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This question of relevence of learning that we are all offered as an education

really hits home with me in the context of what I have grown to believe should be the case
as opposed to what as a younger person I was socially indoctrinated to accept. As I think is
the situation with a great many others, and what I have gleaned from many repeated
conversations on the topic over some years, people are to varying degrees disillusioned with
what they have taken from their schooling. As a parent of teenagers, I still hear frequently
the identical complaints of adulescent highschoolers that, like oldy goldy playground jokes
are word for word a direct reflection of the exact same inadequacy of the learning processes
within the curriculum system that were apparent for some time now.
This is as we understand an innate and inherited problem that is by nature self perpetuating
much for the insitutionalization of education by neccesity but not by reason of practicality
or function and equity for most. The main priority that stands out is the question of who the
situation, evolved as it is, is established to benifit most ? It's when the majority of the
work-force have reflective moments on their school days you hear, albeit a bit late, how
irrelevent or uninteresting the majority of those 'years' turned out to be. Sad ! I think a
major shift should rapidly and urgently be not just investigated but implemented for the
necessary tuning that will be needed . There is the fudamental need for subject knowledge
to be tought and specialised in perhaps a more relavent side by side approach or there will
be minimum required knowled attained. Learning for me needs to be put quite simply, fun,
and this can entail any number of directions taken but an involved relavence to a childs life
is, I would have thought fundermental to trying to explain anything to anyone. This melding
of life's disciplines of learning all knowledge is an immensly exciting prospect to go into a
career as a teacher. There is an opening of potential for guiding lessons around any number
of general areas of interest that can only assist in captivating learner interest and cater for
any variable of social, cultural, personal abilty and individually tailor 'formal' disciplined
knowledge to as many individual learning reqirements that could possibly arrise. With an
infinate broadening of teaching approaches evolving it would be a caution to take note that
the devised themes that are touted as a necessity of curriculum intergration not eventually
replace the alligned subjects that are the status quo.