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Spiritually and Religion

IV. Exploitation of spirituality and religion is not a new phenomenon. For thousands of
years that has transpired. In the twenty-first century, more subterfuge and deception is
more of a common item. Disinformation and lies from the Da Vinci Code, Holy Blood Holy
Grail, Harry Potter, and the Secret gives numerous human beings a false sense of their
inherit identity. It’s interesting to note that Freemasons Michael Baigent and Robert Lomas
were critical authors of the Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Dan Brown readily writes about
Freemasonry. lts oaths of initiation, their involvement in various crimes like the death of
William Morgan, etc. aren’t shown in Dan Brown’s literature or Holy Blood, Holy Grail). In
the 20th century, Robert Schuller, Billy Graham, Kenneth Copeland, and others have received
prominent praise of the world. Billy Graham could be the most famous preacher in the world in
the 20th century and even today. In my opinion, Fritz Springmeier, Dr. Cathy Burns (she wrote
the classic book called "Billy Graham and His Friends. I recommend it since he cited hundreds of
sources and this book can’t be refuted), and Ed Parker created the most accurate exposes on
Billy Graham. Graham is a key player in the Ecumenical Movement. The Ecumenical Movement
in a nutshell believes that all Christian denominations (even 7th Day Adventists, Jehovah
Witnesses, Mormons, Catholics, etc.) should unite into one Christian Church basically. It existed
for centuries, but it occured in the Modern Era by the Vatican II Council (which was supported by
the Jesuits and Freemasons). Billy Graham said that: "...I’ve found that my beliefs are
essentially the same as those of Orthodox Roman Catholics." (McCall’s January 1978, as
quoted by Dave Hunt in "A Woman Rides the Beast," pg. 388).

Billy Graham called the Pope John Paul II the greatest religious leader of the 20th century. Yet,

On his own website. Joseph Farah from World Net Daily even exposed him lying about Syria having a tolerant attitude toward Jewish people and Christians when Jewish people are treated as second class citizens. which are people solely wanting to embrace the basics of Christianity nothing more or less) to Muslim jihadists wanted to kill people." Graham received the Templeton Award. and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness. or amen. Paul.Warren write that We can’t say amen or praise in praising God. You couldn’t make this stuff up. Warren says. Warren was author of the book entitled "The Purpose Driven Life. That book became extremely popular in America. we should be led by the Spirit of God to fulfill our purpose. individualistic pursuit. as expected the Ecumenical/apostate Christian crowd supports this book like Billy and Franklin Graham. Luce’s wife was a Dame of Malta.’" I think you need to read this again. Rick claims that on pg. that "Real spiritual growth is never an isolated. This Ecumenical Movement (which is supported by the Vatican." On page 325 of his book the Purpose Driven Life." It outlined a blueprint of religious living. we read. etc. The Purpose Driven Life (it sold 20 million copies making at least $400 million in sales) is no exception. American War). he praises John Paul II and the Catholic Church repeatedly. Rick. gimmicks like the Vatican/Jesuit project of "The Passion of the Christ" film and the Masonic "Promise Keepers" are ever abundant.. Rick Warren is the perfect example of a 21 century worldly individual. Joel Osteen. he received a mark from the Shiva priest in Rome. Warren compared conservative Christians (or Fundamental Christians." So. the virgin birth. Bill Bright. it has limitations. hallelujah. Schuller is known to deny the core tenets of Christianity like the Jesus is only for salvation. the mainstream media is lying about him on the John McCain issue)." There is nothing wrong with working in a legitimate community. Hearst ordered his editors to Puff or praise Billy Graham.) is agreed upon by Pat Robertson. In today’s world of the 21st century. the KJV. and even John Hagee (don’t believe the hype. "English-speaking people should thank God that we have so many different versions to use for devotional reading..John Paul II publicly called for a new world order. Hearst created yellow or phony journalism to agitate the Spanish. Should we be driven to have a purpose? No. "And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost returned from Jordan. He claims to be a conservative. etc. This meeting has many representatives of the world’s religions calling for "peace. and others. Maturity is produced through relationships and community. he believes that there is no true accurate translation. no matter how wonderful a translation is. It’s better to use the Textus Receptus. That’s why A non-compromising Christian would never receive that . Rick Warren’s Church is named Saddleback Church in Lake Forest. Noah. People like Warren act like they want to give people what they want to hear. verses in the OT and NT outline us to say these words to praise God all of the time. Luke 4:1 which says. Luce was a Bonesman and accused of being a Knight of Malta. In his meeting at Assisi during the 1980’s. Rick is just wrong since page 104 of this book. John the Baptist. Rick Warren acts like a salesman and admits that he never preaches against homosexuality or even abortion (though he believes it to be wrong). There is still a remnant of believers today though. The World Council of the Churches. Robert Schuller believes that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Warren writes: ". On pg. "First. and other were individualistic in their training. For example. the Purpose Driven Life is a deceptive piece of literature. This is the time when Christian apostasy and perverseness is an epidemic. Now. His theology emphasized "self-esteem" and many New Age concepts like TM mediation. Lee Strobel. Also. On page 104 of his book." From my research and others. "Unity in the church is so important that the New Testament gives more attention to it than either heaven or hell. Charles Colson. California. etc. On page 160 we find the new-age unity theme as Warren writes. new ecumencials have taken on their role. Warren also said on page 325. but spiritual growth has developed individually before. Sorry. Even those who hate the KJV mention that many modern versions omit whole words and all translations aren’t equivalent to each other. "Try praising God without using the words ’praise.. Now. one way Billy Graham became so popular was that William Randolph Hearst and Henry Luce (both of whom are global elites." That’s a lie since even Jesus Christ took great emphasis on Heaven and Hell in the Scriptures. Creflo Dollar. his resurrection. TD Jakes. Joseph. Robert Schuller (who is a 33rd Degree Freemason) admits to have be given international prominence with the assistance of Billy Graham from the late 1960’s. thanks. the Freemasons. 104. Rick Warren is very famous now in 2008. They include Rick Warren. he admits to paraphrases. the Authorized King James Bible and those in the Textus Receptus Stream are part of the Word of God. and real Greek plus Hebrew concordances to get the real meanings of the original texts of the Bible instead. but he’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Warren is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations whose members call for a new world order blatantly and openly. The Bible says that God’s Word is Truth and it’s the true Word of God. 11. That is why they are popular and praised by FOX and even CNN has given him nice coverage. for many decades. It has a budget of 90 million dollars per year. Yet. Therefore.

The network of Secret Societies and elite groups exploit the spirit world for evil purposes. Spirits existed as concepts in some of the world’s religion. The spirit world is mentioned in the Bible. John Dee was also a personal spy for Queen Elizabeth I. Carbon is on all living things. Mega churches on many times express an extreme conformity to the world’s standards of life in general. which is unscriptural. They utilized Dee’s Enochian magic to have spirit communicate in combination with the Dark Mirror. While. Dee inspired the James Bond series as Bond being created after Dr. Dr. Dr. but renewed in our mind in following the commandments of God: ". It is rumored that evil spirits are involved in the Ouija Board. He signed his name 007 because agents wanted to kill the Queen. Socrates and Joan of Arc have claimed to have heard spirits. He wrote of the spiritual domain called Heaven. Trinity College in Cambridge is place filled with occultism.000 tribal people are surviving in the Amazon. Some believe that Planet Earth is actually a living entity. Later in the 1800’s. In truth. Tons of other research and literature outline this issue. John Dee was an Elizabethan Rosicrucian and magician who used a polished Black obsidian stone called the Dark Mirror (this was utilized as early as ancient Egyptian Magicians). Some skeptics want human beings to deny a spirit world and our spiritual selves. Some people claim to see bad spirits from a Ouija Board. Occultists. The French spread this Ouija Board into Europe. will of God.. that ye may prove what is that good. day and night. Aliester Crowley was part of Trinity College being later a British spy. The Earth is composed of carbon and many atoms making it living. Dee ironically studied at Trinity College. He used these messages to develop Enochian magic. Yet. In 1971. and alchemists followed in Dee’s footsteps. Some believe that the Ouija Board is a gateway to the spirit world. the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn came around. That’s why I give the far left preachers some credit because they at least take a stand (although I don’t agree with them on doctrinal views). The Earth does have energy and electromagnetism plus vibrations. The Bible in the New Testament is rather clear that we shouldn’t be conformed to this world. Some of The most abundant amount of plant life are in the South American rainforest. some of them like Creflo Dollar equate earning money with spiritual development while I don’t agree with. it is true that earning money legitimately is no sin or vice. He wanted this mirror to communicate with so-called angelic spirits. just only about 11. and espionage. Psychics believes that the Psychic Ether is a spiritual location which can permeate all matter in the Universe. This can cause ecological disasters in the world. Crowley was involved in the Golden Dawn. Wicked corporations (not all companies) are funding situations in which oceans are poisoned with toxic chemicals (like nerve gas) in the oceans destroying the biodiversity of planet Earth.And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." (Romans 12:2). French travelers in Morocco say spiritualists using an alphabet scratched on the ground to allow a snake to "supposedly" answer questions. and perfect. rituals. In . Students and professions have been deeply been involved in spiritism at this college. then America. Sir Isaac Newton went into Trinity College. Some spiritualists play with the Ouija. A rich righteous man is in the same boat as a poor righteous man in my eyes. Scientific investigation of the spirit world have been done in Trinity College and other locations since the 1400’s. Sir Isaac Newton (who lived from 1643-1727) and Sir Oliver Lodge believed in a spirit domain surrounding the planet Earth called the Ether. Rainforests of the world are being destroyed at a rate of 80 acres per minute. Some countries have banned its use. The Old and New Testaments of the Bible outline prophets and spiritual connections with God Almighty. Some mega church preachers outline the importance of money. Some of these evil corporations have ruined rainforests especially in South America. This royal/religious/occult/political elite control numerous corporations that regularly spray chemicals into the sky like chemtrails and test atmospheric. Psychic and spiritual phenomena existed for thousands of years. Cambridge.coverage since the mainstream media are of the world (They usual accept the status quo). John Dee. 9 millions tribal peoples lived in the Amazon. The Enochian magic gives instructions on how to communicate with spirits. about ca. secret technology to wage destruction of the planet itself like HAARP. I don’t agree with the New Agers (who believe that the Earth’s Spirit is crucial to mankind’s survival) that the Earth has a spirit or that the Earth or the planets are gods though. and acceptable.. and then globally. Now. A common feature among numerous modern mega church "preacher" is the obfuscation or refusal to take a stand on serious issues one way or another way.

In his memoirs Crookes said that it’s possible for spirits to influence particles. In the mirror has a cabalic design. The occult readily loves triangle symbolism). the SPR and the Golden Dawn invested thousands of hours of research and money in researching the spirit world. Anaphaxeton (to those of the Dawn this was one of the Greek divine names that surround the Triangle of Art. Crookes made to project to create an image. and other evil groups. The SPR would do séances to make spirits manifest and speak with the living. There 3 Trinity dons existed to investigate the spirit world. He used a bowl of water in a cup to claim to see visions of the future. Nostradamus used a similar way of trying to contacting spirit in a action called scrying. In 1882. British occultist Aleister Crowley attended Trinity College in the late 1800’s. He was also a leading member of the SPR. In 1921. Crookes believed that spirits can move these electrons into images of the spirit world. Some of the Dawn uses the phrase EL. Television was partly invented with influence from occultists. but that’s their belief system). By Timothy . This was the first electrically created image known to mankind. Crookes attended rituals of the Golden Dawn. Crowley would have opium as part of his daily diet in other to free himself from everyday life and to claim to speak to spirits. and Tetragrammaton (It’s a Greek word meaning Four lettered name. Television is a device that can even inspire young children on a subconscious level. Some believe that Thomas Edison created an uncompleted instrument to talk to the spirits of dead people." which was a companion to The book called "The Survival of Man. and Henry Swick founded the SPR or the Society for Psychical Research. and MI in their rituals). They were influenced by the writings of Helena Blavatsky. Sir William Crookes was a respected scientists in the Victorian era. He believed that spirits in the Ether can move electrons and protons. The Dark Mirror was placed in the magic circle like a crystal ball to invoke a spirit. The Triangle of Art is the figure of circle surrounded with name. This is strange. It is said that the magician’s face would morph into the image of a spirit in the mirror for communication with it. the Nazis. WB Yates was a member. Aleister Crowley (who called himself the King of the Knights Templar. The Golden Dawn was a depository of occult knowledge. and other Freemasons. which is the foundational aspect of the invention of the Television. Rituals involving the Dark Mirror was done in a regular basis. Frederick William Henry Myers. 1888 by Wyn Wescott. Golden Dawn was created in March 1. She was ousted as a fake psychic by the SPR. The Golden Dawn used Enochian magic to invoke demons. The Golden Dawn and occultists falsely equate this word to the short form of the Hebrew name for God or YHVH. Even scientific studies show that the right sonic vibration or classical music can improve the development of young children and plant vegetation. He used a Maltese cross inside of it. Many Plants like DMT are known to have hallinougenic qualities to them. Crookes became President of the SPR and inspired Sir William Lodge. Sir Oliver Lodge wrote "the Ether of Space. He invented the Cathode ray Tube. The Maltese cross is used by the Knights of Malta. Crookes experienced with a cathode ray tube. For years. who was a Scottish engineer and entrepreneur. CHA. Some believe in Mojos or Lost spirits that refuse to go into the other side. This is done when the Golden Dawn performs occult invocations in their claim of witnessing non-physical entities.1909. This was performed in Enochian magic. Edwin Gurney. He was once the Grand Master of the Royal Alpha Masonic Lodge originally formed at Kensington Palace in London) would have a ritual called the Calling of the Second Aethyr." Lodge believed that no element could exist without a relationship of the Ether (the supposed domain of spirits). This ray tube can firing billions of electrons into a glass screen covered in phosphorus. This produced a fuzzy screen. MacGregors. they promote phrases such as Primeumation (a divine Greek name in the Triangle of Art. In the Golden Dawn. He showed a stream of electrons in it. Television would be created by a group of developers like John Logie Baird. He invented devices to measure tiny particles like electrons. Shamans believed that these plants open humans up to the spirit world.