NOW and Family Issues

Crisis in the Courts & The Work of NOW's Family Law Committee

Strategies for Organizing Around Family Law Issues

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NOW and Family Law Issues: Political Strategies

More information can be found on the Family Law Committee page, including:

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Brochure: Crisis For Women In Family Court: What To Expect and How To Fight Back (PDF) Organizations and Websites That May Be Helpful for Protective Parents What to Do When Domestic Violence is Present

Related issues: Violence Against Women, Mothers and Caregivers Economic Rights, Equal Marriage

Latest News
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2003 Support the Healthy Families Act (06/09) We did it! Now Urge Your Senators to Support This First Step Towards Paid Parental Leave (06/09) Paid Parental Leave -- Urge Your Representatives to Support This First Step (04/09) Paid Parental Leave -- Urge Senators to Support This First Step (03/09) Help Pass Paid Leave for New Parents (09/08) Help Working Families Strike a Balance (05/07) National Organization for Women Admonishes Media for Giving Alec Baldwin a Platform for Misinformed Theories (05/07) NOW, Legal Momentum File Complaints against Bush Administration Sex Discrimination in Job Training Programs (03/07) NOW Supports the State Children's Health Insurance Program (3/07) Invigorate, Don't Decimate, The Family and Medical Leave Act Fact Sheet: Provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act (02/07) NOW President to Discuss Motherhood Issues on Good Morning America (3/06) "Mommy Wars" Incited by Irresponsible Media (3/06) Bush Administration May Roll Back Family Leave Protections (3/05)


NOW Opposes the Rescinding of 'Baby UI,' Calls for Comprehensive Paid Family Leave Programs (1/03)


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Women's Rights Advocates Decry Bush's Family Leave Decision (12/02) California Gov. Gray Davis Signs Bill Allowing Paid Family Leave (9/02) Hughes' White House Departure Spotlights Need for Work-Family Balance (4/02) Activists Oppose Federal Anti-Marriage Amendment (5/02) Judge Takes NYC Agency to Task for Removing Kids from Battered Mothers (4/02) Mom Jailed for Protecting Kids from Convicted Sex-Offender (1/02) Be All That You Can Be: How Military Child Care Measures Up (3/01) A Child Care Victory—More Funding! (2/01) Child Care Funding Increases Desperately Needed (6/00) Action Alert: Support Paid Family Leave (1/00) Marriage Penalty Tax Relief Helps Some, Hurts Others (6/00) Vermont Grants Same-Sex Marriage Rights (Winter 2000) Child Support/Fatherhood Bill May Be Dead for this Congress (11/00) NOW Statement: Privatizing Child Support Collection a Truly Bad Idea (5/00) Is the Fathers' Rights Movement the Next Big Threat to Women's Equality? Two Reasons the Answer May Be Yes (Fall 2000)

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Fathers Count Bill: Warm and Fuzzy or Cold and Calculated? (Winter 2000) Fathers Count Bill to Fund Men's Custody Movement (Winter 2000) Action Alert: Fathers' Rights Bill Advances in the House (10/99) Victory! Senate Adopts a Resolution to Expand Child Care Spending (4/99) NOW Urges Congress And Vice President Gore to Beware of Fathers' Rights Agenda(10/99) Taking Action Against Growing Gender Bias Against Mothers (Winter 1999) NOW Demands Greater Acceptance and Access for Breastfeeding Mothers (5/98) Child Care, Other Women's Issues Touted in Congress (3/98) Child Care Initiatives Spotlighted (2/98) Marriage Q & A (2/97) No-Fault Divorce Laws Under Attack By Right (1/97) "Father's Rights" Groups: Beware Their Real Agenda (3/97)

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