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Lo inelude as a pla e in the Afton Cornmunity of Warrln County, North Carolina" The fact of the matter is that e:pertnental data and the teetimony of erperta clearly prove that the EPArs sttlng regulatlons, the watvers shiah have been butlt j.nto these reguLatlons, th9 EPAts approval of the lfarnen County sita, and tho etatcrs declgion to ect on that approval were not based on scientificaily reliabLe cr{.teri-ae but on a faLso pneniseo Thls false ls that the cont'aiment prlnciples of an EPA-appr"ovedlandfill can keep-raste frrorn LeachLng lnto grourrdwater tablcs arrd eausing tdd.espread contanrinatlon, resuJ.ting in irreversible damage to the enviroment ard to pubS.ic healtho But the c6ntainment princi-,oles of FA-approved landfllls are failirc For exarq>Ie, a rccent stu{y !f !9ter Moatague of Pr{.nceton, Universlty renealed that flur-EpA*apppovea li6dfl11s bullt ln New Jorsoy in the last five yerrs were leaching thetr coatLnts into the environnent" Parts of Nan Jersey ltere so devastatea Uy fru,-approved landfillE that thee statc passed a law against the underground storage of hazardous wasteo ft was thls New Jersey study alor rrith stntLar scientif,ic data that 1ed Govemor Jim Huntts Task Force on Waste lfanagement to concLude in its repor.b of Februartrr, -) 1981r no. scientific assutnees ean be given concerning thl safety of -that haza:rlous naste facilitles" The repor't states that additfonaf.resaarcta is needed in rpnttoring all kirds of waste treatrpnt facillties to ascertain the healthfulness of persons uorklng nea^r or living adjacent to thern and that it corLd take tuenty lrears befone the carcinogenlc anl rnutagen:Lecffects can be knonno The report *"rtrg that land burl'aL should be avolded i.f a t all possib.Lc ard that the state system of naste managementthat is deveJ-oped should be based on this principJ.e" fnforrned citJzens and e:qrerts have testifledr anil oontinud to testffy, that the burd-al of harardouE waste is extremely dangencus because ofthe unre1labiiity of landfill technoloryo tr'or cxalple, the chaLnran of the Governorrs Task Force on Waste lulanagenent, Bernarrtl Go Gneanberg, eoaeluded that ecLeutlflc lcno$lsdge is inadequatc to deternrine hor long a naste burlal ette would be secure fron seepage of lts eontents into the envlrroturpnt. Furthermors, EPA of,fictal Wl1ltam SanJoirl who assi-sted in the for:nuLation of goverrring Landf:tlls, concluala iLt fogulatLons thene ls no sueh thlng ec a secure landfllI" A11 rmagilts leach" SanJounrs coaelusl,on was based on a 2o nd.llion dolrar study of 1andftllso Turning to the War"ren County sitc ln particular, soi]. Charleg M" Mulehi has concluded on the basls of hii analysls of the stte that Lt l.s not safe for PCB d:iqposaL and canrot be made safl W landftll technoloryo Mulctrl. says that the base of, the Landfill rould be only seven feet fnom grounawatcr, that the soiLs at the sltc ere not aonducLns to pcB disposar, tna{ ths La,n4fill nilI insvltably leach and cause groudwater contend.natiln, .iA, fio*tlgr, that rater nil1 have to be ptped Ln fron uncontaninated concern:-ng: ihs "oorceio |it"igatd-on, Warren County Vs The State of Norbh Carolina, tioso Dlstrtit coor"U Earl'd" BrLtt add.ttd Ln tris deeiston agatnst'r{arrren Cointy that hs eouLd not Judgc guaranteo the succcgs of the pLan to bur:r pcBs Ln wamen county6 The sttLng declsion was not based on scLenttftcall;y reUaLie crd.tertao ft rras based on polltical critanlao Warrcn County was chosen as a ground for pCBcontsnLnated mil because War"rcn County ls a smal1 county of appnotlnataqy I'5r?i2,peoplc, the maJortty of rhon a* bl"rcko Arrt Warrei County ras chosen because "oosi"tftrg is tbe poorest county tn the statr in tenns of per capfta fn-core" In other rorts, ,1! warren county was chosen becaus it ranks Looth in the state tn per caplta lgcorc, and, nostl6r, because warren connty is a $naLL county with a trrgh ruinohty clunt , ilalt sar"ren county wag chosen becauie Lt is poittr"Jry "ia power1ess YoE.^In-short, to defend itself fnorr LanAfill technologr known to bG of an erternrlirating chanacter ardr hence, Lnfomed_by the logic of genocide" Other sltes ntth sotl. pnoierttes no:re coniluclve to PcB disposal anc with greater dLstances to gnounilnater lrcre

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consldered by the stato but neJected. they rerc,rejected because thay are Loeatcd near iatersheds wtrlch f,eed lnto urtan centers eonsisting of predorrd.nately white nlddle class citizens havtng the educatLon, econonic resourecs and voting powel needed to keep tg:rd.c and hazardousrsett 1andftL1g out bf, thelr con'nunltl93. ' The .0'fton PCB plan Ls an e:per{ment wtth the pcraons anil properties of the peoplc of lferren County. Because of the lack of sclentLfLcaity- r.elLablc sitlng cr{.terd.a and the krrorn frtl!* of EPA-approvcd lantfl11 telhnologri' carcLraogerrle and nrutagenLc effectc are. being antl.cLpated as a furegorm eiirclugLon" The Af'ton PCB plan is ttrerefore lcnonlngly ant wlLLfuny of an exterrntnatlne charaeter and tnforued by the Loglc of-genoctdc. Ttre oLlc-ouc :i.ntentlon oitne p:an to gradually, but lnevltably, transform Warren County into a gacrl"fice ar"ifo" 1" hazardous nasts. The eitLng declslon was not based on sclenU.fLc, but on polltlcal cr{-teria" The sitirqg decislon Has an unparrlonable act of dLscrl"nination aiaiast the peopJ.e of Wa*en Countye

Other naaenr for the opposltion of proposed Afton PGBplan are as foLlorsr

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.l'n al,tsenatlve to tho Afton PCBplan doee in fact erLeto TtrLg alternatlva is La-place dctod.*lcatLon of, the pcB-contad.nated soir by the gplrs Moblle fncineratlon Untt. Ttds alternrstlye ls safcrand lf 19 a1go morc cost-cffcctlm than the Afton PCBplanr Furbhemora, Ln-plaee deioxL*Lcation roufa preifu-ac --" the neocssLty of tnrcldng the P0b-contandnatcd soll to the Wanren Golnty ettc and the cllctSogenlc r{.sks that would be posed to people if aceLdents were to oceur or if the PCtss seno to bacote aitborrc ard lnhq.led. Onc ftr!8"L polntr lt te a kncm f,act that property neu arsr ktrd of to:d.c wastc or haaardousrastc landflll goca donr ln value" Alco, thc agcoclation of, a to:dc or hazar'dousuaste durysltc rrith agr{.eultural pioductc Ls cerbaLn to havs an adncrsr econond.c sffcct.