The Nature of the Arrangement of the F-35 Acquisition

By Black Owl Once upon a time there were three men. Their names were Mr. Air Force, Mr. Navy, and Mr. Marine Corps. Their father, Senior Pentagon, had a plan that would hopefully get his sons rich and powerful by marrying into the noble Lockheed family. His sons were engaged to three women who were as gorgeous as Victoria’s Secret models. Mr. Air Force was engaged to Miss F-35A. Mr. Marine Corps was engaged to Miss F-35B and Mr. Navy was engaged to Miss F-35C. They all planned to be married on the same day and their marriage was supposed to be viewed by the entire host of their family, friends, and business partners. Many promises were made of how great the wedding would be as well as their magnificent prosperity. The initial stages of the relationship between the Pentagon’s sons and the daughters of Lockheed went amazingly well. They all spoke of their plans for marriage and for a while they seemed to coincide. The sons of Senior Pentagon were looking forward to their years with their future spouses and expected them to be some of the best years of their lives. However, shortly after getting engaged several problems began to appear in their relationships. The daughters of Lockheed then revealed their true characters. They were demanding, high maintenance, controlling, nagging, whiny, complacent, self-centered, deceitful, and terribly unreliable in terms of doing what a good wife should do. Senior Pentagon then gathered together his sons for a meeting to discuss how they felt about going through with the marriage. Above all he still wanted the marriage to go through and hoped that the problems would resolve out later. This was despite the fact that the daughters of Lockheed were so terrible that he saw no end in sight to the problems. Mr. Air Force was the first to speak and he merely laughed. “I was in this relationship for the sex and the money from the beginning! As long as I still get what I want I don’t really care,” he said nonchalantly. Then came Mr. Marine Corps’ turn. “I know my fiancé is a bitch, but when we get married it’s going to be my way or the high way. Whatever comes along that she doesn’t like she’s just going to have to suck it up and take it,” he stated harshly.

Lastly, it was Mr. Navy’s turn to speak. It was then that the family looked towards him and spotted him with his head in his hands and a nervous sweat breaking out on his forehead. “I don’t know if I can do this, guys,” he said. “My fiancé drives me crazy. She doesn’t like to do anything I want to do. She’s so complicated and so temperamental that I just can’t go through life with her. I think I’m going to back out of this and go back to my ex-girlfriend.” Hearing this greatly alarmed the rest of the family. If even one iota of the greatness of this marriage plan failed or was shown to be weak it would be an embarrassment of the highest scale to Senior Pentagon. Not only that, but the power and greatness produced by the marriage for Mr. Air Force and Mr. Marine Corps would also be reduced. This immediately caused the family to argue with Mr. Navy in order to get him to go through with the marriage. When he still refused they wrestled him down and twisted his arm until he gave in and said he would go through with it. The next day Mr. Navy showed up unannounced to the birthday party of his ex girlfriend, Miss F-18. He then remembered all that he loved about her. She was reliable, dependable, clear, honest, strong willed, flexible, and already had a good solid history of taking on hard tasks. She may not have been as good looking as a Victoria’s Secret model, but she definitely was a beautiful woman with a golden heart and a personality that meshed with Mr. Navy’s perfectly. Miss F-18 desperately wanted him back. She truly loved him with all her heart and wanted to treat him well.

The End

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