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M y lecture today is on the Two-Minute Offense. When screwed up and that was the longest ten seconds of
you talk about Two-Minute Offense, you are talking my life. We could have gotten t w o chances at the end
about something t h a t somebody screws up every zone and probably could have won the game because
week. It doesn't matter whether you are talking high of the momentum. Watching those ten seconds come
school, college, or pro. Our job as coaches is t o make o f f the clock, I made up my mind a t that point that any
sure w e are not the ones screwing i t up. I know that quarterback I coached would know how t o handle that
people sit and watch games in the last t w o minutes situation.
and can't believe some of the things that are done. But
you and I know when i t gets that time in a game and The first thing you want t o do in the last t w o minutes
the game is on the line, that sideline is not as calm as is CHANGE YOUR OFFENSE. If you are a wishbone team
i t might have been. The press box communication gets you have t o come up w i t h something a little different
kind o f garbled because people are losing their cool. than you normally do. Choose an offense that best fits
That is w h y you have t o be fully prepared t o find a way your scheme. W i t h your personnel, MAKE SURE YOU
t o win the game. A-l: least if you screw i t up you'll have HAVE YOLlR BEST PLAYERS IN THE GAME. W h a t
a reason for w h y you screwed it up. amazes me sometimes is watching teams that have
three or four good wide receivers, but have t w o o f
I'm n o t going over specific plays because o f the them sitting on the bench a t this time, while a big tight
different types o f offenses there are. I'm going t o end is still in the game.
concentrate on a checklist so that you will lhave all the
right equipment that i t takes t o be successful in this W h e ~ Ii s t a r t talking about three and four w i d e
situation. The second part of my talk will be on how receivers the next important thing is PROTECTION.
t o coach the quarterback so he knows what you are N o w you have t o protect w i t h six guys instead of
looking for in those critical moments. seven. Whatever offense you choose you need the
ability t o protect against seven guys. That keeps you
I started coaching a t UCLA as a graduate assistant. I f r o m having t o t l i r o w h o t p a t t e r n s and sight
had t h e opportunity t o coach Troy Aikman. A f t e r I adjustments t o pressure. W h e n t h e defensive
became a full-time assistant w e finally made i t t o the coordinators g e t a l i t t l e threatened, they s t a r t
Rose Bowl. W e played Wisconsin in 1993, the year reaching for their gldns, which w e call a blitz. If your
before I l e f t t o go t o Colorado. We didn't play very well quarterbackdoes~i'thave the equipment t o handle the
and had a lot of turnovers. But at the end of the game blitz, you are not sound. I think you have t o always
w e were only down 21-16 and had a chance t o win it block seven w i t h your scheme. That doesn't mean you
w i t h a touchdown. There were about 40 seconds left are going t o keep seven in t o block, i t simply means
and w e were going right down the field. We had it t o you have the ability t o block seven if you need to.
the 40-yard line going in w i t h a third down and eight.
We hit J. J. Stokes w i t h a pass and he turned i t into a In the Two-Minute period you need t o go t o your ROLE
big gainer t o the 18-yard line. There were 10 seconds PEOPLE. Don't be so dependent on one guy that when
l e f t on the clock. We had a first down but no tinie-outs. he is out of the game you can't keep i t going. This is
W e signaled the quarterback t o throw it in theground not so necessary for -the Two-Minute drive, but in the
and run the clock play. He looked a t us, took the snap, four- or eight-minute drive i t is extremely important.
and g o t sacked. There w a s no w a y t o g e t all our Maybe you're behind by t w o touchdowns and you have
players back and snap the ball. Wisconsin knew w e t o go t o the hurry-up earlier. Maybe you don't have

but at least you have given In the Two-Minute offense you have t o have both some thought about the substitution pattern. allow you t o get the ball O I J ~of bounds. The negative was i t was too much for the defense has a Two-Minute Defense. He is looking for the big play but will take We need a signal for grounding the ball. t o take the yardage 10 yards at a time. The next thing you have t o do is choose PLAYS AND Make sure the plays you plan on using in . Your plays have t o be adaptable t o Cover 2 and have too many things t o t r y t o be good at. which is designed t o go critical. If you can execute what you are doing you the offense completes a couple of . but by the going t o use t o attack the end zone. 70 seconds. that rninute and 10 seconds is first type of play you need is one for the RED ZONE. I have t o shoot for bigger things. What you can handle is what you can big play and keep everything in front of them. the wanted. make sure you don't blitz. A t the high school and college level w e have an advantage I am not in a desperate situation. about it. time the run is completed you have between 8-lo yards. which is the only stops temporarily. I have time t o take seven straight sound the ball is grounded. Minutes. have a much b e t t e r chance o f being successful. You may throw i t for five yards. Most Two-Minute quarterback t o have at that time of the game. There Defenses have one base variety. I think you should limit 2 or cover-3 structure. the coordinator goes for his guns and comes with the Whether i t be plays or formations. pass for every formation you decide t o use. They have built over again. You need plays from every formation you are 10 yards. If I change the situation w e have the opportunity t o get the ball out numbers from 70 seconds t o 40 seconds. your receivers have BALL. When the blitzes come. You need one of each is nothing more deflating t o a team in the Two-Minute of these passes and probably t w o in the CONTROL Drill than t o have a tired player. In every t o t r y t o hit for 20 yards or more. The key here is not t o have too many. A t UCLA our total package was available in the Two Make sure the plays are adaptable t o any coverage. I can't afford of bounds. Let me give you an exarr~pleof this before I talk t o know i t and be able t o beat the man coverage. We have t o go 70 yards in 70 seconds.backups a t every position. but there is a into the structure of the defense not t o give up the lesson t o learn. so you can get an idea offense. A chuck by definition is a pass I'm going that w e are looking a t receivers in levels. . They think Prevent Defenses team whose Two-Minute Drill was one play and one prevent them from winning. whether it is a cover- was too much thinking involved. If I have t o go 70 yards comes back t o the same formation and on the first in 70 seconds. completion. But i t the opposite of the CONTROL pass. of the game are PLAYS YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH. Everyone the completion that is given him. and your protectior~has t o hold up t o the blitzes that will come if you are successful in completing some The next thing is when t o CHUCK OR TOCONTROL THE ttlrows. what is your As you are putting together your inventory for this thinking? For sirr~plearithmetic.the control passes. 3. you are going t o need SPECIALTY PLAYS. There CONTROL AND CHUCK PASSES. RED ZONE offense is t o hit 80 percent of the time. The control play is the quarterback looking t o get the Next you have t o have a list of CLOCK-STOPPER PLAYS. The positive was he could call anything he Just as your team has a Two-Minute Offense. After execute.this portion FORMATIONS. That is a little simplistic. If i t is late in the game and you have 70 yards t o go with 1 minute and 10 seconds t o go. A You want your quarterback t o know what t o call when control play by definition is a play that you are going he gets into the RED ZONE. We want patterns designed so CHUCK pass. I don't have t o throw because the clock stops on made first downs. I scouted a I-~ighschool play a Prevent Defense. The about how t o call plays. You need t w o plays which possession passes and be in the end zone using the will get you chunks of yardage but a t the same time controlled game. But they structure their formation. Defensive coaches don't like t o the amount of plays you need. They kept running the same play over and Two-Minute Defense with that in mind.

On the next play the kid punted the ball. W e signal in the formation. If in." prayers were answered. receiver getting tackled as time is running out. that have one for outside the 35-yard line. If the situation calls for the this type of play in and you will have i t for the rest of CHUCK PLAY he has only one choice. t o do i t in. He ago Colorado had a HAlL MARY PLAY against Michigan. We have on all the crazy people on the sideline. the quarterback because w e made the kick. You have t o practice the The next thing is COMMUNICATION. He w e n t into the game and ran the first . accommodate them. Sometimes i t gets cumbersome in the PLAY. He broke a tackle and gained 30 same play. ran another down on that play just before halftime. There are a couple of different ways t o call the plays. We had the ball on the right hash mark with a Once the formation comes i n t o t h e game t h e right-footed kicker. We have one for the 35-20. But this time i t worked and all the dumbest coach in America. If you have the one for inside . What you get is the after four years and you're left w i t h the inexperienced quarterback throwing the ball undernea.the 20. We had not practiced a play t o quarterback knows he has three choices from that move the ball t o the center of the field. Right after the game w e played because i t is easier than the signal. make sure you can mistakes. Sometimes you send a play in field goal attempt. those types graduate don't take the time t o practice it. Unfortunately. This type of play is used t o center the ball for a thought process. A lot of people is the way t o go. For most high school teams a common way important. goal. The next part is critical. The quarterback and the quarterback. If your quarterback is calling the plays. We experienced quarterback who can call the plays. It is hard t o find the second quarterback and told him they were way time t o practice this part of your game plan. It takes about t w o minutes t o put which pass he will use. If he has 70 yards and 70 seconds was a t UCLA w e had the exact same play against USC. or you can signal it is somett-ling a lot of people don't take time t o do. broke a tackle and went t o the w e made an adjustment on the wide receiver's pattern five-yard line. Little did w e know w e would have t o use thinking. the sharp kid. There is less pressure on the quarterback t o quarterback has t o call the play. Based on the situation. "I figured w e had the that play again. Two o f the three wide receivers got knocked yards. He is about four yards and the kick hit the crossbar and the feeling the game because he is playing and he knows game ended in a tie. wanted him to run three quarterback sneaks and punt That play was shown all over the country. Three years earlier when I knows what t o call. you have a you have no time-outs and time for only one play. If they don't like all t h e hand signals and reduces t h e chance of t o kick o f f of one hash or the other. We football game and w e were driving for the winning field are going t o help him with the formation and that's it. On the second sneak. Two years ahead and he didn't want t o take any chances. It was a 31-31 cornbination of both. I t was just about t o the same part of -the yards on the play. It doesn't require the season. The LAST PLAY is a tough call for the quarterback. The play w e ran lost That means he has t w o plays t o choose from. At halftime quarterback sneak. I have a . t o g e t t h e m away f r o m t h e chuck a t t h e line of The coach got the kid off and asked him wha-t he was scrimmage. what is he going t o call the plays in the Two-Minute Offense than there is call? A t Colorado w e have three LAST PLAYS. That brings t o mind the story about -the t o practice the Two-Minute Drill is after practice on coach whose first-team quarterback got hurt.thing about that game was just before half w e had the quarterback sneak. We ended up formation. We were fortunate CHUCK PASS. he gained 20 field. What I like is a against Michigan w e went t o Texas. You know how kickers are. This You can let your quarterback do it. He has t w o CONTROL PASSES and one running a play and lost -three yards. He took Tliursday before the game on Friday. He came to the line of scrimmage.Everyone has t o have a HAlL MARY PLAY. That is extremely offense. The funny the ball. We didn't have a centering play. he can go t o his COI\ITROL passing game. If you go t o signals you'll get a screw-up just when you A play which is overlooked all the time is a MANEUVER don't need it.

But there is a certain amount on how far your receivers have t o come back t o the o f decision making t h a t has t o be done on the line of scrimmage. I give him situation not hard t o keep track of. Number one is when you need a touchdown. but bounds whenever possible. For the sake of the lecture.a . patterns. The worst sin is t o have a lot of individual meetings with the quarterbacks die at the end of agame with time-outs in your pocket. the first thing he wants t o see if the play you have picked goes against the t o know is where he has t o take the team. But if w e do w e continuing drill t o give the right mind-set of what is probably save one and possibly t w o plays depending supposed t o be going on. This is a two. Everyone has t o run and catch t w o touchdowns. With 1:27 w e take our first time-out. The patterns want t o isolate one defender We don't use the time-out t o make decisions or think and have a receiver under him and over him. this is a good time t o practice play he is going t o run. The perfect I:ime for that t o happen time-out right there and you don't k n o w i f t h a t is during the two-a-day workouts. If you have only t w o time- . The third situation is when you need up w i t h the ball and do things like i t was a real game a field goal. control pass. We don't let them huddle. During t w o . assume that every play stops with the clock running. this is a good time for you t o practice also. That has t o w e get a first down. One of our coaches will act as the referee. w i t h 5 under. You get a lot of work done on your Two. I'm not going t o get too field divided up on it. valuable experience. All those decisions him from covering both patterns. This gives you a chance On the quarterback's checklist. We don't call time-out. If you are going t o signal plays drives on the board in an hour's time. I have a board w i t h the If he uses a time-out at 1:37. We try t o take place in a team period w i t h defense. If the myself about things I want t o put the quarterback quarterback is going t o call the plays. and get into the end zone.d a y s w h e n you are after si-tuation on the board and have him give me the conditioning your team. you do need t o see coverages. when i t is too late. because you need conditioning period also. let's say the drive Minute Drill is t o make sure your protection holds up started at 1:42 t o go and 70 yards. A lot of people don't believe I told you not t o stop the drill t o coach. This lets you beat the movement of the chains while the clock is check your plan out before you get into agame and find stopped. You have an opportunity t o use a quarterback's part. the f i r s t thing the Most defenses in a Two-Minute situation have a base quarterback has t o be ready t o do is lead his team t o a defense. coach and the quarterbacks. Minute Drill and get in that conditioning you need. We want t o get a t least 30 the Two-Minute Drill. this gives him through. get out of a pass skeleton out there. and it could just as easily be 1A. In coaching t h e quarterback. The least talked about need for -the Two- situation. It has t o be a that is the time t o call time-out. It is better t o find out gain a play. which is good for 8 yards. Against the 3-deep you want t o those pitfalls and use the time-outs for those reasons. but w e will out you are on the wrong track. I t is generally going t o be a 2-or 3-deep touchdown a t the end of the game.seconds. That time keeps it simple and man t o come into these meetings. Number W e can practice getting out of bounds. That is when you opportunity is going t o come again. Against a 2-deep thing he wants t o know is how many time-outs he has. you want a high-low principle in your The only reason for a time-out is t o get more plays. stretch laterally because they are going t o have only four underneath defenders. All w e have t o tell structure. You don't need the rush. When you practice the Two-Minute DrlII. The clock starts a t 1:34 and w e hit another in practice instead of in the game. On a touchdown drive the quarterback is going t o use his first time-out a t or around one minute and 30 The last thing you have t o do in practicing the Two. I make notes t o in. The next defenses you think they will play. That keeps about what w e are going t o do. and they are t o There are three situations you have t o deal with. We all fall into the field vertically. I want every situation known t o nitpicky about the 1:30. Minute drill is a t the end of the first half. On the first play against the blitzes you are going to get. We might lose 2 or 3 seconds. put our team is t o play as fast as possible. These patterns work should already be made before now.suggestion.

you get too conservative. take it around the 30-second the CLOCK PLAY. This is why I go back t o the inventory t o make sure I There are t w o philosophies about what t o do if the have the right personnel in the game. take all the time o f f the clock before you kick the field They caught fire. They punted the ball and our punt returner almost broke it for a touchdown. take one of them around the minute mark. He needs t o know exactly what his last play is going t o be in each section of the field. Killing the clock takes about five mark. W e would your linemen time t o catch their breath and lets your trade the yardage for the play. We w e n t to Washington State If you do. It would coverage t o t r y t o make a big play. a coordinator wants t o make something missed the next three plays and got beat. you put the situation back on your defense. If you start worrying about that. Throwing the ball into the end zone takes about five seconds per play. I have reasons for that. The game came down t o the end with goal. Terry Donahue said game on national TV in the first game of the season? he hated throwing the ball and wanted t o go back t o Michigan moved right down the field t o the 12-yard line. You want t o looked like w e were going t o steamroll these guys. t o play. First w e want t o coach the Offense was a three-wide receiver. You will have much more success on your out and Troy knew exactly what he was going t o do. W e played sure he understands the divisions of the field. If you I coached Troy Aikman a t UCLA. in the country and 7-0. but unfortunately w e in the balance. They had t o punt the ball t o us. The time-out gives four vertical pass. This is the There were 30 seconds left. what do you call? Virginia stayed things you need down in those areas of the field. The idea is t o score. He When you need a touchdown. A f t e r a sack. W e went in t o know that the RED ZONE is different from a play with our three wideouts and one tight end. you'll hate yourself. The sack We told the quarterback as soon as w e completed the breaks the rhythm of your drive. Down in the RED ZONE w e definitely need a probably takes a little longer than that. Kansas State in the last game o f the season. the tight end. your offense is demoralized. We went happen. The point is With 15 seconds t o go. When the game is be a good story for this clinic. t o run the clock play. I t blitz. He also needs t o k n o w the tight end right down the seam t o the six-yard line. was sack. heck out of the quarterback so he doesn't take the This meant one of our best players. and I died a miserable death. We were number one don't score. next play if you call the time-out then. The quarterback needs on our 20. seconds. Dennis Erickson was still the coach there. Make Let me show you a drive from last season. How many of you saw the Michigan-Virginia from number one t o number seven. what can go wrong will go wrong if you don't have the On that fourth down. We were ahead 27-6 and get it. mentality of the defensive coordinator. If I said a normal play took 14 seconds The LAST PLAY needs t o b e schooled i n t o the t o run. running it. If you He has t o have a good understanding of when t o use have only one time-out. If you get sacked and of yardage. you a good number t o work w i t h in the CONTROL OR CHUCK SCHEME. but that gives seven-man protection. call it. zone and got beat. They had four plays from there. W e don't worry about scoring too fast. them leading 34-30. The quarterback needs t o know that in the RED ZONE there is a good possibility for a A normal play takes about 10 seconds t o run. Instead of getting the ball The next thing is the RED ZONE. you havea time-out left. Our Two-Minute quarterback gets sacked. w e got it on their 40-yard line. W e . We want him t o throw the ball away if he can. so w e weregoing t o a four vertical pattern. But w e knew w e needed a big chunk But sometimes it doesn't happen. quarterback. two-back offense. Troy got up there and place that defenses are most likely t o jump into man threw the clock play just like I told him t o do. The field goal is another matter. outs. We got it all worked team relax. take it any time you can had a great quarterback. it gets too hard t o get the numbers together. We hit the selection standpoint. not in the game.

would stay in his man coverage. 30 seconds. he has the ability t o get open inside.their We guessed right. We tried t o eat up the Also. Where do I have t o open. I don't take boundary. We ended CONTROL PLAY w i t h the exception of the RED ZONE up coming underneath the linebacker with adrag route PLAY. It obviously was a big game. and the clock was still not a If you need a field goal instead of a touchdown. If the quarterback knows the w e wanted. Most kickers are pretty successful from 42 about 20 yards. of the clock indown anddistance. If I've got three. and scored a touchdown in about one We attack this w i t h a high-low receiver. the RED ZONE. This is different for everyone receiver and back out of the backfield. Now w e were down t o the 20-yard line . and the defense and I g o t the feeling their defensive second one just before . I felt field goal. The RED ZONE for the field goal really starts the inside receiver into the wide field. The easiest route t o get open on against man coverage is some kind of inside route. coverage. our factor yet. It was 1st-and-10 and w e had gained 40 yards in three plays. I always want t o save a time-out for the still in CONTROL.the field goal. he is going t o his HERO. Kansas State in . w e had and the clock was still not a factor. If I get still protecting with six because w e hadn't reached the sacked. If I have t w o time-outs. running the ball becomes part of your CONTROL free safety by running a post w i t h a trail post coming PACKAGE. coordinator was getting uncomfortable. You can still run the ball when you are ahead behind it. w e were still in a CONTROL MODE. no reason t o panic. It was 2nd-and-10. but he went t o man man coverage. take t w o defenders with him. I felt since the Around the 50-yard line the defensive coordinator coordinator has had his first taste o f success. I protected We had 80 yards t o go in a hostile environment. But w e were in ! just fallen behind and there was 2 2 4 left on the clock. I The RED ZONE for a touchdown is different for a field was going for the big play. He didn't blitz. yards and in. or the center one of our receivers. The quarterback knew we were of the field. needed to beat Kansas State t o go t o the Cotton Bowl. That was a six-play. I'm going t o use it. but because of the down When the quarterback realizes he has man coverage and distance. the boundary. The with seven. right hash. Our tight end minute's time. w e went base Two-Minute Defense chose t o be in a 2-deep look. We still had all our time-outs left. ur~lessI get sacked. I HERO with a big play. If I only have one time-out. but the linebacker carried him. They made a nice play and knocked it down. I'll red zone. We were i t until I'm ready t o kick. 80-yard drive. We threw a control high-low with the slot thinking changes. that happens. which was a CHUCK. the coordinator was coming w i t h something. He took the easy completion into the field goal kicker. I ran a little option into You need t o know the comfortable zone for the . We got what around the 50-yard line. The slot because everyone's kickers are different. As you can see. We got eight yards and there was close. Every one of those plays was a linebacker. The CHUCK was not in the plan.that play I switched the formation because with where he has got t o go. looking for man coverage in the secondary. which w e n t d o w n the field and tried t o g e t behind the took about a minute. and right before the too easy for us and the rhythm was too good. which w e hoped t o more than enough time. It was going then it is one minute. but the ball wasn't thrown in the right pressure is coming he has the opportunity t o hit the place. We had hit three passes in a r o w on the \use the first one at or around 30 seconds. They came on . We tried t o throw a fade t o goal. he realizes the offense is getting close t o their objective. A t this point I was guessing again. We got t o the line of scrimmage.the blitz. so I've got t o think blitz. I signaled the formation. The quarterback needs t o know After . The free safety had t o play one or the other. i down and distance was in our favor because 2 2 4 is The slot receiver ran a seal route. The HERO is a guy when he sees was blocking seven. We did the same thing on the next play and got get the ball? A rule of thumb for us is about the 25- a big play over the top t o the slot receiver and gained yard line. Your kicker may be better than that or worse than that. over the top. He needs t o know if the ball their coverage I knew w e could get single coverage on has t o end up on the left hash. The first receiver went over the top and the back was wide thing w e need t o know is the goal. But since w e were in so t o the wide receiver.

w e have Don. and Ricky keeps up the clock dwindles away. he is going for the formations. field goal and w e have t o go for the touchdown. Our This is something you can do in the evening when you thinking has t o change to LAST PLAY type of thinking. This do this.thegame. get yard line on the right hash mark w i t h 1:05 t o go. and t h e f o u r t h they went on t o win the Super Bowl.tries t o cause confusion. Coach Neuheisel have you seen coaches send their quarterback out to leads the quarterback down the field and ends up in a run out the clock before the half? The fans will always LAST PLAY situation for the quarterback. I need one more of what t o expect from the defense. quarterback make all kinds o f noise. I need some former doesn't mean the quarterback is calling RED ZONE quarterbacks who will admit it. be smart a t the same time. there was a good lesson t o learn. . The third don't want them t o have time t o come back and beat quarterback is calling the time-out loud. It is your job t o screw everything up. w e want t o slow down and use the clock. The f i r s t This will also bleed the defense of their time-outs. We are going t o start on the 20- eliminate panic. have a quarterback meeting. You are going t o be the fourth-string quarterback. I t g e t s f u n and The quarterback has t o know he is not trying t o get competitive. He tells the Candlestick Park. It takes 25 seconds to run a play. We quarterback has t o make t h e calls. We want t o be aggressive but the last play of the game. If the quarterback is calling his play. Don is going t o be the changes from a field goal drive t o a touchdown. W e are going t o stay Next he turns on the film projector and shows the last aggressive and take some chances. quarterback the results of each play and when the W i t h t h e score 24-14 in favor o f the 49ers. But once w e miss play of tlie Colorado-Michigan game in 1994 in the BIG one. That was . your team off. w e are going back t o bleeding the clock and HOUSE. It takes 15 seconds if you have gotten a first down wi-th your last play before the kick. You The quarterback has t o understand when a drive are going t o be the crowd noise. For this example w e have only t w o t h e ball t o t h e 25 any more. quarterback is not speaking. Our CHUCK PASS t o have a smooth transition in your thinking t o is going to be 3 and 4. PLAYS. The punt the ball. We have a left and right formation. I need three people. BOO. what is the you t o always put the formation t o the field. He gave a great Cowboys tried t o s t a r t a drive deep in their o w n demonstration about down and distance and clock territory. as long as the IJS. 'The quarterback needs t o know 'The last thing before I leave you is t o show you h o w I that so he can anticipate the pressure coming. get the field goal team on. As quarterback. That concluded his lecture. and execute the kick. The board is marked like a football field.defensive coordinator. w e run out of time for the with the time-outs. Here he is. They want the offense t o stay aggressive. Our last play going t o be from the 30-yard line? You have CONTROL PASS is going t o be 1and 2. -the second t o go on about the 50 and hit Rice for a touchdown with quarterback keeps the clock. I need some volunteers. He has t h e f o u r t h goal drive. How many times quarterback . Everyone really liked what they saw. and Ricky. Phil keeps the clock. Once w e get to where w e want t o be in a field track of t h e ball w i t h a pin. he keeps the time t o himself. I think there is a w a y t o do both. guy. and keeps track of t h e time-outs. Coach In the San Francisco-Dallas game three years ago in Neuheisel has control of the situation. but he has t o have RED ZONE thinking in terms All right. EDITOR'S NOTE: Coach Neuheisel has a board on the This is where the MANEUVERING PLAY comes into floor. I want touchdown. Phil. If w e can't kick the field goal. He keeps play. which Colorado won on a HAIL MARY PASS on staying conservative. Let's say w e have t w o time-outs. the clock is stopped for a first down. The 49ers got the ball with 36 seconds f i r s t quarterback calls t h e plays. the third quarterback t w o seconds t o go in the half. They threw three incompletions and had to management.