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5-day BizBuz (10-14 June) Day 1 (Reporting @9am, Session @10 am-5 pm, Lunch in between) - Training on Subjective

Aspects of Business Plan - Divide Participants into teams ... Day 2 (Preparation of Plan: Morning, With Coach: 3pm-5pm) - Assignment: Each team will bring an idea of business and prepare subjective part of the plan for it Day 3 (Reporting @9am, Session @10 am-5 pm, Lunch in between) - Training on Financial Aspects of Business Plan - Use of Spreadsheet (MS Excel) for Financial Analysis Day 4 (Preparation of Plan: Morning, With Coach: 3pm-5pm) - Assignment: Teams will make Financial Plan for their business Day 5 (Competition: 2pm-5pm, Closing Ceremony: 5pm-6pm) - Final Presentation of Business Plan - Prize Giving & Certificate Awarding Ceremony

Why Business Plan: a. For Competitions Regional - Brainstorming, DRISHTY, Chittagong National - Battle of Minds, BATB - HSBC Young Entrepreneurship - Brandwitz (Marketing Plan only), IBA & UNILEVER - Promologic (Marketing Plan only), NSU - SME Business Plan Competition, SME Foundation International (few examples...) - GIST Business Plan Competition - PolyU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Student Challenge

Judging Criteria
Judges will be looking at the following criteria (amongst others) during their deliberations.

Innovation and Creativity

Is the business idea original? Does it have a creative approach?

Execution and Practicality

Does the business idea offer an attractive and realistic opportunity? Does it have growth prospects? What are the risks involved and are they being identified and addressed?

Market Potential & Growth

Is there a market demand for the products/services? Is the business plan relevant to growth sectors/local market?

Team Dynamics

Are team members from different discipline/faculties? Are supporting team members recruited or identified e.g. research team/industry experts/advisors etc?

Presentation Skills

Is the team able to clearly explain the business model and make an impressive presentation?

innovation-entrepreneurship-student-challenge-2011-a-global-competition/ {Do we still think that Business Plan is for Business Students only?}

b. For Career - Preparation, Implementation or Evaluation of Project Proposals - Understanding Financials for Investment Decisions - Start or extend your own business or just run it smoothly Registration Fee: BDT 1,500 per participant Contact: Nibedita Mallik @ 01818 604 508 Workshop will cover:

Day 1 1. Introduction: Business Plan (Definition, Reasons, Users etc.) 2. Business Description (Industry, Company, Products/Service etc.) 3. Management & Operations Plan 4. Marketing Analysis & Strategies 5. Business Plan Presentation in competitions Day 3 6. Financial Plan a. Financial Statements b. Ratio Analysis c. Break Even Analysis d. Payback period & NPV Analysis etc.

Workshop will be conducted by: