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Norwegian Star
Saturday, November 8tn,2008 Today's forecast Sunrise Sunset AllAboard
Location: Los Angeles, California Sunny,77Fl25C 5:09am 4:21pm 3:00pm
Tip a{ tl',* l*,v
Remember to wash your hands throughout the day and frequently use those handy sanitizers
located throughout the ship; it's more fun to get to know the other guests than the ship's doctor.
Also, please advance your clocks one (1) hour before retiring tonight. That's between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

ni g?t't *r:?* rta i n''l e*f Whatis Freestyle
WelcomeAboardShow(Oneshowonly!) Cruising?
JoinyourCruiseDirectorPaulas he kicksoff yourcruisewithnon-stopentertainment featuringthe FreestyleCruisingis the
highenergycastof a quicksong& dancenumbercalled"lt'sFame" Norwegian Way of givingyou the
choiceof howto spendyour
followeda sampleof ourprofession onboardmusicians SeanBurns& StanSykes.Music vacation.Apartfrom beinga
accompaniment by theNorwegian StarShowband. Tonight's
showis a tasteof thingsto come.No cruisingvessel,the M/S
ticketsor reservations
neededfor tonight'sshow. Showdurationis undert hour. Seeya there! NorwegianStaris alsoa world-
9:00pm(OneShowOnly!),Stardust Theater, Deck6 & 7, Fwd. classfloatingresort.You'll
BonVoyageDance& WiirMVirtualBowlingParty attentionthat indulgesyourevery
whim. lmagineat-your-leisure
yourcruiseand partywithyourCruiseDirector's
Celebrate Stafftonight.We willdancethe night diningwhichallowsyou to eat
awaywithDJ Freddy.Also,joinusfor ourAdultsOnlyNintendo WiirMVirtualBowlingPartytoo! when,whereand withwhomever
CarouselLounge,Deck7, Fwd. you please.No schedules.No
restaurants, loungesand barsto
v+filat'g** t*p ?**,*y choosefrom. You can eat in a
differentrestaurantevery nightof
Shore ExcursionDesk:Whenwas the lasttime What do lwear?: WithFreestyle Cruising, you're yourcruise- withwho you want,
you did somethingfor the firsttime? Now is your prettymuchwelcometo wearwhatever,whenever at the time you choose. They're
chanceto find Nemo,swimwithdolphinsand sea Our philosophy is "resortcasual"and you'llfind all delicious, and wait untilyou try
lions,or just relaxon the beachworkingon the thereare placesfor yourstyleall overthe ship, our signaturedishes- trustus,
perfecttan. Visitthe shoreexcursiondesk now day and night.Daytime,it'sall finesincewe know one is moresucculentthanthe
and leavethe planningto us. you'reprobablyheadedto the pool or out for an
'12:30pm-9:00pm, OnlyNCL'sFreestyle
GrandAtrium,Deck7, Mid. excursion.Casualshorts,jeans,topsand Cruisingoffersgueststhe
sundressesare welcomeeverywhere.Wear your experience of cruisingwithout
Boat Drill:We willconductthe Mandatory swimsuitto the poolsidegrillor the buffet.Resort boundaries. With Freestyle
Emergency BoatDrill.All guestserviceswill casualdressgets you intoeverybar, loungeand Cruisingthe choiceis yours.With
ceaseat 3:00pmuntilthe drillis completed. diningvenueat night.Wantto get all deckedout? our casino,theater,fitnesscenter,
Pleaseviewour safetyvideoon channel4 and A fun choiceanylvhereon the ship.In the mood InternetCaf6,cinema,library,
listento announcements for furtherinstructions. for casualshorts?Enjoydinnerin the buffet.How pools,spasand world-class
Time: 3:30pm,AssignedMusterStation aboutyourfavoritenicejeans? They'rewelcome shopping,you decidewhenor if
in almostall of our restaurants.Hey,it's your you wantto indulge.The choice
is yoursagain. Evenour
Star Club Casino Signup for yourplayer'scard vacation,there'sa venuethat suitsyour style.
entedainment is Freestyle.No
from1:30pmonwards& and receivecouponsfilled matterwhat type of entertainment
with $40 worthof promos& a ticketfor our Spm Welcome Aboard Center: Get all the useful you like,you'llhavea widevariety
you wantto knowand a wholelot
raffledrawing.Get extraraffleticketsas you redeem information of entertainmentto choosefrom.
your coupons!Ask howyou can get a free chipfor moreaboutyourcruiseon boardthe lf you are lookingfor a great
thetablegames.Win over$206,000in Paradise Norwegian Star. show,checkout one of our three
Lotto.Drawingis at 11:00pm. '1:00pm-2:30pm,CarouselLounge,Deck7, Fwd. differentproductionshows in
5:00pm(approx.)-Close, Deck6, Fwd. StardustTheater.lf comedvis
**.'f n*rirrtJ''iri WorldChampionMagician
SailAwayParty& BBQ:Joinourband,Xcite,alongwithyourCruiseDirector PaulandStafffora Murrayor the ActionComedyof
SailAwaywithBBQ.Trya bucketof beerspecial.Buy5 beers& get I free. RomanoFrediani.
Deck12,Mid. For our musiclovers,we
havespecialtymusicsets in our

orthe ,,Dark
day: &stormy,,,
,r nu,'fll3ff:,,?:'1,:i'3iiAway
Drink ,,Bon
speciar: Voyage,,$B
FruitSmoothie:"Cantaloupe",$9.00;without $6.00(Served
alcohol in a Souvenir
Coffeeof the day: "FrenchCoffee" Champagne of the day:"MoetChandon WhiteStar"
Martiniof the day:"Passionate $8.25 Vodkaof the day:"Symphony"


ShoreExcursions StarGlubGasino
Dear Avoid the lines and stop by the Shore Sign up in advancefor our slots& blackjack
CruiseDirector, ExcursionsDesk today to book your tours for tournament. $15to enterandyougeta chance
our excitingportsof Cabo San Lucas,Mazatlan to win up to $500on the lastdayof thecruise.
CanI usemy cell phone and Puerto Vallarta. These ports have Sign up in advanceas well for our Texas
on the ship? somethinguniquelydifferentto explore.Space Hold'emtournament. $60 to enterand limited
is limited,so booknow to avoiddisappointment. seatsoffered.
Yes,youcanmake& 12:30pm-9:00pm, GrandAtrium,Deck7, Mid. 5:00pm (approx.)-Close,
Deck6, Fwd.
theworldon yourcell PhotoGallery GalleriaGiftShop
phonewhenat sea.When Yourembarkation photosare ready.We willbe FreeLiquorTasting- Cometo the Galleria Gift
in port,youwillbe capturingmemoriesthroughoutyour cruise. Shopon Deck7 Aft.6:00pmto 8:00pmandtry
Visitus for all yourphotoneeds.Printing
from beforeyou buy. Placeyour Liquororderand
connected andbilled
digitalmediacard is also availableon board. you'llenterin a Raffle,
yourchanceto win50%
through yourhome
AskyourPhotoGallerystafffor moredetails. Offyourliquorpurchase. We alsohave10%oft
carrier'slocalroaming 6:30pm-11:00pm, Deck7, Fwd. allnon-promo liquor.
partner. 4:30pm-11:00pm, Galleria,
Deck7, Aft

Foraddedconvenience, InternetCaf6 ShoppingConsultant
shipto shoredialingis also Embarkation Special:
Purchase an internet
time Meet your shoppingconsultant, Trey at the
available plantodayand receiveup to 20 additional free Shopping deskin theGrandAtriumthisevening
minutes.Enterthe free rafflefor the chanceto andfindoutallaboutshopping in ourup-coming
stateroom.Justreferto the
win up to 500free minutes. Get yourwireless portsof callincluding
theShopping Capital
of the
in the it
informationsheet from the lnternet Caf6. MexicanRivera, Mazatlan.Don't miss his
compendium. Manager's hours:1:30pm-Boat Drill& 8:00pm- shopping talkSundayat 2:30pmin the Stardust
10:000m. Theater. DeskHours:6:00pm-8:00pm.
Youcanalsostay Caf6,Deck9, Mid.(Open24hrs.)
Internet 24hrs,GrandAtrium, Deck7, Mid.
connected withNCL'sdailv
newspaper service AttentionAll LatitudeMembers FreeArtwork for All
lf you haven'treceivedyour welcomeletter Stop by the Art Galleryand Sail away Party to
deliveredto your
party invitation,see Romeo your Cruise meet world renowned Jazz arlist Jerry Blank
stateroom. Youcaneven
Consultant hereon board.He'llalsotell you who will be sailingand paintingwith us this
accessemailusingthe cruise! Also, don't forget to pre-registerfor
howyoucangeta $100dollarinstant on board
workstations in our lnternet tomorrow's live Art Auction. Register tonight
creditto spendonboardrightnow.
Caf6.lf you havea laptop, 4:30pm-6:30pm, GrandAtrium, Deck7, Mid. and receivea free work of art.
"wirelesshotspots" are Noon-9:00pm, Art Gallery,Deck 12, Fwd
locatedin theAtrium,
BlueLagoon,Oasis ExoticThermalSuiteand HydroPool Restaurant Reservations
Spa Pass: Relax in our privatechamberswhich Reservations are encouraged for our Specialty
Poolside,the Libraryand
use heat, steam & aromatherapyto de-stress Restaurants: La Tratorria,
the InternetCaf6. -
your mind, body & soul. Also includedis the $'10,Ginza,Sushi,Le Bistro,Soho - $15,
Jacuzzi,sauna& steamrooms,Japaneseplunge Teppanyaki - $25& Cagney's - $20perperson.
Morequestions? Stopby pool, Thalaso Therapy pool & tropical & ice Dial #8942 for reservationsor visit the
our lnternetCaf6located drenchshowers.7 Day CruisePass-$75lperson, RestaurantReservations Desk in the Grand
on Deck9, Mid. - Atriumfor moredetails.
$'140lcoupleor r.l a day/person.Only 40
Couoles I percruise.
Signup now. 11:30am-6:00pm, GrandAtrium, Deck7, Mid.

Add pizzazzto your afternoon...
ComplimentaryBotoxConsultationwith Dr. Andres BarongSpa, Deck 11,Aft. 11:30am-10:00pm
Vocal Melodieswith "The MelodicQuartet" GrandAtrium,Deck 7, Mid. Noon-2:00pm
Kids & Teens CenterOpen House/ Registration Decks12 & 13,Aft. Noon-3:00pm
SportsCourt opensfor generalplay SportsCourt,Deck 14, Mid. Noon-3:00pm
Spa Tours and TreatmentDemonstrations(all welcome) BarongSpa, Deck 11, Aft. Noon-3:00pm
"Guessthe Priceof the Picasso"CompetitionBegins Atrium,Deck 12, Fwd. Noon-3:00pm
Art Galleryis Open Art Gallery,Deck 12, Fwd. Noon-9:00pm
WelcomeAboardCenteris Open CarouselLounge,Deck 7, Fwd. 1:00pm-2:30pm
Calypso& ContemporaryVibes with Xcite OasisPoolDeck,Deck 12, Mid. 1:00pm-3:00pm
Golf ClubsAvailable(weatherpermitting) Golf Cage, Deck 12, Aft. 1:00pm-3:00pm
Sign Up for Your Player'sCard, Tournaments& More Star Club Casino,Deck 6, Fwd. 1:30pm
GuidedShipTour (publicareasonly) CarouselLounge,Deck 7, Fwd. 2:00pm
MandatoryBoat Drill(See front page for details) AssignedMusterStation 3:30pm
SailAway Party& BBQ - Musicwith Xcite (weatherpermitting) Poolside,Deck 12, Mid. 4:00pm-5:30pm
SportsOpen Play/Orientation (weatherpermitting) SportsCourt,Deck 14, Mid. 4:00pm.5:30pm
Kids & Teens CenterOpen House/ Registration Decks12 & 13,Aft. 4:15pm-7:00pm
Guessthe Weightof the Rough Emerald GalleriaGift Shop, Deck 7, Aft. 4:30pm-10:00pm
Free Rum Punch& Free GamingLessons Star Club Casino,Deck 6, Fwd. 4:30pm-open
DodgeballPlay - Adults (weatherpermitting) SportsCourt,Deck 14, Mid. 4:45pm
GuidedShipTour (publicareasonly) BarongSpa, Deck 11,Aft. 5:00pm
Friendsof Bill W. Meet r Stbd Room,Spinnakers,Deck 12, Fwd. 5:00pm
Over 40 SinglesSocial(weatherpermitting) Bier Garten,Deck 14, Fwd. 5:00pm
CasinosAt Sea New Membersraffledrawing Star Club Casino,Deck 6, Fwd. 5:00pm
Golf ClubsAvailable(weatherpermitting) Golf Cage, Deck 12, Aft. 5:00pm-7:00pm
FreshSnacksAvailable Gatsby'sBar, Deck 6, Mid. 5:00pm-8:00pm
SailAwayMusicDJ Freddy Oasis Pool Deck, Deck 12, Mid. 5:30pm-7:30pm
Everything'shotterwhen the sun goes down...
BarongSpa Free Prize Raffle(must hand in ticketat gym) FitnessCenter,Deck 12, Aft. 6:00pm
SihglesDinnerSign.Up Library,Deck 12, Fwd. 6:00pm-7:00pm
Travel& ReferenceBooksare available Library,Deck 12, Fwd. 6:00pm-7:00pm
Spin to Win a Free Cruise(must have a coupon) Star Club Casino,Deck 6, Fwd. 6:00pm-7:00pm
Free LiquorTasting GalleriaGift Shop, Deck 7, Afi. 6:00pm-8:00pm
Vocal Melodieswith the MelodicQuartet Atrium,Deck7, Mid. 6:30pm-8:30pm
PhotoGalleryis Open - Check out your embarkphotos StarboardSide, Deck 7, Fwd. 6:30pm-11:00pm
Friendsof Dorothy- A gatheringfor our GLBT guests Star Bar, Deck 13, Mid. 7:00pm
Jana Seale'sAcousticCoffeeHouse Gatsby's,Deck 6, Mid. 7:00pm-8:45pm
ProgressiveTeam Trivia Red Lion Pub, Deck 7, Aft. 7:30pm
Mr. Motown- Stan Sykes CarouselLounge,Deck 7, Fwd. 7:30pm-9:00pm
KaraokeParty- Drink,sing & be merry SpinnakerLounge,Deck 12, Fwd. 8:30pm-10:30pm
WelcomeAboard Show hostedby your CruiseDirector,Paul StardustTheater,Deck 6, Fwd. 9:00pm(OneShowOnly!)
Champagneand ChocolateStrawberries Gatsby's,Deck 6, Mid. 9:00pm-11:00pm
Mr. Motown- Stan Sykes CarouselLounge,Deck 7, Fwd. 9:30pm-11:30pm
Pub Entertainmentwith Sean Burns Red LionPub,Deck7, Mid. 9:30pm-atleast12:30am
20-30SomethingYearOld Mix n' Mingle CarouselLounge,Deck 7, Fwd. 10:00pm
Jana Seale'sAcousticCoffee House Gatsby's,Deck 6, Mid. 10:00pm-11:00pm
Bon Voyage DancePartywith your Cruise Director'sStaff CarouselLounge,Deck 7, Fwd. 10:15pm
Adult Only NintendoWiiru VirtualBowlingParty Pearl Martini,Deck 7, Fwd. (Located
in Carouset) 10:15pm-11:00pm
NightclubMusicwith DJ Freddy CarouselLounge,Deck7, Fwd. 1O:15pm-whenever
Rock, Pop and R&B with the Pat JuneauBand SpinnakerLounge, Deck 12, Fwd. 10:30pm-'til
ParadiseLotto Drawing:Win $206,000for 91 a game! Star Club Casino.Deck 6, Fwd. 11:00pm
WitchingHour (Specialpricefor selectedcocktail& shooters) CarouselLounge,Deck 7, Fwd. 11:00pm
Pleaseadvanceyour clocksone (1) hour beforeretiringtonight.That's betweenSaturdaynightand Sundaymorning.
Ok,we knowthislookslikea schedule(gasp!),but remember
you'refreeto whatever!

Bar Services freer*yi**;*irrg
Java Gaf6 11:3Oam-whenever
Deck 7, Mid.
Topsiders Poolside 11:3Oam-whenever SatisfyYourAfternoon
Deck 12, Mid. The Grill- Deck12,Mid.(weather
Bier Garten 12:00pm-whenever
Deck 14, Fwd. MarketCaf6- Deck12,Mid. 11:30am-3:00pm
Red Lion Pub 12:00pm-whenever Versailles- Deck7, Aft. 12:30pm-2:00pm
Deck 7, Aft
Gatsby's Champagne Bar 12:00pm-whenever
Deck 6, Mid. WhatAreYouin the MoodFor?
Pearl Martini Lounge 12:00pm-whenever Room*($ZS1-Deck7, Mid.
Deck 7, Fwd. 5:00pm& 6:30pm
Carousel Nightclub 12:00pm-whenever 8:000m& 9:30om
Deck7, Fwd.(over18 yearsafter11:30pm) MarketCaf6- Deck12,Mid. 5:30pm-9:00pm
Barong Juice Bar 12:0Opm-whenever
Deck 12, Aft Versailles- Deck 7, Aft. 5:30pm-10:00pm
SpinnakerLounge 1:00om-whenever EndlessSummer*($101-Deck8, Mid. 5;30pm-Close
Deck 12, Fwd.(over18 yearsafter11:00pm)
Star Club Gasino Bar S:00pm-whenever Le Bistro*($tS)- Deck6, Mid. S:3Opm-Close
Deck 6, Fwd. Cagney's*($201-Deck13,Mid. S:3Opm-Close
Star Bar 5:00pm-whenever
Deck 13, Mid. La Trattoria*($tO1-Deck12,Mid. S:3Opm-Close
SohoRoom*($1S1-Deck6, Mid. 5:30pm-Close
Guest Services GinzaAsian/Sushi- ($15)- Deck7, Mid. S:3Opm-Close
Reception Desk AlwaysOpen
Deck 7, Mid. (#00) Aqua- Deck6, Mid. 6:00pm-10:30pm
Cinema (Schedule posted by cinema entrance, port side)
Deck 12. Fwd .
Restaurant Reservations 1 1 :3 0 a m-6 :00pm
YouAre Hungry
GrandAtrium,Deck7, Mid. (#8942) Blue LagoonCaf6- Deck7, Aft. OpenfromNoon
Waterslides are open 4 :1 5 p m -6 :0 0 pm (Closedfrom4am-5am;
De ck1 2, M id.
Outdoor Pool/Jacuzzi 1 1 :3 0 a m-1 0 :00pm RoomService(#10333) AlwaysOpen
De ck1 2, M id. lce CreamBar - Deck 12, Aft. Noon-5:00pm
MedicalCenter 4:00pm-5:00pm
D e ck4 , M id. BBQ - Deck 12, Mid. (weather
permittinsl 3:3Opm-Close
Kids Center 1 1 :3 0 a m-1 0 :30pm
Deck 13,Aft. *Theserestaurantschargea cover,butthe costsarereallyminimal(and
Teens Genter 1 1 :3 0 a m-1 :30am for whatyouget,you'llfindit'swellworthit.)
Deck 12,Aft.
Library AlwaysOpen Reservationsareneverrequired for anyof our restaurants,
Deck 12, Fwd. be madeup to 48 hoursbeforedinnertime.To makeyourreservation,
Arcade AlwaysOpen callext.8942or 7552.
Deck',|2,Aft. RestaurantCancellations: To ensureeachof ourguestsreceiveour
lnternet Caf6 AlwaysOpen bestservice,we canonlyholdyourdinnerreservation for 15 minutes.lf
Deck9, Mid.
FitnessCenter you needto cancel,pleasedo so by 5:00pmon the dayof your
Deck 12,Aft. reservation
to avoidhavingthe coverchargefor up to two guestsapplied
Barong Spa ' t1 :3 0 a m-1 0 :00pm to youraccount.
Deck '11, Aft. Whatto wear:You'llalwaysfinda placefor yourstyle,no matterwhat
GalleriaGift Shop . 4 :3 0 p m -1 1 :0 0pm youwantto wear.Resortcasual,including jeans,is welcomein anyof our
Deck 7, Aft. restaurants,
exceptVersaillesRestaurant, our designated"dress up"
Cruise Consultant 4 :3 0 p m -6 :3 0 pm restaurant.No shorts permittedin any restaurantafter 5:00pm.
GrandAtrium,Deck7, Mid.
Shore Excursions Desk 1 2 :3 0 p m-9 :00pm
GrandAtrium.Deck7. Mid.
Airbrushed Tattoos 4 :0 0 p m -5 :3 0 pm
Poolside,Deck 12, Mid. 6:00pm-7:30pm
Art Gallery Noon-9:00pm
StarboardSide,Deck12, Fwd.
Shopping Consultant 6:00pm-8:00pm
ReceptionDesk,Atrium,Deck7, Mid.

Emergencies: Simplydial *t911frcm any on-boardship phone.
All about alcohol: lf you boughtliquorand other beverageson shore,we'll hold them
for you untilthe last night of your crujse.
Safuty Equipment; Pleasedon't removeor damagewith any safetyequipmenton
board (such as smoke detectoBorfire extinguishere). Followsafetyinstructionsfrom GonsumerMvisory: Thereis a riskinvolvedwhen consuminganimalproducts
the crew membeE.
suchas beef,eggs,fish,lamb,poultry,or shellfishthat is raw or undercooked. There
Open Flames: Such as buming€ndles and incense,aren'tallowed.
Outgoing Telephone Rates: Ship to shore calls mn be madefrom the phone in your is alsoa riskinvolvedwhenconsumingun-pasteurized juices.lf you havea chronic
stateroom.To the US & Canada$5.95 per minute!International€lls afe billedat the illnessimmunedisorderand are unsureof the risks,consufta physician.
rate of $6.95 per minute.Toll-freenumbers(800)and operator-assisted numbeE are Casino: You haveto be 18 (andhaveID)to gambleor be in the
chargedthe same rate as mlls to the US & Canada. Creditmrds & clling cards are casino.Sony, but no winningscan be paidto any personor betsin violation.Also,
not arepted. drinksor glasswarecan'tbe takenout; pipesor
Environmental Hotline: To reportany environmentalprcblems,call the Reception
Desk at 00 or send an emailto reportsare cigarscan'tbe takenin, but cigarettesmokingis ok. Slotwinningsof $1200and
mnfidential. abovecouldbe subjectto W2-Gtax withholding.
As a courtesyto other guests,pleaseset your cell phone ringerto silentand avoid Announcements: All announcements can be heardon TV channel2.
conveEationswhile in diningareasand theateF on the ship. Thank you. Our Smoking Policy: Publicareasare smokefree.lf you wantto smoke,we'veset
We respectfullyask, becausewe €re, that all guestsuse the hand sanitizing
asidespotsjust for you.if you smokecigarettes;you can smokein yourstateroom,
stationsat all times,especiallybeforediningin our restaurants.
lf you developany kind of gastrointestinal symptomsthen on your balcony,in the Casinoor the CigarBar.lf you preferpipesor cigars,you can
pleasereportthem immediatelyby Glling 3333 or 00. smokein the CigarBar,Deck6, Mid..You can smokecigarettes,pipesand cigars
No fee will applyfor mnsultation,only for medication. outsideon opendecks,(justpleasedon'tsmokearoundfoodvenues,sportsdecks
orjoggingarea,kid'spoolareasand otherdesignatednon-smoking areas).Please
do notthrowcigareftesoverboardand pleaserememberto neversmokein bed.

Fw d. 3 :3 0 p m.(Seecasinostafffor details).EndlessSummer. SunTourPresentation at 10:30amin the 8:30pm ..Get a free timeyou get to playtwiceas manycards! 10:45pm' tial t least12: 30am spincouponwith everyplayer'scard& win a free Collectyourticketsfor the drawfor the It's KaraokeTime! cruise9:00am-11:00am & 9:00-'1 1:00pm. Fwd. Fwd. Atrium. our professional photographers will be on hand in the Atrium from 5:00pm-10:00pm to take your photograph.courtesyof eachof thesebeautifulportsof call. Poolside. find 9:00am-9:00pm.Fwd.(OneShowOnlyl) Spinnaker . Fwd.10: 30pm Bling Bling FreeRing GiveawayBingo: ShoreExcursionInformation:Do notmissout Gatsby's. JoinPaulfor somelaughs. shopping Ashore: JoinTreyfor an informative DressUp or Not NightPortraits:Haveyour Diamond& Gemstone Seminar.5: 30pm Time: 7:30pm& 9:30pm.?"ll. Mid.Deck7. audio 11:30a m . 8:45pm-9:30pm.$60 buy-in.8: 30pm & 9:00am. cards' Deck 12.10: 45pm Feelingshy?Join us for the free gaminglessons We'realsogivingawaysomespa treatmentstoo. ?^:1?11.StardustTheater.lotsof alreadystartingto sellout.8: 15pm Vocal Melodieswith the MelodicQuartet Whoti cn tap toiay 8:30pm . I I t p ot The da v Tonight L Or.erour your KaIIteilcKels. DiamondPendent! 1 1:3Opm-whenever Portraits: 5:00pm-10:00pm. StarClubCasino.1: 00om & & videorecordingas wellas reservingseatsis prohibited.Don'tmissthe Fun& 6:30pm . 11:15am.. Everyonewho playsBingostandsa chanceto on the manyamazingsightsand activitiesin Jana Seale's Acoustic Coffee win a stunningringworth$500.Deck7.Ltd.sign-upsstartat Jackpotsessionis not to be missedit is the only 7:30pm.Becomean Mr Motown Stan Sykes professional portraitstakentonightin the Grand educatedshopperso you are well equippedwhen 8:30pm .. Thisgameshowwillbe donebeforethe5:30pmshowdownstairs. .Deck6.By CaribbeanVibes with Xcite arrangementwithThe ReallyUsefulGroup.11: 00pm You mustbe in it to win it! You couldwalkaway StardustTheater.2008 Today'sforecast Sunrise Sunset At Sea PartlySunny. Mid."" up (or not) Night. Mid. So. 6:30pm . 11:00am.Decks6 & 7.82Fl27C 6:30am 5:45pm f .:""31?P'lg^::. witha 7-DayCruisefor 2 to the Caribbean. Mid. Pop and R&B with the Star GlubGasino:TexasHold'emTournament chancesto takehomethe cash! This4-Game Pat Juneau Band startsat 11:00am. Showdurationis underone hour. Jazzwith Alex & Co.Deck8. M id. Photography.Fwd.Deck7. get 1 free! alongwiththe FreestyleShowgirlsfor a nightof excitement & tantalizing entertainment. Deck12.11: 30pm Atrium. Mid. there's no purchase obligation. Spinnaker Lounge. M id. S pi nnaker D eck12. Lounge.Decks6 & 7. Time:10:15pm.:a- I N OR W E GIA N C R U IS E LIN E ' FREESYYLE CRUISI'{O' NorwegianStar Sunday.havethe opportunity to havea you shopashore!ValuableVIP Cardswillbe NightclubMusicwith phototakenwithCaptainGunnarHammerin.. did you remember to advance your clocks one (1) hour forward before going to bed last night (Saturday night?) Toniglti e r$ertai nment Music Everywhere StardustShowtime:The Musicof the Night Norwegian CruiseLinefeatures"TheMusicof the Night"/ "TheMusicof AndrewLloydWebbe/' Oasis.Also. Best of all. Red Lion Pub D eck 7.7: 30pm& excitementand pilesof cashcouldbe yours. Caribbean Cruisefor 2! Be in it to win it! 9:30pm . andone luckyguestwillwin a beautiful available DJ Freddy from7:00pm-8:00pm in theAtrium. No purchase obligation. Lounge. D eck 12.: .Toursare House Colombian Emeralds Intl. Mid. Win a free Atrium. a t 1 1 :30am . Fwd.spinnaker Lounge.November9tn.Deck12. Deck 7.Seehowwellyouknowyour hilarious betteihalf. whether you choose to dress up (or not). Garousel Lounge.uouDteyour oouore Rock. presentedby JeanAnn RyanProductions in association with MusicalAssociates (UK)Ltd. cruiseon our Spin-To-Winfreeslot machine. Deck 6. Fwd. All thefun.No childrenare allowedto be in the frontrow. Pub Entertainment with Sean Dun'tmirr this! 9:30pm' ti la t least1: 00am Newlvwed/ Not So NewlvwedComedv Game Show: JoinyouiCruiseDirectorPaulfor themo-st gameshoftof thecruise. out moreat the session.?. 3:30pm . Atrium. 9:00am-close'Deck6' Fwd' Deck 7. (Weatherpermitting) Chillout with our Bud Light NGL'sMonteCarloNight Lime Beer BucketSpecial! ls the JokerWildEnough?This is CasinoExtraordinaire! (yourCruiseDirector) Jointhe Gazillionare Buy 5 beers.Big cashprizesto be won. :l l: *€3% . Also.

''il.putyour in cabinTV to recapon thefantastic savingsto ($0.Coverchargeapplies. 3. Bestof all. unforgettable diningexperience in a Pacific Theywillmakesureyou 1 Detoxtreatmentin Eurooe. 9:00am-3:00pm & 7:00pm.seeRomeo& andhe'llbe attirewithsomethingelegantandcontemporary. 8:00am-10:00pm. slimming pose.h iecup) Fruitsmo-othi.Getyourfree$5 chip Dressup or not nightis StardustTheater.there'sa littleextra Whatis a Lithograph? Whatis a Serigraph? somethingspecialfromus to you. MonteCarloNightstartsat 10:1Spm:fountain of portrait.. prizes& giveawaysat stake. you.givingyouadvice & a Spagiftvoucher!ParadiseLottodrawingis tonightandwe wantto on the amazingsights and activitiesashore. GrandAtrium.95(Served Passion".complimentyour evening are hissuggestionsfor loungedeck12 Fwd.. Fwd.000. Situpstraight. Capturingtonight'smagic is important so I askeda AttentionAll LatitudesMembers GalleriaGift Shop professional in our Photo lf you haven'treceivedyour invitationfor the It'sDesignerDayin theGiftShop. . Showus yourgood in thisfunandinformative seminar.Keepan eye When is the best time to collect?Your Art 4.). buya Cigar& sample for$15only(8:O0pm-Close) 3 Cognacs ShoreExcursions StarGlubGasino Dear Makethe most of your vacationwhen in port. Fwd.TommyHilfiger.i./$'100($0. 7:00am to 5:00pm. Limitmakeup. Fwd.Come mins. Mid.We suggest lookyourbest.Turnyour BarongSpa& Salon SohoExperience headtowardthecamera& Treatmentof the Cruise:lonithermie $159. minuteVIP cardsto makesureyou alwaysget 9:00am-Noon. Barong Spa.Stand on themin the Atriumand Galleryand getthe Director Kevinwilltellyoueverything youever closeto yourpartner.*" i' i't.Deck7. Mid.Forthemost Poolside.position 9:00am-11:00pm.. A littlegoesa longway. 1:00pm-4:00pm.i sd6dlil.s"" Coffeeof the day:"lrishCoffee"Ghampagne of the day:"VeuveClicquot" in allopenbars Martiniof the day:"CocoCabanatini". Nauticaandmoreall10o/o 1.Deck7. lookour bestfor our Enterintotheraffleandwingreatprizes. Aft Galleria.40/min. ShoppingGonsultant lnternetGaf6 CaboSanLucas.55/min. firm and tonethe stafffor moredetailsat the ReservationDesk 7. Deck7. Accessoriesfrom reflects lightandcanmakeyou PhotoGallery TheArt of CollectingArt! lookpale.Deck7."r.i . Deck7. Say"Cheese"! . photoswhilethe getting's good.75 Vodka of the day: "Wokka Saki" Beerof the day:"Sapporo" AskyourfriendlyBarStafffortheMonteCarloDrinkSpecialin all OpenBars HavanaClub:"Cigar & Cognac Momentum".Deck'l1.You can visible RimCalifornian styleRestaurant.. from purchase obligation. be hadin theseamazing shoppingports. Fwd. Mid.thighsor buttocks. Deck12.Deck6.Deck 7.lose1-8inchesfromyour reservations. $9. DailySpecials. feeland see results.. Lookthisway. difference 6. morethanhappyto giveyouone.. Learnfunfactsto impress yourfriends! posturemakesa worldof 11:00pm. Call#8942or visitour friendly stomach. Here Latitudespartyat 1'oclock todayin the Spinnaker Swarovski Jewelry. YourShoreExcursions expertJoeywill hostthe Blackjack at 3:00pm.75lmin. Lacoste. 6:00pm-8:00pm. 5.) Nowincluding users. in a Souvenir Glass) :ie0o.. Share an listento the photographer. 7 on your Tunein to channel andsaveup to 47%off the PayAs YouGo rate forward.Kenneth 9:00am-11:30am GrandAtrium.Mid10:00am-3:00pm. Discovera well kept secret.Portraitswillbe wantedto knowaboutthefineart of collecting takenfrom 5pm-10pmin the GrandAtrium.)or 100 mins.Save10%on Galleryon Deck7. suggestions? 9:00am-Close.Now.Aft.8:00pm- the bestpricesandservice.Everyday.ship Cole.i. lonithermie bodycorrective treatment is the No. Check out our "Beach lt" Deck sale side. Carousel Lounge. SeeyourInternet Caf6Manager: towardthecamera. yourbodyata45 degree angleto thecamera. in a photo.250 wireless outsidefootslightly. off. Putyourbestfoot fastapproaching. at 11:00pm& the Jackpotis over $207. in the GrandAtdum. Firstqualifying sessionfor Slotsat 1:30pm& CruiseDirector.there'sno skin& heloreducecelluliteall in I treatment.$15 to enterfor your Fun& SunTourpresentation at 10:30am in the chanceto winupto $500. Don'tbe shy. Deck6. GrandAtrium. '1'1:00pm.Deck7. BarManager's Specials Drinkof the day:"Tropical $7. Mid. 10:45am. Deck9.i$55 forwardwithtoespointing by the shoppingdesk tonightto pick up last ($0.Do you haveany 9:00am-9:00pm. Good Deck 7. Mid. Mid.Mazatlan & PuertoVallartais Purchaseone of yourdiscounted Time Plans 2.

8:45pm-9:30pm Spin to Win Free Slot Pull (Must have a coupon) Star Club Casino. 2:00pm-4:00pm InformalBridge Play with fellow guests Card Room. Fwd.Classic FrenchWine & CheeseTasting ($15) Soho. 3:30prn NCL "U" .Deck 6. Deck 12.. 11: 3O am . 9:00am-10:00am Murder Mystery DinnerSign-up(first 100 guests only) Library.sing and be merry Spinnak6rLounge. 3:00pm-4:00pm CasinoAt Sea BlackjackTournament Star Club Casino.Deck 12. Fwd. Mid.Deck 7. Fwd. 0:30am SmoothieTasting TopsidersBar.. Fwd. 7:30pm The Newlywed/ Not So NewlywedComedy Game Show (PG-13) SpinnakerLounge. Deck 7. 11: 1Sam Free Casino Gaming Lessons Star Club Casino. 10: 15pm ParadiseLotto'refree to whatever! . 10: 00am NCL'U" .Deck 7. Mid. 9:00am-10:00am Golf Clubs Available(weatherpermitting) Golf Cage.Beersof EuropeTasting($15) Red Lion Pub.a gatheringfor our GLBT guests Star Bar. 9:30am Ping PongTournament(16 yearsof age & older) StarboardSide. 5:00pm-7:00pm ProfessionalPortraiture Grand Atrium. Deck 12. Deck 7.Deck 7.Deck 14. 1:30pm-3:00pm lntroductionto AcupunctureSeminar Gatsby'sBar. Fwd. Mid. Fwd. Deck 7. Deck 7. 7:00pm Travel & ReferenceBooks are available Library. 12: 30pm NCL'U" . Aft. Mid. Fwd.BuffaloBills vs. Fwd. Fwd.IndianapolisGoltsvs. 7:00pm-8:00pm Pictureswith your CaptainGunnar Hammerin GrandAtrium.Deck'14. 5:00pm-10:00pm Everything's hotter when the sun goes down. Mid. we know this looks like a schedule(gasp!)But.Deck 6. Deck 6. Deck 14.11: 30pm NCL's Monte Carlo Night Star Club Casino. Deck 12. 2:00pm-3:00pm Free AbsolutrMVodka Tasting GalleriaGift Shop. Fwd.Deck 7. Stretch and relax FitnessCentre. 7:00pm-8:00pm StardustShoMime: "The Music of the Night" StardustTheater. 2'. (SatellitePelrmitting) 2: 1Spm Port and ShoppingPresentationwith Trey StardustTheater.Deck 7.. Fwd. 12: 30pm Alexandrite& AmmoliteUnveiling ColombianEmeralds.Deck 12. Fwd. 4:30pm Friendsof Bill W.Deck 12. Fwd. Mid. 9: 00am . Fwd. Mid. Fwd. Mid. 3:00pm-4:30pm Double Double Bingo. Fwd. 11: 00pm DJ Freddy'sLate Night Party Zone (18 years old & over) CarouselLounge. (WeatherPermitting) 0:30am Fun & Sun Tour Presentationwith your Shore ExcursionTeam StardustTheater.lce CarvingDemonstration(weatherpermitting) Poolside. 5:00pm Golf Clubs Available(weatherpermitting) Golf Cage. Fwd.Deck 12.Get twice the cards & twice the luck! SpinnakerLounge.Deck 6. ' t0: 00pm . Decks 6 & 7. Deck 7. 10:00am Sports Open Play (weatherpermitting) SportsCourt. Mid. 7:30am Aerobics FitnessCentre. Aft.Deck 12. Deck 12. (weatherpermitting) 2:00pm Detoxfor Healthand Weight Loss Seminar FitnessCenter. 1: 00am NCL "U" . Mid. Fwd.Deck 7 Aft. Aft. Spinnakers.Deck 6.DestinationSeminar:Secretsof Mazatlan& Cabo Cinema. 9:00am-1'1 :00am MorningTeam Trivia Red Lion Pub. 9:30pm-10:45pm Adult Only NintendoWiirMVirtual BowlingParty Pearl Martini. SkincareSolutionsSeminar BarongSpa. 2:00pm-4:00pm NFL Action. Aft. Deck 6. 6:30pm Friendsof Dorothy. 9:00am Travel & ReferenceBooks are available Library. Mid. 1:00pm-3:00pm CasinoAt Sea Slot Tournament Star Club Casino. Aft. Deck 6 & 7. 1: O 0pm ChampagneArt Auction Preview CarouselLounge. Deck 7.Drink. 2:00pm Travel & ReferenceBooks are available Library. Fwd. Fwd. 1:00pm-2:00pm Golf Clubs Available(weatherpermitting) Golf Cage. New EnglandPatriots Red Lion Pub.MartiniClinic($15) Gatsby'sBar. 10: 00am Secretsto a FlatterStomachSeminar FitnessCenter. remember. Deck 12.Deck 12. Fwd.11: 00pm StardustShowtime:"The Music of the Night" StardustTheater. Fwd.Decks 6 & 7. 1: 00am Bling Bling Bingo on the HzO.Stuff for the 'morning People'. Fwd.DigitalPhotographySeminar:ShootFirst& Fix Later Cinema. Mid. Aft. 2:30pm Cha-Cha Dance Class with our ProfessionalBallroomDancers SpinnakerLounge. 9: 00pm . Deck 7. Fwd. Deck 6.Deck 12.Deck6. Aft. 11:45am Add pazzazzto your afternoon.Deck 8. 10 : 30am -1: 00am Art Seminar:The Secretsof Art Collecting CarouselLounge.Deck 12. 9: 1Sam Golf Putting Gatsby's.Deck 7. 10:00am Grand Jewelry Unveiling ColombianEmeralds. Deck 13. Deck 14.Deck over $207. Fwd. 8:00am NCL "U" . Fwd.1 1: 00am Spinto Win Free Slot Pull (Musthavea coupon) Star Club Casino. Fwd.Deck 12.Deck 8.Deck 12.000for $1 a gamel Star Club Casino. Fwd. Mid. Aft. Aft. Aft. 1: 45pm NCL "U" . 0:45am Texas Hold'emTournament Star Club Casino. Deck 11. Fwd. Fwd. Deck 7. Deck 12.Deck 12. Fwd. Deck 7. 9:00am Pathwayto yoga ($10 fee) FitnessCentre. 1: 00am NFL Action.Deck 6. 2:30pm NCL "U" . Aft.Aft.Noon Look 10 YearsYoungerin 10 MinutesSeminarwith Dr. Aft.Deck 12. PittsburghSteelers Red Lion Pub..Mid. Mid.Deck 12. Mid.MargaritaMadnessw/ GuacamoleMade-Easy($15) EndlessSummer. 0:30am Come & Play under the Sun on our Black Jack Tables Pool Deck! Pool Deck. Fwd.Aft. 10:00am-Noon Makeup Boat Drill.Deck 7.Deck8. Meet Stbd Room. Deck 12. Deck 6. Noon NCL "U" .4Spm MargaritaHappy Hour (2 for 1 regularmargaritas) EndlessSummer.Win a Free $500 ring SpinnakerLounge.Art of MakingSushi & Sake Tasting ($'t5) Ginza Restaurant. Fwd.Deck6. 11: 00pm Witching Hour (Selectedcocktail/ shootersat a reducedprice) CarouselLounge. (SatellitePermitting) 1: 00am Diamond& Exotic GemstoneSeminarwith Trey EndlessSummer.Deck 12.For those that did not attendyesterday'sdrill SpinnakerLounge. 1: 00pm Sports Court Open Play (weatherpermitting) SportsCourt.Deck 12.Deck 12. ProgressiveTeam Trivia Pearl MartiniBar.Decks 6 & 7. Mid.Deck 12. Deck 12. 11:30pm-whenever Ok. 1:45pm BasketballFree Thrgw Contestwith your Cruise Director'sStaff Sports Court. 9: 1Sam Gem StoneSeminar GrandAtrium. Mid. Fwd.. 4:30pm DodgeballPlay with your fellow guests (weatherpermitting) Sports Court. Leon Cinema. Mid. Aft.Deck 12. 9:30pm Karaoke Party. Deck 6..

Resortcasual.whenever Deck 13. Deck 7. Noon-1:30pm Pearl Martini Lounge 10:00am-whenever Versailles. Mid. Mid.Mid.|0:00pm callext.) Fitness Center Always Open Reservationsareneverrequired for anyof ourrestaurants.Deck6. for whatyouget. All reportsare couldbe subjectto W2-Gtax withholding. 7:30am-9:00am Deck 12.we'veset We respectfullyask.. 11:30am-3:00pm Carousel Nightclub 10:00am-whenever Deck 7.Mid.Deck7. Deck 7 Mid.lamb. Bier Garten '10:00am-whenever permitting)11:00am-2:00pm The Grill . Emergencies: Simplydial tl911 from any on-boardship phone. As a @urtesyto otherguests. Mid. Aft. confidential.only for medication.Sorry.whenever Deck 6. *Theserestaurants lnternet Caf6 Always Open chargea cover.lf Cruise Consultant 9:00am-11:30am you needto cancel.eggs.sporlsdecksor No fee will applyfor consultation. not a@pted.that all guestsuse the hand sanitizing asidespotsjustfor you.we canonlyholdyourdinnerreservation for 15 minutes. Aft.00pm Deck 12. Mid. 5:30pm-10:00pm Cinema (Schedule posted within both cinema entrances) Deck 12.lf you havea chronicillness Outgoing Telephone Rates: Ship to shore €lls cn be madefrom the phone in your immunedisorderandare unsureof the risks. Mid .pleasedo so by 5:00pmon theday of your Grand Atrium.To makeyourreservation.Deck8.close Gatsby's Champagne Bar 2:45pm.especiallybeforediningin our matterwhat Deck 12. Kids Under 2 Zoo 9:00am-5:00pm RoomService(#10333) AlwaysOpen Starboard Room. Aft.if you the Casinoor the CigarBar.pleaseset your €li phoneringerto silentand avoid conveFationswhile in diningareasand theaterson the ship. Fwd.Deck7. Poolside (weather permitting) 1:30pm-5:30pm youwantto wear. 5:00pm& 6:30pm 8:00om& 9:30om Guest Services Reception Desk Always Open MarketCaf6. Fwd.butthecostsare reallyminimal(and Deck 9.Mid.Deck12. AfternoonSnacks. 6:30am-1 1:00am Topsiders Poolside 8:00am-whenever Versailles.consulta physician.@m. Aft. Galleria Gift Shop 9:00am-'11:00pm RestaurantCancellations: To ensureeachof ourguestsreceiveour Deck 7.whenever SatisfyYour AfternoonAppetite Deck 7.including jeans.Deck12.ning Java Gaf6 7:30am-whenever Deck 7. drinksor glasswarecan'tbe takenout. exceptVersaillesRestaurant.Deck12. Also. joggingarea.Deck7. 4:00pm-6:00pm Kids Genter 9 :0 0 a m -1 0 :3 0pm ForWhenever YouAre Hungry Deck 13.0ustpleasedon'tsmokearoundfoodvenues. Aft.8942or7552.Mid.or sheltfish thatis rawor undercooked. Fwd. ir be madeup to 48 hoursbeforedinnertime. 5:30pm-Close Deck 4. Mid. 5:00pm-9:00pm Deck 7. our designated"dress up" Reception Desk. 5:30pm-Close Deck 7. Blue LagoonCaf6. Fwd. Mid .95per minute.Deck 12. Safuty Equipment: Pleasedon't removeor damagewith any safetyequipmenton board (suchas smoke detstoG orfire extinguisheF). Airbrushed Tattoos 10:30am-Noon Whatto wear:You'llalwaysfinda placefor yourstyle. Thank you. Aft. Announcements: Allannouncements canbe heardon TV channel2. Red Lion Pub 9:00am. Credit€rds & @llingcards are casino. Mid. Deck 7.Mid.To the US & Canada$5. GettingStarted Barong Juice Bar 8:00am-8. bestservice. Medical Genter 8 :3 0 a m -1 0 :0 0am GinzaAsian/Sushi* ($15). Mid. 12:30pm. All about alcohol: lf you boughtliquorand other beverageson shore. 5:30pm-Close Grand Atrium. Deck 7. butcigarettesmokingis'llfindit'swellworthit. (over 18 years After 11: 00pm ) PastaAction Station.Deck13. -. La Trattoria*($tO). Mid.buttheycan Deck'12. AlwaysOpen Teens Genter 9 :0 0 a m -1 :3 0 am (Closedfrom4am-sam. (#8942) On board Gredit Desk 9:00am-Noon Le Bistro*($1S1 .kid'spoolareasandotherdesignated non-smoking areas).Followsafetyinstructionsfrom ConsumerMvisory: Thereis a riskinvolvedwhenconsuminganimalproductssuch the crew membeE. Mid. a riskinvolvedwhenconsumingun-pasteurized juices. 4:00pm-5:00pm to avoidhavingthe coverchargefor up to two guestsapplied reservation Shore Excursions Desk 9:00am-9:00pm to youraccount. Casino Bar 9:00am-whenever The Grill . (Entrance: SpinnakerLounge) Library Always Open lce GreamBar . be€use we care. Slotwinningsof $1200and above Desk at 00 or send an emailto EnvironmentalHotline@ncl. Fwd. 4:00pm-8:00pm Cagney's*($ZO1 . Mid. Mid . S:30pm-Close D eck 12.Deck6. yourbalcony. Noon-5:00pm Deck 12. .Deck6.lf you preferpipesor cigars. as beef. Deck 12. Aft. Att.Pleasedo notthrowcigarettes overboardandpleaserememberto neversmokein can lf you developany kind ofgastrointestinalsymptomsthen smokein the CigarBar.Deck12. Mid. aren'tallowed. Barong Spa 8:00am-'. Mid. Mid. Aft.($15).we'll hold them for you untilthe last nightofyour cruise.Deck'12. Aft. pipesandcigars pleasereportthem immediatelyby €lling 3333 or 00. 5:30pm-10:30pm Restaurani Reservations 7:00am-5:00pm EndlessSummer*($tO1 .Toll-fr@numbeB (800)and operator-assisted numbeB a€ chargedthe same rate as callsto the US & Canada.Deck7. S:30pm-Close Waterslides are open 10:00am-6:00pm SohoRoom*($tS). Bar Services treetfy!et). Mid.Youcan smokecigarettes. Noon-2:00pm Deck 7. Thereis also open Flames: Such as bumingcandlesand inense. Aft. Fwd. MarketCaf6. 12:30pm Deck 12.Deck7. MarketGaf6.€ll the Re€ption cigarscan'tbe takenin.Deck 12. WhatAre You in the MoodFor? Star Bar 5:00pm.No shorts permittedin any restaurantafter5:00pm.AIt.butno winningscan be paidto any personor betsin violation. Mid. outsideon opendecks.Deck 12.lf you wantto smoke. Mid. Our SmokingPolicy: Publicareasaresmokefree. 5:30pm-Close Outdoor Pool/Jacuzzi 8 :0 0 a m -1 0 :0 0pm D eck 12.Mid. (weather Deck' 14.pipesor Environmental Hotline: To reportany envircnmentalproblems. TeppanyakiRoom*($ZS1 .Deck7. restaurant.Fwd. Aqua. Mid. Mid.Deck12. stateroom.Deck7. Spinnaker Lounge 10:00am-whenever Teppanyaki Room*($ZS1-Deck7. Grand Atrium. Deck 1 1. roomservicemenuavailable) Deck welcomein any of our Shopping Consultant 6:00pm-8:00pm restaurants. Mid. Atrium.Deck6. (weather permittins)8:00am-10:00am Deck 6. Mid. (#00) Versailles.poultry. Aft. on stationsat all times.Mid. you cansmokein yourstateroom. 3:00pm-4:30pm Arcade Always Open Deck 12.95 per minute!Intemational€lls are billedat the Casino:You haveto be 18 (andhavelD)to gambleor be in the rate of $6. Aft. (over 18 years After 11:30pm) Sushi.

2008 Today's forecast Sunrise Sunset Arrival All Aboard(LastTender) Location: Gabo San Lucas PartlvSunnv. --" : .Takea tripto "MotorCity"& back ticketnumberhasbeencalled. Mid. San Jose del Cabo anchor the Restaurant. lt's wild.9: 30pm S pin .WorldChampionMagicianMurray.Deck7.Cabo San Lucas and ticketsystem.)-Close. 7* : j=j'' i . Time:9:00am-10:00am & 7:00pm-9:00pm. Cometo theShoreExcursion Desktoday. n a k eLro u n g eD.Don'tmiss mustreceiveshipclearance by the localMexican outon yourchanceto FindNemo!You'llalsowant backdropof endlesscactus desert. "=:.+ *t:'. stretch of lovely beaches CarouselLounge.: ti*. Jointhisgiftedentertainer for festivenightin the Pleasewaitin any publicareauntilyourtender 29 km. striking desert landscape.until"Open Casino. WithFreestyle you'refreeto whatever. Fwd.000 in our Lotto drawingat 11:00pmfor only$2 pergame. Andsinceyouwon'tmissa scheduled dinnertime.andvideorecordingallowed. (16 years and over to sign up & participate. Fwd. .One memberfromyour Stan Sykes' Saluteto Motown & More are separated by the Corridor. clear yourCruiseDirector Cabo San Lucas is different Paul.with some of Time: "10:45pm. NORWECTANCRUISEI-INE' F*E6sTYLE CRUISINg" NorwegianStar Monday.No minorsareto be seatedin the from other "Mexican Riviera" firsttwo rows.There are 3 areas included meetshereon the ship)we willbe usinga tender Midnight-2:00am" Win over $206. No flashphotography.Announcements repedoire.. geographical separation and isolation from mainland Mexico.+ {j-+. November 10tn. a partycan pickup ticketsfor the entiregroup. officialsbeforeanyonecanproceedashore. provisionstop for pirates awaiting ij:. Deck 12.wacky& you'vegot io see it developedcloserties with the U. in thestairuyells Stanis sureto keepyou entertained! new resortdevelooment. TenderTicketsDistribution: Star Club Casino:Try your luckon our FreePul Slot Machinefor your chanceto win a cruisefor 2 Los Cabos is one of Mexico's In orderto takecareof the initialrushof guests goingashoreindependently (thoseof youthatare between6:00pm-7:00pm. Paula and Randy .Numbered tenderticketswillbe availablefrom9:30amin the EndlessSummer Time:6:30pm(approx. to checkoutthefamedLoversArchtoo. Once used as a frequent Carousel Lounge.. dry -f climate and beauty. counteroarts.. e c k1 2 . Prizesto be wonl Get readyfor somelaughsand becometonight'ssuperstar! T ime :8 :4 5 pm . Come and play on the largest destinationsin terms of its noton an NCLorganized ShoreExcursion that slots machines and earn double points from layout. canalsobe heardon TV channel 2.Pleasedo notwait again.t-. SpinnakerLounge.t passage of the Manila Galleons. "Karaoke ldol" Bud Light Lime Party today Cabo San Lucas is one of Join your Cruise Director'sStaff plus your fellow guests for our fun versionof anotherpopular ldol show" Exceptthere's a twist! Meet our judges Simon. Tonight's showis approximately65-70minutesin duration. . Because of its Time:7:30pm& 9:30pm.Deck7.Withan endlesslistof songswithinhis sprinkled with much of the area's or at the gangway. Mid. in the resort.:.) Mexico'sfinest hotels. we'dsuggest exploring theshorewithoneof ourexcursions. GomedyNightLive Madness the Cabo tourism industry has Your CruiseDirector'sStaffinviteyou for somefun & games. to believeit.Deck6.F w d than to the rest of Mexico.t1 ?j. 'BlindDate' & ComedyCentral's 'Reno911'..S. . The two towns Tender Service"is announced. area's resort strip. . Cruising. Deck8..1+." t--.StardustTheater. Lasttender T i me :1 0:30pm-11:30pm fromshorebackto theshipis at 5:30pm. :: t= * ri? "t + StardustCelebrityShowtime:MagicianMurray GaboSan Lucas Norwegian CruiseLineproudlypresentsdirectfromVHITelevisions'Celebracadabra'.. Fwd. Cabo San Lucas is unioue in its .or close to them! Mexico'stoo resorts. Visitors are 11:00amWelcomeTo Cabo San Lucas ShoreExcursionDesk:CaboSan Lucasis hometo The shipwillanchortodayin CaboSanLucas& surrounded by a dramatic someof the bestsnorkeling on the coast. miles of white sandy beaches and Nofruiisor vegetablesmaybe broughtashoreor Atrium. broughton thevessel.86F/30C 7:04am 5:52pm 11:00am 5:30pm l-. Fwd.Decks6 & 7. cinnamoncolored mountainsand Pleasecarrya photolD andStarguestkeycard.

Mid. tickets for $2 only and win $206.VIP cards and savingcertificates will GalleryHours:8:00am-'10:30am & 5:00pm- have bad).95(Servedina SouvenirGlass) FruitSmoothie: "Bluebeny". $6. houronly! Wednesday.Deck7. InternetCaf6. 8:00am-11:00am. Mid.Deck7.Deck9. Mid. Mi d. thenfollowwitha fuller Emeralds Colombian International InternetCaf6 tasteto sensethewine's It's all happeningin the Jewelrystoretoday.50% Today only. houronly!Theentirecollection willbe available willorganize of yourluggage delivery alltheway justoncethiscruise. StonesMassage combined withany one of the Smell 9:00am-10:00am& 7:00pm-9:00pm.Treywillgiveyou many ProfessionalPortraitswill be taken from indicatesmoreflavorand (but great buyingtips! Join him for this informative 5:00pm-10:00pm in the Atrium. make smarter buying America's#1 Portraitartist. BarManager's Specials Drinkof theday:"Mangopolitan".Diamonds. A ft. (Restrictions apply) Allow yourinitialtasteto 6:30pm-7:30pm. awakenyourtastebuds.or askyour 9:00am-Arrival.wood. Swirlagainandsmellthe GrandAtrium. Galleria. . Deck7.herbs.attend Topazand much more.MexicanShoppingFiesta purchasein the PhotoGallery.) . and receive30 or 15 additionalfree minutes Tanzanite.Peridot. Morecolortypically decisionsand find the stonethat'srightfor you Speakto our friendlyPhotoStafffor details. don'tbe lefton the pierwonderingwhatto do as for the non-winning tickets.Amethyst. for winetasting? 7 :0 0 p m -9 :0 0 p m D e.We sprce.and Save$100on any ThomasKinkadefor one BagsProgram . Fwd. abovefor$119. 8:00am-10:00pm.Westart to pay from the match of 3 wouldliketo celebrate brewerytoo.)-Close.Rubies.Sapphires. Kinkade& SportMemorabilia Sale Bags earth.00.leavingyou to relax& Taste heavilyreducedprices.alsocalledthe bouquetor nose.Call11777 loranappointment. $7. diamonds and gems. 9:00am-10:00am & on slotsbetweenMidnightand 2:00am. 6:30pm(Approx. be available. Mid.25 minuteReflexology or a 25 minuteHot Consultant formoreinformation. Purchasean InternetTime plan bodyandtexture.Deck7. Simple. Mazatlanis tomorrow'sexciting Haveyou got your free chip yet? Pay only $10 CruiseDirector. thereare3 steps: Look ShoppingConsultant PhotoGallery Whitewinesrangefrom Learnhowto savetimeand moneyshoppingfor Orderyour very own hand-paintedPortraitby greento yellowto brown.Now Howabouta $100onboardcredit BarongSpa& Salon swirlyourglass.tiltyourglass. Checkout the Papantlaflyers.Common aromasarefruit.All sportsmemorabilia at to your homeairport.Barong Spa. 1 :0 0 p mGa 6 :3 0 p m-1 . 5:00pm-7:00pm & 8: 00pm - servertonight. 11:000m.000 at I am on vacationand quaintlocalvillagesto exploreand the Pacifico 11:00pm.Say"byebye"to yourBags.This offeris only our WineTastingevents Tonight!Get 10%Off on MexicanFireOpal! valid during the manager'shours which are this cruise.Deck7. D eck7.00(Served $9. There is a lot to see and do but prizedrawing out of 5 and thereis a consolation with a bottleof wine.WilliamEverly. Fwd youthwhilebrown l l eri a. age a brownwinemay gone seminar.Carousel. Collectyour favorite enjoy Los Angeles!Please Registerat the Yourwineshouldbalance handsignedsportsmemorabilia today. c k7. Fwd.withoutalcohol in a Souvenir SmoothieCup) Coffeeof the day:"Rumetto"Today'sShooter:"Nuttylrishman".Aft.50 Martiniof the day:"FrenchKiss".$9. aroma.Sizeand Placea $250dollardepositon this cruisefor Combineany two of the following treatments for speedof thestreaksor anyNCLfuturecruiseandas a thankyou. by 8:00pmon sweetness andacidity. $3.Doublepointsmania Whatarethe guidelines tours are sellingout fast. port of call.we'll only $109: 25 minuteMassage. Aft. island and beach getaways.Win beautifuljewelrygifts courtesy 11:00pm of Diamondslnternational Forreds. and get a 10o/odiscountvoucherfor today's Formoredetails.CarouselLoungeBar.Deck11.25 minutePeppermint bodyandviscosity. spend right now! See Romeo your Cruise Scrub.(Open24hrs.Deck7.the and receive$15 in gamingchipslGet your Lotto local cliff divers. off selectedJewelry with Emeralds. .25 Vodkaof the day:"Wokka Saki" Champagne of the day:"Bollinger BrutSpecialCuvee"in allopenbars Beerof the day:"Tsingtao" EndlessSummer:FreeTapas& Guacamole canbe requested Tequiladrinkspurchased withspecialty fromS:30pm-Close ShoreExcursions StarGlubGasino Dear Plan ahead.A purpleedgeindicates 9:15am. One Reception Desk.25minute "legs"indicate thewine's giveyoua $100dollarinstant onboard creditto EuropeanMini Facial.whateveryourbudget. Deck6.

Deck 7. Deck 7. 7:00pm-10:00pm StardustCelebrityShowtime:StarringMagicianMurray StardustTheater.San Francisco49'ers at ArizonaCardinal Red Lion Pub. Deck 7.. Fwd. 6:30pm-7:30pm Thomas Kinkade&$ports MemorabiliaSale CarouselLounge.Join us for this hilarious"ldol" parodyshow SpinnakerLounge. 4:00pm-7:00pm Friendsof Bill W.Deck 12. 12:00pm AfternoonTeam Trivia Red Lion Pub. Fwd 8:45pm-9:30pm Rock. 10:00pm-1 1:00pm Stan Sykes' Salute to Motown & More CarouselLounge. 7:30pm Rock. Fwd. 10:30pm-11:30pm "Karaokeldol" .Deck 12.Deck 12. Pop and R&B with the Pat Juneau Band SpinnakerLounge. Fwd.000for only $2 a ticket Star ClubCasino. 7:00pm Friendsof Dorothy. Fwd.Deck 12. Meet Stbd Room. 5:00pm-7:00pm PhotoGalleryis Open StarboardSide. Wake up Stretchwith your FitnessInstructor FitnessCenter. Fwd. 3:00pm-7:00pm VolleyballPlay. Mid. Fwd.Decks 6 & 7.Stufffor the MorningPeople. Aft. Mid. 8:00am PhotoGalleryis Open StarboardSide. 10:30am Add pazzazz to your Afternoon. Deck7.Poolside. Deck 7 Mid.Deck 12.. Fwd. Fwd. Midnight-2:00am you'refreeto whatever! Ok.. 4:00pm-5:00pm CaribbeanVibes with Xcite (weatherpermitting) Oasis. Deck 7. 9:1Spm-10:00pm StardustCelebrityShowtime:StarringMagicianMurray StardustTheater. 11:1Som-'tilat least12:30am DJ Freddy'sLate Night PartyZone (18 years of age & older) CarouselLounge. Aft.(weatherpermitting) Sports Court. Fwd. 10:00am Golf PuttingChallenge.(weatherpermitting) SportsCourt. (Satellitepermitting) 6:30pm Jazzwith Alex & Co.but remember .Deck 12. 5:00pm NintendoWii VirtualVideo Game Action with your fellow guests Pearl MartiniBar.Deck 7. Aft.WiirMhave itl Pearl MartiniBar.Deck 7 Fwd.Deck 12. MondayNFL Action.Deck 6. Aft.Deck 12. Fwd. 8:30pm-11:00pm Comedy Night Live Madnesswith your Cruise Director'sStaff SpinnakerLounge.Deck 12.Deck 6. Deck 13.Deck 7.Deck6. Mid.. Fwd. Fwd. 10: 45pm ParadiseLotto Drawing:win $206. Deck 7.Deck 12. Pop and R&B with the Pat Juneau Band SpinnakerLounge. 6:30pm-7:30pm LiquorRaffle GalleriaGift Shop.Decks6 & 7. Fwd. Fwd. DodgeballPlay . Aft. Deck 7. Deck 7. 8:30pm-11:30pm Jazzwilh Alex & Co. 9:30am Introductionto AcupunctureSeminar Java Caf6. Fwd.we knowthislookslikea schedule(gasp!).16 & older (weatherpermitting) Sports Court.Deck 14.Releaseyour lnner Tiger Gatsby's. Fwd.Deck6. Fwd. 9:15am TenderTickets Distributionfor those guests not on tour EndlessSummer. 7:00pm Over40 SinglesMix and Mingle CarouselLoungeBar. Atrium. 11:30pm-Whenever Double PointsPromotion Star ClubCasino. 7:00pm-8:00pm MexicanShoppingFiesta GalleriaGift Shop. Deck 14.Deck8.Destination:Secretsof PuertoVallarta Cinema.. Fwd. 7:30pm-8:30pm Mr. Fwd. 10:00pm-10:45pm Adult's Only MoonlightVirtual BowlingParty. Fwd.100'sof songs to choosefrom SpinnakerLounge. Fwd.Deck7. Aft.Deck 7.Deck 12.Deck 14. 8:00am-10:30am Pick up Crosswordsand Sudokus Library. Mid. Mid.Spinnakers.Deck 12. 9:00am NCL "U". 9:30am NCL "U" ComputerTechnology:Creativeldeas with Word Cinema. Fwd. Mid. 9:15am Diamond& Tanzanitebuyingand NegotiatingSeminarwith Trey CarouselLounge.Stan Sykes CarouselLounge. Mid.DeckT 6:30pm-7:30pm Jana Seale'sAcousticCoffee House Gatsby's. Mid.Deck 12. 9:00am Travel & ReferenceBooks are available Library. 7:00pm-7:30pm Travel & ReferenceBooks are available Library. Fwd. Deck 12. 7:30am Aerobics FitnessCenter. 9:00am-10:00am MorningTeam Trivia Red Lion Pub. Fwd. Atrium. 8:30pm-'10:30pm Jana Seale'sAcousticCoffee House Gatsby's. Fwd.Deck 12.a gatheringfor our GLBT guests Star Bar. Mid. 4:00pm Travel & ReferenceBooks are available Library. 4:00pm-5:00pm InformalBridge Play Card Room.Deck 6. 9:30pm KaraokeParty & ldol warm up . Deck 7.Mid.Deck 12.Deck 12. 3:00pm Golf Clubs Available(weatherpermitting) Golf Cage.. Deck 7. 11: 00pm WitchingHour (Selectedcocktail/ shootersat a reducedprice) CarouselLoungeBar. 11:00pm-Whenever KaraokeContinueswith your CruiseDirector'sStaff SpinnakerLounge. Deck 7. Deck 7. Aft. Mid. 2:00pm BadmintonPlay .Deck 12. Fwd. 5:00pm-11:00pm Everything'shotterwhen the sun goes down. Motown . Aft.

Also. 7:00pm-9:00pm Whatto wear: You'llalwaysfinda placefor yourstyle. 5:30pm Deck 7.8942or7552.kid'spoolareasand otherdesignatednon-smoking areas). Aft.10: 0 0 a m& to youraccount.Deck12. orjoggingarea. becausewe care. MarketCaf6. (Closedfrom4am-5am. .is welcomein any of our Deck 12. Versailles 1?7.There is alsoa riskinvolvedwhenconsumingun-pasteurized juices. Deck 7.Deck7. chargea cover. 7:00pm-9:00pm Shore Excursions Desk 9: 00am .To the US & Canada$5. especiallybeforedining in our restaurants smokein the CigarBar. Aft. Deck 7. 6: 30pm .pleaseset your cell phone ringerto silentand avoid Our Smoking Policy: Publicareasaresmokefree.All reportsare abovecouldbe subjectto W2-Gtax withholding.only for medication.but no winningscan be paidto any personor betsin violation.Deck 12. Mid. We (over 18 years After 1 'l pm) Red Lion Pub 4:OOpm-whenever SatisfyYourAft. (#8942) O{--1 Cagney's* ($ZO1-Deck13. Java Caf6 7:30am'whenever Deck'llfindit'swellworthit. Mid.Followsafety instructionsfrom suchas beef.3: 00pm Pearl Martini Lounge 4:00pm-whenever Versailles. Bar Services r r e e t r ) .Mid. Poolside (weather permitting) 6:00pm-8.Toll-freenumbers(800)and operator-assisted numbetsare casino. buttheycan Fitness Center Always Open be madeup to 48 hoursbeforedinnertime. All about alcohol: lf you boughtliquorand other beverageson shore.pipesor not accepted. 5:30pm -Close D eck' 12 . cigarscan'tbe takenin.10: 0 0 a m& to avoidhavingthe coverchargefor up to two guestsapplied reservation Office.1: 30pm Deck 7. Mid. Aft. 5:00pm-whenever reppanyaki Room*($2s1- Deck 7. Mid the Casinoor the CigarBar. asidespotsjustfor you. Mid. Fwd. (weather permittins) 7:00am-9:00am Spinnaker Lounge 3:00pm-whenever Deck 12. Grand Atrium. Aft. (over 18 years After 1 1 :30pm) MarketCaf6. permitting)11:00am-2:00pm The Grill .Sony. Aft.consulta physician- stateroom.including jeans. Mid.or shellfishthat is raw or undercooked.No shorts permittedin any restaurantafter 5:00pm.Deck7.if you smokecigarettes.pipesand cigars lf you developany kind of gastrointestinal symptomsthen outsideon opendecks. chargedthe same rate as callsto the US & Canada. Fwd. Deck 7.Please No fee will apply for consultation. Mid. 5:30pm -Ctose On Board Credit Desk 8 :0 0 a m -1 1 : 00am & D eck 7.95 per minute!Inlernationalcalls are billedat the Casino:You haveto be 18 (andhavelD) to gambleor be in the rate of $6. Aft. you can smokein yourstateroom.whenever Deck 14. confidential. 11 : 30am . Slotwinningsof $1200and Environmental Hotline: To reportany environmentalproblems. Fwd matterwhat Airbrushed Tattoos 8: 30am .that all guestsuse the hand sanitizing on yourbalcony. Deck 11.11: 00am Deck 12.Mid.Deck7. Aft.4: 30pm Deck 12.00pm restaurants.€.ernoon Appetite Deck 7. but cigarettesmokingis ok. Aft.To makeyourreservation. Fwd.11: 0 0 a m& you wantto wear. Starboard Side. 3:00pm .338il t 3. RoomService(#10333) AlwaysOpen Kids Under 2 Zoo 9:00am-5:00pm fce GreamBar . Barong Juice Bar B:00am-8:00pm GettingStarted Deck 12. Deck 12. Barong Spa 8: 00am . Mid. Atrium. . Shopping Gonsultant 7:00pm-9:00pm Reception Desk.we'veset conversationswhile in diningareas and theaterson the ship.You can smokecigarettes. Safety Equipment: PIeasedon't removeor damagewith any safetyequipmenton GonsumerAdvisory: Thereis a riskinvolvedwhenconsuminganimalproducts board (such as smoke detectorsor tire extinguishers). Fwd. 5:30pm -Close Grand Atrium. 4:00pm-6:00pm ForWhenever YouAre Hungry Kids Center 9:00am-10:30pm Blue LagoonCaf6.Deck6. Deck 12. Gatsby's Ghampagne Bar 4:00pm. 7:30am-9:00am Bier Garten 3:00pm. Reservationsare neverrequiredfor any of our restaurants.Deck 12. Aft. Mid. Restaurant Reservalions 7:00am-5:00pm . Noon-5:00pm Starboard Room. Fwd. Aft. ($tS)- L€ Bistro* Deck6. Mid.11: 00 p m you needto cancel. Fwd. Mid. (weather Carousel Nightclub 4:00pm-whenever Deck 7. Arcade Always Open *Theserestaurants Deck 12. AlwaysOpen Deck'l 3.Mid.sportsdecks pleasereportthem immedialelyby calling3333 or 00.Mid. Mid. roomservicemenuavailable) Teens Genter 9:00am. Fwd. . Mid. Versailles. -Close 5:30pm D eck 12. Mid .we'll hold them for you untilthe last night of your cruise. Announcements: All announcements can be heardon TV channel2 As a courtesyto other guests. 5:30pm-10:00pm Reception Desk Always Open O< Aqua.) Deck can stationsat all times. Medical Center 8:30am-10:00am & Deck 4.(justpleasedon'tsmokearoundfoodvenues. Aft. Outgoing Telephone Rates: Ship to shore calls can be made from the phone in your illnessimmunedisorderand are unsureof the risks. MarketCaf6.331il Deck 6. Grand Atrium. Noon.callthe Reception Desk at 00 or send an emailto EnvironmentalHotline@ncl. ie lt t n t n q . Mid. Casino Bar 5:30pm-whenever 3. Mid. Thank you. 5 :0 0 p m -7 :0 0pm A<E LaTrattoria*($101-Deck12. Deck 12.butthe costsare reallyminimal(and lnternet Gaf6 Always Open for whatyouget. (Entrance:SpinnakerLounge) Library Always Open Aft.lf you havea chronic Open Flames: Such as buming candlesand incense.Deck 12. do notthrowcioarettesoverboardand oleaserememberto neversmokein bed .($15)-Deck7.1:30am Deck 12. WhatAreYouin theMoodFor? Star Bar D eck 13.95 per minute. Fwd. Emergencies: Simply dial #911 from any on-boardship phone.Mid.Deck12. Mid. Deck 7.Deck12.lamb.our designated"dress up" Art Gallery 6:00pm-9:00pm restaurant.lf you preferpipesor cigars. Mid.Deck7. Mid. -Close 5:30pm Outdoor Pool/Jacuzzi 8 :0 0 a m -1 0 : 00pm SohoRoom*($tS1-Deck6. Mid.we canonlyholdyourdinnerreservation for 15 minutes. Mid. Mid. 5:00pm-9:00pm Guest Services ^(. Credit€rds & €lling mrds are drinksor glasswarecan'tbe takenout.aren't allowed.Deck 12.eggs. Aft. Topsiders Poolside 8:00am-whenever 6:30am .lf you wantto smoke. Aft.whenever D eck 6. (#00) Y -10:30pm Ginema (Schedule posted within both cinema entrances) OE0 Endless Summer* ($101-Deck8.t RestaurantCancellations: To ensureeachof ourguestsreceiveour Galleria Gift Shop 9:00am-Arrival& bestservice. 5:30pm-Close D eck 12. Waterslides are open '1:00pm-6:00pm $i3 GinzaAsian/Sushi. The Grill .Resortcasual.pleasedo so by 5:00pmon the day of your Gruise Gonsultant 9: 00am .Mid.10: 00 p m callext. f'1ru.lf Deck 7.

it remainedthe By the 1930s.Dueto the Cavendishconcealedthemselvesin prolificbillfishing. traditionaltownof SanJosedel connectsthem knownas "the Cabo.500by the time attemptedto convertthe Guaycura theTranspeninsular Highwaywas and Pericunativesto Christianity. slippingoutto ambush finebeaches.Following the but by the early1800s. livelynightlifeand broughtbackgloriousstoriesof this someof the bestsportfishingin the wildplacewhichfueledpopulation Later.notoriouspiratessuchas Sir highwaygaveCalifornians a straight experienceda sportfishingcrazein FrancisDrakeandThomas shotto the tip of BajaCalifornia. CaboSan Lucas. Cabos.a smallfishing village Seafarershavelongbeenattracted privatehideawayof a fewwell-heeled and canneryoccupiedthe northend to the shoresof what is now Los travelersuntilthe 1970s.butnon- . the 1950sand60s. surroundings.witha population completed in 1973. S movedon. destination.In the late 16th-century and Mexicangovernment completedthe inhabitedby approximately 400 early17th-century. fiWo?ywT4sho.Le Port& Shopping Guide Pleasetakethisportguidewithyouashore.Fly in Peninsula. lt is the name Californiawentprettymuch beachcommunity as well. LucasandSanJosedel Caboas CrosbyandJohnWayneto go deep. You'llalsospendtimein the well as the stretchof coastthat seafishing.Spanish of thefaster-growing of the pavedhighwaylinkbetweenthe soldiersand Europeandiseaseshad two towns.The Mexicantourismofficialsbestowed unnoticed untilafterWorldWar ll.the Afterthemissionaries SuperbsportfishingputCaboSan rockyspiresand archesthat Lucason the map.000.Spanishmissionaries world.luxurious anglersandwealthypleasureboaters passingSpanishgalleons. CaboSanLucas N*RlvfstANcnurs* L|r'{s' F*E€6tYLg CnUtStf{i' History& Highlights Overview LosCabos(TheCapes)is not characterize the southerntip of Baja fishermenwillenjoythethriving actuallya town." Becausethe areawas remoteand difficultto reach. Conidor.whenthe ofthe CaboSan Lucasharbor. decimatedthe indigenous swankynewhotelsand condoshave thetowntransformed froma fly-in/ population. filledthe landscapealongthe20 mile sailinresortto an automobile and RV corridorseparatingthetwotowns. UnitedStatesand CaboSan boasts nickname'MarlinAlley'. CoastalHighlights tourhighlights upontwo once-remote Baja That'swhen privateplanes began dramaticdesertterrainand Californiacommunities: CaboSan flyingin celebrities suchas Bing showcasesresortdevelopment.hccording to Transpeninsular Highway.ln the pastfew years.The caperegion legend. growthto around1.The hardysouls.watersoff the the baysand covesalongthe It'aoneof the mostpopular peninsula's southerntip earnedthe southerncoastof the Baja destinationsof the region.

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Fwd. Nofruitsor vegetables traditional architecture in its maybe broughtashoreor broughton thevessel. Deck12.Showdurationis approx.Comeby the Time:4:45pm. This destination combines key)as well as photolD. skill & flexibilityin unprecedented fashion.. shoppingdesktonightto pickup lastminuteVIP (The Cathedral of lmmaculate cardsto makesureyou alwaysget the bestprice. it has thattheshiphasbeenclearedby the localofficials.Fwd. Mexico B4Fl2BC 7:23am 5:51pm artlySunny.The lastshuttle buswillbe at 4:30om. approaching. We'll mell lighthouse. known as Old specialtour'bookit nowandexperience Mexico Mazatlan. Mid.Decks6 & 7. The climate is warm with an average year-round temperature lssl'*?'g*n t*p t*day of 25o C (77o F).r.w N OR W E C IA N C R U TS ELIN E CFUISING' i-.Y|. Showdurationunderone hour& is PG13. Venados."*l:?J:""t|. Enjoyour looking to soak up the relaxed "DancingQueen"because"We Will Rock You"! Photo.Tuneintochannel7 on yourcabin fun. Culiacan. These areas are ideal $10 Bingo Frenzy:JoinCrazyCandi& the BingoBunchfora quick1-gameonly. '10 km (6 mi) strip with beautiful towark box attheShore Excursion Deck.Deck 12.Deck12. Be on the look out for free glow necklaces & snow on the dance floor.oec-r< z. .All guests.:: . Photo. l FREESTYLE t'. .Pleasedo not slotmachine.Bringyourcouponalongandwina beautiful beaches and its proceedto thegangwayLntilwe haveannounced cruisebetween6:00pm-7:00pm tonight. r-' t t .$10Bingo for'sfastandall cardsareonly$10.i: 3ffi"J:JfJi. Time: 7:30pm& 9:30pm. secondtallest(onlythe one at the Time: 10:30pm-Whenever.l. beaches such as Playa Norte.StardustTheater. Be in it to win it! de la Inmaculada Conceocion theseamazingshoppingports.Deck7.lifio'" ilfro-o Playa Gaviotas and Playa continuouslythroughout the day. Rockof Gibraltaris taller).30 min. Casino. lt's Tour Time! Don'tjustthinkabouttakingthat Historic Center.:[?:ffiff-"' restaurantsin the Zona Dorada.)-Close. of the Time:6:45pm& 8:45pm. *otz'tmissthirt At Creston'speak you'll find a NCL's White Hot Party: Feel the base pumping as you walk through a wonderlandof white. Earnyour $100 On BoardCredittodayl T** i girt'r **te rfs :* roz ent Pearlof the Pacific SpinnakerShowtime:ChinaStarsAcrobat Company Locatedin the southernregion Tonightbe amazed& enjoyThe ChinaStarsAcrobatCompanyas they showcaseincrediblefeats of of the state of Sinaloa.Fwd most important ports on the StardustShowtime:Band on the Run Pacific coast and has been a NorwegianCruise Line invitesyou to enjoy the return of the Jean Ann Ryan Companyand the favorite destination for those NorwegianStar Showbandin our 70's Discoflashbackproductionof "Band on the Run". Conception) and walk down 6:00pm-B:00pm. internationalfishingtournaments. One can also visit la Catedral TV to recapthe fantasticsavingsto be had in DayCaribbean Cruisefor & video recordingis prohibitedand pace of life along the Pacific oleaseno childrenseatedin the frontrow. il:'Jl"lir$:.with modern hotelsand GomplimentaryPort shuttle service: A comprimentarybuswiilbeprovided shutfle on l.Mazatlan.Spinnaker Lounge. beautifulstreets lined with 19th- centuryconstructions.:[T:j:1il1"'3i. Wina 7. Fwd.: . SpinnakerLounge.. Reception Desk. Get your White Hot T-shirt from the Gift Shop. See our CruiseRewardsteam & reserveyour next vacationof a lifetime.and sailfishor ShoppingConsultant:PuertoVallartais fast Frenzyl Guaranteedpayoutof at least$200! lt's marlinfishing.Deck6. November 11th. Coastfor decades. personpercruiseonly! Haveyougotyourfreechip become an important site for We anticipatethisoccurring shortlyafterarrivaland yet? Payonly$10andreceive $15in gamingchips we thankyoufor yourpatience.surfing.a behalfof the MazatlanPortAuthorityfromthe 9:00omor usetheirconvenient 24-hourtoursion.mustcarrytheirkey card(room 5:30pm(approx.grace. Known as the 8:00am Welcometo Mazatlan Pearl of the Pacificbecauseof its Star Club Casino:Tryyourluckon our FreePull Theshipwilldocktoday.212 km strength. 2008 Today'sforecast Sunrise Sunset Arrival AllAboard videorecording is prohibited.r l .One per abundant marine life. Get a sneak previewof Friday night's (131 mi) southeastof statecapital "CirquePacific"show.usea littleheloto win! includingchildren. B:00am 4:300m i te tl 0t lhe Ccv Wherewillyou cruisenext? Takea lookat NCL'sexcitingitineraries and ships. Fwd. Norwegian Star Tuesday. Spinnaker Lounge. . Tonight-wear white & be creativel Togas welcomed.which is the world's the ice with you on the dance floor.

000! Even if you only match 3 How can I lose weight this and much more.95 Beer of the day: "SamuelSmithNut BrownAle" Champagneof the day: "MummCordonRouge" Spinnaker Lounge: Try our flavoredMojito'sfor $6. 8:00am-10:00pm. Why not get the latestin weightloss productsfrom the FitnessDirectors?These PhotoGallery DepositNow. $9. See Romeo your Cruise healthy.00. The lonithermie Soecialist can guaranteea lossof 1-8 inches per sessionl!This is withyou just lyingdownon a tableand Gagney'sSteakHouse BarongSpa& Salon Enjoy a 'l 930's style American Steak House.(Open24hrs.. all day in port. Mid. Offervalidfor todayonly Gym. Enjoy the time at Las Caletas or nominatedshortfilm by SalvadorDali and Walt mu scl e .)-Close. GrandAtrium. Treatmentin the spa.Deck11.An 18%servicechargewill be added. Deck6. Stop by our deskfor more information.bags.A creationby two of the greatestartists PersonalTrainingis your zip-lineadventuretours and don't forgetabout who every lived. sunglasses.$8. Free Slot Credits. 5:30pm-5:45pm & 8:15pm-8:45pm. Mi d.Deck7. The most personalprescriptiontowards our eveningexcursionstoo.Af t .Deck9. Spa & Salon are open duri ngthe Manager' shours:8:00am . a healthyand strong out fast.Checkthemout. Also receive a 50 seaweedalgae and a for reservations or visit the Restaurant minute full body massagefor only $89 from computerizedtoningsystem ReservationDesk in the Grand Atrium.T-Bone. look great immediatelyAfter 10 and get 3 FreeBingocards. watches. minutesat 'll3 the cost of similarland based humantissueswith natural Porterhouseand BonelessRib Eye.Buy 5 itemsand get free Bingo numbersyou get $100.) .haveyou? 5 :0 0 p m-1 1 :0 0 p D m. New York Cut Sirloin.Deck7. Mi d. Mid. 5:30pm(approx. These pricesare for today that makesyou feel greatand chargeapplies. r ead on! Marietaslsland.000for the cruise? card. Mid. When are you goingto stop dreamingof the bodyyou Pierto Los AngelesAirportTransfer InternetCaf6 wantand actuallyget it right Airporttransfersare availablefor purchasefrom Todayonly .50 Try our FlavoredCoffeesin an NCLSouvenirmug in all openbarsfor g1'1. 4:00pm-6:00pm & 8:00pm-1 1:0 0pm . Consultant.Here is your not moving. .. "Go Smile" Teeth Whitening.How?Well.95(Served!n a SouvenirGlassfor you to keep) Fruit Smoothie:"Pineapple". matchof 4. physique.Deck7.(Restrictions apply.mens' accessories. A ft. CarouselLounge. you'll and safestway to losethose servicesfor only 25 cents/print. Call #8942 treatmentsfor only $179.5:00pm-6:00pm & 8:00pm-9:00pm foundthe secret. we pay $2.50 GalleriaGift Shop StarClubCasino Come and see our fantasticrange of Bijoux Hot seat promotionfor all slots players:simply Dear Terner merchandisefor only $10.We also have dolphinswims. Fwd.Only receiveup to 30 additionalfree minutesand a availableon flightsAfter1:00pm) 20Yo discount voucher for a Signature Ca l l 1 1 7 77r ight away !Th e ReceptionDesk. lnternetCafe. GrandAtrium. only. Mid.Join us tonightto watchan academy withouteven liftinga islands. and 5 out of 5 winsthe Jackpot! lf you don'twantto putweight 5 :3 0 p m -1 1 :0 0 p D meck .Deck7. Cover 8:00amto 4:00pm. Disney.have greatprices. Bar Manager'sSpecials Drink of the day: "Rebellious Fish". .ChooseLater naturalherbalsupplements Downloadyour memory cards to CD/DVD in Place a $250 depositon this cruise for any are provingto be to quickest the Photo Gallery.We have brand receivea $'100instantonboardcreditto spend extra poundsand stay new digitalcameramodelsand digitalcardsat onboardright now.We offer on board printing future NCL cruise and as a thank you.ParadiseLotto Jackoot is bracelets.seen by only a few. on this cruiselet one of our professionalSpa Staffhelp ShoreExcursions WaltDisney& SalvadorDali you drop the weightforever Puerto Vallarta has many beautifulsecluded Destino.10: 00am . B arongS pa.Reservation Desk.purchasean Internettime plan & now the easy way? now untilFridaynoon.Pastcruiser$.00(Servedin a SouvenirSmoothieCup) Coffeeof the day: "Caf6Napoleon"Vodka of the day: "Christiania"Martiniof the day: "PearPleasure" Sail Away Drink Special:"BlueCoral".it is to Cagney's serves a variety of steaks including chance to get your teeth whiter in just 30 do with detoxificationof the Filet Mignon. the session. scarves over $207. 7.withoutalcohol$6. costume jewelry. Tours are selling surreallovestoryyou willeversee..e ck7.but it is hardworkl 7 :0 0 p m -9 :0 0 p m De. ck7. Fwd.$7.00/eachlike play our slot machinesfrom 11:30pmto win CruiseDirector.

Deck 12. Stbd Room. Mid.Deck 7. Fwd. 1: 00pm SkinCare SolutionSeminar BarongSpa. Noon Golf PuttingChallenge Gatsby's. Fwd..Deck 12. Deck 7.a gatheringfor our GLBT guests Star Bar.Deck 12. Fwd 5:30pm-5:45pm Everything's hotter when the sun goes down. Aft.Deck 12.. Fwd. 9. 11: 00am Add pizzazzto your Afternoon.Deck 6. 6:30pm-10:00pm VeteransDay Social. Fwd. 7:00pm-8:00pm StardustShowtime:Band on the Run StardustTheater. 10: 15am Ping Pong Play with your fellow guests StarboardSide. Att. Aft. Mid. Deck 7 Aft. Fwd. Mid.Deck 12. 3: 30pm CaribbeanVibes with Xcite (weatherpermitting) OasisPoolside. 6: 15pm . 3:00pm-7:00pm Basketball3 on 3 .Deck 7.Meet your fellowsservicemen& women Pearl MartiniBar..but rememberyou'refree to whatever! .Spinnakers. Mid.Deck 12.Wear white & be creative SpinnakerLounge. Aft.Deck 6.Stan Sykes CarouselLounge. Fwd. 10:30pm-whenever WitchingHour (Selected at a reducedprice) cocktailandshooters CarouselLounge.7: 00pm SpinnakerShowtim6':China StarsAcrobatCompany SpinnakerLounge. 9:30pm "TresAmigos"Happy Hour (2 for 1 selectedcocktails) Star Bar.. 4:00pm-5:00pm $10 Bingo Frenzy. Deck 11.Deck 12. 2:00pm Golf Clubs Available(weatherpermitting) Golf Cage. 7:30am Step Class ($10 fee) FitnessCenter. Deck 7. we know this lookslike a schedule(gasp!). Aft. Aft.Decks6 & 7. Deck 7.00am-10:00am SportsOpen Play (weatherpermitting) SportsCourt. Hockeyshootout(weatherpermitting) SportsCourt..000for only $2 a game! Star Club Casino. 7:00am Wake up Stretchwith your FitnessInstructor FitnessCenter.Deck 12. Mid.Stan Sykes CarouselLounge. Deck 7. 8:45pm-9:15pm Pub Entertainmentwith Sean Burns Red Lion Pub. Mid.Aft. Mid. 3:30pm-5:30pm Reference& Travel Books are available Library. 10:00am-3:00pm MorningTeam Trivia Red Lion Pub. 4:45pm Friendsof BillW. 7:30pm-8:30pm MelodicQuartetnight of melodies Atrium.Buy 5 Bud Light Limes. Mid. Aft. Deck 7. Spinto Win a FreeCruisefor 2 (mustbringcoupon) Star Club Casino.Stuff for the Morning People.Deck 12. 9:00pm-'tilat least Midnight StardustShoMime: Band on the Run StardustTheater.Deck 7.Deck 12. 7:00pm Reference& Travel Books are available Library. 8:30pm-9:30pm SpinnakerShowtime:China Stars AcrobatCompany SpinnakerLounge. 6:00pm-8:00pm Pqb Entertainmentwith Sean Burns Red Lion Pub. Mid. 7:00pm EveningPub Team Trivia Red Lion Pub.Adults (weatherpermitting) SportsCourt. 4:00pm-5:00pm InformalBridgePlay with fellow guests Card Room. 12:30am-whenever Ok. Fwd. Fwd. Fwd 5:00pm Eat More to Weigh Less Seminar FitnessCenter. 10: 00pm Mr.12: 30am Bud Light Lime Party. Deck 12. Mid. Walk a mile FitnessCenter. Fwd. 6:45pm-7:15pm CountryMusic Classicswith the MelodicQuartet Atrium. Deck 7.Deck 12. Deck 13. Fwd. Fwd. 11: 00pm ParadiseLotto Drawing:Win $207.Deck 7. 6:00pm-7:00pm Become"One In A Million"Event ColombianEmeraldsShop.Deck 12. 7:30pm NightClub Musicwith "Xcite" SpinnakerLounge. 8:00pm-9:00pm Destino:Short film by SalvadorDali & Walt Disney CarouselLounge.. 8:00am Reference& Travel Books are available Library. 11: 00pm Hot Seat Promotion:All slots players! Star Club Casino.Deck 12. Fwd.Deck 14.Deck 7. Mid.Decks6 & 7.Deck 6. 5:00pm Destino:Short film by SalvadorDali & Walt Disney CarouselLounge. Mid. 5:00pm NCL'U" . 5:00pm Volleyballwith your fellow guests (weatherpermitting) SportsCourt. Mid. 10:00pm . Motown.Deck 14. 10: 1Spm NCL'sWhite Hot Dance Party.At least $200 Guaranteed! Maybe more! SpinnakerLounge. Deck 7.Deck 12. Mid. 1: 30pm AfternoonTeam Trivia Red Lion Pub. Mid. Deck 14. Deck 13. Deck 12. Aft. Deck 7. Mid. Mid. Deck 7. Aft.GlobalBeerTasting($15) Red Lion Pub. Motown. Fwd. Fwd. Fwd.Get 6thon Free! SpinnakerLoungeBar. Deck 14. Fwd. 7:00pm Friendsof Dorothy.Deck 7. 11: 30pm DJ Freddy's"Awesome80's" Dance Party CarouselLounge.Deck6. Fwd. Deck 12.Deck 12. 8:15pm-8:30pm Mr.

Aft. on yourbalcony. 11:30am-3:00pm Deck 7. 5:30pm-Close Deck 12.8: 00p m youwantto wear.95 oer minute! lntemational calls are billed at the Gasino:You haveto be 18 (andhavelD)to gambleor be in the rate of$6.Deck6.. Fwd. Mid. that all guests use the hand sanitizing asidespotsjust for you. Mi 5:30pm-Close Waterslides are open '.no matterwhat Shopping Consultant 6: 00pm . Deck 7.Deck 12. Emergencies: Simply dial #911 frcm any orFboard ship phone. As a murtesy to other guests. .but no winnrngscan be paidto any personor betsin violation. (#8e42) On board Credit Desk 8 :0 0 a m-1 0 :00am & La Trattoria*($ welcomein any of our Reception Desk.only for medication. Mid.No shorts permittedin any restauraniafter 5:00pm.(justpleasedon'tsmokearoundfoodvenues.Deck12. Mid. Gatsby's Champagne Bar 4:00pm-whenever WhatAreYouin the MoodFor? Deck 6. Restaurant Reservations 7:00am-5:00pm Gagney's*($20). Aft.Sony. drinksor glasswarecan'tbe takenout. not amepted.pipesand cigars No fee will apply for consultation. Airbrushed Tattoos 5:00pm-8:00pm Starboard Side. Mid. Deck 12. Deck 7.Also. Versailles. Fwd. Mid.our designated"dress up" Grand Atrium. conversationswhile in dining areas and theaters on the ship. (over 1B years Af t er 11: 30pm ) Pearl Martini Lounge 4:00pm-whenever Versailles.:1:. There Open Flames: Such as buming candles and incense.Mid. 3:00pm-4:30pm Deck 12. Deck 12.l:: do notthrowcigarettesoverboardand pleaserememberto neversmokein bed.8942or 7552. outsideon opendecks. *Theserestaurants chargea cover. Deck 7.95 per minute. 4:00pm-6:O0pm Kids Center B :0 0 a m -' 1 0 :30pm -.You can smokecigarettes.including jeans. can lf you develop any kind of gastrointestinalsymptoms then please report them immediately by calling 3333 or 00.Deck13. Aft. to avoidhavingthe coverchargefor up to two guestsapplied reservation Cruise Consultant 5:00pm-6:00pm to we'll hold them for you until the last night of your cruise. 5:30pm-Close Deck 7. Mid.Resortcasual.Deck12.11: 00 p m Deck 7. confidential.buttheycan lnternet Gaf6 Always Open Deck 9.lf Deck 1 1. Mid. Library Always Open Deck' 12 . Slotwinningsof $1200and Desk at 00 or send an email to EnvironmentalHotline@ncl.Allreports are abovecouldbe sub.lf you preferpipesor cigars. Aft. Mid. Fwd.Mid.To makeyourreservation. Aft.10: 00 p m bestservice.9: 00p m What to wear: You'llalwaysfinda placefor yourstyle.or shellfishthat is rawor undercooked.|0:00am-6:00pm Deck 12. Our Smoking Policy: Publicareasaresmokefree. please set your cell phone ringer to silent and avoid Announcements: All announcements can be heardon W channel2. Noon-5:00pm Teens Center B: 00am . Reservations are neverrequiredfor any of our restaurants.Mid. Thank you.poultry. 8: O 0pm . Mid. restaurant. Barong Juice Bar 8:00am-8:00pm GettingStarted Deck the Casinoor the CigarBar. suchas beef. 5:30pm-10:00pm Guest Services Aqua.1: 30a m AfternoonSnacks.Deck6. stateroom.(weather permittinsl 11:30am-2:00pm Garousel Nightclub 4:00pm-whenever MarketGaf6. All about alcohol: lf you bought liquor and other beverages on shore. 5:00pm & 6:30pm Star Bar 5:00pm-whenever Deck 13.Deck7.fuft. Follow safety instructionsfrom ConsumerAdvisory: Thereis a riskinvolvedwhenconsuminganimalproducts the crew members. 5:30pm-10:30pm Reception Desk Always Open Deck 7. 5:00pm-7:00pm Soho Room*($1S1-Deck6.butthe costsare reallyminimal(and Arcade Always Open for whatyou get. Art Gallery 6:00pm-9:00pm Starboard Side. 5:30pm-Close Grand Atrium.Aft. ForWhenever YouAre Hungry Medical Genter 8 :3 0 a m-1 0 :00am & Blue LagoonCaf6. Dec k 7.lamb. Versailles-Deck6. Mid.Mid. The Grill.Deck'12. Fwd. Aft.we can onlyholdyourdinnerreservation for 15 minutes. Aft. TeppanyakiRoom*($2S1 . Fwd . Grand Atrium.we'veset We respectfullyask. Mid. Deck 12. Grand Atrium. especially before dining in our restaurants. (over 18 years After 11:00pm) The Grill. AlwaysOpen** Deck 4.) Deck'12. M id.pleasedo so by 5:00pmon the day of your Galleria Gift Shop 5: 30pm .roomservicemenuavailable) Deck 13.mnsulta physician. smokein the CigafBar. Mid. Mid. because we care. Topsiders Poolside 8:00am-whenever MarketCaf6. Safety Equipment: Please don't remove or damage with any safety equipment on board (such as smoke detectoG or fire extinguisheE).Mid.Please . 8:00pm & 9:30pm Casino Bar 5:00pm-whenever MarketGaf6. SatisfyYourAfternoonAppetite Red Lion Pub 4:00pm-whenever Deck 7.Deck7. Fwd. Mid. Mid. exceptVersaillesRestaurant. you can smokein yourstateroom.(Closedfrom3am-sam. Aft. Mid. Fwd.Deck 12. stations at all times. Toll-ftee numbere (800) and operator-assistednumbeF are charged the same rate as €lls to the US &'llfind it'swellworthit. Mid.lf you havea chronic Outgoing Telephone Rates: Ship to shore calls €n be made from the phone in your illnessimmunedisorderand are unsureof the risks. you needto cancel.ject to W2-Gtax withholding. 12:00pm -1:30pm Deck 7. Deck 7.sportsdecks orjoggingarea. f=rl Bar Seruices fr eesTyle titnr fi$ Java Caf6 7:30am-whenever Deck 7. butcigareftesmokingis ok.if you smokecigarettes. (#00) EndlessSummer*($tO1-Deck8. Aft. Aft. RoomService(#10333) AlwaysOpen Kids Under 2 Zoo 9:OOam-5:00pm Starboard Room. 5:30pm-Close Cinema (Schedule posted within both cinema entrances) Le Bistro*($1S1-Deck6. is alsoa riskinvolvedwhenconsumingun-pasteurized juices. 5:30pm-Close Outdoor Pool/Jacuzzi 8 :0 0 a m-1 0 :00pm Deck 12.Deck6. aren't allowed.Deck7.Deck12. 6: 30am . GinzaAsian/Sushi-($15). call the Reception cigarscan'tbe takenin.pipesor Environmental Hotline: To report any environmental problems. RestaurantGancellations: To ensureeachof ourguestsreceiveour Barong Spa 8: 00am .(weather permitting) 7:00am-9:00am Bier Garten 3:00pm-whenever Deck 14. Fwd. Shore Excursions Desk 7:00pm-9:00pm restaurants.11: 00am Deck 12.eggs. be madeup to 48 hoursbeforedinnertime.Deck12. Aft.Fwd. Mid . Credit €rds & €lling cards are casino. 7:00am-9:00am Spinnaker Lounge 10:00am-whenever Deck 12. ( En tr a n ce :Sp in n a ke r L o u nge) fce GreamBar. 5:00pm-9:00pm Deck 6. Mid . Mid. To the US & Canada $5.lf you wantto smoke. Fitness Center Always Open callext.kid'spoolareasand otherdesignatednon-smoking areas). Mid .

Thereare no private alongMexico'scoast. and is surrounded by artist'sstudios. Youwillenjoyfinefish.A numberof traditionalMexicanspecialties.TheTeatroAngelaPeraltais attractsthe largestnumberof setting. stretchingnorthfromthe Old Cityfor Oceanandthe Sea of Cortes morethan14 miles.a vanillasoftdrinkand the initialfameof trophyfishingand was the city'scenter.whenthe bustlingport secludedcovesto umbrella-packed the otherresorttownsto its south andthe silverminesmadethe city expanses. swimming andsunbathing. heartofdowntownMazatlan.marlin.takea strollthrough Olas beeffromthe cattle-raising regionin developedas anAsianCommerce Atlasandexperience the old plazas nearbySonorais excellent.o.Off of the can shakea limewedgeat. borderwiththe U. Mazatlan N*RWXCIANCRUISI TINE' F naEg?Yt G c nutgti l6 " H i st or y& H ig h lig h ts O ver v i e w Mazatlanis the northernmost linkin blocksfromthe historiczocaloor Locatedin the Old Mazatlan the richwhensilverwas and residentialstreetsfilledwith menusalsofeaturethe popular discoveredsomeyearslater.squidand a portin the 1600's. continues on to thisday largelyon andearly1900'swhenOlasAtlas try a Toni-Col.Severalsteephills Manyof thebuildings in Old nearlyeverytypeof surf-and-sand borderthe otherwiseflat city.S . Mazatlandatefromthe GoldenEra experience.PlayaSabalo. Mazatlan arenearthe Plazuela federalproperty.Firsthotelswere to Flanthat is coveredwith chocolate builtalongPlayaOlasAtlas. MexicanCity. relaxationand with a wroughtiron kioskin the otZonaDoradaorthe GoldenZone entertainment in a pleasantseaside center. a Jericallawhichis a desertsimilar beautifulbeaches.For 1960'sbroughton the boomthat structuresremainfromthe 1800's the sweettoothfolksin the crowd.shark. ArP.Local Port.resortdevelopment has varietyof shoppingopportunities and nearly1.a Mazatlanoffersgugststhe things Machado. Mazatlanis not as flashyas someof of the 1800's.S. The historicsightsof Old beachesin Mexico-all shorelineis to maintainits Mexicancharacter.clams.Since neighborhood.just insteadof caramelsyrup.The Pacific calledtheGoldenZone. a smalltreelinedsquare stretchof beachalongsidethe center thatthey camefor.The tropicalvegetation.German highwayandbeachfront boardwalk morevarietiesof shrimpthanyou immigrants arrivedin the 1800'sand knownas the Malecon.Theyinclude convergeoffshore. SpanishexplorersusedMazatlanas magnificent10 milelongoceanfront oysters.but continues rich.te SWoy?ow? Port& Shopping Guide Pleasetakethisportguidewithyouashore. you'llfinda great Mazatlansitson a smallpeninsula then.Was Malecon. modernresortsandtheflavorof a galleriesand restaurants.In a singlevisityou willbe an 1800'srestoredtheatretreasure sunbathersand is the bestbeachfor ableto experiencethe glitzof .000milessouthof the stretchednorthalongthe coast Mazatlan's endlessbeaches. Freshseafoodis Mazatlan'smain Mazatlanis blessedwith a dish. rangingfromromantic. Also incorporated Mazatlanin 1806.

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Diamonds International .A- Complimentary tramstransportto terminal.l Post Office EXICO The oost office is locatedone mile from the terminalin downtownand is open Monday Shop with Confidence Guarantee throughFriday.Your ShoreExcursionTeamwill directyou to your transportation. and some havelimitedhourson Saturdav.C. Diamonds lnternational Fax: 0'l1-52-669-98 1-2653 Email:aorona@mzt. Shop with confidenceat each of the recommendedstores. Diamonds lnternational .This guaranteeis validfor repairsor DiamondsInternational . Pricepaidfor merchandise or verbalclaims/agreements betweenmerchantand guestwill notbe grounds local3. Diamonds International . minutesfrom downtown.Only appraisals from properly Losesomeweightwith DHL and mailyour certified. NORTH $Afi'fOEAs Banking Mostbanksexchangeforeigncurrency + P A Crrrc Mondayto Fridayfrom9am to noon. ShoreExcursionsDepartures Pleasecheckyour ticketfor lhe correct Gttlf al nlferirn meetingtime and locationfor yourtour. Firefly The Linie Pendant .669-981 -5449 .lt'sabout15 milesor 40 4517 NW 31st Diamonds lnternational .Banks o c rn rv are generallyopen until6pm. Diamondslnternational Location:Stateof Sinaloa. merchandise withoutpriorauthorization. MilanoDiamond Gallery Philip Stein Teslar Yvel . Phone:954-377-7777. MilanoDiamond Gallerv . packageshome.s. FL 33309-3403.000 .1-888-7744768.P. Currency:MexicanPeso Movado The Pink PantherCollection .mustbe checkedbeforeleavingthe store. u. 9 a m.All purchases. ZonaDorada.or writedirectly(includea copyof your salesreceipt)to: The GeneralRafaelBueinalnternational Airportis locatedsouthof Mazatldnon Customer Service: The PPI Group.e-mail.mecared. .lf you needassistanceduringthe cruise.Pleasenotethe followingconditionsapply LocalDHLLocation to the guarantee:Buyersnegligenceor buyer'sregretis In Gaseof Emergency AgenciaOronaSAdq CV.PacificCoast.Mazatlan.and Saturday. Diamonds International Pierre Cardin . MilanoDiamond Gallery At a Glance Grown of Light The Eighty-Eight Capital:MexicoCity . Diamonds International Taxi:Taxisare outsidethe terminalbuilding. ZonaDorada.82110.lf you needassistancewithin30 Airport daysof your purchase.contactyour GaribbeanTopaz TanzaniteDreams Adrianaand RamonOrona .All storeslistedon the map have paid a promotionalfee and givenNorwegianCruise Line passengersa Buyer'sGuaranteevalidfor 30 days afterpurchase. whichis on the southside of town. Electronicsandwatchesrequiringservicemustbe returnedby the consumertothe respectivemanufaciurer. Diamonds International .Do not mail Si n a l oa. MilanoDiamond Gallerv .Ft Lauderdale. Passengersare responsible for postageand appraisalcosts. InternationalDesignerBrand Guide AvenidaMiguelAleman #929-3ColoniaCentro. Diamondslnternational Language:Spanish NationalGeographicWatches Wittnauer Population: 600. independent gemologists not affiliated with a retail jeweler will be considered. Av.1 pm .ueA&out the Pwt DockinglAnchorage Cruiseshipsdock in the commercialport. Inc. Highway15.8am.includingfragileitems.310. for return.Sinaloa Ammoliteby Korite RaymondWeil Tel: 011-52.5:45prn.

audio& videorecording seatsis prohibited.the so much to offer so come out and enjoyscenicPuertoVallarta.Decks6 & 7.89F/31C 7:09am 5'.they have madeappearances in over 14 differentcountriesand wereawarded1"tprizein Toronto. ShoreExcursionStaffare availableon city retains much of its "Old the pieror 24 HourDropBox in the GrandAtrium. Lotterydrawing largestnaturalbay) and spread children. audio& videorecording olacescome to mind.StardustTheater. The lasttenderfromshore ShoppingConsultant:Don'tforgetto stopin first visited by Spanish explorers. Casino.Mexico PartlySunny.Mexico MexicanNight PoolsideFeast& DanceFiesta: hold. This port has new resortdevelopments. .Despiteits Dor:'t roiEsfhis! popularity& the recent flurry of Shore Excursions: Last chancefor you to book toursfor today and for this eveningtoo.Tenderboatswillruncontinuously9:30pm(approx. timeis one(1)hourbehind Ship's Mexican localtime. MexicanRiviera. VIP cardsand information:6:00pm-B:00pm 250.From its sleepy.Join The SecondCitystraightfrom Chicagoas we celebrate PuertoVallarta. We Staffon the dancefloorfbr a festivenightout on j ungl esurroundst he quaint mustwaitfor localclearanceand for the deck. backto the shipis at 8:30pm(ship'stime) has Photography.:l -: .When C ual eMountains.A blanketof lush tropical The Norwegian Starwill'anchor and usetender Joinour bandXciteandvourCruiseDirector's boatsto transportgueststo and fromshore. It later became know as a resoite Enjoyyourday ashorein PuertoVallarta! Treywill be therefor a shoppingPowerHourfrom 9:30am-10:30am. As you arriveby ship. ffi. throughoutthe day. nextNCLcruisevacationand an instant$100 Gangwaytime:Arrival-1 0:00am Puerto Vallarta now has over dollaronboardcredit. Mid. loved destinations.Deck7. Nestled on the shores of the gangway.Spinnaker Lounge.Mi d.'l #F l ?ffi NorwegianStar -'.Musicall colonialcity as it climbsaway gangwaysto be set and securebeforethe tender nightwith festivities at 10:30pm..t.directfrom PuertoVallarta. 5 m illion annualvisitors.November12tn.we willnotbe usingtendertickets. Mid. cardsfor greatshopping ashore. Vallarta.This year.e . is prohibited. Pleasebe advisedthat no fruits Hold'emPokerTournament: experiencegreatfun Nayarit.Vallarta traces its history or vegetablesmay be broughtashoreor brought and action. No resort Time:7:1Spm(OneShowOnly!). from the Pacific. you are readyto go ashore. Foodis available at "TheGrill". Mid..2008 Today'sforecast Sunrise Sunset Arrival All Aboard(Lasttender) Location:PuertoVallarta. as wellas reserving grown into one of Mexico's most Time: 9:00pm. Mid.with its palm- This vibrant& festivefolkloricdancecompanyhas performedtogetherfor over24 years.BringyourmapsandVIP CruiseRewardgetsyou one stepcloserto your coasI.Canada's fringedbeaches.47pm 7:00am 8:30pm(Ship'stime) TiVo{ tk* day Pleasebe advised thatwhilstashoreeveryonewillneedto maintain ship'stime. Fwd.No childrenare allowedto be in the frontrow.The AntonioRamirezMexicanFolkloricoFestival.Guestson ShoreExcursions. Wednesday.they representedMexicoin Munich. seasidevillageroots.Signup for tomorrow's on Deck4.Come& try yourluckyspinto win a Caribbeancruisefor two from '1't:00pm.luxuriant InternationalFolkloricShowContest.Deck7. Te*i ght's e nt* *?ai ntr**t PuertoVallarta The Antonio RamirezMexicanFolkloricoFestivalShow When you think of the NCL proudlypresents. many CulturalEntertainment Show. pleasecheckyourprintedticketsfor meeting Midnight!Hot seatpromotionsawaitour luckyslots Bahia de Banderas(Mexico's playersat 11:30pm& we offerdoublepoints timesand locations. back to the 1500'swhen it was on the vessel. D eck12.mustcarrytheirKey Cardand Photo at 11:00pm& get a chanceto win over$207.whengoingashore.'. and hostinga raffleat Diamonds for pirates plying the Pacific FreestyleGruise Rewards: Let a purchaseof a International at 12 noon. including promotionfrom Midnight-2:00pm.000 LD.Fwd. into the Sierra'sfiestatime. P ool si de. Mexico"flair.SeeRomeo& Luciana.)-Close.Germanyat the vegetation& posh resorts.Deck12. w el comesmore t han 1. Allguestsmustbe backon boardno laterthan8:30pm(ship'stime).pleaseproceedto Star Club Gasino.Dueto our longstayin Puerto T i m e :1 0 :00pm. Tanzanite International#2 on yourshoppingMap. Fwd. almost50 yearsof discoveringthe starsof tomorrow. bettertypifiesthe classic StardustComedyShowtime:The SecondCity (OneShowOnly!) Mexicanbeach vacationthan NCL presentsThe SecondCity as they proudlybringits uniquebrandof sketchcomedyand improvisation to the StardustTheatre..t.Deck6. one of the 3 cashprizes.000inhabitants.and 6:30pm-8:00pm GrandAtrium. amigo!(WeatherPermitting).Thetenderareawillbe between the states of Jalisco and with only$2 per game. Puerto Wh*t's*n t*y t*l*y Vallarta'sromance& beautytake 7:00am Welcometo PuertoVallarta.Everyindividual. Reception Desk.

Deck9.Bvlgari. Saba:Mackerel Makesureto registeryourshoresidepurchases Airporttransfers for purchase areavailable from .andhavethoseimagesburned Japanesehorserad!sh. onflightsafter1:00pm) As an alternative to these. Deck7. all minutes mustbe usedwithinone phenomenal creation.Office.Portsof Call. Givenchy.Offer valid today only for logins Cometo the Art Gallerytonightto previewour GruiseDirector. fit.AllTaxandDutyFreel instructionson promotional flyer and ask your GinzaSushiand 9:300m-12:00am.stir.Clinique. See Romeo your Cruise to CD's or DVD'sto alleviatesomesoaceon wasabi. dexterity.andmanymore. andcooked BarongSpa& Salon ShoreExcursions rice.95(Souvenir Glass) SaitAwaySpecial:"Bahama RamaMama" FruitSmoothie:"Tropical". Whatis the managerto get your credit.$7.) Teppanyaki Restauranton Deck7.Allow us to take season.Gucci. slices.Max. inarizushi is a stuffedbean curdroll. sushi.regularprice$110.or pressed 8:00am-10:00pm.ChristianDior. Mid. Deck7. Sushihasthree InternetCaf6. Mid. is fullof funactivities to seeanddo.Miro.Theycut. Toro: FattyTuna . Mid. Printyour receiptand showthe to createa movie! Comeand see the story of sushi. Bar Manager'sSpecials Drinkof the day: "GoingCocoNuts". Mid.Armani. 4:00pm-6:00pm & 8:00pm-11:00pm.or hand-made Pamperyourselfin the spa todaywith a full It'sa longdayin porttoday. vegetables.Oshi.Themostpopular for moreinformation. FirstTimeGruisingWithNGL PhotoGallery Think about your next NCL cruiseand let Running spaceon yourmemory outof valuable Sashimi is rawslicedfish FreestyleCruiseRewardsget you one step cards? Feelfreeto stopby the PhotoGallery servedwithgingerand closer.Cutandcolorfor the eveningfireworksor dancethe nightaway withsheetsof seaweed $135.00or To tastefor yourself. (Restriction apply. pictures of yourwonderfultripto Mexico.50 Beerof the day: "Celebrator'' in RedLion Martiniof the day: "CajunMartini".regularprice$ themostcommon bodymassage for only$89.Deck12.Deck7. Maguro:Tuna . board credit. Atrium. cutintosmall squares.One sessionper boards that Dali had created for this differencebetweensushi username.Manager'shours:8:00am-10:00am.DeckI 1.|5. See the special in spectaculardisplaysof widerangeof ladiesand menFragrances from laundrypromotioninsidethis FreestyleDaily. Filloneof ourlaundry bagswithas muchaswill Lanc6me. the leadingbrands. . Tako:Octopus Norwegian CruiseLines.Formswillbe delivered deck7.(See special sampleourAsiancuisineat andmuchmore. be entertainedby the cooking andknifejuggling skillsof ourTeppanyaki GalleriaGift Shop LetUsDoYourDirtyLaundry chefs. Fwd.Buyany2 Fragrances We all hate doinglaundry.Righthere.aremade only$99.(Open24hrs. PerfumeManiaTonight . Barong Spa. EsteeLauder. anddivideportions andGet$5. $3. Picasso. lka:Squid to activate your 30 day guaranteefrom nowuntilFridaynoonat theReception Desk. Andfinally.Shore ExcursionStaff are (nori)andservedas six chargewillbe addedforyourconvenience.Aft. components: fish. Mid. Fwd.Goya.Dali changedart Surfonlinefora minimum of 40 minutesandget forever!He eventeamedup withWaltDisney I heardyou'rea big fan creditfor 20. Ebi:Prawn ShoppingGonsultant Pierto Los AngelesAirportTransfer .Versace.) 8:00pm-10:00pm. Mid. GrandAtrium.on the ship! and sashimi? session. Deck7. and we will wash& foldfor only$. 7:00pm-8:00pm.Maki. $9.00(Served in a Souvenir Smoothie Cup) Coffeeof the day: "ChocolatePassion"Today'sShooter:"BlueKamikaze".Onlyavailable to yourroomsandareavailablefromreception.ArtGallery. Also preview masterworksby Rembrandt. Soledelightpedicure and handritualmanicure aboutour eveningPirateSunsettour & enjoy or sushirolls. available on thepieror 24 HourDropBox. CalvinKlein wash & pressfor only $20. $9.$250percabindeposit.00offyourpurchase & chosefroma away the hasslefor you. .makesureyourday sushi. .75 Ghampagne of the day:"Taittinger BrutLa Francaise" Vodkaof the day:"Cristall" StarBar:Regularbarsnackis availablewithwine& cocktails from5:00pm-9:00pm lnternetCaf6 DaliDivine Dear 20 for 20 .$100instanton on Deck7. Consultant yourmediacardsand let you starttakingmore kindsof sashimiare: 6:30pm-8:00pm.00.Chanel.D&G. friendlyRoomSteward/ess for moredetails.withoutalcohol$6. regularprice $179. SalvadorDali collection. An 18% service at Las Caletas.Don'tforget & is servedin pairs. between4:00pm-6:00pm & 8:00pm-'10:00pm.Fwd.

7:00am Wake Up Stretchwith your FitnessInstructor FitnessCenter. Fwd. Deck 12. 8: 00am . Mid. Deck 11. Deck 7.Deck 7.D eck11. Meet Stbd Room. Mid.Deck 12. 4:30pm-8:00pm Friendsof BillW. BasketballShootout(weatherpermitting) SportsCourt. Aft.but rememberyou'refree to whatever! ... 8:00am GourmetPastrieswith your Coffee Java Gaf6. 11: 00pm DJ Freddy'sLate Night PartyZone CarouselLounge. Aft. Mid.Deck 12. 8:00am-10:00pm ComplimentaryFacialSkin Analysis B arongS pa.10: 15pm Friendsof Dorothy. 9:00pm-10:30pm Star ClubCasinoopens Star Club Casino.Deck 6.a gatheringfor our GLBT guests Star Bar. 12: 30pm AfternoonTeam Trivia Red Lion Pub. Aft. Mid. we know this lookslike a schedule(gasp!). 3:00pm Golf Clubs Available(weatherpermitting) Golf Cage. Deck 13. Aft. Mid. 9:30am SportsOpen Play (weatherpermitting) SportsCourt.Afi.10: 00pm to Music Pumpup.Deck6.Drink..Deck 6.4ft. Noon NavigationalBridgeExplanationwith our NavigationalOfficer SpinnakerLoungeBackstage. Pop and R&B with the Pat Juneau Band SpinnakerLounge. (WeatherPermitting) 9:30pm MexicanNight PoolsideFeast & Fiesta. Fwd. 4:00pm-5:00pm MexicanMariachiSounds(weatherpermitting) Oasis Poolside. Deck 7.Deck 12.Deck 12. 9:00am-10:00am Ping Pong Play StarboardSide.Deck 12. Fwd. 11:OOpm-'til at leastMidnight ParadiseLottodrawing:win over $207.Deck 12 8:00pm-10:00pm Rock. 9:30pm (approx) Enjoy Playingon our Black Jack Tablesat the Pool Deck! Pool Deck. 3:00pm-7:00pm HockeyShootout(weatherpermitting) SportsCourt.Deck 12.Deck 12. Walk a mile FitnessCenter. 6:30pm-7:30pm 50's & 60's Musicwith the MelodicQuartet Atrium.Deck 12. 7: 15pm Team Trivia Red Lion Pub.10: 30pm StardustComedyShowtime:The SecondCity (One Show Only!) StardustTheater. 10: 15am Salon Walk-insWelcome BarongSpa. 8:00am-5:00pm Hairand NailAppointments available. 8:15pm-9:00pm Jana Seale'sAcousticCoffee House Gatsby's. Deck 7. 9:00am Travel & ReferenceBooksare available Library.Deck 6. Fwd.Deck 12.Wear your Mexicanattire! Poolside. (weatherpermitting) 10:00pm Rock. Aft. Mid 'til 8:30pm at leastMidnight FiestaTime with Xcite (weatherpermitting) Oasis Poolside. 7:00Pm FolkloricShow: The Antonio RamirezMexicanFolkloricoFestival! SpinnakerLounge.Deck 12. Fwd.sing and be merry SpinnakerLounge. Mid. 6:30pm . Mid. Fwd. 9:00Pm Late Night Karaoke.000for $2 a game! Star ClubCasino..Deck 12.Decks6 & 7. Mid. at least12:30am 10:30pm-'til FiestaDanceTime with Xcite (weatherpermitting) OasisPoolside. 4:00pm Travel& ReferenceBooks are available Library. Deck 11. Deck7. Deck 14.Deck 7. 11: 00am ShuffleboardPlay (weatherpermitting) ShuffleboardCourt. Fwd 5:00pm Everything's hotter when the sun goes down. Fwd. Spinnakers.. Mid. 2:00pm Golf PuttingChallenge Gatsby's. Fwd. Mid.Deck 12. Mid. Deck12.Stuff for the Morning People. 10:00am-Noon MorningTeam Trivia Red Lion Pub. 7:30pm SalvadorDali Exhibitionin the Art Gallery Art Gallery. Fwd. Aft.Deck 12. 7:30am PumpUp ShapeUp FitnessCenter. Aft.Deck 12. 8:45pm . Fwd.Deck 14. Deck 7. 11:30pm-whenever Ok.Deck 12.Deck 6.Deck 12. Mid. Fwd. Aft. 8:30pm-9:30pm Pub Entertainmentwith Sean Burns Red LionPub. Pop and R&B with the Pat Juneau Band SpinnakerLounge.Aft. Mid. Fwd. Deck 13. BarongSpa. Shapeup-Resistance FitnessCenter. Mid. 11:..1Sam Add pizzazzto your Afternoon.Deck 12. Jana Seale'sAcousticCoffee House Gatsby's. Deck 14. Aft.

if you smokecigarettes. (weatherpermitting) 7:00am-9:00am Bier Garten 4:00pm-whenever Deck 14.Deck12. Restaurant Reservations 7:00am-5:00pm Le Bistro*($tS1. Bar Services q *ini*g Fr**sful Java Gaf6 7:30am-whenever Deck 7. chargedthe same rate as calls to the US & Canada.Mid. Aft. Deck 7. Red Lion Pub 4:00pm-whenever SatisfyYourAfternoonAppetite Deck 7.10: 0 0 a m& (Closedfrom4am-5am. Mid. the Reception Desk at 00 or send an email to EnvironmentalHotline@ncl.but no winningscan be paidto any personor betsin violation.Mid. Mid .Sony. Mid . buttheycan Fitness Center Always Open Deck 12. Aft. Arcade Always Open *Theserestaurants Deck 12. The Grill .Mi d. Safety Equipment: Pleasedon't remove or damage with any safety equipmenton Consumer Advisory: Thereis a riskinvolvedwhenconsuminganimalproducts board (such as smoke detectorsor fire extinguishers). 8:00pm-Close Deck 12. Barong Juice Bar Noon. All reportsare abovecouldbe subjectto W2-Gtax withholding. Mid.To the US & Canada $5. Mid. you'llfind it'swellworthii. confidential. you can smokein yourstateroom. Fwd.roomservicemenuavailable) Deck 4.No shorts permittedin any restaurantafter 5:00pm Emergencies: Simply dial #911 from any on-boardship phone. As a courtesyto other guests. 6:30pm. No fee will apply for consultation. Aft. Fwd.aren't allowed. Star Bar 5:00pm-whenever D eck 13.Deck6.12: 00 a m bestservice.eggs. 6:00pm-Close Outdoor Jacuzzi B:00am-6:00pm D eck 12. 6:30pm-'10:30pm Cinema (Schedule posted within both cinema entrances) EndlessSummer*($101. Mid . Mid. Mid. RestaurantCancellations:To ensureeachof our guestsreceiveour Galleria Gift Shop 9: 30pm . . Fwd.10: 00 p m callext.Toll-freenumbers (800) and operator-assistednumbers are casino. 6:00pm-Close Deck 12.Deck 6. Mid. Thank you.Deck'12. 3:30pm-6:00pm GinzaAsian/Sushi*($tS1.Deck 12.consulta physician.lf Deck 7.95 per minute! Internationalcalls are billedat the Casino: You haveto be 18 (andhavelD) to gambleor be in the rate of $ the Casinoor the CigarBar-lf you preferpipesor cigars. we'll hold them for you untilthe last night of your cruise. Deck 1 1.Deck 12. MarketCaf6. Topsiders Poolside 6: 30am . What to wear: You'llalwaysfind a placefor yourstyle. Fwd.5: 00 p m ForWhenever YouAre Hungry D eck 12. chargea cover. Afternoon Snacks. please set your rell phone ringerto silent and avoid Our Smoking Policy: Publicareasaresmokefree. exceptVersaillesRestaurant. Mid. Mid.we'veset conversationswhile in dining areas and theaterson the ship. Atl. (EntranceSpinnaker Lounge) Library Always Open TheGri l l .is welcomein any of Deck 12. Mid.sportsdecks please reportthem immediatelyby calling3333 or 00.10: 00 a m& Deck 7.including jeans.whenever GettingStarted Deck 12. TeppanyakiRoom*($ZS1-Deck7. especiallybefore dining in our restaurants.11: 00am 8:00am-whenever Deck 12.Deck12.pipesand cigars lf you developany kind of gastrointestinalsymptomsthen outsideon opendeeks. Fwd.Deck6. Aft.8:00pm& Casino Bar 7:00pm-whenever 9:300m Deck 6. Mid .8942or7552. Noon-5:00pm Teens Center B: 00am . stateroom. (#8942) Gagney's*($ZO1-Deck13. 6:00pm-Close On board Credit Desk 8: 00am . MarketGaf6. 6.Deck 12.Mid. Barong Spa B: 00am . Mid.Also.95 per minute.Deck6.Deck 12. Deck 12. Aft.D eck12. (over 18 years after 11: 30pm ) matterwhat Art Gallery B: 00pm .butthe costsare reallyminimal(and lnternet Caf6 Always Open for whatyou gel. becausewe care. 3:00pm-4:30pm Kids Under 2 Zoo 9: 00am . cigarscan'tbe takenin.our designated"dress up" restaurant. il be madeup to 48 hoursbeforedinnertime"To makeyourreservation.5: 00p m MexicanFiesta(weather permilting) Starboard Room. Mid. Slotwinningsof $1200and Environmental Hotline: To reportany environmentalproblems. (weather permittins)11:30am-2:00pm Carousel Nightclub 5:00pm-whenever Deck 7. WhatAre You in the MoodFor? Gatsby's Champagne Bar 5:00pm-whenever Deck 6.There the crew members. Aft. Aft. is alsoa riskinvolvedwhenconsumingun-pasteurized juices.You can smokecigarettes. or joggingarea. (#00) Aqua . 5:30pm-10:00pm Reception Desk Always Open Deck 7.Alt. AlwaysOpen Medical Genter B: 3O am .you can stationsat all times.Follow safety instructionsfrom suchas beef.we can onlyholdyourdinnerreservation for 15 minutes. (over 18 years aller 11:00pm) The Grill . Fwd.pleasedo so by 5:00pmon the day ofyour Cruise Consultant 6:30pm-8:00pm Office. Outgoing Telephone Rates: Ship to shore calls can be made from the phone in your illnessimmunedisorderand are unsureof the risks.1: 30a m Deck 12. reservationto avoidhavingthe coverchargefor up to two guests Shore Excursions Desk 7:00pm-8:00pm appliedto youraccount. Versailles. pipesor nol accepted.10: 30 p m RoomService(#10333) AlwaysOpen Deck 13. 6:00pm-8:00pm La Trattoria*($10).fish. asidespotsjustfor you. Reservations are neverrequiredfor any of our restaurants. Fwd.Deck6. I '1:30am-3:00pm Pearl Martini Lounge 5:00pm-whenever Versailles. Waterslides are open 11: 00am .1: 30p m& D eck 12. lce CreamBar . Mid . Mid..lamb. All about alcohol: lf you bought liquorand other beverageson shore.lf you wantto smoke.Deck12. 12:00pm-1:30pm Deck 7.Deck7. Mid. Aft.poultry. 5:00pm-9:00pm Guest Services Versailles.Deck6. Blue Lagoon Caf6.(ust pleasedon'tsmokearoundfoodvenues. Aft. Aft. our restaurants. We respectfullyask. 6:00pm-Close Grand Atrium.kid'spoolareasand otherdesignatednon-smokingareas). Grand Atrium.Please do notthrowcigarettesoverboardand pleaserememberto neversmokein bed. Mid. Deck 7.Mid.10: 00 p m you wantto wear.Deck 7. Mid. smokein the CigarBar..00pm-Close Outdoor Pool 8: 00am . you needto cancel. Aft. 7:00am-9:00am Spinnaker Lounge 3:OOpm-whenever Deck 12. Fwd.or shellfishthat is raw or undercooked.) D eck 9. Mid. Announcements: All announcements can be heardon TV channel2. that all guests use the hand sanitizing on your balcony.6: 00p m Kids Genter 8: 00am .only for medication.Deck8. Deck 7. but cigarettesmokingis ok. Resortcasual. Credit cards & callingcards are drinksor glasswarecan'tbe takenout. Mid. you havea chronic Open Flames: Such as burningcandles and incense. Grand Atrium. Aft. 4: 00pm .

The theevent. Onlya few U. enjoyedthe charmand serenityof Vallartayou willfeel likeyou are includingonethatdepictedthe the area.ln and populationwas on.Huicholesand lessif mostof the malepopulation By 1974.eachcarryinga flag made town. Hollywoodreallyignitedinterestin donkeysare stillusedfor deliveryin who laidasidetheirfeatherflags the city.0 legend. Thisdisplay backto a muchsimplertime.mostlyfarmersand gaveVallartaits reputationas a uniqueattractionsluremanyof these fishermen.the damagewouldhavebeen accommodate the flowof visitors. takinga step back in time.livedthere.unlike the shore. Asha.LINF' fn=EtaYLE c R $r r r {& ' History& Highlights Overview Tarascans. Chapalas. PuertoVallarta N*RWSfi tAN {:A.20.Accordingto 1968. supposedly subduedthe Indians. . residents andaboutthreemillion EuropeanvisitorwasFrancisco governorofthe stateof Jalisco. infrastructureandconveniences that ln 1525. visitorseachyear.directorJohn manypartsof this uniquecity. steamyromanticescape. Hernandez de SanBuenaventura.Fewerthan2.residentsventured This is a citywith modern to PuertoVallartauntilthe SWoy?rwg Port& Shopping Guide Pleasetakethisportguidewithyouashore.whichstarredRichard yachtsfromall overthe world. a nephewofconquerorHerndnCort6s.In becomingfulltime residentsor destroyedby fire.000 lndiansmetthe That'swhenairplanesfirstbegan hassomehowmanagedto maintain Spanishexplorerand his partyon landingon a dirtairstripoutsideof its uniqueOld Mexicocharm.ln turn.These people.halfof thetownwas experienceit for themselves.friendlyatmosphere.By the 1960sthe townwas a so manyof the othermoreglitzy of birdfeathers. Thefilm Mexicantouristsin droves. uniqueOldMexicoambianceand familyusedit as a portfor silver incredibly diverseshopping mines.the boomin construction membersof theAztecconfederation werenotattendinga cockfight.Thebaywasn'tdeveloped Burton.a roadwas builtfromTepicto retiringin PuertoVallarta. largenumbersof travelerswentto Manyof thesetouristsend up In 1888.ln manyany areasof Puerto producedfourbanderas(banners).DeborahKerrandAva city'sclean.and soon visitorsto returnoverandoveragain. filmlocationfor his adaptationof A modernmarinaandcruiseship Tennessee Williams'Nightof the portattractvisitorson shipsand BanderasBaytakesits namefrom lguana.$t$f.Thefirst to honorlgnacioLuisVallarta.A step lmmaculate Conception.Puertode Penaswasrenamed blossomedwithmorethan350. andthe area of tribesoriginallyinhabitedthe area 1918.Thetownwasthencalled Muchof the filmingwas donein the possibilitiesattractlnternational and Puertode Penas. whilea Spanishpriestprayedfor HustonchosePuertoVallartaas the theirsouls.S.In 1963.000 desertedcoveof Mismaloya.000 aroundPuertoVallarta. untilthe1850swhenthe Sanchez Gamer.the Spanish hideawayfor moviestarswho resorts.

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contactyourShoppingConsultant.2pm.1pmon Satur- oay. ShoreExcursionsDepartures Pleasecheckyourticketfor the correct meetingtime and locationfor located2 milesor 5 minutesnorthof town. nfiExtco Shop with Confidence Guarantee LocalDHLLocation Losesomeweightwith DHL and mail your Shop with confidenceat each of the recommendedstores. Email:NCLservice@ppigroup. Marina.All purchases. MilanoDiamond International Gallery Location:Alongthe 25-milelong BanderasBay Crownof Light The Eighty-Eight Taxi:Taxisand vans are availableoutside ' Diamondslnternational .48300.e-mail.PuertoVallarta.All storeslistedon the map have paid a promotionalfee and givenNorwegianCruise Line passengersa Buyer'sGuaranteevalidfor 30 days packageshome.CentroComercial to the guarantee:Buyersnegligenceor buyer'sregretis excluded.lfyou needassistancewithin30 daysof your purchase. Depto. Customer Service: The PPI Group.or writedirectly(includea copyof your salesreceipt)to: In Caseof Emergency AgenciaMaritimaMexicanac/o {i(l-t 0I . MilanoDiamond Gallery Movado Wel . FL 33309-3403. you needassistanceduringthe cruise.Ft MondaythroughFriday.Fracc certified.Jalisco Electronicsandwatchesrequiringservicemustbe returnedby the consumertothe respectivemanufacturer. DiamondsInternational the terminalgate Currency:MexicanPeso EdwardMirell The PinkPantherGollection .rt ShoreExcursionTeamwill directyou to your transportation.5pm.r. Diamonds lnternational .Only appraisals from properly PlazaMarinaKm.Manager InternationalDesignerBrand Guide Phone:(52-322)224'04lQ | 224 80 26 Fax:(52-322) 2248003 Ammoliteby Korite Oliva Email: viva2000@prodigy.Monday throughFriday. LocalG-32. Diamonds . 9am .com Zona HoteleraNorte 48333 PuertoVallarta.nextto PlayaDel Oro beach.lnteriorPlazaMarsol. Pricepaidfor merchandiseor verbalclaims/agreements betweenmerchantand guestwill not be grounds Airport for return.R .This guaranteeis validfor repairsor exchanges.P.Mo.and 1Oam. Diamonds lnternational .itf. independent gemologists not affiliated with a retail jeweler will be considered.000 Firefly Wittnauer . Diamonds lnternational At a Glance GaribbeanTopaz TanzaniteDreams Capital:MexicoCity . MilanoDiamond Gallery .mustbe checkedbeforeleavingthe store. Passengersare responsible for postageand appraisalcosts.P. Banking Mostbanksare open9am . lnc.C. afterpurchase.Pleasenotethe followingconditionsapply PuertoVallartaMarina. Phone:954-377-7777. Diamonds International Language:Spanish PopulationPuertoVallarta:250. Post Office Insidethe ' Diamonds lntemational .Mexico Contact:CarlosGerard. AvenidaHeroicaEscuelaNavals/n 4517 NW 3 1stAvenue.Jalisco.8.ueA&out the Pont Docking/Anchorage The ship docksabout3 milesnorthof downtownPuertoVallarta.Do not mail The GustavoOrdiazlnternational Airportis merchandise withoutpriorauthorization. Diamonds Intemational .

Deck 6.crew publicareas & give you excellent service and a vacation of a more. Fffi@Xffi-* ffi N OR W TC IA N C R U IS E I-IN F FREESTYLE CRUISTNG' NorwegianStar Thursday. That's betweenThursdaynight& Fridaymorning. Sean Burns T i me : 1 0: 45pmS. CaribbeanCruisefor 2.10: 30pm would like to provide feedback. Deck 12. drawingat 11:00pm. free. gravity-defying.galleyoperation.Don'tforgetto bringyour cameras! Vocal Melodieswith the Time: 8. tour-de-force.Dec k 12.Stan Sykes Guest Feedback System Now Online: We hope Time: 11:1sam. Jana Seale's Acoustic Coffee Free Card Frenzy Bingo: Join Crazy Candi & the $5000 Mega Jackpot Bingo: Did you say $5000? Bingo Bunch this morningfor a fun sessionof One time only! This Afternooncompleteour House Bingo. over250 yearsin the making. Bring your Green Bingo Card from your Jackpot-game coverall in 46 numbers or less & win 6:15p m . M id. This new process makes gathering guest Pull Machine between9:00am-11:00am& again feedback and improving future NCL cruises faster Spinnaker Lounge. bridge. View the ship's construction.000? their Advance Guest Registrationform will receive Rock. itl Collect your raffle tickets to win that 7-Day SpinnakerLounge.and videorecordingallowed. audio. After the cruise. Deck 7. pinnakeLro u n g eD . Want to win $207. Watchand be amazedas supercharged performer CaribbeanVibes with Xcite RomanoFredianiputs on a hyper-kinetic.2008 Today'sforecast Sunrise Sunset Sea Day MostlySunny. (weather permitting) Time: 7:00pm& 9:30pm.StardustTheater.11: 00pm shows up will get a chance to play game three for Bingo Bunch and walk away with lots of cash! Carousel Lounge. Fwd. Fwd. Cheeron your talentedcrew membersas they performtheir hiddentalentson the big stage.Triple points mania selected guests who provided their email address on Deck 12. Didn'tget a card? Everyonethat $5. Fwd. Fwd. Fwd. we would 8:30pm .84Fl28C 6:41am 5:35pm Tir ?kei*y "{ Pleaserememberto turn your clocksback one (1) hour beforeretiringtonight. Mid. Join us tonightfor one of the most popularshows in NCL history.000! Never walk away empty handed. Motown . Win a Free Cruise for two with our Free survey. Fwd. randomly promotionat '11:30pm.Decks6 & 7. We truly value Pat Juneau Band 9:0Oam-Close. Witnessmayhemlike never Pub Entertainmentwith beforel(Adultsonly). e c k1 2 .7: 00pm& Stateroom. M id.RomanoFrediani'sAdult Action ComedyMadness: 8:30pm Experiencethe wildest& craziestinteractive game on the high seas. from 6:00pm-7:00pm. Fwd.000 Mega Jackpot Bingo.Join the 8:00pm . Time: 10:30 am.StardustTheater. SpinnakerLounge.No flashphotography. but we've Late Night Karaoke 11:00amTexas Hold'emtournament.engine CorporateCenter Drive.limitedseats replacedthis traditionalmethodwith an online 1 1:30pm-whenever offered.Decks6 & 7.Pleaseno 3:30pm . Fwd. lf you don't receivean email surveyand Behind the Scenes of the Star: Join your Cruise 9:30p m .Slots players'Hot seat and more efficient. Mid. FL. betweenMidnight-2:00am. Hostedby tonight'sfeaturedentertainer. lt's the only show that's been D ec k 12. Thanks with DJ Freddy again for sailingwith us..00pm. your opinionsand hope you will completethis 7:30p m . We hope we were able to After "The Quest"'til whenever room.Miami. please send your DirectorPaul for a unique behindthe scenes look 70's & 80's Dance Party commentsto NCL CustomerRelationsat 7665 of the NorwegianStar throughover 160 digital photos. That's right .a Free Card Frenzy. an email with a link to the survey. In the past. ?* r:i g&t': *n?* ri* i n rYte n! Music Everywhere Action ComedyShoMime:RomanoFrediani Oasis Poolside.F w d 9:45pm ' ti l a t least M idnight . StarCrewShow(OneShowOnly) The International Jazzwilh Alex & Co.seriously.. Pop and R&B with The It's ParadiseLotto.10: 30pm Lr''hct'r*n fc p faAav Gatsby's.Don't missthis 1 1:30a m .. RomanoFrediani. Grand Atrium. Mr.1: 30pm& unforgettablecruisehighlight. lifetime. you're enjoying your cruise.Deck 12. Show durationis 30 min. Red Lion Pub D eck 7.8: 30pm& survey.2: 30pm sure to enjoythe hilariousfinaleof "Fountains".November13'n.$5.(Oneshowonly) Melodic Quartet 6:45pm .. You'll be amazed.5: 30pm childrenseatedin the front row. 33126. Deck 7.You're 1:30pm . don't miss Time: 3:45pm . A Tribute to Elvis with Sean llsn t .Soin na ke r . Deck 6.$2 to play.11: 30pm Star Club Casino: Sign-upfrom 9:00amfor our ask guests to fill out a comment card.n!tsthici Burns "The Quest" .

Endless Summer. to offer. categories. Also. The eventof the dayl Join us todayat the Don'tworry. Mid.Seeyouallthere! 8:00am-10:00pm. 29 9:00am"11:00pm.To makethe mostof your International paira winewith your collecting. Check your friendlybar staff for more details. 5:00pm-9:00pm.Deck9. Mid.Body distinguishthousands of piecesof jewelryset in Amberfrom the Baltic Scrub. upgradeyour transferto a tour and your dinnerin any of our artfor attending!Seeyouthere! tourwilldropyouat theairport! specialtyrestaurants. Internet Caf6.we have you covered!All shore "Old& ModernMastersArt Auction".30 minutesfreewithyour2nd250 burnedto CD or DVD beforeyou get home.withsimilarsmells memories. Reflexologyand Scalp Treatment& The University variations. subcategories. Bar Manager'sSpecials Drink of the day: "BlueLagoon".Join Romeoyour "The AromaWheel". Mid. Mid. Aft.Get 10%off all reg.chemical. (Open24hrs.Deck7.1:00pm-4:00pm & 8:00pm-1I :00pm.andspicy. TommyBahamaandNikestartingfrom We'remixingit up invited. sherry.) nutty.Deck7. CarouselLounge.Freegiftfor all who 18%gratuity $'119.Less GalleriaGift Shop SohoJazzBrunchReservations commonaromasinclude Designerday in the Gift Shop.An automatic is added. Portraits: Atrium. .vegetative.$9. Fwd. Roomandeveryone's microbiological. we've got a new brunchexperienceat Soho pungent.Guessand Lacostehand on yourlastsea daywithcoollivejazz andhot to "swish"thewinein your bags all 10% off.00. Free day.) of Californiaat Daviscame Gemstonespresentationat 10:30amin the or chooseHot Stonemassage-one treatment GrandAtrium. What is it? 11:00am.00 (Servedin a SouvenirSmoothieCup) Coffee of the day: "SpanishCoffee" Today's Shooter: "GeorgiaPeach".00.Lacoste. Don'tmissourRareOrganic Massage allfor$109(eachtreatment 20 mins.25 Vodka of the day: "UltimateChocolateVanilla" Try our White Hot Party Drink Specials.MiniFacial. & Atrium. Fwd Time:10:00am-Noon & 4:00pm-6:00pm SeetheShoreExcursions Staff.Frequent UserSpecial:Purchase circular. Yourtastebudscan discernonlyfourflavors.Watcheslike Wake up and smellthe cappuccino because earthy. Noon.Manager'shoursarefrom9:00am- The morecommonaromas Gallery:9:00am-11:00pm.. Spinnaker Lounge: Try our flavoredMojito'sfor $5.Deck7. $100instantonboardcredit.50 Champagneof the day: "RoedererBrut Premie/' 10%Ott ShoppingPowerHour AttentionAll LatitudeMembers Dear Come to ColombianEmeraldsInternational Enjoya free mimosaas we presenta future GruiseDirector. buds(andyoursenseof Prices! 7:00am-5:00pm. Fossil. GrandAtrium. andtheCaribbean.caramelized. DKNY. itineraries.Aft. Save $5 when you buy 2 cuisine. up with 12major attend.without alcohol $6.FreeRaffles.Deck7.sour.whileyournosecan AmberJewelry!lt's yourchanceto get unique following: Seaweed Massage. 15 minutesfree with your 2no100 aroundits circumference.$7.The PhotoGallery InternetGaf6 original"wheel"was Time is runningout to purchase thosecruise Todayonly. smell)participatein the 9:00am-11:00pm..saltandbitter WorldAmberEvent!Exploreour collectionof Mix & Match .OverFive excursionswill concludeat the Los Angeles Ask your serverto help hundredworks of art will be availablefor airport. Deck7.Makesure as little as $35. andeven Nautica.Deck7 Galleria detection of thewine's Art Auction.Freechampagne.Deck'11. include:fruity. 1:00pm.old & ModernMasters Needto get to the Airportin LA? finerflavors. minuteplan. betweenNoonand 'l:00pmIor crazyshopping cruisepresentation of all the new and exciting PowerHour. We'llbe runningspecials all dayso yoursecondInternet TimePlanandreceivefree placedclosetogether stopby the PhotoGalleryto see whatwe have minutes.We'llalso previewFreestyle Cruise I enjoywinewith dinner Chanceto winprizes!Don'tmisstheevent! Rewards.$9.Pick 2 treatmentsfrom the .Deck7.GrandAtrium.50 Martini of the day: "BananaBanshee". mouthso all yourtaste Fragrances!Great deals. Tax & Duty Free Coverchargeapplies. floral.BCBG.$3.pricejewelry.95 (Servedin a SouvenirGlass) Fruit Smoothie: "strawberryBanana". Deck8. woody. CruiseConsultant. and94 specifictermsfor the aromaof wine. Mid.Deck7.JewelryShop. a $250per cabindepositgetsyou a and haveheardabout 12:00pm-1:00pm.Deck7. have your own mediacards minuteplan. ColombianEmeralds BarongSpa& Salon sweet. Mid.Reservetoday at the GrandAtrium. Mid.Anne Klein.

(weather permitting) 10: 30am Behindthe Scenesof the Star .Deck 6.Deck 12. Deck 7.Deck 7.Deck 12. we know this looks like a schedule(gasp!). ShuffleboardTournament.Decks6 & 7. Mid. Aft. 9:30pm "The Quest"Adult Action Comedy Madness SpinnakerLounge. Atl. 1:30pm-3:00pm Acupuncturefor Back Pain and ArthritisSeminar Gatsby's. Fwd. 1:00pm-2:00pm Golf Clubs Available(weatherpermitting) Golf Cage. Mid.Deck 12. 3:30pm $5000 Mega JackpotBingo! Be in it to win it! SpinnakerLounge. Fwd. Midnight-2:00am Please remember to turn your clocks back one (1) hour before retiring tonight (Between Thursday night & Friday morning.Aft. Stbd.Deck 6. Fwd. Deck 7.Deck 12. 11: 00pm Late Night Karaoke CarouselLounge. Deck 12. Fwd.Deck 8.. 11: 00pm WitchingHour (Selectedcocktail& shootersat a reducedprice) CarouselLounge. 7:00pm Travel & ReferenceBooks are available Library. Spinnakers. 3:45pm Friendsof BillW.Fwd. 2:00pm PerfumeSeminar EndlessSummer. Ffiendsof Dorothy. Deck 7. 8:00pm (One show only) NCL "U" Humor.Deck 12. Fwd. 12: 30pm HockeyShootoutCompetition(weatherpermitting) SportsCourt. Fwd. Fwd 1: 00pm 10% Otf ShoppingPowerHour ColombianEmeralds. 7:30am GourmetPastrieswith Coffee Java Cafe. Fwd. Mid. Mid. 2:30pm FriendlyFeud ComedyGame Show .Stuff for the "morning peoplel'.000for only $2 per game! Star Club Casino.Deck 12. 11: 30pm DJ Freddy's70's & 80's Dance Party SpinnakerLounge.DeckI. Deck 14. 2:00pm-4:00pm Basketball3 on 3 (weatherpermitting) Sports Court.Deck 12. Fwd. Noon Go Smile Teeth WhiteningSeminar BarongSpa. 10: 45pm ParadiseLotto Drawing. Fwd. 2:00pm AfternoonTeam Trivia Red Lion Pub. 3:00pm Gasinosat Sea BlackjackTournament Star Club Casino.. 11: 00am Free Card Bingo. Deck 13. Deck 12.Deck 6.Mojito& MuddlingTechniques($15) Red Lion.Deck6.Deck'12.Deck 7.Deck8. 10: 30am BadmintonOpen Play (weatherpermitting) Sports Court. Deck 7. Deck 7. Mid.Deck 12.Deck8. Aft.Deck6. 3:00pm-4:30pm MargaritaHappy Hour (2 for 1 regularmargaritasw/ nachos) EndlessSummer. 7:00pm-8:00pm Action Comedy ShoMime starringRomano Frediani StardustTheater. Fwd 10:45am MimosaFutureCruise Presentation/Cruise RewardsPreview EndlessSummer. Fwd. Wake up Stretchwith your FitnessInstructor FitnessCenter. Fwd. Fwd. Deck 14."Surveysays?" SpinnakerLounge.Win $207. Mid 'l 1:00am Texas Hold'emPokerTournament Star Club Casino.Deck'12. Fwd.Previewwith Auctionto follow CarouselLounge. 7:00pm Cigar & Cognac Momentum HavanaClub.deck 12.Deck 12.Deck 12.Bring your free cards from your stateroom SpinnakerLounge. Aft.a gatheringfor our GLBT guests Star Bar.Adults (weatherpermitting) ShuffleboardCourt. Fwd.DestinationSeminar:The Mystiqueof Mexico Cinema.. 1: 30pm NCL "U" .Vino ltalianWine Tasting($15) Soho. 2:30pm NCL "U" . Fwd..but rememberyou'refree to whatever! . 2:00prn-3:00pm InformalBridge Play with fellow guests Card Room.Deck 12.Deck7.Deck8.Aft. Fwd. Fwd. Mid. 1: 30pm Casinosat Sea Slots Tournament Star Club Casino. 9:00am . Fwc.Deck 7.Decks6 & 7. Mid. Mid. 8:00am Aerobics FitnessCenter. Mid.Deck '12. Meet Stbd Room. Deck 14. 1:00pm-3:O0pm Ping PongTournament StarboardSide.Deck 12.Fwd. 7:00pm ProgressiveTeam Trivia Red Lion Pub. 2:00pm Travel & Referencebooksare available Library. 1: 00pm Art Auction.Decks 6 & 7. Fwd.Comedy lmprov Games with Second City SpinnakerLounge.Deck6. 5:00pm Everything's hotter when the sun goes down. After "The Quest"'til whenever Triple Points Maniaon Slots Star Club Casino. Aft. Aft.Eck 7.11: 00am Travel & ReferenceBooks are available Library.Deck 12.Deck 12. 10: 30am Come & Play Underthe Sun with our Casino Pool Deck Tables Pool Deck. Aft. 8:00pm StardustShowtime:The Crew Show (Bringyour cameras!) StardustTheater. Aft. 10: 15am Rare OrganicGems stones Presentation GrandAtrium. Mid. Deck 11. Fwd. 10: 00am MorningTeam Trivia Red Lion Pub.SangriaTasting($15) EndlessSummer. Mid. Mid. Fwd. Noon-3:00pm NCL 'U" ..Deck 12.Deck 6. Aft 8:00am Golf Clubs Available(weatherpermitting) Golf Cage. Fwd. Deck 12. Mid.. Leon Cinema. Mid. 8:45pm Action Comedy ShowtimestarringRomano Frediani StardustTheater. 10: 30am -1: 1 O 0am Art Seminar:InsiderSecretsof CollectingArt CarouselLounge.Deck 7.Deck 14.Aft. 11: 30am Add pizzazzto your Afternoon. Noon SportsOpen Play (weatherpermitting) Sports Court.. Deck 7. 2:45pm-3:30pm FutureCruise Presentation EndlessSummer. 11: 15am MiracleMake Over Seminarwith Dr.Aft.) Ok. Mid. Noon NCL "U" DigitalPhotoSeminar:What to Do With Your Pictures Cinema. Fwd.deck 6.A DigitalSlide Show with Paul SpinnakerLounge. 12: 30pm NCL "U" . Deck 12. Mid. 9:30am Burn Fat Fast Seminar FitnessCenter. 9:00am-10:00am Ping Pong Play StarboardSide.

5:30pm-Close Waterslides are open 10:00am-6:00pm D eck' 12. because we care.(1ustpleasedon'tsmokearoundfoodvenues.M idnight lnternet Gaf6 AlwaysOpen *Theserestaurants D eck 9.Mid.Deck12. Deck 7. Aft. 4:00pm-6:00pm Kids Genler 9:00am-10:30pm ForWhenever YouAre Hungry Deck 13. S:30pm-Close Medical Center 8:30am-10:00am & GinzaAsian/Sushi.Deck 12.Deck13. aren't allowed. As a courtesy to other guests.Deck6.lf you havea chronic stateroom. Aqua.Deck7. Mid . Mid. Mid.lf Grand Atrium Deck 7.butthe costsare reallyminimal(and Fitness Center AlwaysOpen for whatyou get. can lf you develop any kind of gastrointestinalsymptoms then smokein the CigarBar. GhocoholicBuffet. especially before dining in our restaurants.95 per minute. Deck 7. Aft. Mid . Noon-2:OOpm Deck 7. Bar Services free#yle *i::i:rg Java Gaf6 7:30am-whenever Deck 7. abovecouldbe subjectto W2-Gtax AlwaysOpen Deck 12. you can smokein yourstateroom. Getting Started Topsiders 8:00am-whenever MarketCaf6. rate of $6.we canonlyholdyourdinnerreservation for 15 minutes. restaurant. permittins)8:00am-10:00am The Grill . 3:00pm-4:30pm Deck 12. Mid.Deck12 Mid 1'1:30am-close Star Bar 4:00pm-whenever Deck welcomein anyof our Art Gallery 5:00pm-7:00pm exceptVersaillesRestaurant. Mid.Also.Deck12. chargea cover. Aft. Fwd.sportsdecks No fee will apply for consultation. (weather Casino Bar 9:00am-whenever Deck 6. 12:30pm Gatsby's Ghampagne Bar 4:00pm-whenever Deck 6. orjoggingarea. Red Lion Pub 9:00am-whenever Versailles. Mid. SohoRoom*($1S1 .in the Casinoor the CigarBar.You can smokecigarettes. Atl. that all guests use the hand sanitizing asidespotsjust for you.Mid. Mid. Aft.To makeyourreservation. 5:30pm-Close On board Credit Desk 9:00am-Noon & Le Bistro*($tS).roomseryicemenuavailable) Kids Under 2 Zoo 9:00am-5:00pm Starboard Room. Mid. on your balcony. Our Smoking Policy: Publicareasaresmokefree. Aft. Deck 12.8942or 7552.Deck7.Mid. please set your ell phone ringer to silent and avoid Announcements: All announcements can be heardon W channel2. Mid. Mid. To the US & Canada $5.consulta physician. Mid . permitting) The Grill. Mid.Deck7. Fwd.Deck6.Deck6. Aft.only for medication. S:30pm-Close Deck 7. Airbrushed Tattoos ' 1 0 :3 0 a m -1 2 :00pm & Pool Side. Mid. 11 : 00pm . RestaurantCancellations: To ensureeachof ourguestsreceiveour Gruise Gonsultant 9 :0 0 a m -1 0 :3 0am& bestservice.Aft. outsideon opendecks. Mid . Deck 7.Deck7.including jeans. 4:00pm-6:00pm to youraccount. Slotwinningsof $1200and Desk at 00 or send an email to EnvironmentalHotline@ncl. Deck 12. SatisfyYour AfternoonAppetite Bier Garten 10:00am-whenever Deck 14. Mid.or shellfishthat is raw or undercooked.kid'spoolareasand otherdesignatednon-smoking areas). we'll hold them for you until the last night of your cruise. Aft. La Trattoria*($tO1. Teens Genter 9 :0 0 a m-1 :3 0am Blue LagoonCaf6. Fwd. TeppanyakiRoom*($ZS1 . (#8942) EndlessSummer*($101 . Aft. stations at all times. il Galleria Gift Shop 9 :0 0 a m-1 1 :0 0 pm callext. Thank you.lamb. Mid.Follow safety instructionsfrom ConsumerAdvisory: Thereis a nskinvolvedwhenconsuminganimalproducts the crew members. 5:30pm-10:30pm Restaurant Reservations 7:00am-5:00pm Grand Atrium.All reports are confldential.we'veset We respectfullyask.Please do notthrowcigarettesoverboardand pleaserememberto neversmokein bed. Noon-5:00pm Deck 12. Toll-free numbeE (800) and operator-assistednumbers are Gasino:You haveto be 18 (andhavelD) to gambleor be in the charged the same rate as calls to the US & Canada. buttheycan Barong Spa B :0 0 a m -1 0 :0 0pm be madeup to 48 hoursbeforedinnertime.our designated"dress up" restaurants. 5:30pm-Close D eck 12. 5:00pm-7:00pm Outdoor Pool/Jacuzzi 8 :0 0 a m-1 0 :00pm Cagney's*($20).lf you preferpipesor cigars.Deck7.eggs.(weather 11:00am-2:00pm Spinnaker Lounge 10:00am-whenever MarketCaf6. 5:30pm-9:00pm Deck 12. Aft. Mid.lf you wantto smoke. Mid. butcigarettesmokingis ok. convereationswhile in dining areas and theaters on the ship. €ll the Reeption cigarscan'tb€ takenin. not acceoted. Credit cards & calling mrds are casino. Aft.Deck '12. Noon-1:30pm Deck 7. There Outgoing Telephone Rates: Ship to shore calls can be made frcm the phone in your is alsoa riskinvolvedwhenconsumingun-pasteurized juices.No shorts permittedin any restaurantafter 5:00pm Shopping Consultant 6:00pm-8:00pm Reception Desk. Safety Equipment: Please don't remove or damage with any safety equipment on board (such as smoke detectoE or fire extinguishers). Emergencies: Simply dial #91 1 from any on-board ship'llfindit'swellworthit.pleasedo so by 5:00pmon the day of your Shore Excursions Desk 1 0 :0 0 a m-1 2:00pm & to avoidhavingthe coverchargefor up to two guestsapplied reservation Grand Atrium. Mid.Deck 12. 6:30am-1 1:00am Deck 12. WhatAre You in the Mood For? TeppanyakiRoom*($ZS1 . Mid. (over 18 years after 11pm ) Garousel Nightclub 10:00am-whenever Sushi*($1S1 .Mid. (Entrance:SpinnakerLounge) Room Service(#10333) AlwaysOpen Library Always Open fce CreamBar .no matterwhat Starboard Side. Arcade AlwaysOpen AfternoonSnacks. Mid.poultry.Deck7. Starboard Side. Fwd. 7:30am-9:00am Deck 7. Grand 1 :3 0 p m-5 :3 0pm Whatto wear: You'llalwaysfinda placefor yourstyle. Mid. 5:00pm& 6:30pm Guest Services 8:00pm& 9:30pm Reception Desk Always Open MarketCaf6.. Fwd.pipesor Environmental Hotline: To report any environmental problems.) Deck 12. Mid. Aft. 5:00pm-9:00pm Deck 7. .($15). (#00) Ginema (Schedule posted within both cinema entrances) Versailles.95 per minute! Intemational calls are billed at the illnessimmunedisorderand are unsureof the risks. (over 18 years after 1 1pm) Pearl Martini Lounge 1O:OOam-whenever Versailles. Reservations are neverrequiredfor any of our restaurants.Deck 12. Deck7.Resortcasual.Deck 12. Deck 12. Aft. Open Flames: Such as buming candles and incense.. All about alcohol: lf you bought liquor and other beverages on shore. drinksor glasswarecan'tbe takenout. Fwd.Deck7.Deck6.Sorry.Deck12.if you smokecigarettes. Fwd. (Closedfrom4am-sam. 11:30am-3:00pm Deck12. Barong Juice Bar 8:00am-8:00pm Deck 12.but no winningscan be paidto any personor betsin violation. PaellaAction Station.Mid. 4:00pm-7:00pm you needto cancel. Deck 11. Deck 7. Mid. Fwd. Mid.Deck6.pipesand cigars please report them immediately by €lling 3333 or 00. 6:00pm-7:30pm & youwantto wear. S:3Opm-Close D eck 4. suchas beef.

M id ( cover charge appl i es) . The Carousel. 1 1:30pm. : :::. see some close-up magic and ask him all the questionsyou been the Pat Juneau Band 11:1Sam. and win $2000 instantly! DJ Freddy 3: 45p m .. . audioor videorecording & older. Last briefing.Tonight's1"'showis PG-13. We're mixing it up today with cool Jazz and hot cu is ine.=.Sign up starts at 9:00am. Deck 6.Yanmei Wang& LeiZhangin a spectacular show Star Showband thatwillkeepyouat theedgeof yourseat. and the Bingo Bunch for your last chance to win Magician Murray .whenever Free Cruise Giveaway Bingo: Why pay for it when you can win it for free?l Join Crazy Candi NCL "U" .You must be present. game. Fwd. chance to try your luck with the InstantWins 8:30pm . lmmediatelyfollowing theshow.Bringyourcamerasto capturethisspecialfinale!Showduration50 min Atrium.:. t'. M id. StardustTheater.11: 00pm lmportant Disembarkation Briefing: Join your Final Jackpot Bingo: The money is yours - Cruise Director Paul for a very important and so don't miss the Final Jackoot Session.StardustTheater. Star Club Gasino: Redeem your points into receive a free autographed Murray Post card.= .11: 30pm 10:30am. 2: 3O p m . Fwd.Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament starts Choose from the following events today S how ' ti l at least 12: 15am at 11:OOam.Photography. Time:7:00pm & 9:00pm.t- .Chunmei Kong.1: 00pm is prohibited.' 'a' .' . of tonight's Jana Seale'sAcoustic Coffee Time:8:15pm (PGl3)&'10:30pm (18yearsandolder).8: 00pm .so don't miss out! Last chance to get Magician for "An Afternoon with Murray".SpinnakerLounge.B1Fl27C 5:21am 4:20pm "CirquePacific" featuring the Jazz Brunch with the Norwegian ChinaStarAcrobats Huailin Fan. Norwegian CruiseLineproudlypresentstheJeanAnnRyanCo.1 : 0 0 p m . l-1 . Vocal Melodieswith the ComedylmprovShowtime: Spinnaker SecondGity MelodicQuartet 6:1S pm .2008 Today'sforecast Sunrise Sunset SeaDay PartlySunny. Fwd.p *{ lhe Gay Are yourmusclesachingyou fromall thattouring& shoppingashore?Cometo the Spa and indulgein a little"me"timewitha relaxingmassage. After Second City PG-13 Show bucks off your bill at the host desk from 6:00pm.. Deck 7.. Mid. Don't worry.1:i .'. we'll have some fun too.Blackjack. Also win $2000 instantly. Motown .Glose Up Magic & More with S pi nnak er Lounge. De ck 6 ... Last lotto Drawing is at 11:00pm. H o use V{kaf's at tap feJay 6:30pm.7: 00pm& 9:00pm 'til at least Midnight Den't mirsthtr! Jaz z B runch : T o d a y ' s y o u r o n ly ch a n ce to wa ke u p a n d sm e l l the cappucci no because w e've got a new brunch experience at Soho Room and everyone's invited.7: 30pm& 8:30pm. Casino Ooens: 9:0Oam-Close. Find Rock & Roll Dance Music with your raffle tickets.Decks6 & 7.You decideallthescenessoexpect theunexpected.. Fwd. Photography. out how he got on TV. Fwd a7-day Cruise for 2 to the Caribbean. Deck12. Deck 7. Deck 6. So h o Ro o m . brief DisembarkationTalk.==t.. November 14th.t'scrrf*r*s i nm e nt Music Everywhere Showtime: Stardust Pacific" "Cirque Soho Room. Fwd. One person from jackpot is expected to be over $2000! All the Mr. N OR W E C IA N C R U IS E LIN E ' FNEEE?YLE CRUIgINGI ::l=:: NorwegianStar : Friday.StaffandCrew of theM/SNorwegian Star. D e c k 1 2 . Pub Entertainmentwith Sean 6:15pm . showsareprohibited.the2 ' oneis 18Years Gatsby's. $207. Mid. D eck 7. Tim e : 1 1 : O o a m .Stan Sykes each stateroom should attend this informative money in the pot must be won today.Join this Award Winning Deck 12. Deck 12.000 on our Paradise Lotto for only $2 per Slot and Texas Hold 'em tournaments.Spinnaker Lounge.10: 00pm Tonightwe proudlypresent thecastof SecondCityfortwodifferent fullyimprovised shows. Mid.. Decks 6 & 7. Win over consistingof our Goofy Golf Putting. F w d . page three for times & venues.S p i n n a k e rL o u n g e . S p i n n a k e rL o u n g e . After Second City Adults Only Select charges only: see your Casino Hosts for It's Tournament Time! details.audioor videorecording of themainshow 1 ' 1:00am . Also.Deck 6.: t' r' =. See Red Lion Pub. dying to know! Bring your cameras! Also.a facialor an invigorating scrub. ' ti l at l east 10: 15om& 9:00pm only! 25 minimum points required.enjoya specialhibutebytheOfficers.Fwd. . F w d .r. D e c k 1 2 .did you rememberto set yourclocksbackone hourbeforegoingto bed lastnight(Thursday night)? Toni gJ. 7:00pm.

Last chance to collect art from the largest Lastqualifyingroundsfor theSlotsTournament gallery on the planet! Free champagne. Mid. 9:00am-11:00pm.we have you covered!All shore allowances.To makethe mostof your International of your cruise.Deck7. Mid. Mid.Deck7. Go home looking10 years younger!Rejuvenate substantial savingsfor treasuresformthe sea gift wrappedby nature! your skin with BOTOX@Cosmetic. horizontalforehead lines & crow's feet Colombian Emeralds is Jewelrywithcoloredgemstones-great gift ideas that radiatefrom the corner of the eye.including fragrances. cosmetics. Australian Ai rbrushedTattoos Needto get to the Airportin LA Forspecificcustoms pleaseask Receivea freetattoowithyourmediumor large Don'tworry.Previewwith Auctionto follow. Be startsat's fun.Deck7.Deck7. day and a tattoowouldbe the perfectsouvenir airport. Don'tmissthisfun and excitingevent! 9:00am-close.50 Vodkaof the day:"Tanqueray Sterling" SpinnakerLounge:TryourflavoredMojito'sfor $5. $9. 1:00pm-4:00pm & 8:00pm-' 11: 00pm .Call #8942 lor tobacco. Citizenwithup to 35%off.We have depositgetsyou$100offyouronboardaccount.He'llalsopreview diningexperiencewith excellentserviceto leave liquor. SeetheShoreExcursions Staff. . including Colombian 1:00pm. $8. jewelryandis oneof the presentation at 10:30am. Emeralds offers GrandAtrium.l0:30am-12:00pm and tourwilldropyouat theairportlTime:10:00am- shops are locatedon 1:30pm-5:30pm. GiftShopsonboard.Also. and notpayeitherstateor importtaxeson your GolombianEmeraldslnternational Barong Medi Spa purchases.Blackjack Whatdoes Duty Free mega art raffle & free art for attending. & Noon& 4:00pm-6:00pm Deck7. CarouselLounge. Book a considered a leaderin fine for every season and reason! Watch complimentaryconsultationwith Dr Leon. exclusiveNCLappareland 11:00am. reservationsor visit the reservationdesk.Colombian photographers from 5:00pm-9:00pmin the Many airlines offer the option to check-in.Thiscanmean GrandJewelrySaleToday!FreshWaterPearls. InternetCaf6. new and excitingitineraries.smaller time plans for shopping! from this unforgettablecruise. upgradeyour transferto a tour and your All of our Duty Free memory of yourvacation. 7:00am-5:00pm. Deck7. Greatsavingson dutyfree presentsa futurecruisepresentation of all the Menus are especiallydesignedto enhanceyour items. Deck6. Fwd. Fwd. and integrity. canshopin ourGalleria there to get exceptionalvalues and savings.Rado. Mid.withoutalcohol$6.) plusreceivea commemorative coinwith purchase. BarManager's Specials Drinkof the day:"ThePainkiller''.$3. Atrium. Fwd. 6:00pm-7:30pm. 8:00am-8:00pm.Deck 12.StarClubCasino.quality. At 9:00am today.000. Mid.BarongSpa.& MainPhotoGallery on Deck7. Fwd. Mid. Deck 11.50 EndlessSummer:Tapasor Guacamole canbe requested for everyTequilacocktailpurchasedfrom5:3Opm-Close Dear GrandFinaleArt Auction StarClubCasino CruiseDirector. CEl.Deck7. Emeralds International.Aft.. MimosaDestinationsPreview F in e Din in g Join Romeoand enjoya free mimosaas he Take advantageof our Specialty Restaurants. Starboard Side. The tournament startsat 3:00pm(Finalsat 4:30pm). Professional greater savings. HolidayPhotoGreetingCard selectionin the passes online. GiantJackpot is over$207. 15 minutes portraitswill be taken by your on board for $8. world'slargestdutyfree Freegiftfor all in attendance. C al l 11777for an appoi ntment . Photoshop InternetGaf6 My first choicefor Todayis the lastdayto purchase yourpictures End of cruise special .Reducethe you! Fantasticcollectionand pricesstartedfrom as appearance of frown lines between the eye Established40-yearsago.a $250 per cabin you with unforgettablememories. Tag Heuer. littleas $14. Flyinghome? Withsavingsup to'50%on finejewelry. lt'syourlast excursionswill concludeat the Los Angeles Shopteam.checkoutour choose seat assignmentand print boarding timepiecesfromOmega. NCLendorses theirvalue. Pool Side. anymemberof ourGift tattoowithshimmercolorpurchase.00. Mid. $7.ManagerHours: 9:00am-Noon. souvenirs for friendsand family.Deck7.Endless Summer. painlessand a nice startsat 1:30pm(Finalsat 2:45pm). Deck8. FreestyleCruiseRewards. GrandAtrium. Lottery drawingis at 11:00pm. mean? awesome free $500 bid-creditraffle and more Win up to $500 in today'sfinals.(Open24hrs.95(SouvenirGlass) PoolsideCocktailSpecial:"Farewell to Paradise" FruitSmoothie:"Papaya".Registration DutyFreemeansthatyou than 600 works to chose and collect from.00(Servedin a SouvenirSmoothie Cup) Coffeeof the day:"Jamaican Coffee"Today'sShooter:"JellyBean". retailers. Mid. GalleryHours:9:00am-1'l:00pm. Aft.99!Also stunningsterlingsilver brows.Deck9.and crystal.25 or 30 minutesfor $12.50 Martiniof the day:"Cosmopolitan".

Deck 12. 2: 15pm .. Aft.Stu ff f or t he'm o r n i n g p e o p l e ' . Aft. Deck 12. Fwd. Fwd. Aft. 7: 00pm Friendsof Dorothy. Fwd.Deck 6. 1: 30pm Slot Tournament(Finalsat2:45pm) Star Club Casino.Deck 6. Deck 12. Aft. .11: 00am Sports Open Play (weatherpermitting) Sports Court.. Decks 6 & 7.Deck 7. 3: 1Spm MargaritaHappy Hour (2 for 1 regularmargaritas) EndlessSummer.Deck 12.Deck 12.Deck 6.Deck 12.Deck 12. 1 1:30pm-whenever Ok.Decks 6 & 7. 3:00Pm $500 Mega Jewelry Raffle Draw ColombianEmeralds. Mid. Mid. 2:30pm Finalsfor Slots and BlackjackTournament Star Club Casino. 11: 00pm WitchingHour (Selectedcocktail& shootersat a reducedprice) CarouselLounge. 2:45pm & 4:30pm FitnessPilatesctasi($to fee) FitnessCenter. Fwd. Deck 14.Deck 12. Mid. Mid.Close-UpMagic& Morewith MagicianMurray SpinnakerLounge. Deck 7.4: 1Spm FutureCruise Presentation Cinema.A gatheringfor our GLBT guests Star Bar. Fwd. 1: 00pm . Decks 6 & 7. Fwd. 4:00pm All books borrowedfrom the Libraryare to be returned Library. Deck 6. Mid.Deck 12. 9:00am-10:00am Golf Clubs Available(weatherpermitting) Golf Cage. Fwd.Deck 12.lnt'|. Fwd. 11: 00am Mimosa Future Cruise Presentation/Cruise RewardsPreview EndlessSummerDeck8 Mid 11: 00am Texas Hold 'em Poker Tournament Star Club Casino. Aft.MartiniTasting($15) Gatsby's.. Aft. Fwd. 5:00pm Golf Clubs Available(weatherpermitting) Golf Cage. Deck 13. 1: 00pm Grand FinaleArt Auction Previewwith Auctionto follow CarouselLounge. 12 : 15pm . Fwd. 6:00pm-9:00pm StardustShowtime:Cirque Pacific& Star Crew Finale StardustTheater. 10: 30am Come and Play UnderThe Sun: CasinoPool Deck! Pool Deck. Aft.Deck 12. Decks 6 & 7. Fwd. 12: 30pm NCL "U" . Point Redemption Star Club Casino. Fwd.1Spm Towel Animal FoldingDemo with our HousekeepingStaff Cinema.Deck 12. 2:00pm Travel & ReferenceBooks are available Library. 1: 00pm 1Oo/o Off ShoppingPower Hour with Trey ColombianEmeralds. Fwd.Wine Tasting:New & Old WorldWines ($15) Le Bistro. Fwd. Mid 7:00pm ProgressiveTeam Trivia Finale Red Lion Pub. Deck 12.Deck 12.Releaseyour inner Tiger Gatsby's. 10:00am-Noon MorningTeam Trivia Red Lion Pub. Deck 7.Deck 12.Deck 12. 1:30pm-2:45pm BackstageTour with the Jean Ann Ryan ProductionCast StardustTheater. Fwd..Deck 12. Deck 7. Mid 8: 00pm Comedy lmprov Showtime:The Second City "Scriptless"(PG-13) SpinnakerLounge. Fwd.Deck 12. Aft.Deck6.Deck 8. Aft. Deck 14.Must be presentto win SpinnakerLounge. Studiocycling($10fee) FitnessCenter. 3:00pm Black Jack Tournament(Finalsat 4:30 pm) Star Club Casino. 10:45am Seminar Detox for healthand weight loss FitnessCenter. 10:30am . Deck 7. 2:00pm-4:00pm AfternoonTeam Trivia Red Lion Pub. Mid.Deck 6. Deck 7. Aft. Aft. 9:00pm Comedylmprov:SecondCity "Unplugged"(18 Years& Older) SpinnakerLounge.Adults (weatherpermitting) ShuffleboardCourt.Deck 7.Deck 12.Deck 12. Deck 7 Aft. Fwd. VolleyballPlay with your Fellow Guests (weatherpermitting) SportsCourt. 3:00pm-4:30pm Latitudes60's & 70's TelevisionTeam Trivia Red Lion Pub.Deck 12.000for only $2 per game Star Club Casino. Meet Rome-ParisRoom. 11 : 00am -:100pm Free Cruise GiveawayBingo.Deck 12. 1: 00pm . Fwd. Mid.Deck 6.11: 00am Seminar:The InsidersSecretsof CollectingArt GarouselLounge.but rememberyou'refree to whatever! . 11: 15am Add pazzazz to your afternoon.Deck 6. Fwd. 8: 15Pm StardustShowtime:Cirque Pacific& Star Crew Finale StardustTheater.Deck 6. Deck 13. 2:30pm NCL "U" .2: 00pm Golf Clubs Available(weatherpermitting) Golf Cage.Deck 7. Mid. Fwd. Fwd. 4:30pm Friendsof Bill W. 12'. Fwd. Fwd.Deck 12. 3:45pm Path way to yoga ($10 fee) FitnessCenter. 5:00pm Gift Shop BonanzaDraw Galleria. 10: 1Sam Watch Presentation GrandAtrium.Destination:Secretsof the Aztecs & Mayans Cinema. Aft.Deck 6. Fwd. Deck 14. 2:30pm NCL "U" . 9:O0am Travel & ReferenceBooks are available Library. Fwd. Fwd.2: 00pm ShuffleboardFinals.Deck 6. 11: 00pm DJ Freddy'sLate Night Party Zone CarouselLounge. 1: 00pm Goofy Golf PuttingTournament.3: 00pm Samba Dance Class with our ProfessionalBallroomDancers SpinnakerLounge.Deck 14. 4:00pm-5:00pm DodgeballPlay with your Fellow Guests (weatherpermitting) Sports Court. (Weather Permitting) 10: 30am DebarkationBriefingwith your Cruise DirectorPaul StardustTheater. 1: 1Spm NCL "U" .Deck 7.GomputerTechnology:Fun with Power Point Cinema. Mid.15pm lz Court AdultYzCourt Kids Basketball Play (weatherpermitting) Sports Court.Jackpot is close to $2000! Be in it to win it! SpinnakerLounge. 9: 00am . Deck 7. 7:00pm-9:00pm Cigar& CognacMomentum HavanaClub.Deck 12. 7:00pm LiquorCollection(on board purchases) GalleriaGift Shop.Deck 7.Deck 7. 11: 00am Jazz Brunch (cover charge applies) Soho Room. Fwd. 11: 1Sam NCL "U" . 5:00pm Sabbath Eve Self Led Service Chapel. Fwd. Fwd. Aft. 2:00pm-3:00pm lnformalBridge Play with your fellow guests Card Room. Fwd. we know this looks like a schedule(gasp!). . Mid 3:30pm Final Jackpot Bingo . Mid. 2'. 5:00pm-7:00pm Everything's hotter when the sun goes down. Fwd. Aft. 10: 30pm ParadiseLotto:Win $207.

becausewe care. Fwd. Aft.we'll hold them for you untilthe last night of your cruise. 5 : 30pm .you can smokein yourstateroom. Deck can please reportthem immediatelyby calling3333 or Barong Spa B:00am-8:00pm for whatyou get.To makeyourreservation.pleaseset your ell phone ringerto silentand avoid abovecouldbe subjectto W2-Gtax withholding.if you smokecigarettes. 4:00pm-6:00pm La Trattoria*($101. Arcade Always Open RoomService(#10333) AlwaysOpen Deck 12. Fwd. (weather Red Lion Pub g:00am-whenever Deck 7.whenever Deck 6. 1 1: 30am . stateroom. Noon. Fwd. Atrium.Mid.we'veset stationsat all times.Deck6.) Deck 'l 1. Mid.Sorry. drinksor glasswarecan'tbe takenout.lf you preferpipesor cigars. All reportsare mnfldential.Deck8.Deck7. 5 : 30pm . Mid. Fwd. Fwd. We respectfullyask. Mid. Announcements: All announcements can be heardon TV channel2. Mid.Deck 12. Att. 5:00pm-9:00pm Grand Atrium.95 per mrnute.No shorts permittedin any restaurantafter 5:00pm Emergencies: Simply dial fr911 from any on-boardship phone. Cagney's*($ZO1 . Deck 1 2 . 3:00pm-4:30pm Fitness Genter Always Open *Theserestaurants chargea cover. ( En tr a n ce Sp : in n a ke rL o u n ge) Blue the Casinoor the CigarBar. Aft. 6: 30am .Deck7. NoodlesAction Station 1 1: 30am . 4:00pm-6:00pm you needto cancel.1: 00pm Spinnaker Lounge 1O:OOam-whenever The Grill .Deck matterwhat Shopping Consultant 6:00pm-B:00pm youwantto wear. 5:30pm-Close Deck '12. (over 1B years After 'l 1:00pm) Pearl Martini Lounge 10:00am-whenever MarketCaf6. Starboard Side. Aft. Deck 7.our designated"dress up" restaurant. Mid.Toll-freenumbers(800) and operator-assistednumbersare chargedthe casino.or shellfishthatis rawor undermoked.lf you havea chronic Outgoing Telephone Rates: Ship to shore calls can be made from the phone in your illnessimmunedisorderand areunsureof the the ReceptionDesk at 00 or send an email to EnvironmentalHotline@ncl. Slotwinningsof $1200and As a courtesyto other guests.Deck 12.Deck7.3: 00pm Deck 7. AfternoonSnacks. Cruise Consultant 9:00am-10:30am 4:00pm-7:00pm RestaurantCancellations: To ensureeachof ourguestsreceiveour Office. Aft.Please do notthrowcrgarettes overboardandpleaseremembertoneversmokein bed. butcigarettesmokingis ok.lamb. Mid. Deck 7. buttheycan Galleria Gift Shop 9:00am-'1 1:00pm be madeup to 48 hoursbeforedinnertime.Deck6. Noon-2:00pm Deck 13 .poultry. Aft.lf Grand Atrium. Deck 7. Mid .Deck12. Mid. (over 18 years After 11:30pm) (weatherpermitting) Gatsby's Ghampagne Bar 3:OOpm-whenever S ushi *($1S 1-D eck7.sportsdecks orjoggingarea.we canonlyholdyourdinnerreservation for 15 minutes. 7:30am-9:00am Casino Bar 9:00am.To the US & Canada $5. Teens Center 9:00am-1:30am GinzaAsian/Sushi* ($15). pipesand cigars No fee will apply for consultation. Soho Room*($15). Mid. Deck 7.There Open Flames: Such as buming candlesand incense.Mid .Deck6. TeppanyakiRoom*($2S1 .8942or 7552. Barong Juice Bar 8:00am-8:00pm Getting Started Deck 12. asidespotsjustfor you. Mid. Fwd.Aft. Aft. Mid. Mid. il Reservations are neverrequired for anyof our restaurants. Mid. Noon-5:00pm Deck 9.kid'spoolareasandotherdesignatednon-smoking areas).Deck7. Star Bar 5:00pm-whenever Versailles. outsideon opendecks. Mid .r*esfy!*Dinir*g Java Caf6 7:30am-whenever Deck 7.Deck 12. F wd .butthe costsare reallyminimal(and Deck 12. Mid. Mid . Deck 7. Restaurant Reservations 7:00am-5:00pm MarketGaf6. Shore Excursions Desk 10:00am-Noon bestservice. 4:00pm-B:00pm Aqua.(justpleasedon'tsmokearoundfoodvenues. Waterslides are open 10:00am-6:00pm Le Bistro*($t S1. All about alcohol: lf you boughtliquorand other beverageson shore. -a= . conversations while in dining areas and theaterson the ship.pleasedo so by 5:00pmon the day of your Airbrushed Tattoos 10: 30am .You cansmokecigarettes.10: 00pm On board Credit Desk 9:00am-Noon Deck 7. suchas beef. 1 1: 00am .including jeans.Deck6. 5:30pm-Close D eck 1 2. permitting)8:00am-10:00am The Grill .aren't allowed. Deck 7.Mid. Mid. 5:00pm& 6:30pm Cinema (Schedule posted within both cinema entrances) 8:00pm& 9:30pm Deck 12. 1 2: 30pm Guest Services WhatAre You in the Mood For? Reception Desk Always Open Deck welcomein anyof our Reception Desk.Deck 12. 5:30pm-Close Medical Center B: 30am .pipesor Environmental Hotline: To reportany environmentalproblems. restaurants.. Mid.Deck 12.10: 00 p m EndlessSummer*($tO1. Thank you.12: 0 0 p m to avoidhavingthe coverchargefor up to two guestsapplied reservation Pool Side. smokein the CigarBar.Resortcasual. Sa$etyEquipment: Pleasedon't removeor damagewith any safety equipmenton board (such ConsumerAdvisory:Thereis a riskinvolvedwhenconsuminganimalproducts as smoke detectorsor{lre extinguishers). 5:30pm-Close Kids Center 9:00am-10:30pm Soho Room*($'llfindit'swellworthit. (weather permitting)11:00am-2:00pm Deck 12.Deck 12. Creditcards & callingcards are not accepted. (#00) TeppanyakiRoom*($ZS1 . Bar Services f. 5:30pm-Close Deck 13. Topsiders Poolside 8:00am-whenever MarketCaf6. Mid. Aft.Also.Mid. 5:30pm-Close D eck'1 2. lf you developany kind of gastrointestinalsymptornsthen on yourbalcony. Mi d. Grand Atrium. Aft.95 per minute!Internationalcalls are billedat the rate of Casino:You haveto be 18 (andhavelD)to gambleor be in the $6. callext. Mid. lnternet Caf6 Always Open fce CreamBar . Mid. Versailles. Aft.Deck7. Aft.Deck7.butno winningscan be paidto any personor betsin violation.1: 30pm Deck 6. is alsoa riskinvolvedwhenconsumingun-pasteurlzed juices. 1:30pm-5:30pm to youraccount. Mid. AlwaysOpen Library Clo se 5 :0 0 o m (Closedfrom4am-sam.eggs.Followsafetyinstructionsfrom the crew members.11: 00am D eck 12 .lf you wantto smoke.that all guests use the hand sanitizing Our Smoking Policy: Publicareasaresmokefree. Mid. Aft.Close Garousel Nightclub 10:00am-whenever Deck 7.10: 00 a m Deck 4. especiallybeforedining in our restaurants.only for medication. Mid. Mid.10: 3O pm Outdoor Pool/Jacuzzi B: 00am .. exceptVersaillesRestaurant.consulta physician. Kids Under 2 Zoo 9:00am-5:00pm ForWhenever YouAre Hungry Starboard Room. 6:00pm-7:30pm Whatto wear: You'llalwaysfinda placefor yourstyle.roomservicemenuavailable) Deck 12. SatisfyYour AfternoonAppetite Bier Garten 1O:0Oam-whenever Deck 14. same rate as calls to the US & Canada. Aft. Fwd. (#8942) Versailles. cigarscan'tbe takenin. Mid.Deck6.

.1::i -EE :€:. 7: i t v.:.. .. a 3 I ': F .:. -::. :.

At the bottom of the form. valuables. you are only require to fill out one custom declaration form as long as you disembark all at the same time. per day has been added to your on board account. Deck 12. Deck 7. What is the service charge? A fixed Service Charge of $1O per person. An itemized statement* of your on board Credit Account will be delivered to your stateroom on Saturday morning. November 1sth. we recommend you to consider offering a gratuity commensurate with services rendered. 7:OOam-Close Photo Gallery Open Photo Gallery.S. a Bloody Mary and relax out on deck. lf you are traveling with your family with the same last name. Before you are getting ready to leave. This Service Charge is shared between all your Wait Staff and Stateroom Stewards. customs declaration form in hand as you proceed to immigration. D e ck 7 . Mid. please go to the On Board Credit Desk located in the Grand Atrium. we hope you make the most of the last day of your vacation. Filling out your US Customs Form Everyone must have a completed U. Deck 7. kick back in any one of the public lounges until you hear your luggage tag color called. For guests who have used Concierge. your charges will be Liilled automatically to your credit card and it will not be necessary to go to the Desk (as long as you have no balance on your account). Grab breakfast.. r*. a $5 per person. 8 : OOa m . per day charge has been added (there's no charge for children under the age of three).. Screwdriver & Mimosa only for $ 4. Remember to keep all travel documents.25 + 15Yo Auto Gratuity Java Gaf6 Grand Atrium. M i d .accounts will be closed.1 O:OOa m Where you can eat breakfast Breakfast Buffet Market Caf6. # t#.t* ! &: &: F#. After 9:3Oam. please stop by the On Board Credit Desk to settle your Mini-Bar charges prior to disembarkation. * In the event that you have used your Mini-Bar after the last night's (Friday) turndown service. Luggage information Please remove any old tags from your luggage and replace them with the new colored tags provided on board. (Note: Announcements are not made directly into the staterooms but can be heard on Channel 2 on your stateroom TV). 6 :3 Oa m . Deck 7.1 O:OOa m Live Music: Piano Melodies with Johann Grand Atrium. Enjoy the last day of your cruise Morning Drink Specials Bloody Mary. @' Vqe-(ryefan NORWE G I A N STAR Disembarkation Program for Los Angeles.D. 7:OOam-Close Topsiders Bar Deck 12. 7 :3 Oa m . Deck 7.9 :OOa m Breakfast (Gontinuous Service) Versailles Main Dining Room. breakable items as carry off hand luggage. Whatever you choose. lf you are settling with cash or traveler's checks and have a balance left on your account. enjoy the jacuzzi or get in a last minute workout. Thank you. Mid. Butler or Youth Counselor services. Fwd.9 :3 Oa m V\fiirM play by Nintendo Pearl Martini Bar. 8 : OOa m . between 5:3oam & 8:OOam. Deck 7. Fwd. Aft. For children ages 3 to 12. Any discrepancies with your billing must be taken care of on board the ship. lf you have made arrangements to settle your account with a credit card. list the total dollar amount spent on articles purchased during the cruise that you will be taking into the United States. Mid. all. Deck 6. 6 :OOa m . Place your luggage outside your stateroom no later than 1:OOam Saturday morning. you're still on vacation. 2OO8 Relax. medication..8 :3 Oa m Settling your account 5:3Oam-8:OOam Paying Account by Cash or Travelers Checks G r a n d A t r i u m . Mid. 1. Iq*eF #- .we encourage you to enjoy your last morning with us and not rush off the ship. GA Saturday. Mid.

strictly no photographyor videotapingis allowed in the terminalor the Spinnakerlounge. You don't have to worry about the color-codedtag disembarkationsystem which lets you avoid the crowd in the baggageclaim hall. Designatedmeeting place for wheelchairassistanceis the CarouselBar.Deck 7. StarboardSide. Continuousdisembarkation information Gontinuous DisembarkationInformation: Television Channel 8 Informationwith your CruiseDirectorPaul is playingcontinuously. Deck 7. a total of 1 carton may be importedfree of duty. to register if you are in need of special assistanceto disembarkwith a wheelchair. . plants. Up to 100 cigars may be importedduty free providednone are manufacturedin Cuba.guns or weapons. Fwd.preciousgemstones.the only catch is you must be able to carry all of your bags ashore on your own.drugs. on disembarkationmorning between8:3Oam& 10:0Oam.soil. o For persons21 years of age & older. Gustoms exemption includes: . Please note that ship's crew is not allowedto work outsidethe ship due to the localLabor UnionLaws.bottlesof liquoretc.lf you'd like to participate.African ivory. on the last sea day no later than 9:00pm.your luggagetags will be delivereddirectlyto your stateroom.NCL airporttransfersor guestswith a NCL Post Cruise Package. artwork. PLEASEBE ADVISEDTHATNONUS CITIZENSANDALIENRESIDENTSCANNOTPARTICIPATE IN THE EXPRESS DEBARKATIONOPTION. YOU MUST DECLARE THE TOTAL VALUE OF ALL ARTICLES ACQUIREDABROAD that you are bringing into the UnitedStates. lt's that simple. Rememberto chooseyour luggagetag as soon as possibleas each color is limited. Mid. Cubancigarsmay not be importedinto the U.NCL Shore Excursions. Deck 7.e. Alcohol& confiscateditem pick up Liquor / Alcohol Any alcohol that was purchasedashore & confiscatedat the gangway.souvenirs. wheelchairs.S.Your U. Aft.Kindlyensurethat you are able to carryall of your personalbelongings.and Air/Sea guests with pre-arrangedtransfersthrough NCL.pleasecollectfrom 7:00pm-9:00pmon Fridayeveningin the GalleriaGift Shop.includingthose items purchasedon the ship. Purchasesup to $800 per person o For persons 18 years of age & older. on Deck 6. cosmetics. lf you have exceeded your Customsexemption:All purchasesmust be listedin categoriessuch as the total value of jewelry. Dack 7.The use of cellularphonesis also prohibited.'s probablybest that you don't participatein this program.strollersor guests with walking difficulties. Sharp Objects Please collect confiscatedsharp objects on Friday evening by 8:00pm at the Reception Desk located in the Grand Atrium. simply pick up the luggage tag that correspondswith the time you would like to leave. Mid. Snakeskin. for our guests with special needs.) Disembarkat your leisureanytimebetweenapproximately7:45am-8:30am . flowers.Turtleshell products. lmportantDisembarkation Wheelchairassistance Please contact the Reception Desk at extension "00" through your stateroom phone. a total of 1 liter of alcohol may be importedduty-free Prohibited ltems: Fruits. Mid. Guestswho registeredfor the BAGS Program. lf you are an IndependentTraveleror have made arrangementson your own. Please choose your colored luggagetags in the Grand Atrium. You'll be in the first group off the ship (once it's clearedby local officials). . lt's called Express Walk-off Disembarkation.indecentmaterials. You decidehow to leaveus (Boo Hoo) ExpressWalk Off Disembarkation We wanted to tell you about a cool way you can disembark the ship.S.etc. please collect personallyon Friday evening between7:00pm-9:00pm. (So.Stateroompick-upwill not be availableduringour debarkationprocess. For Liquor/Alcoholpurchaseson board. do not need to worry.nuts. Special Note: As per US Customs and Border ProtectionOfficials. perfume.) Undeclaredmerchandiseis subject to seizure and/or penalty. All duty/tax-freeitems (i.Cuban cigars.

please listenfor announcements) --'r J""= EXPRESS WALK-OFF 7 i 4 5 am .703O ncl. & AlienResidents U. Please make sure to have your PassporUTravelDocumenVARC. 9:OO a m SAND DUSTY'S GROUP 9:1 5 a m RED A LL GU E S TS 9 : 30 am P IN K A LL GU E S TS 9:45 am LAVENDER A LL GU E S TS 1 0: 00am YELLOW A LL GU E S TS ' 1O:OOa m ORANGE N C L A IR P OR T TR A N S FE R with flights after 2:00pm NORWECTAN CRUISE LINE' FE e E 5 l Y L t (R t i i 6 i H 5 '1. Who: Ti me: N on US Cit iz enso n D e c k 1 1 & 1 0 7:30am Non US Citizenson Deck 9 & 8 8:O0am Non US Citizenson Deck 6. via the starboard side entrance only Do not proceed to the Spinnaker Lounge until you hear the announcement over the PA system for your deck to be ca lled. Please have your Norwegian Star Guest Keycard and lmmigration receipt in hand (for Non US Citizens and Alien Residents ONLY) as you disembark the vessel and prepare your PassporUGovernment issued photo lD. Please have your NorwegianStar Guest Keycard/CompletedUS Customs Form in hand and prepare your PassporVGovernmentissued photo lD for immigrationinspection. CBP lmmigratiOn lnSpeCtiOn lror NoN us citizens only) IT IS MANDATORY FOR ALL NON _ U. Fwd. US CBP lmmigration Inspection 1to'UScitizens) lmmigrationInspectionwill take place in the terminal once you disembarkthe vessel. Announcements will be made accordingly please wait for your colored luggage tag to be called before making your way to the gangway. lmmigrationinspectionis expected to begin at 7:3oam. lf you have US Guests in your party they can proceed ashore with you once you have cleared onboard with the officials. 5 & 4 8:3oam No Non US Guest will be able to disembark the vessel until cleared to do so by the US CBP Officialsonboard. Order of Disembarkation(Order may vary. Announcementswill not be made in the staterooms.S.C & D Guests to disembark at leisure 8:45 am L IM E GR E E N NCL AIRPORT TRANSFER with fliqhtsuntil2:Oopm ALL GUESTS. Where: SPINNAKER LOUNGE.8 :3 O a m availablefor US CITIZENSONLY NONE Luggage will go straight to BAGS truck / 8:3 5 a m BAG S _ A & B Guests to disembark at leisure Luggage will go straight to BAGS truck / 8 :4 O a m BAG S .S. Please place a colored tag on your carry on luggage as a reminder of the color you have chosen. We anticipate commencement of checked luggage with assigned color tags disembarkation at approximately 8:45am. lt is very important that you do not disembark the ship until your color luggage tag has been called as luggage will not be available in the pier terminal until the approximate times designated below. with final call for all guests to disembark the vessel at approximately '1O:OOam. We kindly ask all guests to follow timings and location given . GUESTS AND ALIEN RESIDENTS TO GO THROUGH THE US CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION INSPECTION.we kindly requestthat all guests adhere to the informationoutlinedbelow.327.8OO.Completed Custom Form and Stateroom Key Card in hand before you enter the lounge. In order to ensure a smooth transitionduring the Customs and Border Protectioninspection. Disembarkation Calling Order Disembarkation will commence at approximately 7:45 am. DECK 12.Times are approximate. Please listen for announcements in any of the public areas or on channel 2 on your stateroom television.

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