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1 All foreign employees

at the language center

were ordered to leave in
6 Pray for students
(future missionaries)
who are struggling to pay
11 Praise for the
new Classroom/
Auditorium Complex (10
16 Praise! In ’08
Agape sent 26
medical teams to 335
December. The couple their tuition—they work years of work). Pray as cities and villages to share
awaits the birth (difficult hard with required flights Steve works with the with “forgotten” people of
pregnancy) of their first Alan & Helena and classes. Ask funds of Dan & Jodi Appleby supervising team for Steve & Rhonda Schwarze Russia. In 583 settings they Dr. Bill Becknell
child, having moved to a Closed Country $1000 for Dan to join a MAF/Moody Aviation, Washington completion of a new science FEBC/Faith Academy, Philippines provided for those with little Agape, Russia
neighboring country. Ask team going to SE Asia to wing due to open this or no health care. Pray as
they can deliver in N. Ireland this month. encourage a resident team there Jan 28th. month. Remember Rhonda’s parents (US) with ministry teams go to the unreached in 2009.
health needs.

2 Pray as they focus

in nurturing the
partnership with Rwanda’s
7 Pray for the persecuted
but growing church
inside a closed country
12 Pray for the
incredible logistics
of scheduling with 1200
17 There is much
desperate need
these days in Zimbabwe.
Anglican Church (1 they serve; for strength and inmates in the new jail; for Hundreds are dying. Pray
million members) to grace for believers who have effective discipleship; the as Rita teaches nurses at the
rebuild families in a nation Bill & Jenni Hunt been arrested, persecuted Dave & Pam great need of a Hispanic Chaplain Jerry Van Cleave Karanda Mission Hospital Rita Ibbotson
continuing to recover from CCC Family Life, Arkansas and tortured for their faith; Closed Country man to do Bible studies Polk County Jail Ministry, Iowa and shares the Gospel and TEAM, Zimbabwe
the 1994 genocide. Pray for for the team inside the with male inmates; smooth the hope of eternal life to
couples there to pursue oneness in their marriages. country; for finances and visas. transition for newly elected Sheriff McCarthy. those who otherwise have no hope.

3 Pray Avant would have

a large and talented
candidate class this month;
8 Praise for renewed
visas and their return
to Krasnoyarsk. Pray
13 Pray as they teach
classes at the
university; for open hearts
18 Mony directs the
work of River of Life
Church in Cambodia. He
for wisdom in crafting a for Tim’s new teaching towards God in the young asks us to pray for safety
strategic alliance with a responsibilities—an open people’s group at the local and protection of church
sister mission agency; for Paul & Cheryl Nyquist door for witness; for Tim & Iris Loomans church; for God to make His Jeff & Melissa planters as they travel and Mony & Kunnery Mok
the emergence of new Joint Avant Ministries, Missouri the sawmill to prosper; Global Recordings Network, Siberia love and provision through Closed Country minister to hostile villages; Partners International, Cambodia
Ventures with churches and electricity for their home Christ known-- deep for the government to ease
colleges to send out new teams. being built; Russian churches to support the challenges in a non-Christian environment. restrictions on church activities.

4 So many people
waiting in India—
nearly 4,000 believers
9 Ask wisdom as
Emmanuel directs the
work of Christian Outreach
14 Ask their financial
support will increase
to reflect loss in value of the
19 “God is doing
miracles nowadays
amongst Muslims. Many
are eager to be trained as Fellowship church planters; US dollar; for wisdom and are writing for Christian
church planters, thousands for safety of church planters unity as they plan the new literature.” Pray for their
of volunteers want to teach John & Atts DeVries as they travel by bicycle and Emmanuel & Mercy Dabson Sanyo church building; for Paul & Violette Bridgman ministry at the media Boaz & Ruth
literacy, millions more kids Mission India, Michigan motorbike; for continued Partners International, Ghana God’s choice in replacing TEAM, Japan center (radio, TV, Bible Closed Country
could be joining a Children’s success of micro-enterprise them during their home correspondence courses,
Bible Club. Pray for more funding. loans; for salvation of souls. assignment in the US (July ‘09-July ’10). web page, etc.) Ask funds for nationals to do the

5 The Condits are

in Florida at WBT
headquarters. They ask
10 Millions of young
people in Russia
have unlimited access to the
15 Pray for guidance
in their next efforts
to contact an unreached
20 Pray for safety
on roads as they
travel to their International
us to pray for educated, Internet. It’s interactive and tribe; that He will deliver Missionary Conference
motivated mother-tongue “live”, and programs can be them from fear of outsiders; (22-28) in southern Chile.
translators in order to reach Elroy & Gordia Condit stored and listened to at any Far East Broadcasting Company for people in their cross- Peter & Marta Hocking It’s a 3 day trip going and Harold & Priscilla Goossen
the last languages of the Wycliffe Bible Translators, WI/FL time. Pray for resources to Russian Ministries cultural missionary training Segadores (Reapers), Peru another 3 returning. Ask for Gospel Mission of S.A., Argentina
world needing translation. invest in this technology to program; wisdom in sweet fellowship with fellow
Remember the Bibleless people. reach the next generation. counseling; healing of Lydia’s health problems. missionaries; edification from God’s Word.
21 FFC’s connection
26 Currently there are
First Federated

Daily Family
with Moscow more than 1,900
Evangelical Christian Bible translation programs Missionary
Seminary comes via Bob
and Lois, as well as Sasha
in progress. Yet there
are still more than 2,200
1. Amsden, Pat Camp Appanoose, Iowa
Tsuterov, the Director. Pray Bob & Lois Taber communities without any Wycliffe Bible Translators 2. Anderson, Jeff & Carolyn

Prayer Guide
for 90 students studying to OMS International, Iowa access to Scripture. Pray Global New Life, Spain
be missionaries, pastors, for the training of national 3. Appleby, Dan & Jodi MAF/Moody, WA
church planters, and builders of Christian families. translators to reach these communities. 4. Armijo, Alejandro & Robyn
ABWE, Chile
5. Becknell, Dr. Bill Agape, Russia

22 27
6. Bridgman, Paul & Violette
Pray protection for Pray for wisdom TEAM, Japan
those organizing a as HCJB merges 7. Cabeen, Don & Paula TEAM, Spain
meditative retreat in Beirut, radio with community 8. Dabson, Emmanuel & Mercy

january 2009
Lebanon, next month. health ministries; as they PI, Ghana
9. Decker, Sarah InterVarsity, France
Ask for many artists and move ahead with getting 2
10. Farho, Mike & Sue C&MA, Cote d’Ivoire
influential people from David & Jodi Pierce mobile clinics running; for Lee & Michelle Sonius 11. Finke, Jim & Ruth GEM, Greece
the Arab world to be in Steiger International, Massachusetts the family as they begin HCJB Global, Ghana
12. Gallego, Pablo & Rosa PIE, Spain
attendance. Pray people will to arrange their Stateside 13. Goossen, Harold & Priscilla GMSA, Argentina
see that Jesus is about love and not hate. schedule for home assignment this summer. 14. Hanna, Beth CAM International, Mexico
15. Hocking, Peter & Marta Segadores, Peru
16. Hunt, Bill & Jenni CCC, Arkansas

23 Pray for donors to

purchase goats to
help fund ministry. Raising
28 Ask for more
laborers. “The
children are waiting to
Ibbotson, Rita TEAM, Zimbabwe
Lamb, Beth Child Evangelism Fellowship, Iowa
Loomans, Tim & Iris GRN, Siberia
goats may be the best thing hear God’s Word. But we 20. Malik, Tony & Tsering GOM, India
they can do financially for don’t have enough workers 21. McCalley, Mike & Brenda CCC, Washington
ministry teams across Asia. to teach Good News Clubs, 22. Mayse, Matt & Rachelle Youth for Christ, Iowa
Vic & Gwen Beth Lamb
Interested in investing in Closed Country even in the schools who Child Evangelism Fellowship, Iowa 23. McCracken, Peggy CCC, Washington, D.C.
24. Meyer, Wayne & Miyako Navigators, Japan
Gwen’s Goats or Vic’s Kids? want them. The door is wide
25. Mok, Mony & Kunnery Partners Int’l., Cambodia
Contact the FFC Missions Office. open for us to go in.” Email:
26. Nyquist, Paul & Cheryl Avant Ministries, Missouri
27. Pascual, Santiago & Yolanda Segadores, Peru
Daily Family Prayer Guide is published
24 29
More than 10,000 Praise Gordon left 28. Richardson, Matt WBT, Closed Country
people boarded peacefully and 29. Ritz, Kurt & Kathy CCC, Texas monthly by First Federated Church to help YOU pray
Logos II in her final was buried in the country
30. Rogers, Dan & Sylvia MAF, Ecuador more effectively for our missionaries and their needs.
31. Schwarze, Steve & Rhonda FEBC, Philippines Jean Crabbs, with the help of a group of volunteers,
weekend—an emotional he loved. Pray God will 32. Sonius, Lee & Michelle HCJB Global, Ghana
farewell for everyone confirm Grace’s return in reads through piles of mail and writes current and
33. Stark, Terry & Mary Avant Ministries, Iowa
who worked on the ship, mid-February to continue urgent prayer requests from those we support. Put this
Logos Hope, OM Ship Grace 34. Steele, Arden & Helen SIM Int’l., Bolivia
supported it and had been Denmark projects and solar work; for Closed Country Daily Family Prayer Guide into your Bible and include in
35. Steele, Jonathan & Monica Frontiers, Bolivia
blessed by it. Pray for many locals grieving and 36. Van Cleave, Jerry & Patty PCJM, Iowa your daily prayer time.
the future as the new Logos Hope launches into rethinking Gordon’s life and commitment. 37. Weller, Elaine CEF, Missouri
ministry. 38. Zellmer, Keith & Pam SEND Int’l., Kosova
First Federated Church
39. Zumack, Leroy & Debbie GEM, France
Lifelong Missionary Servants
25 Praise for 60+ 4801 Franklin Avenue | Des Moines, IA 50310
students in the club 1. Condit, Elroy & Gordia, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Florida/Wisconsin Closed Access Countries |
2. Congdon, Dal & Audrey, TEAM, Illinois 1. Katy Asia
at Urbandale Middle School; 2. Steve & Pat Asia
for coaching 8th grade 3. Davis, Ross & Colleen, International Church Ministries, Arizona
4. Griffiths, Dick & Char, TEAM, Wisconsin 3. Michael & April Asia
girls basketball at Johnston. 4. Vic & Gwen Asia 12. Dave & Pam
5. Hesse, Don & Lois Jean, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Texas
Pray for bi-weekly clubs at Matt & Rachelle Mayse 6. Taber, Bob & Lois, OMS International, Iowa 5. Jeff & Melissa Asia 13. Gordon & Grace
both schools, plus Summit Youth for Christ, Iowa
7. Vetter, Lenita, Flagstaff Mission to the Navajos, Arizona 6. Glenn & Carol Asia 14. Nathan & Kathy Asia
Middle School in Johnston. 8. Woods, Bill & Donna, Campus Crusade for Christ, Colorado 7. Boaz & Ruth Europe 15. Vaughn & Jennifer Asia
Ask for healing of a toe implant. 8. David & Vreni Europe