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Department of Anthropology


Comilla University
Kotbari, Comilla

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Submitted by: Name:Mostaque ahmad ID:0910026 Session:2009-10 Department of Anthropology University of Comilla

Submitted to: k.Fida hasan Lecturer Department of I.C.T University of Comilla

Date of submission:7/25/2011

my future plane
like many other.Everyone wish to stuccessed in life.for that one must have a definite goal,a future plane .I to have a future plane of my own .As I am a student of Anthropology.Every individual procceds to go forward to reach that expected I want to heard study to reach for my own expectation.Icherished a desire to be a medical Antheopologist.Because of I have been studing in Anthropology.I am heard to improve my result so that I can get change in foreign university for taken medical

Anthropology degree.iwill try to serve my country men as a social worker .also,I want to make thr people conscious about there health and

responsible of human society

Aim in life
A man without an aim is compared to a boat without a rudder. so every man should have a definite aim in order to be successful in life. There are many aims for men and women in our society. Some men hanker after wealth, some seek power, some want name and fame. But misdirected ambition is really dangerous. I am a student. I have an aim in life. My aim in life is to be a doctor. There are many reasons for choosing this profession. This profession is no doubt noble. The village people of our country are very poor. They do not get help and advice of good doctors. The poor people go to the quacks and die a premature death. So, I have decided to serve the people through this profession. Success in life largely depends on the right choice of profession. I hope that I shall be able to reach to my destination and serve my people.

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Department of Anthropology
Comilla university
Kotbari, Comilla

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Submitted by
Name: Fokrul Hassan ID No.: 0910030 Session:2009-10 Dept of : Anthropology

Submitted to
K. Fida Hasan Lecturer Dept. of. ICT Comilla University

Date of submission:-24.07.2011

Aim in life
Every man has an aim in life. I have a definite aim in my life. The aim of my life is to become a doctor and serve the poor village. My father who is a doctor always inspires me to be a doctor. The reason of my so choice is that most of the people of our village are poor and illiterate. Good doctors are not available in the villages. So they do not get help and advice of a good doctor. They suffer from many diseases and die a premature breath. By observing their miseries, my heart fills with profound grief. I cannot tolerate this circumstance. I want to help them by proper treatment. For the purpose, I shall get myself admitted into Adhyapak Abdul Majid College after passing the S.S.C examination in science group. When I have passed the H.S.C examination, I shall get myself admitted into a Medical College for M.B.B.S. After having M.B.B.S I shall come back to my village and serve the people. I shall take no fee from the poor. I feel it is not easy to be a doctor. Yet I will try my best to achieve my aim.

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