile and the beginning of a new year. the meridian transit of the Pleiades announced the “Birth of Venus” as it rose over the horizon. In The Mayan Prophecies.htm (3 of 12)9/28/2005 11:02:14 AM . Just as in ancient Gilbert used SKYGLOBE to check the sky on 22 December 2012 (where he dates the end of the Great Cycle). which Gilbert had not included in the Mayan Prophecies. (see item 25) and have also supplied the Death of Venus sky chart. is the symbolic “Death of Venus”. He found that as the Pleiades were on the meridian.Beyond 2012 page 5 35. They have also http://www. Morton and Thomas have repeated this conclusion in Mystery of the Crystal Skulls. Gilbert's "Birth of Venus" sky chart for "12 August 3114 BC".diagnosis2012. Adrian Gilbert said that he used astronomical software called SKYGLOBE to look at the sky as it was at dawn.

since Venus actually “made its last appearance as the morning star almost two weeks before the Long-Count zero-date”.Beyond 2012 page 5 adjusted the start and end dates of the Great Cycle by one day to the " Thompson 2" dates that Jenkins has confirmed. then it still means that this interpretation of the Birth of Venus (and therefore the Death of Venus too) Morton & Thomas's sky chart for sunset on 21 December 2012. is in error. which is also quoted in The Mayan Prophecies as THE start of the Long Count. but presuming that the software programs are all adjusted for no “year zero” (see Addendum).htm (4 of 12)9/28/2005 11:02:14 AM . Click her for Jenkins' full unabridged review of the Mayan Prophecies http://www. It is possible that Gilbert accidentally checked the sky chart for the alternative start-date of August 3113 BC. Jenkins has checked the sky chart for 12 August 3114. on SKYGLOBE and 2 other sources. showing "the death of Venus & the birth of the Pleiades" However. and found that Gilbert had omitted to double-check his findings.

and hours. Velikovsky dated this event as contemporary with the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.Beyond 2012 page 5 Velikovsky The elliptical orbit of Venus following "her birth" Immanuel Velikovsky has said in his book Worlds in Collision. nights.diagnosis2012. and Zeus is the planet Jupiter).htm (5 of 12)9/28/2005 11:02:14 AM . Then a great star … appeared. to show its anger…caused to perish a great number of people who died of famine and pestilence…It was then…that the people [of Mexico] regulated anew the reckoning of days. it was given the name Quetzal-cohuatl …the sky. Velikovsky quotes from Brasseur de Bourbourg’s Histoire Des Nations Civilisees du Mexique: “…the sun refused to show itself and during four days the world was deprived of becoming a comet.” http://www. It was also called “the star that smoked”. which means feathered serpent. Several Mayan and Aztec myths were also cited as evidence. making Mount Olympus tremble and stirring the sea. that the Birth of Venus occurred when Venus was “born” from Jupiter. including the fact that Quetzalcoatl. This is clearly illustrated in the Greek myth of Athene who sprang from the head of Zeus. explaining the plagues and parting of the Red Sea. according to the difference in time. reasons Velikovsky. is the well-known name for the planet Venus. is the planet Venus. A cosmic collision caused a part of Jupiter to burst and leaving the famous red spot where it burst out. (Athene.

The existence of Nibiru was postulated by Zecharia Sitchin in his book The Twelfth Planet-(12 counting the Sun and Moon). but two later ones around 700 BC. the tenth planet (see item 27). and we can now see why the Birth of Venus has been associated with the start of the Great Cycle.on an elliptical orbit. but Nigel Appleby has unified the theories with that of Nibiru. Graham Phillips has also convincingly explained the events of the Exodus as side-effects of the eruption of the volcano Thera (in his book Act of God). Velikovsky dated the event around 1500 BC with the Exodus. since it provides a large passing body to interfere with Jupiter and cause the ejection of it IS an interesting idea.Beyond 2012 page 5 Quetzalcoatl. Anyway. the next return is due in 3400-3600 AD. Ancient Sumerian mythology implies that there is a large planet –Nibiru. the plumed serpent causes death Quetzalcoatl The planet Venus. Appleby suggests that it was Nibiru that caused the disasters of the Exodus as it “shunted both Earth and Mars close to each other’s orbit…” and that it was this which triggered the eruption of Thera. associated by the Maya & Aztecs with This would explain the Mayan obsession with Venus.diagnosis2012.600 years. http://www. Velikovsky didn’t say Mars was involved in the original Birth of Venus incident. However. which enters the solar system every 3. According to Sitchin’s chronology. Velikovsky and Sitchin actually used the same Sumerian myth as part of the evidence for their respective theories (the Marduk and Tiamat myth).htm (6 of 12)9/28/2005 11:02:14 AM .

So you got us on this one . is a symbolic reference to post-shift consciousness . 36. and in the FAQ section.1. as Appleby suggested: 2012 ."time" isn't ending… but it sounds better and is more concise than the preceding two paragraph explanation. we find the following: "Why do you assert that time is ending?" Actually what is ending is the perception that time is "linear and absolute" due in 2012.htm (7 of 12)9/28/2005 11:02:14 AM .0. it would mean that Nibiru is due to return soon (1500 BC to 2000 AD =3500 years).1.0. 2. of them real except in the subjective sense.3. humanity will learn to keep cosmic time. as well as to gain a more sophisticated understanding of solar time… just to name a few perceptual modes. then the implication is that the Great Cycle is measuring the period of return of some OTHER huge planetoid (see items 8 & 10).". On the Internet. on Snake Is that because of the nature of the new time?" is NOT a year in the Gregorian calendar scheme of things. "I just heard that it is a consensus among "remote viewers" that nothing can be "seen" after the year 2012. and quantum time. If we prefer to correlate the Birth of Venus incident to 3114 BC.Beyond 2012 page 5 What is more. none At the end of the present cycle. Remote Viewing.2036 (see item 27). galactic time. In fact time exists many forms. there is a website called "2.3.

alchemy. "After" the year 2012. (See item 24) 37. John Major Jenkins mentioned it in one of his lectures. So. It also has a lot to do with the nature of physical events "beyond" 2012. concerns an unusual stone cross which is located in a town called Hendaye in the French Pyrenees. A forthcoming book called A Monument to the End of Time.Beyond 2012 page 5 Remote viewing targets and direct hits That's right. if a remote viewer in 1997 cannot see beyond 2012 it is to a large degree because the world(s) beyond 2012 have not been conceived of yet. Alchemists and Masons. and light bodies. there is no lapse in time between a thoughtform and its corresponding 3D (8 of 12)9/28/2005 11:02:14 AM . and said the authors have concluded that encoded into the cross is knowledge of the solstice sun/galactic centre alignment of 2012. http://www. since he had read the unpublished manuscript. or we are just perceiving/creating them now… THAT is the nature of the new time. at some of his American lecture dates. Before the book was published.diagnosis2012. by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges. The book includes discussion of the end of time. Jay Weidner has been appearing with Jenkins

.htm (9 of 12)9/28/2005 11:02:14 AM . (which hasn't happened. These scenarios concern solar flares triggered by the Grand Cross of August 1999. Note the quincunx panel with central large angry Sun. that on the cross is encoded a warning of "a purifying fire that will soon consume the Northern Hemisphere".. Mevryl suggests several possible interpretations of the Paul Mevryl has written an essay on the "Cyclic Cross of Hendaye".The Wormhole of Daath. I have independently found a load of evidence to support this one. which is printed as an afterword in The Fulcanelli Phenomenon. hinted in his 1926 book Le Mystere des Cathedrales. keep a lookout on the extracts from Omega Point page especially Chapter 4 . or the approach of an elliptically-orbiting planet between Sirius and our Sun. reminiscent of the Aztec Sunstone.Beyond 2012 page 5 The alchemist Fulcanelli.diagnosis2012. by Kenneth Rayner Johnson. so we should be alright on that one).Jimi Hendrix asteroid prophecy) http://www. Update: Book reviewed at Whats New item 21 (Frank Zappa connection?) (and while we're on the

... the 13th being "The Snake Handler" depending on the sizes of the constellations.............John Anthony West The circular zodiac on the ceiling of the Temple at Denderah............. there were 13 sections of different sizes............................. and seem to be arranged on a circle round the pole star ..Beyond 2012 page 5 38.....diagnosis2012... several other constellations.... The circular zodiac on the ceiling of the Temple at Denderah......... Instead of splitting the ecliptic into 12 equally sized sections......htm (10 of 12)9/28/2005 11:02:14 AM .. positions along the eccentric circle of the ecliptic............. for another 700 to 800 years..... The Dendera Zodiac.............................. The axes marked on the zodiac show the movement of solstices and http://www..... Once this is taken into account..................A...................... and the 36 decans. Schwaller De Lubicz (in Sacred Science) Astrologer John Lash gave a lecture at the Alternative Egypt Questing Conference in October 99................... we see that the Sun's vernal equinox will not transit from Pisces to Aquarius.. the Snake Handler without the snake.... The Egyptologist R........................ in Egypt shows the 12 signs..... the five visible planets.................. in which he claimed that there were originally 13 signs in the zodiac... has shown that the Denderah Zodiac demonstrates that the Egyptians knew about the precession of the equinoxes........... .................. Egypt Some of the zodiac signs are displaced from their usual .............

which goes from the four rams' heads. Detail showing the axes. above the horns of the "cow of Isis". he says. which points to Galactic Centre.once on the true North-South axis. http://www. which has writing on it .htm (11 of 12)9/28/2005 11:02:14 AM . as Horus on a papyrus stem."the Programmes of Destiny" (I had previously associated this square with the "Wormhole of Daath").diagnosis2012. This. being held by Virgo. where the solstice alignment will occur in 2012. and also on the axis of the temple. across the pole to the star and the 90 degree line through Galactic Centre. At exactly 90 degrees to this axis. when the temple was built. which is why Sirius also appears aligned to Cancer on the North-South axis. The line goes through the Square of Pegasus. is pointing out the position of the vernal equinox today. Sirius appears twice . between Scorpio & Sagitarius Double rams' heads John Lash points out another axis on the Dendera Zodiac. through Pisces. Atlantis Blueprint. another line can be drawn through the tip of the arrow of Sagittarius. John Lash's Dendera theory is summed up in his own words in Colin Wilson's book. at the heliacal rising.Beyond 2012 page 5 equinoxes through the constellations between the foundation of Egypt and the time of the building of the Denderah Temple. At that era. this would have coincided with the summer solstice in Cancer. The light of the star would illumine the inner temple on New Year's Day.

uk/5.htm (12 of 12)9/28/2005 11:02:14 AM .co.diagnosis2012.Beyond 2012 page 5 http://www.

Howard's website is updated regularly." I spoke to Howard on the phone. Star-Map-to-Ground Correlation at Giza in 2012: Howard Middleton Jones showed a sky map for December 21st 2012 at his lecture at Glastonbury Crop Circle Symposium in 1999. and Venus will be completely aligned .co. shortly after the 99 Symposium. which has just been discovered. Mercury and Venus are both in Sagittarius.. Here is an extract: "Are we going to have a new neighbour (Sun giving birth?) on 21st December 2012. Ambilac News and Ambilac's New Site. which coincides with dawn in Mexico. an astrologer.A satellite pyramid of Khufu will be the centre point for the complete Giza alignment on 21st December 2012 at a precise time ( 22. and our Sun which was born of Alcyone in the Pleiades.00 hrs 18 mins 13 secs local Cairo time) sic. saying that the satellite pyramids at Giza reflect the positions of the planets at the end of the Mayan Great so it is worth checking . I asked Paul Wright. http://www.connections will be made to our previous civilization on Mars. see also item 45). our nearest relatives. (Update : unavailable but archived HERE). He did a chart for early afternoon.Beyond 2012 page 6 Page 6 39. and he said that the alignment in 2012 will involve a planet currently beyond Pluto. Comet Lee and the Birth of Our new Neighbour.. and although there are no obvious conjunctions. and member of SCR. to do a chart from Cairo on 21/12/2012..diagnosis2012.htm (1 of 7)9/28/2005 11:02:29 AM . with the sun just approaching.(see 2012.

on 21/12/2012 at 13. then Paul LaViolette's prediction http://www.00 pm. However. will be above between 8.30 am and just after if it IS visible to the naked eye.diagnosis2012.Beyond 2012 page 6 The sky looking (2 of 7)9/28/2005 11:02:29 AM . Galactic Centre (GC between Scorpio & Sagittarius). from UK.30 pm. but only visible by radio astronomy. due to light.

. What you may not have heard.the Blue Star is a companion to Sirius B..a new light body is being created.. I suddenly remembered that Zecharia Sitchin predicted that when Nibiru returns.htm (3 of 7)9/28/2005 11:02:29 AM . having an orbital period of 3-4000 years. the Fifth World will emerge". it will appear as a moon. Readers of Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery may recall that the Dogon tribe of Mali. it will reappear " in the regions of the constellation of Sagittarius".diagnosis2012. (1998). Duvent announced in the Journal Astronomy and Astrophysics.Beyond 2012 page 6 of a Glactic Superwave could be right. West Africa. if and when it was discovered. "When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens. is that astronomers have recently discovered Sirius C! Temple told us in 1976. that the Dogon knew of a third said would be in 2011 (=2012 . and that he thought it would be a red dwarf. It was twenty years later. but it was too small. An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states. is a binary star system. the Hopi name for the star Sirius is Blue Star Kachina! Gordon Michael Scallion provides the explanation. Some people suggested that it WAS Nibiru. Blue Star Kachina. In more detail: " The solar system shall become a binary sun system.facts they say were given to their ancestors by visitors from Sirius. and that Sirius B is a white dwarf . Could this be the new planet that Jones predicts will be "born of the Sun"? Comet Hale-Bopp was discovered in Sagittarius in 1995..could Hale-Bopp be a fore-runner of Nibiru... which I mentioned already (item 30). This has now been confirmed. also in Sagittarius. I quoted Scallion as saying that the Blue Star "will appear from behind the Sun. in 1995..during the day it will appear as a silvery light. traveling towards Arcturus." In item 30. have known for centuries that Sirius (the Dog Star). Appleby suggested that Nibiru has fragmented . when French Astronomers.. their discovery of a small red dwarf star . Since THE event which occurs on this date is the conjunction of the Solstice Sun with Galactic Centre. vindicating Temple's work. the vibrations given off by the Blue Star will enable the soul to have an easier time in communication with its host. when the Blue Star returns. (see item 48). This will be the Day of Purification. The strange thing is. one hundred times brighter than the Morning Star.see addendum).co. http://www. Daniel Benest and J." NOW this is connecting up Howard Middleton Jones (last item) and Paul Mevryl (item37).During the evening. in the first edition. However.. which Oh Shinnar (item 7). if you haven't read the new edition.. (see item 5).L. on the same orbit? 40.Sirius C.

and there will be a "resurrection of the Nommo". the father of Orthrus (Sirius) is shown in The Twelfth Planet." Temple thinks this is Phoebe .looked "like a new star". I have come to this conclusion for other reasons. entered the Pegasus square.Beyond 2012 page 6 The Dogon say that the "spaceship" of the visitors . who will return).uk/6. Could this be the Eye of Ra? Murry Hope has said. (p. and is drawn with the rays inside the circle. and that they will RETURN one day." Typhon. which was the exclusive weapon of Sekhmet. and was "a kind of comet" which was invisible. Zeus and Typhon (from The Twelfth Planet) In the enlargement of part of the zodiac of Denderah. the author says it is Nibiru.htm (4 of 7)9/28/2005 11:02:29 AM . he said quotes from "The Saucers Speak". and Sekhmet as his daughter.evil beings from Orion . and to cap it off.430-437).. above.Saturn's tenth moon. http://www.diagnosis2012."are coming soon to Saros (Earth) in a square star body". "near the vicinity of EQ/Pegasi in the Pegasus star system" ... They also say that Sirius A and B "were once where the Sun now is".the Nommo . is described as bright and burning object (a planetessimal or comet perhaps?). when "a certain star will reappear".. It will only be "formed when the Nommo's ark descends. "an alien probe".. In Hamlet's Mill. for it is also the resurrected Nommo's "eye" symbolically. (in Ancient Egypt: The Sirius Connection) "The Eye of The star will be invisible before it "emerges". which is the entrance to the abyss! In Extracts from Omega Point Chapter 4 . there is a collection of myths which together imply that Nibiru/Marduk (="Jupiter"= "a comet"= "the ark").we are seeing Ra in terms of the Siriun System.. even though the object is RECTANGULAR. as a winged serpent (like Quetzalcoatl. The Eye of Ra/Horus can be seen in a circle/sphere on the zodiac at the Temple of Denderah.The Wormhole of Daath. This sounds crazy. I have just come across a PHOTO apparently taken of. Other Tongues Other Flesh. between the fish of Pisces. but in George Hunt Williamson's 1965 book. However. it looks as if the eye of Ra has just come out of the Square of Pegasus. that the "Intruders" .

(The second of these solar eclipses is on November 13. (May 20 2012). the central star of the Pleiades.Beyond 2012 page 6 To top it all off. (see item 34). A second solar eclipse. the serpent. In 1972. which took place every 52 years. 4. though I don’t know of any Calendar Round correlation in which it would fall in 2012.of course. Raymond Mardycks (unavailable but archived here) has pointed out 5 unusual astronomical phenomena (unavailable but archived here) which are due to occur in 2012. click here and here. & it is 9 Hell-cycles after the Hispanic invasion. 2. The May eclipse which conjuncts the Pleiades is also a rare conjunction of the Pleiades with the zenith passage of the sun. the Calendar Round falls on April 2nd 2012. Venus returns to the same area of the sky every 8 years. 41. 5. and each time. the event which John Major Jenkins says is being pointed out by the Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza. which he says started in 1987 and will finish in 2012..) UPDATE: I have now found that. Venus was 1 degree from Alcyone. in the Tikal Calendar Round series. but in 2012. 3.600-year orbit takes it near Sirius! For more on Sirius. A solar eclipse in which the Sun and Moon conjunct the Pleiades. Venus will be right next to Alcyone. on May 20 2012.diagnosis2012. A Transit of Venus. is getting nearer and nearer to the Pleiades. from the High Moon site PLUS. in which Venus will pass directly in front of the Sun – something he says only happens every 120 years. 1. He has included. 1 day before the day of the Aztec New Fire ceremony.. Barbara Hand Clow says that Nibiru's 3. In addition. These are. (from the High Moon site) "Perfect ring" eclipse. Other Astronomical Phenomena in 2012. the alignment of the solstice Sun with the galactic equator. in which the Sun and Moon align with the head of the constellation Serpens.htm (5 of 7)9/28/2005 11:02:29 AM . The 2012 Venus transit should look like this.

it returns to the same part of the sky. In they occur twice per century. by accident. 42. Earth & Moon.diagnosis2012. After these 8 years. and the Earth’s North http://www. Kev Peacock.Beyond 2012 page 6 Mardycks says that after 2012. Carl Johan Calleman also talks about the relevance of these Venus phenomena. They occurred in 1761. it is a “Venus Passage”. and says that when Venus transits (passes directly in front of) the Sun.1882. Venus Passages occur. when the magnetic North pole of the Earth is closest to the Sun. Calleman says there is a Mayan prophecy that “the new world of consciousness will be born” during the Jun 5-6 Venus Passage. (and earthquakes) are all on an upward trend. since there were none in the 20th century). geomagnetic activity. and will occur in 2004 and 2012. but explains them differently. Calleman calls these “Venus conjunctions”. Eclipses: the final straw Sunspots. Geomagnetism mapped against earthquakes and the 11-year sunspot cycle. the Pleiades will no longer act as a galactic transmission centre for Earth – we will “receive energy and frequencies direct from Galactic Center”. but in a PAIR. 8 years apart.1769. with the 11-year sunspot cycle maximum.1874. a forthcoming flip of Earth’s magnetic poles. In other words. The combination of aligned Sun. an Australian ham radio enthusiast claims to have discovered. There will also be 2 lunar eclipses in 2012 – see NASA website. (but not necessarily every century. Here are the approx. as a result of investigating radio interference. They will occur on June 8 2004. Radio Ham Discovers Sunspot-linked Geomagnetic Reversal. Once per century. there will be 3 eclipses between the 2nd of June and the 1st of July. as seen from Earth. but between PAIRS of transits. (2 solar & 1 lunar). These coincide with the height of the summer in the Northern hemisphere. click on pics for the whole spiel. 120-year intervals.htm (6 of 7)9/28/2005 11:02:29 AM . and Jun 5-6 2012.. The synodic revolution of Venus occurs 5 times in 8 years (minus 2 days).

the polarity of the sunspots reverses – they appear on alternate solar hemispheres every 11 years. he claims to have predicted the forthcoming polar flip. according to Peacock. (now transformed into an eBook): Something Is Wrong With Our Sun (updated 29/3/02) http://www. to take full (7 of 7)9/28/2005 11:02:29 AM .co. or "super reversal". By observing trends in geomagnetic activity and seismic activity.diagnosis2012. (Peacock says that the sun’s polarity reverses every 11 years. as predicted by the Maurice Cotterell theory). This is not the same as a "full reversal". which may take a year until 2012. judging by previous correlations of earthquakes to solar changes. The webpage.Beyond 2012 page 6 magnetic pole pointing to the Sun hasn’t happened for 65 million years.

Gateway To Atlantis. Collins tells us. while the Aztecs. South America. Andrew Collins has amassed a collection of evidence that the civilization of Atlantis was destroyed by a tidal wave following the collision of a comet (known to geologists as the Carolina Bays comet).diagnosis2012. and that Cuba is a remnant of the landmass.htm (1 of 11)9/28/2005 11:03:05 AM . as Jenkins has also said. says (see item 34). with the Earth. still have myths of a fiery serpent that came from the Pleiades and ‘brought the world to an end’ with ‘a great fire and a deluge’. In his recent book. The Calina Carib tribe in Surinam. The Chilam Balam of Chumayel. There is also a Hebrew legend. The Rattling of the Pleiades. on the other side of the Collins has pointed out that the Pleiades were seen as the rattle of a celestial snake.Beyond 2012 page 7 Page 7 43. the Jews believed this had occurred on a date corresponding to November 17. “spoke of an almighty cataclysm during which the ‘Great Serpent’ was ‘ravished from the heavens together with the rattles of its tail’ so that its ‘skin and pieces’ of its bones ‘fell here upon the Earth’”. held their New Fire Ceremony on November 14. but Collins also adds that the Pleiades as the snake rattle “warns its potential victim of an imminent http://www. that “the Great Flood was caused after ‘the upper waters rushed through the space left when God removed two stars out of the constellation Pleiades’”. The proximity of Cuba to Mesoamerica would explain the Aztec and Maya fascination with cataclysm. Incredibly enough.

The Seal shows a 13-step pyramid with the date 1776 in Roman numerals. The Eye in The Pyramid. However. there are 13 baktuns of 20 katuns each. return to item 34 – The Pyramid of Kukulcan – a Precessional Alarm Clock . which is the number of weeks in our it has a date on it. Just as the pyramid of Kukulkcan has 91 steps on each of the 4 sides. so there are 5200 tuns in the Great Cycle. the first katun in the cycle of 13 was “katun 1776”. but in the Gregorian calendar. Just as the last katun in the Great Cycle is “katun 2012”. Astronomers call earth-crossing asteroids “Apollo objects”. They would also have seen a series of 13 katuns as a significant cycle. There are also 52 haabs in a Calendar Round. (now unavailable). http://www. making 364 in all. 13 and 52 are also the key numbers in the Mayan calendar systems.Beyond 2012 page 7 strike. where the date is actually inscribed – the top of the pyramid is therefore 2012. This brings to mind Philip K.htm (2 of 11)9/28/2005 11:03:05 AM . but was also a special year in the Mayan calendar. 1776 was not only the year that the Declaration of Independence was signed (on the 4th of July). which appears on every dollar bill. Some Mayan groups named cycles after end dates rather than beginning dates.” Collins thinks this may come from the direction of the Pleiades. 44. In the Great Cycle. before reading the next item. the katun ended 33 days before the signing. plus the top level giving the number 365. 4 sides of 13 levels gives 52. the Great Seal pyramid also has an encoded calendrical meaning. On Raymond Mardyks’ website. So 1776 is the bottom level of the each katun consists of 20 tuns. he decodes the Great Seal of America. Like some Maya pyramids. In fact. on it. Now. Dick’s enigmatic statement in Valis that “the Head Apollo is about to return”.diagnosis2012.

...... at the only time of year when it is visible all night long..diagnosis2012.. which has been associated with UK. God..... Photo: Steve Alexander Beacon Hill.06.... 21.... 21.... some Mayan groups froze their New Year to July 26........... UK........ for the birthday of the United States of America”.. . Mardyks goes on to point out that not only was the Egyptian calendar based on the rising of Sirius.... http://www.............07.. The top of the Great Seal pyramid shows an eye-in-triangle........Beyond 2012 page 7 East Field .. “when Sirius rises in that part of the world...............htm (3 of 11)9/28/2005 11:03:05 AM .. and the French Revolution)..(NB: 33 rays = 33 Masonic degrees) Photo: Steve Alexander The top would also be 2012 if each level represented one of the 13 baktuns in the Great Cycle.. Robert Bauval has a book coming out soon on the Masonic secrets about Sirius.. 2002. but that “the Sun is astrologically conjunct Sirius every year on July 4. the pineal gland. with 3114 BC at the bottom... Sirius culminates.....Alton Barnes.. Highclere... See Galactic Astrology for more..........” On January 1 at midnight.. Also..... which were encoded into the design of Paris and Washington (Masons were behind the gaining of American Independence............ reaching its highest point in the sky..... Nr....... and the Illuminati...

I have checked Michael Mandeville’s site Return of the Phoenix.” No references are given for this statement. New Ambilac article. derived from the Egyptian word Mandeville says the 5th flight of the Phoenix will be in December 2012 – see item 28). Great Pyramid of Giza as 2012 Indicator. An essay by Paul White. (Nigel Appleby claimed that in his self-published book. actually means “The House of Enoch. On Mandeville’s site. the present time period ends (converted to our present calendar) in the year 2012 AD. posted 3/5/00 Interdimensional Physics – http://www. 45. check out this site which links 1776 to 2012 by the positions of Uranus & Pluto. The information could have come from the Jones/Wilkie/ Ambilac sites. he says the 5th flight will be in 2000 or 2001. not just the Great Pyramid – and it gets more obscure with each new article (see item 39). but the 2012 prediction here comes from an analysis of the whole Giza plateau. includes the following: “According to the “calendar in stone” of the Great Pyramid.htm (4 of 11)9/28/2005 11:03:05 AM . which describes the so-called “Phoenix Cycle” of our galactic orbit.diagnosis2012. The Greek word PHOENIX.Beyond 2012 page 7 For the astrologically minded. on the San Graal but can find no reference to 2012.

Thus. Allen claims that although he sees the Ambilac articles as disinformation. However. since their reasoning is impossible to follow. while he found the time by astronomy and astrology. He concludes that Wilkie & Jones must have got the actual time by intuitional methods. will return from the dead at 22:18:13 on December 21. following a study of Jenkins’ work. On The Eighth Day 46. that the Hall of Records will be opened on December 21. Comet Lee & the Birth of Our New Neighbour and: Ambilac News . they are right in their conclusion.” http://www.htm (5 of 11)9/28/2005 11:03:05 AM .co. this means “the kingdom (Jupiter) will be restored to Egypt (Taurus) at that precise moment. 2012 at 10:18:13 local Cairo time (22:18:13 Pacific Standard Time). in which Allen challenges Wilkie to explain himself. Re-birth of Osiris: In an e-mail debate between Rush Allen and James Wilkie. he says the opening of the Hall of Records is a kind of mass illumination of mankind. Since he has found that “the zenith meridian at Giza runs through Jupiter at the Hyades in Taurus”. Osiris.Beyond 2012 page 7 The Giza Plateau Finally decoded 2012 See also 2012. the Bull of Egypt. and Wilkie fails.

26. which finds most mythology to be cosmologically or astronomically based. We know about the alignment of the Winter solstice sun with Galactic Centre. Many biblical stories contain coded astrological messages revealing connections to Egyptian beliefs. as opposed to the vernal equinox. you can access 7 essays in which he explores the astronomy behind Mayan mythology and cosmology. will be. Adrian Gilbert’s New Book Signs in The Sky explores biblical prophecy and traces Christian origins to Egypt. which is the same to try and find an answer to the question of what exactly the prophesied “signs in the sky” preceding the end of the age. SiLoam. Hamlet’s Mill. which Jenkins has identified as the end-point of the Mayan Long Count in 2012. between Sagittarius and Scorpio.diagnosis2012. of which the Gurdjieff was a member. Adrian Gilbert – Signs in the Sky.Beyond 2012 page 7 From Allen’s site. which came out of Egypt with Moses.Net – Adventures in Archaeoastronomy. with the Sabian “star-worshipers”. and the Sarmoung brotherhood.htm (6 of 11)9/28/2005 11:03:05 AM .000-year “precession of the equinoxes”. and the consequent encoding of http://www. What Gilbert seems to have discovered is an Egyptian knowledge of the precession of the summer solstice. This is caused by the approx. Building on his discoveries in The Orion Mystery. In support of Paul White’s statement (item 45 above). except that the Mayans were measuring “precession of the solstices”. Gilbert does conclude that Giza is a “map of time”. and that “this position of Orion’s Belt could therefore symbolize the idea of the returning phoenix at the end of one age and the beginning of another”.co. Gilbert has been influenced by De Santillana & Von Dechend’s epic work on mythology. but measured from a different point – the precession of the winter solstice. 47. Gilbert has discovered that the Orion cult has spread into Turkestan.

the Silver Gate is above Orion. the part of the sky which was of great interest to the Mayan people. The ancient Greeks. holds the ankh/key (Sun) to the door/Gate. s’ba. and the Golden Gate of Sagittarius. but that the Silver Gate leads to reincarnation and the ancestors. as we know. just near Galactic Centre (GC). Gilbert has found that the Egyptian word for star. These are the Silver Gate of Gemini.htm (7 of 11)9/28/2005 11:03:05 AM . The Golden Gate is also that through which the Gods descend. Now. who received much of their knowledge from Egypt. Orion/Osiris holds the star/door in his hand. and they depicted him holding a star in his hand. Other versions say the souls of men can ascend by either gate. In some depictions. who the Egyptians associated with Osiris.Beyond 2012 page 7 this knowledge in the bible. At the other end of the Milky Way. through which souls ascend. so Osiris is holding a Star-Gate. In the Orion Mystery. through which souls descend to earth. http://www. and the summer solstice precesses from Gemini to Taurus. The Silver Gate is just above the “hand” of Orion. The vernal equinox. at the centre of the Duat. Osiris is holding an ankh towards the gate. at the same time as the winter solstice precesses from Sagittarius to Scorpio. also means “door”. Bauval & Gilbert presumed this to be the star Aldebaran. is precessing from Pisces to Aquarius. believed that souls reside in the Milky Way between incarnations. and the Golden Gate leads beyond reincarnation.diagnosis2012. and that there are 2 “gates” on the Milky Way. so this must be the key which unlocks the star-gate. The Golden Gate is at the point where the ecliptic (dotted line) crosses the Milky Way. the Egyptian Netherworld which was represented on the ground in the Giza and holds the ankh in the right hand After studying bible prophecies. and computing star and planet positions on his SKYGLOBE software. visiting Israel.

Supernovae & Crop circles. Venus (symbolizing Isis & Mary as “Bride of Heaven”).and casts no shadow on the Khafre pyramid. This also happens to be.. indicates that all prophecies would be accomplished by 2018. in the other star-gate.. so there may be 12 years of hell coming up. June 21-22. since he was connected with Venus. symbolizes Christ. rather than 2380 AD. Paul LaViolette’s website. On June 29 2000. when the Silver Star Gate opens. as presumed in The Orion Mystery. While we’re on the subject… this is the name of astrophysicist Beyond the Big 2012 page 7 Gilbert has discerned that the astronomy of summer solstice 2000. which. will be “stationary in the hand of Orion”. 48. Gilbert’s interpretation of Biblical prophecy. before the opening of…. the last year that the winter solstice sun conjuncts Galactic Centre. or the Age of Orion. when Orion reaches its most Northerly point. with the 7 On 21 June 2000.. using the fig tree parable. and thereby the sign preceding a “second coming”. says Gilbert.. Sphinx Stargate. supports an alternative cosmology in which there http://www.. this is the beginning of the Apocalypse. and this is his mystic marriage (and there is a hint that we should be prepared with our “wedding garment”. to the Egyptians was a “stellar. as he has explained convincingly in the book. This could also be the return of Quetzalcoatl. SETI. Sahu body” that needed to be “crystallized”). and the return of the Jews to Israel in 1948. At any rate.000 year cycle that Gilbert calls the Age of Adam.diagnosis2012. Pulsars.htm (8 of 11)9/28/2005 11:03:05 AM . Orion. Gilbert calls the Silver Gate the Gate of Hades. according to John Major Jenkins. This is the “Omega position” of Orion. Talk of The Galaxy is about ET communication. and also on June 29. the solstice Sun (ankh/key) is in the stargate sacred planets representing the 7 lampstands of the Book of Revelation. in which he gives some information about the content of his books. Orion is in the alpha/omega position. It is the end of a 13. In August 2012. Astronomy.Heaven’s Gate! (sounds familiar…) See here for an independent corroboration of some of Gilbert's discoveries.

For reader interest. the tarot. he also includes evidence from mythology. One of a collection of many graphs and diagrams in LaViolette's book. which is defined by Orion's club & the horns of Taurus. of high solar flare activity due to cosmic dust from a Galactic superwave. but not a little frightening. (see item 47) while at the Silver Gate. or the ankh in the hand of Osiris (see item 47). radiocarbon date anomalies. but also ancient Persia and many other cultures. geomagnetic reversals. Here we can see where a mass extinction coincides with the start of a period lasting over a thousand years.Beyond 2012 page 7 was no Big Bang. The nearby Pleiades constellation is associated with catastrophe. the Serpent Handler is also right over Galactic Centre. LaViolette tells us. (see item 43 & 34). The foot of Ophiuchus. radio astronomy This is a scientist with an impressive list of achievements. most interesting to us at the moment. archaeo-astronomy ( knowledge of Galactic Centre in tribal myth). Electrogravitic Systems is about anti-gravity and free energy. tin isotopes.diagnosis2012.700 years ago. However. He lists 12 ground-breaking discoveries that he made. LaViolette combines recent scientific data with myth & legend to rediscover the reason that ancient civilizations tried to warn us of impending disaster. Subquantum Kinetics is about revolutionary physics theory. This happens to be at the Golden Gate which Gilbert brings attention to. is Earth Under Fire.the direction in which the Galactic Superwave departed. & geological studies of species extinction.htm (9 of 11)9/28/2005 11:03:05 AM . as Raymond Mardyks points out. lies the Galactic anticentre . astrology. prophecy and hypnotic progression ! The book is a tour-de force. which were later vindicated by other researchers. . This happened 12. not just in Mexico. solar flare activity. The arrow of Sagittarius and the sting of Scorpio define the position of Galactic centre. with accompanying mythology. Galactic superwaves of cosmic rays. global warming. showing information from various ice core samples.Humanity’s Survival of the Apocalypse. looking for evidence in ancient mythology and Egyptian mysteries. which is half a http://www. cosmic ray levels These concern galactic core explosion cycles. gamma ray bursts.

000 year cycle.000 year lull between superwaves. another such wave may be incoming around 2012 AD.htm (10 of 11)9/28/2005 11:03:05 AM . If the latter. (item 47). John Anthony West. et al.the intensity and declination of the earth's magnetic field underwent major variations in step with the eleven-year sunspot cycle." Here’s a more detailed review by a reader: If true. If the indications from the Mayan calendar are correct. and increasing solar flare activity. where geologist Greg Braden predicted a geomagnetic reversal. which also brought the last ice age to an end. are highly unorthodox. previously neglected or unaccounted for facts and weaves them into a new perspective in which they fit together seamlessly like pieces of a puzzle.Beyond 2012 page 7 precessional and still have 2012 on the top. approaching levels normally observed in T Tauri stars. LaViolette's theory does what all good new theories do: it takes a variety of disparate. Check out this website to compare the Crab Nebula with the Eye of Horus. linked to a 13. READ THIS BOOK. and the various interpretations that follow from it. or if he is right.000 year half cycle. LaViolette builds on recent work by Graham Hancock. http://www. . Robert Bauval. that we are in the 26. . but never disproven. with each level as 1. Let's hope LaViolette is completely wrong. If this reminds you of item 32. LaViolette proposes a new version of quantum mechanics which applies nonlinear dynamical ideas from Prigogine to the long-neglected. with international interdisciplinary conferences convened immediately.diagnosis2012. LaViolette says that the supernova which led to the Crab Nebula was triggered by the Galactic Superwave. but a supermassive energy object which explodes (or beats like a heart?) periodically.000 years. are anything to go by.. this is one of the most important books ever written. LaViolette says this model predicts that the galactic core is not a and argues that the sphinx/pyramid complex. The amplitude of these cycles was hundreds of times larger than modern geomagnetic solar cycles. one of the most important books ever. He also points out that both the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus were sent to punish mankind. and polar ice core samples.000 years ago). While the central hypothesis. And LaViolette's astronomically based deciphering of the sphinx/zodiac "cryptogram" provides further evidence that there was indeed a technically advanced civilization on earth ("Atlantis") which appears to have been largely extinguished by the proposed 'superwave' catastrophe. If the central thesis of EARTH UNDER FIRE is correct. That gives us fourteen years to prepare.. We can only hope LaViolette is wrong. like Gilbert.000 year cycle. there is next to nothing of the flaky fringe science/UFOlogy/New Age vibe in this book. occluding sunlight. the zodiac and the tarot were all time capsule messages to future generations about the last time this event hit earth. with catastrophic consequences (about 13. suggesting that solar flare activity at that time was also hundreds of times more intense. Although it would take a team of very independent-minded scientists from at least a dozen different disciplines to make a solid assessment of the various novel claims & interpretations made here. he has found a 13. LaViolette confirms that at that time ". which would also fit the Great Seal pyramid on the dollar bill. This pulsation sends out a wave of cosmic rays which then fill the solar system with interstellar gas. but just in case. Scary eh? What’s more.. the information contained in this book should be broadcast globally. rather than the 13. notion of the ether. if these numbers handed down from ancient astronomers.

Beyond 2012 page 7 (11 of 11)9/28/2005 11:03:05 AM .uk/7.

uk/add.0.0. prophecies and discoveries are covered in the Whats New department. There are many other alternative start & end-dates that I have come across since first writing this page. or 13-Baktun cycle.unless it is divisible by 400. The only trouble the BC years have to converted to "astronomical years" by subtracting one year. unless it is divisible by 100 . so often leads to confusion see another special 2012: Dire Gnosis explanation on the Maya Links and calculators page. http://www. and the start date is given as August 11th 3114 BC or August 13th 3114 BC according to the 2 most popular correlations. the rule is a leap year must be divisible by 4. and has to be back-calculated.0. There is now a special 2012: Dire Gnosis article about these : End-Date Confusion Explained.872.872. This is the same as the year -3113 in "astronomer's jargon" which inserts an extra "year zero" to make BC-AD calculations simpler. is 1. In order to work out leap-years. The Mayan "Great Cycle". Since the Gregorian calendar didn't exist then.diagnosis2012. the JD starts at midday. or Day of Creation. Calculating the end-point from a given Day of Creation The calendrical system of the Maya was older and more complex (and accurate) than that of the Aztecs. (known as the GMT 584283 and GMT 585285 respectively). in which case it is a leap-year.0. Addendum (updated 3/July//05) UPDATE: One-day discrepancy now cured. the latest 2012 theories. is 11th August 3114 BC in Gregorian calendar. before calculation. Thanks to Clare DaSidhe for help on this. To work out the termination point using the GMT 584283 correlation: The "zero-day".0 in The Long Count.000 days long.0. which is 13. The end-date is given either as 21 December 2012 AD or 23 December 2012 AD respectively. especially in 2011 and 2013.htm (1 of 11)9/28/2005 11:07:14 AM . which is part of the Long Count. who had forgotten the Long Count system.0 there are Go to WHAT'S NEW Following on from Beyond 2012.then it is not a leap year . The exception is 1 BC which is a leap year .0. it is should be more efficient to use a Julian Day number system .000 days until the next Day of this case. 0. to make up for the missing year JD 584283. After 0.

3105 BC.1 = 5125 Multiply the 5125 years from 3114 BC to 2012 AD by 365. Century Years astronomical (+ 1 to convert to Gregorian for BCE years) LEAP YEAR? (divisible by 400) Simple leap years total 3113 BC. (=1281-1282).25. To then calculating how many century years from 3114 BC to 2012 AD are NOT leap years. determine 1281 or 1282.diagnosis2012. subtract 1 for the missing "year zero" = 5125) 3114 + 2012 . to get 1870625.Addendum We know this is 5125 years (3114 + 2012 = 5126. by the century rule above (=39). see yellow figs 5125 x 365 = 1870625 5125 / 4 = 1281. then dividing 5125 by 4 to get the number of "simple" leap days.htm (2 of 11)9/28/2005 11:07:14 AM .co. 3109 BC. 3101 BC 4 4 -3100 (3101 BC) NO 1 Non-leap year tally 25 29 NO 2 -3000 (3001 BC) 25 54 NO 3 -2900 (2901 BC) 25 79 YES - -2800 (2801 BC) 25 104 NO 4 -2700 (2701 BC) 25 129 NO 5 -2600 (2601 BC) 25 154 NO 6 -2500 (2501 BC) 25 179 -2400 (2401 BC) YES - 25 204 NO 7 -2300 (2301 BC) 25 229 NO 8 -2200 (2201 BC) 25 254 NO 9 -2100 (2101 BC) 25 279 YES - -2000 (2001 BC) 25 -1900 304 NO 10 25 -1800 329 NO 11 25 -1700 354 NO 12 25 -1600 379 YES - 25 -1500 404 NO 13 25 429 http://www.htm (3 of 11)9/28/2005 11:07:14 AM .uk/add.

uk/add.htm (4 of 11)9/28/2005 11:07:14 AM .co.diagnosis2012.Addendum -1400 NO 14 25 -1300 454 NO 15 25 -1200 479 YES - 25 -1100 504 NO 16 25 -1000 529 NO 17 25 -900 554 NO 18 25 -800 579 YES - 25 -700 604 NO 19 25 -600 629 NO 20 25 -500 654 NO 21 25 679 http://www. -400 YES - 25 -300 704 NO 22 25 -200 729 NO 23 25 -100 754 NO 24 25 779 YES - 0 (1BC /"year zero") 25 100 804 NO 25 25 200 829 NO 26 25 300 854 NO 27 25 400 879 YES - 25 500 904 NO 28 25 600 929 NO 29 http://www.htm (5 of 11)9/28/2005 11:07:14 AM . 25 700 954 NO 30 25 800 979 YES - 25 900 1004 NO 31 25 1000 1029 NO 32 25 1100 1054 NO 33 25 1200 1079 YES - 25 1300 1104 NO 34 25 1400 1129 NO 35 25 1500 1154 NO 36 25 1600 1179 YES - http://www.htm (6 of 11)9/28/2005 11:07:14 AM .

midday 21/12 2012.0. Then 1243 was added to 1870625.0 and also – the number of days in the Great = JD 2456283 = midday 11/8/3114 BC . So the termination point is midnight to dawn between 20th December 2012 and 21st December 2012.872. 1282 . (including the 11th).Addendum 25 1700 1204 NO 37 25 1800 1229 NO 38 25 1900 1254 NO 39 25 2000 1279 YES - 2004. as well as the completion of the current one. the 30 days of September.. the 31 days of October. the 132 days would consist of the remaining 21 days of August. the 30 days of = 132 If the cycle began at dawn on August 11th 3114 BC.. August 11th 3114 BC 00.htm (7 of 11)9/28/2005 11:07:14 AM . August 11th 2012 + 132 = December 20th-21st 2012 so.000 = 21st December 2012 AD 00.0 . to get 132 – the number of days left until termination of the cycle. since the 21st December is 13.39 = 1243 1243 + 1870625 = 1871868 and the result (=1871868) was subtracted from 1. http://www. 2012 Total 3 1282 39 and subtracting that from 1282 (=1243).0.00 hrs + 1.00 hrs JD 584283 + 1.872.diagnosis2012. 1872000 . 5125 years later would bring us to dawn on 11th August 2012 AD. 2008.0.872.the start of the next cycle. and 20 days of December 2012.

thus confirming the end-date as December 21.htm (8 of 11)9/28/2005 11:07:14 AM . London. "Fingerprints of the Gods". from John Major Jenkins: Anyone with a Julian Day ephemeris can make the following simple calculation.3. "The Bible Code". by Graham Hancock.. 1990. 12. 1997. http://www. "UFO Reality" magazine. 5.5. "You Are Becoming a Galactic Human". 3. The Correlation Debate http://www. Bear & Co. "Earth s Birth Changes". the Julian Day number of the Long Count's zero day back in 3114 BC.azstarnet. Santa Fe. New Mexico. by John Major Jenkins. See Publishing Co. Bear & Co. Bear & Co. Most up-to-date info. 2012. html References · 1. "The Pleiadjan Agenda".000). William Heinemann..grahamhancock. Erbe. ed. by Jose Arguelles. 1998.html Website: http://www. "Millennium Prophecies".“The Mayan Factor .alignment2012. 9. "The Mayan Prophecies". USA. Website: Maya Calendar & Cosmology: http://www. 4. http://www. Bear & Co. http://www. "The Pleiadjan Agenda". 1995. 8. by St. Wiedenfeld & Nitolson. London.. by Peter 0. Australia.6 & 8. Santa Fe. Stephen McFadden. "Profiles in Wisdom" 1991. by Hunbatz Men. Santa Clara.: “Maya Cosmogenesis 2012”. Bear & Co. 1995. Most up-to-date info. Santa Fe. by Adrian Gilbert and Maurice USA. USA.from tragic to magic".html 2.alignment2012. by Michael Drosnin. 1994. 13. http://www. 1998. 10. by Barbara Hand Clow. by Barbara Hand Clow.htm 7.path beyond technology”.alignment2012. The result is 584283. 1995.Addendum Here is a much simpler way to work it out. by John Major Jenkins. USA. "God I Am . Bear & Co. 1991. December Cal.. Germain thorough Azena. Bear & Co. issues 2.157. by Stephen Skinner. p. 2012 is Julian Day 2. Triad.diagnosis2012. For more info on correlation. Jenkins’ article.872. USA. 1987. Santa Fe. Subtract from this the number of days in 13 baktuns (1. "Secrets of Maya Science/Religion".adriangilbert. http://cosmicmysteries.. Triad. Website: Maya Calendar & Cosmology: http://www. Virgin/Carlton 1994. Element.: “Maya Cosmogenesis 2012”.html by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle.



"The Invisible Landscape", by Terrence & Dennis McKenna, Harper-Col1ins, 1993.

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"The White Hole in Time - our future evolution and the meaning of now", by Peter Russell, Aquarian Press, 1992. 19. "Trajectories Newsletter spring 1991", ed., Robert Anton Wilson Permanent Press, San Jose, Cal. USA p. 17. "Right Where You Are Sitting Now", by Robert Anton Wilson, And/Or press, Berkeley, Cal, USA, 1982, pp.29. Website: Deoxyribonucleic hyperdimension: 20. "Pi in the Sky", by Michael Poynder-, Rider, 1992. 21. "Omega Point" and "Omega pointers", by Geoff Stray. Unpublished 22. "Star-seed - the third millennium", by Ken Carey, Harper, 1991 23. "Vital Signs", by Andy Thomas, SB Publications, Seaford, Sussex, 1998 shows photos of these formations.

Michael Glickman's website: 24. "Nothing In This Book Is True, But Its Exactly The Way Things Are", by Bob Frissell, Frog ltd., Berkeley, Cal. 1994. "The Montauk Project; experiments in time", Sky Books, Westbury New York, 1992. "l'he Philadelphia and Time-Travel Experiments of The Illuminati", by A1 Bielek and Vladimir-Terziski (120-minute video-tape); 'The American Academy of Dissident Sciences, May 1992. 25 .The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls; Chris Morton & Cheri Louise Thomas; Harper Collins; 1997

26. Gods of Eden; Andrew Collins; Headline; 1998 The Hall of the Gods; Nigel Appleby; William Heinemann; 1998 Website: Operation Hermes: 27. The Hall of the Gods; Nigel Appleby; William Heinemann; 1998 Website: Operation Hermes: 28. The Hall of the Gods; Nigel Appleby; William Heinemann; 1998 Website: Operation Hermes: (9 of 11)9/28/2005 11:07:14 AM


29. Needles of Stone; Tom Graves; Turnstone; 1978 (& Needles of Stone Revisited; Gothic Image,


Fingerprints of the Gods; Graham Hancock; William Heinemann; 1995; p.499 (Hancock says on

23/12/'2012 moon is 8 days old).

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Addendum 46. Website: SiLoam.Net: 47. Signs In The Sky, by Adrian Gilbert: Bantam Press, UK: 2000. Website: 48. Earth Under Fire – Humanity’s Survival of the Apocalypse, by Paul A. LaViolette; Starlane Publications, Alexandria, VA; USA; 1997. Website: Sphinx Stargate:

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What's New?
1.Jon King 2.Inca Prophecy 3.Cherokee Calendar 4.Phobos Fly-by: 2012 5.New Jerusalem Descent: 2012 6. Hunab Ku, Tuns & Baktuns in the Crops 7. Crop Circle Code Predicts Return of Nibiru 8. Mayan Prediction: a Dark Cloud... 9. Rennes-Le-Chateau /2012 Connection 10. Chaos Magick: Horus/Maat Aeons Fuse in 2012 11. 23,000-Year Ice-Collapse Cycle Ends in 2012 12. Dutch Sunspot Theory Decoded From Egyptian & Mayan Texts 13. Another Contactee Says 2012 Will Herald a Dimensional Shift 14. Mayan-Aztec Shaman Quetza-Sha on 2012 15. More on Return of Nibiru 16. David Rohl Dates Flood at 3113 BC (Start of Mayan Great Cycle) (1 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM

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17. Milankovitch Cycles 18. Sunspot Cycle Maximum Now Officially Moved forward - 2011 to 2012 19. Crop Circles - 12-Fold Progression to 2012? 20. Domain- New 2012 Fiction Thriller 21. Monument to the End of Time 22. Realm Border Wave 23. Cataclysm: 3114 BC 24. More on the Re-birth of Osiris 25.Great conjunction & the age of Aquarius 26.Period of Justification and...Whats New continued....items 27+...

1. Jon King. I spoke to Jon King (see item 15) on July 29th 2000, and he told me that, at the time he had his contact experiences, he had
NEVER HEARD anything about The Mayan Calendar, Terence McKenna, or 2012. That removes any possibility of subconscious interference, and makes this a third independent source on 2012. (I'm still trying to find out if Drosnin had any prior knowledge of 2012 before he got the relevant message in the Bible Code -see item 10).

2. Inca Prophecy. In her 1999 book, Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge - the Mystical World of the Q'ero Indians of Peru, Joan Parisi
Wilcox, who has been trained to the highest level of Q'ero priesthood, reveals the Q'ero Prohecy of spiritual evolution and a Golden Age. The prophecy is incorporated into a 16th century Catholic philosophy of 3 ages. These are the Age of The Father, the Age of The Son, and the Age of the Holy Spirit. The latter, which the Q'ero call Taripay Pacha, began in the period between August 1 1990 and August 1 1993, when the world underwent a cosmic (2 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM

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transmutation called a pachakuti. The Taripay Pacha is the period extending approximately from 1990/1993 to 2012 during which mankind will spiritually evolve - it is the "Age of Meeting ourselves Again", when time will end. The book covers Andean shamanism including the "engaging of the energy body".

3. Cherokee Calendar. In her 2000 book, The Cherokee Sacred Calendar - A Handbook of the Ancient Native American Tradition,
Raven Hail (a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma) describes a calendar system which seems to be a cross between the Aztec and Mayan sacred calendars. It is a 260-day wheel, with 20 day signs, which have names very similar to the Aztec. However, they use a numerical notation identical to the Mayan notation. The ephemeris for finding your sacred calendar birthday is comparable to that given by Bruce Scofield in his book Day Signs, about the Aztec system, and both of these correlate to the True Count. Hail says that a World, or Sun was approximately 5,200 years (in the Long Count of the Maya, the Great cycle lasts 5,200 Tuns, or 360-day years, which is about 5,125 years; the Aztecs didn't have a Long Count, but only a concept of Suns, of which the current is the 5th, but with varying accounts of how long the Suns were). Hail says that previous Worlds/Suns have ended in cataclysm, and this one, which is the Sun of Heron (=Sun of Movement in the Aztec) will end in earthquake, but nobody knows when. However, the ephemeris, like Scofield's, lists the day-signs for the first day of each 13-day period from Jan 11 1900, but where Scofield's ends on December 20, 2000, Hail's ephemeris goes on to December 18, 2012, and then lists the day 3 days later, as 4 Flower - December 21 2012, where the ephemeris ends.

4. Phobos Fly-by of Earth: 2012
news flash: In an article by James van der Worp about the fly-by of Mars by comet 76P, on June 5 2000, evidence was presented that the orbit of Phobos was affected, resulting in it being shunted towards Earth's orbit, on a collision course, with a projected impact time around September 12 2000! An internet discussion ensued between van der Worp and Glen Deen, involving complex astro-physics calculations, and Deen came to the following conclusion: "My low-precision orbit model gave Earth impact of Phobos on September 18, 2012 with an escape velocity of 3.99731 km/s...." UPDATE: September 2000 update Updates (30th June 2002): 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6 (Glenn Deen
comet 75P Kohoutek - he doesn't say how that effects his impact prediction!) now says if Phobos is missing, it would have happened on July 2 2001, caused by

5. New Jerusalem Cube Descends in 2012 (3 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM

then it explodes when the juice is turned on. a cube of side 1500 miles (12. a Dutch Crop Circle researcher. On each equinox. the ecliptic. has brought out a book called Crop Circles. during the late 1800s. and. The 20-year period ending on Winter solstice 2012 is the "eschatological moment when the New Jerusalem descends to Earth". and the "planetary equinox axis". as described in the Revelation to St. it will start to fragment over the 10 years to 2012. like the throne of Osiris. the galactic. according to Zecharia Sitchin's translations of cuneiform tablets from Sumeria. when they are perfectly aligned. "New Jerusalem then becomes the unitary model which allows the earth cube and the solar hyper-cube to nest within the higher dimensional flow coming from galactic central. in which the kabbalistic tree of life is "projected onto the Celestial sphere". It will connect celestial & terrestrial grids allowing 4 D existence. returns to our solar system every 3. a virtually eternal reality constructed from mind mirroring matter with its own light".diagnosis2012. The code gives hints about Nibiru.Latest Info Vincent Bridges. The method is combined with the Enochian magical system devised by Sir John Dee in Elizabethan times. a technique developed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Tuns &Baktuns in the Crops Click here for link 7. Success would mean. co-author of A Monument to the End of Time. an Earth cube is formed. The process must be aided by a ceremony every equinox. Both of these have geometrical connections to these nesting cubes. John (which does describe it as a cube. and the sparks are popping all over the planet".21:16). Gods and Their but by my reckoning. concluding that the Cross at Hendaye encodes information on the formation of a "cube of space" over the 20-year period between 1992 * and 2012. and houses the "gods" who cross-bred our http://www.000 stadia . if it is wired wrong or not at all. has continued his research. The mid-point in the alignment of these cubes. This is formed by the alignment of 3 axes.but they have confirmed to me that this page is flawed. Hunab Ku. The results of a failure would be "dire".uk/new.600 years. in which he analyses crop formations and discovers a kabbalistic code. (item 37). The current is already running. "The New Jerusalem Cube is the switch box.Rev. when it will start crystallising. to follow the analogy. (see Whats New 21 below) .htm (4 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM . the planet on a huge elliptical orbit. in other words. If not. since they agree that the last katun started in April 1993. and aligns with the Heaven cube every 13. It would mediate the centropic to entropic collapse of light into matter by stabilizing the oscillation between 3 and 4 D. described as the "Gnosis Gnomon". will be on the autumnal equinox of 2002.000 years. More here. and this date is quoted by Weidner & Bridges in their book on page 173. which rotates with precession. The "Enochian transformer cube" must be resonant by 2002. which. Crop Circle Code Predicts Return of Nibiru Robert Boerman. 6. *Jose Arguelles gives "1992" as the start of the final katun in the last Baktun of the Great Cycle.

but when it does. Rennes is linked to the crystal skulls and the 4 major temples worldwide.Message de Dominic http://www.diagnosis2012. or see Boerman's book page (updated). See also What's New No. These have been of some irritation to the regulars. At the Latinola site. there is a report of the recent announcement by the Mayan elder. The skulls can only be activated by the bloodline. which includes the following: "... which is 3-6-0-0 when written in the sexagesimal Sumerian system). Don Alejandro Cirilo Pérez Oxlaj. there are a series of cryptic posts connecting Rennes-Le-Chateau with the 2012/end of Mayan Long Count scenario. to conclude that Nibiru is due to return in 2012. she may not be strong enough to survive the effects. Earthquakes.15 below. 20.the ring of authority is with me and the bloodline can link up to me at : the time for the Truth is now here Dominic( THE EYE OF hORUS) 10/12/00 . and has taken up some clues left by Alan Alford. Mother Earth will pass inside the center of a magnetic axis and that it may be darkened with a great cloud for 60 to 70 hours and that because of environmental degradation. which support the return of Nibiru in 2012. there will be great and serious events.the length of a zodiacal age . the axis mundi shift around 2012 will create great deal of solar disorder and deaths and change the electromagnetic field to the positive. Rennes-Le -Chateau/2012 Connection? On the Rennes-Le-Chateau website. We hope his message resonates with people of all faiths and beliefs." Don Alejandro has been sent as a messenger from a council of elders to warn the world that we must change the way we live and take care of Earth.htm (5 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM . volcanic eruptions and great illness on the planet Earth.Latest Info ancestors by genetic engineering. 8. Few survivors will be left. examples: 10/09/00 . maremotos (tsunamis). floods. There are 4 other sites apart from Boerman's. accessible from Beyond 2012 page 3.Message de DOMINIC dear all. The roiperdu (lost king) is looking for the nautonnier (helmsman). in Gods of the New Millennium ( such as the amazing fact that 2160 . Mayan Prediction: a Dark Cloud.. since the Rennes mystery revolves around unsolved cryptic" 9..on Dec. Boerman was constantly finding precessional numbers in his analysis of crop formations. "It will enter another age. the ring to authoroty which has pillar plus a snake around it also 2 more pillars and the cross of templars this is linked to 64/63 inverse .. I have written a more detailed review (updated) in SC issue 93 (Nov/Dec 2000)..

htm 10.inverse and the Eye of darkness. & Arguelles. Nema.Latest Info dear pomponet. Chaos Magick: Horus/Maat Aeons Fuse in 2012 On the Mutation Parlour to conclude that the Return of Quetzalcoatl will be the activation and rising of the Kundalini. Orryelle has formed a microcosmic "13th tribe" of Rainbow Warriors. McKenna. and gnosis is obtained through the archetypal sound .the clandestine mysteries. html These sites may throw some light on the matter: http://www. less64 /63 inverse. " Activating group kundalini at each of Gaia's chakras via these weavings. Achad.the chakras of and awakening of collective consciousness for humanity.earthpulse. As soon as the truth is spoken people start to ridicule the truth through ignorance .htm (6 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM .on Harmonics82@hotmail.The Precession of the Equinoxes due 2012. will help to resonate humanity's awakening Groupmind with the intense awakening of these Great Serpents. Orryelle Bascule connects Chaos Magick and Maat Magick of Grant. the job of the person of authority is to activate them. and also activation of Gaia's kundalini . Aion & Carroll to the work of Jenkins.html 64/63. or Rainbow Warriors.aquarius-atlanta. the Ida and Pingala of Gaia's kundalini". to perform a series of rites -"the 13th Tribe Weaving".Ineed to link up to the family. best Dominic If you want more.has now been activated. and was created for this particular time linked to the 4 major pyramids. plus the Hopi Indian prophecy of the "13th Tribe". will create massive solar disorder and many deaths. from a variety of nationalities. the rennes le chateau is linked to Gnosis .The Great mystery is only known by the few for the good of the The crystal skulls are part of the pyramidion. involving "chakra-piercing".htm http://www. they're on http://www. progressively towards 2012.the sepentine energy lines which connect earth's sacred sites .rennes-le-chateau. People of intelligence will understand 64/63 inverse.rennes-le-chateau. and is explained in his Liber XIII. This is explained in his Zuvuya Hope to hear from someone who understands what Iam saying . Raissa I Dominic would like to discuss your theories on Rennnes.

640 BC).400 13. concludes that the earth was hit 9.000 years.500-12. by 7 comet fragments.diagnosis2012.983 12. at 12. Religious symbology from Egypt and the Bible are used in support of the theory. suggests that crustal displacement / the flood was triggered by comet or asteroid impact). called The Celestial Clock.200 11.500 Years BC 14. Summary. Allan & Delair concluded that the flood was caused by the close fly-by of a large planetoid.500 BC) (item 43).see item 48. since ice cores have now shown Antarctica to have been fully glaciated for much longer. which are a result of increased heat and carbon dioxide. This differs by about 1. Hancock no longer suggests Antarctica as the former Atlantis.500-14. 23. claims that and that this was the date of Noah's flood. with severe earthquakes and there is a major polar axis shift. which is part of a 23. but Collins' own conclusion in his book Gateway to Atlantis. according to Graham Hancock puts the flood (caused by crustal displacement) at 14. which is a scholarly attempt to date Noah's flood.000-year "dominant ice volume collapse cycle". The earth goes through warming and cooling cycles.600 . However.640 years ago (=7. is that the comet impact occurred 10.200 13. Paul LaViolette. but independent from Man. Flood Theorist Hapgood Braden Sitchin Alford LaViolette Hancock http://www. (item 27) however.700 years ago. and in The Mars Mystery. resulting in friction between magma and Earth's crust.600-10. Gaspar.500 years ago!! (American edition: Cataclysm! Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9. and find a plausible agent which may have caused it. the massive amount of geological evidence which they supplied leads to the conclusion that the flood occurred 11.983 10. with his Galactic Superwave theory in Earth Under Fire.000 10. and by 1.500 BC (though.700 10.500 BC to 12. whereas Hancock himself goes for 10.000-Year Ice-Collapse Cycle Ends in 2012 A book by Dr. Uriel's Machine. Hapgood's model. producing the heat & gas. 500 BC.500 and 23.500 BC). The "Black Hole" at the centre of the galaxy exerts a cyclic gravitational pull. Andrew Collins has criticized Knight & Lomas.500 years ago (8. they don't suppose it to be on its way round an elliptical orbit.700 years from geologist Gregg Braden's Magnetic Reversal theory in Awakening to Zero Point -see item 32. William A.8.htm (7 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM Years Ago 16.200 years from the estimate of astro-physicist Dr. causing massive tidal waves. but to have continued onwards to collide with the Sun. and that every 11. by Knight & Lomas. It is interesting that in Allan & Delair's book When The Earth Nearly Died.000 12.125-year Great Cycle of the Mayan Long Count represents a quarter of a "warming cycle".Latest Info 11.500 11. .700 12. Unlike Sitchin.500 . (claiming that they failed to reference him as one of their sources).

Using maths & astronomy. when we would transmute our 3D consciousness to become truly I'll let you know when the book's out.diagnosis2012.Latest Info Geryl & Ratinckx Allan & Delair Gaspar Collins Knight & Lomas 11. The phrase "Echan Deravy" kept recurring. and he began to chant in an unknown language. See Count down for the new Sun for a review by Jacques Groenen. maybe they've been influenced by Hancock (and Cotterell?). (Here's another page on the forthcoming book). the authors searched further up the Nile valley. but. which. pole shift/crustal displacement. Deravy is a Scotsman living in Canada.Prophecies From an Ancient Mayan & Egyptian Civilization for the Year 2012". called "The Orion Prophecy . Another Contactee Says 2012 Will Herald a Dimensional Shift.see 2012 Books page 13. who has read the Dutch edition.640 12. but the book seems only to be available in Japanese. to be published by David Hatcher Childress . since Atlantis "is buried under the South Pole". and now lectures on a wide range of subjects. they have "broken ancient codes in the Egypt & Maya legacy". http://www. Craig received a telepathic message leading him to a deserted beach where he witnessed another UFO.let's hope it is more convincing than his theory).500 8. called Merging Point. On May 16 1993 . Using the Orion/Giza correlation idea of Bauval. 972 The 2012 event sounds bad . THE BOOK IS DUE OUT IN OCTOBER 2001. to discover a sunspot cycle (a la Cotterell . galactic beings".792 9.500 10. and found the long lost Labyrinth. tidal waves.500 9. The show lasted half an hour and was also witnessed by his family.the anniversary of the contact event.500 11. who speaks fluent Japanese. from the blurb.600-10. including remote viewing. These are the archaeoastronomers who discovered the Labyrinth in Egypt. following on from Bauval's discoveries. He started writing a book with his wife (who is Japanese). and he eventually realized that this was to be his new name.500 7. which "detailed the acceleration of evolving consciousness to a point in 2012 AD.500 9.htm (8 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM .600-8. sounds like their location for the Hall of Records. Dutch Sunspot Theory Decoded From Egyptian & Mayan Texts Orion Prophecy : A new book is due out in 2001 by Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx. I have just found an article in the first edition of UFO Reality in which a UFO contactee called John Craig describes the appearance of a UFO following his cry for help on May 16 1992.640 9.earthquakes.

during the total eclipse over Mexico. Nunki." This information is to prepare "for the dimensional birth of a new race that comes from the Pleiades. It replicates itself ."it will leave us plasmated with the Milliennary knowledge of the new time". In Valis. Info 14. Mayan-Aztec Shaman Quetza-Sha on 2012.." PKD continued with: "The plasmate can crossbond with a human. 7 above. sexual energy.a return in 2012? (updated).diagnosis2012.Historical Chronology. a "sacred dimensional doorway of the equilibrium opened". Quetza-Sha explains in an interview. "The year 2012 is not the destruction of the planet but is the transformation of the spirit.htm (9 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM . creating what I call a homoplasmate. This annexes the mortal human permanently to the plasmate.. because it is a form of energy." The creation of new race is due to occur in 2012. that on 11/7/91. and this was the Return of Quetzalcoatl.." The process continues through 2024. This goes into more detail than I did in my review (updated) (also just added to Boerman's site) See What's New No. 16. P. called THE 12th PLANET ..not through information or in information . The Mayan-Aztec shaman. We know this as "birth from above" or "birth from the Spirit".net. (currently unavailable) was posted the following: "3113: Noah (the Babylonian's called him Utnapishtim) builds an Ark and overcomes the 'Great Flood' . This was the start of an information-download process. with a fifth dimensional transformation. David Rohl dates flood at 3113 BC (= start of Mayan Great Cycle) On a site called THE NEXUS . Dick's enigmatic terminology . the energy of your heart and your mind in all the dimensions that of our existence in the solar system. Dick defined plasmate as follows: "I term the immortal one a plasmate.but as it is living information.described by Bible: the Sumerian King list (made in 2125) records the following (according to David Rohl's New Chronology). produced this: http://www. which Quetza-Sha describes using Philip K." A search of David Rohl's site. to 2029 when humans transform to 5d. More on Return of Nibiru in 2012 Robert Boerman has just added a new essay to his site.

co. A date of around 3100 BC is therefore quite possible if we take into consideration these earlier sources. it is possible to argue for a terminus date for the Ubaid Period as low as 3100 BC . the ice caps melt. (from here) This provides an event which coincides with the start of the Mayan Great Cycle (& yet another flood date to add to those at No. It is also reassuring to note that the Mayan tradition places the Great Flood in Mesoamerica at precisely 3113 BC according to their recently deciphered calendar. of course. but Gaspar says it is truncated due to sudden axis shifts. which lies at the base of Gaspar's book. only precession is in the glacial mode. except that precession is given as 22. The basic climate cycle is. Legend: The Genesis of Civilisation) as being consistent with most of the textual sources and the limited archaeological dating evidence.000 years ago. 17. causing flooding and constant rain. (You thought precession was 2526. There is a good but simple explanation called Milankovitch Cycles and Glaciation. and is comprised of a 23.000-year cycles. (The 100. The Greek and Aramaic versions of the Old Testament (both of which are older than the earliest surviving Hebrew copy of the Bible) suggest that the Flood took place up to eight hundred years prior to the date calculable from the Massoretic (Hebrew) text (c.000-year "Eccentricity" cycle".000 years.diagnosis2012.Latest Info . 2300 BC) from which the Latin and English translations of the Old Testament derive.000-year PRECESSION cycle. This is on the Winter Solstice. At the peak of warming. " It turns out that the proximity of the 2 dates is a coincidence of the particular century we live in".. plus a 1-year cycle and a 21.000 years didn't you?) Because most of Earth's landmasses are in the Northern hemisphere. The Earth's orbit varies in eccentricity every 21. On the NOAA Palaeoclimatology Program site. We are currently at a warming peak of the same magnitude as that 115. again. a 41.S.. and on them you will find described a minimum of 3 long-term cycles which affect the climate..000-year cycle.htm (10 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM . when tilted away from the sun. related to the changing magnetic field of the sun. which describes a 100. Naval Observatory site. and it just so happens that perihelion (closest orbital point to the Sun) is currently very close to Winter Solstice.11 above). There are several websites which give a clear summary of the Milankovitch theory. known as the Early Dynastic Period.000-year cycle plus an 18. shows a peak 115. leading to SUDDEN cooling and glaciation. The 41.000-year variation of obliquity (tilt) cycle is also clearly visible. and found it enjoyable. As a result.000 year cycle modifies the 21. In the same way that we can shorten the archaeological ages. This is caused by the 23. there are no clear archaeological dating criteria. may also have been shorter than is conventionally believed because. the yearly cycle of the seasons.000 years. "At present. the combined effects of the 3 varying cycles can trigger glaciation: "At times when Northern Hemisphere summers are coolest (farthest from the Sun due to precession and greatest orbital eccentricity) and winters are warmest (minimum tilt).4 degree tilt of the Earth's axis.000 year cycle.) I haven't yet found the explanation on the internet for the shorter precession cycle. snow can accumulate on and cover broad areas of northern America and Europe. Gaspar's graph of global warming. and on one day each year. which is made up of 5 x 23.000-year "Axis Tilt" cycle. which washes the CO2 out of the atmosphere into the sea.a date which I have put forward (in my book. the Northern hemisphere is at its coldest.000 years ago. preceding the http://www. and a succeeding historical era. is a similar explanation. bringing them down towards the present. with tilt and eccentricity not favorable to glaciation". Milankovitch Cycle I have just read Gaspar's "The Celestial Clock" (see 11 above). though it's written in Hungarian English." However. A more thorough explanation is given on the U. scholars have argued that the biblical date of the Flood can be set back to an earlier period than suggested by a cursory reading of the Genesis narrative. taken from ice core studies. and mentions the 3 cycles above.000 year one.

that. and the 11-year sunspot maximum .htm (11 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM .edu/ClimateChangePrediction/ImminentClimateChg2000. and every time I try & download it. would occur in 2000 (Mar-April). This sequence started in 1989. 19.pdf 18.a shift of the solar warped neutral sheet). a recent post on the NASA website (15/2/2001) says that the sun's pole had just then something is trying to tell us about the year 2012". and therefore. Crop Circles . is exactly divisible by the 5. and connected to the end of the Mayan Great Cycle. There are several sites which state this.Latest Info onset of the last ice age! The 41. such as Space.125-year Mayan Great Cycle which ends in 2012! I have just found a paper by E.wcp. It sounds good. If you accept that these circles are not all man made. The sequence is a twelvefold geometrical progression. the next peak would be in 2011.Njau of the University of clockwork. However. or George C. Graphing Sunspot Cycles. so beware. and Earth Changes TV webmaster. but I don't agree . This transition happens. http://www. as far as we know. according to most authorities. Timo Niroma has produced a massive essay on Sunspot Cycles and Supercycles and Their Tentative Causes. This therefore points to the year 2012. This is a run up the scale therefore after the year 2000 it will have to run down the scale to one to create a greater symmetry.2000 to 2001 and 2011 to 2012!! Kev Peacock's Geomagnetic Reversal theory (item 42) was not like Cotterell's prediction of a long-term sunspot cycle (item 3) (.co.diagnosis2012.muohio. Thus year twelve is in the year 2000. Marshall Institute. until the year 2012 when they will reverse again. For more I get half.C. to predict an imminent climate change between 1997 and 2012!! It is on Adobe Acrobat software.for example. at the peak of every 11-year sunspot cycle -. then my computer crashes. says Peacock." This had actually been predicted in 1998 by Peter Jakubowski. but it is at http://allusions. which studies global warming and Milankovitch cycles. has concluded in Feb 2000. The peak of the sunspot cycle which was active through the nineties. Sunspot Cycle Maximum: Now officially moved forward . and "The Sun's magnetic poles will remain as they are now. "The crop circles are running through a numerical sequence on an annual basis. since the cycle was "running almost three times higher then NASA's own prediction". but by this theory. but a coincidence of other cycles (eclipses plus the North Pole being close to the Sun). Mitch Battros.12 fold progression to 2012? John Haddington has noticed a pattern in the crop circle phenomenon.000 year cycle. 1998 was the first year of 7-fold geometry. the change in the cycle indicates the existence of a "Mega-cycle" terminating in 2012.all due in summer 2011. 98 corresponds to 10. which is clearly visible in ice core studies. with the north magnetic pole pointing through the Sun's southern hemisphere.

an enigmatic alchemist called Fulcanelli published a book called "Le Mystere des Cathedrales". which differs from the other suggested happenings so far discussed on this site. For info on the correlation problem. I have predicted 13-fold geometry for 2001. where geologists say a huge asteroid impacted the Earth 65 million years ago. when the portal will open . the Dark Rift of the Milky Way. NOT next to it (Orion is at the Silver Gate of Gemini. activating something buried in Chixculub crater.for me anyway!) Mermer-m-mer-mer! UPDATE: 13 did appear in the fields at the end of the 2001 season see Sixth Sun Crop Formation 20.and the end-point from Jenkins .an engraved pedestal with a pillar http://www. is at the other end of the Milky Way from Orion.see item 47). On Autumn equinox 2012. The Giza Domain . a few errors. The True Count (584283) started on 11th August 3114 BC (= "-3113").New 2012 Fiction Thriller Steve Alten has just released a novel called DOMAIN (January 2001). (see No. see Jenkins' article. to stop a portal from opening. A Monument to the End of Time. the 584285 and 584283 correlations are confused. the Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza. as a modern One Hunahpu tries to thwart the evil plan of the Lord of Xibalba. and included an extra chapter on the significance of a monument in the town of Hendaye in the Pyrenees.000 years. the Dark Rift and Galactic Centre are at the Golden Gate of Sagittarius . John Major Jenkins' Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. Then the Mayan mythology of the Popol Vuh comes to on 13th August 3114 BC and ends on 23rd December 2012. Monument to the End of Time At last.htm (12 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM . a second edition appeared. which explains how Gothic cathedrals have hermetic and alchemical secrets encoded into their architecture and sculptures. (Xibalba Be). the other popular correlation . and Angkor Temple in Cambodia are all located at "integral points along the Earth's natural power grid".6 above) & if it happens. The confusion is due to using the start date from Hancock 13th Aug 3114 BC . and ends on 21st December 2012. 21. and all not only give clues about 2012. For instance.diagnosis2012. There are. Also. but are designed to link up at that time. Stonehenge. and which I read in a day and a half. particularly in "Professor Gabriel's journal".Latest Info But then he did post this theory in 1996.21st December 2012. which I would recommend. a signal is beamed from Orion to Earth. The monument . This is a great read. wiping out the dinosaurs. however. racing to save humanity from destruction on Winter Solstice. In 1957.584285 . In 1926. The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan. or Mystery of the Cathedrals. so am now able to include the summary promised back at item 37. I have managed to get hold of a copy of Weidner & Bridges' book. yet has obviously resulted from reading Graham Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods. which presents a scenario for Winter Solstice 2012. In any case. as the shadow snake ascends the Pyramid of Kukulcan. that will confirm a 2012 connection (.for the first time in 26. See Steve's website for more details on DOMAIN. and Erich Von Daniken's Arrival of the Gods.

as suggested by the work of Itzhak Bentov (Bentov explains in Stalking the wild Pendulum p. The two "x" engravings refer to the winding of the ecliptic and the equinoctial points. 12.Gold.000-year cycle of precession. and. correlates to the direction of Galactic centre. the autumn (fall) equinox will be in the same position. If autumn equinox 2002 is the mid-point of a 20-year period (the XX engraving implies this). judgement. or Earth's rotational axis ( Moira Timms has already pointed this out see Raising the Djed).8 Hz. The 4 ages .33-36 & 54-56 that in meditative states. in the form of a galactic core explosion. The inner transmutation is the refining of the psycho-sexual energies and fluids. but they concluded that the place of refuge may be either the caves at Cusco. The "ocruxaves pesunica" engraving means "the secret concerns a cross and a snake which somehow measures the 12th part". allowing the whole body to resonate at the same frequency as the earth . or the legendary tunnels under the Andes.Latest Info and engraved cross .was built around 1680. the breathing is so gentle that it no longer interferes with the feedback of the aorta. to become a soul inhabiting a star. Sadly. and finally. pole shifts.diagnosis2012. and Judgement. with the Fall occurring when the Tree (the celestial axis. this may imply the last katun of the Mayan "Great Cycle"(13-Baktun cycle).0)*.uk/new. This is the point when the "sparks of light" . with increasing persecution of heretics. the grail romances. and re-exposed the fact that behind alchemy lies a triple transmutation . Islaam (the Sufis). which he already tentatively linked to the 2012 end-point (see item 48). plus trump 20. Trump 14. The first effects would be "electromagnetic shifts.return to the source..7. the Rosicrucian movement. The authors have traced the alchemical thread back to Egypt. Peru. Silver. The 4 engravings on the pedestal are found to refer to the 4 tarot trumps. the Cusco. occurs when the Tree points towards the centre of the galaxy. The Moon. the third is the same transmutation applied to the whole Earth. changing the Age of Iron to the Age of Gold.crustal torque. When combined. since this is the nearest autumn equinox to the katun mid-point (12 Feb 2003. the Gnostics. the Hebrews. to the first Gnostic groups. and Hail to the Cross at Urcos.our souls as fragments of God . The thread is traced from ancient Egypt to the Coptic Church. in 2002. the authors arrived at 2 anagrams: Inca cave. tidal waves and high winds". the original cross had been destroyed. but a nearby town called Urcos with a cross. the authors conclude that half a precessional cycle ago.htm (13 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM . whose 22 paths correlate to the 22 tarot trumps). points away from the centre of the galaxy.960 years later.. "Resurrection"or "redemption". the engraving of cathedrals. Long Count date 12. the Order of Sion. and you can find pictures of it at item 37. The Star. the spring equinox fell on the cusp of Leo/Virgo. Fulcanelli also said that the inscription "ocruxaves pesunica" revealed a place of refuge.10. the outer is using the inner change to transmute physical states. these clues (along with clues from the kabbalistic Tree of Life. We shall thus be ready to be "harvested". allowing the system to become resonant. The authors were again amazed to find not only caves at Cusco. and the Knights Templar. while trump 21. correlates to the opposing Galactic edge. the tarot.0. like the pharaohs of Egypt (see Star Birth Bardo in the Body of Orion). The authors suggest that we should learn to "weave" our "Bardo or transitional body into nicely fractal flows of self-awareness" simply by meditating on compassion. The planetary attributions of the tarot trumps. combined with the orientation of the faces of the monument confirms that 22 September 2002 is the date in question. The Sun. is a thorough exposition of the hidden meaning encoded into this Hendaye Cross. if someone finds an entrance. Monument to the End of Time. triggering a cerebro-chemical outpouring which fuels an internal light that externalizes as "the shining light or star body of imperishable http://www.inner. temperance (Alchemy). the second catastrophe would be "an explosion of the sun's corona caused by the influx of cosmic dust pushed by the galactic superwave". By clues from Fulcanelli.19. How this is affected by the increasing rate of Schumann resonance (item 32) remains to be researched). outer and time. The pillar is the Djed. The authors were stunned to discover that Paul LaViolette has been warning the world of just such a double catastrophe. or earth's rotational axis). The Paris Papyrus gives some clues that the transformational process may be triggered by the light from the glow of the exploding galactic centre. Bronze and Iron relate to the 26. Fulcanelli implies that the cross at Hendaye signifies a "fatal period" of a "double catastrophe".

htm (14 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM . 22. not only did Stonehenge phase 1 appear. to feed on the soul energy created by fear.100 BC. while the Maya. This sounds very similar to Ken Carey's scenario . which may seem to last forever. (although in some places it says it could be as late as 2018). Sharon Rose. Those who fail to make the transition will have to repeat the whole 309. The wave will arrive between now and 2012. has pointed out that around 3100 BC. and in the section of the site called The Wave.Latest Info quality". and Jay Weidner's site Sacred Mysteries . which resulted in a "sulphate deposit" in the Greenland ice cores. in a third area of the world.see Beyond 2012 item 22. Dynastic Egypt was also founded at this time. which appears as a single body. and there is evidence of flooding in Mesopotamia. in which the kabbalistic tree of life is "projected onto the Celestial sphere". Every time the comets come. it is explained how there are a cluster of comets on a 3. 3 immense ships are also coming from the direction of Orion. Stennes Stones in the Orkneys. and this date is quoted by Weidner & Bridges in their book on page 173. Riding on this wave is a colossal fleet of spaceships. dated the beginning of their Long Count Calendar from 3114 BC.but they have confirmed to me that this page is flawed. you may find your mouth has dropped open. Realm Border Wave The channelled information on the Cassiopaea website UPDATED is impressive and jaw slackening . since they agree that the last katun started in April 1993. timing depends on whether it is speeded up by scientific projects currently underway. and the Dead Sea in Israel. Cassiopaea UPDATED The Wave index UPDATED 23.Sangraal School of Sacred Geometry. This implies volcanic eruption or comet impact. but also the great stone circles of Castlerigg in orbit. for the sole reason that there is http://www.400 years from Plato's 9. Cataclysm: 3114 BC David Furlong. such as a shift of the "magnetic axis". Vincent Bridges' site Vincent Bridges. each carrying 12 million Nephilim! The Cassiopaeans and Pleiadians are helping us to prepare for this shift. the Navajo Country of America and a rise in sea level on the coast of Brittany.diagnosis2012.yes. (see Whats New 5 above) . plus the sudden drying up of the Sahara area. called the Piora oscillation. while the building of long barrows ceased at this time.000 years. (12 precessional cycles) and will merge this "3rd density" with the next one up . and Newgrange in Ireland.500 BC to 3. (these "scientific projects" sound similar to the Philadelphia experiment). There will be physical side-effects of the wave. and the ozone depletion which is already occurring. Those who successfully make the transition will merge with all other densities of their being for a short moment. This is a Realm Border Crossing. The Cassiopaeans are 6th density Right behind the comet cluster is a "Realm Border Wave" which returns every 309. More info. and those of his partner.the 4th density. a technique developed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (see Whats New 5 above and related essay. (He then goes on to connect these events to the sinking of Atlantis. The Annunaki are from Zeta Reticuli. at Ray Flowers' site . bringing the proposed date forward 6. The authors suggest that we need to prepare by performing a ceremony every equinox.Jay Weidner's articles can now be found here. author of Keys to The Temple. *Jose Arguelles gives "1992" as the start of the final katun in the last Baktun of the Great Cycle. here. Geo-climatologists have found a climatic change around this the Annunaki arrive just beforehand.000-year 3d Earth cycle.

) Click here for the whole article.. More on the Re-birth of Osiris. Comet Oljato's trajectory was virtually the same as that of Encke about 9. by Mike Baillie. and it is likely that you would have amazing auroral dispalys and coloured streamers. http://www.Oljato.Catastrophic Encounters With Comets.. He goes on to make the "outrageous suggestion" that the meteorites responsible were the Taurids. Phaethon. Niroma suggests that a "huge meteorite swarm".100 BC.the later phases included ritual uses (some of the 56 Aubrey holes were redug.. Quetzalcoatl. Typhon.htm (15 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM . plus several of the events spotted by David Furlong above. Niroma points out that Stonehenge phase 1 was purely astronomical .you mean like Quetzalcoatl the Central American sky serpent with his feather arrangement represented as flames of fire?" There is also accumulated evidence that a comet this close would produce an AUDIBLE HISSING SOUND!! Remember. the appearance of the coastal menhirs in Brittany. He has also written an exclusive summary. in paricular. The path of Encke has been tracked back to an earth intersection about 5000 years ago. at item 46. caused tsunamis and an atmospheric dust blanket. later. possibly from the "break-up of a great comet in the inner parts of the solar system".. Timo Niroma." Baillie replied. or above for a different version. has independently observed that around 3. of Helsinki. Merlin. Finland on his website Evidence for Astronomical Aspects of Mankind's Past and Recent Climate. Rush Allen has supplied a much improved image. he replied. have comet connections.. particles from the comet would spiral down the lines of force.. Comet Encke. and even Jesus. 24. though. When Baillie asked atmospheric physicist Gerry McCormac what would happen if a comet approached very close to Earth.. especially for 2012: Dire Gnosis.Latest Info no evidence of emerging cultures from Atlantean survivors in the interim. a cold time according to bristlecone pines. taking into account history and mythology. Quetzalcoatl promised to return one day.500 BC. Gods and demi-gods such as Lug. "If it came within the Earth's magnetosphere it would probably be spectacular. and in fact. Gabriel.the sky would go purple or years ago. there was a methane peak (fires). The third fragment is what rained on earth in 3114 BC. which is associated with the Taurids.Exodus to Arthur . and establishes correlations between tree-ring anomalies and comets.the wave of stone circle building was to study the celestial phenomena and try to predict repetitions. 2 small craters have been discovered from this period. Baillie is a dendro-chronologist (tree-ring/climate studies). Comets are repeatedly referred to as flaming serpents and dragons throughout history. into 3 main fragments .diagnosis2012. Swift-Tuttle and another. The final suggestion is that a comet/asteroid 100 km across disintegrated in 9. Michael. that like Jesus.. which has replaced the previous one." Oh. it seems a more likely candidate than Encke for the 3100 BC episode.. Support for this connection between Long Count and Comets comes from a book I read recently . at the time he left. to receive human cremations) ..

it is also the "Gateway of Women. This is the "Gateway of Gods. To cross the "Gateway of Gods" we must be born again of the Cosmic Mother. Giza shows Orion's belt as a specific location in the heavens. because the center of the galaxy is between Scorpio-Sagittarius-Aquila-Ophiuchus. the dominions of kings are achieved by accomplishment. the sons would expect a "handout" to achieve the dominion of First Father. In other words. and the goal of getting sons to become fathers (boys to men) is defined by the separation from That is the Horus of Two Horizons. it is difficult to teach the process of rebirth. The largest "visible object" is the outline of the stars we call the Milky it is necessary to expand one's view to include all the visible universe. This location shows a man pulling a "reborn man-child" from below to above the galactic plane. and thus. that horizon has been a "visible cosmos" perspective. From the earthbound perspective. the Kingdom of Heaven is all that which is before the face. This location is where the man overcomes the bull and rises above the galactic horizon as the "Great Shepherd.Latest Info "To understand the Horizon of the King of Kings." This is the Gateway of Men." To cross Gateway of Men. Clearly. the Gateway of Women is called the Gateway of Gods. If it were called the Gateway of Women. not be accepting handouts. Opposite Orion is Scorpio-Aquila-Sagittarius-Ophiuchus. http://www." Since women are defined by intuition and darkness. The Gateway of Gods is at the vessel of the Holy Grail. we have to take responsibility for the past (Taurus-Perseus-Auriga-Orion).htm (16 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM .

and they didn't have computers like ours!" I have just found that Barbara Hand Clow. Since the Great Year is made up of 4 Great Seasons. ".. In 2012. so they are all a year out. I asked Audrey. since the May 2000 conjunction was a situation where just Earth and Pluto were on their side of the Sun. All the above calculations forget about the lack of a Year Zero in our calendar. but she dates it at 4. but on the Spring Equinox. The dire consequences of 2012 are that we will become responsible for ourselves. in her new book. This results in a Dawning of Aquarius in the year 25. which confuse the issue (for a non-astrologer).you don't mention the Maya . by working forward in 2. This was not obvious on the chart displayed at item 39. and represented a great Autumn Equinox. She first ascertained that the transition between the Age of Gemini and the Age of Taurus was in 4. the truth about Rostau has been forgotten.958 BC to work forward to the Fall (Autumn) Equinox on the same cusp.Latest Info The Egyptian ideas regarding the rebirth (reincarnation) of Osiris are well known. since Skyglobe revealed that Earth and Jupiter will be the only planets on their side of the Sun. each Zodiacal Age lasts 2. plus Skyglobe software.160 years). or did you deduce it independently?" She replied. Audrey calls Winter Solstice 2012 the Great Conjunction. This will occur when the sun is at it highest above the belt of Orion." Rush Allen's website: SiLoaM. but I did arrive at that date independently using Sky Globe computer software.468 BC. which is 12 years before Audrey's it the Mayan Long Count end-date that led you to 2012 as the dawning of Aquarius. This is quite significant. "Yes the dating for the beginning of the Age of Aquarius is the same as the Mayan forecast.. it followed that the Great Winter Solstice would be on Winter Solstice 2012.. Great Conjunction and Age of Aquarius On a site called Audrey's Ancient Egypt.htm (17 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM . and the Gemini-Taurus junction was exactly a quarter of a Great Year ago. to work out that the Age of Aquarius starts on December 21 2012 AD. Weidner & Bridges used the Spring Equinox on the cusp of Leo/Virgo in 10. has also used the Narmer Palette to deduce the date of the Gemini-Taurus transition. Xibalba) will be overcome and the Man-Child (Perseus-Mithras) will take personal responsibility. http://www. Audrey Fletcher explains how she used the Narmer Palette from the First Dynasty. then. half a precessional cycle later in 2002 (see Whats New 21 above). the Bull (Taurus) of the underworld (Egypt. It just goes to show how clever those Mayans were . (since in a Platonic Great Year of 25.480 BC. and the sun is at its lowest above the Cosmic Womb. since there are other nodal points shown. But. again. she found that the age of Aquarius will start in Catastrophobia.160-year jumps. 920

before the advent of a new consciousness occurred for humanity. The Doorway stays open for 20 years from 11 Jan 1992 to November 2011. he was "zapped by the Michael energy" in a similar manner to the 2012: Dire Gnosis image on the index page of this site.see Whats New 21 above. in the Long Count correlation used by Carl Calleman. However. during which worldwide meditations were performed to open a Doorway. Click here for an extract of Robert Gilson's experience. "in order to make the shift gently. STOP PRESS! (Septemer 23 2001). Although there is no direct connection. in Phoenix. since they agree that the last katun started in April 2012. and therefore the last katun in the 5.0.0.but they have confirmed to me that this page is flawed. & the first is the healing of the Heart. to prepare to receive the new energy. Weidner & Bridges found this marked on the Cross at Hendaye .uk/new. that there was to be a period of justification lasting 20 years. Arizona. Robert was informed intuitively. Period of Justification Robert Gilson has described an experience in January 1992. not December 21st 2012. (see Whats New 5 & Whats New 21 above) . of course. after which it seems to expand. the Long Count ends on October 28th 2011. During this time. The 5th April 1993 was 12. Twenty years from 1992 is.0 in the Mayan Long Count.125-year cycle. this happened at the same time as the 11:11 events.diagnosis2012. In Calleman's sytem..Latest Info 26.htm (18 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM . in which. but Robert knew nothing of the significance of 2012 at the time. In a state of heightened awareness. 1992. The Doorway consists of 11 gates. the final katun begins on February 10th. Jose Arguelles gives "1992" as the start of the final katun in the last Baktun of the Great Cycle. http://www. and this date is quoted by Weidner & Bridges in their book on page 173.. (or"get our hearts in order"). after attending a week-long intensive course for spiritual growth. people should start to sort out all their personal issues and emotional problems. rather than in a mad panic".19.

Latest Info http://www.htm (19 of 19)9/28/2005 11:07:57 AM .uk/

Giza-Genesis: The Best Kept Secrets 2 What's New? 27.Whats New .co. Sunspots + Schumann Resonance = Mass Telepathy in 2012 36. Mayan Daykeeper Reveals Nibiru knowledge 42. Astral Transition Essay Vindicated by Non-Human ? 38. Profiles in Wisdom and Legend of the Rainbow Warriors 32. Kalachakra Prophecy 29.Review http://www. 2012 Meets The Holographic Universe 33. The Orion Prophecy . Awakening to the Omega Point 43. The Orion Prophecy .Now in Print Full Review 40. Kalki .htm (1 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . New 2012 Poem: CDP 2012 37. 2012 .Critical Mass of Enlightened Ones by 2012 41. Romanian Fortune Teller 31. DMT: The Spirit Molecule . Shift of the Ages 28. Sixth Sun Crop Formation 39.The Mayan Prophecy 35.

and is available to read online at the Ascension 2000 Bruce Cathie. sacred geometry.. Maori Elders on 2012 51.. and much more. covering many subjects. The Shift of the Ages is an attempt to find the science and philosophy behind the Mayan 13-baktun cycle. and forms an introduction to the more scientifically orientated follow-up.Whats New cont'd. THIS ARTICLE AND BOOK ARE NOW OUT OF DATE! Wilcock's website. Mushrooms Reveal 2012. and the true termination point will be 2039.. "Now I know that the 2012 date fits in much better.diagnosis2012. Self-Transforming Machine Elves 50. following Maurice Chatelain's reinterpretation of the Mayan Calendar.again! 45. Superstring theory. items 53+ 27." The Shift of the Ages is certainly worth checking out. which was based on the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn.Laurence Lucas 46. such as Earth changes. using Cotterell's sunspot theory as a key part of the puzzle. Ascension 2000 now states its objective...htm (2 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . The 21st Century Book of the 2 44. to scientifically prove that "a dimensional shift is to occur on Earth on or before 2012". which is being uploaded as it is 2011 49. or an article on the Great Dreams site (All About 2012 page) in which David Wilcock concludes that the 2012 end-date of the Mayan Great Cycle is fraudulent. but as he explained to me. Laurence Lucas Part 2: Information Overload 48. the Philadelphia Experiment. Convergence has now been re-written as "The Shift of the Ages".. though the JS conjunctions are definitely still important. and Hoagland... Wilcock had concluded that the end-point should be 2039. Wilcock summarised another interesting part of his work as follows: http://www.. Nostradamus and 2012? and. Aetherius Society and 2012 52. Shift of the Ages You may have come across an online book called Convergence.Whats New . called Convergence III. Salvia Divinorum and 2012 47. In Convergence. In an email.

we are due for a "matter transmutation" and that. Convergence III will be "the "smoking gun" to prove that this matter shift is going to occur.diagnosis2012. by Weidner and Bridges. There will be 32 kings each ruling 100 years 32nd king will fight last the set of which is known as The Ra Material or The Law of One. Service To Self). humanity divided into 2 groups . (=updated URL) about the magnetised bands of plasma through which the solar system is passing. which happened in 1127. Planetophysical State of the Earth and Life. and prefers to talk in terms of densities rather than dimensions.puntapunt. and 25 years after that is 2012.html The prophecy was introduced into Tibet in 1026.kalachakra. These dates are also significant in various versions of the Mayan calendar. Without any reference from either side to the Mayan Calendar. and they gave some very precise information regarding how that works. Aleskey Dmitriev. much of my work has been in substantiating the validity of a source of channeled communications from an entity called Ra. then Shambhalla will appear. c) http://www. http://www." 28. The 21st king started to reign in 1927. Wilcock claims that in 2012.thewildrose. Chakra = Wheel.htm Teaching brought to Tibet in "10th century". when it is finished. the conditions would be fulfilled for a twenty five year period that would culminate in the appearance of the Tibetan version of New there will be 25 kings of Shambhalla. we get a bit more detail: "The Tibetan Kalachakra contains a prophecy that 860 years after its introduction into Tibet. their cosmological information is vast.. the hidden city of Ra independently stated that the cycle change would come between 2011 and 2013. check out the article by Dr. There will be 25 kings altogether The 25th king will reign from 2327 AD (so they each reign for 100 years). followed by the golden age.crystalinks. but in Monument to the End of Time. (see item 37 and What's New 21).. and both Shift of the Ages and Convergence III are dedicated to explaining it. The Final battle will be in 2425 AD. using the same terms .) I searched around on the net and came up with the following: a) http://www.. The 25th king will fight the Final Battle in 2425 AD then there will a 1000-year golden age b) Eight hundred sixty years after 1127 is 2 ". See also Operation Terra." This channelled material is reminiscent of the Cassiopaeans (see item 22).-STO and STS (Service To Others. To get a taste of the kind of scientific evidence that Wilcock is following Kalachakra Prophecy Have you heard a rumor about a Tibetan prophecy connected with 2012? It is usually just a brief reference.htm (3 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM ." (Kala = Time.htm Now (1927) is the reign of the 21st king.html The 25th king will reign from 2327 d) http://www.Whats New .

has cited "an early Tibetan source who supposedly made the journey and returned. Giza-Genesis: The Best Kept Secrets If you have been looking at the Ambilac site." instead of 860 and 1127. Then.The Best Kept Secrets Vol. Then I found this on Arguelles' Earth Ascending site: g) http://www. Jose Arguelles was inspired by the Bernbaum book. The Way to Shambhalla. which happened in 1027.html : The year 1987 was also the last year of the Kalachakra calendar of ancient Tibet. However. The characters of the Old Testament have been converted into a star http://www. AD 1027-1987.htm Prophecy introduced in 1026 32 kings each reigning 100 years. is being reprinted in December 2001. to connect 1987 into the Mayan calendar." For anyone who wishes to pursue this matter further. ". Transformative Vision. Edwin He quotes the even older prophecy of Padmasambhava. 5 x 5 for a round of elemental forces to bring it in line with the Mayan. giving the 5 x 12 x 16 formula". and the number of rulers is contradictory in many cases". or in the reign of the 32nd king in 3125 AD.diagnosis2012. "I came up with the extra 25 years idea. ("they" being James Wilkie and Howard Middleton-Jones). Well. and should say. you may have been a bit confused. virtually span the second Christian millennium to the time of Judgement Day. the AMET paragraph above is but you may find that it doesn't cure the confusion after all.html The sixteen 60-year cycles of the Kalachakra prophecy. or Howard Middleton Jones' ARCHAEOLOGY ARCHAEOASTRONOMY . 960 years after its introduction into Tibet.htm (4 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . In other words. I contacted Vincent Bridges to clarify the matter. I found this: f) http://www. and he told me the following: "the Sakya-pa and Nyng-ma-pa schools have different ways of calculating.dreamscape. in his book. Hence the 2 versions I had found ( a to e above).page 2 e) New . with the "final battle" in the reign of the 25th king in 2425 AD. Bridges says that he came up with the 25 year period himself. 29. being the last of the 16 cycles of 60 years since the Kalachakra teaching were released from the mythical kingdom of Shambala in 1027. Edwin Bernbaum's book.vincentbridges. and initially proposed the idea in his 1975 book. The Way to on Vincent Bridges' Magic Journey site. they have just published a book called Giza-Genesis .1 .earthascending. by proposing the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987. and wished they would sum it all up in a book..

that's 72 times more precise than Wilkie & Jones and their 7 decimal places. that this diagram represents the Giza plateau.wait a couple of minutes for it to download.flying Mr. before looking & don't forget to read the hilarious Swiss-English Nostradamus quatrains. the reader has to take their word for it. the authors decide to go back to the Adam point and draw the line from there. The same is done for the son. The healthy 70-year-old claims to have had visions which allowed him to calculate the year of http://www. and age at death. "The great Pyramid is offset true North (24 feet). and the points are joined by equal-length lines. 6 Further contortions lead to the conclusion that the Giza plateau is a map of the sky on 21st December 2012.Whats New . BUT ARCHIVED HERE no pics.htm (5 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . but the formula results in an angle over 360 degrees.Enoch. 3. If this is "Crystal Clear" then I'm garnet-mica-schist! Solar radiation "may provide the catalyst for an ancient race of beings." a page further on . when everything goes inter-dimensional. we are told. and so on. so the Egyptians aligned the pyramid to an accuracy of a twentieth of a degree from true north .they get even more precise by saying. Noah's Ark is then mixed up with the ark of the Covenant to find that the biblical recipe for these are really the instructions for building the Great Pyramid. which are then used to calculate the alignment on 21st December 2012." Stunning precision. its the Egyptians who were precise! In Egyptologist Mark Lehner's The Complete Pyramids." That means five minutes.diagnosis2012. for the first of these . In short. "Khufu's pyramid is laid out with its sides oriented almost exactly to true north ." The authors state on page 157 that "The Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) is offset true north by 24 feet. GIZA-GENESIS: BEST KEPT A SECRET!! Here's the perfect link to go with this . the pyramid of Khafre is larger than the pyramid of Khufu. and there is a secret room accessed from the Grand Gallery. There are 4 remaining generations until Noah. Another clue that this book is hogwash is that in most of the Giza plateau models. or in degrees.the greatest deviation is under 5'.co. and eventually. Romanian Fortune-Teller A small snippet which appeared in this morning's London Metro 3 October 2001: A Fortune teller is so sure he is going to die in 2012 he has bought himself a grave and a cross inscribed with the date.7142 degrees. a few lines further on. and helps locate the hidden Hall of Records. 30.p.APOCALYPSE NOW ( 2 chart using their age at fatherhood. not 5 feet . where age at death is divided by 360. eh? No. I would say this book is disinformation.7142857. lying in stasis below the Gaza (sic) Plateau. or 3. Kipling cakes and plasticene aliens in 2012 ." Then. sadly). leading to a giant crystal underneath one of the Queens pyramids of Khufu (see "Crystal Clear"). then the result is multiplied by age at fatherhood to arrive at an angle.158 . Instead of continuing round the circle to get an acute angle. to bring the whole subject of the Mayan end-point into disrepute and make it a laughing stock. to awaken in time for the May 5 planetary alignment. they increase accuracy by saying.714285. for 6 generations..the actual figure is 3 minutes. "remember. The logic breaks down further at this point.. the degrees true north the pyramid is offset is 3.

people of all colors and faiths will unite. what to the ancient ones who have been trained in the sacred Traditions of Turtle Island (North America) have to say? With this question and others.diagnosis2012. Alexandru Marin saw a `big star' in an unusual position and.Whats New . and a compilation of wisdom teachings from around the world. especially for 2012: Dire Gnosis: Profiles in Wisdom: Native Elders Speak About the Earth by Steven McFadden ( the legend of the rainbow warriors relates that "when the Earth becomes desperately sick and chaotic -. Santa Fe. sharing. The New York Times Book Review said: ". Chiron Communications. and an exploration of how that myth is playing out in real and rise to face the overwhelming challenges with insight. In this highly acclaimed book. `In 2012 we will see if I am right. caring. and respect. by Steven McFadden (2001. But rather than focusing on political 2012 Meets The Holographic Universe http://www. Several of the elders speak directly about the time of transition from one world to another. Steven has prepared a paragraph on each." Legend of the Rainbow Warriors. speaks in depth in the book about the Mayan calendars and the global shift taking place in the years leading up to 2012. NM). in particular.there are some stirring and unexpected powers unleashed in this book. The elders offer penetrating and poetic insight on a host of crucial matters. and offers in-depth guidance on balanced ways to navigate through all the storms of change. Profiles in Wisdom is back in print. Legend of the Rainbow Warriors gives a detailed accounting of Harmonic Convergence (1987).. and militarily -. the author takes his lead from John F. Kennedy¹s Pulitzer Prize winning Profiles in Courage. together with his new book. As drawn from dozens of historical accounts.. Profiles in Wisdom and Legend of the Rainbow Warriors Steven McFadden's book. honesty. iUniverse.' he said. the book provides the full mythic and journalistic context of the transition. In essence. A priest said his purchase had shocked residents in the village of 2 his demise. and traces the development of the impulse released at this time as it leads onward to 2012." The prophetic teachings of the spiritual elders are skillfully juxtaposed with the key news events of our era. (Thanks to Laurence Lucas & Neil Kilburn) 31.htm (6 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . 32. environmentally. Romania. As our existing culture shifts. journalist McFadden begins his quest to speak with contemporary native American elders. a `strong light' shone in his house. and both relate to 2012. Mayan elder Hunbatz Men. a year later. Steven McFadden presents the stories and thinking of 17 contemporary Native American spiritual elders. Legend of the Rainbow Warriors. This book a journalist¹s account of one of the core myths of America. In 1991.socially.

Whats New .co. Orion and several other stars will take the same "code positions" as in 9792 BC.this book gives one possible location. The Orion Prophecy .htm (7 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . it is covered in the free catalogue that can be ordered from the Adventures Unlimited site. The book is available from Adventures Unlimited . and 2012: Dire Gnosis. Click here to see it. These dire predictions stem from Mayans and Egyptians . Nearly the whole earth's population will perish in the apocalyptic paperback. Andy Heidel has produced a thought-provoking poster. The book is also available from Amazon . ( Whats New item 12 ). Europe and North America will shift thousands of kilometres northwards into polar climate. (though December rather than October). However. with illustrations. I have been lucky enough to read a pre-publication manuscript of the English translation of The Orion http://www. This is the official synopsis : In the year 2012 the Earth awaits a super catastrophe: its magnetic field will turn over in one but when I clicked on the "download order form" link. The Atlanteans had highly evolved astronomical knowledge and were able to exactly calculate the previous world-wide flood in 9792 BC. 33. it was a pdf file that jammed my computer and I had to reboot it. The Holographic Universe. They built tens of thousands of mandjits and escaped to South America and Egypt. the year of the previous cataclysm! For thousands of years historical sources have told of a forgotten time capsule of ancient wisdom located in a mythical labyrinth of secret chambers filled with artefacts and documents from the previous flood .page 2 Inspired by Michael Talbot's book. The book is a 324. The code for the online order from is ORP. at this time (31 December 2001).Now in Print! As promised. In the year 2012 Venus.descendants of the legendary Atlantis.diagnosis2012. Phenomenal earthquakes and tidal waves will completely destroy our civilisation. Warning!: Using the "ordering information" link is OK. and costs $16. but is not yet mentioned on the site.95 plus postage and packing. The Orion Prophecy by Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx has made it into print in 2001.

co. The Maya were guardians of lost knowledge emanating from time immemorial. http://www. Tania Woodward. until I have received and read the final published version. The book is a novel written in Spanish and the subtitle (El Relato Apasionante Del Secreto De Una Civilizacion Asombrosa) translates as. and indicates the time when these exciting events occurred. "It tells about the exciting secret of an amazing civilisation". and the later discovery of the amazing prophecy which it 2 Prophecy. had a sacred mission: to leave to the inhabitants of this planet. I traveled around Mexico and Guatemala with my Many thanks to John Stray for providing the following translation of the the back cover of the book: 2012 The Mayan Prophecy This extraordinary story. written in the style of a novel. and have corresponded with Patrick Geryl regarding various aspects of the book.htm (8 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . by Alberto Beuttenmuller.. on the shore of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. 2012 . according to the author. the necessary information to understand the fourth dimension. Tania discovered a book called "2012 La Profecia Maya".diagnosis2012.Whats New . A civilization which. It would be unfair to comment at this stage. tells of the discovery in the Mayan ruins of Palenque. In a bookshop at Panajachel. This work tells us about the evolutionary jump. 34. but the Orion Prophecy will be reviewed here soon. of "Codex K". explains the manner of development..The Mayan Prophecy During November and December 2001.

He also pointed out that this is the same year as the last one on the 5. and possessed an extraordinary understanding of magic. of foretelling the most outstanding events of the future? And the fundamental question: Are we on the threshold of the most important period of human history? An intense and puzzling book which. that the frequency around psychics increases to a level of 17 Decades ago. (see Beyond 2012 item 18). without a doubt. in which he pointed out that we are currently experiencing the most active solar cycle since records began. Alice Bailey predicted something very similar. which he calls "Species DNA".co. and Kyoto Protocol deadline (anti-pollution treaty). so that the current phase will terminate in 2012 instead of 2011 (see Whats New item 18) 2 The forests in which the unusual Mayan civilization flourished.. (Click here for a summary of the conference . 35. Homo Spiritus. Jornal do Brasil (Journal of Brazil). Hiroshi Motoyama.htm (9 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . leads Jazz to the conclusion that these environmental factors will lead to a "switching on" of some of the massive amount of genes with officially unknown function (so-called "junk DNA"). The Plan http://www.125-year Mayan Great Cycle. More on this book when I've learnt Spanish. using their precise calendars. Sunspots + Schumann Resonance = Mass Telepathy in 2012 Jazz Rasool gave a recent presentation at the Mysteries of the World Conference in Marlborough.Jazz was speaker number 2. combined with recent discoveries by the Japanese scientist. when in 1970. which have now uncovered the hitherto lost secret of the Maya: humanity's next step into the fourth dimension. and that the 11-year sunspot cycle has just jumped forward a year. Since then. will not leave any interested reader indifferent to the mystery of the origin of Man and his future as a species. Did the ancient Maya come from the Pleiades? Did they deliberately end their civilization once their mission was accomplished? Is it true that they were capable. leading to mass telepathy and telekinesis. he has been dedicated to studying the mysteries of that puzzling culture. speaker 3 . the last guardian of the ancient knowledge in his village. This story is the fruit of his investigations. at that time penetrating Mayan esotericism with the help of the anthropologist Jose Arguelles. Hunbatz Men. and the Mayan elder. The fact that Schumann Resonance is rising. is the point from which the heroes of this story show us future surprises. leaving a past full of questions. created the most perfect calendar known. This will be the birth of a new species.Paul Vigay suggested that the American military are trying to counteract this effect using HAARP). he was sent to Mexico by his newspaper. Alberto Beuttenmuller is a journalist who was so impassioned by the Mayan civilization.Whats New ..

New 2012 Poem: CDP 2012 Elixir Wizard. nor did your webmaster glaze over and start speaking in a strange monotone. The 4 are the 4 creations of Tiamat. 2012 is the time when Physical bodies will no longer exist. Discovery. he wouldn't be able to survive on the Astral. Astral Transition Essay Vindicated by Non-Human ? 2012:Dire Gnosis has received its first communication from a non-human! No.htm (10 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . All 3 are the same creature I think..Whats New . and the dimensional shift that will take place will lift us above time. the most powerful of humanity (spiritually and mentally) and those who's souls have awoken will be the only survivors of the opening gates. WE are the 'keys' ".. He is practically human. individually and collectively. I have been researching into the next opening of the Gate of Heaven. has supplied 2012: Dire Gnosis with a brand new 2012 poem. A being older than time itself. CDP 2012. Think not that I can tell you the plan as it truly is. as He is so unstable.of the divine purpose for which the one in whom we live and move and have our being . who believes "that Dec. Click here to read it. and the author was obviously familiar with the Astral Transition essay. 36. They represent (each is represented by only 1) Courage.intelligent and cooperative .. Possibly Marduk. 37. A non-human. The following communication was received by email. They are almost gods. and are the only creatures who are outside of the limits of our souls. This next development of the plan will produce in Man an understanding . In that time.. Wisdom and Knowledge. and the Astral form (the soul) will take its place on the physical deemed it wise to submit to incarnation. The rebirth of a creature known as Imandos by the Elves is linked in with that of Osiris and Jesus. but the gate will be shut in 2036. I believe it is one of the Elder Gods/ Ancient ones mentioned in the 2 The production of a subjective synthesis in humanity and of a telepathic interplay which will eventually annihilate time.) I am http://www. three of which are already in 2 of the 4's possesion. and the 1st had so much power. The event that will precede the opening will involve the coming together of the five elemental keys. 21st 2012 is a 'keyhole' of sorts and that. it was not automatic writing. I am an Astral Traveller. Power.diagnosis2012. when the Astral plain and the physical world become one. It will make available to every man the true significance of his mind and brain and make him master of that equipment and will make him therefore omnipresent and eventually open the door to omniscience. Life and from records on the Gate of Heavens. Each has descending The date revealed in the Prophecies in the Akashic records is 2012. I am currently on a mission to reunite 4 of the most legandary and powerful aspects of life back together. (Taken and interpreted from the Prophecies of Light.

which was purpose-built by the Atlantean descendants as an astronomical observatory. causing the tidal wave that swamped Awake.. (sub-titled "Will the World be Destroyed in 2012?") To read the CLICK HERE review. but it was primarily guarded for posterity in The Labyrinth. Is it true? CLICK HERE & see! http://www. the authors claim that the Egyptian Book of the Dead contains information concerning a catastrophe that happened in 9792 BC. The knowledge was carried to Egypt. that matches another one in 2012. They hope to soon find someone to sponsor an excavation. Searching for the 4 PS You are almost there but not quite. Our time is beginning. The knowledge of the catastrophe. was encoded into the texts which were included in the collection known as "The Book of Coming Forth by Day" (the Book of the Dead).co. and projecting the Hyades star-group (known as "the labyrinth") onto the ground. the Leader of the Armies of Johr Ionus. Briefly. but lies buried at a location they discovered by laying a sky-map over a map of Egypt. 38.a Full Review Your faithful webmaster has sweated blood while producing a thorough dissection and examination of Geryl & Ratinckx's The Orion 2 Imanrae the Traveller. They discovered that there was a retrograde loop of Venus in the year 9792 BC. The Orion Prophecy . as claimed by the Egyptologists. and how to predict its future arrival.Whats New .. (with Giza as the belt of Orion).htm (11 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . Guardian of Elki'nirai and Student of 2 of the 4. and after finding it. where the Atlantean kings became the gods of Egyptian mythology. The authors claim that the Labyrinth was not destroyed. Click here for link 39. General Marshall of Nostor.diagnosis2012. discovered that the phenomenon was encoded into the Book of the Dead. when the earth stopped its rotation and started to rotate in the opposite direction. for your time is over. so their findings can be verified. "Sixth Sun" Crop Formation on Milk Hill In Whats New item 6. as an astronomical signal that the catastrophe is at hand. it was predicted that 2001 would see the first 13-fold crop formations. (They supplied Nigel Appleby with the loop information see items 26-28(and Adrian Gilbert also inherited it see item 47). 2012.

(which is part of Cancer). due to disputes over Buddha's date of death. Apart from the Kalki Bhagavan . similar perhaps to what the Mayans understood as "Hunab Ku". there will be no more work or fighting. many Hindus are not expecting Kalki anytime soon.Whats New . puts forth a different model based on a 24.237-238) ( 32 x 100 years after Buddha's death).. That the old calendars say that the Golden Age won't "be here" http://www. in The Holy Science. while the Tibetan name is Rudra Cakrin.243). Extract from an essay on the Great Dreams site (UPDATED): The traditional Hindu model of the yugas runs into the billions of years.he was 8th & first of the 25 (25 + previous 7 = 32).14): the 8th king founded a second line of 25 kings . when the Tibetan calendar begins. Since each king rules for 100 years. and although I haven't had time to read it yet.The Vishnu Purana and several other sacred texts consider Kalki to be the last incarnation/ avatara of Lord Vishnu. he claims that this cycle has to do with the journey of our solar system around another sun.82). I've had a skim-through.000-year cycle. and since it is supposed to last 432. The 21st king assumed power in 1927 and will rule until 2027. and will be fully realized in the year 2012. He also speaks of a much longer revolution of our sun around some kind of "grand center".83).Critical Mass of Enlightened Ones by 2012 In Whats new item 28. and in the Golden Age. which will last at least 1000 years. I mentioned the Kalachakra prophecy. Like the Mayans. it explains the 32 & 25 kings (p. This last King will be the 10th and final incarnation of Vishnu who will return to vanquish Evil. some lamas believe the 25th (=32nd) king is ruling now (p. The next time this happens is on 26th July 2014. according to my astronomical software. However.. A site about this "Avatar of the Golden Age " explains the 2012 connection further: Others would say that this is not possible. the present degenerate age.diagnosis2012. put an end to the age of discord. This golden age was inaugurated on September 25. The book also says that the Golden Age will come when the Sun. Well. 1995.16) that the Kalacakra was introduced to Tibet in 1026 AD. it confirms (p. Kalki . and our lifespan will increase to 800 years ( 2 40. He has descended nine times already (23 times in an unedited version) and the last one for this cycle will be at the end of Kali Yuga. Free downloads of astronomical software at: Earth Centered Universe My Stars Cybersky Here is a quote from a website revealing that Kalki is already here and the Golden Age is coming in 2012: (click here for the whole article): About 15 million people around the world think of Kalki Bhagavan as the Supreme Being who will usher in a new age. The Hindu name for this king is Kalki. I have just received a copy of The Way to Shambhala by Edwin Bernbaum. Some Hindu thinkers put the beginning of Kali Yuga around 3102 BCE.htm (12 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM .237). some individuals have been identified as Kalki by their yet Sri Yukteswar. this means the 25th one will arrive in 2327 (p. Moon. which was re-published in December.000 years (according to one reckoning). Nevertheless. and Jupiter all meet in the same quadrant as the Tishya constellation (p. and inaugurate the Golden Age (p. "Amma" or Bangaru Adigalar in Mel Maruvatur (Tamilnadu) has also been identified by his followers as and its association with 2012.

he can help man getting enlightened. that mentions 2012 and Kalki. who has published several books. called "Initiation in the Cosmic Mayan Healing for Humankind". 41sfrgzsfgzsfg 41. Mayan Daykeeper reveals Nibiru Knowledge Hunbatz Men. held an 8-day course in March 2002.htm (13 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . Yucatan and at powerful ceremonies to be held at the sacred Mayan sites of Uxmal. a Mayan Elder and Daykeeper. showing its relationship with the Pleiades and the Mother Earth and the role it now plays http://www. Chichen Itza. there are now very powerful spiritual energies engulfing the Earth coming from the center of the Universe. Mayan Elder and Daykeeper of the ancient Mayan Calendar knowledge. and here is another site (in rather bad English). (about pyramid secrets & the "new cycle" which is sadly.000-year Cosmic Mayan Calendar. If 60 thousand have become Enlightened before this. only available in Spanish).during this most significant Spring Equinox Initiation in Merida. The Official Kalki site.Whats New . Foundation for World Awakening has more information. This puts the date of the Golden Age very close to the end of the Mayan calendar. the negative powers will take over and we have missed this very rare chance. invites us to participate and experience this awakening and healing of ourselves and our planet as we fulfill the Mayan Prophecies as foretold by the ancients.diagnosis2012. but only until If later. The future will not at all be nice if man will not transform fully in the near future. and Oxk'Intok HUNBATZ MEN. or NIBIRU in Sumerian. that was announced as follows: The return of the planet TZOLTZE EK'. and videos including one called Centros Initiaticos Mayas 2013. since he is a Mukti-Avatar: Secondly. So Kalki can give and transform these energies to anyone now. is to be formally revealed and taught for the healing of our Great Mother Planet Earth . Elder Hunbatz Men will teach us the The Golden City site (UPDATED) explains that Kalki only needs to enlighten 60 thousand people in order to start a chain reaction. These energies are meant to make mankind 2 for thousands of years. but somehow the process is not starting off as it was supposed to. Currently there is heated debate in India as some experts have claimed to have found errors in the ancient calendars. a Mayan calendar wallchart (Haabs & Tzolkin).

the major psychoactive ingredient of which is Psilocybin.** They then de-coded the 26-level temporal hierarchy of Timewave Zero from the I-Ching. He will also be giving certification to attendees as Mayan Initiates to teach this Sacred Mayan Knowledge worldwide. Signs of this Rick Strassman succeeded in getting funding for a 5-year study into These both contain psychoactive tryptamines such as psilocybin.112) Strassman presents substantial evidence for an essential function in DMT production and assimilation (perhaps supplanting the previously demonstrated synthesis of DMT by blood. they followed up by smoking the bark of Banisteriopsis axis shift back to its position perpendicular to the ecliptic may also be on the cards. * As we know. This shows that a powerful magnetic field is the cause . the planets losing their magnetic 2 in the major changes taking place on our Sacred Planet. caapi bark after ingesting mushrooms is the closest approximation to smoking synthetic tryptamine (DMT) that we have found in nature. a tryptamine (composed of an indol group and a dimethylamine chain).diagnosis2012. They described the result as follows: "Alteration of monoamine oxidase (MAO) levels through the smoking of B.Whats New . DMT: The Spirit Molecule . Jupiter's red spot changing its direction of rotation in 1986-87.000 years. psilocin & DMT. in the pineal gland. not simply DMT.the "naked singularity". or knows more about Mayan knowledge of Nibiru. *The toad-venom contains 5-MeO-DMT. but also that there has been a shifting of the spectrum in the Auroras and rainbows. or Xibalba. that the sun is losing its polarity. Stropharia cubensis mushrooms contain psilocybin. Dr. or merging of dimensions. DMT plus hallucinogenic beta-carbolines are chemicals that are also made inside your own brain. called http://www. ingested the very same mushrooms. However. which is also found in the human brain. and lung). p. Earth goes through a "naked singularity". please email 2012:Dire Gnosis NB see UPDATE at Whats New item 63 42. that will probably upset the Oort cloud and cause more comets to divert from their usual orbits. All this seems to point to the possibility that the forthcoming "evolutionary quantum leap" expected at the end of the year 2012 will be caused by a mass-triggering of DMT production in humanity. In 1990. and it has been found that crop formations can induce increased levels of melatonin in people who spend time in them. Terence and Dennis McKenna. A 23.a kind of violet shift. containing tryptamines. like a red shift in the other direction . an "maoi" (monoamine oxidase inhibitor). they also devised a calendar consisting of 260 Katuns that terminates in 2012 AD. that the Maya had used.A Review The Mayan shamans ingested psychedelic mushrooms.htm (14 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . His book. and venom from a poisonous toad as part of their technique to travel to the underworld. Awakening to the Omega Point Bob Buck has written an essay concluding that every 13. *** which is associated with the Third Eye of Eastern Mysticism. **The mushroom that the McKenna brothers took was the Stropharia Cubensis mushroom." (Invisible Landscape 1993 edition. while in the Ecuador rainforest. The pineal gland converts melatonin to make DMT. *** Regarding the pineal gland. and found that the termination point was in 2012 AD. otherwise known as 4-phosphoryloxy-DMT. 43. brain. If anyone attended this.

. makes fascinating or even essential reading.. and has included a dialogue between Rick Strassman and herself.htm (15 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . check out Ananda's Somagenics page DMT World DMT at The Vaults of Erowid 44.. because at that point you will realize. My partner and I took some Magic Mushrooms. Mushrooms reveal 2012. 2012 .page 2 DMT: The Spirit Molecule. for all concerned with imminent change.. turned out into a Vision of the and John Mack's work with alien abductees. The 21st Century Book of the Dead... It Woke us up and pulled us out of the Old World for once and for good. the body is only a blockage. and we will remain with only our spirit...again! I have just discovered a new page on the Dutch Lightworkers Tempel site. which corroborates the DMT/ mushrooms connection to 2012 (original format & spelling preserved): Our Awakening. this is the moment where Time and therefor also space will fall apart.....and you will want to be released from it.Laurence Lucas http://www.diagnosis2012... or beginning.(energy) And it isn't anything dramatic. which sums up the 5-year study. in which she asks his opinions regarding McKenna. Caroline Taylor has prepared a review of DMT: The Spirit Molecule exclusively for 2012: Dire Gnosis.Whats New . the Timewave... like a programmed and what should have been a fun trip.. A Doctor's Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences. CLICK HERE for the review For more on DMT and its 2012 connection. We also received a date. it cannot deal with the speed. Click here for the whole article 45.

The overview will take the form of 5 short thought provoking essays. the sacred calendar.Terence Mckenna .his destiny. The Mazatecs still use it today. the Mayans today. using shamanic techniques. and the observations of Rick Strassman MD. encompassing overview of the exciting opportunities available to us all at the end of the Mayan calendar. Spain.htm (16 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . my trip to Mexico/Guatemela and Mayan consciousness and the interconnectedness of the tribe Part 4: Why Galactic ? John Major Jenkins and the alignment. revealing a connection between Salvia divinorum. is widely thought to be the "divine plant" of pre-conquest Mexico. and that serves as a 21st century Book of the Dead. who utilises his lightbody to "download directly".Whats New . What is the meaning of information overload in 2012? Part 3: The Mayan Message of 2012? Looking at the Popul Vuh.Introduction to the Galactic Shamanic Paradigm Information Overload Overviewing .diagnosis2012. called in the Nahuatl language. their relationship to 2012. As a prelude to his forthcoming book Laurence presents a 2 Exclusively at 2012: Dire Gnosis: Laurence Lucas is an Astrologer and Liquid Lightbody attuner. Martin Prechtel and the nature of language.. who lives in Mallorca.. the shamanic atmosphere. Part 1: Part 2: 2012 . consciousness from the Carl Johan Calleman. DMT. does it matter ? A personal experience in Mexico on 4 Ahau.. and different textures of reality. one to be uploaded each month. Jose Arguelles. Here is an extract from Charlie's letter: http://www. Salvia Divinorum and 2012 I recently received an email from Charlie Sabatino. Part 5: The Astrology of 2012 A revolutionary new astrological map that reveals the true meaning of 22-12-2012. Which correlation.. bringing together elements of the Mayan. 46. and or Diviner's Mint. Tibetan and Egyptian books of liberation. Salvia divinorum. "pipiltzintzintli". Psilocybin.

Zarathustra (just a renewed interest) --Love and extraordinary acts of charity (more Ra material) Geoff.I blame my wife. including printer ink. The parenthetical remarks represent my former knowledge on these It comes from the leaves of the woad (or wode) plant. I also discovered that Finland is a main producer of indigo pigment. Below are the highlights. It is also 2 To make a long story short: I took some strong drugs (salvia divinorum) and "heard" that I was to write a screenplay called 2012 (I'm a writer). I was a really normal guy once. I didn't ask for any of this. plant vibrations (we grow a lot of stuff) --the use of herbs to alter gene structure for telepathy (I had. natural farming. NY. and software developments for multi-lingual conversion of computer games.. Spain) --The advance to a higher vibration (Ra material--I've researched this a little) --importance of light and fire-Fire existing as another dimension (my wife had a dream that said this) --the use of channeling to get messages from spirits (my wife is a channeler) --the use of solar energy (no idea where this came from) --Indigo. Italian butcher's son from the Bronx. NM (I've been there before) --Languages: The Babel Project (no idea what this is) --Dream Theory in Malaya (music I randomly chose) --the use of heat from the sea (no idea) --Nietzsche's theory of a Great Health.. after all. I grabbed a pen and then started scribbling whatever came into my mind. used in many products. such as a multi-language and was used as a body paint for battle. Salvia divinorum discussion group 47. --Mayan calendar (my wife hosted a seminar once on this) --calling of UFOs through Taliaots and monoliths (we have Taliaots where I live--Mallorca.htm (17 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . by (either/or) Picts and Celts. Charlie has started work on the screenplay and will let us know when it is completed.diagnosis2012. and found several Babel projects. Salvia divinorum info. Finland (no idea) --the importance of seeds.Whats New . Laurence Lucas Part 2: Information Overload We now have part 2 of the 5-part series promised by Laurence Lucas (see Whats New item 45 above): Part 2: Information Overload http://www. I did an internet search. eaten these leaves) --Telepathy. it was like taking dictation. condensed from 6 pages. visions and dreams (we all know at least a little about these) --Albuquerque.

htm (18 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM .000. & took less than a minute for the earth to tilt another 40 degrees. we can only presume that the influence comes from the Hopi prophecy (see item 7). as we know. and "the old Piscean behavior patterns will not work after the year 2011" . 2011 The New Millennium Begins. and therefore. Psilocybin. (see John Major Jenkins here and here for the facts behind Harmonic Convergence). We are also told that we entered the Photon Belt in 1987. "Valiant Thor from Venus".. it occurs in December 2012. "Dr See-ven". is a compilation of chanelings. 144. it is disqualified by its own rules. "Dr Rayness of the Council of 48". is catching on? I haven't had time to read the books yet. which means they pre-date Calleman's theory).page 2 Overviewing . Well. "Ashtar". their relationship to 2012. we are warned to be discerning in acceptance of channelings and prophecies. there was no spiritual evolutionary leap in the novel.and we are left to presume that it came from "the Source". Also in the preface. we are told. As for where the 2011 date came from. Wah"(. I have proposed in the addendum.. and The Year 2011 (see 2012 Books page). based on the authority of "the Source" . my discernment has detected faults in this transmission.a group from the 5th dimension. and "Dr. Source = Dark Force. The Year 2011. when. for the story of the Photon belt myth). therefore. since many are distortions originating from the "Dark Forces" of the 4th dimension.. the (approx. 2011 The New Millennium Begins. and the observations of Rick Strassman MD.. as there's no evidence of these authors being influenced by Carl Calleman. and will be in it until 2013 (see this link and this one. be subliminally influenced by the Hopi prophecy. "Grand Commander Astor".) So. (written in 1998 & 1997 respectively. an axis shift occurred sometime around mid-November 2011. However. it is claimed in the preface. "St Germaine". that "the Mayan calendar ends in September 2012".."a right mottley crew". but have scanned the first 2. when the Harmonic Convergence actually occurred on August 16th and 17th 1987. which may themselves.. "Dr Norman Watson". 2011 The Evacuation of Planet Earth.diagnosis2012. What is the meaning of information overload in 2012? 48. 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence". Martin Prechtel and the nature of language. Does this mean that Carl Calleman's theory (see Jenkins/Calleman debate) that re-positions the end-date of the 13-baktun cycle to October 28th 2011.they might not let you on their flying saucer. it is only referred to vaguely: "The period 2001 2011 heralds a a major sorting-out". apart from the channelings. "John the Revelator". http://www. including (and I''m not making this up).Terence Mckenna . and Earth was re-colonized 700 years later. and these are called 2011 The Evacuation of Planet destiny. a novel. of course) survivors were rescued by UFOs and taken to another planet. I hear you say. 2011 I have discovered 3 books about the year 2011 in the last month. However. DMT. that the origin of the 2011 Hopi end-date is due to confusion over time-correlation due to the missing "year zero"in the Gregorian but be careful. The third book. as used in the book title. "Pharaoh Cheops".Whats New .. "The upswing began on August 31. In the second book.. In the first of these 3 books. "Paulson from the Pleiades".. hmmm very Gnostic. the Doomsday asteroid struck approximately 5 years prior to August 4th 2011 when the narrator records the event in his diary.

Carl told me that he had discovered that the Hindu Avatar. the 2011 end-date is not found to be essential to the basic ideas. He does not base these ideas on physical cycles but on light radiations from the center of the universe that he refers to as Mu-Lam. In a recent email. and communicate by morphing objects out of themselves. He emphasizes the year 2012 rather than we find more of Calleman's 2 So. it is urgent that people now set a course towards enlightenment. that look like Faberge eggs! Is this what happens if you smoke too much DMT? http://www. 28th October 2011.Whats New . Kalki (who says the Golden Age will begin in 2012 . is Carl Calleman's system catching on? At Cancun. but some time after that point it will no longer be possible to attain that state. but without the 2011 end-date (but with a little confusion). 49.see Whats New 40 above). but then more like if things are adapting to and settling down as an effect of the non-dualist consciousness of the Universal Cycle (Enlightenment) that is finally established at that date than as a continued wave movement of energies such as those that will rule until then. Carl told me the following (about Kalki): He thinks that in the year 2012 it will be possible for people to become enlightened on a massive meaning that I feel there is no contradiction between his and my own view although the terminology differs. we find Calleman's theory explained. Also at Lightworkers Tempel. to see if he could convince him that the current cycle ends on his birthday 13 Ahau. was born on the Mayan Tzolkin day of 13 Ahau. as "self-transforming machine-creatures who are squealing and squeaking in a visible glossalalia that falls like rain on the interior landscape. Self-Transforming Machine Elves Terence McKenna has described the denizens of the DMT realm. On his return. Carl is now intending to present Kalki's teachings on enlightenment to a European audience. Thus. but I am also open to the possibility that changes will take place after Oct 28." They have the appearance of jewel-encrusted basketballs.htm (19 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . He decided to go to visit Kalki in India. but again.

One day these children (who were all Gods by the way . so distracted with fighting. Tane.2012 seems to be the year the old people are coming up with.. I'll explain what that means.htm (20 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . separated them.. Okay... (whose web-name is "alien").com discussion that kinda means we have lost our links with the natural order of things) that Rangi and Papa will take that opportunity .but I know that there are some old Maori (culture I belong to) legends that speak of the reunification of 'Rangi' (the Sky) and 'Papa' (the Earth). One said "Ka hinga te arai". Well. A second post continued. so separated from our original parents (Rangi and Papa .while no one is looking .. I also forgot to mention this other bit in my haste to get to work earlier: I have asked a few of the 'kaumatua' (tribal elders) what they see happening in 2012.destroying everything in the process.they had a number of 2 50..Whats New . pushed them There has been much meditation done on this event and yep. http://www. Basically the other more secretive legend that follows on from this says that there will come a time when the children of Tane (that's you and me) are so busy.the rest nodded and agreed. This one basically flows on from a Maori Creation Legend. God of the Sea..don't know about the Mayan Calendar. in short. who lived in between these two parents. Rangi (the Sky) and Papa (the Earth) were partners and were closely clasped together... Anyway.. Maori Elders on 2012 I recently discovered the following on the AboveTopSecret.diagnosis2012.. and hello ..God of the Wind. as a response to a request for any information on the Mayan "end-of-the-world prediction" for 2012..there was light.they all tried and failed.. God of War etc etc) decided to push their parents apart so they could have room to quickly come back with lust etc. till one of the Gods. It was posted in December 2001 by a New Zealand Maori.. squashed and without light.. with greed.

they have gone 'behind the veil'. the old ways. The latter part of last century was indeed a very tricky period. Ya see.. That was until I did a bit more digging into the origins of those two is to be found on my website. and the release of the Earth Logos from the self-imposed restrictions. This kaumatua (elder) is an 'old school' Maori. So anyway.or 'tuturu Maori' as it is called. One of the reasons for the Mayan calendar ceasing at this date. This was only prevented by certain Cosmic basically he said "The curtain will fall".I thought about that for a while. in original Maori.. ALIEN 51. and as the rate increases a crescendo is expected in 2012... Maori say they have gone 'ki muri i te arai'. as a result the speeding up of the vibrational character of the planet is increasing. when people die.modern Maori is just like modern English.. And so. There .diagnosis2012. to eliminate human life. Some of this info. thinking about what he changes over 'arai' actually means like a 'separator' between the physical world/plane and the spiritual world/plane. Although the significance of the 2012 predictions is not denied. which basically means 'original Maori. those two words (hinga and arai) mean slightly different things.knowledgeable in the ancient ways.Whats New . A second email provided more information: http://www.....passed over so to speak.'ka hinga te arai' in old Maori means (as closely at it can interpreted in English) The removal/dissolving of the planes separator. and who had to deal with a number of other threats which could have wiped us out. together with book refs..and I originally deduced he meant like "Final curtain" end of the world sorta thing.basically the MERGING of the physical and spiritual planes. that included the following: My contribution is based on the occult knowledge received from George King and The Aetherius Society. Daley.. Peace.... was the anticipated awakening of an entity dormant in the planet for a million years. the old original language. Aetherius Society & 2012 I recently received an email from Peter H. the means of words alter and get reinterpreted as time goes by. So ..htm (21 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM .page 2 hinga = to fall arai = curtain those are the modern interpretations of those two words in what he said to me...just a bit of an old Maori cultural lesson to get ya mind ticking over.. Okay . prophecies of cataclysmic earth changes have been changed as a result of metaphysical operations required to usher in New Age conditions. which were necessary for our continued existence as a recidivist race of humanity. hinga = to dissolve/to be removed/ to fade arai = veil / thin separation 'arai' is the main word there to look at. or thereabouts. So in that sense. Okay.

diagnosis2012.html) suggested that the prophet was predicting the timing of a 2 I can offer some new insights into this problem. Metaphysics For The New Age.Whats New . Mars would reign before & after but not during the war: "when the Kingmaker Saturn leaves the sign of Mar's rulership on April 10. Regarding the number Seven. two of which were atomic and produced mutations and lapses into barbarism for thousands of who I knew personally. that things have been brought forward 52 years. and am privileged in having access to New Age occult information as an extrapolation of that from Blavatsky and A. The old prophecies have been cancelled or severely altered. some said the prophecies were of no use. and we narrowly missed the extinction 52 years before the due date. when nothing happened in July 1999. now unavailable (previously at http://members. It is the oft-quoted 10-72. through George King. and returns to a http://www. I am steeped in the ancient lore of Theosophy. which means there are actually 49 planets occupying the same space. Each numbered level of existence is in ready communication with the like in higher octaves. and that fortunately. 2012 will shift to a higher version of Earth. which leaves much to think about. the problem presented by "2012" takes the cake. Thereby lies a wonderful and strange saga vying with science fiction. which is usually translated something like this: In the year 1999 and seven months. 1996. then surely this quatrain must be a major key. If there is anything to Nostradamus' prophecies. some elements were here 18 million years ago. the end of the Mayan calendar at 2012 foresaw something which which was about to happen. having destroyed our previous planet and is now the asteroid belt. from the sky will come the great King of Terror. but our particular strain came here around 4 million years ago. It is very complicated and marvellous. only the UFO and the Aliens can compete in this. Nostradamus & 2012? KING OF TERROR Nostradamus only made one unambiguous prediction in which he clearly identified the year in question. the Earth exists on 49 different levels. 52. Before and after Mars (war) reigns happily (by good fortune).htm (22 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . Nevertheless. by virtue of their resonating vibrations. He will bring back to life the great king of the Mongols. There is more to it than that. Daley's website. and required "outside" help. in some respects. this is the foundation of the Metaphysical Cosmos. There is no doubt that in the minds of all studying the weird and wonderful. One Nostradamus site. Others said that "sept mois" meant the original seventh month . These made history repeat itself in a series of conflicts. The human race is very ancient. so that we can forget the end of civilisation being due. of which this material universe is only as a thin veneer. Nothing happened then either. However. The result being a failure to evolve in co-ordination with The Earth Logos. (since it would make it worse). More information at Peter H. the same lot brought its recidivist elements. because conditions have been so modified by Metaphysical Operations. Unfortunately. If some predictions are to be believed.

TOUTATIS At Michael McClellan's New Prophecy Almanacs we find this: Every four years an asteroid named Toutatis passes uncomfortably close to the earth. 0." JOHN HOGUE Prophecy scholar.55. The 7 could be a clue as to the "7th month. (near the end of the Mayan calendar). Mars and Jupiter again refers to April . However. Another point made here This scenario would time this war as starting sometime after the year 1996. So here. and in some cases. John Hogue. The quatrains in question are as follows: 1:52. he could be giving us three numbers. 5. this interpretation gets "war" and the planet "Mars" from the same word (Mars). 2. 9.May 2011. or that of comet Hale-Bopp in 1997. . 1. 9. Nostradamus .The Complete Prophecies. in his book.this could very easily refer to the date 2001 or 2012.htm (23 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . mentions a 13-year period that Hogue connects to either the appearance of Halley's comet in 1986.May 2011. says Hogue. None of these are very convincing.78. 6.diagnosis2012. a conjunction of Mars and "the sceptre" (Jupiter) (in Cancer?) means April . Sometimes in the numbering of the quatrains Nostradamus gives us a further"closer to the end of time as we know it" (2012). which is linked to October 2012 ("the two evil influences in conjunction in Scorpio = conjunction of Mars & Saturn in Scorpio). and ending sometime before the year 2012". in the year 2012. 2 sign of Mars' rulership in Scorpio. links to 2012 via the quatrain number.Whats New . links to 2012 via the quatrain number.24. and 2.12.also possesses another feature of interest: it rolls end over end in a http://www. when 13 years are added. Very often he gives us at least two numbers of the date an event happens. render the years 1999 and 2010 . he gives us three numbers of the date. This elongated rock -which measures nearly a mile across -. finds several quatrains to have a possible 2012-connection. which links the number of the quatrain to the date of the prophecy. Some of these connections are made as in the suggestion above. This quatrain is numbered 10-72. a conjunction of Mercury.

and Prince Edward will be made second emperor of Europe. In fact. or are we still missing something? So far. the calendar has since been adjusted by 11 days (when it was converted from Julian to Gregorian). PHOBOS After the seventh month of 1999 came & went.diagnosis2012. McClellan also finds evidence in Nostradamus' quatrains. it will smash into the Aegean or Ionian sea part-way through the reign of Hieron (anagram of Chiren). so I don't know if he's actually found anything convincing. eerily similar to the "mountain" that "rolls along" in Quatrain 1. Is everyone desperately trying to find a way of decoding a 2012-prediction from Nostradamus' quatrains.2012 period. It is the only near-earth planetoid that behaves in this manner. Nostradamus is said to have explained in a letter to Henri II of France that he was talking about an eclipse. religions and traditions which runs 1999 . Evidence in the Epistle to Henry II and the quatrains place Chiren's rule as king and later as emperor in the 2002 .Phobos . then says. The Crucial Years Until 2012. The Millennium Group reported "shadows are also seen crossing the face of the earth at a nearly http://www.Whats New . a Fundamentalist Christian Pastor Harry of the Church of Philadelphia. Prophecies of Nostradamus: World war III states its objective: Here is the sequence of the events supposed to occur between the period 1999 and 2 tumbling motion.69.would be released from its orbit by the gravitational effects of the eclipse and the "Grand Cross" conjunction a week later on 18th August 1999 (see diagram at Beyond 2012 item 21). King Of Terror quotes the 10:72 quatrain (see above). some realized that. that China will abandon communism in December 2012. that one of the moons of Mars . I'm totally unconvinced. A third by Manfred Dimde. So warns Nostradamus in quatrain X. and thus heralds in the commencement of a window of prophecy originating from many cultures. If Toutatis is the asteroid predicted by Nostradamus. The Apocalyptic site. says Nostradamus was "Satan's Prophet". based on the quatrains of Nostradamus and similar prophecies of other the date of the solar eclipse over Cornwall.2012". On a page called Nostradamus 1999-2012 AD on the escape666. who "seems to show us a Window of Time SEPT 1999 -. Although Toutatis will be very close to earth in 2004.72. which brings the date forward from 31 July 1999 to August 11 1999. UK. it does pass Earth in 2012. whose title translates as Nostradamus. I haven't read it.htm (24 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . Some said (see Beyond 2012 item 30) that since "Phobos means Terror". GENERAL UNSUPPORTED STATEMENTS Another site.2012 AD when The RAPTURE will happen so He can bring forth Antichrist onto the world scene". although the prophecy mentioned the seventh month. There is a book out in German.

diagnosis2012. and that the comet will be "crumbled". Is there a covert operation being mounted to blast the Martians out of the sky? CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE You may recall the Bible code prediction (see Beyond 2012 item 10) that there will be a collision between a "comet" and Earth in 2012. because the author concludes that the "comet" is actually the planet Mars! Thus. Phobos. Until 2 right angle to the moon's shadow". there is evidence that they are already orbiting Earth! They are only 10 miles and 5 miles in diameter. Nothing more was heard on the matter of Phobos until July 2000 when James van der Worp and Glen Deen suggested that the fly-by of comet 76P on June 5 2000 shunted Phobos out of orbit and onto a collision course with Earth. in light of the information above. I have just discovered an article that claims there is a connection between the 2 failed Mars missions and the fly-by of comet 76P.Whats New . it will be "Mars" that is destroyed in 2012 when it passes near the Earth. Solar flares and dust-storms on Mars were and are said to have been asteroids captured into a Martian orbit. http://www. it sounded fairly nonsensical. sometimes translated as Panic and Fear) are from August 1998. Deen calculated September 18th 2012 as the projected time of impact (see Whats New item 4).htm (25 of 25)9/28/2005 11:08:31 AM . respectively. or Deimos. However. which they call "The Mars Code". The last public pictures of Phobos and Deimos (the Greek names of 2 moons of Mars. they have found that the code also conceals a previously undiscovered element. "Mars" could just as easily refer to one of the small Martian satellites. and. At the Chapel Perilous site. to cut a long story

End-Date Confusion Explained 60. Sacred Geometry.Whats New page 3 What's New? 53. Laurence Lucas Part 3 : The Mayan Message of 2012? 56. Rotational Speed of Earth's Core May be Related to Baktun Length? Christianity/The Rapture and 2012 62. Convergence 3 & Divine Cosmos 66. More on Nostradamus & 2012 57. 1998 West Kennett "Mayan" Crop Glyph Explained 55. The Sylvia Brown 2003 Error 65. Laurence Lucas Part 4: Why Galactic? 61. Franklin Timewave = Zyzygyz' Brainwave 69. & the Mayan Calendar 'End-Date' of 2012 Laurence Lucas Part 5: The Astrology of 2012 68. Judaism and 2012 63. More on Tzoltze ek' (Nibiru) from Hunbatz Men 64. the Earth.htm (1 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . 2012 on the X-Files 58. Something Is Wrong With Our Sun 54. The Auric Time Scale 67.

Zulu Prophecy: The Return of Mu-sho-sho-no-no 81..Whats New page 3 70.htm (2 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . The Dresden Codex: Did it Predict the 1991 Eclipse? Damaeus. 2012 and Crop Formations 73.diagnosis2012. Islam and 2012 75 The Masonic Calendar 76. Something is Wrong With Our Sun http://www. More on Galactic Alignment 80. Pueblo Indians: Fifth World in 2012 82. Galactic Alignment: The book is available! 74. The Seneca Indians 78. Guatemalan Priest Says That 1987 Was the End of the 9 Hells Whats New 86 +.. Cherokee Calendar Wheels 79. Electo-Magnetic Pulse Wave (EMP Wave) 85. Salvia and 2012 71. The Ethiopian Calendar 77. 53. Reminder: Judgement Day September 22 2002? 72. Purification Period & World Ages 83.

and the tally of these would not be affected by new equipment. 3. sperm. in July-August 2011. or long-term sunspot cycle indicated by the incline in graphs of solar activity ( see here for more on solar mega-cycle. That brings the next expected http://www. Kev is an Australian amateur radio operator. (who has a "source x" theory to explain it). solar flares. in the case of humans. in the case of earthquakes. when the sun's magnetic field reverses (every 11 years on average). 4. The possible peak of a solar mega-cycle. solar wind. there is a possible coincidence of 4 factors that could. and hair. be connected to the rise in cancer over the past century. in checking on an increase in carbon 14 from solar radiation. provided maps of UFO sightings that followed Earth's tectonic plate junctions. A rise in carbon 14 may. the glandular examinations by the abductors. 10 months. plus sampling of skin. he only counted major quakes. says Kev. He became immersed in a detailed investigation of the solar cycle. along with earthquake activity.diagnosis2012. ova. if they occur at the same time. some of which were previously on the "Geomagnetic" page of his website (see Beyond 2012 item 42). who denied any increases and said that any apparent increases were due to more advanced instrumentation over the years. These are the 4 factors: 1. and the "resulting earthquake and volcano activity bringing about the end of our civilisation by the end of 2012". A new ice-age would probably follow. he contacted government agencies. There will be three eclipses that occur in June 2011. He came to the conclusion that the details show that. This means that solar activity has been steadily increasing for a long time. who had discovered a pattern to UFO sightings that fitted in with the solar cycle. when the Earth's magnetic North pole is closest to the Sun. there is even more evidence of an interest by the perpetrators. Kev re-checked and found that the official explanation did not explain the interplanetary magnetic flux. However. and more. In the case of animal mutilation. 2. One of the first things he noticed is that the graphs of solar activity show a clear incline over the last few hundred years since the records began (see also diagrams at Beyond 2012 item 3). Kev concludes that. The solar maximum is due at this time. Jamaludin. lasting 11 years.htm (3 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . Kev went on to examine reports of alien abductions and cattle mutilation. When he noticed that the Earth's geomagnetic activity was also increasing. blood.Whats New page 3 Kev Peacock has just produced an eBook that summarises all his research findings. sunspots. causing geomagnetic effects (NB earthquake in Turkey following the eclipse in August 1999). For example. Kev started corresponding with a Malaysian UFOlogist called Ahmad Jamaludin. and reversing in February 2001 (see Whats New item 18). Next. and here ). the last solar polar reversal cycle (11-year sunspot cycle) was a year later than expected. The book is called Something is Wrong With Our Sun. endanger the who set out to study how earth's atmospheric and weather conditions affected his radio signal. or "ham". The height of summer in the Northern hemisphere in June 2011 (summer solstice is June 21st). is exactly the kind of tissue sampling that would be needed to show effects of increased radiation. Kev says the result of these 4 factors coinciding will cause the Earth's magnetic field to collapse and reverse. due to a global temperature drop as volcanic ash cuts out sunlight.

plus bovine excision pics. an event (possibly in combination with the other factors). So. Click here to go to Kev's eBook: Something is Wrong With Our Sun 54.between 8 & 14 year periods have been recorded in the past. UK. we could be in big trouble. and it connects to the Mayan calendar since there are "33 solar petals" on the formation.htm (4 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM 31/5/2002 . Now I have found out . There was soon a rumour circulating that the crop glyph was the same as the Mayan Sun glyph. every 65 million years. a new-age speaker and author. This. Since the Mayan Sun glyph is called Ahau. geomagnetic. says Kev. Read the whole story at Crop Circles and Mayan Time . and doesn't look like the crop formation. Photographer Steve Alexander dates its discovery as 5th May 1998 (Lucy Pringle dates it at 4th May). Part 3: Upload April/May Looking at the Popul Vuh. who works with the Mayan calendar (the Arguelles version). and the Mayan Tzolk'in uses a combination of 13 numbers and 20 day signs. a crop formation appeared near West Kennett Long Barrow. More on Nostradamus & 2012 http://www. says Kev. the Mayans today. discovered the formation on May 4th 1998 while at the 1998 Mayan Dreamtime Festival in Avebury.because they're here to study the effects of a solar mega-max. 55. The Mayan Message of 2012? 56. I wondered where the information came from. that only occurs. Laurence Lucas Part 3: The Mayan Message of 2012? Laurence Lucas presents the third part of a 5-part overview to the forthcoming end of history. UFO & tectonic plate coincidences. and earthquake increases. She predicted finding a "sun" crop circle shortly before seeing it. '98 West Kennett "Mayan" Crop Glyph Explained In May 1998. if the current cycle is a little less than 11 years. opposite Silbury Hill.diagnosis2012. (whose website is called Center of the Sun). Kev brings up some very interesting points in the book. & wiped out the dinosaurs last time.Aluna Joy Yaxk'in. Wiltshire. the shamanic which she calls "sun glyphs". and it is well illustrated with graphs showing correlations between solar. according to Kev's theory. but it is variable . It became known as the Beltane Wheel. Laurence's trip to Mexico/ Guatemela and Mayan consciousness and the interconnectedness of the tribe.Whats New page 3 peak to February 2012. Aluna. explains why the goverments have been hushing up the alien presence .

Vials-Trumps 11/19-9/2021 = The Antichrist is destroyed at Armageddon. The best thing is to wait until Summer solstice 2002 . here's the basic predictions: Year 2002 = Comet strike/ US destroyed/ Virginia. following failed predictions: 2000-2012 = Ongoing defection from Christianity leading to 'New Age' global belief system 2003-2013 = World War III/ Comet strike/ US devastated/ Israel attacked/ Dark Age begins 2006-2016 = "Ancient Gods" return to teach man Atlantean ideals/ New Utopia established 2012-2016 = British King accepted as Messiah of peace over Israel. http://www. 2012 on the X-Files 31/5/2002 The final show in the current series of The X-Files was shown in USA last week. Led Zeppelin were in on the whole plan & its encoded in their excellent song. Agent Stardog contacted me to inform me of "a heinous use of 2012 as alien threat propaganda" in the series finale. based on the Bible & Nostradamus. At the bottom of the page. and the royal family will be wiped out by a meteor strike just beforehand). there is a site AN ANCIENT PROPHECY REVEALED FOR 1999 . because there's a definite prediction that Prince William will be crowned king of England on that day (oh yes.diagnosis2012. If you want more of this. you will find the episode called The Truth. The whole excursion was worth it for this musical interlude.that's only 3 weeks away from when this was posted. if you spend some time here. as you read the annotated a helicopter lands. or King Arthur. which you can listen to.2012 (or its duplicate site.htm (5 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . who is also the Great Beast of Revelation. A summary of the plot can be found by clicking HERE. Just in case. I have quoted the most relevant parts below: The Truth At the Mount Weather Complex at Bluemont. 7 year Tribulation begins 2016-2020 = Antichrist conquers Jerusalem/ Great Tribulation begins/ 6th Seal. see The Return of Jesus Christ . (who "was and is not and is to come") and the Third Antichrist of Nostradamus' prophecies. called THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND ANTICHRIST: THE YEARS 2002-2012 ) called which makes the outrageous claim that Prince William is the "Once-and-Future King".Arabs Invade Israel (Usama Bin Laden found dead (= Mabus) June 21 2002 = British Royal Family killed/ William-Arthur becomes the King of England 2002-06 = Occultic New World Order realized/ Establishment of a False Utopia 2006 = British King accepted as Messiah over Israel-and the 7 yr Tribulation begins 2009 = Antichrist conquers Jerusalem and Temple/ Satan enters him Dec 21 2012 = The Antichrist is destroyed at Armageddon UPDATE: new schedule. you could end up feeling more than a little paranoid. Battle of Evermore.End Time Mystery Revealed which also concurs on the Tribulation lasting the 7 years from 2006 to 2012. However preposterous this sounds. Millennium of Jesus Christ begins Apparently. 57.Whats New page 3 Continuing on from last month's piece on Nostradamus (see Whats New item 52).

.. and if we listen to them they can give us the power to save ourselves. Mulder ends up in jail. On the following page of the website.a story that has terrified every President since Truman.8 degrees a year which works out to a full lap relative to a fixed point on the surface about every 400 years. Indian wise men hid in this pueblo as their own culture was destroyed by the aliens. 2012. “Maybe there’s hope. The physical pole of the http://www.. The Mayans were so afraid that their calendar stops on the date of the final alien invasion. to see the person who had sent him the keys to the Marine Base..” he says as the episode and the TV series ends.htm (6 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . which he found in the Marine base. but Mulder refuses to speak it.4 and 1. who turns out to be the Cigarette-Smoking Man. including Fox Mulder. December 22. and following a trial. involving someone called Nichols (Preston Nichols is the author of several books on the Montauk Time Travel Project .Date for the mobilization of alien. The leading suggestion for the cause of the independent motion is an interaction between magnetic fields generated by fluids moving in the Earth's outer core which is molten iron and the inner. As a result of the core's orientation and rotation. .He says that Mulder now knows the truth. The screen shows the text "December US Marine Corps officers meet them... Inside. There is a jail-break.diagnosis2012. what else is to believe. he penetrates deeper and deeper into secure areas. Rotational Speed of Earth's Core May be Related to Baktun Length? 31/5/2002 On a web-page about plate tectonics. even though it could save his life.. "The Keeper of Truth".. 2012.. The iron crystal in the core is longer from north to” The Cigarette Smoking Man wants to tell Scully his story . (click HERE).If this is the truth he has been looking for. He replies that he wants to believe that the dead are not lost to us. ." . In one room he activates a computer console and enters a password. and feature timetravel. she asks. which makes it safe against the aliens..Whats New page 3 Several men in suits exit the helicopter. is sentenced to death by lethal injection.. Scully says. Mulder saw the date at Mount Weather where our own secret government will be hiding when the invasion happens. Those wise men were the first “shadow government. solid crystal. Future X-Files timelines are given on this page. The pueblo contains magnetite.” Mulder moves to the bed and they hold each other. there are a few more comments on 2012. The implications of differential rotation between the core and the surface are hot topics at professional meetings and in various physical and geophysical journals. but it does not exactly match Earth's poles. we are told the following: The speed of the core's independent spin is between 0. Using an electronic key card. but Mulder slips away. and Scully & Mulder eventually arrive at an ancient Anasazi pueblo.... The men board a bus that takes them through a doorway into an underground complex...see item 24) 58. "magnetic north" moves over time. (eg Aztec "lizard gods" were reptilian larval forms of Greys). it seems he discovered the ultimate secret.. “we believe the same thing.

8th November 2003 4." For more information on this 1996 discovery. 31st December 2011 11. probable reasons for this confusion are numbered & the numbering system explained further below. which is 400 tuns (360-day "years") . 23rd December 2010 6. Other sites have connected it to geomagnetic reversal. the site quoted above says that the 400-year differential rotation of the core causes the magnetic poles to wander (polar wander is now known to be accelerating).diagnosis2012. The length of a baktun. 0. 13th August 1999 * John Mini's Day of Destiny 3.about 394 tropical years. and now some scientists are saying we are due for geomagnetic reversal soon! 59. Below is my analysis.htm (7 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . a process called the "precession of the equinoxes. (the core actually revolves faster than the crust). Could there be a connection? Several sites have suggested that the Mayan end-point may be connected with an imminent magnetic pole shift (see item 32). 12th December 2011 8.000 days. 25th December 2009 (correlation constant 583297 ) 5. 24th December 2011 link 2 *** Frank Waters 12th August 2012 Confusion Factor: 6 Confusion Factor: 11 Confusion Factor: 1 Confusion Factor: 8 Confusion Factor: 6 Confusion Factors: 1. 28th October 2011 link 2 ** Carl Calleman 7. is 144. see this site.Whats New page 3 planet also wobbles over time. and decided to investigate. 14th August 1955 UPDATED (correlation constant 489384) SPINDEN Confusion Factor: 1 NEW!! Confusion Factor: 1 URL (correlation constant 563334 ) 2. 7 Confusion Factor: 3 Confusion Factor: 3 Confusion Factor: 8 Confusion Factor: 9 End-Date Confusion Explained 31/5/2002 I have recently encountered several variations on the end-date of the 13-Baktun Cycle. 21st December 2011 9. 23rd Feb 1753 1. (of which 13 make up the cycle that terminates in 2012).

1 Confusion Factor: 1. The second link shows how this is now being distorted into. 14th December 2116 (correlation constant 622261 ) 27. 3rd December 2013 Alex Collier's Third Density Implosion 25.htm (8 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . 25th December 2012 21. Calleman then altered the Long Count-to-Tzolkin correlation. By True Count. **Carl Calleman discovered an interesting pyramidal structure to Long Count cycles.Whats New page 3 12. 12th December 2012 15. 10 (correlation constant 584285) GMT(3)/Lounsbury Confusion Factor: 1 Confusion Factor: 9 Confusion Factor: 6. but the end-date didn't quite fit the theory. + 12 years = year 13 reed. 20th December 2012 Confusion Factor: 8 Confusion Factor: 8 Confusion Factor: 7 Confusion Factor: 5 NO 22nd November 2012 13. 5. 4 24. 7. & anyway. not Aug. 26th July 2013 ****Arguelles' Galactic Synchronisation Confusion factors: 1. 21st December 2012 (correlation constant 584283) GMT(1) correlates to True Count CONFUSION !! 17. minus 3 leap days. 28th October 2040 ******Wilcock/Chatelain 26. this is a presumption based on the Aztec Calendar Stone. 23rd December 2012 19. Mini altered one of his diagrams of the Sunstone to support his theory. 6th November 2220 28. http://www. "information now being released by the Maya indicates that 2012 may not be quite right". 13th November 2013 *****Sergey Smelyakov's Auric Time Scale Mk. so the conclusion is that the Maya must have got it wrong. that seems to explain all evolutionary eras. 24th December 2012 20. which nobody else has ever 3. start of year 13 reed = Jan. 13th August 2532 (correlation constant 660208 ) BOHM Confusion Factor: 10 Confusion Factor: 6 Confusion Factor: 1 NEW!! Confusion Factor: 1 NEW!! Confusion Factor: 1 NEW!! WELLS-FULS (correlation constant 774079 ) VOLEMAERE *John Mini's Day of Destiny 16/8/87 = Arguelles Year 1 Reed. or 8 Confusion Factor: 8 Confusion Factor: 6 23. 2. 14th September 2012 14. 22nd December 2012 (correlation constant 584284) GMT(2) 18. 27th December 2012 22.

since it is his "new year". The two most popular correlations are the A: GMT(1) (known as the 584283 correlation to researchers). The 2 termination dates are thus also 2 days apart. which correlates to the True Count. but henceforward called 2013 by Arguelles. which were faulted. (and astronomical software has advanced).. Since the Gregorian calendar has only been in existence since Feb 24th 1582.0 correlates to August 11th 3114 BC. relates to the start-date of the 13-Baktun Cycle.5 thousand years ago. puts the start-date only 2 days away from that of the GMT (1). such as astronomical phenomena described in surviving codices. the GMT (3) or 584285. and B: its main rival. more discoveries have been made. if the Gregorian calendar is worked backwards (before it actually existed).5 5.000 days.Whats New page 3 ***"Waters got his December 24. the specialists have had to find a date that fits all known criteria.the GMT (2) or Lounsbury correlation. the GMT (1) puts the end-point at 21st December 2012.more on thishere ******David Wilcock has now re-written the theory in support of the GMT (1) end-date. named after Julius Caesar who started it around 46 BC). several sites say that 26 July (the Dreamspell New Year) 2013 will be the date of Galactic an unbroken count of the Tzolkin that is still followed today by the Maya people of the Highlands of Guatemala. and the GMT and Lounsbury correlations are roughly in the centre of this window. but some people are still quoting the 2039-2040 scenario. *****Sergey Smelyakov originally based his work on Arguelles' dates. on which the Julian Day (JD) count started was January the 1st in the year 4713 BC. The end-points were 1493 AD and 2532 AD. ****Although Jose Arguelles is said to support the 2012 end-date. Some indicate that this is actually 26th July 2012. (and correlates to the True Count of the Quiche Maya. the Julian Day (JD) 584283.872. and enabled the specialists to whittle down the possible correlations to just a few out of the many correlations suggested over the years. 2011 end-date from an early edition of Michael Coe’s Mexico (1962) that was in error. I wrote to him. at August 13th 3114 BC. when Pope Gregory XIII instituted the calendar reform.0.diagnosis2012. and dates of reign of kings. or Lounsbury correlation. in which that day in the Tzolkin will be 4 ahau). (that we use today). The Lounsbury correlation puts the end-point at 23rd December 2012. At Peter Meyer's site you can find a list of 15 of these correlation constants. to date the past. in the GMT (1) correlation. Julian Date http://www. Thus.htm (9 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . and lasts for 1.0. CONFUSION FACTORS 1. 2. and subsequently corrected" JMJ The second link is a fascinating twist. As the years have passed. archaeologists and archaeo-astronomers have known that the Mayan Long Count started 4. archaeologists use a "Julian Day Number" system (based on the Julian Calendar. which correlates to the "True Count". as the Long Count zero-day 0.0. In order to find out which day in the Gregorian calendar. The next most popular correlation .co. although the JD number system was only established in the 16th century AD.. and all lying between the Bowditch correlation that starts in 3209 BC and the Vaillant correlation that starts in 2594 BC. Correlation Constants For decades. and he has now modified the Auric Time Scale to align with the GMT (1). The "zero-day". each named after their discoverer.

since it is 0. The Gregorian date 21st December 2012 (JD 2456283) can also be expressed as the Julian day 8th December 2012. 4. If the Maya started the zero-day at sunrise. the last day. they all get mixed 10. Thus.0.0. and in a similar This makes calculations from BC to AD and AD to BC awkward.0 was day 584283 (GMT(1)). but if you're counting from 0. the day after the last day.0. So many dates. Changing facts to fit theory 7. the year 3114 BC = the year -3113.1 then the expiry is on the sunrise of 22nd December 2012.0. but then.0.0.0. For this reason .co. Julian day = Mid-day to Mid-day The 4th complicating factor is the fact that Julian days start at mid-day and end at mid-day on the following day. (GMT(1) = 21st December 2012). Consequently. as calculations involve positive-to-negative transitions & vice versa.19.see Maya links page for a comparison of online JD calculators 5. 25th December.0.0. in 2012 it will occur on 21st December. which is 12. the year 3114 BC is 5125 years before the year 2012.0.0. (584283 + 1.0 . .0.htm (10 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM .0 See addendum. minutes & seconds. there was the Julian calendar. since the Julian day numbers go from mid-day to mid-day.0.19.0. Most online calculators give the date of the afternoon corresponding to a given JD number. The previous year was the year 1 BC.0. astronomers started using a different make calculations easier.000) does not expire until mid-day on 13. just before the year 1AD.17. so some people who have heard the end-date is on winter solstice 2012 have mistakenly presumed it would be on 22 December. http://www.000 days expire at sunrise (in Mexico) on 13. Solstice date: The date of winter solstice varies between 21st December and 22nd December. and usually involve a zero.Whats New page 3 Before the Gregorian calendar. (which was the winter solstice back then). as well as a Gregorian date. even though 3114 + 2012 = 5126. unless they supply increased accuracy with hours. The following day is often called "the first day". each JD number can refer to 2 different days.0. Typos 8.872. because the missing year zero has been counted in the calculation. so it has to be taken off.diagnosis2012. and for every Julian Day Number. JD 2456283.0.872. 6. Chinese whispers 9. there is a corresponding Julian date. Zero-day/first Day & Zero-day/last Day Confusion Mid-day on the long Count zero-date 0. so there was no "year zero".0 is actually another zero day. then the 1. The Gregorian date 11th August 3114 BC (JD 584283) was also the Julian date 6th September 3114 BC. 13. 3. Year Zero The Gregorian calendar refers back to a zero-point at the theoretical point that Christ was born.1.0.19 .

It will suffice to say that there are biblical reasons for expecting a 7-year period of Tribulation (troubled times). click here). Laurence Lucas Part 4: Why Galactic? Part 4: 31/5/2002 Laurence Lucas presents the fourth part of a 5-part overview to the forthcoming end of history. and that either before.Whats New page 3 This includes beginning dates getting mixed with end-dates. or halfway through this period.. 30/6/2002 Without getting into theological doctrines of premillennialism. and different textures of reality. 11. does it matter ? A personal experience in Mexico on 4 Ahau. (for definitions. Daniel speaks of "seventy weeks of years". Jose Arguelles. The key verses are the last 3 verses in the last chapter. It is explained on the pre-sign page that the re-capturing of Jerusalem by the Israelis in the six-day war of 1967.htm (11 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM .. Why Galactic ? John Major Jenkins and the amillennialism & postmillennialism.wing attitudes expressed on these Literalist biblical sites! Examination of the Book of Daniel provides the second part of the answer. let's just see if we can find any reason why concepts such as the Rapture.. the Rapture will occur. Carl Johan Calleman.diagnosis2012. though some call the Rapture the Second Coming). However. One New Age position is that in 2012. Psychic messages & channeling 60. mid-tribulational or post-tribulational positions. Which correlation. NB I do not subscribe to any of the judgemental or right. the sacred calendar. Judgement Day (usually taken to be the Second Coming.. or after a further thousand year period. Second Coming. A short essay written exclusively to those 'Mayanists' familiar with the work of those above.000 chosen ones will be taken up to heaven). a dimensional split will occur.. that corresponds to the Rapture. The Second Coming of Christ will occur during this 45-year period. that starts off a 45-year period ending in 2012. However. (70 x 7 days = 490 days) and giving us a clue about a day-year code. Left 24). Jack Van Impe says that the second coming of Christ will occur between 2001 and 2012 and gives some interesting clues as to the reasoning in the summary of his video. Christianity/The Rapture and 2012 Well. Earlier in his Book. representing a 490-year period. and Judgement are being connected with 2012. we must first take note of the biblical code where "a day" represents a year. the first part of the answer can be found at The Book of Revelation website. I had to get round to this sooner or later. http://www. (when the 144. after. is a key date encoded in the words of Jesus.. (Dan. and it was the prophet Daniel who revealed it. will then occur either at the end of the 7-year period. or pretribulational. 61.

diagnosis2012. the author explains how the year 5760 is kabbalistically encoded into the phrase "six days" (of creation).hour days. it says there is a period of 1290 days from the taking away of the continual burnt offering until the abomination of desolation is set up. UK in 1999! http://www. times & half a time = 3. What does this mean? In the 4-part article Rosh Ha'Shanna .. The article concludes that "some Rosh Ha'shanna between 1999 and 2012 or shortly thereafter might be the completion of the 6. They divided time into a 6000-year segment followed by the 1. 240 years x 5. so this means there is a 240-year discrepancy between the Jewish and Gregorian calendars. The 7 years between Adam & Eve's creation and the picking of the apple from the Tree of Knowledge must be taken into account. on which our Gregorian calendar is based). Jewish year 5760 started on September 30th 1999. Judaism and 2012 30/6/2002 At the beginning of the Book of Genesis. They based this on Psalm 90:4. However. which is part of the Jewish Torah. At Rosh Ha'Shanna .5 x 360 = 42 months = 1260 days). It seems that Usher made a 3year discrepancy.25 days = 1260 days.25 days per year. since the Byzantium site says that the birth of Adam was 4000 years before the birth of Christ.000 years of man and the start of the Millennium". bringing the start of the Day of the Lord to 2007 AD. 7: 25. Thus.but "blessed is he who waits and comes to the 1335 days.. this gives the 45 years between 1967 & 2012. 12: 7 .Rosh Ha'Shanna usually falls between autumn and winter). The difference between these periods is 45 days. is as a day. and on the 7th day he rested. and by Bishop Usher's famous analysis.25 days = 5. Part 3 of the answer lies in Rabbinical lore. that is seven 24. working back from the zero-point of Christ's so Gregorian year 2000 should be the Jewish year 6000.000-year Messianic kingdom.000 years of time. and using the "day = year" rule. he found 4004 BC as Adam's birth date.the end of days".Whats New page 3 In the last 3 verses of the book of Daniel..Is It The Rapture? we are told the following: The Rabbi's taught that there were 7.. thereby implying that 2000 is the end of the 6000-year period. then the difference between 360-day year and Julian year of 365.htm (12 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . The Jewish Calendar starts with the birth of Adam. which says that to God a thousand years. in which he consulted all the male genealogies in the old testament (adding given ages of fathers at the birth of their first son. we are told that God created the world in 6 What the Rabbis taught was that as the week of creation was 7 days. which actually appeared as a crop formation at Barbury Castle. or 7-branched candlestick.Is It The Rapture? (part 4 is hard to find). Wiltshire. and so comes under the next heading: 62.the day of the messianic kingdom.time. and each day stood for a thousand years with the seventh day as a day of rest -. and various other calendrical interpretations bring it to 2012. The 7 Days of Creation are related to the Jewish Menorah. NB If we presume that the difference has something to do with the 360-day year (see Dan. we arrive at autumn 1997 as 6000 years after the birth of Adam (the Jewish New Year .

teshuvah means returning to the Creator of the universe. Teshuvah (return / repentance) Rosh Ha'Shanah (Head of the year. but it is also the start of a 10-day festival called Teshuvah." This return (as described here). there are 3 days that are heralded by a trumpet. heralding the return of the Messiah back to earth. Yom HaDin (the Day of Judgement) 5. These are Shavuot. UK 31/5/1999. In Judaism. from the worldly way of life and turning back to His way of life.Whats New page 3 Barbury castle. The opening of the gates http://www. HaMelch (the Coronation of Messiah) 6. Yom Teruah (the day of the awakening blast/Feast of Trumpets) 4.htm (13 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . Chassidic thought teaches that within each of us resides a Divine soul.diagnosis2012. a spark of G-d." In the spiritual sense. Photo: Steve Alexander Rosh Ha'Shanna is the Jewish New Year. Rosh Ha'Shanna takes on even more significance when we see a full list of its titles: 1. birthday of the world) 3. our genuine "I". It means turning away from the secular. and Yom Kippur (Great trump).co. and lasts 2 days. sounds very Gnostic: The concept of teshuvah as "return" emphasizes the fundamental spiritual potential of every person. who we call HaShem. (first trump). Yom HaZikkaron (the Day of Remembrance or memorial) 7. "which means "returning. New Year and start of the 10-day Teshuvah or "return". Wiltshire. Rosh Ha'Shanna (last trump). proclaiming God's betrothal to Israel. The time of Jacob's trouble (the birthpangs of the Messiah) 8.[4] This infinite G-dly potential represents the core of our souls.

caused by comet 75P Kohoutek . 2. for many years (see Whats New item 41).Whats New page 3 9. Tzoltze ek' will also activate our genetic memories. He says that the seventh moon of Nibiru will activate Kundalini 3. Yom Hakeseh (the hidden day) In the year 2012. The last trump (shofar) 12. Shavuot falls on 27th May.600.the serpentine energy that activates the 7 chakras or power-zones along the spine (if you thought this was an exclusively Indian/Tibetan teaching. More on Tzoltze ek' (Nibiru) from Hunbatz Men 30/6/2002 Mayan Elder. there are new developments in the Phobos story: 1. 6 (Glenn Deen now says if Phobos is missing. he says. but the source that the article is based on. Rosh Ha'Shanna falls on September 17th/18th. although some Bible Code scholars interpret it as Mars being crumbled by the Earth. The conclusion is that the last trump is synonymous with Rosh Ha'Shanah when the Gates of Heaven will open and the righteous will enter in rapture. 30/6/2002 Noted psychic Sylvia Brown has said that 2003. we find that Glen Deen's low-precision orbit model gave Earth impact of Mars' moon Phobos on SEPTEMBER 18TH 2012! This is reminiscent of the Bible code prediction (see item 10). 64. The resurrection of the dead (rapture) 11.000 year cycle ("the Great Calendar of the Pleiades" that ends on 21st December 2012) The planet is inhabited by beings who operate on a higher "mental frequency". who revealed that the Mayans have known about Tzoltze ek' (Nibiru) . Kiddushin/Nesu'in (the wedding ceremony) 10. The planet has a period of 6. However. if we look back to Whats New item 4. and Yom Kippur falls on 26th September. and all the pyramids on Earth AND under water. found on the Zetatalk website (that promotes a re-appearance of Nibiru in 2003).htm (14 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . and visits us 4 times every 26.he doesn't say how that effects his impact prediction!) 63. The Sylvia Brown 2003 Error This was a headline in Nexus Magazine (Oct-Nov 2001).uk/new3. Yom Kippur also has another title: "Closing of Gates". on 17th/18th September 2012. see his book Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion). rather than 2012 is the final year of the Mayan calendar.a massive planet on an elliptical orbit. revealing more details. not 3. 5. the Gates of Heaven will therefore close on 26th September 2012. As a chilling post-script.500 years. Hunbatz Men. so we are advised to visit them when it appears in the . However. is a letter. 4. and simply says the following: http://www. has another page online. it would have happened on July 2 2001. The article containing this statement can be found online at astrosite.

and therefore.Whats New page 3 Last summer I watched a Montel Williams show rerun with a noted California psychic Sylvia Brown as the guest. 2003 AD (Gregorian calendar) translates into the Mayan calendar's 2012 AD. who mentioned in passing. that 2000 AD took place 6 years previously. or even mention 2012 . What Sylvia probably meant. since theologians and historians all argue about the actual year of Christ's birth. Therefore: Gregorian Mayan 1991 2000 1992 2001 1993 2002 1994 2003 1995 2004 1996 2005 1997 2006 (now) 1998 2007 1999 2008 2000 2009 2001 2010 2002 2011 2003 2012 AD In sum. the information originated in a 1996-97 radio interview with Sylvia Brown. So. she mentioned that 2000 AD actually took place six years ago (1991?). this means that our calendar's base-date is off by anything up to 10 years. Offered by rest of the Zetatalk letter is supposition of a Zetatalk correspondent.htm (15 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . 2012. is that. Sylvia didn't receive psychic information that the Mayan calendar was wrong. Remember that the Mayan calendar ends Dec 21(?). It was taped last January.diagnosis2012. In the midst of giving predictions for 1997. completing a cycle ( or supposedly signalizing a catastrophic end of the world as we know it). if any Christians were expecting the Second Coming to occur two thousand years after Christ's http://www.

As a general introduction Wilcock's Time of Global Shift website provides A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension and Cosmic Evolution of Humanity. culminating in 2012-2013 AD. it would be best to first read Convergence III as an introduction. Wilcock's website.. and by applying the same Phi harmonics to the 13-baktun cycle. Ascension 2000 states its objective.0. Zero Point imploding cycle of energy increase. or Phi (1. and the year we now call 2012 should really be called 2003. their estimate would be off by a similar amount.6180339. to scientifically prove that "a dimensional shift is to occur on Earth on or before 2012". If Jesus had been born in 9 BC.) governs the movements of the asteroid belt.. (More refs: 9 BC.see next item. The Auric Time Scale 30/6/2002 David Wilcock's The Ultimate Secret of the Mayan Calendar is a summary of a paper written by Sergey Smelyakov and Yuri Karpenko called THE AURIC TIME SCALE AND THE MAYAN FACTOR: Demography. 10 BC. If this turned out to be true. Convergence 3 & Divine Cosmos 30/6/2002 David Wilcock. plasmatic phenomena and much more. The book is a bold attempt to rewrite the current scientific paradigms. though it would still be the same year! Likewise. They cover aether theory. reminiscent of Peter Russell's White http://www. and he has found that the Golden Section. He has also found that Phi governs the stock market and population growth. thus showing the trajectory of the book. with an interest in author of Shift of the Ages (see Whats New item 27) has started to upload a brand new online book called Divine Cosmos. using cutting-edge international scientific research findings.see 2012 Events for info.0. He is running a seminar series that moves around USA. 10 BC) SO. or Wilcock's Time of Global Shift website. the year favoured by Zetatalk for Nibiru's return. 66. that just would just mean that the Gregorian year that correlates to 13.Whats New page 3 birth. as well as all the planetary orbits in the solar system.a kind of time implosion. solar changes and changes on other planets in the solar system. However. but 1994. of which the first 8 chapters are now available. would no longer be called 2003. he has found a Phi spiral that seems to spiral in on itself on December 21st 2012 . Seismicity and History of Great Revelations in the Light of the Solar-Planetary Synchronism.. including comets. then the 2000-year anniversary would have been in 1991.. or "point of bifurcation". recommended summary essays.htm (16 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . Russia).0 in the Long Count should also be called 2003. Sergey Smelyakov is a professor of mathematics at Kharkov University.. earth changes. and the speakers include John Major Jenkins .0. As I said in Whats new item (Ukraine..diagnosis2012. THE WHOLE STORY ABOUT THE MAYAN CALENDAR ENDING IN 2003 AND NOT 2012 IS FALSE! 65. and cycles of solar activity. tornados and vortexes. but for me. the most intriguing essay is The Ultimate Secret of the Mayan Calendar . but some authorities say 9 BC or even 10 BC. This is a "supplemental" added on after the first 8 chapters of Divine Cosmos.. and these writings are an essential contribution. the amazing work of several Russian scientists. One of the most popular current years for the birthdate is 6 BC.

or Tzolkin. Tibetan and Egyptian books of liberation". the number of Katuns in the "macroscopic Tzolkin" of the 13-Baktun Long Count cycle (that terminates in 2012) . and was relieved when he replied telling me that "several numerical conclusions might be slightly changed". and also. equation-drenched pdf file. but that the theory was not seriously damaged by the modification. and that serves as a 21st century Book of the Dead. consisting of the numbers from 1 to 64). 7 x 7 with Venus. and 9 x 9 with the Moon (ref.see item 18). as given by Jose Arguelles in The Mayan Factor. 1969). When you take into account the fact that the numbers in the 8 x 8 Mercurial square add to 260 . when it was actually August 11 3114 BC. the numbers in the Franklin square add to the same number in so many ways that the square has become a mathematical legend! (See an animation here)**. The View Over Atlantis by John Michell. Ben Franklin*. while we wait for the modified version of the full paper. and found that the authors had based their theory on a start-date of August 6 3113 BC.then we have the suggestion of a link between the Franklin 8 x 8 square. Following further correspondence. exclusively for 2012: Dire Laurence Lucas Part 5 : The Astrology of 2012 Part 5 : The Astrology of 2012 31/7/2002 In the 5th and final part in his series. he agreed to write a short summary of the latest version of his theory. Franklin Timewave = Zyzygyz' Brainwave 31/7/2002 Magic squares are grids of numbers which are arranged in rows and columns in a square in such a way that all columns and rows add to the same number.Whats New page 3 Hole in Time (now called Waking Up In Time . devised a different arrangement of the Mercurial magic square (an 8 x 8 square.htm (17 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . Traditionally.the number of days in the Mayan sacred calendar. I read through the 64-page. and the Mayan calendars. as we now know. a 4 x 4 square with Jupiter. I contacted Sergey Smelyakov. 68. Sergey Smelyakov's summary is available here: Astrological Roots and Forecasting of Some Acute World Trends for the Current Epoch http://www. 8 x 8 with Mercury. bringing together elements of the Mayan. However. Laurence talks about "a revolutionary new astrological map that reveals the true meaning of 22-12-2012. one of the Founding Fathers of the American constitution. 5 x 5 with Mars. 6 x 6 with the Sun. the I Ching (an 8 x 8 square of 64 hexagrams).diagnosis2012. wondering whether or not the theory would survive the news. there is a magic square associated with each planet .a 3 x 3 square is associated with Saturn.

who runs the the Time Wave Zero 2012 discussion group.htm (18 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . when the major forms of multicellular life diverged into animals.5 bya.6 billion years ago. founded to discuss the implications of Time Wave Zero. 2.Whats New page 3 This connection was discovered and published by Jose Arguelles in his "Earth Ascending" in 1984. Ben Franklin was almost certainly a Mason and so may have been privy to Mayan calendrical information . However. which corresponds nicely with the 'Cambrian Explosion' which gave rise to most of the major animal groups living on earth today. and Zyzygyz noted the following correlations to events in the solar system. seeing particularly message 1763 and message 1793 (from which I have quoted Zyzygyz above). before he knew that Terence McKenna had used the I Ching to arrive at 2012 as the year in which the "concrescence" (evolutionary omega point) of the universe would be achieved (McKenna arrived at his conclusion before knowing about the 2012-termination point of the 13-Baktun cycle . *** Then Zyzygyz had his Brainwave! If the numbers in the Franklin 8 x 8 square were each replaced with the hexagram of that number.. you will find illustrations of many of the sequences and timewaves discussed here (you must be a member to access the Files page. The largest level of the wave could then be mapped against time. and they had both been intrigued by the dip into Novelty produced by the Timewave at the time of the September 11th Twin Towers tragedy in 2001. the man who produced the software for McKenna's Time Wave Zero. The second major drop corresponds to ~1. If Peter Meyer adds the Franklin wave number set to his computer programme. they found that a true Timewave had resulted. "8x8 magic Square = Mercury = Hermes = Thoth = calendrical change = game of draughts = 8x8 square = 260 = Tzolkin = Harmonic module = 20 x 13 = 260 . The third major peak occurs at ~550 million years ago. but unfortunately. you can follow the thread of the discussion from message 1722.6 billion years ago. in which the hexagram sequence develops in a very logical way. and fungi (the beginning of the Mesoproterozoic). but membership is free.katun cycle = termination point 2012!!" * As a Founding Father. so. following a rumour that the Huang Ti sequence was earlier than the King Wen. with peaks and troughs on the Franklin wave: 1. since it troughs out around 4. Enter billion years ago. then the wave's fractal novelty-mapping properties could be seen in more detail. and he persevered until he (and Peter Meyer) had converted the sequence into a wave. Zyzygyz had been corresponding with Peter Meyer. In the FILES section of Time Wave Zero 2012.diagnosis2012. this dip appeared on the "Huang Ti" version of the wave that Peter Meyer developed as an alternative to the original King Wen sequence-based wave. 3. (in the King Wen sequence) then the Franklin 8 x 8 square could be converted into a Timewave! When Peter had generated the 384 number-set from Zyzygyz' 64 Franklin-hexagram numbers. Another peak is seen in this Timewave about 5. Until then.see item 17 ). it turned out not to be a true Timewave. no problem!) To sum up. which arguably could correspond to the beginnings of the formation of the solar system (estimates vary). plants.see item http://www. which is the generally agreed-upon date when life first appeared on earth (the Archean Period) Zyzygyz realized that the earliest sequence of all was called the Fu Hsi. The biggest major 'hump' or radical descent into novelty corresponds to ~3.

diagnosis2012... I also found a couple of faults that effectively demolish the whole theory! ( You probably think I'm getting pretty good at theory demolition. but inserting 2 zeros between whole numbers destroys that harmonic. http://www.htm (19 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM .i. agreeing with some of the points he had made. that still doesn't mean there is a relationship between these numbers because moving the decimal place does not turn one of these numbers into the other .co.Whats New page 3 44 ** Thanks to Zyzygyz for this great link *** It does not achieve "closure".4375 degrees).e. while the other half remained in darkness. are not zeros. see below) so here are the relevant excerpts from it. Sounds pretty amazing. and eventually restore it to its original spherical state..25 and 0. then how could it have had a 360day year.. it must have CEASED ALL ROTATION ON ITS . (UPDATE: he has just contacted me.25.0040625 and 100406.. 14 months later.oh well. and wrote back to Keith.25 minutes of arc.25 minutes of Arc (23. . The new article is called Sacred Geometry.0. However. Keith Hunter theorised that a pole shift is coming that will restore the earth's 360-day rotation period. my reply failed to prompt any further correspondence. as do 1406. "Sacred Geometry.. but feel free to tell me if you disagree with me. the Earth.. The End-date of the Mayan Calendar will coincide with the earth possessing an Obliquity of the Ecliptic of 1406. but it is decreasing by approximately 0. so how could 360 days have been calculated? The second point is that if the earth's equatorial diameter. Click on the links above to read Keith's essays. and that this will occur in 2012.333345 minutes of arc (2003AD). Keith wrote to ask for my opinion on his new article. the Earth. when divided by the polar diameter will equal 1. which he summed up as follows.0040625. since it is the very rotation of the planet that governs days and nights? There would have been NO days or nights . At present the earth's axis is 1406.. 1. and in 2012 it will be 1406.4704'' seconds of arc each year. since the last 2 of the 384 numbers (that form the generated number-set that is the basis of the wave). ( Earth Pole Shift 2012 13.) Anyway.. & the Mayan Calendar 'End-Date' of 2012 (now re-written). ie approach the zero point. If it had ceased all rotation on its axis. with a circular orbit & a 360-day year. so you can tell me if you disagree. and if in 2012 the obliquity of the ecliptic will be 1406. I read the new article. raising the consciousness of mankind.0.25 have a harmonic relationship. doesn't it? say that when the the earth was a perfect sphere.half the Earth would have remained facing the sun. what with Giza-Genesis and The Orion Prophecy and then Auric Time Scale Mach 1.0. they are not harmonics of each other.0. UNAVAILABLE (author's theory changed) . upon the Winter Solstice of 21st December. In the former article. 69. but.which is already listed on the 2012 Links page).. & the Mayan Calendar 'End-Date' of 2012" 31/7/2002 Keith Hunter has recently added another essay to the one already posted online.00140625.

." However. Luckily I have enough to last me through the next ten years. but Damaeus closed with a comment. I gather from my experiences with salvia that none of us will ever see the destruction of the earth. I think the beer drinking. or the transition might be a little smoother. ". permanently. with Salvia-inspired precognitive insights about 2012. Salvia & 2012 31/7/2002 Following on from Charlie Sabatino's letter concerning Salvia divinorum.diagnosis2012. Here is Damaeus' reply (posted 12 May 2002): Concerning salvia divinorum and 2012. We can't ascend because it just isn't time yet." to be continued. 70. and somewhat in practice through the use of salvia divinorum. a person by the web-name of Damaeus replied. Plus.Whats New page 3 UPDATE: Keith has now re-written the But I still have 110 grams of it. My roommate has always been fond of saying that when we finally have world peace. posting his reply at the 2012-Theories discussion group. we will awaken and all will seem so easy and natural that we won't even care that we were unable to do it before. should it ever become illegal. womanizing party animals are going to awaken just like everyone else. leaving our physical bodies to be destroyed with the worldwide earthquakes or whatever other disasters nature has in store. One might wonder why we can't do it now. though I do suppose that if one has some background study in these issues. but says. I think I've seen Biblical references to the idea that those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will be able to sense the "coming of the Lord". Anyway. I get the impression that all the preparation we're going through is all for naught. I would have posted this sooner. I think it's because these alignments aren't right yet. "it is not important that they are not harmonics.. when the event happens it might make a little more Damaeus. he is currently re-working the theory. Salvia is not an herb I'm driven to use on a daily basis. the world will be at peace and people will be expecting it. All we can really do now is know these things intellectually. I figure the calling might intensify between now and 2012. which inspired the research for Whats New 61 and 62. In fact. He admits that the numbers do not have a harmonic relationship. They are obviously related.htm (20 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . (see Whats New 46). the reason I wish to thank you is that. it will be the end of the world.. so that by the time 2012 arrives. but then who says the Bible is in fallible? I certainly don't. "I wonder if a rapture or Jesus fits into the Mayan 2012 timeline". I think when the time comes. This awakening process will indeed feel like a "waking up process". I have just this very night made a critical breakthrough in my work. We will hear the calling before it ever happens and our consciousness/spirit/soul will simply float away. including changes to the first paragraph I mentioned.. Thanks to Damaeus http://www. I haven't used any of it in at least a couple of months. due to your letter. even with the use of psychoactive or psychedelic herbs.. The only wrench in the gears is the part that says nobody knows the hour or the day.

co. tidal waves and high winds".htm (21 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . On page 172. the first of whose effects would be "electromagnetic shifts. the paws of the Sphinx on the Giza plateau. NEWS FLASH (19th September 2002): NEW ARTICLE by WEIDNER & BRIDGES Fulcanelli’s Final Revelation: Raising the Djed at the End of Time For more info. exploring the shaft that leads to the sealed room on the "Sirius shaft". The inference of both theories is that the second catastrophe would be in 2012.. called "Secret Chambers Revealed". which also predicted a double-catastrophe. This is exactly one year and 5 days before the Hendaye date. and 5 days before the Hendaye prophecy. that Autumn (Fall) Equinox 2002 would be the Day of Judgment. It points to a very specific date. which finds astrological and mythological confirmation: Click here to read it. the time period required to prepare for the transition from Pharaoh to a living star in Orion according to the Pyramid texts". CLICK HERE to go to 2012 and Crop Formations http://www. that brings attention to the fact that the National Geographic Channel are planning a LIVE worldwide broadcast on September 17th 2002 from inside the Great today (August 27th 2002). The Cross at Hendaye.crustal torque. the Great Pyramid. another mysterious monument at Giza. Paul Wright has today brought my attention to a post on Robert Bauval's website . pole shifts. the authors say. a true monument to the end of time. is thought to contain a prophetic design in its passages and Grand Gallery that ends on September 17 2001.Whats New page 3 71. By amazing "coincidence". demonstrates how to calculate the traditional date of the Day of Judgment. Weidner and Bridges found. September 22. Interestingly enough. check out BLT Research's website which is now online at last!) It links to all previous articles on 2012: Dire Gnosis that connect 2012 with crop formations. A Monument to the End of Time. 2002 and a specific place. Rush Allen has prepared a special essay on the subject for 2012: Dire Gnosis. in their book. with Zahi Hawass. Reminder: Judgment Day September 22 2002 ? 31/8/02 In Whats New item 21. This is exactly 1 year after the pyramid prophecy ends. The authors noted the similarity to Paul La Violette's Galactic Superwave theory (item 48). according to the Cyclic Cross at Hendaye in France. 2012 and Crop Formations 31/8/02 This is a new page using crop formations to illustrate various aspects of the 2012 phenomenon (if you think crop circles are all man-made.diagnosis2012.. The Cross is is covered in alchemically coded inscriptions that indicate that September 22 2002 may bring the first half of a "double catastrophe". see this article at cyberspaceorbit 72. However. quoting Imam al-Suyuti. Egyptian & Vedic Traditions. The destination is then Jinnah (the Garden) . will re-appear and kill the and I'm halfway through it & very much recommend it. the day of Rising from the grave. al-Suyuti believed the end of the world would occur in the year 1000 of the Islamic Calendar. He later changed his prediction to 1500 of the Islamic Calendar. between the era of anguish and the era of blessing. Safar Ibn `Abd Al-Rahman Al-Hawali says that he agrees with the Christian date interpretation. or spirit.The Transformation of consciousness According to Mayan.. At first. According to John Whalen.Whats New page 3 73. Islam and 2012 31/8/02 NB: I do not subscribe to any Islamic beliefs or sympathise with any fanatical or tyrannical attitudes. at Whats New item 61 Christianity/The Rapture and 2012. he says.(the Fire).htm (22 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . . At death. author of The Day of Wrath. Galactic Alignment: The book is available! 31/8/02 Galactic Alignment: John Major Jenkins' follow-up book to his Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 has just been published. the ruh. They also expect an "antichrist" figure. The book is called Galactic Alignment . (like the Bible. An article by Abdal Hakim Murad.will be 1967 + 45 = 2012. 74. Like Judaism and Christianity. and returns to the body on Yawm al." confirmed this. but says only God (Allah) knows sa' "the Hour").co. Islam also expects "the last days" and a Day of Judgment. Most Muslim sources regard prediction and prophecy as a bad idea. There is also an evil jiin called Shaytan. called Dajjal.meanwhile. some have stuck their necks out. They have mala'ika (angels) including Mikail (Michael) and Jibril (Gabriel).several Sufi sects have already declared 2076 as the Year of the Haj (end day) because it will coincide with the year 1500 in the Islamic Calendar. "Islam and the New Millennium. and before the Last Day. he put it as forty-five years! We have already seen that he specified the time of the establishment of the abomination of desolation as the year 1967. who is quoted all over the net. the Qur'an gives signs. Speaking of Jerusalem. the greatest scholar of medieval Egypt. the end –or the beginning of the end. Therefore.for Muslims only or Nar . or in lunar years 1387 + 45 = 1433. which means deceiver. at islaam. why not read Willard Van de Bogart's review. Click here for the rest of the article http://www..diagnosis2012. More next month. which is what in fact occurred. leaves the body and waits in barzakh (purgatory).. Jesus (who is seen as a prophet).Ba'th. that I have already quoted above. When Daniel specified the period between its distress and relief.

So. 76. AD 1950. which also starts on September 11th. they put the birth of Christ in the Gregorian year 7 AD. Thus. or the "Year of the World". Thus. and the start of the Seventh Day. Since the Ethiopian calendar (like the Gregorian). The capping of the Great Pyramid. So. 77.the Egyptian god Thoth.htm (23 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . (which occur when the Ethiopian year number is the same as any Gregorian leap-year number). use "Anno Mundi". September 11th 2012 will be the start of Ethiopian year 2005. this means that the Ethiopian year 2000 will start on the Gregorian date. and is author of the book Creature Teachers. This still leaves the 12-year discrepancy between the Transition of Ages marked by the Judaeo-Christian calendar and that marked by the Mayan Long Count calendar. or "Year of Light". For calculation of Masonic dates of various brotherhoods. although the Creation date is linked to Egyptian ideas. god of calendrical cycles. the expected end of the Sixth Day of Creation. uses the birth of Christ as a base line. or as the descent of the New Jerusalem. and is 240 years behind ours. Anno Lucis 5950. can now be seen as a symbol of the completion of Man the microcosm. Seneca society's Wolf Clan http://www. The Jewish Encyclopedia agrees on that this discrepancy is due to an error. The first month in the Coptic year. is called Tout . the year in which one of the documents was produced.Whats New page 3 75. that was planned for New Years Eve 1999. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. and Entering Into The puts the Creation date at 5500 BC. whose sacred number was 52. is over 7 years closer to the Mayan "end-point" than that of the Gregorian calendar. the Masonic calendar equates to the "corrected" version of the Hebrew calendar. September 12th 2007 AD (this is the start of Coptic year 1724). the Age-Transition point signified by the 2000th year after the birth of Christ. Moses and discovered that they were dated in a Masonic calendar of "Anno Lucis". which equates to the current Hebrew calendar. The Seneca Indians 30/9/02 Grandmother Twylah Nitsch is a Seneca Elder of the Wolf Clan. Further investigation showed that not all Masonic Brotherhoods use the Anno Lucis system. the last of the traditional Seneca medicine men. The Seneca Way. except during leap years. and their year 6000 should coincide with our year 2000 (2000 AD + 4000 BC = 6000) (see torahvoice). The Masonic Calendar 30/9/02 I recently bought some Masonic documents at a boot sale. However. (see Whats New item 62). the Gregorian year AD 2000 would equate to AL 6000 in the Masonic calendar. when it starts on September 12th. Grandmother was designated to preserve the Wolf Clan teachings by her maternal grandfather. for example. click here. Many decades ago.diagnosis2012. or Golden Age (see The Eye in The Pyramid). The Ethiopian Calendar 30/9/02 The Ethiopian calendar. The Ethiopian year starts on September 11th. which originated from the Coptic Egyptian calendar. is also given as the Gregorian date. Exodus 2006 has a new page with more information. (but was cancelled by the Egyptian authorities).

lasting until the year 2012 or so. Dan says the Cherokee name for the Great Spirit Creator is Yahowah! This seems to back up the claim of the Mormons.3 visible (representing heavens) and 3 invisible (representing universe). Incredibly. These Crossing points vary from 0 to 25 years. This also has a bearing on the Kalachakra prophecy (see Whats New item 28). the founder of http://www. On the site. Concerning Grandfather Moses: The Seneca Grandfather Moses Shongo (died ca. and are a collective struggle comparable to the birth and death transitions of the individual. that one of the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel once lived in America. There are 6 rings . and says sometimes the wheels were made from stone. using pebbles. during which the Earth will purge itself. The whole cycle is thus 1144 years. has a new website called Mysteries of Trox. and how it was inspired by the 52 scales around the mouth of the rattlesnake. 1925) foresaw a 25-year period of purification. the first 13 are years of Light and the following 9 are years of Darkness. in the series. the heavens and the universe". There is a transitional period from Light to Darkness and vice versa.htm (24 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM .uk/new3. (in 1969 / 1970) told Jose Arguelles that August 16-17 1987 would be the end of the Ninth Hell cycle (in the "prophecy of Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells"). Here again. so we cannot reconstruct the device the alignments of which give various meanings. and philosophy of earth history. called a "Crossing". (UPDATE: it will may look a bit like this animation) but one of the 3 visible wheels has 22 sections. consisting of 676 years of Light (13 x 52) and 468 years of Darkness (9 x 52). Tony Shearer (mentioned in the item above) thought that the 22 golden plates found by Joseph Smith. but a 25-year period of purification preceding 2012. we have confirmation of a 25-year transitional period starting in 1987.Whats New page 3 Teaching Lodge teaches the wisdom. There is a page still to come. The 22 sections are divided into 2 parts. and that means that the year 1987 was flagged long before the late Tony Shearer. he tells of the Cherokee Calendar.. I hope to have more on this next month. He describes a system of interlocking wheels. and is called a "World". here we have a native prophecy concerning not only 2012. 78. In fact. So. who is of Chickamauga Cherokee blood. This is the time that Arguelles called "Harmonic Convergence".diagnosis2012. since Dan says that "the Cherokee calendar ends in 2012". Cherokee Calendar Wheels 30/9/02 Dan Troxell. They represent the movement of "the stars. Grandmother Twylah Nitsch is also the co-author of Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours: A Native American Creation Story as Retold by a Seneca Elder and Her Granddaughter. prophecy. On the rings are "glyphs and colors". These are often mistaken for Medicine Wheels. each representing 52 years. and measures "TIME UNTIME". and sometimes the wheels were formed on the ground..

Whats New page 3 Mormonism. and that Mormon was Lord Pacal of Palenque! According to Shearer. 79. and 9 Hells of 52 years later.htm (25 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM . to say the least. and the Capricorn gate is the one through which the gods descend to earth. gave 16/17 August 1987. while the gate of ascension is called the Golden Gate. The Golden Gate lies at Galactic Center in Sagittarius. the gate of reincarnation is called the Silver Gate. There are 2 crossing points of the Galactic meridian. according to Shearer. marks the time-window when the divine influences descend.diagnosis2012. and the ecliptic (path of sun and planets across the sky). and an animation of part of the device (keep finger on mouse to animate). That was 1519. Galactic Alignment. These celestial gates were described by Macrobius as the gates of Capricorn and Cancer. Anyone who has read Hamlet's Mill. Jenkins makes a convincing case that the alignment of the Solstice Sun with the Galactic meridian." It is clear from both Hamlet's Mill and from Jenkins' Galactic Alignment. and found it very thoughtprovoking. the ancients knew that there are certain times during the cycle of precession. but he says that the Silver Gate is the way of reincarnation. knows that knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes goes back into the mists of time.. calendars. while the Golden Gate is the Way of the Gods and leads "beyond the circle of Necessity. More on Galactic Alignment 30/9/02 I have finished reading John Major Jenkins' latest book. and has been encoded into mythology worldwide. and the Silver Gate lies at Galactic Anti-Center in Gemini (see items 47 and 48). (close to Galactic center) which is flagged by the end of the 13-Baktun Cycle in 2012. but Jenkins points out that this was an error of over 100 days. Aztecs. Quetzalcoatl left the prophecy of the 13 Heavens & 9 Hells when he departed. The Aztecs welcomed Cortez as Quetzalcoatl (also bearded & white-skinned). or equally. It even measures the precession of the equinoxes! Now see this picture of the Ancient Greek Antikythera clockwork computer from 87 BC and spot the similarity. had come from Palenque. Following the work of Oliver Reiser. (Lord of the Dawn 1971). (centre-line of the Milky Way). then the 9 hells would start. that these gates don't actually lie in Cancer and Capricorn. when he arrived in ships bearing the sign of Quetzalcoatl . the zodiac which lies behind the ecliptic. This item also supports my contention that the original Aztec Sunstone was a massive chronometer with moving parts ( read the full story here ).. and were seen as doorways through which the soul descends to be reborn on earth and ascends following physical death. pyramids. http://www. In Joscelyn Godwin's book. See special page on Shearer's calculation. To see an instrument that connects the cross. when the earth-sun-galaxy relationship allows the influx of some kind of energy that triggers a transformational leap in mankind. Jenkins shows that. Mystery see Crichton Miller's Celtic Cross (and here). These are the two routes from which the soul can exit from the world at death. He would return at the end of the 13 Heavens. See an amazing reconstruction of the Antikythera computer!!.uk/new3. more than this. but the neighbouring constellations of Gemini and Sagittarius.the Cross of 4 directions. ie to release from the round of birth and death. These crossing-points were known as "Gates" by the ancients.

read Willard Van de Bogart's review. He concludes that there is a Galactic Chakra system. excised chapters and more. when human beings are exposed to higher doses of high-frequency radiation. this oscillation allows greater amounts of mutational rays to strike the surface of the earth. and the crown chakra in the direction of the Galactic Anti-center. cleanse (it) us." Like Hamlet's Mill. with the base chakra at Galactic Center. the earth's protective magnetic shield becomes unstable and oscillates. reviews. evolving towards the sixth (ajna or third eye): "The as yet unspoken message in this survey is that the galactic alignment opens a channel for the kundalini shakti to flow through the New page 3 "Precession changes our angular orientation to the larger magnetic field of the galaxy in which we are embedded. the "underground stream" of knowledge encoded into virtually every religion you can think of.diagnosis2012. This book has started connecting up many of the threads mentioned on this site. and shows how that system is also flagging the galactic alignment. http://www. Galactic Alignment will probably inspire other researchers to dig further into the shadows illuminated by the book. If you haven't read it. Hear John Major Jenkins interviewed on the Laura Lee show (19th & 20th September 2002) Galactic Alignment Among the Ancients Part 1 (19th September 2002) Galactic Alignment Among the Ancients Part 2 (20th September 2002) More on Galactic Alignment at the 2012 Books page. and excite it (us) into a higher level of being.includes related essays. While this may result in mutations and a greater chance for "evolution". Earth is at the level of the fifth (throat) chakra. Without a complete field reversal being required.. and has brought into sharp focus.. as indicated by the solstice-galaxy alignments (probably the equinox-galaxy alignments.. They were all preparing us for the opening of the Golden Gate! New at JMJ's Alignment 2012 website: Galactic Alignment 2 -a massive web resource on Galactic Alignment . (that may have originated as long ago as 7000 BC)." Jenkins refers to Swami Sri Yukteswar's study of the Vedic Yuga system.htm (26 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM .. too). during regularly occurring eras in the precessional cycle. of greater significance is the possible transformative effect on human consciousness during alignment eras.

Whats New page 3 http://www.diagnosis2012.htm (27 of 27)9/28/2005 11:09:24 AM

More on Aquarius and 2012 88. Pueblo Indians: Fifth World in 2012 82. Guatemalan Priest Says That 1987 Was the End of the 9 Hells (1 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM .uk/new4. Kali Yuga and 2012 87. Venus-Pleiades Conjunction 92. Purification Period & World Ages 83. The Chinese.diagnosis2012. Cosmic Locusts http://www. Zulu Prophecy: The Return of Mu-sho-sho-no-no 81. More on the Bible Code 94. Near-Death Experience and 2012 93. Tracking Down the Kalachakra Prophecy 90. 9/11 Resonation With WWII on Time Wave Zero 91. Electro-Magnetic Pulse Wave (EMP Wave) 85.Whats New page 4 What's New? 80. Tibetan and Tamil Calendars 89. The Dresden Codex: Did it Predict the 1991 Eclipse? 84.

which is the year 2012. and what was the heavens became up. Will Hart's Venus Transit Theory 101. Then came drops of burning black stuff. which means. They saw rivers and streams of water that they could drink. Smelyakov Update 100. That is the great story of our forefathers. Tzolkin & Tzolkin 2 items 102+. One. After that came a terrible deluge of water accompanied by winds so great that they blew whole mountaintops away. See the whole article here or. and author of Song of the Stars: The Lore of a Zulu Shaman. in California on October 2 1999. is going to return on the day of the year of the red bull. Amnesia and the Echo Circle 96.htm (2 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . It still has an equinox http://www. many thousands of years ago a terrible star.. the star with a very long tail. And after that came huge chunks of ice bigger than any mountain and the whole world was covered with ice for many generations. OOBEs (OBEs) and 2012 98.Whats New page 4 95. and they saw that some of the fishes that escaped from the sea were now living in these rivers. Behemoth and Leviathan 99. an 80-year old Zulu Sanusi (shaman) and elder from South Africa. here. that I am told by the great storytellers of our tribes. gave a talk at the Living Lakes Conference. The whole world was turned upside down. That at one time. The sun rose in the south and set in the north. called Timbavati. it is this.. descended very close upon our skies. Because the great star. that fresh water is not native to our which is the lava of our sun. Zulu Prophecy: The Return of Mu-sho-sho-no-no 31/10/02 Credo Mutwa. It came so close that the earth turned upside down and what had become the sky became down. which included the following: Let me tell you two last things please. like molten tar. "the falling down of a star" in Zulu language. After that the surviving people saw an amazing slightly modified. There is a stone circle in South Africa. which burned every living thing on earth that could not escape. 80. or the kind called Mu-sho-sho-no-no. 83-Year Cycles 97. And we are told that this thing is going to happen again very soon.diagnosis2012.

There is also a stone observatory at Nomoratunga in Kenya. (planets) align themselves on the 5th of May. The Long Count has been traced to Izapa. 2000. which was manifested in the nineteen sixties. until the last day of the fourth world. In 1997. and April. (which came true in the sixteenth century). Morocco. And. As I said. is the first day of the fifth world. began in June. and there will be a “Great Purification” just before the start of the Fifth World. 1998. Could there be a connection? 81. and the lie. since June. everything living. we have only begun to feel the effect. Purification Period & World Ages Purification variations 31/10/02 Although most agree that the 4th/5th World transition will come in 2012. The only remaining prophecy to be fulfilled is the appearance of a new star that they call Blue Star Kachina. Pueblo Indians: Fifth World in 2012 31/10/02 The Hopi Indians of Arizona believe that we are living in the fourth of five eras . it will be stripped away. 2012. the final cleansing of Earth. Senegal. 1998. & Togo. From that date. even though some have put the transition at 2011. connected with the "Borana Calendar". 1999. They have a series of nine prophecies. a date taken from our star calendars. The 23rd day of December. will begin between January.htm (3 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . If mankind will not willingly let go of the illusion. based on rising stars and lunar phases. and at 6. and will continue to escalate until the nine brothers. will undergo a purge. there are several variations on the date of Purification: http://www. 2012. Izapa has Olmec connections. The chaos everyone has been anticipating. (planets). This conforms to Hopi Indian prophecies. a Pueblo Indian from Northern New Mexico. and the lie. the Olmec carved mysterious giant stone heads with African features. starting with the coming of white men with guns. The eighth prophecy is the hippie era. There are also stone circles in The Gambia .000 BC is the "oldest astronomically aligned structure yet discovered anywhere on the planet". 1998. In September. the five brothers. a stone circle in the Southern Egyptian desert was found to have an alignment to the summer solstice sunrise. or the tearing away of the illusion. Speaking Wind. has said that the Fifth World will start in December 2012. aligned themselves to usher in the cleansing energies of New page 4 alignment intact. December 22.the Fourth World.

that mistakenly think the last Katun began in 1992 (it was actually April 5 1993) Robert Gilson's Period of Justification also started in 1992 & ends in 2012. some say we are in Fifth 1. However. approaching the Sixth.. See also the new article on Ajq'ij .Whats New page 4 1. a 20-haab period may be seen as a placebo for the final katun of the Great Cycle (a haab = 365 days).co. We are in the 4th Sun. 3. The Mayan fifth world finished in 1987. 1987. Year 2000 according to the Q'ero that Alberto Villoldo spoke to. it began in with the solar eclipse over Mexico City (see next item) 4. and we start the crossing in 1990-1993 and complete it in 2012. approaching 5 say the Maya ( Judith Bluestone Polich ) 4. The 5th sun ended in 1519. say the Q'ero Incas according to Alberto Villoldo 5. in the Q'ero Indian version. approaching 6th. approaching the Fifth. The sixth world starts in 2012. The Q'ero that Joan Parisi Wilcox spoke to.August 1993.Pueblo Indians. 5. said there are 3 ages. Toltecs & Incas. since the long count fell into disuse. and the 52-haab Calendar Round then was used to measure precession.htm (4 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . in Quetza-Sha's version.diagnosis2012. (they have combined their myth with a Christian myth of 3 ages). th http://www.Mayan priest/historian/investigator/anthropologist-Carlos Barrios by Steven McFadden at Whats New 85 below. in the Shearer/Arguelles/Kalachakra/Seneca/Cherokee calendar wheels versions. and will reach the 5th Sun in 2012. July 1991. say the Aztecs. 3. World/Sun variations Some tribes say we are in the Fourth World. We are in 5th sun. 6th sun starts in 2012 according to some contemporary Aztecs 2.. Some New Age sources also think we are "between worlds". 1992 in many sources. 6. August 1990 . item 81 above. we are in 4th world. 2. 1998-2000 .

say we are living in the 5th world. approaching the 5th. of which the first 3 have ended in destruction (so we are in the 4th age). 4th Sun: 676 years (52 x 13) NB This must be the origin of the idea that there were 13 Heavens that ended in 1519. 3rd Sun: 312 years (52 x 6). For further discussion. 8. the second is the Place of Melting into One. Multiples of the 52-year Calendar Round: (from Leyenda de los soles) 1st Sun: 676 years (52 x 13).diagnosis2012. according to Gordon Brotherston. that in the Mayan Popol Vuh epic. see the Book of the Fourth World by Professor Gordon Brotherston Variations in duration of World Ages 1. so we can extrapolate: 5th Sun: 468 years (52 x 9) 1b (UPDATE) According to Jose Arguelles in The Transformative Vision (1975).uk/new4. 2nd Sun: 364 years (52 x7).The Navajo Indians also have a total of 5 worlds. John Major Jenkins points out (In Appendix 2 to Maya Cosmogenesis 2012). 9. say we are living in the 4th world. and which were followed by 9 Hells ending in 1987. the first is the World of the Spirits of Living 3rd Sun: 4081 years.htm (5 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . http://www. 14. Of the 2 "above us". the fifth age consists of the 13 heavens plus the 9 hells. according to Dennis Tedlock. The Zuni Indians. 2nd Sun: 4010 years. From the Vaticano-Latin Codex: 1st Sun: 4008 years. 10. p. 676 + 468 = 1144 years. This conforms to the Cherokee Calendar (see Whats New item 78) 2. neighbors of the Hopi. a total of 4 ages are laid out. The Hopi Indians. Some Navajo medecine men say there are 7 worlds and we are in the 5th.Whats New page 4 6. according to Frank Waters and some other sources. 7.

The third level is the Calendar Round and New Fire ceremony . (Brotherston p. we have a hierarchy of Suns within Suns. 5 Suns total 26. or 13-baktun cycle of 5.200 tuns . Madrid Codex (Brotherston p. However.26.Whats New page 4 4th Sun: 5026 years The implication here is that the 5th Sun is over 5. Sioux Indians (Brotherston p. that a unified theory is still out of reach. There is evidence that the Aztec Sunstone shows 1 Sun = 5.900 years TOTAL: 23. There are many differing Calendar Round beginning-dates across Mesoamerica. The seventh level is multiple precession cycles.000 tuns . Since Jenkins has shown that the Calendar Round is also a way of measuring precession (by zenith cosmology).900 years 3rd Sun: 3. The fifth level is the Great Cycle.200 years.301): 1st Sun: 6. and anyway. 3.000 years in length.apparently reborn every morning. 4th Sun: 1. when the Sun is reborn at the morning of Winter Solstice. 5th Sun: 1. http://www.000 years. and means "Sun" . or the 26. and a new year begins.000-tun cycle.900 years.2nd April 2012).co. As we have seen. so the hierarchy above just shows various concepts of large cycles.52 years. there is a Calendar Round that ends in 1987 (Teotitlan . there are so many conflicting versions.The morning Solstice Sun is reborn aligned to the centre of the galaxy.100 years.299) 4.22 Calendar Rounds = 1144 years. The fourth level is the Heaven & Hell cycles .000 years = 8 x 26.1st March 1987) and one that ends in 2012 (Tikal . Thus.000 years.000 years.diagnosis2012. The second level is the year.302): Mega-Sun: 208. we can say that the Suns (Worlds) measure precessional movement. the Calendar Round won't divide into the 13-baktun cycle. The Mayan word for "day" is kin. 2nd Sun: 11.htm (6 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM .000 years.a fifth of the cycle of precession (level 6) The sixth level is the cycle of precession .

584285 & 584283 .that may sound more familiar by their termination points: 23rd December 2012 and 21st December 2012. While looking into this question. or extrapolated into the future.0. Martin and he told me that the correlation had only been in use since 1996. Master of the Stars 1992-1993 footage (55+ clips). flying in groups.the others are the Paris Codex and the Madrid Codex). Martin. had concluded that the 1991 eclipse was the start of the Sixth Sun .co. this is one point on which the video editors have made misleading statements. Messengers of Destiny 1991-1992 footage (50 + clips). The site is run by Mike Finley. Another point made by Mike is that the accuracy of the charts fails after a few recyclings. but that doesn't alter the fact that there has been a massive wave of UFOs in Mexico since 1991. which includes detailed information on the Dresden Codex. In the 3 videos. though Thompson revised the former 1930 correlation #584285. Floyd Lounsbury later revived Thompson's earlier correlation).htm (7 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . as shown in the rest of the videos. and in 1950 replaced it with the latter #584283. Then I came across a fascinating site. At the time of the eclipse. buzzing commercial & military aircraft. and on Mexican TV. appearing during the darkness of the eclipse.0 equated to a day in 1955 AD. and supports the GMT correlations ( there are 3 of these . had used a correlation of JD 563334.0.Lee and Britt Elders. the periods must be "recycled". The site's author. and these were disappearing behind buildings. and the eclipse calculations had been carried forward into the next 13-baktun cycle. The original July 1991 footage was later denounced as Venus. which meant that the last day of the 13-baktun cycle 13. On the site. In other words. so the implication is that it was a different correlation used. it may be possible to find the 1991 eclipse date by extrapolation. B. to arrive at the July 1999 eclipse using the Dresden Codex.Whats New page 4 83. by Genesis 111.0. The Dresden Codex: Did it Predict the 1991 Eclipse? 31/10/02 During the July 11th 1991 solar eclipse. due to http://www. and Jaime Maussan (the Mexican TV commentator covering UFOs). So. The editors of the video . and these were collected with later footage taken during the various Mexican waves and were released as 3 videos. called The Real Maya Prophecies: Astronomy in the Inscriptions and Codices.2 of which are the most popular correlations . a UFO appeared over Mexico City and sparked off a series of UFO waves over Mexico that still continue today (see Beyond 2012 item 9). I emailed Mr.the event that is usually associated with 2012. but the actual (Maya equivalent of July 1991) date is not recorded in the Dresden Codex. 17 different people caught the UFO on their video cameras.diagnosis2012. it was stated that the 1991 eclipse had been predicted in the Dresden Codex (one of only 3 surviving codices. (and here). on which the Dresden Codex has been used to predict eclipses between 1975 and 2008. and Voyagers of the Sixth Sun 1993-1996 footage (90 + clips). Mike explains that. and in the UFO magazines reviewing them. etc. or books written by the Maya . in order to use the Dresden Codex for eclipse prediction. I came across a site called Whitecrow

Days between base date and eclipse of 11 July 1991 (from a perpetual calendar program) = 451316 3. because the error is cyclical. which is 1212 years since 755 AD.61 days in each cycle through the table --.but don't remember where.or more correctly. Teeple showed back in about 1930 that the lunar node recedes about 1. and the table's accuracy is "restored". First. Third. I guess some "practical" entry date or adjustment in the base date of the long count might be contrived so that the moon would be near the node at new moon in July 1991. The length of the eclipse table in the Codex is 11. So anyway. so I can't guarantee that I didn't make an arithmetic error). A number of dates have been suggested. because of cumulative error when the table is "recycled". but that would be an entirely arbitrary exercise --. not the 20th. these observations. circular reasoning since it presumes that the table must be able to predict the 1991 eclipse and adjusts things accordingly. and so a correction factor must be used over the 38 recyclings necessary to bring the eclipse table forward to cover 1991. But before the calculation. and I don't think any pretend to work for 37 cycles of the I wrote to ask Mike if he thought the 1991 eclipse could have been predicted using the GMT correlations.every 600 years or so.htm (8 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM .diagnosis2012. here's my calculation: . You made me curious enough to try a calculation--. it's unlikely that it would correctly predict an eclipse that occurred many cycles through the table after the 755 AD base date given in the Codex --.(I'm using the '85 version of the GMT correlation. I doubt any of them will do much better. with http://www. there have been methods for correcting the error when the table is recycled --. 1.but it might. The node receded about 2 full lunar months in this time.but these are all rather speculative. it has been proposed that the "practical" entry date into the table was later than 755 AD. The calculation below shows that the 1991 eclipse would have occurred in the 38th cycle of the table after 755 AD.960 days (11.Whats New page 4 accumulated error. Thus the lapse of time between the dates is 37 full cycles through the table. a cycle beginning in about 1967 AD. For those of you interested in the Dresden Codex. 2. the node recedes all the way through the lunar month. here is Mike's reply: I too seem to come across something about prediction of a 1991 eclipse -. but the choice between '83 and '85 won't make much didfference here). Assume that the base for solar eclipse prediction is 12 Nov 755 AD in the Gregorian calendar (= 8 Nov 755 Julian).the most ambitious was proposed by the Harvey and Victoria Bricker of Tulane University Second. since they were chosen to give eclipse predictions in the 13th or 14th century (by finding an entry date near an orbital node at that time).959 tabulated + 1 day to restore the tzolk'in entry day). This very rough calculation suggested that it would be worthwhile checking to see if the 1991 eclipse is actually predicted in the 38th cycle of the table.I'll set out the steps so you can check it if you want (I didn't double check anything.

Once again. this count of days is reached on page 55b. so it doesn't work either.Whats New page 4 8796 days left over. 4) is 177 days from col.. This is 20951 days earlier than the GMT --. 1991. and then across the bottom halves of the pages from page 51 . except those directly before each picture. page 55b would give an eclipse that is 48 days prior to July 11. 3 predicts an eclipse 8920 days into the table. it is based on the discoveries of In item 48.000 years. in which it becomes apparent that the event that governed the timing of the 2012 termination point of the Mayan 13baktun cycle.. and sends out a "galactic superwave" of cosmic waves that bring dust and cause solar activity to increase. 3. In other words.I have a list of 50 proposed correlations. Thus the prediction at col. In addition. There is presumably a secondary solar eclipse predicting entry date 30 days after 12 Nov 755.the Dresden Codex eclipse tables cannot be used to locate the July 1991 eclipse! 84. the total recorded by the scribes adds 178 rather than 177 to correct the rounding error in taking 6 lunar months = 177 days. See the Codex on-line linked from my web page) 5. the emphasis was on a Galactic Core explosion that happens at intervals of 13. Although this is fiction.htm (9 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . 6. this wave is said to be due every 500 years. Counting through the eclipse table. 2 to 18 days (but increasing the error in col.thus reducing the error in col.000 and 26. The next prediction (col. 3).1 cycle of the lunar table +8991days. while http://www. Col. and it's not on it). the closest prediction would be on page 55b. Britt and Lee Elders and Jaime Maussan were mistaken .. 5 times before page 55b. Paul LaViolette (see Beyond 2012 item 48 ). The second column makes a prediction at 8748 days into the This one leads to eclipse predictions at each station 30 days later --. 1991. (The count is 177 in each column. 2. 4. was the arrival of an "EMP wave". with is 71 days too early (or 51 days too early if we consider the "secondary" predictions). Electro-Magnetic Pulse Wave (EMP Wave) 31/10/02 I recently discovered an online fictional work called Galactic Tsunami. which is 148. The next prediction (col. In the story. 3) is 119 days after July 11. Thus the "1991" eclipse would be reached according to this correlation 8991 days into the table. Conclusion: The table isn't even close to the mark!!! You mention a base date for the long count of JD 563334 (I'm not familiar with it --. and the third column a prediction at 8925. and currently overdue by 200 years. across the top halves of the pages from page 53 to page 58.

Galactic superwaves such as those that arrived during the last ice age could have generated pulses delivering tens of thousands of volts per meter in times as short as a billionth of a second.htm (10 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM .diagnosis2012. when I re-read pages 334-335 of LaViolette's book. there is a high probability of another one occurring in the near future. from which I have extracted the following: Galactic superwaves may also produce an intense electromagnetic pulse (EMP) whenever a cosmic ray front happens to strike the Earth's there was a period of almost 2000 years without a wave. However. on the talk by Guatemalan Ajq'ij. Nevertheless.000 years. With the most recent outburst occurring 700 years ago. Earth Under Fire. and the pattern certainly doesn't look predictable: 85 Guatemalan Priest says that 1987 Was the End of the 9 Hells 31/10/02 Steven McFadden's has written a new article (Steep Uphill Climb to 2012).uk/new4. Barrios http://www. These outbursts may have produced minor superwave emissions with EMP effects comparable to those of major superwaves. the diagram in Earth Under Fire reveals that. the Galactic center has expelled 14 clouds of ionized gas. or a more detailed article here. Galactic Center activity occurs frequently between major superwave events. About 80% of these bursts took place within 500 hundred years of one another. comparable to the early-time EMP signal from a high-altitude nuclear explosion. Astronomical observation indicates that during the last 6. in Santa Fe in Autumn 2002. and causing major geomagnetic variations. although the average may be 500 years. I found that he did say smaller EMP events happen on average every 500 years. See LaViolettes site (here prediction 11).Whats New page 4 blocking out the sunlight. priest/anthropologist. Carlos Barrios.

http://www.diagnosis2012.000.000 years Dvapara Yuga (Copper/Bronze Age): 864. See the special article on this at How Did Tony Shearer calculate Harmonic Convergence? (UPDATED)He also says 2012 will not be the end of the world.000 years Kali Yuga (Iron Age): 432. day.000 years Treta Yuga (Silver Age): 1. and dusk: Krita Yuga: dawn = Dvapara Yuga: dawn:72. cleansing it and all that dwells upon it. which are: Krita Yuga (Golden Age): 1. day: 720.000.000.160 x 400 =2. dusk: 72.160) .Whats New page 4 says that the 25-year period between 1987 and 2012 is the period between the fourth and fifth worlds. day: 360. that is because they are precessional numbers: Platonic Year = 25.160 x 800 = years (12 x 2. Kali Yuga and 2012 30/11/02 In the Hindu system of time years Each Yuga is split into 3 parts.000.1 complete precession of the equinoxes (or solstices).htm (11 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM .000. dusk = 144.440. raising all to a higher level of vibration. but it will be transformed.000 Treta Yuga: dawn: 108." 86.000 = 2.000 Kali Yuga: dawn: 36. but at the shorter end of the cycle spectrum. The Galactic "alignment with the heart of the galaxy in 2012 will open a channel for cosmic energy to flow through the earth.160 x 200 If these numbers look familiar.000.080. day: 1. dawn. day = 1.728. we have the four Yugas. dusk: 108. dusk: 36.160 x 600 =2. the longest cycles last trillions of years.000.

and he studies the work of Hindu saint. rather than the (approx) 25. and the ascent back to light starts when the Winter (December) solstice sun aligns with Galactic Centre circa 1998-2012 So. and the Kali Yuga (Iron Age) lasts 1. Kali Yuga 2012 countdown clock Jenkins' diagram This (below) is Yukteswar's diagram Click here for Click on picture to see larger version http://www. the Yuga system is about around 10.precession of the equinox through one degree.Aquarius transition of Western astrology. the Dvapara Yuga (Bronze age) lasts 2.000-year cycle.600 years. the 4 Yugas are said to add up to 24.precession of the equinox through one sign of the zodiac.Whats New page 4 Platonic month = 2.400 years.160 years . In one of the oldest Vedic writings.200 years.000 years. they only come to 12. Platonic day = 72 years .320 years. Jenkins’ Study of the Yukteswar analysis shows that Yukteswar was talking about the precession cycle. the Treta Yuga (Silver Age) lasts 3. 2 Platonic months = 4.800 although some sources say it only started in 3. but basing it on a 24. and went on to explain it. and after looking at Jenkins' updates to Yukteswar's work.000 years to an ascending half.700-year cycle recognised by astronomy.102 BC. who discovered an oversight in the Vedas. Rene Guenon and others says we are now nearing the end of Kali Yuga.htm (12 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . as we have decoded from the classic cycle lengths above. John Major Jenkins' recent book. we can see that the end of Descending Kali Yuga corresponds to the Pisces . (born 1855).800 BC. attributed to the god-man Manu.000-year cycle. See an excellent summary by Jenkins here. and another 12.920. The Satya Yuga (Golden Age) lasts 4. 2 Platonic days = 144 years 360 x 72 = 25. Yukteswar explained the enigma in a diagram that equates the 12. See also Whats New item 41. but when they are enumerated. half a Platonic month = 1. Sri Swami Yukteswar. and to the solsticegalaxy alignment era AD 1998 .080 years.000 years.diagnosis2012.2012.000 years to a descending half of the 24. The descent into darkness started when the Summer (June) solstice sun was aligned with Galactic Centre. Galactic Alignment goes into the Vedic Yuga system in some detail.

we find a quote from the Aquarian Age Network: While acknowledging the zero point of the zodiac to be defined as the point where the true galactic equator crosses the ecliptic between Taurus and Gemini. From Testimony Magazine (html) or (pdf) http://www. this declaration tells us that the point of the spring equinox (once being between the constellations Gemini and Taurus. 27° 8' to be representative of the B1950 definition of the galactic coordinate system. which is opposite the center of our galaxy and supposed to be a black hole. In an excellent essay on the astronomical symbolism of the Book of Revelation.diagnosis2012. we declare the Age of Aquarius to have unequivocally arrived. by virtue of Sagittarius A* being recognized as the dynamical center of the galaxy with the true galactic equator passing through Sagittarius A*. The 90° relates to three constellations. Pax Aetatis Aquarii vobiscum! Then a translation: Expressed in more simple each 30°. 0735 and recognizing the J2000 galactic equator defined by the galactic north pole of 12h 51. on the galactic equator) already has moved more than 90° from this point on the galactic equator. More on Aquarius & 2012 30/11/02 Back at Whats New item 25 we discussed some ideas putting the start of the Age of Aquarius at 2012.htm (13 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM .4m. and by virtue of the sun being at 90° 00' 32" past the point of the crossing of the J2000 galactic equator and the ecliptic at the spring equinox of 20 March 2000. on the Calendarsign site.Whats New page 4 87. and therefore the constellation Aquarius enters the spring equinox dawn and the new age arrives.

mentioned above (the precession of the equinoxes). and one of 5 elements. It is calculated that it will be exactly on the zero meridian early in 2012. with 2 consecutive years being named after each element: q q q q q q q q q q q q Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Rooster Dog Pig The elements are: q q q q q Wood Fire Earth Metal Water Some sources describe 10 Celestial Stems and 12 Terrestrial Branches.800 brightest stars as listed in a star catalogue. This is an imaginary line running from the horizon due north of an observer through the heavens to the horizon due south of an observer. However. Each year is named after one of 12 (14 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM .uk/new4.diagnosis2012. in fact the nearest of all the 1. At the time of the birth of Jesus Christ the nearest visible star in Pisces to the zero meridian would have been that designated alpha. http://www. is now that designated omega.Whats New page 4 We now need to consider the concept of the meridian. each element has a destructive manifestation followed by a constructive manifestation. 88. Tibetan & Tamil Calendars 30/11/02 The Chinese calendar consists of 60-year cycles which in turn consist of five 12-year cycles. The Chinese. due to the slow movement of the sun through the Zodiac. The meridian at the vernal equinox is called the zero meridian. the nearest star in Pisces to the zero meridian. and it runs through the constellation of Pisces in which the sun is situated. but this is clarified elsewhere.

on 23 January 2012. and started in the year 1027. Kimono Dragon). http://www. serpent. this was the year Fire Rabbit. monkey. vulture).co. lizard. on February 28 1987. but as daysigns rather than year signs (alligator. For more on this. due to the 3-year difference): q q q q q q q q q q q q Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Bird Dog Pig Mouse Ox Tiger The elements are consequently listed starting with Fire. rather than Wood. dog. rather than and almost halfway through it. and jaguar = tiger & eagle = bird. The current Chinese 60-year cycle started on 2 February 1984 in the year Wood Rat. when the Kalachakra teachings were introduced to Tibet. deer. The Tibetan calendar is based on the Chinese system. eagle.htm (15 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . jaguar. so the current Tibetan 60-year cycle started 3 years after the Chinese one.diagnosis2012. The 12 Tibetan animals vary slightly from the Chinese (and start with Rabbit. see the next item. then seven of them are the same as the Tibetan animals. rabbit. and if you consider that a lizard is close to a dragon (nb. However. q q q q q Fire Earth Iron Water Wood Note that the Mesoamerican calendars also incorporate animals into their systems. There are ten animals amongst the Mesoamerican day-signs. and 2012 is the year of the Dragon in Chinese and Tibetan calendars.Whats New page 4 making the 10 Celestial Stems. 3 years after the start of the Chinese 60-year cycle. the year Water Dragon will begin (see Robert Bast's chapter: 2012: Year of the Dragon). Snake follows dragon in both systems.

The 60-year cycles may be connected to the 60-year Jupiter-Saturn conjunction cycle. then maybe the "second hand" involves alignment of another body to GC on the Winter Solstice. Finally. a sixth of that is 2 years (2010 to 2012). which precess around the sky over 18. a sixth of that is 12 years (1998 to 2010). Resurrection of Bruce Lee** (you may laugh).85) that in Islamic and Indian astrology (and Tibetan). and 2012 is called Nandana which means "delight".Whats New page 4 In the 260-day Tzolkin of Mesoamerica. but the last conjunction was in May 2000. The lunar nodes are the points where the sun and moon's orbits intersect. One degree of precession is 72 years. descent of Kukulcan at Chichen thus fulfilling my prophetic joke The Tamil calendar of Southern India. So the question is. and the lunar eclipse on Winter Solstice 2010 is the "minute hand" when the moon becomes involved. Mars. See 2012 Calendar page. like the Tibetan one. On "snake days" in 2012 there will occur several conspicuous events. but in some Mesoamerican languages. (but in mid-April. and Jenkins points out that although the precise alignment of the Galactic equator with the Solstice sun was in 1998. There will be a total lunar eclipse on Winter Solstice 2010. The Way of the Dragon. **UPDATE: This is a joke . unless they get delayed.diagnosis2012. rather than February). are represented as the head and tail of a dragon. both due on that day. Nibiru. etc.74 . the dragon was thought to be eating the sun or moon. that the lunar nodes. is at exactly three degrees Sagittarius. also includes a 60-year cycle which. Winter Solstice 1926 heralded the year 1927.Bruce Lee starred in Enter the Dragon. when the south lunar node (tail of the dragon). John Major Jenkins has discovered (see Galactic Alignment p. maybe eclipses could " represent the quicker "second hand" of the precessional clock". So. EMP wave appearing as a blue star from Galactic Centre. Ascension day. According to an Islamic text. Planet X /Mercury/Venus. including the following.1 years. not close to the end/start of any of above calendars. Kan means "snake". I have now been told that a Korean film company is going to make a computergenerated Bruce Lee for a film. (see below) and was 72 years before Winter Solstice 1998. lizard is Kan and snake is Chicchan . it is "exalted". Last Trump etc). It is "a derivative of the old Hindu solar calendar and is based on the sidereal year".htm (16 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . Each year has a name in the Tamil calendar. was the "hour hand" at Winter Solstice 1998. re-started in 1987. Rosh Hashanah (opening of gates of Heaven. However. and when an eclipse occurs. This is the exact position of Galactic Centre. Return of the Dragon. what celestial body will appear in conjunction with GC on Winter Solstice 2012? Could it be asteroid 2002AU4 or 1999NW2. yet another super-nova in Sagittarius? http://www. perhaps a comet or meteor shower. if Galactic Alignment involving the Sun at the Galactic equator.

according to The Transformative Vision: 1. Arguelles simply deferred to Shearer's calculation. "In Yeats's chart of the historical cones. skip to the next pink paragraph.. 1927 was "a curious year.227) If the next few paragraphs are too heavy. Since the final Tibetan cycle and the ancient Mexican hell cycle both end in 1987. I had the impression. This is how the Tibetan Kalachakra connects. that Bernbaum's book.diagnosis2012. which then influenced the creation of the Dreamspell count. I finally tracked down a copy of The Transformative Vision .226). 2. or Wheel of Time. As we have seen in Whats new item 88 above. (p. the Bardo Thodol".”. who had got the information from "a sorceress in the jungle hotlands of Tehuantepec"(p. marked by the appearance of an erratic comet.htm (17 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . the Rab-byung. to see if I could see how the Kalachakra Prophecy fits in. ". the last important date is 1927. As Arguelles recently pointed out in his tribute to the late Tony Shearer. I saw that it was originally published in 1980. and the publication of Evans-Wentz’s popular edition of the seemingly obscure Tibetan Book of the Dead. Tracking down the Kalachakra Prophecy 30/11/02 At Whats New item 28 .226) 3. to give a 60-year cycle. when I got hold of Bernbaum's book. The Way to Shambhala had inspired Jose Arguelles to connect 1987 with the Tibetan calendar. " There is one other point about the year 1927: it was the first year of the current and last sixtyyear cycle of the Tibetan calendar—the and that information is published in his 1971 book. Shearer told him as early as 1969 that the end of the ninth Hell cycle would be in 1987.Whats New page 4 89. Tibet uses the Chinese calendar system of 5 elements combined with 12 animals. Shearer worked out how the cycles correlated to the Gregorian calendar. However. and in both Chinese and Tibetan systems. which initiates a penultimate series. The Transformative Vision.. Buckminster Fuller’s synergistic revelation." (p.. and why the calculation was wrong).uk/new4. Jung’s dream. the invention of radio-television. this year may be the date Yeats did not list in his “Historical Cones. revealed in his 1975 book.Kalachakra Prophecy. It seems more than a coincidence that the esoteric knowledge of The Tibetan Book of the Dead was made available to Westerners in the year that began the fateful cycle in which Tibet itself would be destroyed. Most sources agree that the year Fire-Tiger http://www. 1986 was the year of the Fire-Tiger. (p. (summary at Whats New item 40). Lord of the Dawn (see special page on this..302). so this could not have been Arguelles' source. Shearer's understanding of the "present major cycles of heavens and hells" developed from a conversation with a Mexican Artist called Covarrubias.

the Tibetan New Year that began on February 28 1987 was the first year in the 17th 60-year Tibetan cycle. On the contrary. but the Tibetan calendar started in 1027. In 1986. December 1 1986 .co. While the previous* 60-year Chinese cycle ended on February 1st 1984. with the introduction of the Kalachakra teachings. and some say the Kalachakra calendar concept described in the original teachings has not been followed properly. with the result that it has fallen away from the tropical year by 22-23 days. In the Chinese version. the 60year cycle begins with a Wood Rat year. The Elemental new year is the first day of the new moon of the 11th lunar month of the previous year. February 21 2012 December 24 2011 http://www. (*not the last since that could be misinterpreted as final ) To complicate matters further. and four possible Tibetan New Year dates for Water Dragon 2011/2012: Losar: Elemental: February 28 1987. but that this was the "final Tibetan cycle". This is because each of these calendar systems has its own mathematical formulas (formulae) for adding leap-months and for determining the start and length of each month" (The Berzin Archives). when the Kalachakra teachings were introduced to Tibet.Whats New page 4 started on 9 February 1986 and ended on 28 January 1987 in China. do not always coincide. or Losar new Year. however. the Losar. so good.htm (18 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . I can find no corroboration for this. and the current 27th (some say 78th) Chinese cycle began on 2 February 1984. and this was the 4th year of the Chinese 60-year cycle. other than on sites devoted to Arguelles' Dreamspell. Fire Rabbit began on 28th January 1987 in China and 28th February 1987 in Tibet. in the Tibetan version. the Kalachakra and the Elemental.diagnosis2012. Arguelles claimed that 1987 would mark not only the end of the 16th 60-year cycle. the year Fire Rabbit (or Fire Hare). using the sidereal zodiac). So far. the Kalachakra New Year starts on the 12th April (first point of Aries. the year Fire-Tiger started on 9 February in Tibetan AND Chinese systems. The dates above are all the official. there are 3 kinds of Tibetan New Year. the 60-year cycle that ended in 1986/87 was the 16th 60-year cycle since the Tibetan calendar started in 1027. but the following year. when applied to the current discussion of a connection between the Tibetan and Mayan calendars is as follows: Four possible Tibetan New year dates for Fire Rabbit 1986/1987. The upshot of all this. "Chinese and Tibetan new years. So the Tibetan 60-year cycle starts 3 years after the Chinese 60-year cycle.

uk/new4.Whats New page 4 Kalachakra: April 12 On the special page about Tony Shearer's calculations for the end of the nine Hells. April 12 2012 March 20 2012 Corrected Kalachakra: March 20 1987. (called "Harmonic Convergence" by Arguelles).htm (19 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . Here are the other generated dates: EVENT haabs Beginning of year 1 Reed Landing of Cortes (1) DATE (corr# 584283) 9 Calendar Rounds (Hells) later plus 25 25 January 1519 (JD) 13 March 1519 (JD) 13 October 1986 29 November 1986 20 December 1986 7 October 2011 23 November 2011 14 December Landing of Cortes (2) (13 April Greg) 3 April 1519 (JD) 2011 Landing of Cortes (3) Teotitlan Calendar Round Tikal Calendar Round Cortes meets Montezuma (1) Cortes meets Montezuma (2) Cortes meets Montezuma (3) 2012 21 April 1519 (JD) 13 June 1519 (JD) 15 July 1544 (JD) 16 August 1519 (JD) 22 August 1519 (JD) 8 November 1519 (JD) 7 January 1987 1 March 1987 2 April 2012 4 May 1987 10 May 1987 27 July 1987 1 January 2012 23 February 2012 27 April 2012 3 May 2012 20 July Cortes meets Montezuma (4) theoretical (28 November 1519) August 16/17 1987 2012 "Terminal day"of 1 Reed September 2012 19th January 1520 (JD) 27 September 1987 August 9/10 20 http://www. the study generated 10 dates in 1986/1987 and 11 dates in 2011/2012.

after the last day of the 16th Rab-byung. However.Good Friday. This is known as the Teotitlan Calendar Round. Quetzalcoatl. (1 March 1987). which is 9 Calendar Rounds (Hell cycles) after June 1519 . and there is only one that ended in The landing of Cortes at Veracruz occurred in the spring of 1519. happens to be EXACTLY 9125 days. on 27 February 1987. 1519. 1987 .htm (20 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . and the Teotitlan area is just North of Oaxaca. The Tibetan calendar started in 1027 with the arrival of the Kalachakra teachings. Quetzalcoatl. or a 221-day discrepancy based on a 21 April 1519 landing date. Perhaps more significant.11-12): ". See special page about Tony Shearer's calculations for explanation However. which corresponded to the year Ce Acatl (One Reed). I note that the Tikal 52-year Calendar Round (2 April 2012). based on a meeting with Montezuma on August 22 1519).diagnosis2012. and the sixteenth sixty-year Rab-byung cycle of the calendar ended on February 28th. if we add twenty-five http://www. or Tibetan 60-year cycle. or 468 years". or 468 years. the ancient Mexican seers had prophesied that this particular year would mark the end of a “heaven” period consisting of thirteen 52-year cycles and the beginning of a major “hell” period consisting of nine 52-year cycles. corresponded in the Mexican calendar to the day Ce Acatl (One Reed). (2 Acatl / 2 Ben) June 13th (JD) 1519. the Teotitlan New Year occurs only 2 days after the Tibetan Losar New Year. Furthermore. Exactly 25 haabs of 365 days later. ending on February 23rd 2012. On this day. and the day 2 Reed. (p. and 13 days after the corrected Kalachakra New Year above. various districts of Mexico followed different variations of the 52-year cycle. occurs only 10 days before the Kalachakra New Year above.a date between the landing of Cortes and his meeting with Montezuma (Moctezuma).. since Shearer's information originated in Tehuantepec. Amazingly.just 2 days before the end of the nine Teotitlan "hell" cycles. as implied in The Transformative Vision. or 25 haabs of 365 days. and the Tehuantepec river is just South of Oaxaca. dedicated to the principal god/hero of the ancient Mexicans. although it is calculated by the Moon. which. April 21.. which is just 2 days after the Tibetan Losar New Year. although the Losar New Year is governed by the lunar cycle. the Teotitlan 52-year Calendar Round occurred in 1987.Whats New page 4 CONCLUSION Out of all these dates. with a 117-day discrepancy (Harmonic Convergence should have been on 4 May 1987. the ancient Mexican seers had prophesied that this particular day would mark the end of a “heaven” period consisting of thirteen 52-year cycles and the beginning of a major “hell” period consisting of nine 52-year cycles. dedicated to the principal god/hero of the ancient Mexicans. Arguelles' Harmonic Convergence was based on Shearer's calculation. (23 February 2012). Furthermore. marked the beginning of nine 52-year cycles that would terminate on 1 March 1987 (GD). we could re-state the facts as follows. a 25-haab cycle of Purification would the end of 9 Teotitlan "hells".

which occurs on 21st February 2012. the founder of the Time Wave Zero 2012 discussion group. and in the Golden Age. some sources say Huang Ti predated King Wen and other sources say King Wen came first. When Zyzygyz mentioned this to Peter Meyer. There is actually another significant fact about 1927 that Arguelles missed: The "21st king" of Shambhala assumed power in 1927. another member. put an end to the Age of Discord.see item 17 ). and inaugurate the Golden Age. while the Tibetan name is Rudra Cakrin. the time wave generated from the I Ching (see item 17) purports to show the ingression of novelty into spacetime. then the wave was re-calculated as the Sheliak set . Peter Meyer. following the Watkins Objection this was superceded by the Watkins This Huang Ti number set was included on the final version of the software (version 7. but both dates are on the bottom of a large novelty spike when the end-date is set for the 23rd. The Hindu name for this king is Kalki. there will be no more work or fighting. looked for resonances on the wave. Using the Watkins number set*. Carthellea suggested he looked at the beginning of World War II. but some lamas believe this is actually the 25th (=32nd overall) and last king who is ruling now ( 32 x 100 years after Buddha's death).diagnosis2012. had calculated a fourth number set based on the I Ching arrangement of Huang Ti (*the original Time Wave was based on the Kelley set. 1999 . who developed the software for the wave. (as Zyzygyz discovered). which will last at least 1000 years. 9/11 resonation with WWII on Time Wave Zero 30/11/02 Time Wave (21 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . He had become disillusioned with the Time Wave and introduced the Huang Ti wave as a means to test the theory. 90. and he took a look himself and pointed out that there was an exact resonance using the Huang Ti numbers and the 23rd December 2012** end date. He reasoned that Huang Ti was an earlier emperor than King Wen. and the attack on the USA on 11th September 2001. http://www. so Zyzygyz. but found nothing particularly significant at first. we arrive at the Losar New Year in 2012. following the 9/11 tragedy.Whats New page 4 365-day haabs to the end of the sixteenth 60-year Rab-byung cycle in 1987. and our lifespan will increase to 800 years (see Whats New item 40). withdrawn from sale). two days before the end of the Teotitlan-timed Purification period. he found that there was a visual resonance between the Nazi invasion of Poland on 1st September 1939. it got him interested again. However. This last King will be the 10th and final incarnation of Vishnu who will return to vanquish Evil. The resonance is also exact using the 21st December 2012 end date. so his arrangement should be just as valid if not more so than that of King Wen.

then the graph shape is identical. but September 11th aligns with the long spike that is touching the baseline (novelty increases the nearer the wave gets to the baseline). also set for end date 21 December 2012. http://www. If the chart set for end-date 23 December 2012**. As above. it is identical to the pattern for 9/11 above.htm (22 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM .co. you can see the pattern of the wave for the invasion of Poland on 1st September 1939. that shows the pattern of the wave for 11th September 2001.diagnosis2012. you can see the small vertical line from graphed line to set for end-date 21 December 2012. then 1st September 1939 aligns with the novelty spike.Whats New page 4 In the time wave chart below. if the chart is set for end-date 23rd December 2012**. As you can see. In the chart below.

He pointed out that in and each time. and is known as the Lounsbury correlation. and the year 2012 was encoded with "comet". and "Nazi" encoded in the same place. the 584285 correlation. Drosnin had already found "1939". "earth annihilated" and "It will be crumbled. Venus and the Pleiades were both very prominent in the Maya time-keeping systems. using the free trial Cybersky software. "World War". Raymond Mardycks had said "Venus returns to the same area of the sky every 8 years. I will tear to pieces". The first thing I discovered was that Venus is very close to Alcyone in 2012 (3 April 2012 14:00:00): http://www. or the (23 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . Bible Code II: The Countdown. 91. so I decided to investigate. the central star of the Pleiades. the 9/11 code discovered in the Bible. but in 2012.diagnosis2012. which shows on the cover. This resonance is brought further into focus by the forthcoming (2 December 2002) publication of the Michael Drosnin's new book. Hitler". In the Bible code (p.see item 10.Whats New page 4 ** 23rd December 2012 is the second most popular end-point for the 13-baktun cycle. Venus-Pleiades Conjunction 30/11/02 At item 41. is getting nearer and nearer to the Pleiades". Venus will be right next to Alcyone. Venus was 1 degree from Alcyone. "A.105).

I went back 1199 which are discussed in detail in the review of the Orion Prophecy.htm (24 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . further research showed that the 1199-year cycle of Venus' proximity to the Pleiades runs from 837 AD to 2036 the time it takes for the entire Venus pentagram to get back to its start point.Whats New page 4 Then I realized that this was connected to the retrograde loops of Venus. This took me to the year 813 AD (13th March 813): However.diagnosis2012. Here is the position in 837 AD (15th March 837 AD 21:13: 14): http://www.

of which a brief version can be found here (and duplicated here). remaining closer to Alcyone than its 2012 position until the year 853 92.and Venus moved further away from the Pleiades every 8 years. A more detailed account can be found at this site. so the conjunction does not seem to be overly significant in 2012 after all. The most detailed account I found is that of Cassandra Musgrave.diagnosis2012.htm (25 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . Near-Death Experience and 2012 31/12/02 I have recently discovered several apparently independent accounts in which people undergoing a near death experience or NDE. it continues to get closer to Alcyone until 2036 AD. from which the following is quoted: http://www.Whats New page 4 . have been given access to information about 2012. although Venus will be closer to Alcyone than it has been since about 853 AD (1159 years) Here is the position of Venus in 2036 AD (4th April 2036 AD): The conclusion is that in 2012.

diagnosis2012. This is the longest clinically documented NDE ever recorded. We will always have the light. I feel it was a real blessing. great winds. and he died. When Brinkley revived in the morgue after twenty-eight minutes of death. it was more of a feeling of natural earth disasters with smoke from volcanoes that would block the sun. I was being pulled through a very dark tunnel. All of a sudden. "I feel that my near-death experience was a real gift. found myself coming into a wide open space with stars all around like out in the universe. and yet it is not forever. I was out of my body watching myself being pulled along and thinking ‘This is really incredible. who were goofing off." It was in this cosmic emptiness that Cassandra claims to have received http://www. 1975. His experiences during these 28 minutes are related in great detail in his best seller. A bolt of lightning hit the phone line. All these things will be manifest by great earth changes: earthquakes. Dannion Brinkley's NDE Dannion Brinkley is a more famous case. I was water skiing in Northern California and when I fell down by some freak accident. and includes Cassandra's vision as part of an overview. floods. It really awakened me. We are all going to be on a roller-coaster ride. Dannion Brinkley was talking on the phone during a thunderstorm. To me. "All of a sudden." A general summary of the visions of near-death-experiencers can be found at Near-Death. sending thousands of volts of electricity into his head and down his body. I remember very clearly Japan slipping into the ocean. His heart stopped. And my friends. the odyssey into the hereafter began one bright summer day. And I found myself being pulled at a very rapid speed and unable to get any air. but briefly: On September 17. If we have darkness for 3 I also saw there were certain areas that would be particularly affected – the areas of the east coast. tidal waves. "Basically. but in the process. since he had an NDE that lasted 28 minutes.Whats New page 4 Cassandra Musgrave's NDE Revelations For Cassandra Musgrave. he had a near-death experience.’ On an inner level. the rope twisted around my left arm and dragged me behind the boat." As she began to drown. I saw that there was a 20 year period from 1992 to 2012. Things will be greatly accelerated on earth. Cassandra remembers entering into a kind of dream-like state she feels was the beginning of her near-death experience. I was shown there was going to be something akin to 3 days of darkness. I don’t feel it is from a nuclear war. which will be surprised regarding earthquakes. Saved by the Light. didn’t stop the boat because they weren’t paying any attention. This is really quite amazing.htm (26 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . it will pass. I didn’t feel afraid at he had an incredible story to tell. She says.

one by one. Phyllis Atwater's NDEs Phylis Atwater (also known as PMH Atwater). Or how good will it get? I think it will get really bad geographically. Briefly. both subtle and massive come to pass. I wouldn't miss it for the world! This earth is changing as the entire universe is changing because between 2004 and 2014. the break-up of the former Soviet Union. went down a spiralling tunnel into a bright light where he was approached by a bright silver being that radiated love. more precisely between 2011 and 2012 .Whats New page 4 At MikePettigrew. You can call it a spiritually uplifting consciousness. Dannion? He underwent three NDEs. he was taken to a crystalline city of light. and a kundalini experience. when asked by an interviewer. changes to our Earth's climate. and most especially with the occurrence of the electro-magnetic polar earth shift (between 2012-2014) I hope we all will seize the opportunities for growth which will undoubtedly present themselves to promote our inner development of spiritual virtues. Dannion found he had telepathic and precognitive powers. As a In her research into child NDEs. How bad will it get. including a spell in the marines). the Gulf War. Dannion was approached by each one of these beings with what looked like a small box. the Second Coming. this is my hope rather than a prophetic prediction: as all the earth changes. His predictions are said to be coming to pass with astounding accuracy. On another page at the same site. breakthroughs in technology and many other things. or the birth of the Aquarian Age. He then re-experienced his life (which had been one full of aggression. Each time this happened the box opened up to reveal what looked like a small TV screen. we will experience the return of an energy system that existed here a long time ago. she found that many of the children were reporting predictions of Earth http://www. he found himself floating above his body. He saw a group of 13 beings representing the signs of the zodiac and a being that presided over the other 12. just about to be taken to the morgue). Following alot of pain and paralysis. 95 of the 117. Brinkley was sent back to his body which had already been issued with a death certificate. He judged himself. feeling the pain he had caused others and also the positive affects he had caused. we can find details of Brinkley's story.diagnosis2012. Scenes showing events from the future appeared on the screen that would grow in size until Dannion found himself inside the scene. These were major world events that would take place in the future. he is also quoted as follows: In closing. in this Now (in 2002) about 100 of these very specific global events have already occurred. she became a researcher into near-death experiences (and author of 8 books ). After getting instructions for the building of special centres.htm (27 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . 117 of these were Major world events that Dannion was told would take place in the future (1975 to 2012). There were over 300 of these scenes. Regarding 2012. and topographically but in spiritual consciousness it is going to grow in leaps and bounds. and was cold and covered in a sheet (and. Dannion was immersed in events ranging from the nuclear accident at Chernobyl. Oh. according to one source.

over a year before it actually happened. and the encoding was found.. Pam Reynolds' NDE Another source says that a woman called Pam Reynolds of Atlanta. She didn't see the end of the who experienced 2 NDEs in 1979. she got the cue she needed during a talk by PMH the Bible Code (see item 10).. For http://www. but couldn’t quite remember what it was. Ken Kalb's NDE Finally. Ever since. The code predicted the assassination of Israel's President Yitzhak Rabin. Georgia. just changes.She saw future events like earth changes and a breakthrough in physics and a consciousness change near 2012. They’re sent back to life with extraordinary powers to pave the way for the consciousness revolution that will transmute our planet beginning in 2012. 93.diagnosis2012. with the year of assassination.htm (28 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . following which she said. More on the Bible Code 31/12/02 Michael Drosnin's best-seller. Then this morning – I already knew everything that woman said!" In her talk she informed us that NDErs are in effect God’s new chosen people. she’s been looking for cues to jog her memory. but also the start of the "fifth root race". It started yesterday in the experiencers’ session. "It’s all come back. While attending a Vancouver NDE conference. also had a near-death experience involving a vision of 2012: This happened about ten years ago when she was dying from a brain tumor. describes a computer program that was designed to generate a variety of skip codes and apply them to the original Hebrew version of the Torah. "It is a history of consciousness from 1987 to 2012 weaving together many bodies of knowledge to focus on the real issues for the new millennium". The Grand Catharsis. was based on a lucid vision gained during a near death experience in 1969.Whats New page 4 changes and she has correlated the timing of the culmination of these to December 2012. Ken Kalb's book. Jackie's NDE An Australian woman called Jackie. which she says will not only be the start of the Mayan Fifth World. says that she received an important message from the angels.

Whats New page 4

2012, the Bible code predicted the impact of a comet with the Earth, and that it would be "crumbled", which could mean Earth being showered with the pieces, or that they miss the Earth due to the disintegration. Further exploration of the Bible Code by Joseph Noah in his book Future Prospects of the World according to the Bible Code revealed that the 9/11 tragedy was also encoded in the book of Exodus, along with the name Bin Laden. He goes on to find an explanation for the symbolism of the book of Revelation, finding that the 7 seals are the 7 years from 2005 to 2012 ( Hebrew years start in September, so that means September 2005 to September 2012). He also finds that Mars' moon, Phobos* will be hit by an American missile in 2010, and break into seven pieces. The seven break up further into ten pieces - these are the seven heads and ten horns of the Book of Revelation.** Three of these ten collide with the USA in 2010. Three more hit Russia in 2011, and three more hit China in 2012. The final asteroid (Wormwood of St. John's Revelation) will hit the Gulf of Arabia in 2012, resulting in a world axis shift of 25 degrees, the submergence of Japan***, the Philippines and the West coast of the USA.

"Third and ending pole shift expected in 2012" - one of 5 slides featuring 2012

*Gordon Michael Scallion said in his book, Notes From the Cosmos (1997) that he had seen (29 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM

Whats New page 4

Phobos loosened from its orbit (see item 30), and Glen Deen actually precicted its arrival in September 2012, on 18th September, (see Whats new item 4) which is Rosh Hashannah, or Judgement Day in the Hebrew calendar. However, Deen predicted this by working from a presumed "loosening" date of June 5 2000 - not 2010...and he has since said it was loosened in 2001, rather than 2000. Glen Deen now says Planet X could impact Mercury circa March 2,

2012 and Mercury could impact Venus circa June 6 2012, resulting in a rendezvous of Venus/Mercury with Earth on 11th December 2012.
**Elliot Rudisill, in his book E.Din sees the 7 heads as one celestial body - Leviathan - and the 10 heads as another - Behemoth - more on this soon... ***Note that Cassandra Musgrave also saw Japan slip into the sea in 2012, in her NDE revelation in Whats New item 92 above. I'm still reading Drosnin's follow-up, Bible Code II: The Countdown, which is an excellent read, but only goes up to 2006, since that is the predicted date for World War III.

94. Cosmic Locusts


There is an excellent new novel called Cosmic Locusts: The 2012 Convergence of Nostradamian, Mayan and Biblical Prophecy by Joel J. Keene, who wrote the book following a series of synchronicities. Joel's birth date is, astrologically, on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius, which is the celestial position of Galactic Centre, and even more accurately, the Galactic equator. When he heard that the 13-baktun cycle of the Maya was designed to terminate at the point when the winter solstice sun converges on this very point, in 2012, and concurrently found that the Biblical book of Joel, (which is his name), seems to describe Earth's future passage through the tail of a comet, Joel became aware of a clustering of more synchronicities around himself. He started to write it all down in a fictional format, because it was all so incredible, but like Robert Anton Wilson, when he wrote the fact-based but fictional Illuminatus trilogy, Joel found that the synchronicities were continuing. For example, he had written of a 2012-convergence of a burst of energy from Galactic Centre, and the return of the shattered remains of a comet, only to find that astro-physicist Paul LaViolette had already said that we are overdue for a burst of energy from Galactic Centre, and connected it with the Mayan end-point (see item 48 and Whats New item 84), and that dendrochronologist, Mike Baillie has found evidence that an ancient shattered comet became associated with the mythology of the Birth of Venus, (Quetzalcoatl) which is also associated with the start of the 13-Baktun cycle (see Whats New item 23). Then he found in Ray Stanford's book, The Fatima Prophecy, that the famous series of prophecies of the end-times given to the children at Fatima, spoke of the birth of the planet Venus being responsible for the ascension of mankind. (30 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM

Whats New page 4

Joel knew nothing about 2012:Dire Gnosis until I brought his attention to it in an email, and he

said.. "..I slapped my head upon seeing and hearing your home page. I was stupefied by how many similar
topics there are to what is in my book".

If you like 2012:Dire Gnosis, check out Cosmic Locusts - more info. at the the 2012 Books page.

95. Amnesia & the Echo Circle


I have recently read Nick Armstrong's booklet, Gods in Amnesia (Nick runs the 2012 Unlimited site, based in Australia). It (the site and the booklet) is a mix of the theories of Jose Arguelles, Greg Braden, David Icke, Drunvalo Melchizedek and other New Age characters. There are a few typos in the book, e.g. "Earth's 356 day calendar" (p.4), and the Mayan day-sign "Akbak" instead of Akbal (p.9), precession is called procession, (p.30) and as you might expect, Arguelles' Dreamspell is taken to be the genuine calendar of the Maya. It actually gets more irritating than this, as other New age views are said to be Mayan prophecies, for example; "The Mayans say that by 2012 we will have moved beyond time and money and will no longer need a calendar." (p.30) "The Mayan calendar prophecy says we are going beyond time and technology." (p.53) "The Mayan calendar and prophecies say we are approaching galactic synchronisation..." (p.57) "The Mayans say the Fifth World finished in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence..." (p.71) Most of these statements should read, "Jose Arguelles says...", or "Drunvalo says...". The same sort of misinformation is being spread by the followers of Carl Calleman, who are now saying things like this; "Information now being released by the Maya indicates that 2012 may not

be quite right. According to these teachings, the end of the Mayan Calendar is actually October 28, 2011." Here, where it says Maya it should say Calleman.
The cover of the booklet shows a replica of the Aztec Sunstone (to see the original, click here), and on the first page, (p.4) Nick declares that "the front cover features the famous Mayan/Aztec Tzolkin calendar wheel". This is wrong. The wheel depicts the 20 day signs of the Aztecs, and they are closely related to the 20 day-signs of the Maya. The signs can be seen in a ring surrounding the (31 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM

Whats New page 4

central panel. However, the Tzolkin consists of 13 numbers combined with the 20 signs, to make a 260-day sacred calendar. While this may arguably be depicted on the Sunstone, (promised article coming sometime); to say that the Sunstone is the Tzolkin is very misleading. The Sunstone shows many other cycles, the most famous of which are the 5 Suns in the centre. On p. 14 we are told that "the Mayan calendar finishes at 2012" ..."on December 22nd 2012", but on p. 30 we are told that the "Procession of the Equinoxes" completes "on December 23rd 2012". We are also told on p. 30 that "The last cycle started in 3113 BC", but this is also an error, because the start year was actually 3114 BC, or in astronomer's notation, the year -3113. These might seem like negligible errors to some people, but they lead to much confusion later on, when the calendrical systems are studied in detail. This 3113 BC error is one made by Arguelles in the Mayan Factor, and still being quoted everywhere, so if you're computing dates, they could end up being 1 year out. On p. 30, Nick tells us; "My understanding is that on December 23rd 2012 the ecliptic or plain of our solar system will line up with the Hunab Ku or centre of the galaxy, the Milky Way." On p. 57, Nick says more definitely that "synchronisation will be achieved by the year 2012 when the solar system lines up with the centre of the Milky Way galaxy." Unfortunately, this is not quite right either, since it is the winter solstice meridian that is aligning with the galactic equator or plane, and this alignment was most accurate in 1998, according to astronomers (the celestial area where we observe this is the point where the ecliptic crosses the galactic equator). However, since the sun is half a degree wide, it will continue to align with the galactic equator on winter solstice until about 2018. The crossing-point of the ecliptic and galactic equator is very close to galactic centre, and is exactly where we thought GC was, before advanced instruments told us it is actually a little below the ecliptic. We now know that, astronomically, the winter solstice sun will be slightly closer to GC in 200 years time (see Jenkins' MC2012 p.113), but the time when the winter solstice meridian crosses the galactic equator is an event that includes the year 2012 (see Jenkins' The True Alignment Zone for more). He also speaks of the "Procession of the Equinoxes around the central sun, Alcyone" (p.32), and this is obviously a misunderstanding, since Alcyone is the central star of the Pleiades, which are in the constellation of Taurus, and Taurus is one of the 12 zodiac signs that lie on the ecliptic, through which the Sun's equinox meridian precesses over approximately 26,000 years. So Alcyone can't be at the centre of the circle and also on the perimeter. Having taken all this into account, it was quite a surprise to find, in Nick's biography at the end of the book, that he has produced a documentary called "Understanding the Mayan calendar". Misunderstanding would be better. Anyway, Gods In Amnesia has got an interesting section, about an "Echo Wheel" which sounds very similar to the Cherokee Calendar wheel described by Dan Troxell (see Whats New item 78). (32 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM

Whats New page 4

Click on the picture to read the Echo wheel article. The whole article is reproduced on Nick's site, and you can read it by clicking on this picture. The general gist is that the 13 Heaven & 9 Hell cycles of 52 years each, that we have discussed alot recently, are arranged in a circle, or cycle, adding to 22 x 52 = 1144 years. The idea is that there is a kind of resonance formed across the wheel, at durations of 572 years. However, I didn't find it very convincing. For example, there is said to be resonance between 1207 AD and 1779 AD because in 1207, "the Confederacy of Mayapan was crystallised", and in 1779: " Declaration of Independence day on fourth of July. (May require slight adjustment to 1776)." Say no more. Nick relates this wheel to the Sunstone, with absolutely no explanation apart from saying that the triangular pointer (above the head of the central deity, Tonatiuh), "represents 1935, when Hitler marched into Poland." Wrong again! Hitler invaded Poland 4 years after this, on September 1st 1939. The reason this is interesting is not because I think Nick Armstrong is onto something, but because I'm wondering if Dan Troxell got his idea for the Cherokee calendar wheel from 2012 Unlimited (see Whats New item 78). The second page on Cherokee Calendar wheels was nowhere to be found, when I looked at the site in September, so I emailed Dan Troxell, who told me on September 16th that it would be online within a week. The second enquiry, in October, produced no response. It is still absent. (33 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM

Whats New page 4

96. 83-year cycles

(pink = update)


In a book called Riding the Wild Orb, Roger L. Jewell describes how, in his work as a professional forester, he started to investigate the recurrence of serious forest fires and found that they seemed to recur approximately every 20 years, and were more extreme every 60 years. Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions occur every 19.85 years, says Jewell, and form a triangle in the sky over 60 years, returning close to their position 60 years earlier. Thus, every 60 years, when the Saturn/ Jupiter conjunction combines with summer in the northern hemisphere, drought conditions prevail, and fires become more prevalent. Jewell calls this Jupiter/Saturn/drought situation "Reality A". Another planetary cycle, the synodic period of Venus (between successive retrograde loops, or when Earth "overtakes" Venus), averages out at around 584 days, and 8 of these are exactly 5 haabs (365-day years), forming a pentagram in the sky. Jewell points out that 13 of these synodic periods of Venus equals 20.75 years (he actually uses 583 days), and this period contains 20 lunations per period, or 13 x 20 = 260 altogether! Thus, the 20.75-year period can be mapped on a Mayan Tzolkin (which usually represents 20 day signs with 13 number variations, to give the 260day sacred calendar, but has also been used to map the 13 baktuns of 20 katuns each that make up the 13-baktun cycle). After 4 of these 20.75-year periods, or a total of 52 synodic Venus cycles, exactly 83 years has passed. Jewell says that during the Venus retrograde loops, (or "Venus conjunctions"), the atmospheric temperature of Earth rises. Jewell calls this Venus loop/high temperature situation "Reality B". Next, Jewell realized that "To our amazement, Jupiter also appears to be in the same place in the sky every 20.75 years" (p.45), and after exactly 83 years, it reappears in the same part of the sky, on the same day of the year; (see here for independent corroboration). So, if the Venus/Jupiter conjunction occurred on a summer solstice, the next one would be on a spring equinox 20.75 years later, and the following one on winter solstice after another 20.75 years, and then the autumn equinox, and finally, after 83 years, it would recur again on summer solstice. Jewell calls this Venus/Jupiter conjunction/summer solstice situation "Reality B and A together". On summer solstice, June 21 1991, Jewell witnessed a conjunction of "the new sliver of a moon, Venus, and Jupiter". Exactly 20.75 years later, he says, is spring equinox, "March 21st, 2012" (p.6). Spring equinox 2012 will actually be on 20th March, but anyway, he is very vague about exactly what this all means for 2012. Jewell says, after John White's book, Pole Shift, that a forthcoming magnetic pole shift may be triggered by Earth passing out of a band of magneticallycharged space, into a "null zone", and " this would act much as a solenoid does in electrical switches", (p.107), to cause a geomagnetic reversal. This is a kind of reversed version of Dmitriev's Plasma band (see What New item 128). He also quotes (p.85) from a paper called Sunspot cycles, are they caused by Venus, Earth and Jupiter Syzygies? by Jean-Pierre Desmoulins, which recognises that the 83-year cycle is related to sunspot cycle maximums, and as we know, the next solar max is (34 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM

uk/new4. we actually get a period of 83 years plus 50 days! The author realizes that it doesn't really work out. while the book raises some interesting points. all he actually predicts for 2012 is: " In 2012. almost at the end of the book. and Mars was in conjunction with Venus and the Mayan Calendar"." See Roger Jewell's comments on this review (before pink additions) 97. my impression that the solenoid-type trigger to a pole shift in 2012 would be a magnetic field variation caused by the combined positions of Venus and Jupiter).42-49). Despite the section of the book called "The Mayan Clock" where he mentions March 21st 2012 and conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter. we can expect a very dry spring in the grain belt of the USA. Roger Jewell says he didn't predict the magnetic reversal for 2012. that the 8-year Venus pentagram is an exact pentagram. OOBEs (OBEs) and 2012 http://www. who tells us. and so it all gets a bit vague and he starts channeling "Mr B. However. A quick look at astronomical software ( Cybersky ) reveals that while Venus and Jupiter were close on summer solstice June 21st 1991. (p. Venus and Jupiter on the 15th. (p. On spring equinox March 20th 2012. multiply it by 52. except that possibly the coincidence of the sunspot maximum in 2012 with the 20.".60).htm (35 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM 31/1/03 .4 degree difference in position is down to all humanity being cross-eyed! (See diagrams in Orion Prophecy review for clarification). We are left to wonder how the March 21st 2012 date fits in. In his email reply to this review. So. In other words. it is also liberally splattered with codswallop. the approximate 2.diagnosis2012. may cause a serious drought. when Venus repeats its loop against the same area of sky where it happened 8 years previously. the "sliver of a moon" was nowhere near them! In fact. in which he plays with Mayan numbers and the Tzolkin. Jewell predicted this for autumn equinox 2010 (p. Anyway.Whats New page 4 now due in 2012. and the cycles of Venus and Jupiter. but the real drought will just be beginning. Venus will be near Jupiter. Rain may come in late June to save the season. when we take a closer look.75-year (83-year) Venus/Jupiter conjunction ("Reality B and A combined"). to arrive at the 83-year period. and the section called "Rhythms of the Sky.e. and use the more exact figure for synodic Venus cycles 583.96 days.6-7). The first slither of the new Moon had appeared on the 13th. and that the "error" is caused by human perception. but closest around the 13th. Roger Jewell has e-mailed me to say that my original impression from "the confusion evident in pages 103-108" was wrong (i. It will reach its maximum with an extremely hot dry year in 2020. after the 8-year (2920-day) period. the Moon was past the half-moon stage on the solstice. and met up with Mars.

The planet Nibiru is said by the author to have passed through the solar system around 5100 BC. He also lists the Popol Vuh. and Lifecycles: Reincarnation & the Web of Life. California. Kabbalah and Koran in his http://www. Arguelles' The Mayan Factor. Reuben Silverbird . Click here for the whole article 98. Prof. with over 350 pages of very small print. by a number of points of light (he assumed they were spirits). Ramayana. called Philosophy. but the Dead Sea Scrolls. Talmud. born blind. Cosmology. Early Dawn: Steps to a Deep Ecology of Mind. "just two years after my wonderful miracle of sight. Sun Bear and Thomas Banyanca. LaViolette's Earth Under Fire. combined with the works of Zecharia Sitchin. the Book of Jubilees. This story and the one about my blindness is too long and will be a part of my book "Spiritual Healing Words of Wisdom". Navajo Indian J.I. Coincidentally (or not) 2012 is the target date for the world to get its greenhouse gases under control.a. to form his interpretation of human history. and Ambilac's Giza-Genesis (!). The author has used not only the Bible. that around 2012 the world would go through a global crisis unparalleled in human history (Apocalypse?). along with Stanislas Grof and David Ulansey. at C. Elliott Rudisill. most horrifying vision that will remain with me until the day the Creator decides I am ready to go to the mountain and join my dear parents. USA. almost Holy Stranger.I. At age seven. (Click here for the whole article). and other apocryphal works. up to age 5. This is known as the Kyoto Protocol.k. Behemoth and Leviathan 31/1/03 E.S.Din Land of Righteousness is a massive work by El a. as well as some of the most influential books on 2012: John Major Jenkins' Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. Bhagavad Gita. and Consciousness. Upanishads. the Book of Enoch. learned to travel out of body. He has now concluded that it will be an environmental disaster caused by humanity. Christopher Bache is on the team. If you like the sound of a University degree in Transformation. I had another. Brache has written 2 books. Because he is a scientific thinker he began look for what this crisis could be". The experience conceived the year 2012 and my death and bringing back to life by a spiritual. Dark Night.htm (36 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . In one of his OBEs he was told. Gilbert & Cotterell's The Mayan Prophecies.Whats New page 4 Christopher Bache "is a professor of philosophy at Arizona State University.diagnosis2012. and does research in self-inducted "Out of Body" (OBE) experiences. They did not tell him what would happen.

268).282286). and the 13-baktun cycle of the Maya. Toucan. Behemoth has "ten horns" and Leviathan has "seven heads". appearing as a blue star.328). the "Enochian Jubilee Calendar". Cassiopeia and Perseus. it may remain hidden until it gets to Orion. and is predicted to return around 2012 AD. Mercury (Archangel Michael) collides with the Red Dragon (Leviathan). (p. they combine to become the "seven headed ten horned "Red Dragon" " of the book of Revelation. and Enoch all mention these monsters too. and is able to plot an unfolding scenario.267). and may blow apart. and. the author comes up with a "Galactic Calendar" at the root of them all. and was thus examined for a possible connection.wave that Paul LaViolette has predicted. Psalms. The Jubilee was originally http://www. but the Moon will take a severe hammering. Flying fish. to connect the Maya 13-baktun cycle end-point with the Judaeo-Christian "Judgement Day" scenario.210). Auriga. up to the end of Eridanus. Since Behemoth is "the one that hides". Eridanus (The River). Three and a half years later (42 months or 1260 days). which will be the "descent of the New Jerusalem"(p.329). This is Leviathan. or the eye of God. Phoenix. Fornax (The Furnace).uk/new4. "shortly before the winter of 2012 CE" (p.329).htm (37 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . becoming Osiris reborn. Bird of Paradise. and will arrive at the same time as Behemoth and as Nibiru. Reticulum (The Net). Andromeda. and it becomes apparent that the 2 "monsters of the deep" Behemoth and Leviathan. The "Jubilee calendar" of the Hebrews is certainly ancient. since Job was shown how to survive after his family were killed by a meteor. The book of Job is analysed in detail.diagnosis2012.344). (p. END-TIME SCENARIO By combining the Great Pyramid timeline. The galactic super. with the pieces hitting Earth along with Leviathan (p. Around the same time that Leviathan appears in Pisces. Daniel.Whats New page 4 (no reference is given).344). and Venus and Jupiter may also be hit. but returns in 2012 due to being thrown off orbit by the galactic super. THE "GALACTIC CALENDAR" So what is this "Galactic Calendar? The author wanted to find a Hebrew source that supplied independent confirmation of a 2012 "end-point". an asteroid/comet will impact the Earth and penetrate the crust (p. but when they meet in Orion. or the reborn First Father of the Maya. where Galactic Centre is located. The Red Dragon is "cast into the pit" around summer solstice 2008 (p. where it meets Orion (p. are actually huge asteroids swimming in the sea of space. "somewhere in the middle of 2008 CE" (CE = AD). while the Behemoth component by-passes Earth. Gemini. and Orion (p. and its apparent route will be via Cygnus . mentioned in the book.333). Behemoth will travel from the "Southern Constellations" of Hydras. Mensa (Table Mountain). possibly as the "New Jerusalem" (p. or the Leviathan part is. Then a star will appear in Pisces. their consistency and route can be will come into view in Sagittarius. That scenario is as follows: Between autumn 2004 and spring 2005. John's Revelation. when crossreferenced with St. Behemoth will return. Chameleon.

but "there was an alignment between the stars and the "Great Pyramid" in the year 2623 BCE" (p. when years were still reckoned by the Moon (354 days long).2141 BCE (no ref.125-year Mayan 13-baktun cycle. the Jubilee period was 49 solar years. then adding the Jubilee year to make 50. would put the impact at 10 July 2009. it would terminate in 2012 too (p. Later. taking another star alignment date of the pyramid "the last "Pole Star Draconis" and the descending shaft". and 696 years is "only 4 years" short of 700 years.445 years to the year 2012 CE. with enough determination. where measurements of "pyramid inches" represent years. See this site for more details. The author .278-9. which is 100 periods of 7 years. Charles Berlitz said that the timeline ended on 17 September 2001 but Peter LeMesurier found prophecies continuing to 3989 AD. 299-307. you can make any theory sound plausible. no reference given) to arrive at 3113 BC (=3114 BC). http://www.096-year period represents 98 Calendar rounds and 104 Jubilee cycles. ERRORS: Three and a half years ( when your diagrams show (after Ambilac) the timing of the winter solstice event down to a second (12/21/2012 10:18:13) p. This equates to a time period of 1.found a common denominator in the number 5. providing no references. Since this 5.and counts 482 years between these alignment dates.and adds it to the date the great pyramid was supposedly built. and cause the whole house of cards to come crashing down.5 x 360. Then. not winter solstice 2012 (p.284.htm (38 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM .co. In other words.490 years . by being sufficiently long-winded and confusing. (apart from a bibliography). by which he must mean the great pyramid timeline. and it seems to have been this timing that led to the placing of 2008 as the impact of Leviathan.diagnosis2012. making a total of 49. and continuing on to a full 490-year period (10 Jubilee cycles) leads to the year 2133 BCE." (p. or 1260) days after summer solstice 2008 is 3 December 2011. which can be divided by 49 (years in a Jubilee cycle) and 52 (years in a Mayan Calendar Round) as well as 104 (years in a Mayan Venus Round).Whats New page 4 simply 7 periods of 7 years. and this is 696 years after 2133 BCE. Thus. then if it began 29 years after the start of the Mayan cycle.329). and no index.) .284). In this way. it is very difficult for anyone to check up on your claims. To check this presumption. working back from the winter solstice of 2012.Elliot Rudisill . although he says it wasn't. Rudisill says "This calculated "error" I will call it. the 5. Rudisill brings in the "Egyptian calendar built into the Great Pyramid of Giza". and would not be restored until the Exodus. and some have dated the Exodus at 1437 BCE.680 years from 3113 BCE and 3.096. of 4 years is so close to "exact" we may be seeing the year 1433 BCE as the "actual" year the "Jubilee Calendar" was "re-started". Rudisill takes a period of 10 Jubilee cycles . Since God said the Jubilee periods had been neglected (during the sojourn of the Israelites in Egypt). working back from 2012.285). This kind of error is not acceptable.096-year period is 29 years shorter than the 5. when solar years were used.

Smelyakov update 31/1/03 In Whats new item 27.Whats New page 4 Another 40 year error is explained as follows. this error (40 years out of 10. 10:18:13 AM in Mexico equals 18:18:13 PM in Cairo. that is 80 times larger.Cairo is on 32 degrees longitude.that's not 180 degrees apart. closer than the error factor of the "Great Pyramid's" representation of Earth's circumference! " (p. so that at 10:18:13 AM in Mexico.9 v. Alexey Dmitriev. meaning both the Galactic center and Galactic Anticentre. it would be if you'd just survived a storm of 2. " Revelation tells us we have a 2.295 we are told. When it is calculated. In a similar way.5 million-man army that will conduct a fight here on Earth". Ambilac also shot themselves in the foot trying to say how much more accurate they were than the hundreds". he has posted the review here. "Both are "exactly" 180 degrees apart from each other". while on the other side of world.htm (39 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . However. only to be told that it would be the same every day for the next 80 days! On p. connects to the point on the Milky Way opposite to Galactic Centre (they connect via astronomy encoded into myth). and although it doesn't seem to make much difference. in his paper Planetophysical State of the Earth and Life which analyses the increasing http://www.diagnosis2012. and Mexico city is at 99 degrees longitude . I mentioned David Wilcock's references to the work of Dr. or a hundred times less than ". as people there look up at an array of planets in the night sky.that's a 49 degree error! Also.286). Cairo. depending on what that means (. it will be 10:18:13 PM in Egypt. the only army numbered in Revelation is a 200 million-strong army (Rev. 99. but then it continues to say that there is a twelve hour difference between them. "This equates to only . see item 39. and Cairo and Mexico.004 hundreds in error. while Mexico looks up at the solstice sun.307 it says that on one side of the world.38%. its 131 degrees .5 million meteors. Okay. too many huge errors and too little in the way of references. We are told. and the errors here. in which time the sky changes error of 4 hours. since the army is identified as a swarm of meteors. CONCLUSION The theory of Leviathan and Behemoth as celestial bodies like asteroids or dead binary stars was an interesting idea. Mesoamerica connects to the Galactic centre on the Milky Way. it is not true of the terrestrial . which is either ten times less. On p.290) comes out as 0. or an error of 800%. not 22:18:13 . While it is true of the celestial locations.004 = 4 thousandths).uk/new4. but there is too much waffle. UPDATE: The author has commented on this review here.16).

uk/new4.Whats New page 4 solar system changes. but McCanney distances himself from them ( I have already exposed some misinformation on the Zeta Talk site in Whats New item 64). in which Venus passes across the sun. Paragraph 3.3). he mentions that the star Eta Carinae shows all the signs of going "hypernova". a Transit of Venus occurs (in a pair. according to a Russian professor. and as we know. remarks that since some sources say the current 13baktun cycle began on the "Birth of Venus". Will Hart's Venus Transit Theory 31/1/03 At item 41. it will end in 2012. If so.diagnosis2012.A DECADE OF VOLTE–FACE 100. and in Issue 2 part 3 . which is the same year as one of these rare Venus transits. McCanney is the first scientist to agree on the existence an incoming planet. and that a pair of these transits are scheduled for 2004 and 2012. Sergey Smelyakov. then it must have something to do with the meaning of the http://www. He has just completed the first 2 issues of a 5-part mega-theory that includes The Auric Time Scale. there is now a third possible culprit that is causing these changes. Unbelievably. It will be posted here soon. came up with an interesting theory called The Auric Time Scale and The Mayan Factor (see Whats New item 66) but based it on a start date given by Jose Arguelles which was over a year in error. The 5-Issue mega-theory contents page is here: THE PREDICTED UNKNOWN . but may arrive as early as May it was mentioned that every 120 years. He had to re-write the theory as a result. (Ukraine. but part 3 will present the revised theory in a chapter called THE GOLDEN SECTION OF TIME IN SPACE AND HISTORY. May 2003 is the time predicted for the arrival of Nibiru by the Zeta Talk site. However. McCanney who has been working since the 1970s to find the scientific basis to Immanuel Velikovsky's theory ( see item 35). who got the information by channeling Zeta reticulans.paragraph 3. and concludes that the solar system is passing through a magnetised band of plasma. and finds that the approach of Planet X is responsible (Planet X is the astronomer's term for an as yet un-named planet. 8 years apart). This is predicted for July 2003. and says it will appear some time in the next 10 years (i. Russia). who is a professor of mathematics at Kharkov University. which is hundreds of times more powerful than a supernova. His Plasma Discharge Comet Model includes an analysis of the solar changes and changes to the planets. but wrote an exclusive summary (Astrological Roots and Forecasting of Some Acute World Trends for the Current Epoch) of the updated theory for 2012: Dire Gnosis.5 introduces The Auric Time Scale. it will be visible in February from New Zealand. This Russian source of information has now been acknowledged by Professor James M.htm (40 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM . that has been sought beyond Pluto). One researcher. Will Hart. by 2012-2013). e. but his description does sound like Nibiru (see item 35).

and in the process. which is a collection of reviews. got into the headspace of the Maya to the extent that the reader can be totally confident of his integrity.Whats New page 4 forthcoming end-point. correspondence. and he has written an introductory article. articles. especially for 2012: Dire Gnosis. plus a whole chapter from another early work. and you can read it here: 2012: End of the 5th Sun 101. There is an excellent essay called Following Dreamspell. But in addition. which he links to). He bares his soul in some of his personal anecdotes in a way that is moving. since it was a ground-breaking piece of work based on a reading of practically all the reference material ever written on the subject. Tzolkin and Tzolkin 2 31/1/03 I have been exploring John Major Jenkins' recently re-released CD-Rom version of Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies. Check out the contents of the CD & get more info. which was originally published in 1994. we also get Tzolkin 2. here: Tzolkin and Tzolkin 2 (but you will get even more than what's on the menu . as if the reader is his best friend. which updates the situation regarding Jose Arguelles' Dreamspell (a New Age version of the Mayan calendar) and the recently released Time and the Technosphere that attempts to unify solar and lunar Journey to the Mayan Underworld (1989). some of which is very hard to find. but these are not needed since we now have the excellent free Maya date calculator. Burden of Time. I often use the original edition to clear up confusion. plus his entire website!) http://www. art. Jenkins combines amazing scholarship with an open-hearted honesty. Jenkins also reconstructed the Mayan Venus calendar. Will is the author of a forthcoming book called Children of the Sun.I got 10 more items. even an entire small book he wrote called 7 Wind: A Quiche Maya Calendar for 1993 that includes a section on calculating your Tzolkin birthday. John provides the whole original book (minus calendar (41 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM .diagnosis2012. On the new edition CD.

uk/new4.Whats New page 4 http://www.htm (42 of 42)9/28/2005 11:10:01 AM

htm (1 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM . Megaliths and the Phaistos Disc Venus. Prophecies from Thailand 113.Whats New page 5 What's New? 102. Lucid Dreams and 2012 103. Salvia Reply 108. X-Files on British TV : Boylan Connection 107. Aztec Sunstones 105. Syrian Rue and the Dolphin/Mushroom/Human Collaboration 111.Keene 115. Clues from the Tzutujil Maya 112. Steiner: Crossing The Threshold 104. Smelyakov: Issue 2 109. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and 2012 http://www. Joel J Keene's Cosmic Coincidences 106.J. Reply to J. 8th March 2003: The Truth 110.

Ananda.. Franklin Timewave Update 121.Whats New page 5 116. The Celestial Cow in 3114 BC items 131 +.. Malachy & 2012 119. The 2012 Dream Project 120. It is widely accepted that lucid dreams are a form of http://www. Orion Prophecy Update 122. Tolkien and 2012 127. Jumping on the 2003/2012 Bandwagon 126. The Discontinuity 123. St. Joel Keene's Continuing Web of Synchronicity 118. The Sacrum Bone: Doorway to the Otherworld 128. Solar System Changes Update 129.diagnosis2012. 102. Prophet's Manual 130.htm (2 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM . the whole dream becomes very realistic and the dreamer can then control the dream. Tomorrowlander and DXM 117. Lucid Dreams and 2012 1/3/03 When a dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming. Internal Alchemy and The Vedas 124. The Pineal Project

the words change to ‘ UK). well.shock. I have just found 2 accounts of lucid dreams that featured 2012. called Salvia Divinorum: Key to the Paradigm Shift in 2012. I wonder how I'll find my body again. and then I wake up".it looks like a morgue drawer. I look at the escalator again and ask if the problem is that I don't have any money -maybe I can pretend I'm with someone and voice says. which are travelling away quite quickly. a dirt path. dated "some time between 1998 and 2012". The banner is huge. At the top of the hill are evergreen trees.Whats New page 5 out-of-body experience (OOBE or OBE). A girl with long blond hair past her butt with some other women -.A man comes up to my right and says he wants to ask a couple of questions -. I go the other way. (see the new essay available at Salvia Divinorum Magazine. Voice. that "almost became a lucid dream". a white and blue ship. It is attached to an amazing space ship.diagnosis2012." I have to get a job. As I do this. New Zealand is my impression -.. but seems to be moving away.every little town. She runs through me. it is their next superstar’". "a couple of people can. it is their last superstar’ printed on a large banner. I start up an escalator but a voice says. and I have already established that there is a connection between OOBEs and 2012. At the Dream Images site. but I hope it's a time machine. and continue focusing on what the banner says. "Explora" had a lucid dream including the following: "Suddenly. Click here for the whole dream. curb and a building like a utility. Wiltshire.they tell her to stay visible but she becomes invisible and may have wings. "there's usually water here" and suddenly I'm up to my butt in cold water -. There are identical redheaded triplet girls having a picnic on a blanket under a tree.about the electricity changes. I am stunned to see the words ‘2012. to get a user name and password). Click here for the whole dream http://www. we find the following extract of a lucid dream that occurred on 11/28/98: ".there are maps of various countries on a table. my attention is drawn to a large object in the sky. There is an elevator in the corner with a metal label on it that says 2012-2025 -. I try to learn about the place -. I am amazed by the reality of the ship and it’s message. to access it you will have to join Salvia Divinorum Alliance first. Click here for the whole dream. witnessed a decloaking of extra-dimensional UFOs in the East Kennett area (near Avebury.htm (3 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM . Looking up. with bright flashing lights. In a dream of Paul Vigay. A path into a big room like a waiting station for travelers. very detailed. "no" and I push my way back down through the crowd on the escalator.

have formed a critical mass. http://www. Find it here: Rudolph Steiner and The Crossing of the Threshold Greg's it would seem to be a natural process like the "100th monkey phenomenon". Wind Songs. or Rupert Sheldrake's morpho-genetic fields. Download sound-bites: here and here. the man who built the amazing Aeolian wind harps featured on the alternative index page. Stanley said that all the people who have completed a struggle towards enlightenment through the Although some feel it is unfair that the masses should reap the benefits of the sacrifices of a few.diagnosis2012. that this was foreseen by Steiner. and that the time is now. Lucifer and Ahriman under the Bed and Crop Circles as a Path from Space into Time (2). Stanley sees the event as reaching its climax by 2012.Whats New page 5 Lucidity Institute (Stephen LaBerge's site) Keith Hearne 103. Stanley Messenger give a talk about Rudolph Steiner's prediction of "mankind crossing the threshold at the end of the century". Greg Joly. I heard the philospher.htm (4 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM . Steiner: Crossing The Threshold 1/3/03 A few months ago. See especially Stanley's articles. that will allow the mass of mankind to cross this threshold together. features a track called 2012: A Space Harp Odyssey. and sees a connection to the crop circle phenomenon. exclusively for 2012: Dire Gnosis. has written an article on this very subject.

Could this be a reference to the 22-year binary sunspot cycle? Like the full-size sunstone and a few others illustrated here.htm (5 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM .co. The coincidences continued after the book was published. so I asked if he'd like to write an article about them for 2012: Dire Gnosis. Switzerland). access Aztec sunstone page here: Tonatiuh & The Sunstones Aztec Sunstones 1/3/03 This week. since there was a rare statue of the Sun-God Tonatiuh with 22 eagle feathers surrounding his solar orb (on loan from the Museum de Kulturen in Basel. and was inspired to put up a page of Aztec Sunstone images. meaning "movement". the central motif is the Ollin glyph. 104. Cosmic Locusts: The 2012 Convergence of Nostradamian. Sunstone animation coming soon.Whats New page 5 Click on album cover to contact Greg Joly. or "earthquake". Check out Joel's article here: Cosmic Coincidences http://www. I visited the "Aztecs" exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. meanwhile. coincidences started happening. Mayan and Biblical Prophecy. Joel J Keene's Cosmic Coincidences 1/4/03 When Joel Keene started planning his novel.

the truth of extraterrestrial existence will be undeniable. Salvia Divinorum: Key to the Paradigm Shift in 2012 which I wrote for Salvia divinorum magazine (now online here http://www. From gasbag beings to intelligent insect races. from Whitley Streiber's greys to non-corporeal. the final secret is revealed. alien colonization of Earth is scheduled for December 2012! See Whats New item 57. Dr. since the final X-Files double-length episode was transmitted to British TV screens (on 16 March 2003). Here is the whole article 107.salvia. During this episode. teleportation devices. They believe themselves intermediaries between the "God Force" and to get a user name and password: http://groups. non-violent. 2012. This federation is made up of beings of all types. The Federation has already greatly affected our physical and spiritual evolution throughout history and even before. They. author of four At this time it will be announced by the head of the U. Boylan conveys that sources in the U. Boylan iterates. worked 25 years as a psychotherapist and clinical psychologist. Richard Boylan. ending disease and aging and enabling time http://www. Security Council that we will be exchanging ambassadors with the Extraterrestrial Federation of Planets. Salvia Reply 1/4/03 There has been a reply to the article.Whats New page 5 106.N. except it sounds much more pleasant than the X-Files version: Dr. Earth and all of Humanity will be wholly integrated into this extraterrestrial federation. They will graciously (and speedily) give us the secrets to telepathic communication. This federation is a non-monetary. within the next eighteen months. soon after establishing open contact. By the end of the Mayan calendar. his most recent is Project Epiphany in which he claims that the Future is now! Dr.S. They intend to give us the knowledge to build free energy X-Files on British TV : Boylan Connection 1/4/03 Awareness of the 2012 transition was increased in the UK this past month. Richard Boylan has been saying just this for years.diagnosis2012. Many great spiritual teachers and leaders.htm (6 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM .us/magazine/ but you will have to join the discussion group Salvia divinorum Alliance first. will distribute their vast technology. A group of those that are enlightened by this contact have agreed upon a time table. food replicators and instant education machines that will be able to download a whole foreign language in a one hour session and much more. Dr. were actually alien in origin. thought essences. tying together a few of the past cases investigated by the XFiles team. Ph. government have made it clear to him that we (the human race) do have relationships with extraterrestrials. telepathic coalition of beings from numerous planets. Boylan says the Mayans knew this would be taking place.D.

I am reminded of the scene in the movie Artifical Intelligence where the boy runs away with the other A. the author's computer made some strange noises and he realized someone was hacking into it. models from the "robot gatherers. 109. However. and then went on the run.Whats New page 5 A surfer called "Canul" includes the following comment about his first experience with Salvia: In my first experience I felt and saw things of this reality that made me think of 2012. claiming that the site was a hoax. that his phone was The camera had some badly damaged film in it. Issue 3 will be THE GOLDEN SECTION OF TIME IN SPACE AND HISTORY . a notice was placed on the internet to the effect that the author of the notice had stumbled upon a broken camera while trekking in some mountains. 108. Now the whole of Issue 1 and Issue 2 are available from the above menu. and will be added to the menu as soon as its out. as hinted at in the next post in mid-November. 2012 with Salvia divinorum. as he found out more about what was happening.diagnosis2012." I have also found a thread from 1999 connecting December 21.the replacement for The Auric Time Scale and The Mayan Factor the phi-based time spiral that terminates in 2012 (see Whats New item 66). While researching the subject on the internet. in which "Shivasix" says Salvia divinorum is a powerful plant helper sent to ease our transition at the end of time. He promised to give updates from internet minutes later.some sort of promotion for a forthcoming project. THE PREDICTED UNKNOWN . Smelyakov: Issue 2 1/4/03 On 31/1/03 I posted Issue 2 part 3 of Russian professor Mathematics . and then. and the original story was true.htm (7 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM . showing scenes with catastrophic implications for Earth.Sergey Smelyakov's proposed 5-Issue series. It was authentic.A DECADE OF VOLTE–FACE. and promised to post the pictures on the net on March 8th 2003. from the unknown occupants of a black van. A disclaimer appeared on the site on November 9th. the discussion groups revealed that alot of people were convinced the site had been infiltrated. He had a narrow escape. I don't attribute this to the enthusiasm I have over 2012. One reality was the one that habit tells me. 8th March 2003: The Truth 1/May/03 On October 12th 2002.. http://www.. the other one was 2012 near by. which he correlates with the end of the 13th Baktun in 2012. I had a perception of reality that is commonly described in Salvia Divinorum literature: experiencing two different realities in parallel.

But there are dark forces at work that will do everything within their power to stop him.a message of hope that could transform humanity into a utopian civilization during this turbulent time. an enigmatic ex-military colonel." 8thMarch2003. stirred by a long lost collective memory of humanities distant past. Finally. the photos were said to have been taken in Peru. and sure enough. showing similar photographs. It was claimed the medallions were over 13. http://www.. the half-melted images were posted. and then linked to another site called Ancient Medallion about a newly discovered archaeological relic ( the pictures were said to be part of a promotion. They showed aerial photos of a massive runway in a wooded mountain range. another web-site appeared. People were deeply affected by the symbols.htm (8 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM . offering varying explanations from global warming to the beginning of Armageddon. Answers to this riddle are about to be revealed by Jake Wakeman. to survive a colossal flood. The original site claimed the second was a hoax..but on the second page of this site (mountainsub.. A mysterious crystal-domed medallion has been discovered at a secret military base in Antarctica. Jêan Nemeyeth: "It is December 2008. who becomes the reluctant emissary of a message left behind by the ancient medallion keepers .. Scientists.but then there was another implied link with a mystery publicity event. apparently taken by the person whose camera had been found broken. and there was also an associated competition with a prize. several identical medallions had been unearthed at unrelated ancient sites throughout the world. that seemed to be a calendrical MountainSub. Five years previously. However.. where the whole event had been staged as publicity for a novel called Shift of The Ages by Norwegian-Australian. while the original site said they were taken in Australia.000 years old).Whats New page 5 March 8th 2003 finally came. but then linked back to a page at 8thmarch2003.664-year galactic cycle that will conclude in the year 2012. politicians and religious leaders worldwide are theorizing and contradicting each other. Erratic weather seasons have been occurring globally for years and continue to worsen. indicating the ending of a 26. as if designed as a Noah's Ark Mach 2. updates at the medallion site revealed that more medallions had been found. In the next few weeks. revealing a forthcoming catastrophic book Shift of the Ages Update: Some of the above links are no longer telling the story of his discovery and the chase that years old and contained knowledge about celestial transits. leading to a tunnel with what seemed to be a giant submarine just visible.

. By now. and 4-hydroxy-DMT. ..Drugs..htm (9 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM . originally called Telepathine due to its telepathic effects. They also seemed to be telling me a joke about getting monkeys into space. and psilocybin-containing mushrooms.. Time Stop . Immediately afterward I consumed what I hoped was 5 gm of powdered psilocybe cubensis. I was shown brain tissue and mushroom mycelium and informed "These are the same/very similar". Some of things I was "told" include: We (humanity) and the mushroom are two parts of the same thing. since they tend to occur on every high dose journey I take. Fractals and Quantum Enough to feel its relaxing. mild high.. as my vision exploded into multicolored flowers and spastic mandalas exploding and throwing sparks into the darkness before my eyes. in a thread called 2012.Caapi bark that was smoked. In the first extract.This time. the nitrous served mainly to push the psilocybin effects along. is combined with nitrous oxide (laughing gas).Whats New page 5 Order the book here or see 2012 Books page 110. since this experience was far more intense than my previous 5 gm journeys .My body seemed to be coming apart and reconfiguring itself in various configurations.Psychedelics. plus Stropharia cubensis mushrooms (same as Psilocybe cubensis contains 4-phosphoryloxy-DMT or psilocybin. http://www.diagnosis2012. is a combination that is chemically similar to the Ayahuasca brew that combines harmala alkaloids and DMT (dimethyltryptamine) or psilocin). Syrian Rue and the Dolphin/Mushroom/Human Collaboration 1/June/03 In the Google newsgroup.Magic Mushrooms (archive). I may have overshot though. I found extracts from an account called "Diary of a Psychonaut"(archive). This combination (apart from the nitrous) is chemically very similar to the combination taken by the McKenna brothers in the Amazon jungle .org but is available on web archives that are linked below. Syrian Rue.psychonaut. It seemed information was being transmitted to me (this feeling got stronger and stronger as the night progressed).. which in turn. body image distortions are fairly familiar to me on mushrooms. which contains harmine. This account is no longer online at www. "Around 10:10 PM (after a 24+ hour fast) I smoked an undetermined amount of rue. which I found incomprehensible. Alt.

and to help as many others to do so as I could.. It was a very religious feeling. so I sat on the floor to think.htm (10 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM . although I have read both Food of the Gods and True Hallucinations. I had hopes that this trip would provide me with some insight on my previous mushroom trip. Immediately. I think the images and ideas I was having were highly metaphorical. The work must be finished. I decided I wasn't quite ready to get into the shower. but I have a hard time lending much credence to them. http://www. that the phone was ringing (it wasn't) and that I was in Minnesota (not).. including the idea that I would be somehow involved in (or even responsible for) this event. Are YOU ready?". and what the hell was going on. Please be ready. which was all very confusing. Monkeys in Space (archive). In the third relevant account. I began receiving images and thoughts from that experience. as well as much of the material online.. This is the moment all the great books of history have been written about. I was told (the voice was now present) again "We make our own reality. I do not subscribe to his theories. I am not a follower of Terence McKenna's. Again I received the idea that something monumental was to happen in 2012. This is the birth of religion. Let me add a little disclaimer here. following ingestion of 5 gms of Psilcybe I was told that we make our own reality. each part contains and reflects the whole). I was seeing images of Having said that. I knew suddenly that this could happen.. here is the message I received. where I was. and using the image of someone knocking as a metaphor/ example. They weren't trying to tell me there was someone at my door. they were trying to get an idea across to me.. I returned to my room and began receiving instructions and pleas to pay attention to the voices and write down what they were saying. In the next account. And what they were telling me. so I began thinking about that trip. along with things like "2012. His ideas are definitely entertaining.diagnosis2012.At this point I was very unclear as to who I was. For the complete account go to Mushroom Love (archive). When I asked if the 2012 thing were real. I felt almost as if I were back in that trip.. that the universe was a four dimensional information encoding algortihm/puzzle. I realized that 2012 is just a date and that I could transform my own consciousness by then if I wished to so so. and that the universe was fractal/holographic in nature (that is. I sat down with a pen and paper and began writing with some difficulty. After returning to the bathroom. Mushroom Love (archive). There was a lot more (some of which contradicted itself). I decided right there to do so. After reflection. reconstructed from my messy notes as best as possible: Time stops in 2012.Whats New page 5 . I was still receiving information from the voices in my head. that no one needed to be unhappy. I thought at the time they were telling me that someone was at the door (there wasn't). It is as real as you want it to be". For the complete account go to Time Stop (archive).

Whats New page 5 The buzzing noises ceased (or became secondary. I was told that other peoples perceptions were as valid as my own.diagnosis2012.) I entered a space that so far has been accessible to me only on deep mushroom trips. (part of his Somagenesis project). as a kind of Western Ayahuaca . the ultimate nature of which was somewhat elusive to me. It has something to do with time. that in the year 2012. but the majority of the other players are fully aware of their own parts in it. I experienced. Is anyone reading this a member who can ask Tomorrowlander for more info? Ananda has written a book called Somanetics. whatever you choose to call it). Another independent source that confirms a some of these insights. and at least one famous let me know if you have a copy. or at least had become suddenly accessible. Again I experienced the "time stop" phenomena as well as the mushroom around a year ago.. so my efforts to find out more detail have been unfruitful. Again it told me many strange and wonderful things. As in my previous two mushroom voyages I felt as if information was being transmitted to me. Most of humanity is completely unaware of their participation in this project. the group is for invited members only. Let it suffice to say that information was obtained via the hyperspacial other (or spirit-realm. other people's lives... the most perfect/accurate of which seemed to be the Mayan calendar. For the complete account go to Monkeys in Space (archive).. I had a vision of the universe. This experience of other peoples existence included protohumans. was found at the 2_0_1_2 (Live Journal) discussion group (aka Destination Eschaton) in a post by "Tomorrowlander": Then. and perhaps leaving the planet or returning it to a pristine state. even when they directly contradict mine. containing itself. The mushroom. akashic records. as I have a few times before. one which has effectively changed us both forever. consciousness. This project will reach completion in the year 2012. the ultimate repository of knowledge. It was like being granted access to THE library.htm (11 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM . my friends. clocks and other time measuring devices. This information concerned the very nature and structure of the universe. http://www. that proposes that the Gnostics and Alchemists used a combination of Syrian Rue and Acacia. mankind and several other species on this planet (including dolphins) are all collaborating on a colossal project. Unfortunately. my girlfriend and I had serendipitously began a dissociative-psychedelic binge. I saw a series of calendars. including my place in it. Here are a few of those things. as it's now unobtainable. everything will change.

In the fourth. Zuni and Navajo peoples say we are living in the fifth era. which ends in 2012. because here was the land of water. lakes. In the second layer you were given your flesh because this creation had all the food plants. this being the layer of wind and animals. On p. Here you got your bones. like the myths of the Hopi and some other tribes. flowers and trees. he describes how the children born in the village had already. with everything inside us in miniature that was visible to us on the outside. it would be good to find a supporting Maya source. http://www. your heart. or Fire Soul. implying that each 13-baktun cycle is one of the five eras. All Tzutujil people know that flesh comes from eating plants.. a layer of breath.Whats New page 5 111. in this layer you received what was hard and hot. 104-108. in the central quincunx. rain. becoming fruit on the branches of the Old Life Tree of the Village. represented in the centre of the Sunsone by the four Suns surrounding the fifth. Clues from the Tzutujil Maya 1/June/03 In Whats New item 82 we saw that while the Aztec.htm (12 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM . Professor Gordon Brotherston's analysis. Your personal soul was housed in the gall bladder..diagnosis2012. the world of form. By the point of the fifth creation. In Martin Prechtel's book. Prechtel was apprenticed to a powerful shaman in Santiago Atitlan. the child received an essential layer of his/her own physical and spiritual composition. one layer at a time. and this corresponds to the world of the Maize People in the Popol Vuh. this world. However. Grandfather Fire lived in your bones. vision. "been born into and passed through the other four layers of creation. In this way. an Old man and an Old Woman uttered magical phrases that "became the very things they described" and thus assembled the world. two Deities. and approaching the sixth. and the mother of Life lived in your heart." An evolutionary process is clearly described as the souls progress through the 5 worlds: "The first creation was stone and In the third creation you acquired the layer of your blood and nerves and all the liquids of your body. and its tenant was called Q'aq'al. implies that the four worlds in the Popol Vuh are equivalent to the first four of the five Suns of the Aztecs. On each layer. the Q'iche Maya Popol Vuh myth (entire Popol Vuh online here) is usually only said to cover 4 eras. mist and lightning. and John Major Jenkins' research supports and extends this. all of us humans relived the history of the world and actually were diminutive earths walking around in the earth. Then you were born into the fifth layer. and movement was tied into you. in The Book of The Fourth World. cloud. and the current one is the fifth one. the child was given form and born into this fifth layer of the Earth Fruit. springs.000-year cycle of precession. we find just such confirmation. and your gall bladder. After having received and lived through these four layers of lives. since Brotherston concluded that the eras are connected to a 26. and finally took on the job himself. Secrets of the Talking Jaguar. here to have form. In each of these consecutive creations.

" Our lives should recapitulate the evolutionary stages we went through to get here.htm (13 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM . This process was the process of Mayan initiation. Here one's initiation into the public hierarchy begins. vision and breath. fire/rain of fire. These people were called Culba Vinaaq. and they actually turned into memories themselves. The second layer is the crucial time of adolescence. the making of blood and blood relations. These very ancient people were dried by the heat of memory. which is why they were so slim. and here initiation ceremonies differed a little from the where you become a visible. This is the layer of emotions. This time of life is a time when remembrance becomes a way of life through large public ceremonies of initiation. water/flood. they began to remember only in reverse order. The first layer of remembrance is childhood. memories that would echo through the layers of creations. Big Vines. The young men and women of the Tzutujil are like shining warriors and shimmering girls full of visibility. This is the fifth world of movement.Whats New page 5 the words uttered by the Deities "take on physical form and function" . moving part of nature and the village. the land of being an adult or elder. Earth Fruit world. the world of roots. the layer of the wind. going from one layer to the next. the time of movement. This is the layer of abundance. Four out of five of these obviously correspond to the names of Creations in various Aztec versions. These layer look just like the stages of ones life. we should have "passed through all the layers of remembrance while alive in this fifth. crops. the layer of baby-making and marrying. rains. being basically the Mayan calendar. and the food/plants level corresponds to starvation or being eaten. middle life. wind. We called the adult-elders Big Trees. though in a different order. as they were done in small. Each layer of creation one had passed through before birth would be passed through in this world again in a ritual way. more private settings. At our deaths. Next comes the sub-adult layer of creation: the creation of water is the layer where one began making life. One gained the layer of stone and fire. and "these counting prayers never ended. http://www. The first layer in life is the last layer in birth. A person became a full adult only at the stage of becoming an elder. Finally. Echo Persons. Then comes the layer of trees and plants. the world of original memory. At some point after entering this stage of initiation.diagnosis2012. This is the layer of visibility. These elder-trees provided the shade for the other layers to grow and develop.

4. Arab nations planning to ban the US dollar.Whats New page 5 starvation/eaten by jaguars/eclipse. it also suggests the need for a conscious evolution during this 5th-era lifetime to become the ripe fruits we are designed to be.a person who has managed to discard all concept of self and is therefore more like a force of nature than a man." In summary. and "when people of great ripeness were buried. was seen as feeding the world for unborn generations. In addition. date of post: April 2003 http://www. Post-2012 discovery of ancient city in northern Canada after ice melts? The reason I ask is I have been at a meditation retreat at a temple in Thailand. 2. the Tzutujil myth confirms that we are in the fifth of a series of five eras." My reply: 1. I really don't think these people are aware of the other prophecies regarding 2012. Northern Thailand and three times has received information concerning the above phenomena culminating in a pole reversal in 2012 . culminating in the "fruiting". well-adorned in remembrance clothing. movement/earthquake The layers of initiation are represented by extra layers of ritual clothing. you you could hardly see them in the grave for all the layers of clothing they wore as they passed out of this layer into the sixth. and also suggests an evolution through the eras.diagnosis2012. To die. who is currently living in Thailand: 1/July/03 "Any chance you could tell me if you have any information on the following predicted phenomena or US plans: 1.the destruction of everyone who isn't at least partially enlightened or in the presence of an enlightened one. and that there is a Creation beyond the fifth.Prophecies From Thailand I recently had an email from my friend Len.htm (14 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM . Predicted nuclear strike on Israel in 2005 3. here's a page that mentions Saddam's intentions to ban the US US use of high-tech heat ray on an Asian nation killing much of the population 7 days later. The man there (if you can still call him a man) is reputedly an arahant .co. Yes. His teacher lives near Mae Hon Son. 112.

or Golden Age was 1. which we are now for an atomic/nuclear world war. and a biological weapon strike . encodes the lengths of the Hindu However.169). possibly following a nuclear strike on Israel.(14. 3.728 hat. year 5766 is encoded. Megaliths and the Phaistos Disc 1/July/03 Put aside your conspiracy theories for a few minutes. Hamlet's Mill. (See also Whats New item 86 : Kali Yuga and 2012 and Whats new item 40: Kalki . 864 hat and 432 hat. being multiples of 72 .000 years. which also relates to precession of the equinoxes. that 72 is an important number in the Mayan calendar. Causeway lengths and other measurements at Angkor Wat have measurements of 1. near the start of the Mayan Long Count calendar.728.296 AD 2012. lasts 432. on 23 December" (by the Lounsbury correlation). a missile hitting New York is encoded for year 5764.296.Critical Mass of Enlightened Ones by 2012 ) Willard Van de Bogart also lives in Thailand and has a series of articles at his Earth Portals site about Angkor Wat. I have just finished reading The Book of Hiram.700 casualties) is encoded for Israel in year 5765 (between Sept 15 2004 and Oct 3rd 2005). he proposes that the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. based at Angkor which is in Cambodia. 5766 starts on October 4th 2005 (see calendar converter page). These are all precessional numbers.000 years.htm (15 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM . the Kali Yuga. (Bible Code 2 p.the number of years it takes for the equinoxes (or solstices) to precess by one degree. Can't find anything Thailand was once part of the Khmer kingdom. 1. Venus. the Dvpara Yuga was 864. precession and 2012: Stones in The Sky 113. Hancok then points (p. In the Bible Code. which ends on September 15th 2004.smallpox . In Graham Hancock's book Heaven's Mirror. the Treta Yuga was 1.000 years. There are also carved reliefs showing "the churning of the Milky Ocean". Masons.000 years. and the final age of decadence.Whats New page 5 2. by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas.150-153) out Coomarswamy put the start of the Kali Yuga in 3102 BC. or Yugas. The Krita Yuga. and that the Fifth Sun of Mesoamerica ends "in the tumult of global cataclysm .diagnosis2012. as explained in the classic Sanillana & Von Dechend book. but it sounds a bit like HAARP (or here) 4. Cant find anything. which http://www.

nine months. Enoch lived "365 years" (Gen 5 v. and concluded that Enoch was taken by the angel Uriel to Stonehenge in England and the Newgrange "passage grave". Moon.Whats New page 5 is the fourth book in their series. say Knight and Lomas. 480 years In their 1999 book. These were then buried under Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.g. when the King can re-birth into a new body. a spiral represents a quarter of the year. Biblical and other connections show that the King rites were carried out in chambers aligned to the Shekinah or Venus light every 40 years (e. Uriel's Machine. who built the megalithic sites. attempting to trace the roots of the Masonic tradition.23) and that must be a calendrical clue! He was warned about the forthcoming global flood. Noah. The Grooved Ware people were trading in the Mediterranean area (e. who performed the stonework. tin for bronze production) and their beliefs were passed onto the Caananites and Phoenicians. complete with nine vaults. which is aligned so that the Winter Solstice sunrise illuminates the chamber each year. but every 8 years. There is a conspicuous triple spiral in the inner chamber at Newgrange. and the dots are joined. or the gestation period of humans. In fact. the Grooved Ware people were obsessed with tracking Venus. Stonehenge).diagnosis2012. in Ireland (Robin Heath published the Stonehenge -Uriel connection just the previous year . which is a copy of Solomon's Temple. as we know. and a triple spiral would represent three seasons. Thus.g. David & Solomon all reigned for 40 years). plus accompanying secret texts . The information in the scrolls was encoded into Cathedrals sponsored by the Templars . they looked at the Book of Enoch (several Masonic degrees feature Enoch).1998 in his excellent book. They have traced back Masonic ceremonies to the Knights Templar (so convincingly that many previously incredulous Masons now concur).this is when the Masonic guilds started. the original nine knights were direct descendants of Jewish Temple priests. Venus comes up just before the Sun. They have found that certain Venus numbers are encoded into the Bible (see The Orion Prophecy review for an explanation of the movements of Venus) and these are a 40-year period. Like the Maya. Sun. There are many spirals at Newgrange. Knight & Lomas pointed out that if the shadow from a post or gnomon is marked at midday every day between solstices. possibly representing a planetary gestation that precedes the birth of the next Sun (rebirth of One Hunahpu) on the Winter Solstice of 2012. The Templars excavated under the Temple of Jerusalem. and. the triple spiral at Newgrange is not fully illuminated at Winter Solstice. Saul. the resulting figure is two spirals. This is the period around which the Mayan Tzolkin of 260 days is based. survived a comet impact of 7640 BC and foresaw the next one of 3150 BC (Robin Heath says "sometime around 3300 BC").co.htm (16 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM .contemporary writings to the Dead Sea Scrolls. the 13-baktun cycle that ends in 2012 is structured like a giant Tzolkin of 260 katuns. and passed the information down to his great grandson. Knight and Lomas found evidence that the "Grooved Ware" Neolithic people of Britain. and found the huge stash of treasure described in the Copper Scroll from Qumran. when they arrived from Egypt. who bequeathed them to the Israelites. and directly illuminates it (Venus features in many Masonic degrees).

144. In fact. Exact alignment should come after 5 periods of 1440 years. 312 BC and 9792 BC. Then I took a look an ancient map of Ireland and found there was a county whose border was on the Boyne Valley called.? Here are some links to get you started..diagnosis2012. Then I looked for more on the Phaistos Disc and found a book called Atlantis Messages that connects the Aztec Sunstone. revealing information about the timing of the Great Flood! Further digging showed not only that the Minoans had a 366day calendar.920. Venus "loops" every 584 or 7200 Venus cycles. 72.520 years.Uriel... After 480 years or 60 pentagrams.440 years after Christ's birth. or 5 pentagrams. English translation: The Multi-millennial Minoan Calendar.. and an inlaid Mayan shield with the Dendera Zodiac.520 = 7200 x 584.. After 40 years. Just after reading in the Book of Hiram how the Grooved Ware people had a calendar of 366 days. the Phaistos Disc. since that is the period between the catastrophe in 21.440 years after Moses led the Israelites through the Red your theory here when it's finished! http://www. Then I noticed that eight of these 1440-year periods is 11. These connections require intense research! Volunteers please. which is the length of time between the catastrophes found by Slosman in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.076 year cycle encoded in the Phaistos Disc..! See ancient map page on Mythical Ireland site. Then I found a German site that finds a 4. except. or 7200 years. but that several people had shown the "undecipherable" Phaistos Disc to be a calendrical device. and 11. and completes a pentagram of 5 loops every 8 years. plus Venus cycles. Have you noticed the precessional numbers here? 12. but this is 2. while clearing it years): "We are not told how Slosman got the year 9792 BC. regarding the period between the last catastrophe ("9792 BC") and the next one in 2012 ( a period of 11. and Rosslyn was begun 1. the loop is 12 degrees away from its starting position.520 years. 432 & 18 x 1440 =25. After 1440 years.4 degrees away from its previous position... it is 144 degrees away from its starting position. in The Orion Prophecy review I said. Solomon's Temple was begun 1440 years after the Flood. The Bronze Age Computer Disc. it has moved 432 degrees which is 360 + 72 degrees. maybe it should be 11. Jesus was born 1. and the "Minoan Foot" is related to the Megalithic Yard.htm (17 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:28 AM ." According to Biblical chronology. so cannot speculate further.Whats New page 5 and 1440 years. as described in Alan Butler's book.. I took a look at a replica of the Phaistos Disc (from Minoan Crete) in my father's bookcase.

co. also explaining a 10. including Newgrange: The Sacred Island Mythical Ireland Knight and Lomas' Masonic Research Resource: The Web of Hiram Venus links: Cycles of the Heart: The Venus Passage a great page showing animations of Venus cycles. rulership.Venus qualities of Love/sex.diagnosis2012. and the descent of energies Venus-Sunstone theory The sky above.Whats New page 5 Phaistos Disc as Calendar Links: 366-day year Herman Wenzell Pomerance and Franklin 4 Steve Whittet Ole Hagen 1 2 3 Irish megalithic sites.708-year Venus cycle: plus: 480 and 1440 in the Great Pyramid Bruce Scofield's amazing article showing Clinton as Quetzalcoatl .htm (18 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM . now Venus transit applet Venus and the Maya Venus transits on a paper plate Cherokee Venus comment Venus:malefic Microbe attacks on photos after inferior Venus conjunctions

Keene 115. Keene's article describing the coincidences surrounding the writing of his book. Ian R. the "Peak of Angels" in Wales. It was here that St. has sensed the importance of 2012. including out-of-body sensations. Cosmic Locusts (see Whats New item 105 above) has received a response. notes that a stone shaped like a seat in the Gors Fawr stone circle in Wales. called God on the Brain on 17th April 2003 dealt with the connection between TLE and religious experiences. Brynach.Whats New page 5 Flu outbreaks also after Venus inferior conjunctions X-rays from Venus 114. " The sitter's head leans back against exactly that part of the stone that most disturbs the compass: the cerebral cortex is in close proximity to the natural magnetic effect.diagnosis2012. The stone is also involved in a midsummer-sunrise alignment. Paul Devereux was director of the Dragon Project which started in 1977.J. but is also one of a pair of outliers that align to sunrise on the summer solstice.J. Earth Mysteries researcher. Would the effect be somehow enhanced then? Or and has been able to trigger several types of religious experiences. which was an attempt to monitor energy anomalies at sacred sites. They covered the work of Dr Michael Persinger of Laurentian University in Canada.designed helmet that directs controlled magnetic fields to the temporal lobes. A BBC TV Horizon programme. whose research indicates that people with TLE may be especially sensitive to magnetic fields. Many sites have been found to have magnetic anomalies. Reply to J. He has a specially. lived as a hermit and communicated with "angels". not only affects compass needles. ( Places of Power p. which has areas of reversed magnetic field.207) see also Earth Lights Revelation.htm (19 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM . Crane has sent an open letter making some interesting points: Open Letter to J. such as Carn Ingli. a sixth-century Irish holy man. who has tried Persinger's magnetic helmet. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and 2012 1/Aug/03 Steve Scott has Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and since childhood. Devereux says that " Persinger and colleagues have produced some exciting statistical evidence that suggests that there is a link between some forms of psi activity in humans and the activity of the geomagnetic field".Keene 1/July/03 Joel J. and even feelings of alien abduction in some cases.

Around the winter solstice of 2001. Here is a translation of a Spanish page that explains how Russian cosmonauts exposed to a magnetic field of 0 gauss experienced "confusion. Now at one point. "*". we were listening to a track by the duo "Union Jack" which was called "There Will Be No Armageddon" and "*" and I were touching http://www.diagnosis2012. there was a brief reference to someone called Tomorrowlander. has now kindly contacted me and supplied the details. resulted in the reception of information about 2012.htm (20 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM . so the following report should perhaps be regarded as a kind of near-death experience: Tomorrowlander and his girlfriend. First of all. Tomorrowlander. had both taken the dxm. it becomes quite the dissociative". Tomorrowlander found himself in possession of some dextromethorphan hydrobromide or dxm. but I was unable to find out any more. Tomorrowlander and DXM 1/Aug/03 In item 110 above. but there is another property of this chemical: when taken at higher doses.this CD had some classic Brian Eno stuff and specifically at that moment. Tomorrowlander points out that he had been "at least partially aware of the 2012 enigma" since 1998 when he saw the deoxy. we have much yet to learn in our fledgling study of geopsychedelics. founder-member of the Live Journal community 2_0_1_2 Destination Eschaton. whose "dissociative. near the This substance is very risky to the health. due to extraneous Well.. He explains that dxm is "officially an antitussive whose properties are to suppress cough. while listening to an ambient CD which we had made for this purpose as we found that louder or faster music was not favorable when under the dissociative influence. or will the changes in the background geomagnetic field affect the weak magnetic field that surrounds all our heads? Perhaps being present at a sacred site might protect us from changes in the background geomagnetic status. with intent to severely alter his state of consciousness.psychedelic binge"." Are magnetic effects at sacred sites enhanced at the solstices? Will the winter solstice in 2012 trigger an even more far-reaching effect? Should we be at such a sacred site for the Galactic Alignment website (which includes TerenceMcKennaLand). and how Earth’s magnetic field is dropping towards 0 gauss by 2012.. 116. and one article on Erowid describes how a mother had to agree to the life-support machine to her son being cut off as a result of using dxm.Whats New page 5 does that clue tell us when the ritual was carried out at the magnetic "spirit" stone? Alas. aggression & madness".

we had discovered that channeling is a very ready potential with dissociatives. 117. we will come. and she appeared to me very much like an angel. She said "she is right you know. and why we had now incarnated in the descendents of those same whites who wiped out so many tribal peoples was because we both have some greater purposes in store in the near future. but it was not her at all. This being who channeled to me was unbelievably loving to Mayan and Biblical Prophecy. Thanks to Tomorrowlander for there will be no Armageddon.. but boy has that been enough! There was a time later on during this dxm binge (which lasted a full 2&1/2 months) when I felt that she was in fact extraterrestrial of origin.. Here is the new article : Celestially Challenged http://www. plus EMP wave. Joel Keene's Continuing Web of Synchronicity 1/ Sep/03 Following his novel..i." and when I asked some questions pertaining to our personal lives." This was the only piece of information 'she' has told me about pertaining to the 2012 enigma. (though I may at times forget the transformative profundity of this realization) she said: "In the year 2012.. All this causes Joel to conclude that the event he wrote into his novel . I then asked something like "what is it about 2012?" and her reply was one which has been permanently etched into my memory. In short. It was my girlfriend's voice. a comet storm October 2012.the weird stuff is continuing. (see it here: Cosmic Coincidences and Ian Crane's reply here). hence the 'we will come' part but have since been proven wrong on that particular theory as there was another occasion when my beautiful spirit guide had referred to her last life on earth as human.. and Joel has written a new article for us. descended from the greater reality. part of which (in my case) pertained to spreading information about 2012 and past lives. in which he discovers that not only has he got a duplicate nose of the Maya king Curl Nose. right at the third eye. we both just "KNEW" that we had lived at least a few former lives as native Americans.Whats New page 5 our foreheads.. (see Whats New item 94) Cosmic Locusts: The 2012 Convergence of Nostradamian.e. but other parts of his body are also re-capitulating those of the same Tikal-based king (too much information?). sitting lotus style.. and a comet colliding with the Moon in December 2012. is actually going to happen on schedule. And the she I refer to was not my girlfriend. Joel J. During one of those same very early trips (as a dex trip for us lasted 8+ hours) while listening to the song "Indian Chanting" by Enigma. She began to speak to me.htm (21 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM .diagnosis2012. Keene wrote an article for 2012: Dire Gnosis about the coincidences that surrounded the writing of the book. when something occurred.

We are currently on pope number 110 of the St. 119. Peter the Roman (the second Pope after John Paul II) .uk/new5. blind and imprisoned. including the beginning of the third World War. and with rumours this week of his failing health.elected in the latter part of the first decade of the 21st century.htm (22 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM . reminds us that there are only 2 popes left to go.diagnosis2012. Our first serious group journey was on the http://www. Malachy prophesied 112 future popes ending with Pope Peter II who will be pope when the "final persecution of the Holy Roman Church" comes about. Rome and Vatican City will be destroyed in July of 2013.begins in 2009 or 2010 .the Arab nations attack and conquer Europe and large portions of Africa.unites the Arab nations as one.dies most likely in 2003. most likely in 2009. In 2012. Pope Benedict XVI. came up with the dates. A large war (the third World War) . St. Malachy with 2012. A search came up with this site which connects the prophecies of St. Malachy. He will die a martyr. A small war . It is unclear how Ronald L.elected most likely in 2003.begins in 2010 or 2011 . The 2012 Dream Project 2/Oct/03 Explora. the Pope of Peace . Peter the Roman will be captured by the Arabs and imprisoned in Iraq. The site has a forum called Sea Life that is the hub of several dream projects: As a group of what is currently 4 dream teams (about 30 dreamers) plus other individuals. dies before the end of the same decade (the first decade of the 21st century. Malachy list.Whats New page 5 118. 2001 to 2010). see also this site. we have a lot of potential to recover knowledge through dreaming. (article written in August-September 2002). Malachy & 2012 2/Oct/03 Thanks to someone called Allen for asking me about St. who had the lucid dream described at Whats New item 102 above. and who runs a site called Dreamspace has contacted 2012:Dire Gnosis. Conte Jr. most likely in but here they are: Summary of Dates: s s s s s s s John Paul II . In 1139 St. His Pontificate sees the beginning of the tribulation.among the Arab nations .

Zyzygyz makes a case for the Franklin wave having a particular significance to the Gulf War: The coincidence between Saddam's ascent to absolute power in Iraq. (see Whats new item 68) has made a breakthrough! He announced the breakthrough at the Timewavezero2012 discussion group in message number 3408. The theory was largely based around the claimed correlation between a retrograde loop of the planet Venus. I have finally found a way to quickly and easily chart the Franklin Time Wave in its fractal form as far back as 7 billion years through I guess what you might call reverse engineering. (when novelty ingression reaches maximum by hitting the baseline).. we traveled to the year 2012. and other possible changes awaiting us. Like the other waves. based on an alternative arrangement of the I Ching).diagnosis2012. which is a book by Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx proposing a catastrophe in 2012. and one that the authors said happened in 9792 BC. Franklin Timewave Update 2/Oct/03 Zyzygyz. 120.see message 3438 (see the "dimension" thread from message 3518 or any after that with "Timewave" in the title).uk/new5. 121. http://www. and there has been some discussion following the announcement . Sheliak . Orion Prophecy Update 2/Oct/03 In Whats New item 39 I summarized my detailed review of The Orion Prophecy.Whats New page 5 topic of 'Dreaming Our Way to 2012'. See the results based on the King Wen sequence of the I Ching.htm (23 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM . who devised the concept a Timewave based around the magic square of Ben Franklin. When I reviewed the Orion prophecy. the Franklin wave shows a close resonance between the World War II years and the years between 2006 and 2012. his attack on Kuwait and the entire Gulf War scenario compared with the Franklin Timewave (FTW) is just too strange to chalk up to coincidence. that is due in 2012. on any of the other 4 number sets (Kelley. More in message 3582. & Huang Ti. The Franklin Timewave can now be easily compared with any other sections of the wave of any duration between a maximum of 7 billion years and a minimum of 1 hour and 33 minutes. In conscious dreams... Watkins. to discover the role of dreaming..

Well. actually happened in 9389 BC.Whats New page 5 the 3 astronomical software programs I used. has an exact match in the year 1609 AD! The exact match for the 2012 AD loop. but this page gets the end-point of the 13-baktun cycle confused with the start date. saying that it ends on 12th August 2012 instead of the 21st December. To save your time. the Venus retrograde loop of 9792 BC as shown on Skyglobe. the 9792 BC loop is not at all the same as that shown in the Orion Prophecy. Ed Dames was in charge of a U. If that sounds familiar. Hancock and Bauval in their investigations of ancient Egyptian skies. Gilbert.diagnosis2012. Skyglobe shows the loop in the Orion Prophecy to be one that occurred 96 years later.000 AD! Skyglobe shows the 2012 loop exactly as described by Geryl and Rattinckx. In fact.000 BC and 30. However. secondhand claims were reported about remote viewers being unable to get past Check it for yourself if you don’t believe me: Download Skyglobe (shareware) 122. He became head of his own remote viewing company ( Psi Tech). but kept crashing the computer & giving nonsense readings). (item 24) and in the Remote Viewing section (item 36) of this site. I recently tried the same thing on a program called Skyglobe. (starting on 12 February). and the relevant piece is just under halfway down the page. (all freeware or shareware). and the transcript of the interview is online here. Skyglobe will reproduce any sky configuration visible from any from any of 120 cites on Earth. in 9696 BC. that's because its the one used by Cotterell. he is now executive director of the Matrix Intelligence Agency. when set to show the sky from a Cairo vantage point between May 14th 2012 and June 26th 2012 (the 2 standstill points in the loop of Venus. In a radio interview with Art Bell. He straight from the horse's mouth. The "Discontinuity" 1/Nov/2003 In the Montauk section. I have now found a page where we can get it verbatim.S. I found after much searching with Skyglobe. between 30. claiming that his company's remote viewing findings were 100% accurate. I have quoted it below. would not go back as far as 9792 BC (one of them almost did it.htm (24 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM . (Jan 30th 1997) remote viewer Ed Dames answered a question on this topic. Defense Intelligence Agency team of remote viewers. There is also page on the Great dreams site that refers briefly to it.

if you will. . . This faxer goes on to say ‘is it possible. . . and he started a 7-year process in which the Pineal Eye (pineal gland) was progressively opened. that affects the entire earth in the future. We‘ve used topical search terms like the rapture. We are having a very difficult time with this. . and it’s that only by the way. we call the discontinuity. parallel time. I can give you my best guess about what that is. a different in the past. in fact. is that we have all gone to another time or dimension via time travel or ETs or whatever? ’ DAMES: Do you want me to answer that? BELL: Uh huh. the reason that remote viewers and time travelers hit a wall in the year 2012 and find no one after that date. Ed? DAMES: That’s what it appears to be. that something happens to the world that makes all the event timelines it may be something that is truly beyond our ken. . . 123. and it’s all at once. all at once. . Alright. . Internal Alchemy & The Vedas 2/Nov/2003 Ananda Bosman. Ananda. BELL: That’s the spiritual event. That is the best that we can do at this juncture. and that when you look around. it’s geophysical parameters. . . . everything is different. Ed. the quickening. BELL: Now to Ed Dames and some very sobering. . . . .htm (25 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM . spooky stuff. BELL: Alright. We will continue to explore it but we are quickly being overcome by other events. I have mentioned this before. The natural hallucinogens. that something happens on earth.diagnosis2012. in house. in the year 1985. http://www. That there is an event that is global. You appear to be somewhere else and. and DMT were being pumped into his blood stream especially at night. or to use this faxer’s words. that remote viewers run up against a point where things change dramatically and globally. you’ve leapt onto a different event trajectory. biophysical parameters.Whats New page 5 has been criticized for making predictions that don't come true. . . Pinoline. had a bicycle accident at the age of 12 or 13. . you are back on the air. is that time changes. as I’ve mentioned. who lives in Norway. things like that but. The result was that his pineal gland was triggered into activity. DAMES: We have explored it. trying to discern what the heck is happening and we have a working hypothesis now and the working hypothesis. DAMES: This deals with what.

seventeen years after this contact. due to be released soon. encode the process that we are currently undergoing.. Faraday cages and light isolation. "What was of even further a quaking nature to our cognate geology was that Manu Salhvana/Savarna is also described as the Omega MANU of our cycle. rendering it harmless). Over the next few years. The light isolation developed into a 14-day Dark Room Retreat. that culminates in 2012. the raw material out of which the pineal synthesises melatonin. which is present in many foods. which I have personally been trying to get hold of for years. about alchemy. (said by some to be up to 7. He had an OOBE (out-of-body experience) in which he met a group of beings that were beyond extra-terrestrials ... now combined. thunder-struck in discovering the archaic manuscriptorial references that actually mention the "Salvana" of Emmanuel (one of my most intimate Emmanuel contacts). was called Salvana. are mono-amino-oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) and MAO normally protects us from tyramine. The Unity Keys of Emmanuel. Emmanuel. One of the Emmanuel group that Ananda met early on. in hadron physics jargon acting as a kind of Macro Irreversible Coherent Noosphere of our Age. from which it then makes the hallucinogens. he was.. into which our reality is emerging. ".000 years old). soma and pineal hallucinogens. such as dairy products and wine (this is because the beta-carbolines -harmine and family. is being re-written and should be available soon in pdf format (without pictures. The Omega Manu. as being described in the Vedas as one of the central MANU's from the 7 Alpha-Omega MANU couples that overwatch and influence the species development"* He realized that the Vedas. 540 pages).. While reading the ancient Vedas recently (2002).htm (26 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM .Whats New page 5 when there was more melatonin available to be converted into the "spirit molecules" (see the Rick Strassman book review).co.even beyond ultra-terrestrials. to develop a method by which people could create a hyperspatial vehicle or light body. They called themselves collectively. The Veda's conveyed such an emergence to be astronomically marked by the precise alignments of our astrophysical backgarden that accurately took place in 1998 and those of 2012 . which demonstrates the Rig Veda as the "Source of the Book of Revelation "Apocalypse" code". and told Ananda in 1989 about the significance of be announced on the 2012 books page. Other books soon to be released in hardcopy are Vajrhiratha: Diamond Body Manual. emergence we are amidst. 672 A4 pages."* * From Ananda's Grailzine newsletter September 2003 Ananda has written a 432-page book called The Rig Veda. He has also written a 670-page (so far) book called The Soma Conspiracy that covers the material that was to be in the books. The diet also avoids tyramine. Somagenics and Somanetics. combined with a diet rich in tryptophan. Ananda worked with a variety of scientists and technicians.made in the pineal.. mudras.diagnosis2012. The techniques included sound.

Perhaps Saskia is http://www. influence of sun and moon on crystallization and acupuncture and chakra points. 630 A4 pages. and an invetigation of Earth energy. and meditation. and perhaps other books like Sovereignty: The Emegency From Independence From the Global Slave The Manu: An Omnidimensional Artifact At The Genesis of History. and Earthgate energy field research Torsion field detector (in development) Microwave scanner (in development) The Pineal Project will study the interaction of five pineal secretions. 5-meo-DMT and Pinoline. who Ananda has worked with. DMT. The Pineal Project 2/Nov/2003 The Pineal Project is a research proposal by a Netherlands-based biologist called Saskia Bosman. using multi-channel SQUID neuromagnetometers (plus MRI scanning) and PET scanning. Melatonin. Ananda-Emmanuel Somanetics book Somagenics page Somagenics 2 Somanetics page Timegate 2003 124. The scientists are also following some of the research of Dan Winter.htm (27 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM .diagnosis2012.. Serotonin. The Light Of Emmanuel: Exploraitons Into Oneness. 1992. presently 500 A4 pages. If you check out other research projects you will find that they include heart and brain coherence as outlined by Itzhak Bentov. 350 A4 pages. 1993.Whats New page 5 The Alien Presence: The Evidence for Government Contact With Alien Life Forms.D of Inclusive Science. 1993. (not dissimilar to the Dragon Project) using an array of detection equipment that includes: q q q q q q Geiger counter MagnetometerElectrostatic field meter Callahan Probe with spectral and septral analysis Measurement of the pulse. Ph. See 2012 Events page for an upcoming (Nov-Dc 2003) Dark Room Retreat in Switzerland with Ananda. the last three of which are psychoactive. EKG and other human oscillators of subjects on and outside of Earth energy lines and vortices. and the book Ananda is currently working on.yes she has the same surname as Ananda! The project will investigate the production of pineal hallucinogens during mystical experiences. prayer..

The old Harmonic Convergence. Here is a copy of the email I sent to John Mirehiel. as you have probably heard.diagnosis2012. You said recently. and these are being repeated and exaggerated all over the net. the purveyor of the Flower of Life and Merkaba concepts. quoting the one I sent to Drunvalo: Dear John. he has been repeating the old "2003=2012" misconception on his site.htm (28 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM .uk/harm.they all come in to these projects. when a rare planetary configuration combined with a lunar eclipse. lightballs . I discovered six places where. but to no avail.Nancy Leider and ZetaTalk. I emailed both Mirehiel and Drunvalo (several attempts with various email addresses to the latter) but they have both declined to explain themselves. for political and religious reasons. alerting the original perpetrators . wrote an article in his November issue of The Spirit of Maat in which he repeated it all. This is a piece of disinformation which I tried to lay to rest back in June 2002. we are assured. "In my research back in the mid-1980s. which I celebrated. the Catholic church changed the date of the year. Is this the first scientific investigation of the forthcoming 2012 event outside Russia? 125. you have got a few facts wrong. I told the Zeta-Talk site about it ages ago but they chose to ignore it because it did not suit their agenda. For several Jumping on the 2003/2012 Bandwagon 1/Dec/2003 John Mirehiel. is the "spiritual ancestor" of the Harmonic Concordance.htm Dear Drunvalo. With all the excitement over the Harmonic Concordance. All the best Geoff Stray This may also be of interest: http://www. but added his own piece of "research". Thanks for your recent promotion of the Concordance event.Whats New page 5 related to Ananda? Galactic core explosions Schumann resonance. holding it back. people started picking up on this again even Drunvalo (The whole article is repeated on this page of 2012Unlimited). From my http://www. I enclose a copy of a letter sent to Drunvalo who has repeated this mistake. McKenna's Invisible Landscape is also mentioned as a reference. in an item called The Sylvia Brown 2003 Error.diagnosis2012. He also republished an article by Mirehiel in the same issue. conceived the recent Harmonic Concordance event..

" Would you mind giving me more information on this please. Yet we are supposed to believe that in the following 400 years. I could prove that according to the Mayan Calendar. is that.htm (29 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM .co.0. as if they were having ten days stolen out of their lives.Whats New page 5 understanding at that time. who mentioned in passing.0 in the Long Count should also be called 2003.htm#2003 For you to promote this 2003/2012 subject further without supplying the evidence is very frustrating for those of us trying to get to clear up misinformation surrounding the Maya calendar. One of the most popular current years for the birthdate is 6 http://www. though it would still be the same year! Likewise. 10 BC. or even mention 2012 . but it was taken out of context. since I shall be saying something about this in the next update to the website. this means that our calendar's base-date is off by anything up to 10 years. since theologians and historians all argue about the actual year of Christ's birth. This caused a near riot. no matter how much anybody changes the Gregorian calendar. if any Christians were expecting the Second Coming to occur two thousand years after Christ's birth.diagnosis2012. Extract: but 1994. The whole story originates from a radio listener who heard an interview with Sylvia Browne. I hope you understand and will reply.0. What Sylvia probably meant. 10 BC) The point is. but some authorities say 9 BC or even 10 BC. would no longer be called 2003. the year favoured by Zetatalk for Nibiru's return. If this turned out to be true. The start and finish of the 13-baktun cycle can also be worked out in the Julian calendar and in http://www.the rest of the Zetatalk letter is supposition of a Zetatalk correspondent. If Jesus had been born in 9 BC. and therefore. that just would just mean that the Gregorian year that correlates to 13. then the end-point is in 2021. which explains why it has just come up again). that 2000 AD took place 6 years previously.0. that would just be in the Gregorian calendar. The Gregorian calendar started in 1582 due to an accumulated difference of ten days between the Julian calendar and the solar year. because the "growing body of researchers" who think 2003 is 2012 all seem to be basing their statements on hearsay and rumour that was originally encouraged by Nancy Leider on the Zetatalk site (it was quoted on the astrosite. the calendar jumped back nine years? If we suppose that there were nine one-year action replays. their estimate would be off by a similar amount. our current Gregorian year of 2003 is really at least 2009.. But others say that there were three other times when the year was held and the end-point of the 13-baktun cycle would then be in the New Gregorian year "2021" Yes if it's 2012 now. then the 2000-year anniversary would have been in 1991. and the year we now call 2012 should really be called 2003. Sylvia didn't receive psychic information that the Mayan calendar was wrong. the information originated in a 1996-97 radio interview with Sylvia Brown. which is connected with the whole harmonic Concordance phenomenon.. diagnosis2012. while the Maya continued on with their day-count. when people protested at the calendar jumping ten days. it does not make any difference to the Maya calendar. (More refs: 9 BC.

diagnosis2012. I am wondering why this has been so persistently spread around. 2003 is the correct corresponding Gregorian year. or correct it. Obviously.. I would suggest a combination such as Solomon Pengragon.Perhaps he wanted the cult status that Arguelles enjoyed after the Harmonic Convergence? Perhaps we should not be surprised the start-date is 6th September 3114 BC (JD) and the end-date is 8th December 2012. "But noted Psychic Silvia Browne has said the 2012 date itself is erroneous. Perona and Mr. according to her guides. So.... that confusion arising over western calendar systems has led to our belief that 2012 represents the last noted year of the Mayan Great Calendar when.Whats New page 5 that case. Mirehiel was trying to bolster up the significance of the Harmonic Concordance? That really wasn't necessary .uk/new5. like Mr.anybody can see the significance of that planetary combination. Zetatalk wanted to bolster up their case that Nibiru would return in May 2003.or Dagobert Atahualpa (oops have I overdone it?) 126. you will see that the very short sentence concerning the "noted" psychic has been spiced up! There is nothing there about her guides telling her this. Arguelles.htm (30 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM . saying that 2003 is really 2012 is a bit like a movement that suddenly announced that today is really the week before last. Mr. and that is why they refused to take the page down. Mirehiel suddenly announces himself to be dead and reborn as a Hebrew priest-king or Maya king." If you look at the place where this Chinese whisper started: Zetatalk. Does this mean that Mr.. Mirehiel says in his article in the Spirit of Maat newsletter. Tolkien and 2012 Happy New Year to all Dire Gnosis surfers (Dire Gnostics) 1/1/2004 http://www.

with his Sun. which is a quarter of the 235 lunations of the Metonic cycle. found in Wales in 1831. http://www. So our Halloween fancy-dress outfits of was another part of the ceremonial dress of the priestkings.000 years old from the late Bronze Age and covered with Sun and Moon symbols. Gerloff has also suggested that the Gold Cape of Mold. They are a kind of logarithmic table. Prof. that have since gone missing.Whats New page 5 Thanks to Steve Alexander at Temporary Temples for Crop Circle image These gold hats are around 3.htm (31 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM . so the Bronze Age calendar priests could make longterm predictions. on which the 19-year Metonic cycle could be calculated five to seven hundred years before Meton was born. Switzerland & Moon and star-covered cape and hat are actually based on the calendrically-encoded ceremonial dress of Bronze Age “king-priests” who would have been revered at Lords of Time. The hats were found in France. with rumours of several found by peat-diggers in Ireland.diagnosis2012. They show the 1735 days in 57 lunations.

shares an archetype with Gandalf. Jay Weidner. Tolkien's White Magician. and that the archaeoastronomers' calendrical interpretations of megalithic sites should be taken seriously. We are therefore living in the 4th age. which is roughly 5200 years long. In January 2003. Merlin of course. has just produced an extended article on this subject. the same harmonic of the Great Year as the Mayan." Tolkien also implied that a similar battle between good and evil occurs at each junction between the ages. in which he goes into Tolkien's mythology of the first three ages. Alchemical Secrets of The Lord of the Rings.diagnosis2012.Whats New page 5 The hats were recently displayed together at Nuremburg museum and they demonstrate that our ancestors were far more aware of calendrical cycles than mainstream archaeology would like to and ushers in the age of men as the elves and dwarves fade away (hobbits would remain of course and become Englishmen). showing how it http://www. See Whats New item 113 for Megalithic calendars and possible 2012 connections.htm (32 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM . The 4th age began with the passing of the and that we are now approaching the end of the fourth age. called Tolkien at the End of Time. Vincent Bridges posted a message at the 2012 Theories discussion group in which he pointed out that Tolkien's Lord of the Rings ends at the junction between the Third and Fourth Ages of Middle Earth: "LOTR takes place at the end of the 3rd age. also just as the Mayan say. Vincent's co-author of the book A Monument to the End of Time.

The Sacrum Bone: Doorway to the Otherworld showing that the Maya saw the spine as a microcosm of the World Tree or axis. Solar System Changes Update 1/1/2004 In David Wilcock's Divine Cosmos. but it is also relevant to the Galactic Alignment of 2012. Osiris being represented in the sky by Orion.Whats New page 5 connects to the doctrine of alchemy and the secrets of the ages encoded into the Cross at Hendaye (see Whats New item 21 for a review of Weidner and Bridges' book about the Cross at Hendaye). Dmitriev http://www. he goes into some detail regarding the work of Dr. The Egyptian Djed column is related to this would be called "worship of graven images"). The Sacrum Bone: Doorway to the Otherworld 1/1/2004 We know about the 33 vertebrae and their connection to the 33 Masonic degrees. since the skull and sacrum were seen to correlate to the galactic portals where the ecliptic crosses the Milky Way.diagnosis2012. In the context of the end of the current.268) that the Galactic Alignment will involve Kundalini flowing through the Earth and through us. Fourth Age. Aleskey Dmitriev and particularly Dmitriev's essay.000 words of new material. Planetophysical State of the Earth and Life. Fulcanelli's Final Revelation: of Raising the Djed at the End of Time. The Galactic Sacrum was at the Place of creation in Orion (the Turtle Shell) and the Galactic Temples were therefore at the Dark Rift. 127. and it is now available as The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye: Alchemy and the End of Time See 2012 Books page for more info. including 80. the Ring represents The Machine . and the Temples at the other end? Brian Stross (University of Texas) has written an article. 128. Not only does this shamanic concept of the Maya have parallels to the Hindu concept of the Kundalini serpent. where the 2012 Alignment will occur. and also the World Tree. being the backbone of Osiris.htm (33 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM . This all seems to add weight to Jenkins' conclusion (Galactic Alignment p.something that Terence McKenna referred to as "thing-fetishism" (to those with a world-view structured around Abrahamic religions. and that it has a portal at each end. Weidner and Bridges have totally re-worked their book A Monument to the End of See Weidner & Bridges' essay. but have you ever wondered about the Sacrum or Holy Bone at one end of the spine. when the World Tree aligns with the Galactic Tree.or our tendency to become entranced or seduced by technology .

NEPTUNE : Neptune has become 40 percent brighter in infrared since 1996. No one at NASA has even bothered to try to explain this yet. or elongated at the poles. EARTH: In the last 30 years.Whats New page 5 analyses Earth changes. The Ascension: “Is It Real? If So. comparable to a 22-degree Fahrenheit increase on Earth.diagnosis2012. or flattened at the poles. Atmospheric density had risen by 200 percent above previous observations as of 1997. This area. Converegence 3 & Divine Cosmos. Solar changes. PLUTO: As of September 2002. In a recent essay. showing that the planetary changes are continuing. SATURN: Saturn’s polar regions have been noticeably brightening. VENUS: Venus is now glowing in the dark. changes to other planets in the solar system. URANUS: According to NASA’s Voyager II space probe. as is Jupiter’s moon Io. says Dmitriev. to more pumpkin-shaped. here is an excerpt: "SUN: The Sun’s magnetic field is over 230 percent stronger now than it was at the beginning of the 1900s. and its overall energetic activity has sizably increased. Earth’s icecaps have thinned out by as much as 40 percent. The size of Jupiter’s magnetic field has more than doubled since to conclude that the solar system is moving into a new energetic area. and its magnetic field strength increasing. and is fully 100percent brighter in certain Wilcock has added more recent statistics to Dmitriev's information. MARS: The icecaps of Mars noticeably melted just within one year. Also. causing 50-percent changes in surface features. is a magnetised plasma band.htm (34 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM . while also becoming noticeably darker in color. just since 1997 the structure of the Earth has shifted from being slightly more egg-shaped. " For more info. and (less well-known). Neptune ’s moon Triton has had a “very large percentage increase” in atmospheric pressure and temperature. Quite inexplicably. see WhatsNew item 27 The Shift of the Ages and Whats new item 65. Am I Gonna Make It?” . Uranus and Neptune both appear to have had recent magnetic pole shifts – 60 degrees for Uranus and 50 for Neptune . Pluto has experienced a 300-percent increase in its atmospheric pressure in the last 14 years. creating a frenzy of activity that continues to embarrass NASA’s official predictions. JUPITER: Jupiter has become so highly energized that it is now surrounded by a visibly glowing donut tube of energy in the path of the moon Io. http://www.

just as a 3D cube is an infinity of 2D surfaces. this excerpt is still hard to understand for nonphysicists. However." I am told by a language-teacher friend of mine. and speaks and writes fluent English. it reads like the scribbled notes of someone writing a shorthand account of a conversation between Albert Einstein and John Nash. If Professor Hawking can make his ideas understandable to the non-specialist. The Difference between a constant and its equal and opposite variability is infinite. Constancy is singular. then how about writing a synopsis for 2012: Dire Gnosis? http://www. I expected the book to be a different matter.the first half of the first paragraph in Chapter One (words in red are words that should be there but aren't): "In a 3D context. so this explains why the explanations on his website. The cover claims that the book connects the Egyptian concept of Zep Tepi (the First Time of Osiris) with apocalyptic texts from ancient civilisations. explaining the physics behind the forthcoming quantum leap.htm (35 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM . who is generally recognised as "the Greatest mind in physics since Albert Einstein" and it was an absolute doddle compared to this. that the Croatian language is structured like this. and in posts he has made to discussion groups are in a rather awkward kind of English.. Since this is from the start of chapter one. the above excerpt is actually easier to understand than most of the text. One constant is an infinity of fractal variables. 3D is always double the fractal difference . while variability is its equal and opposite infinity. An Exponential difference is a fractal dimensional difference. variable..Whats New page 5 129. The result of its publication is predicted to be a recognition that it is the ". but this text should really have been checked by someone who speaks fluent and so do they. infinity and singularity. and so on. and the end of the 13-baktun cycle of the Maya. fractality.diagnosis2012. Prophet's manual : (Fractal Supersymmetry of Double Helix) is over 450 pages of fairly small print. Here is an example . Constancy is a changeless pattern between two interfering variables (C=d/t=const).it is two equal and opposite infinities (variabilities) of a singularity (constant). then surely it is possible that the concepts being explained by Daniel Srsa (an engineer) could be phrased in a way that could be understood by people who are not Croatian scientists. so if anyone out there has read and understood it. I have read A Brief History of Time by Professor Stephen Hawking. In but these definitions tend to use other terms that have to be looked up in the glossary. I sadly don't have time to get my head round this book.long awaited revelation of Holy Grail of knowledge with unprecedented consequences that are bound to shake the world from its foundations. because the difference is exponential. There is a glossary that includes explanations of the terms constant. However. Prophet's Manual 1/1/2004 The recent book by Daniel Srsa. a constant is a derivative of two equal and opposite variables . even when the missing words are inserted." Daniel Srsa is from Croatia.

Peru agree well with their earlier ice cores from Mount Kilmanjaro. that "Something happened 5. Dr Thompson's teams' new ice cores from Quelcoro. Now.." Grondine summarises the article: "The Ohio State University team works under Dr Lonnie Thompson. these radio carbon dates agree well with the absolute dates given by the Maya. with financial support coming from the United States' National Science Foundation and the Comer Foundation.. The Celestial Cow in 3114 BC 1/Feb/2004 In Whats New item 16 we saw how Egyptologist David Rohl placed the flood of Noah (or Utnapishtim in the earlier Sumerian version) at "3113 BC".Whats New page 5 130. Tanzania in showing a climate collapse ca.diagnosis2012. Grondine also quotes from a recent report on the findings of Ohio State University scientists. and Timo Niroma suggested that although comet Encke was in an Earth-crossing position about 5000 years ago." Another relevant page from Grondine is (36 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM . In Whats New item 23 we saw how David Furlong found evidence for a comet impact at this time. in which Ra punishes Mankind by sending out his eye in the form of Sekhmet/Hathor (see item 40) originated in the first dynasty and refers to the encounter between comet Encke and the Earth. 3200 BCE. from Peruvian icecores. when the Long Count started. Ed Grondine reasons that the ancient Egyptian myth of The Celestial Cow.200 years ago that was abrupt and very large-scale. with dating determined by radio carbon dating techniques. (Thanks to Joel Keene for this) http://www. he thought a likelier scenario would have been another comet that broke into three pieces. Given this accuracy. (37 of 37)9/28/2005 11:10:29 AM .Whats New page 5 http://www.

0.diagnosis2012.First Fruits of the Galactic Alignment? 2012 Tattoo 145. 139.Whats New page six What's New? 131. 2012 and Meditation 136. HAARP and Ancient Prophecies 140. 2012: a Space Odyssey 132. August Noble Goes for the Jugular http://www. "Dreaming Our Way to 2012" Project 141.0. Venus Transit 2004 & 2012 (1 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . Past-Life Recall and Doomsday 2012 142.0 133. The Romanek Mystery and the Cube of Space 134. Earth Quarantined Ready for 2012. Nordic Alien Transmits 2012 Telepathically 137. Hypnotic Progression (Future Life Recall) 143. Stela for 13. 2012 Search at Amazon 135.0. Psychic Children .

. Galactic Centre Found to Affect Intuition items 157 +. 2012 and the Group Mind Feedback Project 147.htm (2 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . Auric Time Scale Update 153. where the Galactic Alignment event is happening through 2012).Whats New page six 146.. The "Doomsday Crop Circle" 152. (close to the Galactic Alchemical Kubrick 2001: the Great Work on Film. encoded in cathedrals and writings and paintings. 131. shows that his own interpretation of the message of alchemy. is the same meaning that is encoded into Kubrick's enigmatic film. Weidner suggests that this is the only film that has succeeded in encoding the Great Work. Mayan Ayahuasca 150. 2012: A Space Odyssey 1/Feb/2004 Jay Weidner's updated version of his essay. Another Fungal Message 154. Berber Eclipse Cycle Check out this amazing streamed audio & video explanation of 2001: A Space Odyssey http://www. that points towards Galactic Centre. Feedback Project: Results 148. The Real Maya Prophecies 151. Summary of the Road to 2012 Arizona Conference 155. 2001: A Space Odyssey. with the monolith representing the Philosopher's stone and Bowman suggesting the constellation Sagittarius. Jenkins Counter-Critique 156.diagnosis2012.

When Terence & Dennis McKenna were in The Amazon rainforest.late twentieth-century history was experienced as a frantic effort to build an object which he called "the lens". and 260 is also the number of katuns in the 13-baktun cycle that terminates in 2012. to allow life to escape to Jupiter on the heels of an impending global catastrophe".0. (Invisible Landscape p.0.98) which is the period of the sacred Tzolkin calendar. At the climax of the film. that "this working produced a message from Jupiter in Enochian to the effect that the gods wished to regain their dominion on Earth. Tzolkin: 4 Ahau.. and ". one of them had a " Manichaean perception" of the "solar system as a huge light pump. at his Sacred Mysteries site.0. Aleister Crowley. Alchemy. 3.0. the space ship goes down some kind of wormhole near Jupiter and the surviving crew-member becomes the first of a new species. Two of Jupiter's moons have a rotation period of 260 days.Whats New page six Here is something else I noticed myself." 4. 2.htm (3 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . (Tzolkin p.110). The Great Cross at Hendaye and the Mystery of the Cathedrals". 132. where they received the raw information for the Timewave that terminates in that might connect the film with 2012: 1. titled "Fulcanelli.0.see Whats New item 10) wrote of his "Paris Working". wherein the light of souls is pumped from planet to planet until it finally leaves the solar system altogether and is transmitted to the galactic center".uk/new7.diagnosis2012. Stela for 13. http://www..0 1/Feb/2004 This is the stela for the "zero day" Long Count: 13. who was the self-styled "Beast 666" of the book of Revelation. Jay Weidner was interviewed by Network X in January 2004 and you can now read the transcript. Night Lord: 9 See Maya Links page for the Mayan Horoscope software.0.0. (some of whose followers think the Aeons of Maat and Horus will fuse in 2012 .. Haab: 3 Kankin.. when the film was shown on TV (in the UK) a few weeks ago.

and the spiral "wormhole" therefore does go from Al Nitak http://www. and about 2 weeks later. In Romanek's diagram. otherwise known as Zeta known as the Trapezium. so I posted a message asking Vincent his thoughts.Whats New page six 133. This means that Orion. (see Whats New item 5). there is a spiral connecting one of the stars in Orion's Belt on the outer cube. it is Mintaka. to the Earth on the inner cube. he posted the article in 5 parts. which corresponds to the Great Pyramid of Khufu. the whole diagram is shown upside down. not Al Nitak. (equations and diagrams from an apparently extraterrestrial source). (surprisingly. The Romanek Mystery and the Cube of Space 1/ Feb/2004 Following recent discussions on the 2012 Theories discussion group. I noticed that the diagram shows a hypercube exactly like that in Vincent Bridges' Gnosis Gnomon article and Millennium Workings article. * which corresponds to the smallest pyramid Menkaure. but it is also available at Alternative Approaches. and is also targeted by the Southern shaft of the Kings Chamber). or more probably. Vincent posted a reply saying that he was actually working on an article about this. concerning Jeff Rense's page on Stan Romanek's Mystery equations. which is usually below the (4 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . * UPDATE: Joe Mason of the Great Dreams site has noticed that the dots and triangular shape shown above the belt of Orion in Romanek's diagram seems to be the sword of Orion. and Richard Hoagland suggests that 2012 is an encoded date for the event depicted.diagnosis2012.

since the fact that the Titanic is raised in 2012 seems to have no relationship to the Maya calendar or other prophecies. but it had to be done! There were alot of plain numbers and references that were irrelevant to the year 2012.. 2012 Search at Amazon 2/Mar/04 2012 News recently announced the fact that you can now search inside books at Coincidence? Over sixty books have been filtered out of over 2000." (email 30/3/04) 134. Like the contents of Pandora’s box.. or Galactic Alignment. learned the unusual astrological lineups of that year and talked to others around the world who had received the same Clarke wrote a story over a decade ago called Ghost From the Grand Banks about the raising of the Titanic in 2012! You can see all the pages mentioning 2012 here. predictions. I asked myself: Is this a truth I have been shown or have I simply picked up on an arbitrary date because so many people have energized it that it is accepted as truth? But I realized that this date had been showing up in meditations before I knew that anyone else was getting it. However. Here's an odd one: There is a book called Titanic 2012. Then as I read various prophecies. the 2012 search revealed that Arthur C. the prophecy pot has been overturned and the contents have poured out into the collective for anybody to pick up and interpret.the usual (not at amazon. and for your amusement I have searched the lot! It took a few weeks. information doubling every second. but a few interesting things came up. Her book.. which is not included on the 2012 Books alien invasion. A 2012 search recently came up with 2338 results. published in 1999. and huge bulging red eyes. a collision with asteroid Eros. Barefoot on Holy Ground gives more details: "The first few times that I received the number 2012 in a meditation as a significant date.Whats New page six to Earth. and short summaries of the 2012 references have been given. predictions of presidential walk-ins. then lots of us were off at the same time. after all. two years before Harmonic Convergence. There is also a variant on the Nine Hells cycle. as you may remember from a link posted recently on the 2012 Links page. I took it with a big dose of cosmic salt.diagnosis2012. Click here to see the 2012 Book Search Here are the most interesting finds: 135.htm (5 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . in which Maya Elders say they ended in 1985. 2012 and Meditation 2/Mar/04 Gloria Karpinski received an insight about 2012 during a meditation about 25 years ago. I realized that if I was off..predictions of one billion transistors on a chip by 2012. It is now published with another story from 1957 called Deep Range.

The first wave of children were called Indigo Children because psychics could detect an indigo-coloured tint to their aura. This is traditionally the colour associated with the Ajna chakra or Third Eye. the creature imparted specific dates into her mind along with images associated with those dates. I do suspect that we have been given this date from so many quarters as a kind of grace period…” Look inside the book 136. There is a sense among people who’ve been abducted that they have something inside of them that will “switch on” at some point…. like the grays. she says she met a new companion.” Look inside the book 137. In subsequent communicated with her telepathically. Nor do I think Pisces will come to a screeching halt and Aquarius will be ushered in with a fanfare. The Nordics – at first a male and then a female – became constant companions. The female still shows many of these children are clairvoyant. The children are often mis-diagnosed as suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or http://www. He said as I grew I would know certain things”. What mountains? I have no idea.htm (6 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . sometimes even materializing when she was with other people. Psychic Children: First Fruits of the Galactic 2/Apr/04 Alignment? Hugh Newman's website PsychicChildren. a tall creature with very pale skin and fair hair that. Pam says. causing them to take charge of groups of people: "Pam Hamilton’s experiences started with greys before she could walk (in her crib). Nordic Alien Transmits 2012 Telepathically 2/Mar/04 In Unsolved Mysteries William and Birnes reveal that Pam Hamilton's experiences signify that some environmental change may be the trigger to "switch on" their implants near and (and forthcoming book see 2012 Books page). in her conversations with other abductees. I don’t think for a minute that the world will stop. Pam recalls looking up from the alphabet blocks she was playing with and seeing a strange creature who communicated to her that she had nothing to Yet. For example. “2012 would be very important to me. and indeed. As she got older. I would be leading people through the mountains. suggest that the psychic children that are appearing worldwide. she remembers him telling her that. says Newman. and even after all these years has shown no signs of aging.Whats New page six “It is important to be clear about that date. she’s learned that her experiences are not unique. are connected with the December 2012 Galactic Alignment. In one of the first memories of contact with the Nordics.

There is a part of the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas that also encodes the metallic eras . just as the colours in spectral order have blue and indigo at position five and six. Modern theosophists all seem to disagree about these ages and colours. and the rest of the story is here. and the subject is covered in detail by David Wilcock in Divine Cosmos chapter 5.then an age of demi-gods. and discovered an icosahedron (12 vertices) within the sphere of the Earth. then Silver. Vedic myth describes the same order of four metallic eras.. The Hebrew prophet Daniel describes Nebuchadnezzar's dream of Gold. but the Greeks and Hebrews also encoded these five ages . and they seem to be a transition between the Indigos and the next type. What is the pearl of great price? 138. Iron. and found that a dodecahedron was also evident in the grid. A clue as to the meaning of the allegory can be found here. in an allegorical form that is like Joseph's coat of many colours. after tracking UFO flight paths. these transitions are usually attended by cataclysms. who were also first noticed around the "early eighties".diagnosis2012. and the Aztecs also put us in the Fifth Sun. Silver. about 80% of babies showed the indigo aura. The grid was developed further by Becker and Hagans. Sanderson plotted the locations of areas of unexplained phenomena (eg the Bermuda Triangle). the so-called Crystal Children.The Hymn of the Soul. who speak of seven Root Races. could be symbolic of the 12 signs of the zodiac. there was also a wave of "Super-Psychic" children in China. Bronze. The children say that it is important that people connect to the Planetary Grid. who have only been incarnating since 1996. whose abilities were even more paranormal. which ends in 2016. then an age of fathered the 12 tribes of Israel.. Ivan P. The blue and indigo colours may be related to the seven ages of Man as described by Blavatsky and Cayce. and are "incredibly telepathic".the Joseph and his 11 brothers . and which the Maya flagged at 2012. Around the same time that the Indigo children appeared. Like the Aztec tradition.Whats New page six Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Bruce Cathie plotted a grid on the Earth's surface. then Bronze. then Iron and clay (the Roman empire continuing in the guise of the Roman church. and the result was a cube and octahedron inside a The next development was by a Russian team. Newman says that after 1980. The implication is that the next transition is back to Gold. and our current transition from the Fifth to the Sixth. (in which the Winter Solstice Sun crosses the Galactic equator). A third type of children.htm (7 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM 2/Apr/04 . who mapped undersea volcanic ridges and ancient sacred sites. perhaps).. preparing for transition to Sixth Sun. Earth Quarantined ready for 2012 http://www.. are known as the Blue-Ray Children. 1980 was also the start of the 36-year process of Galactic Alignment. The Greek writer Hesiod described an age of Gold. but are often mis-diagnosed as autistic.

including one that is available in English called The Invitation. Wells produced some automatic writing apparently originated by an ET called Oxalc from a base on Ganimede (a moon of Jupiter). Together with other secret military installations all over the world. it could http://www. The site was set up in 1996 and ran articles on paranormal and unexplained mysteries. Brazil. It turned out that this was not the innocuous communication installation that was known about by the media -the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program . about events of 1974. It is unclear whether he was one of the people involved. see these sites about the lecture: Verdesmares (Portuguese) translation) UFO Genesis (Portuguese) translation) Or this site. was contacted by an ex-Navy employee in Alaska. To Eden's surprise. designed (and operated by the Raytheon Corp. Dan Eden. when "group of teenage Peruvians became part of a fascinating journey through the remote mystical places of Peru. and then started his "Rama Mission" movement. one of the staff. during a telepathy experiment. In 1974. which he calls "forty days" will be lifted in December 2012. has written several books. Alaska and was shown a secret Navy installation. and would already have done so. so he flew to Fairbanks. the ticket arrived. when Humanity will experience the biggest transformation ever to happen on Earth. Peruvian contactee Sixto Paz Wells gave a lecture in Sao Paolo. He said we had been put into a kind of alternate dimension in order to protect us from a massive catastrophe that was destined to occur. whose father was ufologist Carlos Paz Garcia. in which he stated that extraterrestrials had put planet Earth into some kind of "quarantine".Whats New page six In 2003.Viewzone Confidential. or whether there is any mention of the 2012 prophecy in the book. Wells. saying that they would send him a return air ticket so he could go up and witness something "both important and terrible".uk/new7. " Which involves "one of the most complex cases of ET contact ever documented". if the ETs had not taken action. but is said to be all true. where Wells is interviewed: English Verdesmares (English UFO Genesis (English UFO Genesis interview (Portuguese) Interview in 139.diagnosis2012. In (8 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . causing it to heat up and expand. It seems that the quarantine period.) to send billions of watts of energy into the ionosphere. that reads like great fiction.that was a cover for the real installation that was designed as a weapons system (see Eden's factual report). For more. HAARP and Ancient Prophecies 2/Apr/04 I recently stumbled upon the excellent Viewzone website where there is a riveting story .

where dreamers describe experiences that include falling into a vortex. 12-14). the same script was found. Well now they have just completed their Dreaming Our way to 2012 Project .Whats New page six deliver an instant death ray to any point on the globe. military presence". and warned of "the burning sky".. Evil Fire Made to Burn.S. the New Jerusalem will have 12 Gates. However. Eden eventually had to leave the country & live abroad after publishing the are 12 in number. "Dreaming Our Way to 2012" Project 1/May/04 In Whats New item 119. investigating some ancient petroglyphs in Colorado. see the Dreaming our Way to 2012 Forum. and they were invariably close to military installations with a "phased array". we linked to the results of the first SeaLife 2012 Dream Project.diagnosis2012. It turned out that all these sites were nodal points on a "vortex map" that relates directly to the 12 icosahedron points in Ivan P.or check out the book. It didn't take long to learn that Raytheon was there also. it turned out to be a kind of proto-Hebrew that spoke of the God El. Sanderson's grid mentioned above (What's New item 137). For the full six pages of replies. Maps showed the familiar "off limits" zone and other records showed the installation of more antenna farms. 140. The May/June project will be a trip to Galactic Centre. See Viewzone vortex map.. It is 53 pages long. but I'll leave you to read it for yourselves. Viewzone Confidential. when the writing was satellite hookups and a U. by distorting the ionosphere into a lens. Eden got caught up in a situation where he was pressured into not publishing everything he knew. He was shown local Innuit children who had been deformed terribly when the unit had been tested.. The 2012 connection is that the Hendaye Prophecy (Whats New item 21) predicted Fire from the Sky around the time that the Earth Cube aligns with the Heaven Cube during Galactic Alignment. where again. he pursued what seemed like a totally unrelated subject. Meanwhile. so may take a few hours. Eden continued on to Australia. The petroglyphs seemed to be referring to the places where they were found as "safe zones". http://www. J. "Another point on the vortex map was Southern Peru. Weidner and Bridges also decoded the Cuzco and Urcos area of Peru as the "safe zone". A trip to Yemen revealed that the same script was engraved in the temple of the Queen of Sheba (who had a dalliance with Solomon) and again warned of the burning sky. Compare with Sanderson's vortices (10 plus the two poles = 12). The main nodal points on the icosohedron part of the grid. telepathic ducks and "contaminated trousers". A cube has 12 edges. and sure enough. and his informants were hunted down.htm (9 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . Hurtak (author of the Keys of Enoch) got involved in the story.. Eden says. connected with the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 apostles (Rev 21.J.

that I would label as "punk-colonial". but Weldon says that O'Brien "retranslated the cylinders and tablets and was astonished that they told the story of creation. that comes to many of the same conclusions as Sitchen.. to conclude that a "Death Star" that contributed the matter that became the embryonic Venus . and would therefore be either a red dwarf star or an infrared dwarf or possibly a smaller Jupiter-like planet. using Barbara Hand Clow's figure of a 3."etc) and this is how he sums up the book in one sentence: "Having researched this subject for over a quarter-century and occupying a very high position in the celestial realm. of Adam and Eve. Weldon seems not to have read Zecharia Sitchen's The Twelfth Planet.Whats New page six 141." Weldon's quest began when he visited a regression hypnotist and experienced past life memories. is due to return around the turn of the millennium.600-year orbit) to the same event. 1985). Doomsday 2012: A Survival Manual was released in March 2004. It would be red in colour. Amazingly.. Clow later recalled the experience of the passage of the comet and the resulting earthquake in which her life as Aspasia ended. the author presents this volume in a bid to help the untutored know and prepare for what will butcher us all within a disturbingly short span of time and supply basic information for how to reside in rosier ambience thereafter.also Clow's) reported that another client of his also "recounted life as a young seer-priestess on that island. and died in the same apocalyptic disaster". to fit in with the past-life memories. http://www. Aspasia was also informed that the comet returns every 3. (ie "the author thinks. Weldon refers to himself in the third person. but refers to another book called The Genius of the Few by Christain O'Brien ( added to Velikovsky's date for the Venus incident.pulled out by Jupiter. (rather than coming from Jupiter as Velikovsky argued). Weldon's hypnotist (Gregory Paxon .500 So Weldon concludes. called Aspasia. The scene exactly matched that described by Immanuel Velikovsky (see Item 35) as the "Birth of Venus" that Velikovsky dated at 1500 BC.diagnosis2012. It is written in an unusual but entertaining style. she describes a past life as a Minoan priestess (in Knossos on Crete). Weldon later found that in Barbara Hand Clow's book. and also that Nigel Appleby connected the giant planet Nibiru (usually said to be on an approximate 3. and predicted its return in 2012 (3. In Item 35 we mentioned that Graham Phillips connected the events of the Exodus to the explosion of Thera.500-year-comet cycle.htm (10 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM .500 years later). and how". Eye of the Centaur. who received a warning that a massive comet was coming that would cause Thera (the huge volcano .the remains of which is now the island of Sanrorini in the Mediterranean Sea) to erupt. who brought them into existence. including those of an Egyptian potter who lived through the disasters that occurred at the time that Moses led his people out of Egypt. Past-Life Recall and "Doomsday 2012" 1/May/04 Randolph Weldon's book.

diagnosis2012. Weldon says that the IRAS satellite (Infra-Red Astronomical Satellite) should have detected any infrared dwarf out there. and the other predictions are all 11 or 12 years out. but that's only the first half of the book! The second half of the book aims to show that life will continue in the astral planes and that it is http://www.. of cataclysmic events around the turn of the millennium served to add fuel to Weldon's fire. She says 2012 will be a leap in consciousness. leading to a double catastrophe ..173. The predictions of seers including Cayce and Nostradamus. but it failed to pick anything up.see Whats New Item 11).the second one will be the smattering of survivors all dying of radiation poisoning. On p. since Clow has since written a book called Catastrophobia. but there is no reference section.: Cataclysm! .Whats New page six It couldn't be a red giant as that would be the size of the Earth's orbit. but another possibility is a proto-sun like Jupiter but with a minimum size of 2 times the size of Jupiter (600 times the size of Earth).co. but the fact that they have not yet come true led to the conclusion that the Maya and Hopis must have got it right at 2012. As an when it scanned the entire sky in 1983. that argues the current obsession with imminent catastrophe is a kind of mental block in the unconscious mind of the species caused by a racial memory of a catastrophe in 9. bibliography or index to help with verification or summarising. according to Weldon. millions of gallons of radioactive waste and thousands of nuclear bombs that will all be unleashed in the mayhem.. He obviously didn't know about this announcement in the Washington Post (30/12/83).500 BC (as posited by Allan & Delair in When the Earth Nearly Died or USA edn. it is pretty ironic that Weldon used a past-life memory of Barbara Hand Clow to make his case for an imminent 2012 cataclysm. Weldon says that the difference between the coming event and the previous visits of the Death Star is that this time we have over 500 nuclear installations. The minimum size of a red/ infrared dwarf is between a tenth and twelfth the size of the Sun.htm (11 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . See below Weldon spends some time knocking down uniformitarianism and Darwinian evolution and refers to various books on cosmology and cataclysms to support his case.

Rabolu Hercolubus planet: Is the Earth in danger? Translated from Spanish 142. http://www. So. but it certainly makes a change from the run-of-the-mill New Age material. We should actually seek out adversity for ourselves in order to help balance up for any nasty behaviour in this life or any previous ones. Hypnotic Progression (Future Life Recall) 1/May/04 In September 2003. what would it be . Kondaveti Newton and reported that only one fourth of the world's population would survive to see 2012. both of which the author claims to have visited during his nocturnal projections with his guides. as it would be by the year 2012.Whats New page six up to us to use our remaining time to try and clear our karmic debts. A massive red planet called Hercolubus has also been predicted by Samael Aun Weor (though this is not mentioned by Weldon). floods or the Third World War? "Natural calamities yes but the major part of destruction would be caused by a war no doubt. 25% is certainly an improvement on Weldon's zero%. M. The book will ruffle a few feathers with its non-PC terminology and slightly patronising tone. the Hindustan times reported that "an eminent film and TV personality Smita Jaykar" underwent "future progression" under the guidance of Dr.earthquakes. Everything was in absolute peace and though the world was sparsely populated. ""I could see the earth enveloped in a golden light." Smita adds.diagnosis2012. The Marathi actress was talking about her belief in the concept of past and future lifetimes. in the "House of Hopelessness" or the slightly better "Plane of Illusion"." Well." says Smita while describing life on who is the man behind the Gnostic Shamanism of Light (see Gnostic2012 Resources page for online articles) and specifically: "The Gnosis Link" Hercolubus or Red Planet site about a book by" she says empathically. all the inhabitants looked like highly enlightened beings. otherwise we will end up on the lower astral.htm (12 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . "It was quite a few years back that Dr Newton had carried me to the future and I couldn't quite believe what all I saw but now I can see signs of it all coming true. volcanoes.

000. but I am also open to the possibility that changes will take place after Oct 28. Carl Calleman went to India to meet Kalki who intends to enlighten a critical number of 60." However. I posted my comments at the page for reader responses following the debate. whereas the second marks the completion of Creation and the arrival of an era of peace and harmony. The first http://www. The Gaia 2012 index page still retains the comment on the transits. The web page Gaia 2012 has been online since at least 1998 (the web archive first records it in 1998). In January 2002. so the second Venus transit in 2012 would have seemed very relevant to his theory. In that article. which Calleman saw as significant to his theory. they have joined forces to promote an annual festival in India called The Experience Festival. * Kiara Windrider says it is Carl Calleman has been promoting the forthcoming Venus transits as important spiritual events. which is on John Major Jenkins' Alignment2012.235).com site (GS). Calleman's theory that he propounds in his 2001 book. Back in those based in Sweden and run by Jonas Lindquist and Parlan Fritz.Whats New page six 143. the Millennium. which now has its own website. However. and deduced that the Maya must have been a little inaccurate with their end-point. in order to keep it impartial. Calleman subsequently realized that the theory would be more compelling if the 13-baktun cycle had ended on a 13 Ahau day (True Count). 2011"(p. it mentions that Calleman first started up an annual celebration on every June 6th. and that it should have been on October 28th 2011. back in 1995. as a kind of repeat practice-run to prepare for the Venus Transits that will occur on 8th June 2004 and 6th June 2012. 2011.htm (13 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . He emphasizes the year 2012 rather than 2011. Calleman told me (email 13/Feb/02). that "The first of these may be seen as the Great Rehearsal. that Kalki was still emphasising the year 2012 rather than 2011: "He does not base these ideas on physical cycles but on light radiations from the center of the universe that he refers to as Mu-Lam. Venus Transit 8th June 2004 & June 6th 2012 2/ Jun/04 As mentioned back in Item 41. on a 13-Ahau day. I refrained from doing a review of Calleman's book at the time. but then more like if things are adapting to and settling down as an effect of the non-dualist consciousness of the Universal Cycle (Enlightenment) that is finally established at that date than as a continued wave movement of energies such as those that will rule until then" Since Calleman's meeting with Kalki. Apparently. (having read it in 2001).000* people by 2012 (see Whats New item 40). Thus his book says that "Creation is going toward its completion on October 28. Upon his return. Solving The Greatest Mystery of our Time: The Mayan Calendar (see Jenkins Calleman debate accessible from the index page) did not necessitate any alteration to the end of the 13-baktun cycle in 2012. Kalki's birthday was (though unknown to him). The website has a page called Planetary Ascension Year 2012 claiming to be "a wisdom archive on 2012" with at least 34 articles on 2012 listed. Since this site hosted the Jenkins-Calleman debate. meaning that I feel there is no contradiction between his and my own view although the terminology differs.

htm (14 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . who was associated with Venus). but in the 243 Earth-years between alternate transits of Venus. and another Calleman article saying that the end-date is not 2012. Then there is Carl Calleman's article that the end-point is not 2003.see below).diagnosis2012. Having said all that. 1631 & 1874. supporting a 2011 end-date. 1631-1639: Start of a 70-year cessation of sunspot cycles 1761-1769: Birth of the American Revolution New page six chapters of Kiara Windrider's online book. and another article on 2003 by "Steve and the group".uk/new7. However. regardless of the subliminal 2011 connection. According to Will Hart: 1518-1526: Cortez (taken as Quetzalcoatl. Then there is one by Kiara Windrider.g. but 2011. The 2012 wisdom archive thus has a hidden agenda: 2011. 365 Venus-days will have passed. the Venus transit is a worthy subject. 2004 & 2012 There are 243 years between alternate pairs of transits (e. 1761 & 1769. Adapted from Gaia 2012 Venus orbits the Sun 13 times in 8 Earth-years. but 2011 and a further 5 articles by Calleman on the page. and the end-date is 2012 in our current calendar. 1631 & 1639. A quick summary of the most interesting observations raised in the Venus transit articles would be in order. 1874 & 1882. These are the dates of the most recent Venus transits: 1518 & 1526. Earth orbits the Sun in just over 365 Earth-days.1761 & 2004) Venus rotates on it axis (one Venus-day) in 243 Earth-days. landed and wiped out the Aztecs. Enlightenment 2012 have been posted there (currently the introduction plus the first 3 chapters . who thankfully points out that Drunvalo and Mirehiel are wrong. the "wisdom archive" includes John Mirehiel's article promoting his Harmonic Concordance event as the end of the Maya calendar (see Whats New item 125).

but we don't have to jump on the 2011 bus to participate. and for this to happen astronomers in different countries needed to collaborate. The period between each of the Venus transits in a pair is exactly 8 Maya haabs (365-day years). In 1874.htm (15 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM .. during which time. This goal could however only be accomplished if observations were made all around the world. Strange's very interesting aticle connecting the Venus transit & 2012: A Once in a Lifetime Event: The Venus transit in 1874 coincided with. which was patented two years later. had long been prepared for by astronomers. Mythology and Paradigm Shifts http://www. Sweden. who follow Jose Arguelles' Dreamspell... most of the Global Oneness events are being organised by the Planet Art Network.Whats New page six All the 8-year periods above coincide with Turkish wars. In fact. Its a great idea. 1636) In the Venus transit of 1761. from 6-8 June in which we can all help in the "birthing of a new field of telepathic communication". This is an idea put forward by Peter Russell. its retrograde loops form a pentagram in the sky.. The Oneness Celebration is a globally synchronised event scheduled every year between 2004 and 2012.the founding of the World Post Union. From Experience Festival Calleman sees the transits as triggers for jumps in global communications in a move towards a global brain in which we all become human neurons communicating telepathically. Bell had his first idea of a telephone. who were planning to use their observations as a means of measuring the distance to the sun. adapted from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (see Item 18). and the completion of the Atlantic telegraph cable in the same year. 1624.diagnosis2012. and they still support the 2012 13-baktun end-point. 1518 was when the first circumnavigation of the globe by Magellan/del Cano was launched (they set sail in 1519 The next pair of Venus transits approximately coincided with the emergence of the first national mail services (Denmark. which both marked fundamental steps in the development of global moreover. Oneness Celebration UK will be running an event at Bude in Cornwall. UK from 3-8 June 2004 See also the Oneness Celebration Swedish site LATE UPDATE: See Dr.

Night Lord: 9 http://www.0. ZERO DAY: Long Count: 13. Haab: 3 Kankin.Whats New page six (16 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM .0.0. He decided to have it permanently embossed onto his Tzolkin: 4 Ahau.0 at Whats New item 132 (further up this page).0. 2012 Tattoo 2/Jun/04 Ryan was surfing Diagnosis2012 when he came across the Stela for 13.

He also blames 9/11 and the terrorist attacks on the whole Y2K/ Millennium Bug phobia. Click http://www. who had (as Noble pointed out) stifled all attempts to revise it. Fortunately.up to page 59 . Since Noble has obviously interpreted the end of the Maya 13-baktun cycle in 2012 as another endof-the world prediction. but decided to thinly disguise it as fiction so that he would not have to give any references or have any need to defend himself. even after the death of Thompson. and a dim-witted celebrity called Diva Diamond.Whats New page six Gregorian date: 21st December 2012 AD 145. Mike Finley* who runs the Real Maya Prophecies site. he put up an excellent page that explains why the GMT correlation is still by far the most popular amongst Mayanists. while there were arguments for at least eight alternative correlations. For this an attempt to ridicule.Alpha Omega's) philosophy of discovering your life mission by noticing synchronicties and "healing the planetary consciousness" using meditation and non-selfish acts of compassion. The author observes that the concept of "self-fulfilling prophecies" has in the past caused starvation following expectations of Judgement Day in the year 1000 AD. He spends a large part of the first half of the book in character assassination of Joseph Goodman and Eric Thompson. and again in It is all made out to be some kind of 2012 realized that none of the arguments supporting the GMT correlation could be found on the Internet. he decided to nip it in the bud by using every weapon he could find to attack it. 2012: The Myth of the Mayan Calendar August Noble's book is a 105-page work of fiction. 22nd or 23rd December 2012). that comes in 3 versions (that fix the end-point at 21st. It has only one chapter and consists solely of a conversation between a college lecturer called Alpha Omega whose speciality is Bible studies. denigrate and dismiss the concept of the 2012 "end-point". when the mass expectation of doom manifested as the Great Fire of London and the bubonic plague (Black Death). The first half of the book . which is 1000 plus the diabolical number 666. since these two Mayanists are largely responsible for the correlation that fixes the start of the 13-baktun cycle in 3114 BC and the end in 2012. The second half of the book describes the author's (or his alter-ego .htm (17 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . This is the GMT correlation. when nobody bothered to plant crops because they thought the world was ending. August Noble Goes for the Jugular (with false teeth) 1/ July/2004 A review of August Noble's book.

it is necessary to believe that the Maya had got the Long Count -to -Tzolkin relationship wrong.. However.0 is equal to 4 Ahau 8 Cumku. * Mike Finley may sound familiar. This shows a complete ignorance of the then Thompson's use of the Dresden Codex as part of the proof of his correlation (in which the first Dresden entry must be dated at around 755 AD) was thus invalidated..and Finley points out that Volemaere's correlation is on "the remotest fringes of scholarship". this means that to support the Calleman correlation.0. but Noble fails to point out that Coe and nearly all other Mayanists continued to use the GMT correlation following Thompson's death. Noble had argued that since Harvey and Victoria Bricker had done a carbon-14 dating on the Dresden Codex and dated it to around 1230 AD plus or minus 130 years.Whats New page six here for Mike Finley's Correlation page. This is Antoon Volemaere's correlation.htm (18 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM .0. since he made the superb The Burden of Time calculator (see Maya Links page) and also answered the question of whether the 1991 eclipse was predicted on the Dresden Codex (see Whats New item 83).. He argues on p.39. which is exactly ten calendar rounds (520 haabs) after the 2012 end-point. Noble says that upon Thompson's death. Click here for Mike Finley's page on Volemaere. Yet on he says that Volemaere had it right with the end point in the year 2532.. because it fits all criteria better than the alternatives. Whatever correlation you have... McKenna didn't know about the Maya Long Count when he came up with the date. Noble is so desperate to discredit the 2012 end-date that he uses arguments that cancel each other out.0. In other words. and this is precisely what Calleman claims.diagnosis2012. Noble accuses Terence McKenna of postulating that the Maya knew we would drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and back-engineering the Timewave to fit in with the Maya prophecy. but since it is certain from all the inscriptions that 0. 0. or he would have got it spot on. Finley points out that it was the Brickers who actually made a case for the Dresden Codex supporting the GMT correlation since "all 77 solar eclipses (including many not visible in the Yucatan) in the 33 year run of the table from 755 AD occurred close to warning stations".48 that it is illogical for the Long Count to start on a calendar round date of 4 Ahau 8 Cumku and it should have been 1 Ahau 0 Cumku. On p.0. that puts the end-point at 2532 AD sufficently far away that Noble won't have to worry about any doom in his lifetime .unless you follow the "Carl Calleman correlation". Mayanist Michael Coe said that Thompson had "singlehandedly set back Mayan scholarship by fifty years". He says that the GMT supporters "had the right day and month but they were exactly ten calendar rounds off the mark". whereas it was 33 days off in the http://www. the GMT correlation can't be right because it ends in 4 Ahau 3 Kankin (in 2012). even though Thompson explained that it must have been a copy of an earlier document . but Volemaere was right with his 4 Ahau 3 Kankin endpoint because it is not 2012.0.a reasonable argument to most people. I digress. so that the 4 Ahau 3 Kankin end-point must be wrong too. and he also has a page on the correlation that Noble himself plugs. Mike Finley's page answers most of Noble's points.0 equates to 4 Ahau 8 Cumku.

No Mayan don't believe in the 2012 end date.a quantum evolutionary leap for mankind. Another example of Noble's "evidence" is that the modern Maya (although he implies on p. internally inconsistent. All that has been found are date inscriptions on tombs and monuments.23).uk/new7. not 2012. per se. questioning why "we are attributing advanced knowledge to a people who were not even able to invent the wheel" (p. on this site. The answer is simply that the Long Count fell out of use long before the Spanish arrived. and what his defence would be if McKenna's executors accused him of libel.22 that they are extinct).diagnosis2012. or state of conciousness. He also insults the Maya. We have been through all this before. the villagers all thought the world was ending then.htm (19 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM .Whats New page six first edition of his book. Noble has nowhere considered the possibility that the end of the 13-baktun cycle was not about the end of the world. Anyone who spends time looking closely at the theories will find that most of the catastrophe theories are. He quotes a report by Thompson that during an eclipse. Then Noble goes one step further by saying that "a number of mathematicians went through his equations and came up with the date 1995. he could postulate end-dates but he couldn't add". Noble's "smash it with a hammer and sweep it under the carpet" approach is equivalent to the book-burning approach of the Spanish conquest. with any of the original meaning long lost. Not the type type of calendar we hang on our walls. but the end of a world-view. Apparently. No wonder Noble put this out as fiction! That is clearly what it is. Throughout this Dire Gnosis project. we have found plenty of reasons to look forward to this event as a rare opportunity . like Noble's theory. and the Calendar Round and eclipses took on the symbology of the end of the 13-baktun cycle. Here's an example of the puerile reasoning of Noble's hero: "No Mayan calendar has ever been found." (p.37) Here is the Mesoamerican response: http://www.

13http://www. When the Spanish arrived.13. katuns. and the 13baktun part is not written as in date format (13. Noble says that since the stela is not a regular date inscription.13. and that the Long Count should really go on to complete 20 baktuns before it re-starts. New page six On one last point: Noble says (p. there was a Long Count remnant still in operation called the Short Count.13. Stela 1 at Coba records this date: 13.0.44-45) that the whole concept of the 13-baktun cycle is based around Stela C at Quirigua.13. since the first one was baktun zero).13. I can think of 4 pieces of evidence that counteract this proposal.0”.13. uinals and kin go back to zero.13.13. and they are all still at “13”. we reach a new Creation date and the count of baktuns. tuns. making a complete cycle of 260 tuns (just over 256 solar years). and that they all go up to 13.0. 2.htm (20 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM .13. 3.0. This underlines the fact that the higher levels are fixed at 13 while the baktuns only go up to 13 and then revert to zero.0” and most Mayanists have thus concluded that every time we get to the end of the 13th baktun (which is baktun number twelve.0. which consisted of 13 katuns.0. like when we say "ages". wherever it is referred to on a stela it is written as “ A record on a temple stairway at Yaxchillan is said to show eight levels above baktun. Although the “Creation” date in 3114 BC is theoretically written as “0. (see graphic at Mike Finley's site) which is interpreted as saying that the last Creation occurred at the end of a 13-baktun period on the Tzolkin day 4 Ahau and the Haab day 8 Cumku.13.13.diagnosis2012. This implies a huge hierarchy of levels above baktun. This has the same structure as the 260-day Tzolkin and the 260-katun. that the 13-baktun part just means "a long period of time".

uk/new7.0. 4. when Thompson revived interest in it. especially in the UK where not many were imported.0. However.0.0) was calculated We know that Terence McKenna brought it to public attention as the end of time his 1975 book. The GMT correlation was first proposed in 1897. 2012 and the Group Mind Feedback Project 1/ July/2004 August Noble book review above prompted a search into the question of when the 2012 date actually entered into the group mind of the species as a significant date.0. since McKenna's book was originally not widely circulated.0 4 Ahau 8 Cumku. The Invisible Landscape. It seems that Noble is only considering what is written on one side of Stela C at Quirigua.Whats New page six baktun cycle. (but not connected to any Maya calendars) and that Jose Arguelles brought it to the attention of a huge number of people as the end of "the Great Cycle" when he published The Mayan Factor in 1987.diagnosis2012. Unfortunately. 146. many early calculations of the end-date came out as 2011. Thus. So any pre-1975 books on the Maya would be instructive here. It seems that the zero date or base date (0. and it didn't connect to the Maya. See for yourself at Mike Finley's page with graphics showing the Creation date side here and the other side that Noble is talking about here.0. making his best case for it in 1937.0. but many of the earlier authorities made the error of reporting the base date as 3113 BC instead of 3114 BC (due to the "no year-zero" problem). the question remains as to who first published it and when.0 written as 13. but it was not very popular until 1930.0. and it seems logical that it was a shorter version with the same structure as the cycle it replaced. On the other side. since earlier visions and prophecies then take on much more significance if they can be shown to have been uttered before there was any public knowledge of 2012. these old books are getting quite hard to find.htm (21 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . but also any between 1975 and 1987. This is what I have found so far (UPDATED Feb 1st 2005): Author date Book/Aricle End date Year/edition Page Base http://www. the creation date appears unambiguously as 13.0.

Whats New page six

J. Eric S. Thompson BC (2012 by calc.)




13 Aug 3113

J. Eric S. Thompson ANMODYD* counterparts (2012 by calc.)


Maya dates and Gregorian

William Gates Translation of Landa's 1566 "Relacion" 1937 commentary " " 13 Aug 3113 BC (2012 by calc.) Sylvanus G. Morley (2012 by calc.) J. Eric S. Thompson BC (2012 by calc.) Victor W. von Hagen BC J. Eric S. Thompson BC (2012 by calc.)
Michael D. Coe Dec 2011 Michael D. Coe Dec 2011 Paul Rivet BC (2012 by calc.) Jose Arguelles "AD 2012" David Adamson 24 Dec 2011

The Ancient Maya


Table V & p.81

The Civilization of the Mayas 1927/1958







Maya Archaeologist



11 Aug 3113

The Maya



3113 BC


The Maya

1971 paperback


3113 BC


Maya Cities

(1954, 1960) 1973



The Transformative Vision 1975 (1 May) p.304

3113 BC

The Ruins of Time



10 Aug 3113 BC

p.215 2012 by calc.) Frank Waters Mexico Mystique 1975 p.258

(21 Dec

12 Aug 3113 BC (22 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM

Whats New page six

24 Dec 2011 Peter Balin 21 Dec 2011 The Flight of the Feathered Serpent 1978 (1st Jan) p.29 3113 BC

"The Mayas believed that most of the destruction will take place between December 21st 2011

and June 6th 2012" Charles Gallencamp Dec 2012 by calc.) Miguel Leon-Portilla BC (2012 by calc.) Michael D. Coe Maya: TRAROALC (1959, 1976, 1981, 1985) 1987 p.77 3114 BC (21


(1968, 1973) 1988 p.4 (& typo: "3133 BC") 3113


(1962, 1977, 1984) 1988


13 Aug 3114 BC

(2012 by calc.)
Michael D. Coe 23 Dec 2012 Michael D. Coe December 2012 The Maya 1993 5th edn. p.174 3114 BC

Breaking the Maya Code (1992,1994) 2000 p.259

13 Aug 3114 BC 23


** TASKOTA: The Ancient Sun Kingdoms of the Americas
Maya: TRAROALC: Maya: The Riddle and Rediscovery of a Lost Civilisation *** TARITTOTM: Time and Reality in the Thought of the Maya Calling all Dire Gnostics: Can you help with this project? If you would like to contribute, please check out your old Maya books in your bookcase, local library, antiquarian bookshops etc. and email your results, set out as above, to Dire Gnosis with subject: "2012 feedback project". This is the Dire Gnosis email. (23 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM

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Thanks for your help... results will be reported next month.

147. Feedback Project: Results


Many thanks to John Major Jenkins, Mike Finley and Peter Meyer for their input to the 2012 Feedback Project (see Whats New item 147 above) and also to Richard Gabriel and to Ryan (of 2012 tattoo fame). If you scroll up to the previous Whats New (item 147) above, you will see that the table of published start-dates and end-dates for the 13-baktun cycle has been expanded. Mike Finley pointed out that 3113 BC start-date is only an error if it is understood as a "historical" rather than "astronomical" date, and the original Mayanists who developed the GMT correlation (i.e. Goodman, Martinez and Thompson), were fully aware of the fact that "3113 BC Gregorian astronomical" = " -3113" = "3114 BC Gregorian historical". In the case of the former two date forms, no year needs to be added when computing across the BC/AD divide, but in the case of the latter, a year must be added to compensate for the "missing year zero". Thus, all the above forms generate a 2012 end-date when appropriate calculations are performed. Mike Finley pointed out that in his 1937 paper by Eric Thompson, although Thompson doesn't refer directly to the correlation constant, or any start or end-date, he gives a Long Count date and its Gregorian AD equivalent, ( occurred in 889 AD), thus showing that the correct calculation had been made across the BC/AD divide, and forward extrapolation will generate a 2012 end-date. Likewise, in William Gates' 1937 commentary on his translation of Landa's Relacion (1566), Gates gives a 3113 BC start-date and a Long Count date with its Gregorian AD equivalent ( occurred in 1539), showing that 3113 BC had been taken as an astronomical date, leading to the correct calculation and a possible forward extrapolation to a 2012 end-date. John Major Jenkins pointed out that Jose Arguelles gave the end-date as "AD 2012" as early as 1975 in his book The Transformative Vision, and this was the same year in which the McKenna brothers published The Invisible Landscape with an I-Ching-derived 2012 eschaton. John Major Jenkins also brought my attention to Peter Balin's 1978 book, The Flight of the Feathered Serpent, in which he gives a 3113 BC start-point and a 21st December 2011 end-point, but also says the Maya expected destruction to extend from then until the Venus Transit in June 2012 (click the hyperlink to read the actual passage). John Major Jenkins also raised a fascinating question: At which point was it realized that the 13-baktun cycle was an important period? The "Creation monuments" at Quirigua and Coba are now accepted as indicating that the Creation cycle lasts (24 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM

Whats New page six

for 13-baktuns, but without this realization, there would not have been any point in calculating forward 13 baktuns from the base date, when Goodman fixed the correlation in 1897. As if in confirmation of this point, just after receiving this from Jenkins, I received a 1947 edition of Morley's The Ancient Maya, and although Morley mentions that the zero-date of the long count was on 4 Ahau 8 Cumku, he doesn't give the Gregorian date, or say anything about the length of the cycle, and seems to imply that it is 20 baktuns in length (a pictun). He does discuss the 13katun Short Count, on the other hand. He mentions Quirigua, but not stela C (the Creation stela). He does give some Long Count/Gregorian AD date equivalents (table V and p.81) that enable a forward extrapolation using a 13-baktun cycle, to a 2012 end-date, but if he thought the Creation cycle lasted 20 baktuns, any forward extrapolation would give an end-point in 4772 AD. I laid the question on Mike Finley and he did some more checking and found that in Morley's 1915 book, Maya Hieroglyphs: "[Morley] didn't even try to guess at a correlation at that time, but he was aware that some monuments give the date 4 Ahaw 8 Kumku instead of 4 Ahaw 8 Kumku, and realized they are equivalent. So it seems had others, including Goodman (of GMT fame, writing in 1897) and Bowditch (1910). In 1915, there was a debate as to whether the "Great Cycle" was 13 or 20 baktuns in length. Goodman said 13, and of course, dated the beginning of the current Great Cycle in 3114 BC. Morley carefully reviewed the evidence, and took a sort of compromise position: He suggested that mathematically the next highest unit above the baktun is 20 baktun, but agreed with Goodman that the calendar was divided into epochs of 13 baktuns." This seems to imply that in 1915 the question was still open as to whether the Creation era lasted 13 or 20 baktuns, and that Morley was open to both answers. However, this still leaves the question of the first realization of a 2012 end-point unanswered. Mike Finley hopes to do a bit more probing, and will hopefully find a bit more for us. Peter Meyer suggests that the Peabody Museum at Harvard would be a good place to start, since it holds Goodman's papers (click on link for "Goodman, Joseph T. (1838-1917) Papers, 1888-1914, n.d.: A Finding Aid") so if any one reading this will be in the vicinity, how about checking them out & feeding back to Dire Gnosis? The current position is that we have a first definite mention of 2012 in 1975, but although Long Count dates have been correlated to AD dates, and 2012 can thus in many cases be calculated (2012 by calc.) above, this is not necessarily significant unless the author recognized a 13-baktun Creation era. In the case of The Ruins of Time by David Adamson (see table in Whats New item 146), his start-date, end-date and Long Count/Gregorian extrapolation must be from 3 different sources, since they don't actually support each other. I shall continue to look into the question of the date of first acceptance of the 2012 end-date and (25 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM

Whats New page six

announce any results in future updates. Richard Gabriel responded and said that he had an experience in 1967 that foresaw a "world shakeout around 2010 and beyond". His blogspot gives the scenario and his book that covers the experience can be read free online: Down to Earth (The Way it is), and though it doesn't mention any prophecy or vision of 2010 or beyond, Richard Gabriel says he resonates with the Dire Gnosis website: "The scenario you describe for 2012 is as if it had come from my own mouth and from the Understanding opened to me". Ryan's contribution is covered next:

148. Berber Eclipse Cycle


Ryan (whose arm you can see at Whats New item 144), suggested that the origins of the 2012 knowledge could be traced by looking into connections between the Olmecs and the Berber people of North Africa and possible connections to the lost continent of Atlantis. He suggested looking here and here for Berber/Atlantean connections. I had already heard that the Malinke and Bambara languages from Mali (where the Dogon tribe come from), are similar to the Mayan languages (see this site), and we know about the Zulu Sanasi or shaman Credo Muttwa's 2012 prophecy from South Africa (see Whats New item 80), but there is no direct link... But then I found this page on site of The Center for Archaeoastronomy, which is about the Berbers' calendar, when they lived in Teneriffe in the 14th & 15th centuries. The page reveals a knowledge of a 520-day eclipse cycle, which is equal to 2 Tzolkins! This is a "triple eclipse halfyear" (Tzolkin p.87, 113). Food for thought... UPDATE: New link: The Olmecs and the 12 Sea Roads

149. Mayan Ayahuasca

3/Aug/2004 (26 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM

Whats New page six

Cross-legged Maya mushroom stone. Click on picture for more. I received a letter recently, from "Unborn Mind": "HelloI am writing about a trip my friend took a few weeks ago. First let me give you a little background:

He is what I call a drug abuser, his sole reasoning to eat the mushrooms was to get "fucked up". It was one of his first trips, and he ate about 4 or 5 grams. He has no knowledge on religion or prophesy. What followed after was described by him as "the ripping away of everything as we knew it" and he was very adamant about the year this would happen (you guessed it, 2012). I just think it is very interesting coming from someone with absolutely no knowledge of what a Mayan even is. Well, I just thought you would like the information. Thankyou."
Thanks to Unborn Mind. This reiterates a point demonstrated over and over on this site: the Psilocybe mushrooms have a 2012 connection, and the Maya ate these same mushrooms. The ceiba tree had a great mystical significance to the Maya and was known as the "first tree of the world" and the "tree of life". The Yucatec Maya envisioned it as a kind of World Tree, that penetrates seven celestial levels, that the souls of the dead ascend, to a height according to their merits. The Christian God is at the top, since the post-conquest Maya of the Yucatan masked their (27 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM

Whats New page six

philosophy with that of their conquerors. (See Time and Reality in the Thought of the Maya by Miguel Leon Portilla p.135-141). E. P. Grondine claims on this webpage that the "one of the central symbols of Mayan religion,

the ceiba tree, is a source for an MAO inhibitor used to amplify the effects of ayahuasca, a source of DMT". See the Ananda item for an explanation of MAO. Grondine suggests that the ceiba was taken in an enema form. Since we know the Maya used the Psilocybe mexicana and Psilocybe/Stropharia cubensis mushrooms, that contain close relatives of DMT, (psilocin is hydroxy-N,N-DMT and psilocybin is O-phosphoryl-4-hydroxy-N,N-DMT), this provides a recipe very similar to that taken by the McKenna brothers - Psilocybe cubensis plus smoke of Banisteriopsis caapi bark (the latter is also known as Yage or Ayahuasca, that gives its name to the hallucinogenic Amazonian brew), that provided the knowledge of 2012 as the end of time. The experience is related here. See also Clifford Pickover's DMT/Moses essay. As already mentioned, Ananda thinks that the Alchemists and Gnostics used Syrian rue and Acacia to achieve the same combination, as is used by the bedouin shamans of Southern Jordan.

150. The Real Maya Prophecies


The only surviving "Maya prophecies" are those found in the Books of Chilam Balam, which are known as the Katun Prophecies, that refer to the U kahlay katunob or "Short Count" calendar of 13 katuns (a 260-year cycle). Essential information on these can be found at Mike Finley's site, The Real Maya Prophecies, on the Katun Prophecies page. Mike Finley provided some insight into the Katun Prophecies in recent e-mail communications; "No post-Conquest source refers to the long count at all, and it was probably the first part of the calendar to be lost when the codices were burned and the priestly caste suppressed. The "short count" retained an echo of it, because the sequence of katuns was originally dictated by the long count. But the origin of this anchor may have been lost not long after the conquest. Interestingly, the Books of Chilam Balam have much that smacks of "apocalyptic" thinking --- no doubt enhanced both by the trials of the Maya people under Spanish rule and perhaps by Christian parallels. Ironically, at just the time when Maya interest in the end of the Great Cycle might have been expected to have peaked, knowledge of the long count was lost. So there is no clear reference to 2012 or the end of the Great Cycle in post-conquest literature. I suspect that in the 16th Century, 2012 (but no longer specified as a long count date) was still known [as] the date of the end of the epoch by the chilans who (28 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM

Whats New page six

wrote the oldest passages in the Books of Chilam Balam (see below), but even this was lost to the scribes who later expanded the Books. ... The Maya themselves didn't leave us any clear, direct evidence of exactly what 2012 meant to them --- likely not because it didn't have significance, but because by the time the question would have seemed particularly important, calendrical knowledge was rapidly being lost. Thus we can only infer from the structure of the Classical calendar and the presuppositions of Maya thought that 2012 would be regarded as a highly significant date." Mike Finley says he thinks the significance of 2012 is indirectly referred to in the Books of Chilam Balam, even though the prophecies were applied to the arrival of the Spanish. he sums up the situation on his Katun Prophecy page: "No Maya text actually tells us explicitly what the Maya believed would transpire in 2012 AD, but the the end of the cycle was no doubt regarded as a highly significant time of transition between epochs. According to the Books of Chilam Balam, Kulkulcan will return in katun 4 Ahaw . Prophecy of the return of this deity, transformed in the Books into predictions of the coming of Christianity, may have originally been inspired in part by the coming end of the long count cycle." From Chilam Balam: "Katun 4 Ahau . . . . The katun is established at Chichen Itzá. The settlement of the Itzá shall take place [there]. The quetzal shall come, the green bird shall come. Ah Kantenal shall come. Blood-vomit shall come. Kukulcan shall come with them for the second time. [It is] the word of God. (Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel, XXII)" Katun 4 Ahau is, of course, the final katun of the 13-baktun cycle that ends in 2012. Complete Chilam Balam of Chumayel text here.

Lord of Katun 4 Ahau (29 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM

Whats New page six

Supporting evidence: "A surprisingly large proportion of the important upheavals in Maya history appear to have occurred in some katun named either 4 Ahau or 8 Ahau." from Sacred Texts "Katun 4-Ahau: There will be scarcities of corn and squash during this katun and this will lead to great mortality. This was the katun during which the settlement of Chichen Itza occurred, when the man-god Kukulcan (Quetzalcoatl) arrived. It is the katun of remembering and recording knowledge." from Bruce Scofield taken from the Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel and the Codex Perez and the Book of Chilam Balam of Mani. See the four surviving Maya Codices: Dresden Codex online (download pdf ) Madrid Codex download pdf Grolier Codex online Paris Codex download pdf (alt.) Popul vuh online Mike Finley on codices

151. The "Doomsday Crop Circle" (30 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM


dubbing it "The Doomsday Crop Circle". Part 3 was to have included the revised theory in a chapter called The Golden Section of Time in Space and 152. Wiltshire. I found grounds to disagree with the interpretation. In Whats New item 99 (January 2003). the golden section) and was revealed to be one year in error due to basing the start-date of the Maya Long Count on a date of "3113 BC". The revised introduction and revised part 12 (pages 41-64 of the paper) are now available with the rest of the paper on 2012: Dire Gnosis as a zip file here: UPDATED AURIC TIME SCALE There is a fascinating appendage to this story. which I found to be an encoded Magic Square of the Moon (though again. Prof. Smelyakov has just contacted 2012: Dire Gnosis to announce that he has completed the revised version of the theory.Whats New page six On August 2nd 2004. the diagram on Connector was faulty). on August 6th 2004. The Daily Mail newspaper featured a double-page article on the formation. in which I also commented on a formation that appeared at Lewisham Castle. Russian maths Professor Sergey Smelyakov and Yuri Karpenko's paper. Lewis posted an article on the same page of Crop Circle Connector called "The Calendar Clock". Smelyakov supplied the first 2 parts of a 5-part mega-theory: The Predicted Unknown . Prof. that apparently found evidence of calendrical clues in the formation. Astrological Roots and Forecasting of Some Acute World Trends for the Current Epoch while we waited for the updated version of The Auric Time Scale and the Mayan Factor . Xochipilli (Lord of Flowers) sitting on a base with the same double square spiral as that featured in the crop formation. This consists of a small change to the introduction and changes to the start-date. so I had a look and (while avoiding entering into the contoversy of who or what created it). supporting the 2012 connection. C. near Aldbourne. The Aztec belief in imminent catastrophe was then connected to the end of the Maya Long Count calendar in 2012. Smelyakov wrote a special summary article for 2012: Dire Gnosis. Prof. The Auric Time Scale and the Mayan Factor was introduced. Swirled News put up an article featuring my reply.a decade of Volte-Face. Auric Time Scale Update 1/Nov/2004 In Whats New item 66 June 2002. (showing a foreshortening series of eras based on phi. because an article on Crop Circle Connector showed a statue of the Aztec god.diagnosis2012. but having just re-connected with Prof. and the conclusion was that the Crop Formation signified planetary doom in to become Crop Circle Connector's "Crop Circle of the Year". Swirled News asked for my input. a crop formation was reported near Silbury Hill in Wiltshire. (which discusses the theory as applied to the Maya Long Count). See Swirled News article. end-date and bifurcation points in part 12 of the paper. UK and on the following night it was completed. UK. as well as spotting that the diagram provided on the page was wrong.htm (31 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . Smelyakov http://www. which was taken as a Gregorian historical date rather than a Gregorian astronomical date (the correct Gregorian historical date is 3114 BC).

. Arizona for 2012:Dire during mushroom experiences that there is going to be a new form of life born in 2012. I am awaiting his comments before saying a Norwegian journalist and author of a best-selling Norwegian novel is currently researching the 2012 phenomenon in preparation for his next novel. The statement included the following sentence. Click on the link below to access the conference summary: Signs of Destiny 2004: Crop Circles and the Road to 2012 155. Summary of the Road to 2012 Arizona Conference 1/Dec/2004 Mads Larsen. He says that he intends that it will "do for 2012 what the DaVinci Code did for the legend of the Holy Grail". Mads kindly agreed to summarise his impressions of the recent 2012 conference in Tempe. Doug Ready mentioned that he too has heard from the mycelial mind.diagnosis2012. Perhaps some kind of symbiotic joining of awareness with the next level up.. Jenkins Counter-Critique 1/Dec/2004 Carl Calleman." 154. to be published in 2006.Whats New page six after his email address disappeared about 18 months ago. professional astronomers have studied the Mayan calendar and have concluded that it http://www. 153. the Swedish author and inventor of the 2011 end-date was unable to attend the Tempe Conference (see Whats New 154 above) but he contributed a statement that was included with the conference program.. Another Fungal Message 1/Dec/2004 In a recent e-mail.htm (32 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM . but it seems we need to reach a critical mass of people who have begun this accent in awareness before the birthing of our species can truly begin. concerning 2012: "I have been told many times. highlighted in bold ink: "Recently. This is only my hunch.

500 trials were performed using remote viewing and Ganzfeld experiments. the projected time for the next sunspot maximum. The results showed not only that the time of the sidereal day (about 4 minutes shorter than a solar day) had a significant effect on the results. Strous. one rotation of the Earth in reference to the stars. John Major Jenkins has now put up a response page that thoroughly answers all the points raised by their effects on biochemistry (more on this in the forthcoming book. His results also implicate sunspot cycles specifically the Carrinton Rotation of 27. See summary page http://www. Like Scnoll's discovery. but specifically. the whole meaning is ~strous/AA/en/2012. that at a a Local Sidereal Time (LST) of about 13. John Major Jenkins addressed the issue. Since the 13-baktun cycle is tracking our changing orientation to the equatorial plane of the Milky Way. there is a massive increase in human "intuition" or psychic ability. which corresponds to the rising time of Galactic Centre on the horizon. (see here and here) showing that a sidereal day (i.htm (33 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM .uu.html " In his talk. Beyond 2012).e.alignment2012. If small but vital parts of the original thesis are omitted.Whats New page six cannot possibly be based on precession or any other astronomical cycle at http://www. See it here: http://www. Russian biochemist Simon Shnoll published the results of 30 years rather than a solar day which is in reference to the Sun). He compared the situation with one that would exist if he had stated that "crab apples are bitter" and was then accused of falsely stating that "apples are bitter". this could also have significance for the Galactic Alignment process. affects biological hours plus or minus an hour or so. since he was familiar with the web-page in question. chemical reaction rates and radioactive decay.28 days .html 2012 is. this discovery could imply the existence of a switching mechanism for human biochemistry or neurochemistry.diagnosis2012. I have just discovered that in 1997. Galactic Centre Found to Affect Intuition 1/Dec/2004 In 1998. the astronomer in question. of course. James Spotiswoode published a paper called Apparent Association Between Effect Size in Free Response Anomalous Cognition Experiments and Local Sidereal Time in which 2. (34 of 34)9/28/2005 11:10:50 AM .Whats New page six http://www.

diagnosis2012. Uranus and 2012 http://www. 166. More on Maya Prophecy 173. Investigating the Origins of Dreamspell 172.. Tsunami Conspiracy Theory 170.htm (1 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM . Author's Reply to Riding the Wild Orb Review 164. The Psilocybin Solution 161. Pyramid of Fire 160. Jaguar Prophet V Closer of the Cycle Blair on Merlin Project Predicts 2012 165.Whats New page 7 What's New? 157. New Info on Climate Change Around 3114 BC 162. China and India Prepare for Himalayan UFO Landing in 2012 163. Hyderabad Scientists Predict Geomagnetic Reversal in 2012 168. Armageddon 2012 Review 158. India Daily Goes 2012-Beserk 171.. Tibetan Buddhist Monks' Predictions for 2012 159. Nibiru: Latest Updates 169.

4 by pointing out that nearly all the monitoring of Earth's temperature have been done from urban areas (highly populated by humanity) or "heat islands".co. Did ETS Encode 2012 in Their Landing Sites? 183. and that study concluded that the Earth's surface is actually cooling at a rate of http://www. Planetary Positions on Winter Solstice 2012 157. The author starts out on p. Lahun Chan.000 years ago when water cooled to its liquid form.S. Mainly plants and unicellular animals reigned until 30. 2012 Antichrist Fiction? 181.000 years ago. "The Rogue Geophysicist" (who has "an extensive background in science and other disciplines").diagnosis2012. and also excuses the absence of a bibliography or references by a similar desire to avoid incriminating any academics who may share his views. Any genuine geophysicist would know that the scientific community consider the Universe to be at least 15 billion years old! I suppose he would say it was a typographical error. so as not to "incriminate" himself. the author considers the Universe to be 50 million years old. I actually doubt there is any living academic that shares all his views unless they happen to be dressed in a straitjacket: The author tells us on p. Exploding Toads Triggered by Galactic Centre? 177.3 that the Earth is not Life did not begin on Earth until 50. Has the Galactic Superwave of 2012 Begun? 178.Whats New page 7 174. The exception is a 100-year study by the U.6 billion years old after all. he says that the scientific community claim the Earth to be "more than four billion years old in a universe of the same age". Weather Bureau.htm (2 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM . but only 35 million years old. India Monthly: The Latest India Daily Claims 182. The author writes under the pseudonym. Tzitzimime and Chupacabras 176. On the same page. when dinosaurs and humanity appeared. Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradox 175. published in September 2004 is subtitled The Last Major Conflicts Between Scientific Truths and Religioius/Academic Myths. Anyway. Armageddon 2012 Review 1/Dec/2004 The book Armageddon 2012. Torsion-Wave energy From Galactic Centre 179. Solar System Changes Update 180.

In each of these shifts. since Cotterell is shown in the book as being in error. causing the axis to tilt to its current position.000 years ago a huge lump of Earth flew out and became the moon. Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 does mention Cotterell.000 years after the last shift.). This is a term that he never fully explains. ("the axis moves to a different geographical location.e. when another 30 degree shift will leave the axis tilted 50-55 degrees off vertical.245) The 265th shift occurred 2. concluded that the end date of the Mayan calendar was 22 December 2012. highinclination orbits of the Sun. when exactly the same thing supposedly happened. the crust moved about 30 degrees or around 2. We are left to wonder why the population was not wiped out at the last encounter.a result that challenges global warming theory. "leaving the visible sun spots to provide remnant evidence of the impact by the cooler Alpha planet" (p. he would not have mentioned Cotterell at all. where the crust moves position. or it could be right on the money" Apart from the book title. If TRG had read MC 2012.and the 21st December. The Alpha planets have an atmospheric shroud. but the core and mantle remain in position (with the exception of the 265th shift.2646 degrees C per century . This was the first "polar shift" and was the start of the four seasons (when plant-life would have had to adapt to the new cycles of weather . 2. making them look like celestial constantly uses elliptic instead of ecliptic) but which seems to equate to crustal displacement. when it is revealed that there will be "surface winds in excess of 1. writer. but one crashed into the Sun. and mantle with it. and the back flap describes Cotterell as "internationally acclaimed writer.8). TRG further claims that 13.diagnosis2012. Considering the haphazard manner our modern calendar came together.htm (3 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM .. They were caused by "interaction with three additional planets in our solar system". and he claims that Pompeii and Chichen Itza are both over 13. There were originally four Alpha planets.Whats New page 7 0.g.000 years ago.1985 degrees C per century before 1 AD) that led to the conclusions about the age of the Earth and Universe and appearance of life mentioned above. not the 22nd! However.500 years on average. killing off the dinosaurs and flooding Atlantis (p. there are several errors TRG accidentally reveals that he has seriously neglected to research what should have been his priority subject. http://www. which will annihilate and bury at least 98% of Earth's human and animal population" (p. nor does it mention him as "writer. the crust pulled the core. but remains at the same angle to the elliptic" (sic .should be "Maya" ).6-7). The Mayan Prophecies (note "Mayan" in title) does speak of December 22nd 2012. (p. 1998). Let me quote TRG: "In Mayan Cosmogenesis 2012 (John Major Jenkins. the sudden appearance of deciduous trees!) The 266th shift is due on the fall or autumn (in the northern hemisphere) equinox in 2012.7-8). engineer and scientist.281).000 surface miles in a period of 6 to 8 hours.5 degrees off "vertical".000 mph.000 years old! (p. engineer and scientist". two or many centuries.. so that instead of just the crust shifting. the Mayan end date could be off by one. The Rogue Geophysicist (TRG) calls these "the Alpha planets" and says they are on long-term. It was a back-calculation using this figure (modified to 0. Cotterell. but does not mention him in connection with 22 December 2012. plus MC2012 is packed full of other convincing material on 2012 . there are claims that Maurice M.000 years ago (the Star of Bethlehem was an Alpha planet). Cotterell and Gilbert's book. Bear and Company. He says that "the Mayan celestial calendar establishes an extremely accurate time for the end date of the Earth-human experience" and mentions his source as "Mayan Cosmogenesis 2012" (sic .uk/new8. Why 2012 in particular? Here. 23. The author claims that there have been 265 "geographic shifts" in the Earth's history. we are also left guessing. As for why TRG times the event to 2. when the increased cooling of the Earth caused solid spikes going through the mantle. We have to wait another 280 pages for the next mention of this. when he stated that the Alpha planets appear every 2.

See the India Daily article here. we have already shown this kind of thinking to be nonsense in the "2003=2012" fiasco In the late 1950s and early 1960s. Marty made a translation and http://www. but that divine powers/and/or extraterrestrials will intervene to prevent the ultimate catastrophe. biology. who showed him an unknown codex. It is probably the worst 2012 book of all (not the most unreadable -that honour is currently held by The Prophet's Manual). This seems to be an attempt by TRG to do that which he said he wouldn't . The monks are said to have obtained the information by a kind of remote viewing. the Beat generation poet Marty Matz explored remote areas of Mexico and learned to speak the Mazatec language. our technologies will take a different direction. Tibetan Buddhist Monks' Predictions for 2012 3/Jan/2005 In December 2004.htm (4 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM . geology. People will learn the essence of spirituality. He gained the trust of a Mazatec shaman.e. As for the last sentence. the reincarnation and the fact we are connected with each other and are all part of "God".The Lost Aztec Codex is now available. It is a serious attempt to ridicule 2012 research by association with an unending torrent of plainly absurd statements. Armageddon 2012 (which is full of so many attempts to re-write theology. Excerpt: "Monks also mentioned that beyond 2012 our current civilization would understand that the final frontier of science and technology is in the area of spirituality and not material physics and chemistry.i. Pyramid of Fire 3/Jan/2005 John Major Jenkins's and Marty Matz's new book. Is TRG confused between Cotterell and Jenkins? If he had read Cotterell. that it would take another book to refute them all). is a deliberate disinformation project. and other sciences. and it is a very significant and important document. and also explained to him the meaning behind the pictograms. then he would have mentioned Cotterell's sunspot theory or at least got Cotterell and Gilbert's book details right. the relation between body and soul. Pyramid of Fire . history. to incriminate others by associating them with his crazy ideas.Whats New page 7 engineer and independent scientist". (Thanks to Kathy Doore) Rense's version 159. Beyond 2012. It seems that this book. 158. India Daily carried a story about Indian tourists who have recently returned from Tibet with stories of Tibetan predictions of a nuclear war that will start in

This is a very similar concept to the end-time vision of St. the feathered serpent. The last page of the codex reveals that the final New Fire ceremony will bring a fire of purification that will burn away the remains of mortal desires and illusions. tried six local entheogenic mushrooms and had "the most aweinspiring religious experience of his life. The final page got lost over the we have it. or obsidian mirror. following his travels across the near East and Asia.I. they would see visions and have revelations of the future.Whats New page 7 recited it in the poetry clubs of San Francisco. All other codices that have survived have been interpreted solely by non-indigenous scholars. Teilhard de Chardin among others. One of Wasson's co-workers sent a mushroom sample to Albert Hoffman at Sandoz labs in 1958. and concludes that the Other is communicating with us through psilocybin. they lacked the evidence . Nature will have made maximum http://www. Powell then looks at all the evidence that the Aztecs used psiliocybin mushrooms. but this had not yet had any impact on the world. Hofman had already isolated LSD from the ergot fungus back in the early 1940s. but then face to face" (1 Cor 13 v. which may be in 2012. in which Quetzalcoatl. and Hofman isolated and named psilocybin. Powell goes on to discuss Philip K.. is shown to be an identical concept. Since Jenkins has already reconstructed the meaning of the New Fire ceremony as a tradition for tracking precession (see Maya Cosmogenesis 2012).uk/new8. that will be the end of obscurity . preparing us for the Omega Point.12) or alternatively.. The Psilocybin Solution 3/Jan/2005 A free online book called The Psiliocybin Solution: Prelude to a Paradigm Shift (UNAVAILABLE..see Item 34) to correlate with the Mayan end-date of 2012..htm (5 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM . 160. Gurdjieff. published in Life magazine in 1957. At that point. "through a glass darkly". The metaphorical pictures were misunderstood and resulted in the gory mass sacrifices of prisoners for which the Aztecs later became when "the Other has fully transformed or reflected itself within the totality of Gaia.the obscurity imposed by Tezcatlipoca . Powell goes on to look at the evidence that the Maya also used psilocybin mushrooms. which was written into a word form from what was originally a pictorial document. Though some have suggested this in the past. with the exception of the Popul vuh of the Maya. including a quote from Duran that ".. when we are due to confront The Other (see the next item).see update) by Simon Powell.. then it seems that the QuetzalcoatlKukulcan-Kundalini teachings are to help prepare mankind for the current time-window earmarked by 2012.a self-sacrifice. The Pyramid of Fire reveals that the Aztecs had a spiritual technology similar to the Kundalini yoga of the Hindus. with the force of those mushrooms. and that it was adapted at Chichen Itza (the pyramid of Kukulcan . and the inauguration of the psychedelic 1960s." This was the start of the Harvard Psilocybin Project. which turns out to be fascinating. is simply a transcending of the ego . for example. then this will represent the attractor or final stage of the reality process as we know it. the Aztec philosophy turns out to be very similar to that which was known to G.".diagnosis2012. Timothy Leary went to Mexico in 1960. but John Major Jenkins located a recording of one of Marty's recitals and reconstructed the whole translation. follows the trail of the modern rediscovery of psilocybin back to Gordon Wasson's account of his participation in a Mazatec mushroom rite in 1955. In fact. Paul "For now we see in a mirror dimly. Dick and Terence McKenna.the Smoking Mirror. This means that the Pyramid of Fire is a unique insight into the philosophy of the Aztecs. which had a massive impact on western culture. The true meaning of sacrifice.

I have a multi-media item Sacred Ground that you can get from me . He also pointed out that the "ice-man" known as Oetzi . we mentioned the implications of oxygen isotopes found in ice cores from Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro and plant remains in new ice cores from Peru. It is this huge solar energy oscillation that Thompson believes may have triggered the climate change he sees in all those records.island.the preserved body of a Neolithic man who was found in 1991 by title is Gods Flesh: Sacred Mushrooms and the Quest for Higher Knowledge. It also points to similar changes occurring in today's climate as well. "The evidence clearly points back to this point in history and to some event that in a few months time . Thompson outlined his research at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco (Dec 2004). we recalled evidence that around 3114 BC when the Long Count started in other words." Ten chapters with prologue and epilogue. a comet may have impacted the earth and caused the flood that was remembered in the Sumerian myth that became the myth of 161. the desertification of the Sahara area and pollen from lake bed cores in South America. methane in ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica. trapped in an Alpine glacier . Powell Editor of Prescience: http://www.became trapped and died around 5. UPDATE: Simon Powell has just been in touch about The Psilocybin Solution: "It will hopefully be published (by www..diagnosis2012. bringing in tree ring studies from Ireland and England." http://www.200 years ago. (Audio sample of movie soundtrack) Simon G.. gathered by Ohio State University glaciologist Lonnie Thompson. solar output first dropped precipitously and then surged over a short period. Thompson stated that.Whats New page 7 sense of itself. They revealed a massive change in climate around 5.. New info on Climate Change Around 3114 BC 2/Feb/2005 In Whats New item 130 (Feb 2004).htm (6 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM .200-year old event may have been caused by a dramatic fluctuation in solar energy reaching the earth. Thompson says he now believes that "the 5.200 years ago.see my website below.200 years ago.Evidence shows that around 5. More recently. Also. the last "Creation".entheogenesis." Most significantly.

"Indian sky has been the scene of numerous UFOs in recent days. a third article claimed that Indian scientists have been working on the forgotten technologies mentioned in the Indian Ramayana and Mahabharata myths The UFOs are mainly performing scouting missions to establish contacts with Indian Government and military. and also in Nepal and Tibet since India conducted a nuclear test in 1998. This could also be connected to a recent announcement that the Indian Air force intend to phase out the MIG aircraft by an anti-gravity device: "Dighi in Pune. The Chinese Space Administration were reported to be undertaking similar activities on their side of the border. What is going to happen in 2012? No one knows but they keep saying before any question is asked – “I know nothing!”" India Daily also claims that "China is being “told” to abandon any manned space journey above 100 miles from earth till 2012" and another article reiterates that the anti-gravity and other space technology is being supplied by the same UFO occupants. who. Among the local people there is a rumor that “they” will land somewhere there in the next seven years. The final article from India Daily (January 2005) claims that Russian scientists are now confirming the http://www. India is one of the six chosen. There has been a steadily increasing number of UFO sightings in the Himalayas Tarai area of northern India. according to psychologist and UFO researcher Richard Boylan. India is being told on how to tackle the nuclear. and also Chinese military activity on the other side of the border has increased.htm (7 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM . space technology and other advanced technologies. Is this then the final preparation of landing that even Mayans predicted thousands of years back?" The topic was enlarged upon in an article the following month (November 2004).Whats New page 7 162. Many are hinting that in 2012 there will be an official landing in six different countries all over the world. According to some of the Indian Space Research Organization officials who are officially tight lipped there are lots of excitement about this topic. the city of the brightest Indian defense research scientists and engineers is full of whispers these days. confirming that the Indian Space Research Organisation has had a team in the Himalayas and have been preparing a landing area for UFOs that are due to land in 2012. An article in India Daily (October 2004) included the following: "According some scientists of Indian Geological Survey. are behind the recent peace talks between India and Pakistan. UFOs and strange beings are visiting a specific 100 square kilometers regularly since last eighteen months. It has also been reported that Indian military activity near the Indian border. thus leading to discovery of the others). China and India Prepare for Himalayan UFO Landing in 2012 2/Feb/2005 (Thanks to Janice Kregers for bringing article 3 to my attention. According to some sources in Pune the scientists are tight lipped and say they cannot speak till 2012. In December 2004. North of Himachal Pradesh is experiencing very specific sightings. Some UFO researchers say that beings from K-9 constellation will land on the earth and expose themselves finally in particular." China is said to be another of the chosen six countries.

2012. Riding the Wild Orb.. much of which he admits to not understanding (p... if it was an event that happens every 83 years? Although drought is the archaeologically accepted reason for the abandonment of the Maya cities.42-49).Whats New page 7 "planetary angular momentum theory" to predict that more tsunamis are coming.. but the real drought will just be beginning.. It will reach its maximum with an extremely hot dry year in 2020. In fact.Is the cycle of the Mayan Calendar really 83 years.htm (8 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM .diagnosis2012. Feb/2005 In Whats New item 96 we reviewed the book. In 2012. all he actually predicts for 2012 is the start of an 8-year drought: " I know I said there was no proof on any pole-shift eminent (sic) on March 21. which asks on the back cover. Author's Reply to Riding the Wild Orb Review. in which he plays with Mayan numbers and the Tzolkin. Despite the section of the book called "The Mayan Clock" (p. we will still be here to see it. He says that the original summary was mistaken to connect the positions of Venus and Jupiter to a magnetic reversal in 2012 (the review has now been updated in pink). and does it predict the sunspot cycle?" Well.6-7). which is the core cycle of the 5200-tun 13-Baktun cycle of the Long Count that ends in 2012! See Roger Jewell's comments on original review (before pink additions) 164. but it does indicate a weather pattern similar to the drought situation in 1929 that ran into the early thirties. This was known as the dust bowl years. (p. "Merlin Project" Predicts 2012 Mar/2005 1/ http://www. and the section called "Rhythms of the Sky. 2/ "Are we going to encounter a galactic wave of magnetism that will reverse the magnetic poles of the Earth and allow the pole locations to move?. he says he didn't predict the magnetic reversal for 2012.". by ending their 5. Jewell's source on the Maya calendars was Arguelles' The Mayan Factor . the author.49 Jewell resorts to the Sumerians for answers because "the Mayan calendar does not use the 360-part division of the sacred the Mayan Calendar". Rain may come in late June to save the season.42). we can expect a very dry spring in the grain belt of the USA.6-7). 163. and the article also links this to 2012. (p. On p. He forgot about the 360-day tun cycle.000 years in their future. and the cycles of Venus and Jupiter. there must be more to it than that. Roger Jewell has just got in touch to comment on the era then. where he mentions March 21st 2012 and conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter." So why would the Maya predict an event over 2. Hopefully..

i. They also claim to have been approached by the Pentagon in 1995 to provide a forecast of domestic terrorism in the USA. Projections of many people's "Timetraks" revealed an anomaly between 2010 and 2012: "The period of 2010-2012 is unusual. Simpson. companies. the cost is $50 for a basic "18-year graphical snapshot. The creators of the software claim that it predicted many events on the world stage. There is also a more detailed "Complete Initial Session" that costs $220." that is computerized and which can provide a detailed graph that outlines the most significant moments of change in your life". is also claimed to have predicted the stock market plunge in November 1991. who have combined Guercio's speciality of the "traditional and esoteric predictive systems" of the "psychical sciences" and Hart's work on "the application of supercomputers to the mathematical modeling of systems exhibiting extremely complex behavior". J. from the timetable for the breakup of the Soviet Union to the acquittal of O." The Merlin creators.633 Kb) MERLIN on the Reasons for the 2010-12 High Levels of Activity (audio) (2. The resulting chronographs. Blair on 2012..) MERLIN pinpoints three elements about such periods of activity: the onset.404 Kb) To get personal readings. and they claim it is "the first scientifically-based forecasting technology that combines equations derived from celestial phenomena with past historical data and blends that information into a graphical timeline that accurately plots the chronology of future events". emotional concerns. the intensity. relationships.Whats New page 7 Some software known as The Merlin Project has been developed by "futurist" Paul Guercio and physicist and the resulting prediction culminated with a "significant threat in the autumn (fall) of 2001 . which brought it to the attention of NBC Nightly News. 165. The system. James Hart. See The Merlin Project website for more. tracings in time that begin when we are born or a key ("genesis") event occurs. such that a great number of people will be affected during this time frame. Mar/2005 1/ http://www.e.Or it can be described more simply as "as a form of "highly distilled astrology. situations and countries.. and the duration and the technology is equally applicable to people. called “Timetraks®” are highly individualized patterns..diagnosis2012. "frozen moment" of time as a starting point." .. were interviewed by George Noory on Coast to Coast AM Radio on August 30th 2004. These Timetraks® depict chains of activity that are twofold: external factors (career matters. where we work or live) and internal factors (health. which is said to operate with an accuracy approaching 80%. Listen to the 2012 excerpts here: MERLIN on the 2010-12 Period (audio) (1.htm (9 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM . in that 4 out of 6 people have high levels of activity. this is how "MERLIN combines the exactness of planetary mathematics with recognized historical cycles to create snapshots of time by using a single. which he used in SDI (Star Wars) research. the 9/11 incident. Guercio speculated that perhaps an asteroid hit or very rapid climate change may

and that the Maya kept a 29. He says that the statement by Bishop Diego de Landa.5 days. (this point is reinforced in Lyall Watson's books).5-day lunar calendar . He also points out that energetic qualities of the 260 days are completely different from those of the Q'iche Maya. (whose debate with John Major Jenkins in September . Calleman makes some valid points. for anyone who has also read much of Calleman's theories. In campaigns of a sizable scale and on web sites on the Internet many people have been deluded into believing this and today one of its main functions in the world is to create confusion and block people¹s access especially to the true Long-Count used for millennia in Mexico and The Dreamspell calendar system was invented by Jose Arguelles and is not the original "Mayan calendar".htm (10 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM . with a few minor changes to the text. not 28 days. and that this discrepancy is due to the Dreamspell practice of freezing the Tzolk'in count for a day every four years. He points out: 1. He points out that the female menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle with which it synchronizes is actually 29. Despite the fact that this is a calendar system that has never been used by the Maya.diagnosis2012. as believed by many people. that artificial lighting has interfered with the regularity of the menstrual cycle. its protagonists have however been falsely presenting it as Mayan. that the Maya celebrated their New Year on July 26th is unreliable. who have kept the count unbroken since the time of the Classic Maya. As I read it. this all seems a bit ironic coming from him. As if in answer to my thought.December 2001 was hosted on this site). and was in the act of subduing the Maya into accepting Christianity. While much of the article would not be disputed by those familiar with "the True Count"( the Tzolk'in or Cholq'ij 260-day sacred calendar count of the Q'iche Maya of Guatemala highlands).Whats New page 7 Thanks to Mark Heley for this 166. on the Gregorian leap year-day. a person with the web-name Treefrog posted a slightly edited version of Calleman's first paragraph on the Saq' Be' site: >>To much of the world a calendar system invented by Carl Calleman in the nineties has come to be known as ‘THE Mayan Calendar’. The article was called The false Mayan Calendar: “The Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon calendar” is based on patriarchal dominance. February 29th . since de Landa had just burned all the Maya codices. this necessitated a fixed New Year so that the Christian feast days could also be fixed. Jaguar Prophet V Closer of the Cycle Mar/2005 1/ Carl Calleman. 4. 3. I began thinking that the article could easily have been written as a criticism of its own author. has recently authored an article that has been circulated widely all over the net.

landslides. 167. Nibiru: Latest Updates Mar/2005 1/ On the Yowusa. there is an audio page where you can hear the latest interview by Marshall Masters.say that when the falling geomagnetic field reaches zero Gauss.<< (thanks to Mark Heley and Treefrog) Tree frog calls Calleman's system "the Calleman-spell" and if you have read Calleman's article. he has altered the correlation.Predicts Major USA Terror Attack by February. but briefly.. Solar Code Author Echan Deravy — Nibiru Will Be Here in 2012. Wingate -.March 1st 2005: "Computer scientists working together with a group geophysicist and site. not between the Maya calendars and the Gregorian calendar. to suggest that the UFOs are here to either somehow halt the catastrophes or to "remove us to an unknown destination". I said something similar myself in response to the Jenkins . 2013 will be the Worst Year of the Nibiru Flyby -. Some of the past interviews include q q q q Mystic Prophet. asteroids (due to a change in the gravitational field). who thinks Nibiru (the massive planet on an 3000+ years orbit) is due to return around 2012. for the simple reason that the stelae of the Classic era Maya show both Long Count and the Tzolk'in in a constant relationship to each other. and Nibiru Flyby in and combines with the solar maximum (which is due in 2012)... please read Treefrog's India have just produced a computer model that predicts geomagnetic reversal for 2012. (which has been mentioned on the 2012 links page). 2012 . Hyderabad Scientists Predict Geomagnetic Reversal in 2012 1/Mar/2005 Hot off the press today . This has never been suggested before. India Daily (yes. meaning that those who wish to survive must be living deep in the Earth's crust. increased solar radiation leading to cancer.htm (11 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM ." for a private research and analysis company in Hyderabad. and It Will Bring Death. Destruction and Evolution. Beyond 2012. but between the Long Count and the Tzolk'in. and McKenna all apply to his own concoction.earthquakes. Read the India Daily article 168. Father Andrew C.Physicist Jacco van der Worp http://www. we have a problem. I noted that Calleman's criticisms of Arguelles and Jenkins. them again . and to dispute that is to say that the Classic Maya got it all wrong! More next month. volcanoes.Whats New page 7 Central America. In the forthcoming book. or be taken off-planet. Calleman's system has been dissected in detail.see Whats New item 158 and Whats New item 162 above) . which was posted on John Major Jenkins' site under the initial "G" in order to remain impartial following the hosting of the debate. Why You'll Find Mayan Anthropologist George Erikson in a Cave on December 21...Calleman debate. The UFO activity reported in the Himalayas in Whats New item 162 is brought in here. In that response.diagnosis2012.

He has summarised it in detail an electromagnetic disturbance was picked up 6 days beforehand (see ref1). On 8/3/2005 this appeared: Many in India getting ready for the coming upheaval of 2012 –will we survive? and on 10/3/2005 was this headline:74. 162. Sunday (0000 GMT Saturday) and was centered about 100 miles (160 kilometers) off the coast of Indonesia's Sumatra island". and that they possess technology capable of triggering earthquakes (ref1. and finally.diagnosis2012. As of today (March 1st 2005). but in brief. "US use of high-tech heat ray on an Asian nation killing much of the population 7 days later" may have been fulfilled (other prophecies from Thailand predict a 2012 pole reversal and the post-2012 discovery of a buried city in Canada). Tsunami Conspiracy Theory 1/ Mar/2005 A surfer named Edwardo has been in touch to point out that one of the Prophecies from Thailand in Whats new item 112 . This means that the 7-day predicted interval had been fulfilled. from the transcript of a press conference with then is reported elsewhere as the 19th) and the magnitude 9..0 earthquake that caused the tsunami "struck about 7 a.prophecy 3. and 167).m. then Edwardo reasons that "if a set of electromagnetic transducers were used to generate a 20 minute pulse which propagated through resonant materials in the fault (such as quartz as suggested in the article).000-year cycle of massive volcano in earth eliminates civilizations and living beings – next one due in 2012? in which it said that "some geologists" say that http://www.htm (12 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM .Beserk! April 2005 More articles are appearing on India Daily concerning 2012 (see Whats New items 158 . Yowusa Audio Page (thanks to Andy Thomas) 169. but previous ones can only be heard after subscribing ($ 25 per year). volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.. a meteor was seen on December 19th in Jakarta Indonesia (report date of 18th is due to time-zones . India Daily Goes 2012. you can hear Dutch physicist Jacco Van der Worp talk about the Nibiru return in 2011 .The fact that the American military base had an advance warning. ref2." He also notes that "Charles Fort was among the first to note that strange "meteors" appeared coincidentally with earthquakes".type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate.Whats New page 7 The latest interview can be heard for free. the resulting seismic event would occur approximately a week regardless of distance (ref3. Secretary of Defense William Cohen in 1997: "Others are engaging even in an eco." 170. S. in any medium (ref5) and that in a Chilean earthquake. set off earthquakes. there was a heat component to the tsunami. ref4).

. to check up on Jose's claims. originates form the Chilam Balam has been verified. but not a "Moon" as in http://www. In particular.. but combines several mismatching bits of information to produce a correlation that doesn't agree with any of the calendrical information in the Chilam Balams. be called a "month". The details of the investigation can be found from which this conclusion was reached: here. we promised more following on from Carl Calleman's criticism of Jose Arguelles. Arguelles recently stated a clear reference concerning the origin of the Dreamspell correlation. since it had nothing to do with the Moon..and the 2012 fascination continues through March into April: 31/3/05: Evidence of unusual structural disturbance inside the earth – polar reversal may be root cause of increasing earthquakes and volcanoes – ticking time bomb for 2012? 5/4/2005 Simultaneous Terrestrial and Solar polar reversals can cause super volcano in 2012 - Hawaiian Islands.. at a push.htm (13 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM .000 year cycle.. Many are pointing towards Yellow Stone National Park in America where Earth’s crust is wafer thin in geological scale. Investigating the Origins of Dreamspell 2005 April Last month. The so-called "Tun-Uc" or 28-day lunar count seems to have originated from a stellar or zodiac period.000 years ago in Sumatra. which could. with Extra-terrestrial underwater experiments near Sumatra – are they trying to diffuse a super volcano repeat eruption like the one 74." On 11/3/2005 the theme is continued. that we are in for a repeat performance: "According to some geologists. Iceland and Yellowstone probable hot spots 8/4/2005 ”Drilling earth’s crust to break into the earth’s mantel” – thousands of these funded projects may cause massive devastation by 2012 Check here for latest 2012 search on India daily 171. some of his other claims have been found to be in error. At considerable expense. his claim that the Dreamspell correlation originates in the Chilam Balam. Indonesia.Whats New page 7 because a massive volcano erupted 74. causing a 8-10 degree temperature drop and mass extinction. He said it originated in the "Cuceb" section of the Chilam Balam prophecies. while technically true we have seen how it was generated from the information in the Chilam Balam . q q While Arguelles's claims that the grid arrangement of the Tzolkin (as shown in the Mayan Factor).diagnosis2012. Dire Gnosis obtained copies of these rare books.. the next one is due around 2012 based on that 74.does not follow any correlation in the Chilam Balam of the 5 or so to choose from.000 years back .co.

Mani. The face of the sun shalll be extinguished because of the great tempest. and some think it was just the date of zenith passage of the Sun.30) In the commentary.. and no one who believes in his government without having doubts. For those katuns there shall be no priests. to that generation there will come the day of withered fruit. (katuns started being named after beginning instead of their ending. See whole investigation 172. for the final days of misfortune. Presently Baktun 13 shall come sailing.. figuratively speaking.Pay heed to the truth which I present to you in the katun of dishonor. (Makemson p. when they shall come. we saw that the Chilam Balam of Chumayel predicted the return of Quetzalcoatl/Kukulcan in Katun 4 Ahau.167) Another prophecy concerning the last katun of a series." (Makemson p. we find. The pattern of "portals" superimposed on the Tzolkin grid is one of many possible superimposed patterns with equal meaning or lack of it. has provided a few interesting additions. for 4 years. from the Great Spirit. there will be good gifts for one and all.57) "The Nine shall arise in sorrow. and that this could be the remains of a 2012 prophecy. bringing the ornaments of which I have spoken from your in the final days of tying up the bundle of the thirteen katuns on 4 Ahau. others presume it was fixed after the conquest.Malmstrom. alas. since the katun cycle began and ended with 11 Ahau. The Real Maya Prophecies. and the thirteen baktun cycle ran from 4 Ahau to 4 Ahau. The recent study of the Chilam Balam books of Tizimin and to a lesser extent. and some think it was just the date of New Year at the time of the conquest. so katun 11 Ahau became katun 13 Ahau).htm (14 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM .. More on Maya Prophecy April 2005 At Whats New item 150. It is entirely possible that there is a copyist's error here and that thirteen baktuns were intended. may have some bearing on the final katun of the final baktun: http://www. The prophecy continues: "These valleys of the earth shall come to an end. Perhaps "After Death" will be the subject of his discourse. then the end of the world shall come and the katun of our fathers will ascend on high". "There is an unusual prophecy about the end of the world on page 16: ".. Makemson thinks the whole thing was a misinterpretation of Landa's work. the prophet of the Jaguar! I recount to you the words of the true gods. thinks it was fixed at July 26th before the conquest.diagnosis2012. Then finally the ornaments shall descend in heaps. Then the god will come to visit his little ones. Tizimin: Four Ahau is the katun for remembering knowledge and compressing it within annals. as well as lands.Whats New page 7 q q The July 26th New Year date continues to be disagreed on by various authorities . my pleading be in vain? I speak to you! I Chilam Balam. wherever they shall settle down."(Makemson p. we are told elsewhere. there will be Shall my intercession.And when over the dark sea I shall be lifted up in a chalice of fire.

On 30th March 2005. As mentioned in the investigation article.. they shall immediately ascend into heaven. Halexandria shows a chart for 22 December 2012... when the original 13-baktun count will culminate. a prophecy of "A time will come when the katun-folds will have passed away. spreading out on the earth. that it still refers to the final katun (4 Ahau) of the 13-baktun cycle: " The Mayas had a firm belief in the concept that history repeats itself.85) Makemson.194.0. It is strange.. which entered Pisces in March 2003. At the end. Eric Thompson has argued convincingly against this in his book.. At dusk they shall smell the fragrance of flowers. Evil roads descend. but it is interesting to note that on p. Stones shall descend and Heaven and Earth shall be universally consumed by fire.diagnosis2012. their faces shall be disturbed. 173. separation of time into periods will be no more"." (p. Neptune has been in the sign of Aquarius since November 1998 and will leave it in 2012. For more on 2012 astrology... Thus. it seems that a kind of end of time had been prophesied for 1752. This results in an end-date (13.or perhaps this original culmination reflected backwards through time. even if the prophecy for the end of 13 katuns did refer to katuns and not baktuns.132. the effects of Uranus have been claimed to be more than astrological.107-108) Mani The editors' notes confirm that.with a recurrence of the prophecies.. The genealogical tree shall descend. leaves it in 2012 (some sites say Uranus leaves Pisces in 2011) and enters Aries. who translated the Tizimin. Canada and USA all changed from Julian to Gregorian calendars..Even stranger that in September 1752.. see The Sequence of Planetary and Stellar Dynamics to 2012 and Paradigm Shift 2012 . because the count of tuns is reunited". at the completion of the katun. we will hear the words of the fathers of Heaven and Earth regarding the government of Katun 13 Ahau during his days. then that on p.0) of June 22nd 1752.0. Neptune and Pluto entered the "Septile phase" (that was active from 1938 to 1941) and which lasts until 2012. when they will be found no longer. In the assemblage of people they shall open the sealed katun.htm (15 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM . They shall make a divination concerning the living and the dead: 'The dead shall live! Dying from old age. Uranus and 2012 April 2005 In the astrology of 2012 we find that Uranus. Day shall be turned upside down. They shall ascend quickly by good roads'. in the final days of the katun. and they fully expected the malevolent events of the Katun 8 Ahau to recur in approximately 260 years. Makemson states that "the katuns after 1752 contained 24 years instead of twenty tuns. Recently. is interpreted as follows: "In other words. (170 years after the Gregorian reforms in Europe).Whats New page 7 "Thirteen Ahau is the thirteenth katun and they shall count it at Cabal. and this was exactly 260 years before 2012.. Vale.0. and they were named for their beginning instead of for their ending days". Maya Hieroglyphic Writing. the Mail http://www." (Craine and Reindorp when there would be another Katun 8 Ahau. concluded from the dates given in the Tizimin that the most apt correlation between the Maya and Gregorian calendars was correlation # 489138.

ascribing the survival to God. Instead of being its usual 3. Prior to 2012. saying the seventh planet from the sun possesses a "quadripolar" magnetic field that acts as "a giant cosmic vacuum cleaner" This heavenly Hoover is literally sucking the Earth's tectonic plates out of their beddings. who claims to have been associated with Majestic 12 (MJ-12)." http://www." Read article 174. so Bild warns that we could be in for more uncanny Uranian catastrophes well into the next decade until Uranus slowly retreats back into its proper place in the Outer Solar System. The reason these natural phenomena have increased of late is that the distant planet's orbit has brought Uranus uncomfortably close to Earth.14-billion kilometres from Earth. but 2012 is set in stone. These are a function of choices made by earthlings. the report in the Bild newspaper cited an array of experts. and to have worked at Area 51. Burisch could play a pivotal role in helping a positive shift in earth consciousness. in turn. This magnetic pull is strongest along the Earth's equator because the tropics are marginally closer to Uranus than the poles are. Dan Burisch. Uranus currently is a mere 2. ranging from Nasa scientists to TV astrologers. but still think that the work being done by Dr. Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradox May/05 11/ According to microbiologist Dr. disturb the Earth's crust and spawn killer sea quakes and resulting tidal waves. not human evolutionary technology alone. even down to the very present. And it will remain this close through the year 2012. according to Bild. Europe's largest daily newspaper with more than five million readers. The scoop is that J-rods are actually progeny of earthlings travelling back in time to fix something bad that happened in their history at this period of time. and future developments on earth. he was directly downloaded with information from an ET ( J-rod): "According to the J-rod "yellow book" that shows past. the earth goes through a serious of tribulations both natural and man-made. Others following the saga do not believe that inhabitable earth comes to an end at 2012.diagnosis2012. The J-rods supposedly descend from a group of humans that high-tailed it to Mars and then on to a neighboring star system. which could. The magnetic forces "are strong enough at the equator to suck up electrically charged dust particles". with belief in God intact -.htm (16 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM . the earth is scheduled for a pole shift on 2012 which will decimate the planet. The article claimed that "Under the front-page headline "Uncanny Uranus". 22 to be exact.Whats New page 7 and Guardian Online had a headline saying "Uranus is 'responsible' for sea quakes".59-billion kilometres away.

Burisch claims that "In 2012. causing "something wonderful" to happen. Tzitzimime and Chupacabras http://www. bound to the Einstein-Rosen Bridges that are clumped together at the Galactic equator. around 2012. according to Burisch. Lahun Chan. So the more we muck with it. and points to where the loop returns to rejoin the string] looping like the date given for the event is the 21st December 2012. then geophysical". We're talking about the famous Dec 21. unless they further overlaid something in the time-stream that either corrects it or gets us out of the paradox in which we live. the Sun will shower the earth with waves of energy. which came out of the Philadelphia experiment. moving from A to B [here loops his hands again. He calls the situation "the Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradox": "BH: Okay. The result would be a minimum death-toll of 4 billion. except that the Montauk loops are every 20 years and the last one was on 12th August 2002).Whats New page 7 Source article here In an interview with Bill Hamilton.Montauk. Interview extracts 175. and is said to have been triggered by human attempts at time travel (sounds like the Montauk experiment. according to the history [here face breaks into incredulous smile] of which has not technically been written yet if you walk outside and say this [gestures grandly towards the door] they will charge you with incoherency! [laughs.htm (17 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM 11/ . the Mayan issues the Catastrophe is alleged to have and to occur around yeah." Source article here In an interview witrh "DonDep". and each of those nodes would be an overlay of a time-stream. more of a well. if you walk outside here. but that if we do not disable the manmade stargates first. the worse we "first magnetic. 2012. okay? [here he is smiling and addressing his response to BJ] [returning to Bill and the camera] but yeah. there is a 'difficulty'.diagnosis2012. as covered in item 24 . [now he is extremely serious]. then whispers “I had to say that!”] The history has not been written yet. I don't pretend to understand that kind of stuff. the excess energy will cause the poleshift. I understand what you're saying a loop within a loop DB: Yes. But according to the history books that I read. that date and what we can do about it I have no clue. which I don't know how the hell that would happen. Put a slide in front of me and I'll do a micro on it. from my framework. BH: And the critical period of time is coming up within about ten years? DB: [starts to half-nod diagonally] The critical period." and that all of the "natural stargates" will turn on.

116).." The editors' notes provide more information on Lahun Chan: "Lahun Chan. Thompson (1962: 219) says. The Aztec Sunstone (see Sunstone page) shows the current era. was originally named after its end day. The current era or Fifth Sun is known as the Sun of Movement. hurricanes. so it is thought that it will end with an earthquake. a Nahuatl manuscript.Whats New page 7 May/05 In the Chilam Balam of Mani (eds: Craine & Reindorp p. flooding. http://www. water. Previous eras are depicted by the day-signs. celestial demons that devoured mankind. who has as his outstanding characteristics the head of a jaguar and the body of a dog. As we saw in Whats New item 172 above. which means "movement" or "earthquake". 11 and later named after its beginning day. because it is encased by the day-sign Ollin. in Mani. and jaguar/ocelot. He is called Ah Chich.htm (18 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM . John Major Jenkins says the tzitzimime are also predicted by the Aztecs for the end of the Fifth Sun. the Venus god. and the former 3 are connected with a rain of fire (lava from volcanic eruptions). it says: "[In the time of the Katun 13 Ahau]. The Jaguar Sun represents an era that ended with the population being devoured by ocelots or 13 Ahau. '9 mountains' and Yuma-Une-Tziuit in Chumayel.260 uinals in total). according to surviving Aztec myths. all of which are said to have ended in destruction. ruled by Tonatiuh."" The Chilam Balam of Chumayel puts the coming of Lahun Chan at Katun 11 Ahau. and sees them as either our own subconscious fears or as “autonomous transdimensional entities. surrounded by the past four eras. 'the forceful one'. wind. according to one account.diagnosis2012. the Sun god. The Cuauhtitlan Annals. suggests that Jaguar Sun ended with an eclipse accompanied by the descent of tzitzimime. but the final Katun of the series of 13 (the Short Count is a series of 13 Katuns . "his tooth is long. which is confirmation of the connection between the tzitzimime and the end of the current era. Lahun Chan will seize the earth.” The picture of one of these tzitzimime shown in Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 (from Codex Magliabecchiano) appears to be very similar to the god at the centre of the Aztec Sunstone. prophecies for Katun 13 Ahau in the Chilam Balam could refer to the end of the 13-baktun cycle in 2012. with claw hands and a flint-knife tongue. rain. In addition. his body is withered (like that of a rabbit in the Mani version)..

and it has coarse fur with greyish facial happens between 2 and 3 am. and It now seems to be causing more dramatic effects." Edwardo has now suggested that ELF waves produced by the USA military that is causing the whales and dolphins to beach themselves." Synchronism blogspot BUT>>> http://www. but is otherwise a typical canine. we saw that the moment of Galactic Centre rising can affect intuition and may give a clue here: "Galaxies with centers similar to ours have been shown to generate extremely long waves with periods as large as 25. This may indicate that a powerful ELF source exists that has periodic influence on geomagnetic.. and stands/hops in a similar fashion as a kangaroo (in at least one sighting. through Mexico. or "goat sucker". of a "chupacabras". that drains blood from goat. Florida. with a forked tongue protruding from it. Exploding Toads Triggered by Galactic Centre? May/05 11/ In Whats New item 156. and it happens to coincide with the rising of the galactic center.htm (19 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM . The third form is simply that of a strange breed of wild dog that is mostly hairless. sheep. the creature hopped 20 feet). The first: a lizard-like being.Whats New page 7 Since the mid-1970s there have been reports from Texas. Edwardo's Synchronism blogspot claims the following: "At a lake in Hamburg. has a pronounced spinal ridge. cattle and chickens: "Chupacabra are said to prominently appear in three specific forms. All that is known is the toads have been seen to expand to three or four times their normal size and then burst in a most unpleasant way. The head is similar to a dog's. toads are exploding by the hundreds. This animal is said to be the result of interbreeding between several populations of wild dogs. Biologists have few theories and even fewer facts about the gruesome demise of the amphibians. and its mouth has large teeth. appearing to have leathery/scaley greenish skin and sharp spines running down its back. unusually pronounced eye sockets. Brazil. teeth. Hundreds of toads are exploding at regular intervals . but has now spread to Denmark. It stands approximately 3-4 feet high. earthquake and even life. This variety is said to have a sort of proboscis extending from its mouth. Other observations show very powerful magnetic fields are also generated.000 years.diagnosis2012. The second variety also stands/hops as a kangaroo. Edwardo (see Whats New item 169 above) has been monitoring a situation that started in Germany.000 to 30. The peak time for the events is also known. though enthusiasts claim that it might be an example of an extinct dog-like reptile.." Source: Wikipedia 176. Chile and the Carribbean (particularly Puerto Rico).

000 years.diagnosis2012. it seems that an amphibian specialist has now said that identical puncture marks in the toads indicate that crows have attacked them and pecked out their livers (which are missing in all cases) .000 years ago”.com article: http://www. and has even connected it with the Maya 13-baktun cycle's end in 2012. 2004 Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami Caused by a Stellar Explosion 45. A time period of 25 years compared to a time separation of 44. including an article by LaViolette himself. Paul laViolette has suggested that we are due for a wave of radiation from Galactic Centre. but a recent interview on Mitch Battros's Earth Changes TV suggests that we may now be getting the first precursors of a galactic wave: "We discussed what Dr. (see Item 48. I did ask Paul if this could have been a precursor (or first wave) to larger more intense waves to come as part of the 26. Has the Galactic Superwave of 2012 Begun? May/05 11/ Astrophysicist. You don’t want to miss his answer. (Thanks to Debbie Parkes) 177.000 or 14. But there is also a subsidiary cycle which occurs approximately every year cycle (depending on how you measure). For two such unique events to have such a close time proximity is highly improbable if they are not somehow related. and Whats New item 84).Whats New page 7 According to a report in the Independent Online edition.earthchangestv.this triggers the toad's defense mechanism of swelling up. gravity waves would very likely be associated with gamma ray bursts. and the last one was “about 14. it would suggest we are due for another hit. But. It was so powerful it lit up the night sky more brilliant than the moon.000 Light Years Away? The Exopolitics. LaViolette describes as “super-waves (gamma rays) from the galactic core” which has a cyclical time-line of approximately 26.php (requires subscription) Alfred Webre's Exopolitics.000 website has posted an article that looks into this possibility in detail.6 hours amounts to a time ratio of about We did indeed discuss the most recent gamma ray burst which hit January of this year." LaViolette's article: Was the December 26. and they would be expected to precede them. as mentioned above. which was 100 fold brighter than any other in the past 25 year history of gamma ray observation.3 Richter earthquake was ten times stronger than any other earthquake during the past 25 years. It seems difficult to pass off the temporal proximity of these two Class I events as being just a matter of and was followed just 44.6 hours later on December 27th by a very intense gamma ray burst." http://www.htm (20 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM . That’s right. in which he points out that the Indonesian earthquake that caused the tsunami was followed by a gamma ray burst and that the two events are almost certainly related: "The 9.

as recounted by Wilcock. the pyramid would temporarily disappear from our known “three-space” reality. and this turned out to be a day when the X-rays from Galactic Centre had suddenly shut off." http://ascension2000. imply that the torsion wave energy can trigger a hyperdimensional jump out of our 3d space-time into "a higher aetheric density": When pinch-off is achieved. 21..Chapter 9 . This is reminiscent of the revelations in Whats New item Parr’s experiments. Torsion-Wave Energy From Galactic Centre May/05 11/ The latest chapter in David Wilcock's Divine Cosmos online book . the pyramids would either self-destruct or travel through solid Solar System Changes Update DivineCosmos/09. This happens every year between December 13th and 16th. The Romanek Mystery and the Cube of Space.htm The pyramid experiments of Joe Parr.diagnosis2012.. without the input from the Galactic Center we will have much less energy available to us. as it shows us that the center of the galaxy is actually our primary source of instreaming torsion wave energy. as indicated. and they have produced . In this case. Even though the activity of the Sun can increase or decrease the strength of torsion waves coming into the Earth. Parr found that this "pinch-off" effect happens most often when Earth passes through an imaginary line between the Sun and the belt stars of Orion.htm (21 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM 11/May/05 David Wilcock has been working with Richard Hoagland of the Enterprise Mission. which formed an enclosed shell that surrounded the path of the pyramid’s rotation. the torsion waves appear to be propagating in tandem with the X-ray wavelengths of the electromagnetic energy spectrum. This would also have the effect of causing extensive damage to the rotating arm and the entire inside of the machine. Russian research into torsion-wave energy indicates that this could be the factor involved here: "This is another valuable piece of data.shows that researchers into pyramid energy noticed that the spherical energy orbs around their pyramids all disappeared on December 4th 1979. See Divine Cosmos Chapter 9 179.In 55 different experiments of this type. the pyramid would pass through solid objects such as the wall of the machine..Whats New page 7 Exopolitics: Has the Galactic Superwave of 2012 Begun? 178. 2012 This will prove to be a very important point that we will use to explain the importance of the Mayan Calendar end-date on Dec.htm Incredibly.

http://www. See the plot Timeline here. December 27 The End of the World--2012 AD. See Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow series. 2. See the alternative summary here. using the latest data from NASA and other sources to show that Earth changes are part of something that is happening throughout the whole solar system. Jesus' Second Coming.Whats New page 7 an updated series of articles on the solar system changes. etc. 2012 Antichrist Fiction? June 2005 10 Antville. The original idea was by Cloise Orand II and the story was ghost written by Karen Cole-Peralta. It apparently fuses the Maya calendar with the Book of Revelation and was supposedly written by "the Antichrist" himself.. 181.diagnosis2012. the online newspaper has recently carried two more 2012-related articles. They Leave in the Spaceship--2012 AD. saying that this is a "real live account".uk/new8. The Mission to Venus--2012 AD. 3. The Comet Hits the Earth B.htm (22 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM . The Illuminati Prepare for the End. or this more detailed book outline. etc. 10 June April 11 2005: Recent Sumatra earthquakes precursor to probable mega Volcano in 2012 that can end human civilization May 12 2005: An orderly visit of Extraterrestrial Federation in 2012 representing 88 star constellations – the world is getting ready for the most spectacular event Alfred Lambremont Webre's Exopolitics site lists some India Daily articles under "Exo News" and some under "ET/UFO Disinformation". 180. December 27 to 2013 1. and see the basic outline. which calls the book AC 666 and says it was originally titled "The Antichrist".see above links for more. The book is called "The Antichrist Version 666" and Antville carries a summary here. India Monthly: The Latest India Daily Claims 2005 India Daily.. the news blog site of Robert Bast's Survive 2012 has announced that a new 2012-related book is due out before August 2005. you must decide for yourself. This is the basic 2012 scenario: A. Whether this refers to the originator of the

: 35o 51' 26''.The error is about 1o 30'. says Flynn. the number of nautical miles in 33. we find that the longitide and latitude of Mount Hermon is Lat. who goes on to say that this is equivalent to 2.012 statute miles. Likewise. Checking up on these claims. at a distance 2.. and the longitude figure into one longitude box and the given longitude of Paris: 2o 20' into the other longitude box. if we enter 35o 51' into both the longitude boxes and 33o 25' into one latitude box and 0o 0' (equator) into the other words. If these are taken as symbols of navigation. Then he says "To be completely accurate. If we then use an online distance calculator and enter the latitude figure into both latitude boxes. nautical international. of course). (23 of 25)9/28/2005 11:11:03 AM . nautical UK).012 miles from the equator". (rounding up and down).the "ETs" may have been an advanced Earth civilization.012 nautical miles N (of the equator) and 2012 nautical miles E (of the Paris meridian. Did ETs Encode 2012 in Their Landing Sites? June 2005 10 In a 6-page essay called "An Occult Translation of the Roswell Event: Count down to 2012" . will return from heaven.012. and all the planets. If we try converting these into all other types of mile (ancient British. New Mexico. December 21st. US. Quetzalcoatle..see The Genius of the Few . at an online length conversion calculator. we still don't get near 2.33 degrees of the earth is 2012 ". international. it seems that's another theory shot down in flames.. Flynn claims that the Masonic number 33 encodes a secret. not the Greenwich one). we get a figure of 1674 nautical miles and 1926 statute miles. if we enter 50' for the Paris meridian. in Masonry. nautical US. and Flynn says that the clue lies in the ubiquitous Masonic symbols. is situated at 33.33 degrees N and 33. This is also the year their serpent god and founder of civilization. it is found that the first recorded "ET" landing site .9" This corresponds to the year and date that the ancient Mayans of middle America believed their calendar will end.: 33o 24' 38'' and Long.Mount Hermon (as recorded in the Book of Enoch and confirmed in Sumerian sources . or degrees. Irish." Flynn goes on to suggest that the more recent "landing site" at Roswell.diagnosis2012. (site of an alleged UFO crash in 1947) lies at the same latitude as Mount Hermon: "The impact area near Roswell lays 33° north latitude. ancient Roman.unless this calculation is faulted and you can make it work. Planetary Positions on Winter Solstice 2012 June 2005 Sun.Whats New page 7 182. Oh well. please feel free to double-check and let 2012:Dire Gnosis know! 183..33 degrees E.. except Jupiter are in the same 180-degree section of the sky... David E. we get 2008 nautical miles and 2311 statute miles. the square and compass.. There are 33 grades of initiation. 10 http://www. then we get 2.

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The ideas come from scientists.just email me Turn sound up . theories and ideas from diverse sources which predict 2012 as an evolutionary pinnacle. shamanic psychonauts. For example.diagnosis2012. Here is a more detailed account. an encounter with an asteroid. artists. In 1999. discovered its 2012-termination point several years before they heard anything about the Mayan Long there is bound to be speculation over the possible meaning of the so-called "end of the Mayan calendar". a leap in consciousness. alternative Egyptologists. divinatory listing information.2012: Dire Gnosis Send me your info. mass genetic mutation from solar or cosmic rays. prophets.htm (7 of 10)9/28/2005 11:12:13 AM . In the next few years. a dimensional shift.sound won't work with Netscape) Introduction: This website has been set up as a data-base for information about the year 2012 ( not including Olympic games and political candidates for elections and similar trivia). and it was this synchronicity which made 2012 an area of urgent research for me. the McKenna brothers. and Mesoamerican research. I had read and studied the McKennas' work several years before I had heard that the Mayan Long Count ended in 2012. etc.(best with Internet Explorer . Receive "2012 News" (free) . Although much of the information collated in Beyond 2012 has been produced to try and explain the Mayan end-point. who found a complex fractal "timewave" encoded in the ancient Chinese I Ching oracle. with references. 2012: THE EMERGENCE OF AN ENIGMA http://www. and there are already various theories circulating. easy-to-read summary. to promote more research. mythology. outside archaeological circles. an end of linear time. It was designed to be a brief. from the catastrophic to the ecstatic. mystics. I started circulating a booklet called Beyond 2012. some of it originated before the Mayan Long Count was known about.

The Timewave ("Timewave Zero") was criticized by a mathematician called Watkins. For those of you who may not know the story: In 1971. after becoming more acquainted with advanced neurochemistry. it has been discovered that the Mayan shamans actually used the same mushroom which the McKennas took. when Jose Arguelles published The Mayan Factor. where each level is 64 times greater than the one below. they found a complex fractal wave.dimethyltryptamine. They ended up taking a different combination of sacred consisting of 26 levels. Another researcher Martin Schonberger.worked because it was a mathematically coded form of the time wave system that underlies change in the universe. leading to knowledge of 2012 in both cases. when I heard about a book by Terrence and Dennis McKenna. in 1973. but which contained the same active ingredients as ayahuasca . accelerating to http://www. Eventually.both of which are closely related to the natural secretions of the pineal gland (especially in advanced meditators). After a shared hallucinatory episode. from sub-atomic event durations. The Invisible Landscape was published in 1975. The end of the wave shows "ingression of novelty into spacetime" or change.a kind of ectoplasm which pours from all orifices and the skin.the I Ching. the McKenna brothers went down to a remote part of the Amazon jungle to investigate rumours that the shamans performed magic using a "violet psychofluid" . in which the Timewave was refined to end on the winter solstice. will be in the year 2012 !! At the time they discovered this. and I had to read it twice before I began to understand it. up to a universe-length time-span. Having heard about this later. so that the new "Timewave One" fitted history even better (see Hyperborea for more details). and then checked and corrected by a nuclear physicist called John and knowledge of the Mayan calendar did not become widespread until 1987. along with the Long Count. following ingestion of a hallucinogenic brew called ayahuasca (only visible to others who've taken the brew). called The Invisible Landscape.htm (8 of 10)9/28/2005 11:12:13 AM . The I Ching is a group of 64 six-line structures called hexagrams. and harmine (a beta-carboline) . at the same time as the brothers worked on advanced neurochemical theories to explain how the chemistry system worked. They were convinced that the ancient Chinese oracle . or Book of Changes . the McKennas published a new version of the Invisible Landscape in 1993. THEY KNEW NOTHING ABOUT THE MAYAN CALENDAR. which show all combinations of Yin and Yang (like + and .diagnosis2012. More recently. they found that the end of the wave. and lined up the Timewave over the wave of history. found an exact correspondence between the 64 hexagrams and the 64 codons in our DNA. or that the Long Count ends in 2012. It took me 10 months to get hold of the book. by which they had accessed knowledge stored in their nuclear DNA. When they analysed the peaks and troughs of history. which describes all change in the universe. when all the sub-waves peak together.2012: Dire Gnosis I first became fascinated with 2012 in 1981. the brothers returned to the USA to develop the insights they had in the Amazon.

I began to wonder if there were any other ancient calendrical systems. then there's the Tarot. and I will give you the credit. with references. and this is the obvious place to share information. I condensed my "Omega Pointers" into summary I added a "Pre-millennial Supplement". and not censor any information to bolster our favorite theory. In Autumn 2000. or the invention of language.. and started getting the information out there for others to get their teeth into. 18 barriers comparable with the appearance of life... the internet really started kicking off. which developed into essays .13 of these will occur in the last second. To paraphrase Robert Anton Wilson's summary. At this point. please donate your info. though opposing viewpoints may also be quoted. contact free hit counter http://www. are aligned to the winter solstice sunrise.(must be careful this doesn't become one!) Megalithic sites were used for calendrical purposes. will be crossed . we should. as I add it to the database. and in the last 135 minutes. all 2012- Remember (to paraphrase Wilson again). In 2000.below that is a 6-day cycle.2012: Dire Gnosis incredible levels. There will hopefully be no bias here. and did a couple of presentations on the material. YES.could that have encoded 2012 too? When the Bible Code was published .htm (9 of 10)9/28/2005 11:12:13 AM .co.a Convergence of Eschatological Information". "Beyond 2012 .apparently a third independent ancient encoded source of 2012 info (Earth meets shattered comet). You MUST see the 2012 Links page . or knowledge systems which also encoded the knowledge.diagnosis2012. and several. when things accelerate even faster. once a week. from which we get our 4x13=52 packs of playing cards (4 seasons of 13 weeks = a 52-week year) . and began writing reams of notes.. A version you can interact with. the last 384-day cycle contains more transformations than in all previous cycles . the handouts had become an A4 booklet. seriously consider the most absurd and preposterous theories.a guide to related ! over 300 internet sites. In 1999. such as Newgrange in Ireland. since McKenna had demonstrated that the I Ching was once actually used as a calendar. in order to keep an open mind. so 2012: Dire Gnosis will be the morphing. all ideas will be reported. on-line version of BEYOND 2012.some say it has Egyptian origins .

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