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Jaganathan. K.

+91-9994139384 +91-4204-240835

To work in an enthusiastic environment and progress to do R&D in the field of Computers.

Areas of  Computer Architecture  Mobile & Wireless technology
 Bio Technology  Operating Systems (Linux)

Profile Programming Languages *: C, C++, Java

Java APIs: Swing*, Socket*, Speech, Sound, Bluetooth, J2ME, J2EE

OS: Linux (Ubuntu*), Windows

Softwares: Net Beans *, Sun & Bea Web Logic App Servers (*) - Proficient / eXpert

Profile B.E. CSE Kongu Engineering College, Erode 77 % Average 2002-2007

XII CBSE Sainik School, Amaravathi Nagar 86.6 % Average 2001-2002

X CBSE Sainik School, Amaravathi Nagar 81 % Average 1999-2000
Mini Paypal Integration for a website [ Java \ JSP \ Apache Tomcat ]
The Big
Projects  ‘Best Final year Project’ Award in BE
Time Final year project – Awarded as the Best Project in BE-CSE
 ‘Best in Academics’ Award in XII

 Bestusing
Browsing in Physics, Mathematics,
Cell Phones [ J2MEand Computer
\ Bluetooth ] Science Award in XII
 First prize
A client/server in C debugging
mobile application&toSoftware Contest
make a cell inwith
phone Intra-dept
to act asina proxy
II yearserver.
Second prize for Speech Controlled Toy Car project in College Exhibition
Mobile Wallet Management [ J2ME \ Bluetooth ]
A mobile app to note cash transactions of the day and sync it to PC database via Bluetooth.

Speech Controlled Toy Car [ IBM Via Voice \ Java : Speech, JNI ]
Control a toy car through voice commands.

Rummy Card Game over Network [ Java : Swing, Socket ]
Enables players to play Rummy using computers.

Courses &  Basic Electronics and Radio repairing Course at Coimbatore
 Attended Sun Tech Days, a two day International Java Developers’ Conference, at
Bangalore and Hyderabad

Strengths  Logical Reasoning  Positive Thinking
 Quantitative Aptitude  Straight Forward
 Scientific Thinking  Open Minded

Hobby  Sudoku Helper [ Java : Swing ]
 Tetris [ C ++ ] [ Java : Swing ]
 Table Tennis [ C : BGI ]
 Computer Controlled Toy Car [ C : Port I/O ]

Hobbies /  Computer Game Programming
Leisure  Making Electronic Gadgets
 Reading Technical Magazines
Personal Date of Birth / Age: 24 June 1985 / 22 years
Details Postal Address: Palakkattu Thottam,
Annamalai Kottai,
Amman Koil (Po),
(Via) Sivagiri, Erode (Tk),
Tamil Nadu, India.

References Dr. A. M. Natarajan, M.E., Ph.D.
Prof. N. Jayapathi, M.Tech.
Head of the Department, CSE-UG
Kongu Engineering College,
Kongu Engineering College, Erode.