Human Resource Division at Bank Alfalah has been restructured to enable it to meet the challenges of a fast expanding network and staff strength of around 5,000. HR Division has now established HR offices, as well as Training & Development Centers at Karachi and Lahore. The HR office and TDC at Karachi cater to HR and Training needs of all branches in the southern areas, as well as Head Office units and SBUs located in Karachi. Similarly, the HR office and TDC at Lahore cater for HR and Training needs of all branches in the northern areas, as well as Head Office units and SBUs located in Lahore. There is another significant development in HR management methodology. Both HR offices have nominated a number of HR Relationship Managers (RMs), who have been assigned a number of areas and HO offices. The RMs has been trained to provide timely and courteous service to staff and management of their assigned areas and offices by proactively interacting with them on a periodic basis. Other developments in HRD relate to institutionalize the processes involved in HR management. The bank’s HR Committee has been revamped and has become a guiding force behind all HR management activities at BAL. A Grievances Committee has also been constituted to handle all types of grievances of BAL staff. Similarly, a Disciplinary Action Committee has also been formed to timely handle disciplinary issues. Our Mission: Formulation, acceptance and implementation of a strategic vision through: • Managing change and conflict. • Developing commitment to shared values. • Constantly and consistently aligning structures, skills, staff, culture and systems to shared values. The Team: There are now four distinct HR teams managing their respective centers under the overall supervision of the Executive In-charge HRD. The EI’s own support team consists of three individuals, who help him in their own areas of specialization. 1. HRD Office Karachi. 2. HRD Office Lahore. 3. Training & Development Centre Karachi. 4. Training & Development Centre Lahore.


In order to provide timely HR services to staff members, as well as to ensure compliance with HR policy, HR Coordinators have been appointed in various areas and HO Divisions. Training sessions have been held by HRD for HR coordinators in order to equip them with HR philosophy, policy and processes. More such sessions are planned to be held periodically.

Objectives of HR Policy Guidelines: The HR Policy Guidelines have been prepared with the objective of providing information and guidance to staff members and management of branches and other working units of the Bank. These guidelines should remain available with Branch Managers (in the case of branches), Unit Heads, Executive-in-Charge at Head Office and Area Managers. Compliance: Management of branches and other units of the Bank must ensure compliance to the provisions contained in this HR Policy Guidelines in letter and in spirit. HRD, with the help of Area HR Coordinators, will monitor compliance of these policy provisions. Scope & Application: These Service Rules apply to all employees of the Bank and supercede all previous rules and regulations issued from time to time. Rules pertaining to contractual staff are documented in the service contracts issued to such employees. All employees of the Bank will conform to and abide by all the rules and regulations of the Bank including these service rules, with such amendments as may be effected from time to time. Amendments to Service Rules: The contents of this HR Policy Guidelines may be amended from time to time to suit the requirements of the Bank. The authority to amend these rules rests with the Central Management Committee (CMC) under the direct supervision of the CEO which will be subsequently approved by the Board. Amendments in this HR Policy Guidelines will be advised to all units by HRD.

General norms of office behavior that all employees of Bank Alfalah need to abide with are briefly described below. Office Discipline & Decorum: All staff members working in any Unit/Branch will Observe, comply with and obey all orders and directives which may, from time to time, be


given by any person or persons under whose jurisdiction, supervision or control they may be placed. Conduct them in orderly and civilized manner so as to maintain a pleasant and conducive working environment, and not to disturb their colleagues working in close proximity. To use low tone of voice and not speak loudly to colleagues across desks. Dress Code: Dress code for all male employees of the Bank is suit and necktie. Female employees should also dress elegantly (keeping in mind our cultural norms) without being ostentatious. Employee may wear national dress on Fridays. Similarly, staff members of units not dealing directly with customers may attend office without jackets and neckties (business casual dress) on Saturdays. Non clerical staff i.e. messengers, security guards, office boys, machine operators, maintenance staff will always be in uniform. Courtesy and Manners: Employees of Bank Alfalah will maintain utmost courtesy and exemplary manners when interacting with clients or with each other. Any violations of this code should be brought to the attention of supervising officials as well as the HRD for their information, record and remedial or disciplinary action. Smoking and Chewing ‘Paan’ (beetle leaves) at the Office: Smoking and chewing of ‘Paan’ is prohibited in all offices of the Bank. Customers may politely be informed of this regulation, introduced in the interest of health and welfare of all concerned as well as keeping the premises neat and clean and pollution-free. Through these rules Bank Alfalah demonstrates to the outside world that as an institution it cares for the people and the environment. Attendance and Punctuality: Punctuality is one of the basic rules of office discipline, which needs to be meticulously observed by all employees of the Bank. Office timings of the Bank are as follows. These timings may be changed by the Bank’s management to comply with governmental regulations/State Bank of Pakistan. Monday to Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (with one hour’s lunch/prayer break) Friday : 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (with two hours’ lunch/prayer break) Saturday : 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (without break) Timings during Ramadan: Monday to Thursday & Saturday: 8:30 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. (without break) Friday : 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (without break) Timings in some areas in Pakistan and overseas branches may vary to comply with local laws. Certain staff members may be required to observe different timings to suit the needs of the Bank. Branch Managers and Heads of HO Divisions and Departments must ensure that their staff observes these timings.


Employees. Code of Ethics: All staff members must sign the “Code of Ethics” document which contains details of norms of office behavior. but in no case later than 07:00 p. should inform their Branch Manager as early as possible. at its discretion. Hiring of Batches: When a whole batch of fresh officers is hired. RECRUITMENT. Requirement of additional staff should be intimated to HRD through Area Managers’ offices (for branch banking staff). and by 3:00 PM on Saturdays (weekends).m. mentioning the time of arrival. Late Sitting: It is recommended that all employees of the Bank should endeavor to leave the office maximum by 06:00 p. The management of the Bank may. provided that: Service to external / internal customers does not suffer. Staff hiring may be done in batches. through the concerned EI’s office. Such forecasting should be done in the month of October/November for the next year. The Bank complies with the relevant provisions of the Emigration Ordinance/Law when hiring such employees. in small groups or individually. All staff will sign the attendance register upon their arrival in the Bank. may arrange Alternate Saturday (weekend) Off facility for their staff. Security of the Bank’s assets is not compromised. who are going to be late for any reason. excuse late arrivals in case of natural disasters or extraordinary circumstances. they are first trained at the Bank’s Training & Development Centre (TDC) and then posted to Branches/HO Division based on requirement. Alternate Saturday Off: All Branches/Offices. on normal business days. SELECTION AND PLACEMENT Initiation of Staff Hiring: All units/Branches of the Bank should systematically forecast their future staffing requirements for timely induction of competent high quality staff. and in the case of HO Divisions/Departments. Employees at Area Offices should inform the respective Area Managers and those at Head Office should inform the respective EIs/ Departmental Heads.m. at its discretion. These batches will be hired under the following categories: Management Trainee Officers (MTOs) 4 . after obtaining approval from concerned Area Managers / Executive-In-charge. Management may. employ expatriates. Concerned branch / office clearly lays down a “Alternate Saturday Off” roster indicating names of staff members acting a back ups to those.

Recruitment of Close Relatives: BAL does not prohibit employment of close or blood relatives of current employees. or for replacement of outgoing staff. However.Operations Officers (OOs) Cash Officers (COs) Business Developments Officers (BDOs) SME & Lease Officers (SLO) Before initiating hiring of batch officers. at the time of interview are required to disclose their relationship with the existing employees in their application form. Minimum Entry Requirements: Minimum entry requirement for employment in Bank Alfalah Ltd. HRD EI Panel AM/ EI HRD Interview CEO 5 . no conflict of interest is likely to arise and prior approval is obtained from competent authority. HRD informs all units of approximate timings of such hiring and enquires about their city-wise requirements before the hiring process starts. Br. condition of matriculation may be waived by competent authority to suit the requirements of the Bank. condition of graduation may be waived by competent authority to suit the requirements of the Bank. Hiring in Small Groups: Hiring in small groups may be done according to planned phases of expansion of existing branches/units. in officer’s cadre is graduation from a recognized university of home country or abroad. Selection Responsibility and Authority: The schedule given below summarizes the assignment of hiring authority and responsibility:Dept. Persons deputed by “External Service Providers” must possess matriculation or higher degree. All candidates. or upon establishment of new branches/units. Individual Hiring: Individual hiring is to be done from time to time when a branch or unit has a need to induct additional staff. Regular/Contractual Head Mgr. provided that they meet required eligibility criteria. or for creating/replenishing staff pools maintained under the supervision of Area Managers in major banking centers. Candidate once appointed should not be placed in the same Branch/Unit in which his close/blood relative is already working. However.

I. Psychometric Testing: HRD will soon initiate psychometric testing of all candidates for regular employment in Bank Alfalah. For Head Office Division Staff: By concerned Manager & E. a new joiner will have to undergo a medical examination from a Registered Medical Practitioner before joining the Bank. Panel Interviews: Candidates for Ranges IV and above will be interviewed by panels of senior officers at Karachi and Lahore. as follows: For Branch Staff: By Branch Manager & Area Manager For Branch Manager & Area Office Staff: By concerned Area Manager. Selection Interview: Selection interviews should be conducted and evidenced by duly filled interview sheets. condition of written test can be waived for contractual employment. Range VII and above require subsequent ratification from the board. However. The employees of these departments will however have to appear for the test before their services are regularized. For Product Departments’ Staff: By concerned Manager & Head of Product Department. especially for product departments. Medical Examination of the new-joiners: If the Bank deem fit.Officer I – III Officer IV – VI Officers VII – VIII Officers IX Outsourced Services R R --R R A R Test R -----R R Recommended Approved A R R -A Oversee R R -Oversee -R R --- -A A A -- All appointments of Branch managers. Those obtaining 50 % or above points (allowing for two grace marks) will go to the next step in the hiring process. Panel members will be nominated by the CEO. Only those obtaining satisfactory rating (as defined by consultants involved in the process) will be taken to the next stage. Verification of Antecedents: officers and their HR will arrange verification of references provided by the highest educational degree/certificate from the concerned 6 . maintained at HRD. In such cases the evidence of such examination should be placed in the personal file of the employee. Selection Test: All regular and contractual candidates for Range I. II & III must undergo a selection test arranged by HRD / TDC.

However. services of an employee are transferable anywhere in the country or overseas branches to suit the requirements of the Bank. in order to minimize disturbance and dislocation to newly recruited employees. attempt is to be made to select candidates belonging to the area where they need to be posted. Placement of New Entrants: As far as possible. In case of renewal of contract for further one year concerned officer will be eligible for salary increase (if recommended by the concerned AM/EI) based on his/her performance rating. the Head of concerned Branch/Unit should fill a “Contract Renewal Form” and forward the same to HRD through concerned Area Office/Executive-in-Charge. The Job Description duly signed and agreed by both the new joiner. is to be subject to a probationary period.I.s) will be held responsible for non compliance of this requirement The purpose of the Job Description is to clearly define the job responsibilities of each employee and to ensure that the employees are made aware of and understand what is expected from them. integrity and performance before confirmation of services. is required. recommendation of concerned E. Before the end of the contract period.university/board. Probationary Period & Confirmation of Services: As a standard practice. Concerned E. his/her immediate supervisor and manager should be sent to HRD for record. Feedback from his/her last employer will also be obtained with regards to his/her honesty. Renewal of Contract: Officers hired on retainer ship contract will be relieved from the services of the Bank unless the contract is renewed. Concerned Branch Managers ( and in case of Head Office Staff. 7 . in terms of the Bank’s service contract. Length of this period is to be determined as follows: For those with less than five years of prior relevant experience: Six Months For those with prior relevant experience of 5 years and above: Three Months Confirmation letters will be issued by HRD on recommendation of concerned Branch Managers and Area Manager. In case no recommendation for confirmation is received by HRD after 15 days of due date. service of new entrants to Bank Alfalah Ltd. HRD will issue a standardized confirmation letter.I. JOB DESCRIPTION / JOB ROTATION Job Description: All new employees of the Bank should initiate preparation of their Job Description and should get it finalized with the help of their immediate supervisors within 30 days of joining at their place of posting. For Product Department Staff. In the case of staff members at Head Office. concerned Product Department Head may recommend confirmation cases.

norms. or is transferred to another job or location. courses & seminars to be offered during the next year. Batch Training: 8 . Induction Training: TDC shall organize full day induction sessions for new joiners. both at Lahore and Karachi. This is also done to ensure smooth transition from one job to another in case a staff member leaves the job. keeping in view the requirements of various departments of the Bank identified through the annual appraisal form and feedback from Audit Division. as well as to reinforce a passion for the highest quality of customer service at all levels. values. Employees are encouraged to take initiative and get them nominated through their supervising officers for training courses relevant to their needs. These one-day programs are aimed at giving a broad overview of Bank Alfalah’s corporate culture. INDUCTION.Job Rotation: Periodic rotation of staff between various assignments is used by Bank Alfalah as a means of broadening areas of expertise of concerned staff. products and services to new employees. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT In-Service Training Training Need: The objectives of training activities are to keep BAL employees abreast of latest professional knowledge and skills in all areas of banking. preferably within the first three months of their joining. • For Departmental Heads or Managers the maximum period in one assignment should not exceed five years. New joiners are also briefed on employees’ benefits as well as service rules. Heads of Branches and Units must ensure that all newly inducted staff members attend these sessions. Annual Training Plan: An Annual Training Plan shall be circulated by HRD in December for both Training and Development Centers. The plan would list all workshops. Minimum Training for All: It is obligatory for each employee of the Bank to attend at least two days of training in a calendar year. Branches. Staff members posted at branches should be rotated periodically according to the following guidelines: • For clerical. supervisory and officer level positions. Area Offices and Head Office Divisions/Departments are to send their nominations for training courses in advance (as prescribed by the concerned Training & Development Centre). rotation may be done upon completing around two years in one assignment.

per month shall be paid to interns upon completion of the internship period.As per the requirements.Monthly Stipend: A stipend of Rs. Batch Trainees may be asked to go through on-job training by way of structured rotation programs. Area Managers/Country Heads will send a copy of internship letter duly accepted by the intern to HRD for record. . Only a small number of candidates may be offered internships at a given point in time. by nominating Bank Alfalah’s employees to external courses. External Training: In order to augment in-house training efforts.Duration of Internship: Up to maximum of two months .500/. Branches/Offices of the Bank may offer internship positions to presentable and responsible looking candidates who fulfill the eligibility criteria. Alternatively.I. To evaluate fresh interns as a potential source of future hiring. whenever deemed necessary. external training providers will be utilized on a periodic basis. Concerned E. the Bank recruits batches of fresh graduates under various schemes through a competitive process and offers them comprehensive training. Non-graduate student if accepted for internship will not be eligible for any stipend. (Internship letter. to be issued by HRD).1. to be issued by Area Office/Country Office). General Provisions: . Issuing of Internship Certificate: Internship Certificate is an official document and may only be issued under the signatures of Area Managers/Country Head or authorized officers 9 . external training consultants may be invited to conduct training programs exclusively for BAL employees.Eligibility: Candidates for internships should be graduates or should be studying for a graduate degree. INTERNSHIP POLICY Internship Policy: Bank Alfalah offers internship positions to eligible students from well known educational institutions. educational institutions and to the community as a whole. Major objectives of offering these positions are: To provide practical training and exposure to intending interns as a service to students. as per guidelines issued by HRD. Approval Authority: Location Internship at Branches / Area Offices Internship at Head Office Division / Product Department Approval Authority Area Manager/Country Head (Internship letter.

500 ..750 27. Those officials. Since this facility is only meant for emergencies.500 . Approval shall be obtained from the Departmental Head/ Branch Manager and forwarded to HRD. Driver’s Maint.800 6.000 1.250 1.000 20.1. 350 550 800 1. If the staff member is proceeding on leave and next payday falls during vacation period. Copies of Internship Evaluation Form and Internship Certificate should be retained in Branch/Unit files for future reference.000 3.000 20.000 33.000 10. Salary & allowances of each employee is a confidential matter.500 1. Advance against Salary: Employees in need of funds for an emergency may be allowed advance against salary for the current month to be adjusted in full on disbursement of salary.500 88. branches are advised to ensure that all salary amendments must reach HRD latest by 20th of every month as per. must treat such information as confidential. All. a staff member may avail this facility only twice during a calendar year under the following conditions.600 2.000 50. who due to reasons of procedural expediency. In order to disburse salary on time.500 2.000 House 1.400 8.400 2. are in the knowledge of salary particulars of their colleagues..500 4.000 16. . 3. 500 750 1.250 47.1. Their failure to do so may result in disciplinary proceedings against them.Salary and allowances of officers and executives of the Bank are as follows: (All Amounts in PKR): Range Basic I II III IV V VI VII VIII 3. Moreover.000 5.750 9.500 Telep.500 8.500 10 . no staff member may be allowed to make a habit for applying for such advance. All.000 Conv. No other branch or office of the Bank is authorized to issue Internship Certificate.000 25.000 12.000 4.000 2. weekends and public holidays falling during this period will also be considered as part of leave without pay.1..000 Util.200 1.200 3. Gross Resid.750 Furnit.at HRD.000 13. SALARY ALLOWANCES & BENEFITS FOR PAKISTAN Introduction: Staff monthly salary is to be disbursed before the end of each month usually on 26th/27th of the month.000 20. including allowances and perks. In Case of Emergency: Salary deduction on account of leave without pay will apply to the entire salary package of the concerned employee. As a matter of policy.200 4.500 5.Salary & Allowances for Officers & Executives (Minimum starting pay) .500 5.500 6. .

Reimbursement Limits (for Officers and Executives) (Amounts signify maximum limits payable on a reimbursement basis).000 6.500 115. may be authorized some fuel expense reimbursement.000*** Yes Yes 2.000 500 400 7.500 1.000*** Yes Yes No IX 500** 4.000 26. Cases where monthly expenses of an officer exceed approve limits should be referred.500 - 7. ( duly recommended by his / her supervising officer) to concerned Assistant Executive-In-Charge. whose job function necessitates extensive travel. All such cases should be forwarded to HRD by concerned branch (duly recommended by Area Manager/Unit Head) for processing. approval and record keeping.500 5.900 Any supervisory Position Clerical Assistant / Cashier / 3.IX 65. 11 .400 350 300 5.500 Salary & Allowances for Non-Officers (Minimum starting pay): Cadre Basic House Utilities Conveyance Gross Supervisory Secretary / Protocol / 5. High performing staff members.000 5. HRD for obtaining necessary approval & record keeping.000* 800 200 200 3.000 ** Fuel in liters only in cases where Bank car has been provided to concerned officer.200 Technical Staff (Maintenance) / Sweeper / Cleaner .550 Typist / Technical Staff (Maintenance) Non-Clerical Peon / Tea / Office Boy Driver / Guard / Non2. indicating reason.000 2.000*** **** **** No VIII 300** 3. Salary Car fuel Mobile News paper Magazine Club Range (**) Phone Limit (****) (*****) Member(***) ship ^ I No No No No II No No No No III No*** No No No IV 100** No*** No No No V 150** No*** No No No VI 200** No*** No No No VII 250** 2.

p. One time approval of CEO should be obtained for joining fee & monthly subscription in each case.4. **** Allowed only for Branch Managers and Senior Management at HO: One mass circulation & a business paper ^ Bank will provide club memberships of a local club to Executives-in-charge and Area Managers/Country Heads with fixed monthly subscription fees.000 (In specific circumstances.000/. to be advised through HRD.3.000 8. Accommodation: At the discretion of the Bank’s Management.m. Officers transferred to new location at their own request will not be entitled for this allowance):(All amount in PKR per month): Salary Range I – III IV – VI VII Married Officers 6.000 Unmarried Officers 4.000 8. (The CEO may use his discretion to make exceptions to these rules).m.*** A small limit may be allowed on functional basis. indicating reason. furnished or unfurnished accommodation up to reasonable rental value may be provided to senior officers. HRD for obtaining necessary approval & record keeping.p. transferred from their permanent locations to fulfill the Bank’s requirements. Ø Area Managers/Executives-in-Charge Rs. Based on functional requirement.000 6.000 10. Other staff members when transferred out of city of the permanent residence to suit the Bank’s requirements may be entitled to the following additional allowance (this needs prior approval from HRD before transfer is implemented). cellular phone limit for following will be as under :Ø Branch Managers Rs. CEO may approve higher limits) Furniture Facility: . ( duly recommended by his / her supervising officer) to concerned Assistant Executive-In-Charge.Eligibility This facility is admissible to those confirmed Officers in Salary Range IV & above in lieu of Furniture Maintenance Allowance who have completed minimum two year’s service with Bank Alfalah Limited.000/. Entitlement: 12 . for managerial assignments. Cases where monthly expenses of an officer exceed approve limits should be referred.

Officers in Range IV – VI VII VIII IX Amount in Rupees 150.000 General Rules: .per month subject to maintenance of their own mobile phone set.On resignation/termination. This facility will be available based on recommendations from AM/EI and approval from EI HRD.If an officer wishes to avail Furniture Allowance in lieu of Furniture Facility he/she will be eligible to draw a monthly allowance. officers posted in business units such as Car Finance. Other Conditions: .Furniture Allowance. . Approving Authority: Assistant Executive-In-Charge. Credit Marketing. Credit Cards.000 500. if being drawn.000 350. Applicable Withholding Taxes will be deducted from payable amount. to 200 ltrs. .Furniture items provided will be the assets and property of the Bank and will be depreciated on straight line basis as follows:. Mobile Phone Facility: Those who are below salary range VII but due to their functional requirement need mobile phone facility. Home Loans. are allowed payment of Fuel Allowance ranging between 50 ltrs. should be discontinued from the month during which first drawdown is made. 13 . .000 250.1.500/. Agriculture Finance. (based on their functional requirements if recommended by concerned Heads of Division / Departments).Payment to be made directly to the vendor upon production of proper Invoice/Bill by the officer. will be eligible for reimbursement of upto maximum Rs. BDO.The amount sanctioned will be utilized to buy electronics items. Human Resources Division Fuel Allowance: At the discretion of the management. he/she may start drawing “Furniture Allowance” as per rules from the date of adjustment of outstanding balance.Once the amount under furniture limit is fully depreciated (or remaining balance is adjusted by the concerned officer). the officer will have to pay an amount equivalent to book value of the furniture to the Bank against furniture and other items purchased by him/her. carpet curtain and wooden furniture in following proportion:Electronic Items / Carpets & Curtains Furniture Items 75% of the sanctioned amount 25% of the sanctioned amount .

to be used by them for office-cum personal use. Repair & Maintenance: Maintenance costs of Bank cars allotted to the Executives/Officers will be borne by the Bank. 14 . or on being promoted to such salary range.000 25. Asst.000 15.) based on their functional requirement. Executives-in-Charge.000 Management of the Bank may allow Bank car facility (1000 c. Entitlement Types of cars and fuel entitlement for various salary ranges are detailed below: Salary Range VII VIII IX Type of Car 1300 CC 1300 CC GL or Equivalent 1500 CC / 1300 CC Fuel Limit (In liters) 250 300 500 Bank Maintained Yes Yes Yes Allowance in PKR per month 35.000 3.000 20. Product Heads. Area Managers may also avail additional 100 liters fuel in addition to their fuel entitlement mentioned in above (upto maximum 500 liters).c. Officer Position Executives-in-charge Area Managers Product Heads Assistant Executives-in-charge Branch Managers Chief Cashiers Tellers/Cash Officers Bank Car Facility Objective: The objective of the Bank car facility is to provide Bank’s maintained transport facility to the Bank’s senior officers.) plus fuel upto 200 liters per month to officers in salary range VI.c. Area Managers and Executives-in-Charge may be paid Title Allowance till such time they hold these positions. Eligibility Bank Car: Eligibility Bank car will be provided to Executives in range VII & above upon joining the Bank’s service.000 2.Title Allowance: Branch Managers.000 10. Second Car for Executives-in-Charges and Area Managers: Executives-in-Charges and Area Managers will be eligible to have second car (1300 c. based on their functional requirements if recommended by Executives-in-Charge/Area Manager.

Details of this facility are available with HRD.000 15. Detailed policy guidelines are available in HRD record.000 Reimbursement of Professional Courses Fee: Bank Alfalah encourages its officers and staff to enhance their professional competence to meet the growing challenges of the financial industry.000 75. all payments made in respect of above will have to be refunded to the bank by the said employee. An employee will contribute an amount equivalent to one month’s basic salary in a year (8. Employee Provident Fund Scheme. Staff Insurance: 15 .000 3rd Attempt Onwards 10.000 2nd Attempt 30. Part of the cost of registration/admission/exam fees will be reimbursed to those employees who undertake and successfully complete higher degrees and professional courses related to banking and finance (from recognized institutions) to improve their competence and qualifications. Special cash awards/Ex-gratis/Bonuses may be paid based on outstanding performance with the approval of CEO.Profit Bonus/Special Cash Prize: Profit Bonus will be paid to the employees as and when declared by the Bank’s Management. Cash Award on Passing Institute of Bankers Diploma Exams: Bank Alfalah. as detailed below: Stage of IBP Diploma I II III 1st Attempt 50. Membership of PF Scheme will be automatically cancelled on the last working day of the notice period. the syllabus of which has recently been upgraded and expanded to include additional subjects important for professional bankers. based on guidelines provided in the respective bonus circular.000 75.000 50. Towards that end. In case an employee resign within one year of last payment received. it has been decided to award cash prizes to those employees who pass the said exams. as a matter of policy encourages its employees to appear for the IBP Diploma Exams.000 100. Provident Fund (PF): All permanent confirmed employees are eligible for membership of Bank Alfalah Ltd. PF Deduction: PF deduction will continue to be made from monthly salary even if an employee has resigned and is working during the notice period.33% of monthly basic salary) towards the Provident Fund Scheme and an equivalent amount will be contributed by the Bank.000 25.

upto the age of 65 years. They will be eligible only if they are fully dependent and live with the officer. The Bank’s Management may decide. Life Insurance Coverage: All employees of the Bank. Group Mortgage Insurance Coverage for Conveyance Finance: Lives of Clerical and Non-Clerical Staff members are covered up to the outstanding Conveyance Finance liability with the Bank which would be taken over by the Insurance Company and no liability will be borne by the family of the deceased.000. living with parents will be allowed insurance facility without age limit. Various features relating to these policies are subject to amendment from time to time. will be covered under the Group Life Insurance arranged through insurance company as per following details. to apply some or all of the benefits of any of these policies to staff engaged on contractual basis.000. at its discretion.000.The Bank has arranged the following types of insurance for its full time staff.000 16 . • Unmarried / Widowed / Divorced daughters. Dependents: • In case of working spouse (if not covered under insurance from his/her employer). Category A B C Range IX & above VII – VIII IV – VI Sum Assured in PKR 5. Group Mortgage Insurance Coverage: Lives of Employees of the Bank are covered upto the outstanding balance of House Finance liability (in the name of concerned employee or spouse) with the Bank would be taken over by the Insurance Company and no liability will be borne by the family of the deceased (subject to completion of certain formalities required by the insurance company). Benefits currently available are briefly introduced below: Hospitalization Insurance Coverage: Spouse and Children: • All regular employees and only those contractual employees who are 60 years and above and are on Bank’s payroll and have submitted Hospitalization Insurance Form to insurance company are covered under hospitalization insurance arranged through Bank’s approved Insurance Company. at its own expense. • Working parents are not considered “dependents” and therefore are not entitled for coverage.000 3. who are on Bank’s payroll (whether in regular or contractual employment). • All contractual employees (below 60 years of age) who are on bank’s payroll will also be eligible for Hospitalization Insurance (for self only). will be eligible for coverage from the Bank.000 2.

lab tests and consultation fee subject to the following. regular employees. Uniform for Non-Clerical & Maintenance Staff: All Non-clerical and Maintenance staff is provided uniform as per following details:Season Summer Winter Clothing Item Pairs of socks Pairs of shoes Two safari suits Two One One suit (jacket & trousers) with two Four One 17 . a special arrangement has been made with the insurers whereby they will arrange for annual medical checkup of all officers in salary ranges VII and above. their parents.500.000 . . In case of disability.D E I – III Non-officers 1. benefit will be paid according to percentage of disability as per schedule provided by the insurance company.000. doctor’s prescriptions etc.In addition to life coverage.Disability due to sickness and accident as per schedule of disability Follow-up Treatment: In addition to the above. Arrangements have also been made to get medical checkup done for certain job applicants if so decided by HRD. If the treatment expenses for one month are equivalent to 10% or more of the monthly Basic Salary of the concerned employee.Death due to any cause . Coverage: . spouses and children suffering from serious illness (see list below) will be entitled for reimbursements of cost of medicines.The insurance policy is subject to conditions and exclusions provided by the insurance company details of which shall be maintained by the Human Resources Division.000 1. the Bank will has also obtained coverage for permanent disability due to accident and sickness up to the age of 60 years. If the treatment is likely to continue for a minimum period of six months or more. List of Diseases Eligible for Follow-up Treatment  Cardiovascular  Multiple  Tuberculosis disorders Scleroses  Strokes  Hepatitis B & C  Cancer  Major burns Medical Checkup: In addition to hospitalization cover. These claims will be lodged to HRD on Follow-up Expenses Claim Form as per along with medical bills.

• Period of any overseas posting other than with Bank Alfalalh Limited will be excluded from the total service for calculation and payment of gratuity. Social Security Contributions. and for the payment of taxes. etc. HRD keeps all units of the Bank informed of the PA system and procedure currently in use. except for deduction of taxes at source. no gratuity will be payable. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM Introduction: Bank Alfalah’s performance appraisal system is improved and upgraded from time to time in line with the Bank’s requirements. • Unpaid study leave or long leave without pay will not be considered for payment of Gratuity or any other benefit. as per the rules and provisions of the relevant statutes (if applicable).The employee or his/her family may retain Bank’s car (if provided) on book value or 10% of the original purchase price whichever is higher (only in case of death or retirement) provided the employee has spent at least four years service with the bank. Further. Other Regulatory Requirements: The HRD will ensure deductions of Employees’ Old Age Benefit Contributions. . Gratuity Payment: • If period of service is less than 05 years. • If period of service is 05 years and above. depositing the same with the concerned authorities.Provident Fund (Own + Bank) plus investment income. Objectives of Performance Appraisal: 18 . Education Cess. and of other statutory dues. periodic monitoring and final appraisals.shirts End Service Benefits: BAL employees are entitled to the following end of service benefits: . and providing a salary and tax certificate for the tax year to the concerned employees. as well as with industry practices.Encashment of un-availed Privilege Leave (only in case of death / termination / Voluntary Severance Scheme) . Income Tax Liability: Employees are personally responsible for preparation and submission of their personal income tax and any other personal taxation returns and reports. for the period of overseas posting with Bank Alfalah Limited any local law governing gratuity will be applicable and if he/she is posted back in Pakistan the period of overseas posting with Bank Alfalah Limited shall be excluded provided gratuity is paid according to the local laws of overseas posting. The Bank undertakes no responsibility or liability in this respect. submitting required statements to the income tax department. Units are also notified deadlines for goal setting. gratuity will be payable equivalent to one month’s basic salary (last drawn) for each completed year of service.

Role of Immediate Supervisor and Branch Manager / Unit Head: Detailed guidelines are issued by HRD by the end of each year regarding Performance Appraisal of all employees for the year. Appraisal exercise is done only for those employees who have completed six months’ service with the Bank on 31st December and whose appraisal forms have been received from their respective offices within the specified time limit The extent of salary increases will depend on the system and formulae adopted by the Bank’s Management for the year in question. Some weight-age is also given to evaluation of enabling personal skills and personality traits. . . .Improving the performance of the Bank and its staff members.. Award of Bonus(es): Provide a basis for Promotion to higher salary ranges and functional responsibilities.Laying a solid foundation for relationships between staff and management.Clarifying performance targets for all. is carried out once a year during the first quarter of every year. salaries of certain key staff members may be adjusted during the appraisal exercise. which is based on previous year’s performance. based on their current assignment. assignment and career path. With reference to salary levels prevalent in the Bank and in the marketplace. . To reward high performance during the period under review. The Bank’s performance appraisal (PA) system is primarily based on goal setting in the beginning of a year.Using the process for career planning and professional development of staff. Salary Increments/Adjustments & Performance Bonus(es) : Review of salary and allowances.Requirements emanating from operating units for staff of higher seniority to suit their operational needs. using standardized performance appraisal forms at the end of the year. This will be done in consultation with concerned Branch Manager/Area Manager/Executive-inCharges. Promotion Procedure: 19 .Review of salary. Promotion to Higher Grades: Promotion to higher grades depends upon the following three factors: .Bank’s overall policy of promoting certain number of people in specified salary ranges to maintain a balance between numbers of employees in various ranges. monitoring by supervising officers on bi-annual basis and final evaluation. as listed in the Appraisal Form. . performance bonuses may be awarded to deserving officers based on their performance rating.

Recommendations for issue of Power of Attorney should be forwarded to HRD on prescribed format by branches / units. by judiciously reorganizing the workflow. Executive-in-Charge (EI). For promotion to Ranges I. Head of Dept. CEO CEO 2nd Interview Concerned EI Concerned EI ----3rd Interview --EI – HRD ----- Succession Planning: The HRD. Area Manager (AM). duly recommended by concerned Area Managers / Executive In-charge. which are The promotion procedure revolves around the following two to be completed and recorded as described below. need for additional Power of Attorney holders can be reduced. Appropriate training and grooming actions should be undertaken for identified successors by Branch/Area/Unit management as well as by HRD/TDC.activities. V & VI Ranges VII & VIII 1st Interview BM / CM BM / CM AM 2nd Interview AM AM 3rd Interview EI – HRD CEO & / or EI – St. V & VI Ranges VII & VIII Range IX 1st Interview Head of Dept. II & III Ranges IV. Planning Promotion interviews for Head Office staff will be conducted as follows: For promotion to Ranges I. shall maintain succession plans for key positions in the Bank. 20 . Promotion Interview: Interviews for promotions to specified positions in the branches will be conducted by one or more of the following officers of the Bank as elaborated below: Branch Manager (BM)/Chief Manager (CM). II & III Ranges IV. in consultation with all EIs and AMs. keeping in view the risks attached with issuance of these powers to employees with inadequate experience or skills. At times. POWERS OF ATTORNEY Issuance of Power of Attorney: Issuance of Power of Attorney is a matter requiring serious attention.

this document may be sent to the new place of posting. Authorization: 21 . to be credited on pro rata basis to each employee’s leave account on 1st January of each year. HRD will arrange circulation of Specimen Signature and serial number of the concerned officer. the P. For BAL Management Trainee Officers. In case of officer’s transfer to an other branch. a definite need is identified. On receipt of circular. Delegation of authority for issuance of Powers of Attorney is as under:Category Branch / Dept. over one year of experience (after training) may be considered adequate. confirmed employees with a minimum three years’ of banking experience should be recommended for issue of PA. word “Cancelled” may be marked on the signature of said attorney holder.If on careful examination by a Branch Manager and review by concerned Area Office. On resignation/termination/death of an attorney holder. will be calculated on a pro rata basis. It would be the responsibility of Branch Manager/Head of Unit at Head Office to keep the Specimen Signature Booklet updated. This entitlement is spread over a few categories of leave. In case of resignation/termination PA document may be sent to HRD for cancellation. Specimen Signature Booklet: Once Power of Attorney is approved by CEO and attested by the competent court. Normally. HRD will arrange cancellation of Specimen Signature of the concerned officer through circular. AM / EI HRD Officers R R R (R = Recommend) (A = Approve) CEO A Once Power of Attorney is approved by the CEO and attested by the competent court. candidates for award of Bank’s Power of Attorney should be selected very carefully. It may be noted that all Power of Attorney holders must write Authorized Signature Number invariably wherever they sign any instrument or official correspondence. as elaborated below: Privilege Leave (PL): 30 days with full pay in a calendar year. document will be sent to the concerned Branch/Unit for safe custody. on completion of one year’s service with the Bank are entitled to certain number of days’ leave in a calendar year. Maximum PL balance for any employee cannot exceed 60 days. LEAVE RULES All employees of the Bank including contractual staff.A. New Joiners: PL balance of those joining during the year.

For this purpose. under the supervision of the Head of each unit. Availment: The employees must avail at least 15 days’ continuous leave from the available privilege leave balance during a calendar year. upon return. or bereavement in immediate family.All PL should be availed after obtaining approval from the sanctioning authority. Leave application in such cases should be accompanied by a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner 22 . New Joiners: SL balance of those joining during the year. During notice period if an employee has resigned. to be credited on pro rata basis to each employee’s leave account on 1st January of each year. Authorization: For medical situations. SL should be availed after obtaining approval from the sanctioning authority. Casual Leave (CL): 10 days in a calendar year. Disciplinary action may be taken against employees who frequently absent themselves from duty on the pretext of CL without even informing the sanctioning authority. will be calculated on a pro rata basis. Maximum SL balance for any employee cannot exceed 16 days at any point of time. Authorization: All CL should be availed after obtaining approval from the sanctioning authority. In such cases. and a copy forwarded to HRD for record. Outstanding balance of CL as of December 31 shall lapse as un-availed CL cannot be carried forward to next year. by the morning of intended leave. Availment: CL should normally be for only one day at a time. no privilege leave will be allowed even if the leave shows credit balance. will be calculated on a pro rata basis. Only in cases of personal emergencies. a leave roster for the entire staff strength of each unit must be drawn. Sick Leave (SL): Eight days in a calendar year. the concerned employee should submit a leave application form giving due explanation. to be credited to each employee’s leave account on 1st January of each year. may an employee be allowed CL up to three days at one time. New Joiners: CL balance of those joining during the year. However in case of emergency the concerned employee must inform the sanctioning authority by phone or fax (etc).

Where a medical certificate is not submitted with the leave application for one day leave. of maximum 12 weeks i. 23 . deduction will be made from Privilege Leave balance. an employee availing SL must inform his/her sanctioning authority as soon as possible of his/her intention of availing SL. Any leave without Medical Certificate will be considered as C/ L or P/ L. Upon resumption of duty.Availment: In cases of emergencies. Sanction of Leave: Authority for sanction of leave will be vested as under:Applicant Branch Staff Branch Manager Area office Staff Area Managers Head Office Staff EI / Dept. on full pay. deduction will be made from the balance of Casual Leave. This certificate must be issued by a registered medical practitioner. maternity leave may be combined with balance of P/L or S/L due to the staff member. Unpaid Study Leave / Leave without Pay (LWP): Leave without pay for more than one month and unpaid study leave will be approved by EI – HRD based on merit of each case. Head Approving Authority Branch Manager / Chief Manager Area Manager (under advise to HRD) Area Manager CEO EI / Head of Dept. Availment: If requested by the employee and supported by a medical certificate.e. up to six weeks leave prior to delivery and at least six weeks after the baby is delivered. a leave application form must be submitted to the sanctioning authority duly supported by medical certificate for approval of the sanctioning authority. For leave availment of two or more days. Authorization: Maternity leave should be availed after submitting leave application together with medical certificate / medical records and obtaining approval from the sanctioning authority. Detailed guidelines are available with HRD. CEO Application for Maternity Leave and Leave without Pay must be processed for approval through HRD. Maternity Leave (ML): All married female employees subject to completion of four months service are entitled to maternity leave.

In case of doubt. At the end of each month the officer maintaining leave records must go through the attendance register to counter-check that all ‘absences’ or ‘leaves’ marked against various employees are supported by leave applications and other documents. and senior officers authorizing it. the fact must be highlighted in the leave application form for specific approval of the sanctioning authority. Objectives of Official Travel: Before official travel is contemplated and authorization obtained. Lahore All sanctioning authorities should forward approved leave applications and joining reports to concerned offices as listed above for record keeping purposes. Permission to Leave Station: Where an employee proceeding on leave intends to travel outside his place of posting. TRANSFER TRAVEL & BAGGAGE RULES Eligibility.Leave Record: Proper leave records should be maintained for all employees at their respective establishments according to the prescribed format. Employees contemplating official travel. Optional Leave (Festival Leave): Optional leave can be availed by the employees only if announced by the State Bank of Pakistan. Maintenance of leave records in doen as follows: Applicant Branch Staff Branch / Chief Manager Area offices Area Managers All Head Office Staff Card Division Record Maintained at Concerned Branch Area Offices Area Offices HRD HRD Card Division. Authorization for Official Travel: 24 . as required. the employee initiating travel plans. Expenses relating to accompanying family members will not be admissible except on permanent transfers. a thorough evaluation of travel plans may be called for. Authorization & Other Conditions: Stipulations of these rules relate to official travel on the Bank’s business and applies to the Bank’s employees only. should ensure that expected benefits from planned travel outweigh the costs related to such travel. should identify clear and specific objectives that the visit is expected to achieve.

whether by air. Prior to undertaking travel. concerned officers must obtain written approval from Authorizing Officers on “Travel Authorization Form” and forward a copy of the same to the office(s) responsible for purchase of travel tickets and arranging hotel accommodation. road or rail. senior officers of the Bank should not travel together in groups of more than three people. Mode of Travel: Entitlement for travel by various modes of travel is as follows: Air Travel: Class of Travel Designation Domestic International Range IX & above Business Class Business Class Range VIII Business Class Economy Class Others Economy Class Economy Class As far as possible the concerned officers should travel by direct routes and without any stopovers for personal reasons. exceptions may be allowed after obtaining approval from EI HRD. Hotel Accommodation: Staff Range IX VIII VII IV – VI I – III Domestic 5 Star 4 Star 4 Star 3 Star 2 Star / Guest House 25 International 4 Star 3 Star 3 Star 3 Star 2 Star . Senior Officers Traveling Together: As a precautionary measure. This applies to all means of transport. In extra-ordinary circumstances. prior approval from CEO will be required. Exceptions and Deviations: Strict adherence to these guidelines should be ensured by Authorizing Officers.Authorization for official travel and related expenses may be granted (on ‘Travel Authorization Form’) by the following authorizing officers:For Area Managers / EI All employees working in their respective Branches and Area Offices Employees working in their Divisions / Departments Approving Authority CEO Area Managers EI Whenever an “Authorizing Officer” (other than CEO or EI Strategic Planning) wishes to arrange a meeting for which more than three participants need to undertake travel.

000/2. as applicable) for the staff member. they will only use the hotel for bed and breakfast facility (if included with room rate). For the purpose of calculating Daily Allowance.000/1. The following per day cash allowance will be admissible to them in lieu of lunch.500/1. tips.50/1. However. Range I .250/- Traveling on Retirement from Service: An employee who retires from the service of the Bank will be reimbursed admissible one-way traveling costs for self and family members plus cost of luggage transfer for his/her journey from last place of posting to his/her permanent place of residence in Pakistan as recorded in his/her personal file at HRD. laundry etc. food and refreshments.500/2.VI VII & Above Amount in PKR per Day 7. Tickets: Air tickets (or railway or coach tickets. Cost of local transport while on outstation duty may be claimed separately on the ‘Travel Expenses Claim Form’.000/1. Daily Allowance rates are as follows: Staff Range IX VIII VII IV – VI I – III Clerical Staff Non-Clerical staff Domestic (Amount in PKR) 3.Clerical Staff Non-Clerical staff Daily Allowance: Rs 500/Rs 250/- - Employees who do not wish to use hotel accommodation can claim a daily-allowance to cover cost of hotel accommodation. dinner. only the number of nights away from home base should be counted. Insurance Value of Personal Effects: 26 . They will avail hotel accommodation usually in hotels/guest houses pre-selected jointly by Audit Division and HRD.000/500/250/International (Amount in USD) 100/75/60/50/25/- Audit Officers’ Cash Allowance during Audit Duty: Special arrangements have been made for audit officers on audit duty. telephone calls etc.III IV. laundry. spouse and dependent children.

The maximum value of an officer’s personal effects on which the Bank will pay the premium shall be as under:Range VII & above IV – VI I – III Non-officers Amount in PKR 2. Approving Authority for Staff Finance: 27 .000.for officers (whichever is higher). no relocation allowance will be payable. General Principles: Staff finance facilities are to be allowed by the Bank on a case to case basis and cannot be claimed by employees as a matter of right. STAFF FINANCE POLICY Introduction: The Bank provides financing facilities to its regular employees (not contractual employees) under the following headings: Housing finance Conveyance finance Car loan for Branch Managers (in addition to Bank car) Personal finance General information and terms and conditions pertaining to these facilities and applicable to all such facilities are given below.000 1. 20 ft. The aggregate amount of monthly repayment(s) of all outstanding finance(s) availed by a staff member should not exceed 50% of gross monthly salary.5. the Bank will pay 50% of monthly basic salary to an employee under transfer.000 500. If the transfer is affected at the request of officer.000.500. Container Size 40 ft.000/. 10.000 1. with a minimum payment of Rs. Transportation Personal Effects: Range VII & above Other officers Relocation Expense: To meet extra-ordinary expenses caused by a permanent inter-city transfer.for non-officers & Rs.000 The insurance of personal effects will be arranged by Establishment & Administration Division through approved insurance companies.000/.

HRD is to keep a tab on the fund availability situation . repeat house finance facility may be considered after seven years of the a ailment of the first finance for the purpose of acquiring better or alternative accommodation due to significant change in individual circumstances. to suit the requirements of the Bank under the following circumstances i. Personal Branch/Unit R R R R Area Mgr. Eligibility Criteria: For new employees without any previous banking or other professional experience: Three years-uninterrupted services with Bank Alfalah Ltd. where an incumbent was entitled for housing loan at his/her immediate previous organization but did not avail this facility. Repeat Loan: In principle. If any enhancement(s) was availed by a staff member the seven year period will be calculated from date of last 28 . including one year with Bank Alfalah. Mgr. The Bank’s (CEO) retains his discretion to make exceptions to lay down policy and criteria./ EI A A A A HRD A* A* -A* R = Recommend A = Approve A* = For HO Staff approving authority will be EI / AEI – HRD Housing Finance: Housing finance applications received from eligible employees would be reviewed on a case to case basis within the guidelines contained in the text below. For experienced staff members: Total five years. In this case if the loan is to be allowed. All house finance applications received will be considered subject to availability of funds up to the extent of 1% of total deposit of the Bank as per the Bank’s balance sheet at the end of previous quarter. However. housing finance facility will be available to eligible staff only once during the entire service with the Bank. it may be sanctioned after confirmation of applicant’s services. This facility will be available to staff members for purchase or construction of residential accommodation for their personal use. Any other exceptions necessitated by extra-ordinary circumstances. Where an incumbent has already availed housing loan from the previous organization and wishes to avail this facility. The repeat loan facility will be for the purchase of a better property only and not for repair. renovation or extension of existing property.Type of Finance Housing Conveyance Special Conveyance For Br. Only full time regular employment will be taken into account (internship.e. article ship or part time job will not be considered as previous experience).

Repayment: Total outstanding House Finance plus markup should be adjusted within 20 Years from the date of disbursement or before the age of retirement whichever comes first.750 0. If an employee wishes to avail full loan amount.500 29 .000 6.000 10.enhancement or if loan was taken over from previous employers then from the date of sanction of the loan in previous organization. in case of promotion to officer’s cadre.000 4.000 Manager Above 3. he/she will have to undertake to repay outstanding balance in lump sum upon his/her leaving the Bank. Finance Entitlement Officers: 100 Basic Salaries.Markup Free: However.000 Manager 2.000 5.000 2.000 Manager Non-Officers:.000 M – 3.000 0. The repeat finance facility may be allowed as per the revised entitlement less current outstanding amount.500 3. from the date of promotion. In case recovery period is less than 20 years and loan installments exceed 50% of gross salary. and one-year after the Markup per annum 3% 4% 5% Amount in million 2. Recovery of the installments shall commence three months after disbursement of House finance in case of purchase of an already built house/flat. subject to the following amount whichever is less:Range I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX Non-Officers:Clerical Non-clerical Markup: Officers:Loan amount Up to 2.000 8. amount of loan may be reduced. markup will be charged at specified rates applicable.000 7.

Conveyance Finance Eligibility: Minimum continuous confirmed service of one year with Bank Alfalah Ltd. together with mark-up in full. the amount of the monthly installment will be increased to ensure complete recovery of the outstanding amount with mark-up up to retirement.Six months if the concerned staff remains out of regular employment CEO of the Bank may grant exceptions to these rules to suit the Bank’s need. For Head Office. Finance Limit: Market price of a vehicle to be acquired under the Bank’s conveyance finance scheme is to be established by concerned staff member and Chief Manager / Branch Manager of concerned branch on the basis of three alternative price quotations.disbursement of the first draw down of the finance. HRD will coordinate this process. who has drawn one or more trenches of staff housing finance. resigns from the service of the Bank. If the above mentioned conditions cannot be fulfilled. This will be subject to the principle of maximum deduction level of 50% of gross salary as explained above.Three months period if the concerned staff switches over to another job . Installments shall be recovered from the monthly salary of the staff. the Bank shall have the discretion to reduce the amount sanctioned to the concerned staff member. Officers in Salary Range IV: 30 . the total balance outstanding against him/her. In cases where the number of remaining months of service up to staff’s retirement age of 60 fall short of the maximum repayment period (240 months). shall become immediately due and recovered in lump sum forthwith. The Management of the Bank at its discretion may decide to give the concerned staff member a reasonable time period for repayment of the finance. or his/her services are dispensed with before complete recovery of the advance. or if it is observed that the staff will not be able to repay the outstanding amount upon his/her retirement. The Bank may start charging commercial markup rate on such advances after a grace period as follows:. The staff will ensure regular deduction of monthly installments from his/her salary from the due date as provided above. Clerical/Non-Clerical Staff: For purchase of a new Motor cycle (local assembled) up to 100 cc capacity Officers in Salary Ranges I to III: For purchase of a new Motor cycle (local assembled) up to 125 cc capacity. In such a case. in case the house is to be constructed. A case may arise where a staff member.

For purchase of a new motor car (local assembled) up to 800 cc or equivalent (may be allowed immediately after confirmation). The vehicle is not more than five years old. Car Finance for Branch Managers: Branch Managers. It is permitted under these rules for an employee to purchase a second hand vehicle provided the following conditions are met: The amount of finance is within the limits set under this policy. the amount outstanding shall be repayable/recovered in lump sum including mark-up. Members of staff who are provided with Bank’s car are not eligible for conveyance finance (except Branch Managers). with a gap of at least 5 years between two applications. or up to the age of 60 whichever is less. if any. General Rules: Conveyance finance facility will be available to the eligible staff during their service with the Bank. The concerned Chief Manager / Branch Manager have personally verified that the price of the vehicle conforms to its market value. but not before the expiry of three years in case of motor cycle finance and five years in case of car finance. Change of vehicle under a fresh financing facility may be allowed before the expiry of the total period of finance. Markup: For Non-Officers For Officers Repayment: Conveyance financing is to be repaid in 72 equal monthly installments for motor cycles and 108 equal monthly installments for motor cars. If the staff resigns/retires or his/her services are otherwise terminated before complete recovery of the finance. The vehicle shall be comprehensively insured in favor of the Bank by the employee concerned up to the amount of finance disbursed. immediately before his/her dues are settled. in addition to using a Bank car as per rules. Security: The vehicle shall be hypothecated to the Bank and the Bank’s name shall be endorsed on the registration book. Monitoring office will ensure that proper insurance is obtained before the vehicle is put to regular use. as laid down below: Markup Free 5% per annum 31 . may get authorization for car finance under the Bank’s ‘Conveyance Finance Scheme’. Officers in Salary Range V & VI: For purchase of a new motor car (local assembled) up to 1000 cc or equivalent (may be allowed immediately after confirmation).

If the Branch Manager resigns/retires or his/her services are otherwise terminated before complete recovery of the finance. the amount outstanding shall be repayable/recovered in lump sum including mark-up. The vehicle shall be comprehensively insured in favor of the Bank by the employee concerned up to the amount of finance disbursed.a. Personal Finance Eligibility: Minimum confirmed service of one year with Bank Alfalah Ltd. Branch Managers heading the Bank’s branches. Monitoring office will ensure that proper insurance is obtained before the vehicle is put to regular use. 50. 50. Repayment: Conveyance financing is to be repaid in 108 equal monthly installments. Entitlement: Three months Gross Salary subject to the following maximum limits:Officers For personal needs Rs. Finance Limit: For purchase of a new motor car (local assembled) up to 1000 cc or equivalent (may be allowed immediately after confirmation). immediately before his/her dues are settled. Markup: 5% p. Security: The vehicle shall be hypothecated to the Bank and the Bank’s name shall be endorsed on the registration book. if any.000/= 32 .000/= or 50% of entitlement only Total Rs. 100.000/= or 50% of entitlement For educational needs Rs.Eligibility: Chief Managers. General Rules: No additional facilities of fuel or maintenance will be provided by the Bank for the vehicle acquired under this scheme.

000/= or 50% of entitlement Officers For educational needs Rs. as described below. will not be admissible. Repayment: Rapid 18 equal monthly installments. SBP circulars.000/= Markup: 5% p.NonFor personal needs Rs.a. All employees are encouraged to make use of these initiatives and channels to keep themselves informed of what is going on in the Bank.000/= or 50% of entitlement only Total Rs. 25. Expenses on stationery and transport etc. Branches and units are to assist and encourage Bank’s employees in using internal communication facilities. Topping up of the facility is not allowed if full entitlement is availed. Employee Service Rules. Towards this end. Security: Demand Promissory Note and usual Charge Documents INTERNAL COMMUNICATION Bank Alfalah believes in promoting open. Efforts will continue to open up new channels of communication as and when feasible. within the laid down general principles and guidelines. it can be re-availed after a waiting period of three months. Normal 36 equal monthly installments. as well as to enhance their professional skills and knowledge. Request of Personal Finance for educational needs of staff members’ children must be supported by copies of receipts of tuition fees and relevant course books. a number of initiatives have been launched. General Rules: Upon full adjustment of Personal Finance. All this information will be 33 . 25. intended to serve as the internal store-house for all commonly used information like Internal Circulars. It is suggested that branch management committees in all branches take special measures to encourage internal communication within the unit and with other units of the Bank. Applications for personal finance will be considered on a case to case basis. Overall performance of branches/units is greatly enhanced by engendering a culture of caring and sharing and opening channels of internal communication. Alfalah Newsletter etc. 50. aimed at furthering their careers. direct and honest communication among all units and individuals of the Bank. Bank’s Web-site: The Bank’s website has a link to the Alfalah Intranet.

either in electronic or in paper format.Encourage mutual interaction and team work. wherever feasible. employees should start using e-mail instead of courier / telephone. The Mentors are supposed to play a role in induction / orientation of new joiners and guiding and coaching younger age group employees in terms of guidelines issued by HRD. All units must ensure that staff members have access to the newsletter. .I. process flow.T.Encourage evolution of a positive culture within the branch / unit. Mentor Mentoring Program in Bank Alfalah is aimed at helping freshly inducted staff members in the Bank to integrate and settle down in their respective assignments as happy and productive employees in the shortest possible time. expense control. However. Monthly Branch / Unit Meetings: All Branches and Units of the Bank should hold monthly meetings involving all staff during the first week of each month. Division must be adhered to. The overall responsibility for this outcome rests with the management of respective branches/units. Training & Development Centers at Karachi and Lahore.organized and updated by concerned Head Office Divisions/Departments. Mentors at Branch Level: Every branch of BAL must have a designated Mentor. covering news from all around the Bank during the previous week. Management of branches and units should arrange to draw agendas of these meetings in advance and get minutes prepared for each meeting. nominated jointly by Branch Manager. Area Manager & E. BAL Newsletter: BAL Newsletter is an electronic magazine issued by HRD. . E-Mail Facility: In the interest of speed and efficiency. While using e-mail facility. conduct appropriately designed ‘Induction & Orientation Courses’ for new joiners. Objective of these meetings are to: . All employees are encouraged to visit the Intranet Site frequently to keep themselves abreast of day to day activities of the Bank’s various functions. and HRD. HRD. working conditions etc. The said courses are offered 34 . one officer in each branch/unit has been nominated to play the role of a ‘Mentor’ for new joiners. like customer service. e-mail guidelines issued by the I. Large branches / units may hold these meetings broken department wise. to help them in the process.Focus on areas of work that need improvement. All employees are encouraged to contribute note-worthy events at their respective offices through their mentors or managers.I. These officers have been nominated by respective Branch Managers/Unit Heads with the concurrence of concerned Area Manager/E.

Job description & career orientation: A ‘Mentor’ should also see that within the shortest possible time a written job description for the new hire is drawn (based on standardized JDs provided by HRD) and discussed with him/her. fax). 6. Beyond this period. identify training needs of new joiners in consultation with their immediate supervisors. as well as an introduction with all existing staff members of the unit. 2. the said staff members may continue to go to mentors for advice. does arrange a detailed briefing on the duties he/she is supposed to perform. Training needs of the entire staff of the unit are to be intimated to Training & Dev. Within the first few weeks. Induction & orientation of new employees: This would be done personally by the concerned ‘Mentor’ soon after the new joiner has reported to the Head of the Branch or Unit. the ‘Mentor’ and/or the concerned Departmental Head should hold a career briefing session with the new joiner. photocopier. orientation and integration of the new employees in the Bank is given below: 1. personal hygiene. nomination for special assignments or for seats vacated by departing employees. Explaining the appraisal process: Special pains need to be taken by ‘Mentors’ to explain to the new joiners all relevant details of the appraisal process in order 35 . Sponsorship. This may mean membership of special project committees. The Ten Commandments of ‘Mentoring’: A brief description of activities and initiatives aimed at proper induction. Keeping in line with the minimum requirement of two days’ in a year for all staff. and nomination for training courses. their interaction will not fall under the regular mentoring program. 4. etiquette. 3. 5. kitchen. being guides and coaches to the new joiners. punctuality. on an ongoing basis. the most relevant training area(s) should be identified. and what actions he/she needs to take to make the best use of opportunities ahead. Mentors must ensure that all new joiners in their branches/units attend these courses ASAP after joining the Bank.every month. This would include a tour of the premises pointing to areas of daily need for staff (like washrooms. outlining what is in store for him with the Bank in the long run. telephone manners and customer service attitude. The Mentors help in this grooming process. both at Karachi and Lahore. Identifying Training & Development Needs: ‘Mentors’ should. Centre by the unit management so that suitable courses can be organized. should keep an eye open for opportunities for learning and growth for the new hires. Coaching in basic workplace manners: It is essential that all new joiners be groomed in basic principles of dress. projection & recognition: Mentors. ‘Mentors’ can help the unit head in this process. Mentors are supposed to systematically interact with new joiners for a period of two years from their joining the Bank. The ‘Mentor’ will also make sure that the Departmental Head where the new joiner is going to be posted. but strictly speaking.

is a specialized activity usually left to seasoned professionals in behavioral sciences. In their day-to-day interaction with new hires. patience and perseverance and empathy towards the new hires. A brief report 36 . This valuable knowledge and understanding should be put to good use by guiding the new hires in tricky areas of their fields of work. 7. 9. but most frequented by staff members.Ensure that standard sized notice boards are installed in each branch / unit. the most fundamental requirements on the part of ‘Mentors’ are positive attitude. However. Standard specifications of the board are: 2. 3.Collect and send to HRD news and pictures for the Bank’s Newsletter (in consultation with branch management) . and by referring them to other colleagues who specialize in fields other than the ‘Mentors’ own areas of expertise. anxieties and feelings of insecurity in the early part of their career. Counseling: Counseling. Membership of various Branch Committees: In view of their scope of activities a ‘Mentor’. Facilitating internal communication: ‘Mentors’ can help in the following manner: . Detailed briefing sessions on the subject of ‘Performance Appraisal’ are periodically arranged for all ‘Mentors’. their signatures obtained on the side margins and photocopy of the same sent to HRD. felt fabric of our logo color. This doesn’t mean that the mentor is an expert in all areas of banking. 10. Systematic interaction with new joiners: ‘Mentors’ are welcome to adopt their own mechanism. Coordination of sports / social events: ‘Mentors’ may be in a good position to help coordinate such events involving the entire staff of the branch / unit.5 by 4 feet. Guiding & coaching: A Mentor’s primary role is that of a guide and a coach. especially related to HR Management in the branch. there is a lot that a ‘Mentor’ can do to alleviate new hires’ worries. as well as a general understanding of most areas of banking. Culture building & socialization: The ‘Mentors’ are supposed to be role models for young new hires to emulate. Proceedings of these meetings should be noted briefly and copies sent to HRD (and a copy endorsed to Branch Manager / Unit Head) Areas for further involvement of ‘Mentors’: 1. . to put it all together. becomes a natural choice for membership of committees formed to achieve branch objectives.Ensure that all HO circulars are circulated among all staff. 2. soft-board based. in its true sense. To become effective counselors. they should conduct an informal briefing session with all new joiners once every month. 8. However. they should continue to instill positive values and strengthen new joiners’ resolve to become proactive in seeking knowledge and growth in their current jobs. style and timings to conduct mentoring activities. But it does mean that he/she has in-depth understanding and knowledge in many specific areas. bordered by 3 inch wooden frame in teak wood mat finish. in areas away from the customer.to avoid their picking up negative vibes about the whole process.

Is convicted of any criminal offense or found guilty of any act of moral turpitude. Nomination of mentors is done jointly by concerned Branch/Unit Manager.Commits any act which. a weight-age of 10% is to be assigned to ‘Mentoring’ in all mentors’ goal setting sheets for the purpose of their end of year performance appraisal. drafts. Branch and unit list of mentors is given below. which they may receive as employees of the Bank on behalf or on account of the Bank or of any member of the Bank. Becomes bankrupt or makes any arrangement or composition with his creditors. HRD will periodically interact with mentors through e-mail/telephone to monitor the progress of the mentoring program. or indolence. . In order to facilitate the role of mentors. in the opinion of the Bank. . Becomes of unsound mind. in the opinion of the employer. . may impose on him/her one or more of the following penalties. In newly opened branches. until another officer is nominated officially to conduct mentoring activities. vouchers. Grounds for Disciplinary Actions where an employee: Commits breach of rules and regulations of the employer or of discipline.Contravenes the provisions in respect of transferability of his services to any office of the Bank. HRD is to keep them informed of fresh inductions in their respective units. tends to bring the officer or the employer into disrepute. in its sole discretion and without limitation. does not affect his/her position as an employee of the Bank. . as well as in areas of communication and inter-personal skills. by the employee. inefficiency. In order to reflect the seriousness of this initiative. 37 . goods and chattels or other property. Knowingly does anything detrimental to the interests of the Bank. Is guilty of any other act of misconduct or insubordination. writings.of said events (along with photographs if possible) should be forwarded to HRD. securities. DISCIPLINE Accountability of Employee: Employees shall faithfully and punctually account to the Bank or its authorized officials for all moneys. concerned Area Manager / Executive In-charge and EI HRD. the branch manager is to act as the mentor (for the time being). other than an offense which. They will also receive specialized training in leadership and mentoring skills. papers. account books. Contravenes instructions/orders issued to him in connection with his official work. displays negligence. registers. Penalties Consequential to Disciplinary Actions: Reprimand: Postponement or stoppage of increment or promotion Forfeiture of pay for any period of unauthorized absence from duty Recovery from pay of the whole or part of any pecuniary loss caused to Bank Alfalah Ltd.The competent authority.

Termination of Service: Dismissal from service which will involve permanent disqualification for future employment in Bank Alfalah Ltd. ethnic and religious backgrounds. Termination Confirmed Employee: 38 .com All staff members are advised first to report any such grievances to their immediate supervisors. house. In case of a complaint against their immediate supervisors. geographical. The Bank’s management may. if not terminated/ resigned on disciplinary grounds. unless another date has been approved in writing by the Bank. at its discretion. During probationary period an employee can resign at any time without notice and in the event of such resignation the employee will be entitled only to the remuneration at agreed rate of salary for the time actually employed. All the staff members who are subject to any such harassment can contact the BALM office balm@bankalfalah. Bank’s Property in Custody of Employee: The Bank’s property (e. TERMINATION & RETIREMENT Resignation: A confirmed employee may resign from the Bank’s service upon giving one month’s prior written notice to the Bank. accommodation. re-employ a person on terms as agreed between the management and the person so re-employed. resigning or is under discharge or dismissal. motorcycle. the Bank has nominated an Organizational Ombudsperson titled Bank Alfalah Limited Mohtaseb (BALM). In order to safeguard the rights of the employees at such risk. PC/laptop. Handling of Serious Grievances & Harassment Cases: Bank Alfalah Limited attracts diversified staff from various corporate. on or before the employee’s last working day. If the concerned senior staff members fail to redress the grievance. Management may waive notice salary to suit bank’s requirement Employee will not be eligible to avail leave during notice period. and between supervisory staff and their subordinates. RESIGNATION. reporting should be done to the next level. The Bank shall institutionalize mechanisms to safeguard against the risk of violation of accepted norms of conduct in the day to day interaction among staff members. an independent officer reporting to CEO.g. failing which he/she will be liable to pay one month’s gross salary in lieu of notice period. must be handed over to a duly authorized representative of the Bank.) which has been in use/custody of an employee who is retiring. car. the matter should be brought in to the notice of BALM. mobile phone etc.

services of an employee may be terminated at any time without notice and in the event of such termination the employee be entitled only to the remuneration at agreed rate of salary for the time actually employed. 39 . to an employee whose services have been terminated except when the terminated employee is involved in fraud. The Bank’s management may allow. misconduct or gross negligence. may be terminated by serving one month’s prior notice in writing or one month’s gross salary in lieu thereof. Unauthorized Absence from Duty: When an employee remains absent from his/her duty without proper authorization. who is thus employed. The said written notice will not be for a period of less than one week from the date of dispatch of a letter by registered post or via reputable courier service at the employee’s last recorded address. re-employ an employee due for retirement on contractual basis for a defined period. any of the benefits admissible on retirement from the service. are liable to retire from the Bank’s services on attaining the age of 60 years. The services of a person. at its discretion. The Bank’s management may.Services of a confirmed employee may be terminated by the Bank without assigning any reason by giving one month’s notice in writing or on payment of one month’s gross salary in lieu of notice period. or fails to return for duty within specified period mentioned in the written notice issued to him. Retirement: All employees of Bank Alfalah Ltd. he/she will be liable for disciplinary action which may include termination of service. Employees under Probation: During probationary period. at its discretion.

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