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Assignment No 2

Dept. of Anthropology
Comilla University

Assignment on Logic Gate & Number System

Submitted by: G.M. Mustafizur Rahman ID:0910004 Session: 2009-2010 Dept. of Anthropology Comilla University.

Submitted to: K. Fida Hassan Lecturer, Dept. of ICT, Comilla University.

Date of Submit 05.10.2011

1. Question: What is a logic gate? Why logic gates are necessary? Ans: a logic gate is an electronic circuit, which operates on one or more input signals. To produce standard output signals. Why logic gates are necessary: computer circuits are built up using combination of different types of logic gates to perform the necessary operation.

2. Question: Drow the symbol and truth table the all fundamental logic gate? Ans: There are several types of gate:

NOT Gate: A NOT Gate is the physical realization of the complementation operation. Truth table: Input 0 1 Output 1 0 Symbol:

AND gate: an AND gate is the physical realization of the logical multiplication (AND) operation. Truth table: Input 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 Output 0 0 0 1 Symbol: Input Output

OR gate: an OR gate is the physical realization of the logical addition (OR) operation. It is an electronic circuit, which generates an output signal of 1, if any of the input signals is also 1. Truth table: Input Output A 0 0 1 1 B 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 Symbol:

NOR gate: a NOR gate is a complemented OR gate. Truth table: Input Output A 0 0 1 1 B 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 Symbol:

NAND gate: a MAND gate is a complemented AND gate. Truth table: Symbol: Input Output 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 Input 0 1 0 1 Output

3. Question: What is universal logic gate? Why it is called universal logic gate? Ans: Universal logic gate we have seen that AND, OR and NOT gates are. Logically complete, because any Boolean expression may be realized by using these three a universal logic gate. However, the MAND gate, which was introduced in the previous section is said to be an universal gate, because it is alone sufficient to implement any Boolean expression. This gate discuss about AND, OR and NOT gate this causes it is called universal logic gate.

4. Question: why binary number system is use in computer? Ans: every computer stores number, letter, and other specia characters in binary form. There are several occasion when computer professionals need to know the new data contained in computer memory. A commonly used way of doing this is to print out the memory contents on a printer. This printout is called a memory dump. Memory dumps, which the binary numbers would have many page of 0s and1s working with these numbers would also be very difficult and error prone for computer professionals this causes computer use binary number system.

5. Question: write down names some number system and mention there base . Ans: some number system and there base : Number system name 1) Decimal number system 2) Octal number system 3) Hexadecimal number system 4) Ternary number system 5) Binary number system There base 10 8 16 3 2

6. Question: Which number system is more efficient and why? Ans: Binary number system is more efficient because even computer store number, letters, and other specia: characters in binary form.

7. Question: Convert the following number system Decimal into Binary and binary into decimal number system?

Ans: A. Convert Decimal to binary number system. Binary to Decimal (10111101110)2 10111101110 =1 210 + 0 29+1 28+1 27+1 26+1 25+0 24+1 23+1 22 1 21+0 20

= 1024+0+256+128+64+32+0+8+4+2+0 = 1518

B. Convert Binary to decimal number system. Decimal to Binary (226)10 = ( 2 226 2 113 0 2 56 1 2 28 0 2 14 0 2 70 2 31 2 11 01 = (226)10 = (11100010)2 )2