Sample Test for Content Development

Section I Report writing (Time Duration: 180 minutes) Instructions:

Choose any one Subject according to your academic background and compile a report of 825 words (3 pages). (For candidates with background of Stats or Finance, they are required to attempt both the sections A & B which are mentioned under their subject heads. Please make sure you have relevant software installed on your system, e.g. SPSS) Internet will be provided for assistance. However your report should be written in your own words as ** “plagiarism” will lead to cancellation of test. ** Plagiarism is a form of cheating when you copy and paste exactly word to word from internet. Your report would be graded mainly on two factors: o English ( grammar, structure, & flow) and Compliance Maximum time allotted for this section is 3 hours (180 minutes)

Formatting Required: • • • • • Font size: 12 Font Type: Times Roman Spacing: Double Space Word Count: 825 words (3 pages) Formatting Style: APA (American Psychological Association)

plot structure. Subject 3: Business Management Topic: Integrated marketing communication Topic Description: • • • • • Make Marketing mix.Subject 1: Arts and Literature Topic: Nathaniel Hawthorne Topic Description: Provide an argument related to theme. characterization. Analyze the IMC strategy of any company with the more successful IMC strategy. Briefly explain about the people who discover this therapy? . Write methods of alternative energy and provide the environment implication regarding these methods. Subject 2: Engineering and Information Technology Topic: Alternative Energy Topic Description: Write an essay about the need of energy. Subject 4: Medical Topic: Vision Therapy Topic Description: Provide detailed note on how does Vision Therapy aid Children in their Development Milestones? What are the different therapies used? List their benefits as well. Which IMC tools do they use? What is the reason the company decided to use these tools? You should make use of at least 3 articles dated from 2009 to present as references. Include autobiography of the author. word choice and symbolism in “The Birth Mark”. Provide the steps taken to overcome energy short fall. Give argumentation why their IMC strategy has been successful.

Subject 5: Statistics Section A Topic: Probability Distribution Topic Description: Write an essay on probability distribution. (SPSS data file will be provided) Subject 6: Finance Section A Topic: Activity Based Costing (ABC). What are the parameters of different types of probability distribution. Topic Description: • • • What is Activity Based Costing and how it is different from traditional costing? What are the advantages of Activity Based Costing over traditional costing? Discuss its importance in manufacturing industry. Also interpret the results. discuss its various types. Gloss and Opacity. What are the factors to be considered while applying various probability distribution techniques. . Section B Calculate the correlation between tear resistance.

171 13.183 519.935 416.980 2. Interpret the calculated ratios and comment on the performance of the company 2011 11.075 2011 134.822 406.678 8.784 -31.133 -22.935 10.706 662.285 8. Balance Sheet Items Current assets Fixed assets Total assets Average total assets Cash and cash equivalents Inventory Average inventory Current liabilities Total liabilities Owners' equity Average owners' equity Income Statement Items Total sales Operating expenses Operating income Earnings before interest and taxes Interest expense Net income Required: • • • Calculate the return on equity.396 9. (Show Calculations) Compare the ratios with industry average or any direct competitor.171 -54.843 2009 152.270 81.524 2010 5.736 11.993 55.968 -25.Section B Microsoft Inc.556 244.397 317.642 52.843 81.543 -25.794 188. return on assets and return on capital employed.113 416.575 178.736 524.408 650.084 2.807 -31.023 165.583 55.262 .483 2009 10.016 51.678 66.084 2010 134.114 662.794 173.845 10.075 10.065 10.553 524.016 10.784 9.965 -54.968 10.114 5.642 9.

on a dreary night d. However. At nightfall. in the evening c. Roderick was leading the existence of a hermit. at daytime b. The author was travelling a. The House of Usher was the home of a. 1. Beleaguered by his problems. an old acquaintance c. he had recently corresponded with me telling me at length of a serious illness and of a mental disturbance that was troubling him. a companion d. I lived in a distant part of the country during my childhood.Section II Case Study (Time Duration: 20 minutes) Read the passage and answer the following questions: PASSAGE One dull. throughout the day 2. It had been umpteen years since he and I had seen each other. who had been my child~ hood pal. a friend . I was travel ling on horseback through a dreary stretch of countryside. This was the house of Roderick Usher. I came in sight of the House of Usher. the author’s relative b. dark day in autumn.

during the time of writing b. was engaged in many social activities c. was involved in his thriving d. had become a recluse . during childhood c. through local gossip c. The author came to know of his friend’s illness a. The autor lived in the country a. during his youth 4. from a newspaper correspondent 5. through letters b. Roderick a.3. during the period in between d. from a mutual friend d. was living in the company of his friends b.

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