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Lesson 1


New Dimensions in Spiritual Understanding and Practice

Copyright (c), 1974, by Dr. Paul L. Masters


,1 Prosperity is a state of mind in whicD one has happiness and peace

within and about oneself. Some people may have a few thousand
dollars in the bank and co~sider themselves prosperous, while others
may have a million and feel that they are not prosperous, as yet.
j Prosperity is not only financial, but also includes areas. of love,
health and happiness. Having one of these things without the others
is not true prosperity.
Prosperity is usually thought of only in terms of finances but such
thinking is erroneous. The mind must feel a "wealth" about life in
an areas. To have a mental attitude that works for financial pros-
perity, one should think of oneself as also being prosperous in
peace, love, wi sdom, health, etc. The mind, then, more COMPLETELY
accepts that 1i fe has a great deal to offer. I f a person feels
impoverished in love, that area of one1s mind o~ thinking will spill
over into another area of the mind where thinking about one's finances
takes place. Whenthis happens, a person will not be as effective in
helping himself financially, by having the right mental attitude that
breeds prosperity.

Then, what is the RIGHT MENTALATTITUDE for attracting prosperity?

It is an attitude of CONTINUALEXPECTANCY.A state of mind that is
ALWAYSOPENto new ideas, inspirations and intuition flowing from the
Higher God-Mind within oneself. It is a state of mind that NEVER
accepts financial defeat. It is a state of mind that ALWAYSKNOWS
that God, as the manifesting Universe, is one's ONLYTRUESOURCEof
supply and prosperity. It is a mind that finds peace in these
uths, and through that peace, which makes the mind clear, new
i~iration, leading to greater prosperity.


Together with being a state of mind, prosperity is also a state of

sou 1 . When people medi tate, they are fi 11ed wi th the Presence of
thei r Hi gher God-Bei ng. Thi sinner state of Qneness enforces the
consci ous stat_Lof mind and menta1 atti tude as one goes about the
d::aTiv business of livi.n.g._ KNOWING,through meditation, -that GODIS
TRULYWITHIN YOU, as the central core of your being and mind, pro-
duces the greatest positive attitude of mind for achieving prosper-
ity. You know that you, indeed, have the intelligence and wisdom of
r the ENTIRE UNIVERSEworki~g within and through you, as you attract
and maintain prosperity. In this state of soul, 12!! are confident,
knowing that you have a "MYSTICALMAGICII in the inner Presence of God
working for your prosperity each and every day.


;I!£ '----

-Each day, declare within your mind that God is your TRUESOURCEof
supply., thi nk Clndact in ways that say you are ALREADYPROSPEROUS'.

-Don't allo~ yourself to be influenced by those around you who love
to talk about. how har'd times are.

-Associate only with those who have a ppsitive attitude about pros-
perity and money. .
-Being "sp...trituaP i~ hi'!vin~. It affirms a loving God that
provides. Remhld yourself constantly of this if you have been in-
fluenced by the old "hell and damnation" rel igion, that all but
suggests that having money is some sort of sin.
-Frequent places in your city where there is affluence. "Pick up on
the psychic vibrations. Let your being be permeated with prosper-
ity vibrations.
-Go into the finest stores. Try on expensiv~ clothing, even if you
don~t have the money to buy at the moment. Get the psychic vibra-
tory feeling of having on expensive clothes.
-DonI t accept negati ve thoughts into your mind that say you are
lacking. REJECTthem IMMEDIATELY! Affirm, instead, that you ARE
prosperous ALREADY
anLi that God, YOURSOURCE,i s supp1yi ng your
every need.
-When prayi ng, DONI T ASKfor money. Rather-, Inake your prayer more
of an affirmation that you. Higher God-Mind knows you. have need,
and that God is already in the process of prosnp-ring~
-Meditate dail y. Go deep into your mind to its center, where the ~
Presence of God exi sts. In thi sway, you wtl i keep an inner mental.
channel of intuition and inspiration open, guiding you to ciaim the
prosperity that is already you~s_: through your Source.
-Keep all channels open in your mind a~ to how prosperity may reach
you. If you need something, it may not come to you merely by means
of having the money to purchase it. It may, instead, be traded to
you, or even given to you. "

-"God hei DS thQ.~ II is

who hel p themsel ves, a very true statement.
Keep ACTIVE. Don't sit around waiting for "good" to materialize in
your 1i vi ng room. It may be downthe street waiti ng for Y9u) ~~Yo.~:'_"
keeping acti-v_e,. ys;w..stand a. far" better chance to. be in the ~'righf~':;" '-',
positioR, at ~he right time, to receive it.

.. -Program yoUl~ mind each day with prosperity-thought

Build a strong prosperity foundation

-When going through your bills,

in your subconscious mind.

maintain a mental attitude

working through you, will take care of the payment.
that God,



Each day, go into a subconscious level of meditation and give your-

self the following thought affirmations. Repeat each one to your-
self at least three times. Then, select one that particularly
appeals to yoy and write it down on a small sh~et of paper or an
index card. Carry it with you during your daily activities, so that
you may read it many times during the day. Each time you do, you
are further influencing your mind into the type of mental attitude
that attracts prosperity, both physically and spiritually.

"1 live. daIJ, bOtlUing that the. SOURCEo~ flIIJ pJtO.6pelt-
li:1j i.A. God. woJtk.UIg tMough. me. and. me.."

"1 am a:t peae.e. and. poiAe.d e.vVUJ daIJ, in the. e.aLm .6e.l~-a..6.6aJtaftc.e. that
the. powe.Jt o~ God and. the. UUVVt.6e. p.tO.6pe.u 1IIe.."

"1 11~6.uun that .in the. P,te..6e.ftc.e. o~ God, 1 a.lJr.eadq am pltO.6peltOU.6 and.
that :th..i..6 pltO.6pe;t.itq i.A. beg.i.Jmi.ftg VJ ffltUeIt.i.aLi.ze. t1Jtou.nd me.."

"AU c.hamte.l..6 o~ flIIJ mind t1Jte. open, .60 that 1
cLi.Jtu.:ti..on ~Jtom the. God 0' fIIlJ, l1.6 VJ whelte. VJ l.o.1J to that
whi.c.h bJting.6 me. pltO.6Pe.Jtli:1j."

"1 auJl.i.c. v.i.b/f.4:t.ioft.6 o~ p1l.0.6pe.Jtli:1j and lIIh.eIt- 1 daIJ."
"1 pltoje.c.t 'oJtth though.t.6 into the. P.6yc.h.i.c.
tJuLt 1 am a.Lteadq 11 pltO.6pe..tOU.6pe.!t.6on."

" daIJ, 1 .6h.t1Jte.the. we.a..lth o~ God'.6 t.tbwrdanc.e. t1Jtou.nd me.."


"1Iy mind i.A. ptVtt o~ the. In~ini..te. o~ God, whi.c.k c.onta..Ur..6the.
ent:.iA:e. Uuve.ue. wi..tki:n i:.t4d,. I, the.Jte.'oJte., thi.nIl. o~ flIIJ.6e.1.~l1.6 11
pltO.6Pe.JtOU.6 Pe.Jt.6on. A.6 1 do, 'l1f1Jtlwught:.6 VuLve.1. i.n.~o the. JLi.nd o~
God. lAq though.t.6, in the. Ui.nd o~ God, open c.hamte.l..6
tMough. 1IIh.i.c.h..tJuLt wIt.i.dt 1 ne.e.d 'l0W6 VJ me.. My ai.nd, thelte.~oJte., iA
l..iJte. 11 mtUjne.ti.c. '0Jtc.e. pltO.6pvtli:1j VJ 1IIe.. 1 de.c.hvr.e. be.60Jte.
the. God o~ fIIlJ, that "God i.A. my onl..lJ TRUE SOURCE 06
pIt~Pe.Jtilq. ~

1 .6pU2 nOlol1
VJ the. God o~ 8J ' Yau. bow IIIh.a:tI have. 1Ie.edo~ be.'oJte. 1 t1.6Il. You. a..te. the. ~ powe.Jt0' the. Uuve.Jt.6e.. 1 Y011.l1.6 the. pouIIU. ovu an fIIlJ' 11"aLt.6. Lead
__, di.Jte.c.t __, 'oJt I tIJ8 ope.n :to -te.c.e..ive.fM0.6pvt.i:tq i.nt:.o rttIJU'e..
FoJt :th..i..6, I tJuLt it iA .60, and. SO IT IS!'"

Re-read this les~on for several days so that the psychic-spiritual

truths concerning prosperity will be fully integrated into your

1-3 .
:a E

UQlvel'1lty ~r Metapbyslcs
BaclJelors i)egree IMIQlsters, PractltloQers ntplaIQ8S
Study Lesson Exam

1. Is the word "Prosperity" in Metaphysical usage confined to financial condi-

t; ons?

2. What is the right mental attitude for attracting Prosperity?

3. In Metaphysics what is cons"idered the true Source of Prosperity?

4. Why is Prosperity also considered a "State of Soul II in Metaphysical teach-


5. According to Metaphysical teachings, is having money "spiritual II or "sin-

ful"? "

6. Whenengaged in Metaphysical prayer, should one ~ for mo~ey?

7. Whengoing through one's bills. what Metaphysical mental attitude should

you have?

Doctoral Clndldate (Ple..e Note) Do Not Mall Thl. Exam Individually. Walt until you have ~
p-Ieted III £8 Exam. of thl. .ectlon then maUln all together In 2!!!..P'lckICle. Make photo copies
before milling to IlIure cople. In the event your work I. lo.t In mall delivery - Thinkyou-
..... . --

Lesson 2
New Dimensions in Spiritual Understanding and Practice

. Copyright (c), 1974, by Dr. Paul L. Masters


Your conscious mental attitude, the thoughts you think each day, has
the power to invoke Mystical Power that can make success and happi-
ness a real ity in your "'1He. Mystical Power i s tb~ Universal
Pr~sence of Cosmic Intelligence, or God, which has Its Presen,~_~
the c-enfercff---,:henuman-ma: That power whfch created" you is
within you and can be reached in many ways, the most fundamental of
which is through a CONSCIOUS MENTALATTITUDEthat can call IT forth.


The Mystical Power of your mind is always trying to release Itself

into expression in your life. In reality, It alone is the TRUESELF
of your identity. Whenyou think positively on a conscious level of
your mind, the Mystical Power of your God-S~lf_~as an opportunity_tp
e~I~-?s through you. Tms is because -the-NATURItof yoiir -GOd-t,f;nd is
POSITIvE:--rrrli ng- your mind with Higher, Pos i ti ve Thought Energi es
allows the opening for Higher Positive Universal Thought Energies to
enter into your life. On the other hand, negative thought energies,
'. filling the conscious mind, recede back into your personal subcon-
scious and form an inner psychic wall or barrier there against the
emergence of your Higher Thought Energies, or Mystical Power.


While maintaining a conscious positive mental attitude about every-

thing in one's life is essential, it is most effective when positive
thinking has a spiritual base. In other words, spiritually-bas.ed
positive t~inking is_a.-re.sJ,JJ1 of conscious realizatjon that ASsururE
in the- Unfve-rsaTtru-th of Serr:l<~a,-ity:-r-p6s=-
itivethought comes's attiineniemt -to the fact th'at the
Mysti ca 1 God-Power of one I s True Rea 1i ty or God-Self is WORK
daily in every area?f one's life to bring success and happiness. _



BLQeing sensitive to. Mysticg1 .P_oweL-ttlLou9D__L-Sp-ir.Lt_ua.ll1..::.9l-_sed,

posi ti ve consci ous atti tude, the consci ous mind is open and receQ::..
ti'ye~tP I-NTDTTtYEGUID-ANCl--from- the - LJrifVe-rsa-l-tntellTgencelO~'
mind. This is part of what is termed Spiritual ESP in Metaphysicat
Sci ence. The tonsci ous mind recei ves fl ashes of i nspi rati on, m;
di recti on, as to what to do in 1He and when to do it. Together
with this, the negative thought energy failure patterns, that rule
the subconscious mind, are replaced with the Positive Higher Energy
of your God-Mind. In a psychic sense, whatever we have in our con-"
scious and subconscious mind is telepathically being broadcast out_
With Mystical Power influencing both the conscious and subconscious,
positive results will come from such telepathy.

T...2-~!?_e truly complete person, one who is inwardlL~ware__9Q(LQ~:t.:-
~dl y sJJ~--<:_e_ssJl,IL._Ls_tb~_gg.gLof_~ILE.1etapl1_y'~_~_~.1~5~Le~_c~
_study". To
accomplish this requires real contact with our inner True Selfhood.
In Metaphysical Science, we accomplish this by mastering the art of
deep meditation. In the University's meditation course entitled,
~Meditation Dynamics,~ a number of techniques are taught for achieving
deep meditational consciousness. However, these techniques, no matter
how good, have to be reinforced by the conscious mental attitude of
the student of Metaphysical Science.

In the East, for an example, when students wish to study meditation

for the aim of achi evi ng an expansi on of consci ousness, they must
adhere to a stri ct manner of 1i vi ng. Thi s requi rement is to assure
that their conscious mental attitude will be._p-ositive and__open___to_
higher states of spiritua1_~ons_cLQ1Isness-,-,rrn the West, such strict
manners of living wouldlbe shunned or regarded as too extreme and not
compatible with Western living., Therefore, in the teaching of Meta-
physi ca1 Sci ence, we make an adjustment for the 1ack of an austere
style of living by utilizing meditational methods for control of the
more surface layers of the mind. It is through these surface layers
that Higher Consciousness must pass if the student is to have a true
expansion of inner consciousness. . - ..- -_. ._-

It must be emphasized that without the proper conscious mental atti-

tude and, thus, a proper subconscious attitude, a psychic blockage of
sorts exists between the conscious mind and the Higher or God-Mind.
It is difficult for Higher Consciousness to pass through and be real-
ized by the conscious mind. For this reason, in Metaphysical Science,
we place considerable emphasis upon the conscious mental attitude of
the student. Those people who are thinking negatively on a conscious
level most of the time and filling their subconscious mind with nega-
tivity, will not have as much of the experience of their Higher Con-
sciousness as those students who maintain a positive and constructive
mental attitude.

The quickest way to rid oneself of negativity is to focus the mind on

TRUTH; that truth being SELF-TRUTH. When, in the midst of negativity
we can remi nd our cGnsci ous mind of the truth of WHOand WHATwe
really are, a peace,' an understanding, and a wisdom fill our being.
In truth, our REALITY ;s GOD expressing through physical form and
matter. This is what Christ conveyed when he said, lithe Fathet and I
are~~E. 11 -Hea"d-ncjt~iTI~tanj t .iu.st_:JQr~.n'-ms~If~'-fbr-neaTsosaj d~A-ll
pf YOUare EQUALunto m~.~ By the real i zati on of these -truths withfn-
your conscious_mind, _negativity - built up from your false selfhood~
9-uickly passes..

Also, when Christ said, IIKnow the truth and the truth shall set you
free, 11 he referred to thi s real i zati on of ONENESSwi th the Creator,
through which negativity vanishes. At the same time, one's conscious
mind is able to receive the KINGDOMOF HEAVENwithin, or in other
words, experience the conscious reality of your Spiritual Self.

2- 2 .-

For Establishing a Mystically Invoking Consciousness

Every day, for the next several days, read this entire list of affjrma-
tions in the morning to start your day. After you have done this,
select one affirmation; go into an instantaneous state of meditation
and program your mind with it, as follows:
"Many the. dag, the. 6o,Uow-i.J1ga66-i.ltmat-i.onw-i.££ e.nte.1t my
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."
You may choose to write the affirmation you have selected on a small
sheet of paper or an index card. Whenever you have a break from your
schedule, take it out and read it to yourself a few times, being certain
that the meaning is accepted by your mind.
"My eon~~~ou.6 m-i.nd-i..6Itu£e.d by the. MY.6t-i.ea£Powe.1t06 my God-M-i.ndth-i..6
"My eon.6e-i.ou.6 m-i.nd -i..6 ONE my£ God-M-i.nd
. th-i..6 day."

"1 am -i.n my eon.6e-i.ou.6 m-i.nd, be.eau.6e. God'.6 M-i.nd me. -i..6 about -i.n my £-i.6e. th-i..6 day."

"1 am -i.a my eon.6e..i.ou.6 m-i.nd, the. MIj.6t..i.c.a£.P OWVt 06 my

God-M-i.nd -i..6 601t my good th-i..6 day."

"1 good .i..n my £.i..6e. th-i..6 day, be.eau.6e. God .i...6the. Tltue. U6e. 06 my and Ite.a£.i..ty."

"1 .i..n my £.i..6e., be.eau.6e. my m.i..nd .i...6 attune.d to my

INFINITE SOURCE 06 .6Upp£y th.i...6 day.

" that appe.alt.6 to go wltong th.i...6 day .i...6.i..mme.d-i.ate.£yeoltlte.ete.d

and made.It.i..ght by the. un.6e.e.nPOWER06 thltough me. th-i..6 day.
"The. £ove. 06 the. oOlt me., .i..n God'.6 me., v.i..bltate..6 the.
magne.t.i..e powe.1t 06 £ove. thltough me. th.i...6 day."

"16 dult.i..ngthe. day 1 don' t 6e.e.£ we.££, 1. am the. MY.6t.i..ea£

He.a£ Powe.1t 06 God .i..n me. wi.££ qu-i.ek£y Ite..6tOlte. me.."

'-'"' "My eon.6e.i..ou.6 m-i.nd .i...6at pe.aee. a.6 I go thltough th.i...6 day, a.6 I am
to the. Ete.ltna£ Pe.aee. 06 God'.6"

v "1 am .6e.£ th-i./.J day, a.6 1 a££ow the. powe.Jt 06 my£God-M-i.nd to gove.ltn my- a66a-i.It.6."

..r "Be.eau.6e. MY.6t.i..ea£ P owe.1t .i...6 60It me., I une.xpe.ete.d good to happe.n to me. th.i...6 day and day."
"I am that 1 am, and God .i...6the. Tlwe. Se.£6 06 That 1 am."

.CQivcrsity or ~1etapnJsics
Bac~clors Dcgrce /1\IiQisters, PractitioI1crs Diplol11as
Study Lesson Exam

1. In Metaphysical teachings, how is Mystical Power defined?


2. What does Positive Thinking have to do with Mystical Power?

3. What advantage is there in having Positive Thinking spiritually-based?

4. What is meant by the term, Spiritual ESP?

S. In a psychic sense, what happens to thought in the conscious and sub-

conscious part of your mind?

6. What is the definition. of a truly Complete Person as given in this Lesson?

7. What Truth and Reality did Christ express in the words, liThe Father and I
are Oneil?

Doctoral Candidate (Please Note) 00 Not Mall This Exam Individually. Wait until you have ~
p-Ieted all 48 Exams of this section then mail In all tOQether In g.!!!J~acxaqe. Make photo copies
before mailing to assure copies in the event your work is lost In mail delivery - Thankyou-