MON.  JUNE  18   TUES.  JUNE  19   WED.  JUNE  20  

THURS.  JUNE  21  

FRI.  JUNE  22  

SAT.  JUNE  23  

SUN.  JUNE  24   Club  SAW  
(67  Nicholas  St.)  

Victoria  Island  
(100  Middle  St.  -­‐   Access  via  Portage   Bridge)  


Mayfair   Theatre  
(1074  Bank  St.)    



7:00-­‐8:00pm   Traditional   Gathering       8:30-­‐8:40pm   Shorts:     The  Vision   &   The  Plan   (For  the   Asinabka   National   Indigenous     Centre)     8:40-­‐8:50pm   (Artist  talk   with  A.G.   Ruffo)     8:50-­‐10:20pm   A  Windigo  Tale    

6:00-­‐7:00pm     (Doors  @   5:30pm)   Shkiniigi:   Youth  Shorts   Program       8:00-­‐10:00pm   (Doors  @   7:30pm)   3rd  World   Canada   Program      

Auditorium  @   the  Library  &   Archives   Canada  
(395  Wellington  St.)  

Gallery  101  
(301  ½  Bank  Street  –   Upstairs  on  the  2nd  floor)    

  6:00-­‐8:00pm   (Doors  @   5:30pm)   Otipemisiwak:   Métis  Program     (Curated  by   Jamie  Koebel)       8:30-­‐10:00pm   And  this  is  My   Garden   Program      

  8:00pm     (380  Sussex  Drive)   (100  Rue  Laurier,   6:30-­‐8:00pm     Gatineau,  QC)   (Doors  @   Media  Art   5:30-­‐7:00pm   5:30-­‐7:30pm   7:30pm)   Exhibition   (Doors@5:00pm)   (Doors  @5:00)   Little  Girl  /   Opening:   Kanien’kehá:ka:   Land  of  the   Ugly  Girl  /  Not   Gzhe-­‐mnidoo  Ki               Language   Brave  Program   Bad  /  Just  Evil   /  God’s  Country   Program     Girl:  The  Films   (June  21  –July  28,  2012)     8:00-­‐9:15pm     &  Videos  of   7:30-­‐8:30pm   imagineNATIVE   Ariel  Smith     Artists:  Tannis   Search  for  the   Program  –   Nielsen,  Scott     Worlds  Best   Commissions   Benesiinaabandan,     2007-­‐2011   Frank  Shebageget,   Indian  Taco  –   Douglas  Cardinal   Shorts  Program       9:30-­‐11:00pm     9:00-­‐10:00pm   Smoke  Traders   Fall  Down  Gallery   Robert’s   &  The  Creator’s   (288  Bank  Street)     Paintings   Game   8:00pm-­‐2:00am       #REDHOTNDNs   Babylon   Club  SAW   #CapCity  –     (67  Nicholas  St.)   Nightclub   A  Fresh  Tracks   12:00-­‐1:50am     (317  Bank  St.)     Indigenous  Arts   Aabtaa-­‐Dbik:   Electric  Powwow   Midnight   Collective   With  ATCR       Performance   Shorts  Program        

Auditorium  @   Museum  of   the  National   Civilization   Gallery  of  Canada   Theatre  

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