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Chattopadhyay A Complete Book on Cardiovascular System for Homoeopaths
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A Complete Book on Cardiovascular System for Homoeopaths of Dr. R. Chattopadhyay

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comments. students. Chairman. which are within the syllabus approved by C. I sincerely give my thanks from the core of my heart to all my teachers. I am ever grateful to Dr.C. As a true homoeopathic physician one has to be very sound in the subject like Medicine and my aim of writing this book is only to refresh the memory of the graduates and post-graduates homoeopaths with the most update advancement of the subject like Practice of Medicine. and all the others whose blessings and inspiration dare me to write a book on allied subjects like Practice of Medicine. criticisms are welcome and praiseworthy and I shall be waiting for the responses from the society of teachers. and short homoeopathic materia medica on cardiology (specially based on H. only on cardiac diseases. inspired me to write this book. When I became a teacher of Practice of Medicine I again realized the urgency of this type of book. disease proper part. Chattopadhyay: A Complete Book on Cardiovascular System for Homoeopaths . The book has three parts .Preface I am fortunate enough that my dream come true after completing the book on cardiac diseases as I was in deep trouble during my student life without having a complete book on Practice of Medicine comprising of clinical part with the disease part. I only tried to emphasize the homoeopathic indications in each cardiac disease. 79400 Kandern. the ever-young learned xiii Narayana Verlag.C. then that will be the best reward to me and I may also be satisfied after doing something for the benefit of the homoeopathic society. If my humble effort benefits the homoeopathic fraternity then only my hard working will get fruitful result. Education Committee. At the end of the every major chapter. which is itself dynamic in nature. M L Tyler's Pointers to common remedies and W. practitioners. Mahendra Singh. In my short clinical experience I can't show my audacity to write down the therapeutics on cardiology.H. Allen's Key Note. senior colleagues. This book is the first one. Phone: 07626/ 974 970 –0 Excerpt from R. If this book help little to the beginners to remove their confusion. Homoeopathic view and approach to those cardiac ailments are presented for the homoeopathic clinicians as well as for the Homoeopathic students. Any suggestion. Central Council of Homoeopathy.clinical medicine. The learned homoeopathic profession is well aware with the basic principles but the beginners very often become confused to co-relate the homoeopathic principles with the allied subjects. From the vast ocean of the cardiology I only picked up those chapters. which incured me. attempting to add the clinical part with the disease part. colleagues. and students with catching breath for my maiden effort. Boericke's Materia Medica). which should be the only searching point to the homoeopaths in every case.

H.O. N. Ghosh & Dr. B. K. K. Dr. Bose. a person with wide heart. L. National Institute of Homoeopathy.H. who with their kindness gave their valuable comments on the book. Pal. Kumar of Physiology Department. Dr. R. The first inspiration. Dr. I received. Mahesh Bhattacharya Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital. N.D. S. K. Dr.. Sarkar of Anatomy department.H. A. too. 79400 Kandern. National Institute of Homoeopathy. S. N. who influenced me a lot and gave me the enough courage to write this type of book. K. K. the two most learned homoeopathic personalities of Bengal. Ex-Principal & a serious devotee of the homoeopathic profession. M. K. M. N. N. D. National Institute of Homoeopathy & Dr. Saha of Pharmacy department. Director. Basu. Vyas of Organon department. R. N. Dept. Associate Professor.. Khan. Goutam Nag. H. of Organon of Medicine. R. L. Dr. Central Council of Homoeopathy. Ghoshmondal. K. Mahesh Bhattacharya Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital. Dr. S. Dr. N. Dr. Chakraborty of Materia medica department. R.O.I. C. Department of Repertory.O.. M. S. I have no word to express my gratitude to him & I hope he will remain so kind with me with his sound knowledge of medicine in the future. A. Dr. Practice of Medicine. N. Ex. R. Head of the Department.I. Head of the Department. from a young teacher of our profession Dr. Koyal of Repertory department. I am also thankful to Dr. Practice of Medicine. Koley & Dr. who remains with me with his warm affection just like an elder brother & whose sincerity & dedication as an academician touched me a lot. Dr.H. Das. Adhikary. Dr. Dr. Banerjee & Dr.personality of our society & Dr. P Karar & Dr. Pradhan.D.I. Phone: 07626/ 974 970 –0 Excerpt from R. My work would have remained incomplete if I had not received the encouragement from my all senior teachers of Mahesh Bhattacharya Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital.. C. Ramjee Singh. Organon of Medicine.. Vice president. of Organon of Medicine. Dr. S. Bhattacharya. Principal. Chattopadhyay: A Complete Book on Cardiovascular System for Homoeopaths . N. I shall remain ever indebted to Dr. H.I. Ghoshmondal. K. Das. He has reviewed this book in detail & his commentary on this book will add an extra dimension to my maiden publication for which I may feel proud as his younger brother. Addhya & Dr. Associate Professor. B. Dr S. R Chakraborty. Amitava Biswas. gone through each & every section of this book & gave his valuable suggestions to make the book more attractive to the students. B. Banerjee of Medicine department. Dept. Subhas Singh. namely Dr. who from their busy schedules devoted their precious time to write down the foreward of this book. Dr. Dr. Physiology Department.D.. Joardar . Islam. Department of Organon of Medicine.. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. National Institute of Homoeopathy. Sasmal. M. H. Hatua & Dr. D. S. xiv Narayana Verlag. K. Dr.

L B Mondal. Tosh. K. R. Dr. Dr. Chatterjee. R Adhikary.H. K. Mukherjee. Madhyapradesh. Howrah. Singh. Dr. Bhattacharya of Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital. N. A. Chatterjee. R Das. 1 am also thankful to my present collegues . R Rastogi. Dr. S. M Hossain. R. Dr. Dr. R. Hait. S. Nainital. Ganguly. R S. Dr. Dr. Dr. department. Konar. Ojha. Dey Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital. & all of those who always stand behind me in any condition to strengthen myself. West Bengal Govt. D. Ghosh. Dr. Dey of Burdwan college. S. S. Dr. J. Dr. T. Dr. Dey. M. R. Dr. Mondal of D. Dr. B. Salem . President. Dr. Patna. M.. Ansari of Mumbai. Pal of Saithia College. C. Dr. Dr. Ghosh. Dr. Dr. Dr. S.. Pal. D. Saraf of surgery department. Dr. Gupta. Ghosh. Singh. B. Dr. Birbhum. Dubey & Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. B.S. Dr. Bose. T. H. A. 79400 Kandern. Kulkarni. Dr. R Sapui of Ahmedabad College. Dr. Dr. I. Dr. R. Dr. Haldar. Dr. Banerjee & Dr. D. Dr. T. Bhattacharya. Tamilnadu. R. A. S. of N. K. Ahmed. Banerjee of Metropolitan Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital. A.Homoeopathic Research Institute. S. Dr. Mondal of Assansol College. S. Saha. A. Ghosh. Dr. A. R Sharma. Dr. Das. U. Haque of Muzaffarpur College. R Bairi. Dr. Dr. Shyamal Mitra. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital. Satara. Maharastra and Dr. Mondal & Dr. Dr. Dr. R. R. & H. S. Dr. Dr. T. Uttarpradesh. Kolkata. Dr. R Banerjee. Dr. K. Homoeopathic Medical College. Dr. Dr. Srebastav. Dr. College. Chatterjee of R C. Dr.I. Dr. D. Dr.C. Ghosh. a well known physician who has made the homoeopathic xv Narayana Verlag. Dr. S. I have received blessings from Mr. M. Dr. Banerjee. Dr. Gujrat. Prakash. Kundu. Dr. S. Former Director. Ghosh. Rajkumar Singh of G. Chattopadhyay: A Complete Book on Cardiovascular System for Homoeopaths . (Miss) B. Praveen of Hydrabad Govt. C. N. R. Joint Secretary. Mitra. N. Bhattacharya. Dr. S. Dr.Mondal & Dr. Dhara of Pathology department. Dr. K. A. Dr. R L. Dr. 1 have got warm esteems from many other teachers of the other colleges & specially I have to mention the names of Dr. Sudhir. Dr. Tewary & Dr. B. Dr. Dutta. N. Rabinder. M. S. Banerjee of Chandola Homoeopathic Medical College. Mr. S. Chakraborty. T. Dr. D. West Bengal. Bhattacharya of Nepal Homoeopathic College. Dr. Manna of N. Pal. Das. Dr. Akramullah of Jabbalpur College. Dr. Sarkar. Saha. R Nath. T. Dr. Das of Vadodara College. S. Dr. Sarkar. Dr. Dr. D. Rahaman. Bakshi. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital. Chakraborty. Saha. A. K. N. Dr. S M Singh of Allahabad College. A. S. Dr. Director of Homoeopathy. S.Dr S. Dr. Dr. Dr. Uttarakhand. S. Vinayaka Mission's Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital. R K. Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy. M.M. Dr. Director. J. (Mrs) Manidipa Roy of West Bengal.. Mondal. A. R N Bhattacharya. A. Dutta. Principal. A. K. N.C. R Pramanik. J. Dr. Phone: 07626/ 974 970 –0 Excerpt from R. Central Council of Homoeopathy. R Mukherjee of Gynae & obs. Biswas of Midnapore Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital. Susovon Ghoshmondal. Patel. (Miss) G. Dr.

a Homoeopathic graduate of Calcutta university. Aurangabad. Dr R.M. of India. Desarda. Dr. Dr. K. M.S. my student. Muller's Homoeopathic Medical College. Principal. Dr. I feel pleasure to see this type of devotion in the young generation of the homoeopathic students. Ghosh. S. S..of Delhi.M. Rajat Chattopadhyay xvi Narayana Verlag.&H. Dr.profession most popular through out the world. l. Homoeopathic Medical College. Chattopadhyay: A Complete Book on Cardiovascular System for Homoeopaths . My family members gave me immense support to complete this book & without their help this work would not have become fruitful. who has done all the hard work to make the work in book form. Maharastra. D. Madhumita Sadhukhan. I. S. Kumar & Mr. Principal. Phone: 07626/ 974 970 –0 Excerpt from R. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital. Govt. Adhikary assisted me since the beginning and Dr. & H. Govt. Arun Vasme. Beed. S. K. At last I have to mention the name of Dr. I pray to almighty that the blessing of all will remain constant with me forever. Fr. K.M. Deputy Advisor. Manchanda.M. Tewari. S.K. Dr. Deputy Director. R. Vimal Kumar Bhardwaj needs special mention for beautifully illustrating the book. Dr. 79400 Kandern.S. Eswar Das. Principal.

narayana-publishers.com . R. Chattopadhyay A Complete Book on Cardiovascular System for Homoeopaths incl. hb publication 2005 More homeopathy books on www.Dr. (Audio CD Free) 280 pages.

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