SWOT analysis – introduction: SWOT analysis is a method for analyzing a business, its resources, and its environment.

SWOT is commonly used as part of strategic planning and looks at:
   

Internal strengths Internal weaknesses Opportunities in the external environment Threats in the external environment

SWOT can help management in a business discover:
   

What the business does better than the competition What competitors do better than the business Whether the business is making the most of the opportunities available How a business should respond to changes in its external environment

Strengths A firm's strengths are its resources and capabilities that can be used as a basis for developing a competitive advantage. Examples of such strengths include:
     

patents strong brand names good reputation among customers cost advantages from proprietary know-how exclusive access to high grade natural resources favorable access to distribution networks


While this capacity may be considered a strength that competitors do not share. each of the following may be considered weaknesses:       lack of patent protection a weak brand name poor reputation among customers high cost structure lack of access to the best natural resources lack of access to key distribution channels In some cases. Some examples of such opportunities include:     an unfulfilled customer need arrival of new technologies loosening of regulations removal of international trade barriers Threats Changes in the external environmental also may present threats to the firm. Opportunities The external environmental analysis may reveal certain new opportunities for profit and growth. Some examples of such threats include:    shifts in consumer tastes away from the firm's products emergence of substitute products new regulations .The absence of certain strengths may be viewed as a weakness. For example. a weakness may be the flip side of a strength. it also may be a considered a weakness if the large investment in manufacturing capacity prevents the firm from reacting quickly to changes in the strategic environment. Take the case in which a firm has a large amount of manufacturing capacity.

Food and beverages. o Innovative sales techniques Weaknesses: The main weakness is small store size and inability to find an expansion. o New stocks every month o Most new customers were attracted to the shop day by day. They are dealing with almost all products like ration. resulting in stocking a limited product range. Manager has limited industry experience and industry knowledge. o Good number of employee which is 15. Strengths: Have a good connection with their customers. food products etc. It is one of the oldest retail outlets of FMCG products. Other strengths are given bellow: o Well built store in crowded location. they get a lot of repeat customers. . increased trade barriers SWOT Analysis of Mangala Stores: Mangala stores is a provisional retail stores located in Puttur. They also have long term agreement with the suppliers which is strength of the shop. stationary items. Shop name is not well known. Other tangible and intangible weaknesses are: o They often think about opening a bigger store. but the rent would be an issue. South Canara. also welcomes advises from their customers.

Also there is opportunity for expansion of the retail store also opportunity to go for new outlets. Opportunities: They can expand their product range because there are no contractual restrictions to us adding products to the store. The area where the store is located is becoming famous because of the growing educational institutions. the need for quality products also changes. Threats: The needs of the buyers are changing. Increase in the cost of Products is also another threat. Rents increasing above CPI putting pressure on our margins More and more competitors like ‘More super market’ has been started their outlets in Puttur. . there is further opportunity to sell more to get more profit.o They don’t have any fixed assets like land or any other buildings to expansion. as a result of changes in the lifestyle of customers.

Strengths: o No 1 Shop in Vittal. South Canara. o Honesty in price and quality of the products.SWOT Analysis of SHRAVANA Jewellery: Shravana Jewellery is the jewellery shop dealing with gold. silver and diamond ornaments. Weaknesses:       Lack of transparency and accurate data in the industry Shortage of skilled and committed labor Problems with design and intellectual property rights Lack of support from governmental bodies and industry associations Amount and collection method of sales tax Attitude and system of the Hallmarking Authority Opportunities:      New demand markets in the region Strategic targeting of growing tourism sector Bi-lateral trade agreements Emerging regional and branded retail chains Attracting more and more customers because of loyalty. . Threats:    Increasing competitors like Rajadhani Jewellery. o Low labor and energy costs. Absence of significant export capabilities. Located in Vittal. o Cultural tradition and consumer affinity towards gold. so there is opportunity to improve sales. Not much promotion factors. sales and services. Bindu Jewellery etc.

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